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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 3, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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would be like if not for that law to which he used to admit he was opposed. now he's its biggest champion. the word unimaginable is exactly the right word here. right now on first look, it's official. arthur is now a full-blown hurricane. it's hitting coastal towns from the carolinas to maine. >> we are taking this storm very seriously and i ask that all coastal residents and visitors do the same. >> so just how big will arthur get? there is a heightened state of alert for foreign airliners. plus, clashes continue as israel strikes gaza after rocket fire. also, a bizarre turn of events as police dump this man from a wheelchair. and signs the u.s. economy is coming along on all
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cylinders. hello, everyone, it's betty nguyen, thanks for joining us. arthur is now a hurricane. this year's first. a large portion of north carolina's coast is under a hurricane warning and arthur is gaining power as it moves northward. this is what the storm looks like from the international space station. an astronaut tweeted it, quote, looks mean. indeed, it does. sarah dallof is live in the outer banks. good morning, sarah. are people there taking the threat seriously? >> reporter: they are, betty, but at the same time many are not quite yet ready to give up on their 4th of july beach week. here on kill devil hills, we're not under an evacuation order. we saw people packing up and hitting the road. stores are seeing a run on supplies, generators, batteries, food for people who are planning
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to stay and wait this out. looking at the beach yesterday, you would have no idea of this approaching hurricane. people were out in force playing on the beach, swimming, grilling, enjoying one last day of fun in the sun. >> you know, i've been coming here for the last 38 years of my life almost every year on the 4th of july. been a fantastic vacation. i'm kind of bummed that it's going to happen. >> i think it's going to be pretty big. going to have to evacuate soon. >> reporter: no storm is going to scare you guys away? >> no. we spent the money already, we're going to stay and enjoy it. >> reporter: conditions here right now pretty mild. we've got some wind. a little bit of surf but nothing like we're going to see here in the next 24 hours. we've got about 250,000 visitors expected here at the outer banks. officials are cautioning them that just because this hurricane is looking like it's going to be a little bit more mild and move
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through faster than those in the past, they need to take those conditions very seriously. >> ask willie. don't take it for granted. thank you. nbc meteorologist bill karins is tracking arthur which is now a hurricane. >> yeah, everything is as expected. it's not intensifying more than expect expected. the path is not going to change. we have 18 hours until the storm will be exiting the outer banks. it will move quickly. the only thing that can throw a monkey into the storm is if it intensifies more rapidly. the pressure has been dropping. we have an eye here. at worst case scenario, we probably deal with a category 2. the official forecasts are a category 1. extending to the coastal areas. wilmington area and myrtle beach. we've extended it a little further into south carolina. this isn't just a north carolina
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storm. 75 mile per hour. anything above 74. 200 miles pretty much south of the wilmington area. the wind feels kind of small. i do not expect a lot of wind damage. this is where the damaging winds will be. that will be over the outer banks. the official forecast, the new one just outdoes bring up to 85 mile per hour winds right over the outer banks about 2:00 a.m. friday and then clearly off the coast by about 2:00 p.m. and as far as new england goes, cape cod is out of the cone of uncertainty but nova scotia will be hit directly by the storm late friday night. everything is as scheduled, not worse. >> 4th of july plans are going to be wet. >> a lot of people are switching their fireworks around. over the next few days tighter security measures are expected to roll out overseas because of growing instability in the middle east.
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the department of homeland security says the u.s. could be the target of extremists who are now fighting in syria. in an exclusive interview with msnbc's rachel maddow, jeh johnson says this. >> we're tracking that and we are concerned because there are extremists within the borders of syria that would like to indoctrinate these people and send them back to their home countries with a different purpose. we're having to spend a lot of time tracking to these individuals and we spend a lot of time talking to our foreign allies. they're concerned about it as well. >> with increased security, passengers are more likely to see moran come to patdowns, more screening of carry on bags and more swabbing and more scrutiny of electronics. the new security enhancement will affect airports overseas. it was a violent day of clashes in jerusalem.
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they're accusing the palestinians of abducting a teen and burning his body beyond belief. they responded with tear gas and stun guns. a news crew including a men mohyeldin was caught in the middle of this. >> reporter: we are trapped behind a car with other reporters. journalists. journalists. yelling at the israelis that we are journalists. we try to get out of harm's way, but israeli soldiers take aim at us and order us back. >> the family of the palestinian teen is calling his death a revenge killing for three israeli teens whose bodies were found earlier this week. all right. so 3800 acres, 1,000 firefighters, 380 buildings at risk. the wild fire that broke out in pope valley, california, is
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still going strong. they've been ordered to evacuate. officials say the fire is about 30% contained but brisk winds that blew the flames northeast are prompting concerns of even a bigger blaze. luckily firefighters on the scene have slowed it down some. the fate of thousands of immigrants who flooded the borders since last october remains unclear this morning. immigrant families being transferred from texas to california were welcome by activists in san diego. local charities collected food, water, toys for them but it was a very different scene in marietta, california. the mayor says the city feels like it's, quote, being dumped on. the influx of immigrants is garnering attention from congress. henry quair is stressing the dollar signs attached to the immigration crisis. >> in the last 60 days that's a
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4.3 bld request to help address th this. this will get very expensive. >> they've refused to pass a reform bill. more buses are expected to arrive in murietta on friday. chris christie has vetoed a state gun bill that would have banned magazines holding more than ten rounds. even after being urged to sign the bill, christie returned it to the legislature and instead asked that the focus of the bill change to mental illness. in his veto message christie wrote, mass violence will not end by changing the number of bullets loaded into a gun, it will end with a serious response to mental illness.
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president obama reached out to members of the u.s. men's soccer team. take a listen. >> clint, tim. >> hello, mr. president. >> men, i just wanted to call and say, you guys did us proud. >> indeed, they did. he spoke with goalie tim howard and captain tim dempsey. he even had some advice for howard when he gets back. >> i don't know how you're going to survive the mobs when you come back home, man. you're just like -- you're going to have to shave your beard so they don't know who you are. >> the german magazine is claiming that a world cup match between cameroon and croatia may have been fixed. the fifa is asked them to share all of their conversations with a convicted felon. they found that prior to the 2010 world cup matches were fixed.
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fifa has been monitoring. last year's wimbledon champion goes down. andy murray lost in straight sets to 11th seeded grigor dimitrov. he will face novak djokovic. roger federer, this will be his 35th major semifinal of his kreefrmt and check out this foul ball catch made at the detroit/oakland game. the vendor makes the grab with his bucket. luckily he didn't charge for it and he actually gave it to a young fan. that is sportsman like conduct. the vatican's new take on exerror civil. plus, firefighters struck by lightning. plus, police dumping this wheelchair bound man to the street.
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get down to business with cnbc's morgan brennan.
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good morning. >> hiring is expected to remain strong. we get the monthly jobs report from the government today. forecast calls for companies to have added 215,000 jobs which would mark the fifth consecutive month of gains above 200,000. unemployment expected to hold at 6.3%. meanwhile, gm will soon start offering high speed internet service on all 2015 cars. the wi-fi option will let users link up to seven phones, laptops or devices to the web. customers will have to pay ten bucks a month for 200 bites of data. americans will be ciaoing down on a lot of food. consumers will spend $6.2 billion. that breaks down to an average household spending of $68 on burgers, snacks, other items. >> making me hungry already. some stories making news this morning. the iraqi government is stepping up efforts to repel the growing militant take over. fighter jets conduct hundreds of
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air strikes on isis controlled areas. president maliki called on his countrymen to rise up against isis. offering amnesty to anyone who does. >> firefighters scrambled to put out a house fire caused by lightning and then it struck twice, can you believe it? while they were there a second bolt zapped the area. they were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. >> a policeman in indiana is being punished for this. toppling a paraplegic in a wheelchair. >> he told employees he had a gun and in doing so he ran over the officer's foot and the police then pushed him and will now serve a 30-day suspension. the vatican is now officially acknowledging the international association of exorcists. it's made up of 250 priests across 30 different countries and they aim to expel demons from the faithful. just ahead, russia says nyet
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to russia's "house of cards." plus this video of the crying politician goes to tears. find out what brought him to tears in scrambled politics, next. [[[jçj)yq
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now here's your first look at the pre-4th of july helping of scrambled politics. 2012 gop presidential candidate mitt romney insists he won't be making a bid for the white house in 2016. he made a statement while
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campaigning for scott brown. rick berry has decided to stop wearing cowboy boots because they cause him back pain. jerry patterson is calling that a lame excuse. in an e-mail to the states man he wrote, tell rick that boots can be purchased with normal heels. i lament the fact that our governor could pass for a west coast metrosexual and has em bare rased us with his saar to recall change of direction. duval patrick is asking for a crackdown of harassment outside of abortion clinics. he's expecting a bill that will strengthen police powers. democrats in washington say the threatened lawsuit against president obama by republicans has had one effect. it's raised a lot of money. they've raised more than $2.5
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million, much of which is from first-time donors. chairman steve israel states our grassroots supporters are highly motivated by this republican congress and are showing that with record levels of support. russia says nyet to "house of cards" producers to film in new york. it wanted to keep the room available in case of emergency. really? all members of the council and the office of soeof secretary g had approved the question. this video of a japanese politician, just listen. bursting into tears is going viral. the politician is accused of misusing funds. in the video he is seen of sobbing, yelling, banging his fists on the table as he tries to apologize for his role in the scandal. that is your morning dish of scrambles politics. no crying here. i'm joint by bob frank ken as i am every thursday.
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good morning, bob. >> good morning. not a tear in the eye here. >> not at all. if the jobs number is over 200,000 today, we're going to get it later today, that would be five months in a row, the most since the internet boom. is it a positive for the president with a tough few weeks? >> he has had a tough few weeks. there's a new poll that shows he's the worst president since world war ii. probably a bit unfair. as for the job numbers, they're falling. the unemployment rate is falling. the economy is still not being shared widely. the numbers always reflect number of people who have just given up looking for work. it obviously is going in the right direction but not quickly enough for most people. >> i want to shift gears quickly because new jersey governor chris christie went against the children who were shot in the sandy hook shooting. what's the logic behind that? >> the logic is that he's
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running for president or is considering a run for president. >> that was my next question. >> end of comment. >> well, so is he getting more in line with the nra base here? is that what this is all about? >> well, he does have to shore up his conservative voter buddies and this is just a way to do it. now obviously i can't read his mind. he says that the emphasis should be on mental health services. that's inarguable. the fact of the matter is by cutting in half the number of bullets in a magazine, that will save lives. >> vetoed that. thank you for joining us this morning. i know you sound a little raspy. i know you're not feeling well. we appreciate you coming in despite that. no crying. missed all of it. you're a trooper. >> i'm a trooper. right. >> get well, bob. coming up, everyone's favorite killer sharks. yes, they are back. we've got the new clip to prove it. sharknado. plus, a schoolhouse woeding with all the fixings.
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this holiday weekend msnbc returns to new orleans to celebrate the 20th annual essence of music festival. the reverend al sharpton, melissa harris pair ri, joy reid and tamron hall will be there. watch today and all throughout the weekend with special coverage live from new orleans on msnbc. right now leading the news in the telegraph one armed german man fined for having only one hand brake on his bicycle. authorities later apologized, i think so, and reimbursed him three months later. german law requires two hand
2:27 am
brakes. love rat publicly outed with banner over motor way. steve frazier, you're dumped by both of your girlfriends from the kansas state wcauseway. >> car clipped motorcycle. biker group chases down the group and the german driver gets out and an argument erupts. he's thrown on the hood. his girlfriend doesn't know what to think so she gets out of the car, too. watch what closely happens next. the driver got down on one knee and proposed. turns out it was all an act. well, except for the proposal of course. memorable, yes. guys, you may want to opt for a less frightening plan when popping the question. i'm just sayin'. now for some entertainment news. big wedding news, david arquette is engaged to girlfriend
2:28 am
christina mccard did i with whom he has a two-month-old son charlie west. the news comes after his ex-wife courtney cox announced her own engagement. it was a full house at dave coullier's wedding, john stamos and can days bergman were there. prince harry's new charity has a new song. >> do you see the resemblance. nick cannon is hoping you do. he's slated to play richard prior in an upcoming biopick and has already been getting into character growing out his facial hair. he says he is chain smoking. prior died in 2005 from a heart attack. "sharknado" is back, my friends. coming to your subways. just released, "sharknado ii"
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the second one airs on sci-fi july 30th. i'm betty nguyen, this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" with thomas roberts starts right now so you don't want to miss it. stay tuned right here on msnbc. most injuries occur before a storm or right after a storm. this is no time to be selfish or pretend to be brave during a storm for a short-term adventure. the safety of our citizens and visitors is our number one priority. >> all right. strong words but better to be safe than sorry as coastal areas get ready for the just upgraded hurricane arthur and nasa releases some very incredible images of that storm from space. a new mandate from homeland security for in bound u.s. flights from europe, africa and the middle east. what prompted the new warning. and if the boot fits, wear
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it. why is rick perry being smeared as a metro sexual? this is "way too early." can you believe it? hi, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. welcome to "way too early" for july 3rd. this is a show that's been called way worse than metrosexual. way worse. welcome to garanamls. i'll show you my metro thursday outfit. it will be a good day. let's start off with what we have just been upgraded to when we're talking about this hurricane arthur. several counties in north carolina under a state of emergency as this storm looms over a very busy july 4th holiday. right now it's churning about 150 miles out at sea. officials say this storm could intensify. while it's not expected to make landfall, a big section of the eastern seaboard is bracing forth heavy


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