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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  June 27, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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something. >> it's hard to imagine how things cannot get more partisan in washington, d.c. >> the boehner lawsuit. >> the president has not faithfully executed the law. >> they are going to sue me for doing my job. >> do they have standing to sue? what we thil sue over? today is the one-year anniversary of comprehensive immigration reform. there are some that think the lawsuit helps them. >> said no to raising the minimum wage. >> the president is trying to get something done while house republicans are not. >> boehner's lawsuit will hurt the gop. >> we can't afford to wait for congress. >> we can't we all just get along. ♪ >> that's why i'm going ahead without them wherever i can. >> the president using his executive authority to do whatever he can. >> much better at selling a message he believes in.
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>> lately i want to say what's on my mind so let me -- >> it is not even july yet and already the scorched earth between president obama and republicans in congress is smoldering. the president arrived at the white house a short time ago back from the first in a summer series of day in the life trips to get in touch with average americans. a welcome break it would seem as president indicated earlier in minneapolis that he is more than a little fed up with his foes on capitol hill. >> they don't do anything. except block me. and call me names. it can't be that much fun. it would be so much more fun if they said you know what, let's do something together. >> republicans would rather not do something together. summer fun for them means filing a lawsuit, taking legal action against the president's alleged abuse of his powers.
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as the president admitted today, he may have asked for it. >> i might have said in the heat of the moment during one of these debates, i want to raise the minimum wage, so sue me when i do, but i didn't think that they were going to take it literally. >> earlier today in an interview the president called boehner's announcement of the planned lawsuit a stunt, prompting the speaker's office to blast out a statement. the american people, their ee leked representatives and the supreme court have all expressed serious concerns about the president's failure to follow the constitution. dismissing them with words like, smidgen or stunt only reinforces their frustration. as for the president, his frustration is at a peak and neither a lawsuit nor republicans will stop him from moving forward. >> i'm not going to let gridlock and inaction and willful indifference and greed threaten the hard work of families like
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yours. so we can't afford to wait for congress right now. that's why i'm going ahead and moving ahead without them wherever i can. >> in other words, the heat wave shows no sign of letting up any time soon. joining me now is correspondent for the upshot at the new york times, josh barrow and washington bureau chief, brightening our day for buzz feed, john stanton. this is what i'm seeing as i read the landscape, john. this is actually really good for democrats. it allows the president to go out there and say, they don't do anything but call me names and by the way, on wednesday it raised over half a million dollars from more than 27,000 online donations, 8,000 of which were first time donors. why do republicans think this is a good strategy? >> i think it gives them to a certain degree gives them cover. if you look at immigration, they have not wanted to do something since pretty much the election.
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>> since foreverairy, right. >> we can't trust the president he has this overreach. we're trying to break that so we can force him to -- it gives them cover for that and gives democrats a lot of political hey to make. raising money to make. they can say this is a horrible thing, they are trying to attack the president. >> i feel like ifs a see saw, it definitely favors democrats, also because history shows us, josh, when you try and impeach a president in a second term in a midterm election it doesn't work out so well for house republicans. >> that's exactly the thing. boehner is under a lot of pressure to take the fight to the president. you have the south dakota republican party voting for the resolution saying republicans should impeach the president. ted cruz saying they should impeach holder. defund the executive branch,
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whatever that means. >> whatever that means could mean addendum to anything miche miche michele bachman said. >> we don't know what that means either and lawsuits can take a long time. boehner can point to this and say -- >> that's the only saving grace, it actually can't come to fruition. i just think and john you cover capitol hill, every time boehner suggests the nuclear, there are members of the house republican caucus, yes, the nuclear option, impeach the president. they are not cowed by the primaries we have witnessed, they are foe meanting as much fraktous behavior as she possibly can to open the door to impeachment and we seem to be playing with fire. >> i think he's probably hoping this will keep them quiet long enough to get past that. once they get into this
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election, he's out of here in two years in impeachment. with democrats who started to impeach bush, when we got to '06 and two years left, let's let this lie, beat them up and use them as foil for next election. he's hoping he can get to that place. >> john brought up the point that a lot of this is smoke screen for republicans in action on immigration. i guess i wonder if you think the timing of this lawsuit is really specifically linked to waiting for the president to hand down whatever executive action he's going to hand down on deportations so they have their ducks lined up to say, see, here it is yet again, the president is eefr. >> that already happened with the president choosing not to deport,i effectively trying to enact the dream act. conservatives are upset about the epa rules on carbon and the president has gotten brushed back by the supreme court in the last few weeks on a couple of
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those things. the supreme court lightly weakened the epa rules on carbon and threw out his recess appointments when he was saying the senate was out of session and no -- >> if you gavel in for 30 seconds that means you're at work. if only i can do 30 seconds of a television show and say i was at work, but anyway. >> i think this is -- it's a part of a broader agenda where republicans are saying the president is trying to do these various bad things but we're trying to stop him. republicans aren't trying pretend they have a positive agenda. now i do think republicans have a problem with not having an economic agenda to discuss that they are pushing that is a positive agenda. on immigration, i think republicans want to do nothing. they think their best political option right now is to do nothing. i don't think it is excuse making on immigration. >> i want to ask you about the democrats, chuck schumer said yesterday, if they don't bring a bill to the floor, the president has no choice on a humanitarian
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basis and policy basis to act where he can on his own. congressman luis gutierrez said the time for waiting is over. the white house delayed jeh johnson's announcement because they want more time precisely because there is this humanitarian crisis. my question to you, john, what explains this rift between democrats in congress saying the president must act and white house which seems to be trying to buy some time. >> what it is, this works quite well together. the democrats are putting pressure sort of on aobama getting reflected back on republicans. even though they've known for six or eight months it isn't going to happen. he wants to go into the real run-up in the next couple of months and go to latino voters, i did everything i can to work with these guys and tried very hard and now did this two months before the election or three months before the election, it's
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fresh in everyone's mind -- >> you think it's tied -- >> i wonder, talking to advocates, folks who call this man the deporter in chief, there is real frustration -- you know this, been to the board and met with the deported that the white house has waited too long. it's not about getting an amend policy handed down. people want the president to act. i wonder whether there is truly pressure and true frustration with this white house when they say it's time to act. >> i thinked advocates are dissatisfied. the president did extremely well with latino voters and asian voters in 2012. hufr frustrated they may have, they are much more frustrated with republicans. >> the problem for immigration advocates is this issue works politically for democrats either way, either they get sub tan tifly what they want and that pleases their base and creates more democratic voters or don't get what they want and can blame
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the republicans accurately for the fact they didn't get what they want and that strengthens their position with voters who care about immigration. so that i think takes some of the political pressure off democrats to actually get immigration done. that said, i don't think that we're in a position where immigration reform would get done in democrats didn't want it as a political issue. the reason we don't have immigration reform is house republicans do not want to pass immigration reform. >> i won't call you the sage of capitol hill, that's what i call luke russert, king of capitol hill. john, is the plan for republicans to get immigration reform done ahead of 2016? is there a plan at this point? >> there's not a plan. some of them would like to see that. but part of the reason boehner did nothing after he came out in february and made noise like he was going to was that the pushback was too hard. unless they lose a bunch of those members, which i don't think they are going to, i don't see how they get that done. >> feesably never going to do
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immigration reform. >> most republicans say they think what's going to happen, go to 2016 and latino voters going to give the presidency to the democrats and may finally be able to force republicans in the house into acting on something they don't want to do. >> that's insane. basically punitive incentive. you lose so bad it's going to hurt so bad that finally you'll see the error of your ways. >> we talk about the power of money and politics and there's basically no well organized opposition and no real lobby against it. and yet it keeps not happening and it's because the voting base behind the republican party really does not want to tap -- even though a lot of people who give a lot of money to republican candidates are in favor of it. we saw that with the only successful tea party candidate against a republican in congress was one that had no money behind it, had the energy of people who hated the idea of immigration reform. there's why i think there's no
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long-range plan. >> that is what we call a very bad, very attent with flaps that have been open to many audience members. such a convoluted metaphor. thanks for your time. after the break, as the white house requests hundreds and millions of dollars of aide to syrian rebels, there is new evidence of the bloody reign of terror sweeping across the middle east. more on that next on "now." ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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the mass execution of 190 people over 72 hours was
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confirmed today. after analysis of satellite imagery and 60 gruesome photographs, human rights watch was able to locate two execution sites as well as mass graves. it is accusing isis of a horrible war crime. the group presumed to be behind these mass killings the islamic state of iraq and syria is in control of a third of iraq. news about the brutality comes the same day amnesty international released a report on revenge executions that have been carried out by iraqi forces, including mass shootings of sunni detainees and brutal beatings with cable wire. earlier today, iraqi forces and sunni militants continue their battle for control over the northern city. the prominent cleric called for warring factions to agree on a prime minister in the next four days. against this back drop the u.s. appears to be stepping up its involvement in the region.
1:17 pm
hours after the white house asked congress for half a billion dollars to aid the syrian opposition, the first armed u.s. drones reportedly began flying over baghdad. joining me now is washington director for human rights watch, sara margen and former director of the national counterterrorism center, michael leiter. sara, isis claims they killed more than 1700 people, you have found evidence up to 160 to 190 dead. tell us more about the report. do you expect those numbers to rides rise at all? >> sure, thanks for having me. i think part of the problem with identifying the numbers dead, we haven't been able to access the site, we're calling for further investigation on the ground. we were able to use satellite imagery to identify 190. we're not saying what isis has said is incorrect. we're saying what we've seen
1:18 pm
from our work is about 190. >> michael, there is some general consensus about isis posing a threat to the west and as human rights lays out there, brutality, i wonder what you think of this. isis is anti-american bluster is worth noting as are the direct ties to lethal insurge enlts elsewhere. but the way to expedite the next wave of sunni terrorism is for the u.s. to start fighting sunnis. what do you think about that? >> i think in all of these regional upheaval and counterterrorism situations, we have to walk a fine line, which is how do we stop in a very tactical sense threats to the united states by tariffs and instability without fermenting more. we've struggled with in pakistan and yemen. i have to admit i'm very much on the side of when we face very
1:19 pm
clear indications of threats to the united states in the west by terror cells we have to in a surgical and as humane way as we can take out the people who are doing that plotting. then over the longer term try to address the very clear unhappiness among sunnis and shias and regional instability we see across the entire region. >> sara, human rights watch has been putting out material on syria and brutality of assad's regime over here. syria armed group and children into battle reporting that armed groups in syria are using children as young as 15 to go into battle. luring them with talk of free school. you know, this whole situation -- and the brutality on both sides of the table, whether it's extra judicial killings on the part of iraqi police forces or isis, syrian regime. the white house is getting more involved in syria than it has been. do you think they've finally
1:20 pm
woken up to the mistakes made in the past in terms of not doing something and do you think the response is adequate? >> i think time is going to have to indicate whether or not the response is adequate. when we look at the situation in iraq, the potential to provide support, security assistance to the very heavy handed security forces before there's an inclusive political agreement raises serious flags. in syria these need to be clearly vetted moderate opposition and mechanisms for vetting them and making sure the u.s. is not supporting abusers and undisciplined military is real. >> can i follow-up. was there even a system or mechanism in place to vet moderates in a war zone like this? >> it's a great question. and in fact there is federal law that requires vetting under certain defense department accounts. my hope, human rights dz watch's hope, in this case goes through this federal law and that it is
1:21 pm
the mechanisms are set up to ensure they are properly vetted. it's complex and not easy. it's a very difficult environment but does need to happen otherwise the u.s. will be seen as kplis it. >> speaking of which, there's a new report out that is authored by folks from the cia and pentagon and former head of central command that cautions america's use of drones risks a war with killing without end. you indicated the tools necessary to combat terrorism and the president had much success in using drones. in the grand scheme of things, do you feel this administration and we as public are asking ourselves and putting in place the mechanisms necessary to check the use of drones and make sure the cost benefit analysis if you will is netting out for the positive? >> i think there is a check in the political system, congress
1:22 pm
continues to allocate funds to support these types of programs but i completely agree with the report, you can't just have a counterterrorism or foreign policy based on using unmaned aircraft to kill people overseas, it has to be part of a far more comprehensive regional strategy. and what we are seeing is, if we're excessively passive in situations like syria, it can get a lot worse. and this situation that i think we face in syria and iraq can still get a lot worse. in that regard i'm quite relieved to see a more forceful funds for opposition. you have to keep the arms away from the really bad extreme guys, that's not always easy, sitting back and hoping this will get better for us is not a recipe for success in syria or iraq. >> thank you so much for your time and thoughts. >> thanks. >> coming up, nearly two months
1:23 pm
after oklahoma's gruesome botched execution, a group of death row inmates are taking new action to fight their own executions. details on that coming up next. the lowest price book any flight or hotel and if you find it for less, we'll match it and give you 50 dollars off your next trip expedia, find yours
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ever since the botched execution in oklahoma this april, lethal injections drugs and states that administer them face challenges across the country. the latest comes from 21 death row inmates in a oklahoma city prison. the lawsuit filed this week argues that the state's lethal injection practiceses violate the rights against cruel and unusual punishment. the inmates accuse the state of lack of medical expertise and inawi inadequate of staff and information about the drugs. one of the plaintiffs is charles warner, the man scheduled to die the same day at clayton lockett but the execution was
1:27 pm
rescheduled after it took a grueling 43 minutes for lockett to die. just ahead, another bridge, another budget woe. the new york times discusses the governor's season of discontent. next on "now." ♪ thoughtful combinations, artfully prepared. fancy feast elegant medleys. inspired dishes like primavera, florentine and tuscany. fancy feast. a medley of love, served daily. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪
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it has not been governor chris christie's week but then again it hasn't been chris christie's week in a long time. first there was bridge gate 2. federal investigators launched another criminal investigation, this time into whether funds were improperly directed to pay for $1.8 billion in bridge repair. the christie administration relentlessly lobbied to use port authority funds, for projects in new york and new jersey to pay for a $1.8 billion repair of
1:31 pm
another bridge, the pulaski skyway. after considerable public pressure from the governor and his office, the authority approved the repairs claiming the skyway was as access road to the lincoln tunnel. the only problem with that it is nowhere near the lincoln tunnel. governor christie's less than ideal week did not end there. the state is in midst of a massive fiscal crisis, blown a hole of $2 billion in the budget. the democrat controlled new jersey state legislature decided to do something about it. they passed a budget that fully funds state employee pensions and does so through a modest tax increase on corporations for one year and by raising taxes on new jersey millionaires for three years. this is how governor christie reacted to the solution to a fix a budget problem that is very much his own. >> all they want to do is
1:32 pm
increase taxes. then they play the game yesterday, this increase income tax will only last for three years. it will expire after three years. the business tax, that will expire after one year. like, seriously, right. did anybody believe that. once they get their hands on your money, they are ever going to willingly give it back, never, it doesn't happen. >> never, i mean never, it doesn't happen, except it did happen in new jersey. in 2009 the state temporarily asked families making over $400,000 a year to pay slightly more in income tax and it raised about a billion dollars in 2010 that would probably sound pretty nice to a guy facing a shortfall of $2 billion. maybe governor christie would be more amenable to the idea if he thought of it as a temporary tax bridge funding if you will. joining me now, new york times political reporter nick confess sorry. i don't want too rain on his
1:33 pm
parade but there is quite a bit of precipitation. >> of course you don't. >> this all goes back to chris christie's moral inability his -- his deeply engrained hatred and fear of raising taxes, right? the pulaski skyway needed repairs and refused to raise taxes to pay for those repairs and budget, he could resolve a lot of problems if he just raised taxes, because he refuses to and will not raise taxes, he's created a host of problems. >> he could have raised taxes or make other cuts. and the question is you can do two things if you're a governor, you can raise taxes or cut some things. what we've seen a little bit with jersey is to sort of do the shenanigans, with the port authority, you borrow money and claim it's for one thing and
1:34 pm
it's actually for bridge repairs on the skyway that you can pay for unless you raise taxes. and everyone knows the gas tax, forget his presidential ambitions, the gas tax is so unpopular, it's really bad for you locally. the question is, can you make that hard choice up front. it's not just jersey, see it new york and everywhere you have public authorities that become cash could yws for governors. >> there's a federal investigation. we talk about the super dmt but the a second grand jury is i am panelled. the fact that the pulaski skyway -- people have talked about controversial parts of the record but now the skyway is an issue. >> i have driven down it many times, i'm glad they are repairing it. >> infrastructure -- right, yes,
1:35 pm
but in terms of the issues that plague this administration or things they are facing, how much of a big deal do you think the latest thing that the new york times reported on is for the governor? >> some some ways it feels like less of a big political issue but potentially a greater legal issue. we have as these bond prospect uses with a misstatement on them and martin act that allows you to go after people for a misdemeanor. for a felony it's harder. you have two more prosecutors on top of you now, new york city da and -- >> who is ten ashs. >> this reminds me -- i used to cover albany. at one time we had seven different investigations into a governor up there. it became about scandal and dysfunction. can he get out all of that just to govern, forget the rank of president stuff. >> esquire lays out potential
1:36 pm
christie charges, obstruction of justice, securities fraud and conspiracy to commit the same. state charges of falsifying business records and official misconduct. if you are a democrat, whether in the state or nationally, you just -- if any of these charges stick or are on lobbied, that's what will be repeated before and after his name for as long as he claims to be a national figure. >> it depends how close it gets to him. if it's just at the port authority, it's more bad news for those guys. the question is, do prosecutors or the sec say that somebody in the governor's office was involved in pushing that question of the bond prospect us or involved in crafting that in some way. then it gets dicey for the governor and close aids. >> let me ask one last question in terms of aides. we know david wildstein, all people whose names are on the
1:37 pm
short list. do you think it's inevitable, someone, if not the governor, someone in this administration is going to be going down? esquire seems to think it's a near certainty. >> i don't know about "esquire" when you have so many prosecutors coming after your inner circle, the question is eventually does one of them flip or buckle. that has to be the worry and that's the big question mark on these probes, nick confessore, thank you as always, my friend. >> coming up, guess who's offering a million dollar bounty for the lost lois lerner e-mails. this guy. do you see him? i can't tell. gohmert's indecent proposal is just ahead. ♪
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[bell ring] "roll sound!" "action!" world cup truthers, yes, apparently they exist. coming up next. but first, bertha coombs has the cnbc market wrap. >> markets edging higher, we have the dow up 4 points and s&p up almost as much. nasdaq having a very good day, up 19 points and having its best two months in a while. meantime, nike, one of the winners today the stock up about 1% after posting better than expected earnings and it seems to be getting a nice bullish run thanks to the world cup and the fact it doesn't have any of its soccer players biting anyone else on the field.
1:42 pm
that's it from cnbc, we're first at business worldwide. radio announcer: it's mattress discounters 4th of july sale.
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bring on belgium, define the ney sayers and haters. united states survived the group of death and onto the world cup version of the sweet 16 despite a 1-0 loss yesterday to germany. rarely has a loss made so many fans so happy. espn scored the third highest world cup ratings ever. the president watched the game an air force once and u.s. coach tweeted a note for fans to get out of work to watch the game. all of this patriotism is making some people strangely
1:46 pm
uncomfortable. >> i'm suspect because here's the thing, why at a time when there's so many national issues and international issues of such prominence, i'm a little suspicious of yet another bread and circus routine. let's roll out the marijuana and pull back the laws and get people more crazy about yet another entertainment event. >> speaking of getting even more crazy and he is a trained psychologist, he should know, ann coulter thinks that growing interest in soccer is quote a sign of nation's moral decay force fed by the same people demanding that we love hbo girls and light rail and beyonce and hillary clinton. stephen colbert took this line of thinking one step further. >> i'm starting to suspect the world cup might be some sort of organized global sporting event coordinated by dozens of foreign nations in an attempt to grab
1:47 pm
hold of our attention, even worse, they are grabbing our attention with their feet. >> joining me now is cast member of the smash hit nbc series "30 rock," soccer enthusiast world champion back for more. last we spoke it was the beginning of this. you from jump street have said team usa and now here we are. sheer luck? was it in the cards or stars? are we going anywhere beyond here? >> the coach texted me a few times before some of the games and obviously taking my advice, the team is doing well. the whole country is behind him. you know, i think it's -- we got a tough game coming up but i think our chances of winning are pretty good. >> i like that. >> what about people like ann coulter and her brethren who say soccer is a sign of moral decay and before we know it, we're going to be in love with light rail and beyonce? >> i think there are kind of
1:48 pm
overanalyzing this and trying to find things that aren't really there. >> are you a fan of light rail? >> light rail are light trains, right? >> i think those are pretty good. i have a space ship, never been in traffic. >> alternate traffic is good. >> we need more trains in this country. that would be good. >> i do think -- i feel like this world cup is different. it has a broader awed consequence here in the u.s. than anything that i can remember. >> i think there's a couple of reasons. one it's summertime, nobody wants to work. two, most of these games are shown during the day. there's always one at 12:00, one at 3:00, one at 6:00. >> sometimes there's one at 4:00, which is unfortunate for this staff. >> it's pretty good for lazy workers who really don't want to focus that much at work. with technology there, with apps and everything, you can watch the games on your phone while you're pretending to work. that's some of it.
1:49 pm
then there's definitely jingoism and nationalism. let's face it, this country likes to drink and they have something new to do. >> every holiday has turned into the same thing, getting drunk now they do that in soccer. >> will we give gifts for the world cup, we maybe everything an excuse to drink and give presents. neither thing he have a problem with but like getting and giving presents and drinking. >> it will be interesting to see if the country goes to getting presents. i think getting dressed up and drinking will continue. the thing is, this team, we've had a good team for many years but you guys in the media have done a great job this time of marketing the game and selling the game. >> you're welcome. >> where it's not just -- i remember when i was a kid
1:50 pm
growing up, they wouldn't even -- as soon as the game was over, they would just cut to the next show, wouldn't even show the trophy ceremony or anything. when i was a kid, there's no time-outs in soccer. they would actually cut to commercials during the game. >> that's amazing. >> and then cut back from commercial, oh, a goal was scored, now it's 2-1. and never cut back to it. the coverage is better and every -- most people have played soccer at some point but -- >> let me ask you, relating to this sort of weird outcry in certain corners about soccer. ann coulter said the prospect of personal humiliation or major injury is required to count as a sport. most sports are sub limbated warfare. she does not think it counts as a sport because it's not violent enough. to which i say a man was bitten. >> suarez is a serial human flesh eater during soccer gamsz,
1:51 pm
that's pretty violent. dempsey had his -- >> it is a violent sport and a lot of people don't realize that, many countries only have one main sport and it is soccer. it is a contact sport. >> very much so. >> people get hurt. >> i guess at a time when we're talking about concussions and football, being a bad thing, not wanting to replicate violence against the sporting landscape. to that suarez question, nine games is an appropriate suspension, why was he allowed to bite someone three times. >> he was penalized before and penalizing him again. it's just the way soccer is o fishiated is very ararchaic, there's one referee who is the supreme power on a field the
1:52 pm
size of over 20 basketball courts and he's supposed to catch everything. they -- the ref didn't see the bite because it didn't happen not near the ball. they looked at it on video review and saw it. if they want to get rid of these things -- one thing that is bad about soccer, all of the faking, the flopping, the diving, it's terrible. what we theed to do to get rid of that, postgame video review. if you catch somebody cheating embellishing a foul that didn't exist or fouling someone that the ref didn't see, give them a yellow card postgame and that will eliminate that. >> i like that idea. i once used to fake injuries all the time on the show and we had to institute something similar so i would stop doing it and make the show better. >> and it seems to have worked. >> it is awesome to see -- last question, are you still talking about the usa in a semifinals? >> i think we're going to move past this round. >> i like it.
1:53 pm
>> everybody eat your belgium waffles and fries and we'll beat them 1-0. >> i like the predictions. always awesome to see you. >> thank you. >> louie gohmert, the bounty hunter. that's next.
1:54 pm
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1:57 pm
anyone who can locate the lost e-mails of former mid-level irs official lois lerner. >> we know they are out there and can be found. we need people to help find them. >> it's hard to state the dishonesty of the legislation, as is documented by the irs and numerous media outlet's, the irs stores its e-mails on tapes recycled every six months. because of this, employees often stored e-mail -- on desk top computers. in 2011, long before the scandal now engulfing the irs, lois lerner's computer crashed. how do we know this? e-mails about it from 2011. she wrote at the time. my computer skills are pretty basic, nothing fancy but there were some documents in the files that are ir replaceable. whatever you can do to help is
1:58 pm
greatly appreciated. the i.t. manager responded in 2011, i checked with the technician and he still has your drive. he wanted to exhaust all avenues to recover the data before sending it to the hard drive cemetery. the i.t. guys did not just send it to the hard drive cemetery. according to the irs, the drive was sent to the agencies forensic lab. to recover the data did the hard drive meet its maker in the infamous computer cemetery. is such a thing unprecedented in the anls of government? not at all. in 2007, the bush administration lost 22 million e-mails from first three years in office because the white house recycled its backup tapes. congressman gohmert and his bounty bill seems unconvinced that forensic data experts have done a better job than john q.
1:59 pm
public might do if a million bucks is on the line. it is not just an incentive but a punitive one. >> we reduce everybody's salary in the irs 27% until the e-mails are produced. >> million dollar bounty on lost e-mails and 20% cut for the irs until said e-mails somehow magically reappear. congressman gohmert isn't trying to be serious, is he? no. but if you needed anymore evidence about how unseriously he takes his job and for that matter other people's jobs, look no further than his favorite past time, photo bombing. in some cases video bombing. >> obviously those are all races we'll be watching here as we move forward. what do you make of this latest wrifrpgle in the e-mail that surfaced from lois lerner? >> it is clear the u.s. congress and american taxpayer would be
2:00 pm
better off if louie gohmert would stick to appearing in photos with congressman instead of pretending to actually be one. "the ed show" is up next. >> welcome to the ed show, live from minnesota. i'm ready to go. let's get to work. >> we're going to have a series of spiritual accounts that will be set up around the pipeline. >> protect our lands and water and way of life. >> i was never contacted by any tribal leaders. we need to keep the bad men and evilness of this pipeline coming through our land. >> we have to find a way to market. >> best used car salesman you'll ever find. >> we've got access to this gold, gold underground and we're kind of


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