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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 9, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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. good morning, everybody. right now on "first look, authorities are investigating a heinous crime. >> i'm sad to report that two of my officers were kill in the line of duty and an innocent citizen also lost their life. >> what the investigates learned. tracy morgan's condition still critical at this hour. pope francis pushes for peace in the middle east, and sandra bullock's home burglarized while the actress was there, and incredible video from the fire. thank you for joining us on this monday morning. police in las vegas are
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searching for answers this morning. why were two of their own gunned down while eating lunch on sunday? the male and female isn'ts killed a third person at a nearby walk mart before taking their own lives. we have the latest on this investigation. >> i don't know what set them off, but just was on a rampage. >> reporter: the first shots rang out before noon at this pizza restaurant where investigators say a man and woman ambushed. one of the isn'suggestion pegts yelling. >> they were having lunch when the shooting started. >> reporter: one of the officers managed to return fire, but both ultimately died from their wounds. the suspects took the officers weapons and ammunitions and walked to walmart where they shot and killed an innocent bystander inside the front
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doors. >> very scarey because he was right behind where i worked, and i was afraid he'd look over the wall and start shooting there. >> reporter: instead, they moved inside as police moved in. witnesses say there was a brief gun battle, and then according to the police, the suspects turned the gun on themselves, part of a an apparent suicide pagt. they called it, quote, a senseless act of violence. >> it's a tragic day. it's a very, very difficult day, but we still have a community of police, and we still have a community to protect. >> reporter: as they work through the pain of trying to figure out how and why they lost an innocent civilian and two of their own. jay gray, nbc news, las vegas. a small sign from tracy morgan who remains in critical
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condition, but his publicist confirms he's more responsive at the moment. he had surgery for a broken leg yesterday and also suffered a broken nose and several broken ribs. the former "saturday night live" star was traveling along the new jersey turnpike when a chain recaction accident occurred killing one of his close friends. the driver of the truck was charged with death by auto. morgan will be in the hospital for several more weeks. police say sandra bullock was home when joshua broke into her house sunday morning, arrested on the property, and is now sitting behind bars in lieu of $50,000 bail. bullock was not harmed, and according to two law enforcement forces, he kept a diary about her and caught with her personal items when arrested. today the obama administration is expected to brief house members on the latest with the bergdahl prisoner exchange.
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he's still being treated in a hospital in germany. officials say he's in good physical condition, but not psychologically or emotionally ready to return home. we are joined live from washington, and what is the latest on the swap exchange controversy? >> reporter: well, there's no sign of the lawmakers diminishing, eager for answers on the deal and the circumstances surrounding initial capture, and they hope to get some of those answers this week. senior white house officials are headed to capitol hill to defend the trade of sergeant bergdahl for five taliban leaders, briefing the house where republicans and democrats alike are an dpri they were not notified ahead of time and worried the administration gave up too much. >> one taliban said he would return to the battlefield, so it's a mixed bag at best. >> this was the wrong message at the wrong time, and we're going to pay for this decision for
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years. >> reporter: secretary of state kerry is dismissing concerns about the state of the taliban returning to the fight, and u.s. troops placed at increased risk. >> i'm not telling you they don't have the ability to get involved, but they have the ability to get killed doing that. >> reporter: in a hospital in germany, bergdahl told his medical team he tried to escape once, recaptured, and confined to a small space like a box. he's fine physically, but struggling psychologically and chose not to call his parents. they are investigating death threats to bergdahl's family for allegations he may be a desert for walking off his base. chuck hagel will testify before a house committee. thank you. it was an emotional and traditional and yet unconventional two-hour prayer session hosted by the pope at the vatican.
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he brought together israeli president and abbas, the first time the two leaders met in public in more than a year. the pope called men to peace and sign tensions could be thawing between them that peace and stability is needed in the region. the meeting comes despite collapsed middle east peace talks between the two sides. all right. a fourth degree black belt battled her way to the crown at this year's miss usa pageant. >> and miss usa 2014 is? nevada! >> that's right. miss nevada won miss usa. sanchez said in the interview portion women can empower themselves by learning self-defense edging out miss north dakota. country stars, florida georgia line teamed up with nelly to add
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swagger to the swim suit competition as donald trump took in the show. sanchez will represent u.s. at the miss universe contest. congratulations to her. in sports, game two of the nba finals. temperaturings cooler in san antonio in the first half. allen fakes out two defenders knocking in an easy three to start things off. minutes later, though, a healthy lebron james layed it in with a toss, and spurs's tony parker takes advantage of a missed layup by james. the game stays close, though, in the fourth. kicking the ball out to parker to give the spurs the one-point lead, but miami fights back and barely holds on. the heat win to tie the series at one. game three is tuesday in miami. >> fast ball hit high and deep, right field. the astros have two grand slams on the year. >> the houston astros tie a franchise record with two grand
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slams in one game. the astros easily slam past the twins with a 14 -5 victory. check this out. baltimore lets go of the bat sending it flying towards third base, and you can just imagine what happens next. oh, yeah, the benches, they clear, and a heated exchange takes place, but no punches thrown. t they were both ejected. introduced into the boxing hall of fame, the gold medallist held ten world titles in six weight divisions. did you know that. the golden boy finished a career with 39 wins and six losses, 30 of those by knockout. celebrities on deck getting things started for the sprint cup pocono. a small crash out of the pit
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stop. that's no way to start. a few more mishaps and crashes on the track, but dale jr. takes the first spot. ucla guard -- >> the ball goes out of the picture. >> that is real. trick shot from the other side of the court. maybe he's in the wrong sport. you think? all right. >> rule of thumb is any time the ball goes out of the frame, that's where i stop. >> i don't know, that was a one-shot deal. come on. you don't believe it? you're such a -- >> it's a monday. it's pouring outside. areas with thunderstorms this morning that are rocking and rolling. we had a warm, beautiful, sunny weekend in philadelphia to any england. another batch of rain moving through this morning, and the heavyist now is encroaching on top of new york city, northern new jersey, hudson valley, shifting into connecticut throughout the next hour or two. keep that in mind.
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i'm sure it will be a slow drive on 95 in southern connecticut at the peak of the rush hour in the next two hours. d.c., philadelphia, new york, storms likely today, thunderstorms quickly trying to dive down towards the dallas ft. worth area, strong there on 35. watch that area today for severe storms, and we're very much in a summer time weather pattern. warmer, humid, and a lot of areas have a chance of showers and storms today. no tornados. >> we don't need that. we'll get the umbrellas. thank you p. the taliban claim responsibility at a deadly attack at the airport. 23 killed. we have the details next. something lighter, seeing the world from a polar bear's point of view. i make a lot of purchases for my business.
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let's get down to business with cnbc. good morning. >> let's take a look at the markets because stocks hit record highs monday. slightly lower following the
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jobs report, but steady hiring growth. the dow and s&p 500 turned in three weeks of gains, look for reports this week on retail sales and inflation. tech a big story this week. apple begins life, the seven for one stock split takes effect, making it more affordable for average investors. apple shares rallied 23 % since the split was announced in late april. they split the stock before, the most recent in 2005. microsoft gets things started at the e 3 conference today. they are expected to cut the price of the xbox1, lagging behind sales of the ps 4. thank you. the taliban is claiming responsibility for a five-hour siege on pakistan's biggest airport killing 18. officials say some of the ten gun mep were disguised as police guards.
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widening the search area for three escape inmates who used a helicopter in the get-away. the chopper landed in a courtyard of the detention center saturday night, three arrested on drug trafficking and gang-related charges. two were charged with murder. remarkable time lapse video captures fire sweeping through bend, oregon. firefighters are now battling two wildfires nicknamed the two bulls fire. more than 6400 acres burned prompting evacuation orders for approximately 250 homes. no indication, though, when the massive blaze will be contained. federal facilities in the southwest overflowing with unaccompanied children who crossed the border from central america this weekend. more than 700 moved from texas to arizona, many hoping to meet up with parents after fleeing violence, poverty, and gangs. look at this. life on the arctic ice. from a polar bear's point of view.
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a "selling machine!" ready for you alert, only at all right. now here's your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. virginia senator is expected to announce his resignation today. according to the "washington post," accusing the gop of trying to buy him out with job offers for him and for his daughter. his resignation could halt the plan of expanding medicaid by temporarily giving the gop control. today, the department of veterans affairs is expected to release the results of an internal audit into scheduling practices. va hospitals across the country, and the acting secretary of the department of veteran affairs has promised to bring a cultural change to the department and restore trust. president obama is looking to ease the burden of student loan debt today, and the president is expected to expand on a 2010 law
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that capped borrowers's repayments at 10 % of the monthly income. they argue student loan debt is crippling american's ability to buy homes, start businesses, or spend money to spur the economy. according to a new washington post abc news poll, hillary clinton's performance as secretary of state is still strong despite a drop from last year. support fell from 68% to 59%. tuesday, number four on amazon's best seller list right now. king carlos of spain apparently has begin up the throne so his son doesn't grow old waiting like prince charles. the monarch felt it was time to advocate. according to a new report in the spain's newspaper, he told his chief of the royal household he didn't want his son to wither waiting like prince charles. really? former first lady barbara
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bush celebrated her 89th birthday. and her husband will mark his 90th birthday later this week. that's the morning dish of scrambled politics. right now, i'm joined by washington post reporter, good morning, david. >> hey, how are you? >> the president has a lot planned today, announcing a big push to ease student loans. what do you know about the executive order he's going to be issuing? >> he's trying to time this around graduation season, using the saturday weekly address to talking about the difficulty many young students are having and recent graduates in repaying debt, their loans, and i think he mentioned earlier, he's going to try to do the payments at capped at 10 % of the arian monthly income. he talk about this in 2012 in the re-election campaign easing student debt, saying it's over $1 trillion nationwide, and this is making young people who already having trouble in the economy, you know, finding jobs,
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finding good paying jobs be able to afford, you know, to make a living and repay their debt. the president will make a big announcement at the white house to talk about this. >> right, the administration hopes by easing debt it spurs the economy. do you really see that happening? is it going to free that up money to get not economy as buying homes and other places? >> so many things the president is doing, he's going around the congress to do this with an executive orders, taking action where he can. congress is wrestling with their own. the senates and democrats have a bill, but unlikely that goes forward because of how you pay for it. sort of refinancing the debt, it'll cost the u.s. money. the u.s. government floated the loans to begin with. this is going to reach up to 5 million people, and the white house says, yes, this could make a small difference, especially with new people entering the job force arian recently entering the job force to afford making a living and pay for other things as well.
2:23 am
critics say they took out the loans, beyond their means, if they can't pay them back, what does that say about other things? >> others say the president is making the case we have to help students with debt to spend more and get into even more debt. is there some truth to that? >> well, absolutely, i think there is truth to that. not all the 5 million people would abuse this, but the idea is, hey, the people who took out the loans with inability to pay them back, that's a problem, what's that say going forward with credit cards, housing loans? we know what happened with the recession, but i think the white house is saying, you know, this is an economy that these kids are entering, these young people are entering at a time that's difficult, and this is going to make it a little bit easier. we need to sort of do this. the president is really committed to this idea. >> oh, yeah, he is making the big announcement today. david, thank you for the insight this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, first buzz, a boy scout's amazing feat, and potential new breakthrough in the battle against drunk
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all right. welcome back. time for first buzz. richard is back in action with us today. bill is here as well. >> good morning to you. >> did we know he was gone? >> we did. well, i missed you, richard. >> aussie, oy, funny. >> talking about animals on the atta attack? >> yeah, nine hours north of sidney, a gentleman loves sting raies so much, dove after it, and then it comes after him, he dives away. this is not small. >> that thing is huge.
2:28 am
>> steve irwin died from a barb, he would have been in bad trouble. all right. we're going to shift to this because technology is doing something quite fascinating. drunk drivers, you should watch out. one, you shouldn't be on the road, but if you are, you can get busted quickly. scientists in poland are working on it so they use a laser on the highway as they do for surprise, but this laser detects if there's alcohol in the vol or vapors from your mouth. >> how does that work? through the glass? >> yeah, but the problem with that is maybe the passenger is drunk in the backseat, so they can't tell just yet. they are working on that, but it's quite fascinating, nonetheless, and, of course, you got something? >> yeah, congratulations. minnesota scout, 17 years old, over the weekend, finished one year straight sleeping outdoors every single night, and you know how bad this past winter was.
2:29 am
he said that he wore fleece liner inside a mummy bag inside two other sleeping bags, inside a quilt and seven shirts. >> he raised money for that. >> he did. >> thank you for watching "way too early" with thomas reports starts now. tonight is a celebration of broadway, the only place you can see rocky in a boxing ring, brian cranston in the afs and a wolverine in tap shows. >> the show that won the biggest prize of them all, and making progress, what we know about tracy morgan's condition, and what we are learning about the deadly car crash that put him in critical condition, and finding a motive. clues figuring out why a man and woman opened fire on two las vegas police officers, a civilian, and themselves.
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this is "way too early." good morning, i'm mika in for thomas roberts, and it's june 9th. welcome to "way to early." police mourn their own after an apparent ambush left five dead, two police officers. they were eating lunch at a cici's pizza when a man and woman opened fire. they officers opened fire back, but were killed by the shooters. the two suspects left the restaurant, shooting at bystanders, killing another by a nearby walmart. police converged on the scene an fired the suspects, but the police say the woman shot the man before turning the gun on herself. they have yet to find a motive, but there's sources saying the shooters draped the bodies in yeow


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