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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 13, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> craig, it is difficult to imagine how painful as a parent to look at the video and search for your daughter, because that is what the parents have tried to do in the last 24 hours. >> reporter: these videos could be the best intelligence yet with more than 100 of the 276 kidnapped schoolgirls reciting the koran. the leader says they are liberated after forcing the mostly christian girls to convert to islam. tell that to a desperate father who sat down with nbc's british partner itn. >> it is terrible, i nknow. >> reporter: he recognizes that two of the girls from the school, but he cannot find his daughter. >> you cannot see your daughter or your nieces in there now? >> i cannot see them. >> reporter: the u.s. state department says that the intelligence experts are working with nigeria to pore over every detail of the hostage video hoping to be some clue, but there is no way to know for sure
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when and where these images were taken. armed with the ak-47 and wagging his finger at the camera, the leader of the group boko haram offers an exchange, the schoolgirls for his fighters jailed in prisons around nigeria, and the interior minister says there is no negotiations. so the search continues over the vast rugged area of north nigeria. and we are also learning today in cameroon interesting information that gives you a sense of how well armed this group is. about a week after the girls were kidnapped, the military tells us that they seized a large cache of weapons in ard o bo -- in a bordertown of this country and we have video of it which includes in that cache, rpgs and mortars and ant
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anti-warfare weaponry, and it is also hoe easily they can move back and forth between the borders, and this is a regional problem. craig? >> thank you, stephanie gosk in cam roon, and developing back in here, an investigation is under way in west virginia to find out what caused a mining accident that has killed two workers. the government agency that oversees the mines says that a ground failure trapped the two miner s miners at the bro di mine, and the miners died, and patriot cole who owns the mine just expressed sympathy for the families, and promising full cooperation with the investigators, and the u.s. department of labor said that the bro di midy mine was put one after it received 249 violations, and they were just cited six days ago.
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and latest democrat opponent of "american idol" famed clay aiken died in his home. he was expected to today, and he was trailing 369 votes after of the primary last week, and last night, akin tweeted, i am deeply sunned and stunned by keith crisco's death, and i am suspending campaigning activities while we pray for his family and friends. >> and first of all, kelly, what do we know about the circumstance circumstances surrounding crisco's death? >> well, not much, craig. he was at home in asheboro, and a fall as describe and dead at the scene. there is a medical examiner's review. he was aged 71, and we don't know the specific circumstances. i did contact the company that he co-founded here, and successful businessman in a
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textile industry that they had confirmed to him his death, and what is so stunning, is of course, the surprise element of this, and the terrible loss for his family. he was married with children and grandchildren and of course, they are grieving. it upsets this race, because there had been quite a cliffhanger here. i had been down with my team that is with me here a couple of weeks ago to cover this race where we saw keith crisco and clay aiken campaigning vigorously, and the race was so tight with 369 votes separating clay aiken in the lead followed by keith crisco, and about 29,000 votes cast in the primary. at that time, mr. crisco said he would not concede, because of the outstanding ballots to be voted with the overseas ball lots and the provisional ballots of people not shure about their polling places, and that would
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take time, and today, the state officials would set today of a county by county canvas to be done to certify the results. we talked to a close friend of keith crisco who said that he had been monitoring the returns and doing their own analysis of this, and he wanted to concede today, because the numbers of outstanding ballots he determined would not have overtaken the lead that clay aiken had, but what a change in the tone and the tenor of the race with the sudden and the sad passing. as you pointed out clay aiken and his folk, and he is not doing anything in terms of the media appearances or the campaign events and letting some time to the pass to proper ly acknowledge the death of his rival and certainly the republican incumbent in this district renee elmer has put out a statement. this does happen from time to time, and it is rare that a candidate passes away in an election season, but it is always a jolt and shock. i had a chance to meet keith crisco and see him in action talking with the voters, and he
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wanted this race very, very much. >> and kelly o'donnell for us in north carolina this morning. thank you. and nba commissioner adam silver is vowing that the league will continue to try to force clippers' owner donald sterling out as quickly as possible that. vow is part of the statement that he issued after sterling sat down with anderson cooper, and the interview was supposed to be sterling's apology, but it took a decidedly different turn. take a look. >> i am not a racist. i love people. i always have. but those words came out of my mouth, i guess. i'm so sorry, and i'm so apologetic. >> i think that you have more of a plantation mental ly than i d. you know what, i think that you are more of a racist than i am. >> how is that? >> because i am not a racist and i have never been a racist and i will never be a racist. the players don't hate me and the sponsors don't hate me, and
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the fans don't hate me, but the media. it is all the media. the media pushing it. >> and the comments that have drawn the strongest rebuke from many including the commissioner is that he released a barrage of attacks against the l.a. dodgers' owner and hall of famer nba star magic johnson. >> he acts so holy, and he made love to girls in every city and when he said that he had aids, i prayed for him. and tell me what he has done. magic johnson, what has he done? >> he is a business person. >> and he has aids. did he do any business? did he help anybody in south l.a.? is that someone that we want to respect and tell our kids about? i think that he should be ashamed of himself. i think that he should go into the background. but what does he do for the black people? >> meanwhile, this morning, his
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estranged wife shelly sterling appeared on the "today" show. >> i felt bad for him. >> really? >> yes, because he is not the man i know or knew. there is something wrong. >> what do you think is wrong with him? you think that there is something wrong with his mental fac ul tis or something wrong with the sentiments that he has in the heart? >> i really think that personally, he has dementia. >> and dave zyron of the sports nation, and always good to see you, but at the end of the interview, i thought that he did more damage than the original taped conversation. >> absolute ly. that was anti-public relations, because any one of us if we were caught saying things at our worst moment who would want those words throughout in the public sphere, and many people could relate to that and perhaps not the racism, but some of of the crude language, but then when you think of him actually sitting down with the plan doing public relations, with anderson cooper, and then out of the
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mouth comes that just free throwing lava of bile, and absolutely more harm to himself last night. and sorry, but i have to say to shelly sterling, that is not dementia, but it is donald sterling being who we thought he was and who he has always been over the course of the business career as a slumlord in the graeat er los angeles area over the course of decades. >> i follow you on twitter and i enjoy the tweets a yound, you h tweeted about in and you said shouldn't this horrific interview be evident of how long he has been coddled with? >> well, all it did was adam silver once again apologizing to magic johnson on the nba family and i wish he would spend less time apologizing to him, because it is now two poll -- two apologies and explain why he and
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donald stearn who was his predecessor for two decades tell us why they coddled him for two decades. and the people who we don't know in the poorest neighbors of los angeles are the names that they should account for, because the wealth is nba wealth and astronomical pause of the growth of the league, and the nba should account for the fact that they held him so closely for so long, and adam silver has not done that. >> and i want to play more of the interview, and this is a little bit more of what sterling was saying about magic johnson in the claim that magic did nothing as sterling put it for the black people. take a listen. >> has he done everything that he can do to help minorities? i don't think so. but, i'll say it. i'll say it, you know, he is great. but, i just don't think that he is a good example for the children of los angeles. i spend millions on giving away
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and helping minorities. does he do that? that is one problem i have. jews, when they get successful, they will help their people. and some of the african-ameri n african-americans maybe i will get in trouble again, they don't want to help anybody. >> and we don't have time to get into all of the things that are wrong with what he just said is, but one of the things that i continue to find bizarre is that sterling's borderline obsession with magic johnson and what do we know about the history of the two of them or was there even a history before all of this? >> well, a social history. and magic johnson said before all of this started that he counted donald sterling as a friend which frankly, i have to say says something about magic johnson and something about how there is a rich man's club in the nba that doesn't care about the poor people getting trampled by donald sterling's business pr
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practices, but part of it has to do with the two very big egos in the city of los angeles. donald sterling and the clippers were the stepchild of the lakers and even playing in the same ar ree na, and magic johnson is the king of los angeles and you can see the jealousy and the bile coming out of the mouth of donald sterling and you could see how it so quickly translates to the open naked racism which is going to get you in all kinds of trouble in the 21st century ameri america. >> and dave, we always appreciate your insight and perspective, sir. thank you. >> thank you. and new reaction to the video that has gone viral. apparently showing solange knowles attacking her brother-in-law as beyonce watches. what set off the family feud? and the fbi is investigating this dramatic explosion that levelled a new hampshire home. it is one of the stories that we are following around the "newsnation", a," and this ulti tum to the gop over the immigration reform.
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>> if the republicans don't do it, they should not bother to run a candidate in 2016. >> that was the head of the business friendly chamber of commerce talking to republicans. but can a shift on the immigration win over the latino voters? c our political analyst mark murray will join us. and should workers of all kind expect a bigger paycheck this year? we will talk about that trend, and what is behind it. as always, join the conversation on twitter, and there it is, at "newsnation." if you've got copd like me... ...hey breathing's hard. know the feeling? copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my obstructed airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder
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that raise? this may be it. "usa today" surveyed a group of top economists and found that 73% of them believe that the wage growth is going to speed up this year, and the employiers are going to feel new pressure to reward workers and compete for the very best this after years of almost stagnant wages. joining me to talk about what is behind this optimism, slate columnist zachary carebell who is the leading author of "contributors" and good to see you, sir. >> hello, craig. >> for the last six years, employers are essentially holding all of the cards, but the new survey says that the economists believe that the l leverage is going to start shifting and why is that? >> well, first of all, even though i am relatively opt mistech by nature, i would say that for the economists being surveyed does not mean that the wages will go up, just because the majority of the economists surveyed believe it.
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and it is like one of toez 4 of 5 dentists recommend. i think that -- >> you sound like the fifth dentist. >> well, i'm in this particular case the fifth dentist. this is going to assume that the patterns of the economic lives will be familiar to what they were in the 20th century, which means that the economy picks up, and businesses do more business, and they hire more people, and then, you know, labor magically is able to command a greater share of the economic pie. i'm not so sure that is in the cards for this year. i mean, it doesn't mean that some workers won't do well in the higher technology or the higher skilled, but you know, the idea of the fast food workers absent any action on the minimum wage will command mcdonald's or the walmart workers will command walmart to increase out of pocket wages -- i just don't know where that leverage is going to come from. >> and why are you so pessimistic? >> well, i mean, in this case --
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>> you are not usually this pessimistic. >> i mean, about the retail workers and the lower end. i mean, we have been talking about this for months, and i have been chronically concerned about the degree to which this is an economy that rewards those who are rewarded. and so if you are in skills or services, you are likely to see a continual increase in the incomes, but it is the walmart workers and the kind of the lower end or the temp, that it is very hard to see. there is not an absence of those workers and the margins of those companies are very, very tight, and then you have the whole health care cost issues that could cost either way, and companies don't have to bear the health care costs because of the obamacare, and that is a plus, but it does not mean they pass on the savings to workers. >> and zachary, thank you so much, and as always, we appreciate your time from chicago on this tuesday morning. >> thank you. >> and a new report is finding
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that antarctica's melting glaciers have passed the point of no return. bill nye the science guy is going to join us live and we will talk about the future impact of all of the u.s. cities and what it means for us. and a brand new michael jackson album dropped a few hours ago actually and it is all never before released songs, and review later, and we are going to play a little bit for you. plus, here is a look at what is happening today, tuesday, may 13th. the st. louis rams will officially introduce all 11 draft picks, including michael sam today. tonight in phoenix the american legion is holding a town hall with the vet families following the reports that veterans died while waiting for care at a veterans affairs hospital in arizona. today, in the "money minute" a look at wall street. america's newest real estate brand
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an alarming new report is triggering warnings from scientists that a massive part of antarctica is melting away and nothing that mankind can do to stop it. nasa released this image of a glacier that is part of the massive west antarctic ice sheet which is slowly collapsing into the sea, and it is expected to push up the sea levels for centuries, and researchers studied ground and airline satellite data of the weak underwelly of antarctica and found out that the melt is happening faster than we fig ire and creating a domino process, and what we thought would take two centuries to happen, the two-feet rise in sea levels could have more implications of the heavily populated areas of the country.
8:25 am
and joining me is a man who does not need much of an introduce, bill nye the science guy, and thank you for being with me. front page of new york times and above the fold. >> and upper right. >> and clearly and succinctly, and this is really happening and nothing to stop it now. that is grim. >> well, the reason it is grim is because the sea levels will rise. if you have a cube of ice in a glass, and the glass is full, the ice will melt displacing the same amount of water in there, but in this case, the ice is running off of the land into the sea which is add iing water int the se sea, and the less ice that you have, the more heat that the ocean will absorb, and the ice is reflective. >> and if we curb emissions at this point, and we could slow the problem. >> oh, yeah, and the longest journey starts but with a single step, and that is what i say all of the time, and the sooner, we are started with doing everything all at once the better.
8:26 am
but the economic effect of this, and i say it to people all of the time, and you can shoot the messeng messenger, but when the water is higher, you said two feet, but it is closer to four feet over a met meter. and that is going to kind of have a place like miami or new orleans, that is in the united states, and the economic cost of that having to displace people let alone lower manhattan and washington, d.c. and the potomac watershed, and then the developing world where people don't have the resources to move inland. >> and you mentioned lower manhattan and climate central has a surging sea tool that gives folks a look at where the areas if water levels are reaching ten feet above high tide, this is what it is going to look like, and this is lower manhattan and the projection of the areas if the water levels reached ten feet above high tide, and the dark blue are the inundated areas, and the more alarming, check out southern florida. it is projected to be almost completely washed out if water
8:27 am
levels surgely just ten feet, and how realistic? >> well w ten feet is a long way aways and it is a combination of the sea level rising due to the glaci storm, and then you will t the situation from the glaciers and storm. that is in our lifetime and in the united states where we have resources to move people, and build seawalls and stuff, but there are other parts of the world where they don't, and this going to lead to conflict, and trouble, and lead to -- i mean, we have been saying it for this report quoted the first study about this was in 1978. it is quite a while ago, and now these, if i can use the term dire predictions are coming true, taand the sooner we get started on this, the better, and now people like to talk about, well, china is doing this and india is doing that -- >> sure. >> and if they are doing that, then we should haven't to, and so on and dot, dot, dot. but the thing that the united states exports for better or for worse is our culture.
8:28 am
you can go to india and meet people who know starsky and hut hutch. and if the united states got out of the this ahead to send the message and not only improve our economy and quality of life, but it would suddenly affect everybody in the world. >> and bill nye the science guy. you have been preaching this sermon for a long time. >> and it bears repeating and the cover of the new york times reiterates the situation, and the importance of it. in hours of now, president obama is going to be awarding a medal of honor to a veteran who remains quite humble about his heroic actions in afghanistan. >> it is me, the here e rows are the guys i wear on the bracelet, and these are the guys that are the heroes in my book. i was somebody there that day. >> it was much more than that. and up next, the army sergeant's dramatic story of service in an armed ambush, and we will talk to our own medal of honor res
8:29 am
recipient colonel jack jacobs, and also, there is a question raised about the whereabouts of casey kay sum, kason, and it is those interesting stories. and also, a video by tmz causing speculation. produce clean electricity whenever our customers need it. ♪ sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops.
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which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving the military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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(growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it. (man) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk. (man vo) i may not know where the road will lead, but... i'm sure my subaru will get me there. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. the medal of honor is this country's highest award and in a few hours president obama will award it to former army sergeant kyle white. white is being honored for heroism and courage in afghanistan on november 9th, 2007, when his team of u.s. and afghan soldiers came under intense enemy fire in the mountains of eastern afghanistan. white was knocked unconscious when he came too, and despite his own wounds, he risked his own life over and over to save
8:33 am
others in the attack. when the helicopter got there, the sergeant refused to get on until all of the wounded were out. six members of the unit were killed, and sergeant white becomes the 14th service member awarded the medal of honor for iraq and afghanistan and he is going to become the 78th living recipient of the omedal of honor. and among the others, our own military news analyst retired army colonel jack jacobs. and he was awarded the military medal of honor in the vietnam honor, and good to see you. >> thank you. >> and this is what sergeant white told our own pentagon correspondent nick miklaszewskm. >> and your brothers are wounded and hurt, and they need your help, you won't stop at anything to get them that help or you will die trying. >> living what you lived there,
8:34 am
and experiencing all of that and remembering so much of it in such great detail, so you can insert yourself back into the battle, doing that, do you see a hero? >> no. i don't. to me, the heros are the guys that i wear my bracelet on there. and it has all of their names and they were the heroes and i was just somebody on the trail that day. >> and that seems to be about the same sound bite that we hear from all of the guys who get that medal. none of them ever view themselves as a hero. >> well, i think that is true. i think it is not just the medal of the honor recipients, but just about anybody who serves in co combat. combat is bizarre in a lot of ways, but one of the ways it is most bizarre is that it throws together people who under any other circumstances would not have any relationship to one another, who would not necessarily associate with one another, and in the crucible of war, when people are ardently trying to kill you, and
8:35 am
everybody is coming together, the medal of honor recipient named woody williams who received the medal for action on iwo jima in the world war ii and he said, it is not mine but i hold it in trust. and there is another recipient nicki bacon from vietnam, award winner, and he said, i don't hold this, but i hold it for those who valiantly served and never got recognized. it is a big brotherhood and s sisterhood. >> and what did he do that day? >> well, he walked into a big ambush and a dozen or more were killed or wounded in the first couple of seconds, including sergeant white. a few of the closest buddies were badly wounded and the platoon leader was killed, and he went out into the fire swept terrain and saved people and dragged at least one guy back, and had to do it several time, and had to try it e severy it s,
8:36 am
because he was being shot at every time, and so a tough day, and he refused to be evacuated until he found them all. >> and refused to leave the fallen brothers. colonel jack, we will see you later on when that medal is presented. >> thank you. >> you are very welcome. >> and we will have the live coverage of the medal of honor ceremony at 3:00 p.m. during "the cycle." and today, president obama is going to be pushing for the immigration reform and in the coming weeks he is going to be deciding to possible changes to the u.s. immigration policy, and move that could help the dem grats crats in the election year some point points. and also, the immigration reform warning, pass a bill or else! >> if the republicans don't do it, they should not bother to
8:37 am
run a candidate in 2016. >> wow. >> i mean, think about that. >> yeah, yeah. >> and think about who the voters are. and i have just did that to get everybody's attention. we are in a nation of people without jobs, and jobs without people. we need all of these people that we are training in the universities. the best universities in the worl world, and we tell them to go home? when you do that you are sending the work to where the people are. >> and that is thomas donahue unplugged there. and nbc news political editor mark murray joining me live from d.c., and there is thomas donahue running the chamber of commerce, and it seemed like, mark, he seemed to walk it back when he real izized after a few seconds what he had actually said and that he was on tape. is that battle cry going to continue to get louder as 2016 approach approaches? do you think that the gop can get a workable immigration bill passed by then? >> well, craig, you are going to
8:38 am
hear that, but what is important for a lot of the republicans and even as tom donahue of the chamber of commerce who has supported constant immigration reform over the years knows that if you don't getting? done now, it is going to spill over to the 2016 presidential contest, and as we saw in 2012 when immigration reform is still out there, and you are having the democrats to say, i want to pass the comprehensive immigration reform, and the republicans and every incentive on the right says that we are against this, and those are the people who would typically end up winning a republican primary, as mitt romney was able to do by going really hard to the right on that particular issue. but, craig, let me put it to you this way, when it comes to immigration reform in 2004 when i covered that, and george w. bush's advisers said we need 24% of the latino vote, and mitt romney got 27%, and that is the dilemma s of t dilemmas of the republicans, and what they are facing. >> and what would he have to do
8:39 am
to satisfy the hispanic voters enough to consider crossing the aisle on the voting booth? a path to citizenship? is that a must for the 10 million workers already here illegally? >> well, that is what they want, but some people have said, well, maybe we want legalization, instead of the path to citizenship, and instead of what president obama may end up doing in the midterm season is if there is seeming to be no type of movement is to use the executive action to deal with the deportations. and not too dissimilar to what he ended up doing before the 2012 presidential election for a lot of the dreamers to use the executive action there. and there are many people who just want to get this ball rolling again, craig, and it is seeming stuck. the senate has passed the legislation, and house has not, and they have not introduced legislation yet, and that is the situation. >> and thank you, mark murray. florida officials giving up an update on the mysterious and deadly virus. it is one of the stories that we are following around
8:40 am
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nowchoose one option fromith red lothe wood-fire grill,trios! one signature shrimp dish, and a pasta. all on one plate. three delicious choices. all for $15.99 for a limited time only! come sea food differently today! >> the arrest of alec baldwin tops the news. right now he is at an nypd precinct after police stopped him for allegedly riding a bike the wrong way down a manhattan street this morning. police say that baldwin became dlij re belligerent and arguing with the officer who tried to give him a summons and he was also not carrying a license. and look at this crime scene inham ham. you can see the structure of the
8:44 am
new hampshire house blow up in a fireball of flames shortly after a police aofficer was called to the scene after a reported domestic dispute, and the o officer was shot, and the homeowner's son is presumed to have died in the roaring house fire in new hampshire. a judge has ordered an investigation into the whereabouts of radio host casey kay zum after he was released from a home. he has parkinson's, and he can't speak anymore and the children are saying that the current wife is keeping him from the father, but she says she doesn't know where he is. >> and now there is a second case of mers, and the middle east respiratory system, and this time in florida, and a health care provider who lives and works in saudi arabia got sick in the trip to yard line, and he is recovering at home, and officials are are optimistic that he did not infect others.
8:45 am
and michael jackson's new album is out almost five years after his death. "escape" is made up of eight songs never released to the public. and the estate gave l.a. reid exclusive look to the archives and after combing over 40 years of material, he brought in people like timberland to help modernize the tracks. this is how it was recorded in 1983. ♪ every time i love in ♪ in and out of life ♪ and i feel it ♪ tell me ♪ if you really love me ♪ in and out of love ♪ baby >> garrett kennedy is a music writer for the los angeles times, and garrett, i have listened to three or four tracks on the album and i can say that confidently that compared to the first posthumous album that was released a a few years ago, michael, this one, this one seems to be a lot better.
8:46 am
>> that is putting it lightly. it is incredible. it is so much better than what they have done in the past. i think that what the reason is so much better is that you can hear michael, and really hear michael on every single record from top to bottom and his voice and he gets to shine, and he the producers worked around him as opposed to other way around, and the last project, he got a little bit lost in the studio magic, but this is all michael and his voice, and really the producers took a back seat. >> i am glad you said that, because a lot of times when you get the posthumous album, and the tracks are overproduced and that is not the case this time. this is another track called "slave to the rhythm" and originally recorded in 1991. ♪ did she ♪ did he did not quit ♪ as she went out the door ♪ she danced through the night ♪ in fear of the light ♪ she danced through the beat of
8:47 am
her own ♪ >> that is a nice beat. i mean, that is just, that is the mike that i think that we all grew up loving. what are some of the themes that present themselves in the album do you think? >> well sh, you know what is gr is that you can really hear where michael was at different points in the life. a lot of the records are upbeat, and lovey dovey and we love that about michael and dance with him as well, and the title track is him sing issing about the pressures of fame and hoping to get away from it. he returned to that theme, but you can hear, you know, in him, and i think that the record was recorded in 1999, with the trials and the everything was happening in his life, and you can feel that he was sort of more fed up than i think that he had been in the other previous records when he sung about it. this is the moment where he is like, he just wanted to be away from all of it. i don't know what that meant, but, you know, i think that you
8:48 am
could really hear it. >> garrick, and this is the second of the posthumous album, and we only get eight track, and more than eight, but they take the eight to remix them to give you the impression of a double album, but do you think that we are going to get more posthumous albums from the king? >> well, what i want to go to is the not remixes, but the second part of the alum bum is the fac that the tracks sounded like before the producers got a hold of them. that is good for the fans. and when i talked to l.a. reid, he said that he went for the specific theme which is hearing michael and the voice and singing the song from the top to bottom and not having to piece together the record. so i don't know. the future is out there, but i think that this is the last one of the new material, and the estate did a great job of impacting the legacy and keeping it what it is.
8:49 am
>> thank you so much. appreciate you. >> thank you. and right now the internet is all abuzz, and still abuzz about this video showing solange knowles apparently hitting, kicking jay-z as beyonce stands there, and we will look at it n next with the. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one.
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by now you have likely seen this video once or twice or maybe three times. surveillance video obtained by tmz not verified by nbc news, believes to show solange striking a man that appears to be her brother-in-law, jay-z beyonce stands by as another man, believed to be the bodyguard, tries to hold her back. at no point do you see jay-z strike back. still no comment from reps of
8:53 am
the couple or solange, the incident went viral almost immediately and dominated social media for 24 hours now. the anybody one trend yesterday afternoon and still this morning on twitter, that hash tag right there, what jay-z said to solange, natasha u banks is founder of young, black and fabulous. we will never said. that is a family that is notoriously private. >> you will never know what happened and it doesn't help there's no audio. for us we have to speculate what happened, what happened before they walk on the elevator. when she walks on the elevate, almost like she was ready. >> waiting for those doors to shut. >> waiting for him to step one foot -- >> something happened to set her off. was it just one thing? or is this a deep rooted issue going on between sisters, older famous sister and then she's married to the most famous man
8:54 am
in the world. maybe he might have said something. those small things kind of set off a girl, you know. >> you pointed this out as well, beyonce stands by for a long time. >> i didn't even recognize beyonce until time three i watched the video. >> maybe this is something that she has seen before. >> this is the met ball, this is the after party. rihanna had an after party as well. there was drinking and other things going on. clearly there was something more going on than we're going to an after party. i think maybe solange does this often. >> based on what? >> the dynamic of an older sister. we heard things about how the clash, the mother and father are all about beyonce. the little sister is probably feeling left out -- >> you think a manifestation of a larger issue. >> also the issue of julius is the bodyguard, we've seen julius
8:55 am
harp on somebody within five seconds. has no problem. this time he hesitated, almost like he doesn't know how to control her. he was scared to do something, like this happens all the time. how do we deal with the family drama, that type of thing. >> one thing that needs to be pointed out here, if a guy had pulled with solange pulled, and we had it on video, he would have been charged by now. >> there was the football player. >> ray rice in the casino. >> it looks very familiar. >> and looks like a double standard as well. >> it does. this time it's deep. had jay-z struck her back or done in this case but restrain her, we would have been all over this. the real question, is what is so different about this family? why are we so up in arms? >> because they have family crazy just like we do. >> but it's okay. they come off as the perfect family, but obviously they are not. >> i love it. thank you so much, always enjoy you. >> thank you. >> that's going to do it for this edition of "news nation."
8:56 am
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get the blood tests. change your number. turn it up. androgel 1.62%. right now, overhead search, the u.s. military sending spy planes, searching for the kidnapped girls. is it too little too late? >> when we talk about assisting in the effort to locate the girls, we're talking about helping nigerian government search an area that is roughly the size of new england. this is no small task. >> military matters, president obama will present the highest military honor to a surviving hero of the kfg conflict today but fellow veterans are voicing outrage over scandalous treatment at the va hospital in phoenix. i'll speak to the national commander of the american legion demanding that veterans affairs
9:00 am
secretary shinseki resign. flagrant foul, donald sterling on the record and making things worse. now criticizing lakers legend magic johnson. >> what has he done? can you tell me? big magic johnson, with a has he done? >> he's a business person -- >> he's got aids. >> sterling's estranged wife tried to distance herself from his comments with savannah guthrie on "today." >> he gets crazy and yells and screams and hollers one moment. the next moment he'll talk about something else. it's like nothing makes sense. >> good day, i'm


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