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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  March 25, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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now the nearly impossible task of locating the actual crash site. in wash state, 14 are dead, nearly 100 missing. more rain today. and first it was a team making headlines after illegally spidermaning his way for the top of the freedom tower. now new video of a base jumper taking it even further. incredible images. this is "way too early". good morning. i'm thomas roberts. tuesday, march 25. welcome to way too earlying on. the show that doesn't open any base jumper fashion. but we are planning to rock a onesie onset at some point. but that's a story for another gay. we lead off with hard news about the search for flight 370. it has already ended for the day after crews were noforced to
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suspend flights because of poor weather. >> based on the new analysis, inmarsat and a achlt b have concluded that mh 370 flew along the southern corridor and that its last position was in the in ocean west of perth. therefore it is with deep sadness and regret that i must inform you that according to this new data, flight mh 370
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ended in the southern indian ocean. >> malaysia's prime minister says the data is conclusive. that is based off new analysis from experts. when combined with the last known speed and altitude of the malaysian flight, officials say there is no doubt the plane is somewhere in the indian ocean. the impact on the families was absolutely devastating. several chinese families accusing the malaysians of murdering their loved ones while others struggled to cope with the hard news. malaysian officials have come under fire for how they have shared information with the families and yesterday the families of the 239 missing passengers and crew members were told in a number of ways some on the phone, some in private meeting, and then some reportedly by the text message. and this morning dozens of angry relatives clashed with police outside the malaysian embassy in beijing. joining us from perth, ian williams. so let's talk about this because
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obviously it's like finding a needle in the hay stack, but they haven't established the actual haystack. >> reporter: that's right, thomas. in fact this morning officials here were trying to play down the chances of any immediate breakthrough. that particular quote came from a top defense official who, yes, said we haven't found the hay stack yet and the defense minister himself said that anything was just speculation up they had actually come across a piece of debris that they could positively identify as being part of the aircraft. as if to underline the difficulties, today operations were suspended because of dreadful weather out in the search area. gail force winds, waves up to 20, 30 feet high. and very, very poor visibility. they concluded it simply wasn't safe to send aircraft or ships into that area. now, they are hoping to resume tomorrow when there will be 12 aircraft deployed.
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aircraft including those from japan, the u.s., australia and china. also there are now five, possibly six ships in the vicinity, including four chinese ships. australia aims to send back into the zone its military supply vessel, the success, in order to try to establish whether those objects which were cited a couple days ago by an australian aircraft are in fact related to flight 370. but although they dropped markers, it may be very difficult to find that debris now because the bad weather could have just spread it especially further. >> ian williams reporting from perth. thank you. back here at home, the scope of the deadly mudslide in washington state is so immense, you need a helicopter to get a handle on just how much destruction there really is. at least 14 people were killed when the ground gave way late saturday morning and today there is real concern that that number
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could jump up because there is a report 176 people remain missing. list say many of thoseduplicate left clinging to hope. >> i want to know where my husband is. you know, i just need to know. >> john's 32 years in the navy. if someone can survive it, it's him. >> we just have to positithink he's somewhere and he's safe and they can't reach him. >> more than one square mile completely covered by mud and the area today is unrecognizable from before the weekend slide. the national guard is expected to arrive later today to help search crews. but as one local fire official said, the situation is very grim. now, the weather is also soggy. the forecast in that area, expected today more rain and could that trigger another mudslide. bill karins is following this
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for us. look at the rain totals. >> this month has been incredible for rain. record pace in the pacific northwest. almost 8 inches of rain this month alone. it is raining again this morning. rivers are at very high levels. if you saw the picture there, one of the rivers sneaks right through the mudslide. so not only is it not drying out, but it is even getting more soggy in that area. you can see from your left to the right, that little brown inside the green, that is the actual river that undercut the mountain which they're saying is partially responsible for the mudslide. it's raining again out there right now. over the next five day, we're expecting another possibly 2 inches of rain. seattle times website has a great write up and there is explaining to do because this has had numerous slides in the last 50 years. army corps of engineerstastroph
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happen. >> and potential more interference from another mudslide. so we move on to talk about what is happening internationally with the g-8 because it's officially down now to 7. world leaders gathered in the netherlands to discuss strategy. meanwhile ukraine is rebuilding its worn down military. the wall street journal says the country has about 140,000 military personnel, but only 6,000 land troops are actually combat ready. the senate has finally approved aid for ukraine guaranteeing $1 billion in loans and $100 million designed to foster security as well as independence. but harry reid inflamed many republicans by suggesting the party was in some way at fault for russia's invasion of crimea. >> since this was blocked by some republicans, these important sanctions have not
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taken place. russian lawmakers voted to annex crimea and russian forces have taken over in many instances by force military bases in crimea. it's impossible to know whether events would have unfolded differently if the united states had responded to this russian aggression with a strong unified voice. >> john boehner's office offered a simple assessment. the senate majority leader sounds completely unhinged. the white house is considering a drastic overawful the nsa program. obama administration is prepping a proposal that would end the wholesale collection of american's phone records. the move follows recommendations from a white house task force and speech by the president vowing to take up its findings. much of the changes have to do with how data is stored. the nsa keeps it for five years as of right now. the new system would ask phone companies to provide it with a
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judge's order. new concern is emerging this morning following a massive oil spill in texas. wildlife is now at risk. and they say it could take years no the true effects to emerge. dozens of birds from a critical refuge were found covered in oil. many not expected to survive. the spill occurred over the weekend after a cargo ship and barge collided, it shut down the houston shipping channel. officials say there is no time table yet for when it will reopen. we switch gears to talk about business, where there was no rebound for wall street yesterday. geoff cutmore live in london for us. what is the outlook for today? >> it's a little mixed again today to be honest with you. we've had a slightly better start here in europe compared to yesterday. but the market is still focused on ukraine and some valuation
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issues. so away from that wee watching some of the corporate stories. cisco says they will spend about $1 billion now on the cloud and growing the cloud. which is interesting because there are those who think the cloud may blow away at some point. but they are convinced it is worth a billion to spend to get involved in what they're calling the inter-cloud which effectively bridges various cloud based operating systems. take you away from the cloud for ament no, something much more fundamental, grub hub. this business now pricing for the sale of shares, talking about a share price of between $20 to $22. 7 million shares to be sold. that would value the business the about at about $1.72 billion. bear in mind in 2013, the company only made less than $7 million in profit. so again, another dot com
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company that looks like it's time to cash in. >> people hungry for that. and there is also the advent of bogus visitors to make things look better than they are. >> this is a phenomenal story because it has huge implications for companies who think that online advertising is both a great source of revenue going forward, but also the way they should advertise, new study suggests possibly as much as a third of the advertising traffic could come from nothing to do with real users clibing s clic ads. >> geoff, thanks so much. anthony weiner is hoping to drive readers for business insider. the former congressman from new york will be writing a reg
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column. we want to know your best suggestions for the name of that column. we'll put the best tweets up later on the show. still ahead, it looks like mark is sanchez has found a new home, but does his new team really know what they're getting. also, this kid knows some bad, bad words and he's not afraid to list them all for you.
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he was a matted messiley in a small cage. ng day. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at you guys are creative on twitter so far. all right. so sports, and we check in with the struggling miami heat. they had lost seven of their last 11 going into last night's game versus the blazers. lebron coming to play. 32 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals. but this one came down to the
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final seconds. >> tlohree seconds left. blocked by bosh. >> heat hold on to win it. so let's check in with this crazy play from the nhl. try to keep a close eye on the puck here. >> shot knocked away in to the corner. and now in front. score. flyers tie it up. no goal. the horn went off. but puck back in center ice. everybody thought it was in. >> it's right there. just shanks it. watch this. >> yeah, look at that. all right. so johnny quick had 30 saves for the kings. they get the 3-2 win. but i don't think quick hit that. see the guy's stick that comes in from behind?
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see that dude? bam. out of there. anyway, to the nfl where espn is reporting mark sanchez is expected to sign with the eagles. the former jet has had an up and down career in the pros leading the jets to two title games but struggling to find consistency. here's a look at what the eagles can expect. ♪ >> a little benny hill to get you going this morning. that leads us to bill karins. >> did we put that together, is
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that what our staff did all last night? >> our crack team. and emphasis on the burger swipe. >> good and bad news. we'll see snow, but not a lot of it. if this is the tail he said of oig of winter, we'll have a big storm to end it with. snow is breaking out in roanoke, virginia. be careful on the roads. this is march. not easy for the snow to stick on the roads, but as we get the grassy surfaces and your car, we will see the snow. in areas d.c., baltimore, right in mid atlantic, delaware, maryland, you will getting a accumulating snow on the grass during the day today. and then the storm turns into a big huge nor'easter tonight, but far enough off the coast, really only cape cod and maine will have blizzard like conditions. everybody else windy and cold and light snow. so new york, less than an inch.
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washington, d.c., 1 to 3. remember, this is mostly on the grass. if we get snow covered roads, it would be cape cod and maine. it goes away by tomorrow and then we warm it up to 50s and 60s by the weekend and hopefully this will be it. >> this will be it. >> hopefully this will be it. >> this will be it. >> we've had april surprises before. but we're done, right? >> we better be done. >> question mark. >> better be done. your reputation is on the line here. >> i've already blown that a long time ago go. coming up on "morning joe," malaysian government says the search is now a recovery effort. the data it says is conclusive to give up hope for any survivors. when we come back here, we huddle around the water cooler. this incredible video and the surprising explanation as to how that all happened. here's a word you should keep in mind "unbiased".
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we talked about the hunt for the missing flight 370. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends the depth of the ocean ranges from about 3700 feet to 23,000 feet. from the pings, it can be det t
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detected as far as 20,000 feet away. air france's black box took nearly two years to retrieve it. time to huddle around the water cooler and talk to louis who has incredible video. >> that's right. one world trade center has yet on open for business, but we're getting a new incredible view that is also highly illegal. >> are you ready? >> yep. have a good one, brother. >> okay, man. >> that video is incredible. and i lived how he was just icily calm. the video is unbelievable. it was actually shot in
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september and the b.a.s.e. jumper is former trade center worker and while the daredevil walked away no worse for the wear, he's in serious trouble with the cops. and his two accomplices are facing charges. they say there was nothing but a fence keeping them from the site. >> he's a former ironworker and just last week that teen that made his way up there. >> some security issues there. a little scary. i live down there, so i hope they ramp up the security. when it comes for grooming, one u.s. city will spare no expense. you and i know a little bit about that. we're not talking about l.a., miami or even here in new york city. we're actually talking about men in seattle spend the most money on grooming products. how much do they drop?
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they spend nearly $45 a month. l.a., new york and miami are all in the top five. but surprisingly newark, new jersey checks in at number four which is unbelievable. >> is that a picture of me? because i have a big dip right where that guy is going. >> i think the newark thumb four spot is probably due to cory booker. >> but seattle i think is probably because of all the mustache wax. >> that's right. people are mansome there. let's go over to jimmy kimmel who found quite the viral video for all those who could use some parents tips. >> most parents reprimand their kids for using occur wocurse wo. but this will dad wanted to know what curse words his son knew, so he asked him to list them all. >> tell me all the bad words you know. go. >> crap.
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shut up. butt head. butt hole. and butt crack. butt nose. butt face. butt head. butt crack. butt mouth, butt teeth, butt head. and [ bleep ]. >> that's a good one. that tape is going straight to santa claus. >> nothing like a good finale. >> and you can do the same thing with diaper too, tydiaper head. coming up, what should anthony wiener's new column be called? your best and most creative
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should anthony weiner's new column be called. it does have a name, wiener! >> mom, cover your ears. one of my favorites,business so. and then another one was that i like was sharing a point thing. and weiner's column, cubic interest and politically erect. >> we got some good ones and poking some fun at weiner. a lot to talk about at the top of "morning joe." that's it for "way too early." "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ i want to know where my husband is. you know, i just need to know. >> john is 32 years in the navy.


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