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tv   Disrupt With Karen Finney  MSNBC  May 10, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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skbr the forecast for this weekend is benghazi. make sure you bring a straight jacket. >> christmas came early for the seven lucky republicans picked to be on the select committee on benghazi. >> republicans have seven seats shs the democrats will have five seats and essentially no power. >> to say, look, elect republicans so we can have these kinds of investigations is appropriate. >> the autopsy of ambassador stevens should be released to the public. >> should we say we're not participating in this sham? >> this is a high risk operation. >> you would think obama had written a memo of traffic problems for benghazi? >> can you imagine if they put this kind of effort of into a jobs bill?
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>> after seven investigations, 13 hearings, 50 briefings, 25,000 pages of documents, millions of american tax dollars and thousands of man hours, republicans decided this week that what america needs is yet another investigation into the september 2012 attack in benghazi. by a mostly party line vote, the house established a select committee on benghazi with the gop stacking the deck in their favor. despite promises that the process will be fair and is all about getting to it the truth, the committee is comprised of seven republicans and just five democrats, who at this point will not have the same powers to call witnesses, access documents or subpoena information. yesterday we learned the names of the seven republican who is will serve on the committee. but we still don't know if democrats will participate at all. as of late yesterday, leader pelosi and speaker boehner were still going back and forth.
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versus giving the gop free reign. and given the evidence, or shall e we say lack thereof, it looks like that's all this is. after all, after a year and a half, all the attacks, all the accusations, the speculation and the investigations, the conspiracy theorists still have zero to show for it. are they overplaying their hand to turn out the base? even if gop cheerleader and fox news contributor charles issued a warning, if botched like previous hearings on the matter, these hearings could backfire against the gop as did the 1998 clinton impeachment proceedings. on purely partisan considerations, the hearings are not worth the political risk. i'm joined by my panel, senior vice president at the center for american progress, a distinguished fellow, senior reporter for talking points, and founder of media matters for
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america and co-author of "the benghazi hoax." thanks for joining me. david, i'm beginning it to started with you. speaker boehner seemed pretty pleased with himself with this announ announcement this week. >> when people look at benghazi, most see tragedy. the republicans see political opportunity. i think we shouldn't dismiss the possibility for 2014 in the midterms they could use this issue to mobilize the base. we saw from the last week it's great for fundraising. so i think what we're going to have is congressional show horses beating a dead horse. this all started -- this tragedy has its roots in the fact the republican house wouldn't fund embassy security and now they are willing to squander millions of dollars to ask questions that have already been answered. >> that's one of the things about this i find most disturbing. we have all these accusations and we're still talking about talking points and not talking
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about the core issue in terms of what do we need to do in terms of embassy security. >> if house republicans were smart on this issue, that's what they would focus on. not on who said what, the job of the communications person is to -- >> talking points. >> breaking news, that's what you do when you're in the white house. the fact they are not focused on what we can do from pren preventing something like that from happening again is ridiculous. the fact they can't control their members from fundraising off four dead americans is inappropriate. on the one hand if you don't participate, you can't refute. but if you do, you're legitimizing the show. >> let's talk about that. i can see both sides of it, but it does strike me. even if they do participate, it sounds that they are not going to have the same kinds of powers as the republican members. but it would strike me that you
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want to have one person there who can at least be a part of the proceedings so that you have a sense of what's going on. >> i think it's important for the public to understand there's no substance to this issue at all. this is not a fact finding committee. it's an attack on democrats committee. whether the democrats are there or not, the way the committee is going to be, the way the hearings are going to be conducted it's going to be like a relentless assault for political purposes. i'm not sure it makes sense for the democrats to participate in that. . i think that -- i doubt they will come up with anything new. if they don't, their legit imac will be called into question in any event. but i think if there are no democrats on the panel, that even makes it easier to call legitimacy into question. >> so trey gouty says he has proof of a coverup. and i want to remind everybody, this is part of the fact finding
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process that's really about getting at the truth. let's take a listen. >> i have evidence that not only are they hiding it, there's an intent to hide it. i can't disclose that evidence yet, but i have evidence that there was a systematic, intentional decision to withhold certain documents from congress. we're just sick of it. i can't prove to you what i don't know. i don't know whether the documents have been destroyed. >> so i feel like we have heard this time and again from republicans on some of these various witch hunts. we don't know what we don't know. >> it's three steps forward, three steps back exercise to keep this issue in the news either to put the administration on defense or find a way to create a new line of attack. but to your point earlier, there have been more than 500 attacks on u.s. diplomats since 1970 and is the one the republicans are interested in.
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they don't want to tell the committee to stop fundraising because if they did, they wouldn't be bringing this up. we have to consider the context. obamacare ended its enrollment period with a strong finish and last week we found the unemployment rate is down to the lowest in five years. they need something new to talk about and this is a strong issue to energize the base. another thing that was revealing is he called this a trial. he's a former federal prosecutor. if he thinks this is a trial, does he think he's the prosecutor? >> it sounds like yes to me. but it was interesting because this week there was some criticism of the white house suggesting that the very fact that a new piece of information, a new memo, e-mail, call it it what you want, came out that said something different that the republicans did not get last year when. all of the documents they received an outside group gets
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the one page they didn't have. having been on the inside during the monica and white water and all those, i have to say that's a bit of a mistake. if you're handling these kinds of things, you want to make sure that stack and that stack go to the same people because of exactly this. >> i agree with that. but i think what happened here is people said that this e-mail said something different and it really didn't. the fact is that these talking points said what the cia wanted her and told her to say. it's very simple. so this has all the makings of a show trial. as far as the congressman goes, he even said at one point that he believed that the administration was hiding witnesses by giving him aliases and sticking them in secret places around the country. if you had anybody with less credibility if you wanted to find that person, i don't think you could. >> there was an interesting
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comparison made this week by the new yorker about this versus ronald reagan's benghazi. that was talking about what happened in the beirut bombings. and one point that she made, it's very important. she said "president reagan acknowledged that the new security precautions hadn't been implemented at the u.s. embassy annex that had been hit. this is after a third time it had been hit. the problem was that the repairs hadn't quite been completed on time. as he put it, anyone who has had their kitchen done over knows it never gets done as soon as you wish it would. imagine how fox news would react to an explanation like that today. >> they would be out there talking about impeachment. it just goes to the point that's already been raised. it's about benghazi, but it's about the administration and
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this president. it's about this republican congress doing everything they can to undermine him in ways that they haven't done to any other president, especially when it comes to issues of foreign policy. the lee way that's typically given when you deal with this doesn't take place anymore because there's an extreme dislike of this president. . if that happened today, i can't imagine how insane they would be. >> as we're talking about this as a show trial and there's not any new information we think they're going to be able to come up with, is there a risk? i actually do think there is. is there a risk in republicans going too far like they did with the impeachment hearings? >> i think there's a big time risk for republicans. if i were advising the republicans, i would tell them not to go down this road. there are good national issues for republicans to pursue. . jobs and the economy being first and foremost, but also there are other areas in which hillary clinton would be much more
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vulnerable if the republicans wanted to launch an attack. i think this is silly business on their part. >> think think they can get obama and hillary with it. the panel is sticking with me. coming up, a flashback to the witch hunt as monica lewinsky speaks out for the first time in ten years. that's next. >> i really wonder if this isn't an effort to get that story out of the way. would "vanity fair" publish anything hillary clinton didn't want? sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time,
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warp to 1998 when a different political witch hunt was hitting the news. the impeachment debate turned it into a scandal. the woman broke her silence and two decades after she became a white house intern, monica lewinsky says she wants to put the past where it belongs. the panel is back with me. i thought this was interesting timing and an interesting piece from monica. but i have to say as i was reading it, i definitely had some empathy for her, but i was brought back to the right wing conspiracy and this wasn't even about the investigation into clinton wasn't even about this. it just happened. >> unfortunately for her, she was a pawn in the game. and reading that article, i really felt sorry for her. everybody else has managed to
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move on with their lives and she's in a suspended state where she can't do anything because of what happened. and i understand her anger and her desire to blame people. it really was that timing was not good for her. >> it felt at the time like -- and i will admit i was young in the game of politics, but it felt like just the meanest, harshest, bare knuckle politics i think we'd seen in a long time. you were mentioning mccarthyism, but just the witch hunt in terms of going after the clintons and then this unfortunate thing happens and then o go overboard and impeach the president. >> the impeachment was an absurdy. if you go back to the issue before the impeachment and try to put aside at least for a moment sort of the republican attacks on bill clinton, it was a hideous situation.
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and i thought that it was a grotesque imbalance of power. i thought that monica lewinsky was exploited. and i was frankly surprised at how negative the public reaction was toward monica lewinsky. when you talk about feminism, you have to be careful because you have to think about, well, who are you talking about? who are the feminists you're talking about? i don't think it was a proud moment for feminism, but i don't think that the people who were targeted is not rallying around monica in some kind of feminist solidarity. i'm not even sure you could think of them as feminist leaders. >> the thing that i remember from this time period, i was leaving as this was happening so i was in new york a little removed from it. it felt like -- i don't disagree with the idea that the affair itself was horrible and there were a lot of people who worked for her who were distraught and upset about it. but then it so quickly turned
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into this larger circus about going after clinton and trying to impeach bill clinton that it felt like the sex scandal got lost in the republicans just going way overboard. >> sure, and remember, as you said, the investigation, starr was put in by republicans to be a partisan because they didn't like the independent council. and i think the big thing when i think back to 1998 there's a little section in this piece that e reminded me that the thing worth remembering is the let's remember the circumstances. the prosecutors were desperate to find anything. they wasted tens of millions of dollars and basically monica lewinsky made a proffer saying that president clinton did nothing wrong and committed no crimes and ken starr rejected that because he didn't want the truth. he wanted her to perjure herself. not only did the politics not
1:19 pm
work, it backfired. speaker gingrich resigned. and ken starr instead of being the chief justice of the supreme court is the head of a bible law school in texas. and the clintons are beloved. end of story. >> let's talk about 2016. i think there's -- if you believe lynn cheney, i don't think this was hillary clinton trying to get it out now. i don't think she has that much power. but the question becomes do you think by getting it out now it's going to go away? should hillary try to run? >> it's going to come up in some way, shape or form. she's going to be a strong candidate and she hasn't given the republicans a lot to use against her. that's why we see so much focus on benghazi now. i don't know it's going to have any real impact. how can you relate this in any way to her qualifications of being president?
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it's going to be catnip and people might float conspiracy theories about her power and controlling the media. i don't think it's going to matter. it may sound like they are trying to throw everything but the kitchen sink at her because they have nothing else. the smart republicans will not try to use this against her. >> one thing i read, the republican basically saying that the danger is we'll be focused on the past instead of talking about the future and the present if we go down this road. but it strikes me that this also shs the attack we're going to see is she stayed with him. and she stayed with him because she's just this lady mcbeth, she's so ambitious. not she loved her husband and thought about her child and her marriage and her family, but i think that's where we're going to see the attacks come. >> i agree and i absolutely agree this is not beginning to be effective as an attack on hillary. the public does not want to hear about this. the last thing most americans
1:21 pm
are going to be interested in is revisiting the monica lewinsky scandal. even more than benghazi, there is nothing new to be said about this. whoever has been interested in it knows everything about this story. >> david, final question to you. in addition to the faktd we know hillary is beginning to be attacked on this, we did see rand paul try to use this against former president clin on. are we likely to see more of those kind attacks to make him a damaged sir gat? >> rand paul has been the republican candidate who tried to make an issue of this, but he's misrepresented the whole issue. one of the interesting things in this piece is it removes monica lewinsky as a political prop for people like rand paul because she says she's not a victim or exploited. that's the opposite of what rand paul has been trying to say. >> she also said she's a willing participant. >> rand paul called bill clinton
1:22 pm
a sexual predator. she pretty much factual debunks that. this was consensual. the abuse came when i was thrown under the bus and my life changed forever. >> i think she had no idea how bad it was going to be once it got out. >> that's being 22 years old. >> as she points out having your intimate details of your sex life all over the place, not necessarily what you want. thank you to the panel. coming up, as first lady michelle obama speaks out in support of the movement, we examine how this crisis is not isolated to africa. e we it happens in the united states and every corner of the world every day of the year. with priority mail flat rate shipping.
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night. in these girls, barack and i see our own daughters, and we can only imagine the anguish their parents are feeling right now. >> that was first lady michelle obama delivering her first ever solo weekly address adding her voice to bring back our girls. as rallies are taking place across the globe, it's been nearly a a month since 279 nigerian girls were kidnapped by an islamist terrorist group. with the leader of that it group vowing to sell the girls on the marketplace for as little as $12. while the nigerian president said he thinks the kbirls are still in country, other reports indicate they have been moved out of the country and sold. the latest atrocities have brought attention to a group terrorizing nigeria for the last five years.
1:27 pm
leave i leaving the question why it wasn't designated a terrorist organization by the state department. i'm sgoin joined by the ranking member of the foreign affairs committee. let's start with what we know as of today. we have americans on the ground. the french are on the ground. resources are getting there. what can the international community do? what can they accomplish in terms of finding these girls? >> i think two of the most important things are intelligence and surveillance and helping the nigerians who don't necessarily have the technological capacity. you know, as was mentioned, the girls might be moved to three different neighboring countries, and so that's the real danger. so assistance with intelligence and surveillance i think are absolutely key. >> so some on the right have started to raise questions and specifically going after hillary clinton for having not designated boko haram as a terrorist organization a long
1:28 pm
time ago. what's your response to that? >> you can add it to benghazi. it's all about trying to create a narrative around secretary clinton. the reality is that if we had designated boko haram as a terrorist organization, it doesn't mean a whole lot. that designation means that boko haram can't come to the united states. their assets are frozen. u.s. citizens cannot engage with them. there's no evidence that boko haram has had any relationship to the united states as all. and i know i was on the foreign affairs committee when that was debated. one of the issues was if we give them that designation, it it elevates them. if that designation was given a couple years ago, it has nothing to do with this current situation and would have made no difference at all. >> so i want to switch gears here. i think one of the things that hasn't been talking about enough in the aftermath of this story
1:29 pm
is human trafficking in general. in our own backyard, people think of it as in just africa. but it's happening every day here in the united states of america. we have a map that gives you a sense of state by state how significant this issue is. i'll just note that in 2008 there were 1,016 potential cases. so clearly this is another issue that e we should be talking about is human trafficking. >> yes, and you know what, i just can't thank you enough for raising the issue. this is a real significant issue of underage girls. i'm happy to tell you it's one of the few issues in congress where off lot of bipartisan support and the next couple weeks we'll be moving several pieces of legislation. let me talk about one category of human trafficking and that is domestic girls, african-american, latina, girls who are connected to the child
1:30 pm
welfare system that fall through the cracks. many of them wind up being kidnapped, wind up being trafficked and this is just really unacceptable. a lot of times when we talk about human trafficking, we do think about it as an international issue, but it's happening here right in our backyard. one of the other things that's been pretty tragic about it is a number of the gangs that had been selling drugs are now diversifying and realizing they can make far more money selling girls especially underage girls. we also need to change our language because it's referred to as prostitution. if you're under age, you can't prostitute. that's statutory rape. >> one of the things you have been working on is changing that and really changing the way we look at these girls as victims rather than as criminals. >> yes, and also not looking at the men as johns. the mens are criminals.
1:31 pm
and so the legislation that we're going to be moving in the next couple weeks, number one, is going to require the child welfare system to provide training to social workers so they can recognize this as an shl and also increasing the penalties. but we need to shift in our country our thinking around this issue and recognize that it's happening right in front of our faces. >> thank you, congresswoman. >> thanks for raising this. when we come back, rand paul appears to break party ranks when it comes to voter i.d. laws or does he. will the senator's new message mask his old one with african-american voters? that's coming up next. stick with innovation.
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believe in strongly that i think will resinate in the african-american community and i want to compete for that vote. >> that was senator rand paul of kentucky on friday. in another sign that he's a serious contender for 2016 paul met with a group of pastors in memphis before addressing the rnc meeting. the meeting was latest effort to reach out to african-american voters. in an interview paul seemed to buck his party saying "everybody's gone completely crazy on this voter i.d. thing. i think it's wrong for republicans to go too crazy on this issue because it's offending people. it makes him the biggest name and only possible presidential nominee to speak ill of voting restrictions. what about his record? while paul is saying the right things, he's also suggested that there's no need for voting rights and as the times points out, he's had a history of
1:36 pm
shifting answers, which if you're trying to court a minority voting bloc could pose problems with outreach efforts. my panel is back. we were saying before the break, he's sayi ining the right thing. >> absolutely. i applaud him. any time republicans actively say they want to go after the african-american e vote, that's a very good thing. however, you have to look at what he didn't say and what he didn't say is these laws are bad, that they should be repealed. he just said we should stop harping on them. we need to change our tactics our messaging, but it's not about changing the policy is what really offense people. >> to that point, paul hones in on this. they are crazy to go too crazy on this issue. i noticed when you went down the street to had meeting, he didn't go in and say, brothers and sisters, we have to stop going
1:37 pm
after voter i.d. laws. >> my first thought is rand paul, african-american voters, what's wrong with this picture. it's like give me a break. i cut him no slack at all. this guy is not even sure that if i'm on the campaign trail with the rest of the press corps and we go to check into a hotel, he seems to believe it would be all right, but you can't. or the same thing in a restaurant. so give me a break. danielle's point is right. he didn't criticize the laws themselves and explain why they are so terrible. he just said we shouldn't go crazy on this issue. >> let me push back on that a little bit. it does strike me that he is at least from a visually trying to make end roads, he did have this meeting. he did say what he said. he has come around when it comes to sentencing reforms and talked about voting rights for felons. it does seem like at least in a strategic way, whether or not you believe what the intention
1:38 pm
is, in a strategic way, he is making end roads on issues that african-americans have been talking about. >> i have said again and again and again, the gop is hostile to the interest of african-americans in the united states. rand paul is right there in the pack. i cannot cut him any slack. >> go ahead. >> he deserves a little bit of slack because this stuff at least sparks a debate. it kbets top billing in "the new york times" and it forces other republicans to reckon with this that a very prominent member of their party probably a 2016 presidential contender is saying that this stuff offenses racial minorities. that's not something that republicans say. they don't view this in those terms and they don't admit that it is in those terms. e he has been criticized restrictions on early voting. he has been criticized not voting on sundays. a lot of the laws out there in
1:39 pm
states -- he hasn't quite gone there. >> he did not say that the substance offend. he said the way they talk about it offends racial minorities. what offends me is when people try to stop bylaw african-americans from voting. let him stand up and say something about that before i cut him some slack. >> the thing that struck me in the aftermath of what we saw happening with the voting rights act, he did seem to suggest that we don't need it anymore. we have an african-american president. it sounded like john roberts, which we know that is not the point of what these laws do. >> exactly. and that's why i want to go as far as not giving him any credit. i will give him a little credit. maybe we'll have to force him to get on the record. i'm only going to go so far because the issue are these
1:40 pm
policies and if i had a nickel for every time we had a black problem to solve problems, i would be very wealthy. >> that's always a big question. there are a bunch of republicans who want to make these toal shifts. they have changes in the tax code. the question is where is the policy follow through and without that you had the beginnings of an effort where they recognizing they have to do better with minorities. >> i have to say that makes me question what the motives are. just purely politically, it strikes me that the audience that they are going for are moderate white voters who will see this as effort ofs. if you really believe these thing, why wouldn't you change the policy? when you're talking about i believe you're referencing where he was when he talked about the civil rights act and he definitely still has got some explaining to do around that e
1:41 pm
one. >> yeah, and that's the reason. i think this is a purely political motive. he's shown me no indication that he believes that blacks have all the rights that whites have in this society across the board whether it comes to voting rights, public accommodations, whether it comes to housing, employment, that sort of thing. until the republicans begin to acknowledge that, i'm not with them. >> the politics demand that. they are demanding a shift. we have yet to see if there will be a policy follow through. >> i think we're talking about the difference between a primary message and a general election message. you're going to have to do more than just say you're for these things. you have to commit to doing some of these things. >> your point is a very important point. much of this posturing is aimed at moderate white voters so that you do not look like you're extreme, but it's not really getting to the substancive
1:42 pm
issues that are important to african-american voters. >> we shall see. he's trying to go after everybody. the party will be back after the break. coming up, why do some fast food workers and nfl cheerleaders have in common? how the women of football are taking their fight from the sidelines to the courtroom. (mother vo) when i was pregnant...
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income inequality knows no bounds. it's not just fast food workers fighting for working conditions. now nfl cheerleaders are fighting back against what they say are significant violations of minimum wage laws and are being required to work events
1:50 pm
they are not paid for. the new york jets became the fourth team to be sued. one former new york jets cheerleader alleges in the lawsuit that her pay essentially amounted to less than $4 per hour, which is about half the $8.25 minimum wage in new jersey where the jets are based. while the jets cheerleaders are paid about $150 for a game, the suit alleges that they are required to work other events without compensation, nor are they compensated for rehearsals or the personal costs of maintaining a specific personal appearance. the added costs make their wage less than $2 an hour. so faith, i'm going to start with you. how is this not just basic wage theft essentially? >> the teams are saying that these cheerleaders are
1:51 pm
independent contractors so they aren't subject to the minimum wage requirements by law. they are making this argument that these cheerleaders signed contracts, they knew what they were getting involved in and therefore, the pay they are getting is legal. the cheerleaders are saying, listen, we're employees. look at all the things we have to do. they control when and where we show up to games, when and where we show up to rehearsals. when and where we show up to charity events. as a result, they are in control. we should be paid accordingly. >> i want to take a look at from the new york jets perspective. in 2013 the team made $321 million in revenue. the average player salary is $1 million and we're talking about $150 for the cheerleaders per game. bob, this is crazy. >> big time jets fan. but i'm with the cheerleaders on this one.
1:52 pm
and while most of the teams claim that they are independent contractors, that's not the case with the jets. they are employees of the team. this is just outlandish and misogynistic. these are guys mostly running these teams. they have tons of money and they are just exploiting these cheerleaders. i think that it's outlandish. i also think that the way cheerleaders are paraded out there is my soj nisic to start with. >> that's a whole other panel. but here's the thing. part of the argument is these women, this is their dream job, this is what they worked for, they want to do so they will accept these terrible conditions. >> there's definitely a power dynamic there. i'm a huge giants fan, just for the record. we don't have cheerleaders. i'm just saying. but until this happened and i really started doing some research, i had no idea they
1:53 pm
made so little money when these teams make millions and millions of dollars. i can understand why cheerleaders would be afraid to speak up because they can be replaced. they assume these are these independent contractors, your contract can be cancelled just like that. i applaud these women pr having the bravy rhode islae bravery t. >> we have been talking about income inequality and increasing the minimum wage and all kinds of other industries. the fast food industry is about to have a global day of protest, but it's happening to our cheerleaders in the nfl. >> i started wondering when i was looking into this why we haven't heard about this earlier. this is a buyer's market. there's so many girls that want this job and for whatever reason they have decide ed d to put uph this for fear of losing it. the legal question here is how you define an independent contractor and it's hard for the
1:54 pm
nfl to justify this. the irs rule is that the contractors have to have a significant amount of control over their jobs. it's difficult when you look at what the cheerleaders are required to do and the burdens imposed on them to say nothing of some of the madmen requirements. >> i want to put that question to faith. the general rule is that an individual is an independent contractor if the payer has the right to control or direct only the result of the work and not what will be done and how it will be done. however, in the buffalo jills handbook it says there are rules for how to wear their hair, makeup and one cheerleader said they are judged on everything from standing in front of us with a clipboard to having us do a jiggle test. there's something you saw, you
1:55 pm
were getting benched. this sounds like a degree of control over that individual. >> right, and not only is it control over what they do on the field, but it's a significant amount of control of what they do off the field. so it's really hard to justify that and say that they are independent contractors in those terms. with the things you just read, they are subjected to creepy behavior. this creates another image problem. they just dealt with litigation. they have had a number of problems with players off field. we just had ray rice in the video of him dragging his fiance unconscious in an elevator and now this, what is clearly to be exploiting one of the few interactions the nfl has with women. >> it's interesting because at a time when they are trying to get more women interested in football, you have to treat the women better. >> exactly. that was like the second thing
1:56 pm
that crossed my mind. they are doing all this stuff to reach out to women except their band bags at games. that's just crazy. and to have this happen, i can really say this snowballing out of control for them. it doesn't seem they are asking for a whole lot of money. they would just like to at least make the minimum wage. >> the raiders cheer leaders have to go to arbitration. that means going to the head of the nfl who makes $44 million. >> it's like going to your boss for arbitration. it's outlandish. but this is really a tough issue public relations wise apart from the legal issues for the nfl. >> the public tends not to have a lot of sympathy for cheerleaders, but they have less sympathy for multimillionaire team owners. >> that's why this weekend of the nfl draft, i wanted to bring this issue to people's attention that income inequality is
1:57 pm
everywhere. i want to thank the panel this afternoon. that's going to do it for me. thank you for joining us. don't forget you can share your thoughts and find us on facebook and tweet us. i will see you back here tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 p.m. eastern. have a great night. really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month.
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