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tv   Lockup Tampa  MSNBC  July 12, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> you're a man. you're grown. we shouldn't have to do this. >> an inmate gets suspicious tax forms and becomes a problem for the jail. >> don't be treating me like i'm stupid or something. i don't have time to play these cat and mouse games. a murder ends with a victim burned alive in a dumpster and pits friends and family against each other.
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>> this is an interesting case. they all have a different story. >> i witnessed them stabbing him. >> they think i'm the ring leader. they took him to burn. >> i saw kasey pour the gasoline on them. >> different stories come from different people. >> i guess a lot of it comes from the company you keep. once a year, tampa, florida, undergoes an invasion complete with pirates and blasting cannons. the gasaparilla festival is one of the biggest events of the year celebrating tampa's buccaneer past. but when debauchery and raunchyness crosses the line
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from fantasy to reality there is a place eight miles outside from downtown more than willing to accommodate offenders. the hillsborough county jail is actually comprised of two sprawling facilities with an average daily population of more than 3500 men and women. >> falkenroad jail is somewhere between 135 acres. it has housing for up to 3400 inmates. it takes a little bit to get from one point to another so we like to utilize golf darts. depending on where i'm going and what my function is if i have to be there in a hurry, i use the cart. it's smarter. if i'm going two housing units down, i'll usually walk and get some exercise. >> four miles away is the orient road facility where up to another 1700 inmates can be housed. both facilities are run by a former secret service agent
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determined to bring the experience he learned guarding a vice president to the job of overseeing thousands of inmates. >> traveling around the world with vice president cheney really taught me more than anything a lot of the self-discipline qualities that i need to succeed here, and much of what i learned there helped me in running the jails. we run a pretty orderly operation here. the inmate behavior is not to a level that causes us concern. other places violence is widespread. that is not a problem we typically deal with on a daily basis. >> but every day 150 new arrestees from two dozen law enforcement agencies are processed through the orient road intake facility and the potential for violence is always present. >> you can never let your guard down here. i mean, if you let your guard down here, as soon as you do, something bad happens.
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that's what makes booking unique. it's just the fact that you are dealing with them right as they are coming in. they are real agitated, scared, you know, confused. i mean, you'll have a room with 40, 50, 100 people. and just by looking, you'll never know what they're in here for. you never judge a book by his cover. the guy who looks like he is in here for murder might be here for a joint and the little old lady who looks like she's here for nothing might have stabbed her husband. you just never know. >> most of the men and women in intake are here within hours of arriving. unlike prison where all the inmates have been convicted, most jail inmates stand accused of crime and are being held while their cases make their way through the legal system. but once a day a busload of state prison inmates arrive. most are appealing sentences and will remain here until the appeals are settled in nearby courts. >> some of them have boxes and boxes of legal materials that we
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have to search through for contraband. >> the search process has angered one of the newly arrived state prisoners. >> he is agitated because we are going through his property and legal materials page by page. >> he became threatening when they found suspicious documents in his legal paperwork and confiscated them. >> he is a state prisoner and he's serving 30 plus years. he's aggravated. i'll put extra staff on him. >> the jail takes no risks when it comes with problems with new arrivals, especially from the state prison system. in 6f, sergeant sarah herman has just learned that the agitated inmate is headed her way. >> i'm getting a new arrival from the booking area. my sergeant just called me and told me that this gentleman is not happy. taking one, two, three, four, five, six. so once he's out of their custody, we try to bring it down just a little bit emotionally so
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that he doesn't cause any disturbance in my area. >> thank you, gentlemen. we appreciate it. >> we'll talk when we get you secured in a cell. >> here it is. >> bring your hands forward. there you go. >> thanks, sarge. >> the inmate is brian singletary. he's serving a 30-year prison sentence for crimes including assault on a law enforcement officer, carrying a concealed firearm and possession with intent to sell. >> what is your complaint? >> my complaint is i have been getting treated bad since i got here. i have been singled out. >> what happened? >> my legal stuff that went through and tore up. you know, i mean, so i don't know what has been taken and what's not been taken. >> okay. we have no interest in taking your legal stuff. you do understand that, right? >> it is taking me out of my -- >> out of your element. you're here early. exactly.
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>> i need -- i had deadlines. i need my legal stuff. >> it's clear you are frustrated and angry, right? >> yeah. >> get me an opportunity to get with the booking sergeant and get you your legal stuff. anticipate we'll be done with it, okay? >> master deputy steven gray is one of the jail's internal investigators. he knows singletary from his prior stays at the jail. >> what i got here is the paperwork that was confiscated from inmate singletary. and i suspect it's the reason why he's upset. what we got is income tax forms here, you know, we have 1040 ez forms and 4852s that he has filled out all different individuals. they've got all their social security numbers on here. on his little homemade spreadsheet we have a refund due anywhere from 4,000 all the way up to almost $6500. there's a lot of money here and i suspect he is not doing paperwork for the guards or anything like that.
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you would only think he is up to no good as far as filing fake tax returns to obtain money. it could be huge. >> so huge that it doesn't take long for word of the tax returns to reach the top of the hillsborough county jail system. they don't know why singletary has the returns or that he is involved in anything wrongful but the possibility of misconduct concerns them. >> one of the things that i did during the time i was assigned as a secret service agent is investigate bank fraud and identity threat. i dealt with people who were ruined. it is the most underrated crime in this country. he arrives with that kind of information and that kind of personal data about what could be potentially be dozens of innocent people, we take that seriously. >> coming up. >> all of it is a part of my case. >> brian singletary continues his disruptive behavior. >> relax. bring the tone down a little bit. just relax and we'll take a look.
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>> and three former roommates implicate each other in a gruesome crime. >> they're saying i planned it. i made everybody do it. [ heart beating ]
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there are nearly 500 women incarcerated at the hillsborough county jail in tampa, florida. most live in dormitory style housing units. but another portion of the female population lives in cells with far more restrictive conditions. >> this is a lockdown unit. we deal with several different types of inmates back here. we have high-profile inmates. we have psych inmates. we have disciplinary. it is usually an inmate in the news recently because of their charges. >> rosanna dimauro's case garnered enough local media coverage to be considered high profile. >> when you're in here, you are
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helpless. you can't fend for yourself or get a roll of toilet paper when you need it. anything you want done, you have to ask to be done for you. >> dimauro is allowed out of her cell only one hour per day. >> this is the hour we get to schedule our outside visits, and this is the hour we get to shower. >> it's also a chance to socialize with other inmates on the unit who are out at the same time. >> i braid her hair, i do her eyebrows. the stuff she couldn't do on her own. >> i feel good. i feel alive because i have human contact. >> dimauro has been on this unit since she was arrested seven months earlier for allegedly playing a role in a sadistic murder that made headlines in tampa. reports say the victim was beaten, stabbed and burned alive.
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dimauro was not charged with the murder but with helping to cover it up afterwards. she pled not guilty. >> i am charged with accessory with first degree murder after the fact. i guess a lot of it has to do with the company your keep. >> and the company dimauro once kept was four adult men who lived with her and her 3-year-old son in this apartment. all four men have been charged with various roles in the murder. >> this case is interesting because there was four or five co-defendants in there and they all have a different story about what happened that night of the crime or that morning of the crime. so it is a very tangled web of things. it is something you would see on a tv or movie. you got a bunch of moving parts to this crime, and it'll be something to see how it plays out in court. >> one of those co-defendants is kasey ackerman who was dimauro's live-in boyfriend at the time. at 20 he is her junior.
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>> i am the alpha male dog of the house, the man of the household. they're saying that i was the ringleader, saying the one that was over it all, i planned it. i made everybody do it. >> ackerman is currently less than 100 yards away from his former girlfriend in the men's confinement unit. he has pled not guilty to murdering 26-year-old robert brewer. brewer was living on the streets of tampa when he became friends with some of dimauro's other male roommates and was invited back to the apartment for differenter. >> i was thinking, oh, no, not another freeloader around here. >> prosecutors say ackerman grew angry because of the attention brewer was giving to dimauro. >> the whole time he had his shirt off showing off his tattoos off to all the guys and then he was showing them off to
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me. >> would you describe kasey as a jealous person? >> yeah. >> dimauro claims that not long after brewer's arrival, she went out for the evening. >> next thing i know, the police were knocking on the door in the morning and i answered the door. when i answered the door, they said that we need to come in for questioning for murder. and i was really surprised. and i was like where? who? who got murdered? >> prosecutors say dimauro not only knew about the murder but helped to clean up the blood and covered for some of her roommates who committed the murder. if convicted, ackerman, the alleged ringleader could face the death penalty. but he says he had nothing to do with it. >> we were drinking and i'm saying we were doing pills, smoking pot, just different stuff inside the apartment, and i fell asleep on the couch watching a movie. >> i mean, i didn't hear no commotion or nothing going on.
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>> if ackerman and dimauro are found guilty, it may be due in part because of dimauro's 19-year-old son david link. he's accepted a plea deal for his part in the murder and is cooperating with the prosecutors. >> i'm gettking charged with accessory after the fact to first degree murder. and they're going to give me 35.5 months followed by five years' probation. i told them everything i knew from my perception, everything i saw happen in order for them to know what happened. i feel like i did the right thing. >> link is a separate housing unit at the hillsborough county jail where he will serve out his sentence. he told prosecutors his mother was not out as she claimed but was in the apartment during the entire ordeal and that ackerman initiated the attack after the victim fell asleep in the bedroom. >> i just heard some banging around. i didn't know exactly what was happening. at one point kasey came out and i was trying to ask what was
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going on, he was like you don't need to know about it. he said it's better if you don't know. >> link said that ackerman ordered him to buy gasoline and bring it back to the apartment. when he returned, things were worse. >> he had stab wounds in his neck and his chest and then later on after that i witnessed them stabbing him and they had taken off his clothes. and at that point kind of everything hit me what they were doing. >> link says he assumed the gasoline would be used to burn brewer's clothes, but instead he claims ackerman and their two other male roommates stuffed brewer inside a duffel bag and stuffed him in a dumpster. >> i thought he was dead because he wasn't doing nothing but the duffel bag was moving in and out and kasey was starting to pour the gasoline on him. and i kind of just -- i couldn't -- i was just kind of stuck at that moment. i didn't know what to do. i was kind of just taken aback by the image.
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>> within seconds the dumpster was in flames, and brewer was incinerated. >> were you afraid of kasey that night? >> yeah. >> of what? >> i was afraid of getting stabbed. i didn't have nothing on me to protect myself. >> since link is already convicted and sentenced for his part in the murder, he is eligible to serve his time in a general population dorm with far fewer restricts than the confinement unit. that frustrates kasey ackerman. >> he is in general population right now. but they want to keep me behind this door. it's not right, you know what i'm saying? i feel like i'm being punished and at this point all i can do is prepare my mind for the worst and hope for the best. >> you going to be all right? >> in the next cell over, brian singletary is also frustrated with being in confinement, and it's only been a little more than a day now. when he first arrived at intake, jail officials confiscated suspicious tax forms that he
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claimed were part of his legal paperwork and he wants them back. >> the only thing she did not put in there is some type of tax form. is that what you were talking about? >> the tax stuff, see, all that stuff is part of my case. see, i got a lot of my stuff in here already. >> just relax, singletary. i'm going to go down myself. >> i got more of the same stuff right here. all this is part of my case. it's my federal case. i got more stuff down here but what i'm saying is i have a motion and some more pertinent documents that i need that i talked to my lawyer about. >> okay, relax. bring the tone down a little bit. just relax. let me take a look. >> but as the deputy mims looks into his complaints, he continues his disturbance, eventually banging on his cell door and drawing the attention of sergeant herman. >> a lot of times they are not thinking. they're not thinking about, you
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know, their actions afterwards, the consequences. i've had people -- they're so angry, they will bang on the window so hard they don't realize their fists are swollen. so in order for that to stop we have to protect them even when they don't know any better. >> and singletary is about to find out just what that means. coming up -- >> not fun. >> not fun. >> brian singletary learns about the chair. >> looks a little relaxing until you get into it, right? qo :é @d888888@888jj
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at the hillsborough county jail in tampa, florida, brian singletary's continuing disruptive behavior has not gone unnoticed. >> i'm calm but i'm numb. but i can't really feel my legs and my arms. >> it's been 24 hours since singletary arrived from a florida state prison, and intake officers searching his legal paperwork found suspicious documents they believe are linked to a tax fraud scam.
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singletary denies that. >> i just needed to have that legal work. >> he's been demanding the return of his legal papers, but his aggressive behavior has prompted officers to put him in a restraint chair. >> i was banging on the door because they wouldn't come talk to me. they were just telling me it was confiscated. that wasn't a good enough answer to me because i'm entitled to my legal work. i wanted someone to talk to me. that is the way to get them to talk to me. but they didn't have no understanding. so it was the chair. put me in the chair for beating on the door. i don't like the chair. i can say that much. >> it's purely a time-out. it can go anywhere from a few minutes up to four hours. >> singletary has been in the restraint chair for three hours. sergeant sarah herman will determine when he is calm enough to be released back to his cell. >> if it says calm across the board for 30 minutes, i always go in to have a talk with them to bring it back to this is why you're here.
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this is why you've been placed in the chair. do you understand this is not the way to get things done here in the jail. when we talked last time, you said i was going to be doing this all day. >> i don't do this. i was upset. >> how do i even know your character when you got here yesterday? >> i'm a man of my word. >> okay, you're saying that. i do not play. when you decide that you want to be disruptive, consequences are to follow. okay? zero tolerance for negative behavior. >> absolutely. >> you can't destroy things or bang on the windows because it's going to hurt you. to prevent you in the long run from doing that, it is going to hurt you, that's why we use the chair. if they are compliant and going in agreeance with what i'm saying, absolutely they'll come out. but again it depends on their demeanor. you're a man. >> exactly. >> you're grown. >> exactly. >> we should not have to do this. >> exactly. >> did i not tell you when the
1:27 am
captain was going to get with you regarding that legal work? >> exactly. >> but you wanted to force the issue. >> no. >> so we're not going to have that anymore. i just want to make sure. >> i gave you my word. i told you. >> i need confirmation yes or no. >> you will not have any trouble out of me. no. >> i need confirmation we're not going to have any more problems. >> and i said no. >> thank you. >> deputies will now release singletary from the chair and escort him back to his cell in the men's confinement unit. >> you been in the chair before? your first time in the chair. what did you think? >> not fun. >> not fun. looks a little relaxing until you get into it, right? >> i'm relaxed all the way through it, but it's uncomfortable. your whole body be numb. >> absolutely. i don't want to go through that again. >> changed his behavior. let him get his feet stable on the ground first, get his bearing.
1:28 am
the nurse is here, going to check you out to make sure everything is okay. just get out of the chair. do a check. there was no force. you know, compliant. >> not close to the door. >> all the way back. >> okay. >> we're done for the day. i'm just asking, sir. are we done for the day? tell me what i need to do because i got to move on. i'm sorry? >> i'm not going to cause no problems. >> absolutely not. we're there. we're in the same lane. good deal. >> coming up -- >> i see her get put in shackles and stuff really wasn't necessarily the highlight of my time. >> a jailhouse triangle in which a son could send his mother to prison and her ex-boyfriend attempts to win her back with poetry. >> so now it is our very lucky day.
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at hillsborough county jail in tampa, florida, inmate david link has discovered a creative way to spend his time. >> i'm about to color this
1:33 am
picture. i'm doing it with m&ms because we don't have anything else in here. i put them in water on the spoon. i wait for the color to come off that. i use the water just as a paint. i have a pencil without any lead in it and folded it over as wood, and i dip this in it and paint the picture. i got the basic colors from the m&m the chocolate is left and i'll eat that. >> link is the son of rosanna dimauro whose ex-boyfriend is kasey ackerman. currently, all three are in the custody of the hillsborough county jail on various charges related to the stabbing and incineration murder of 26-year-old robert brewer. the crime made local headlines like all such incidents caught the attention of master deputy steven gray. >> what we have here is our high-profile board. anything that makes the paper, they will make the board. this is an interesting case.
1:34 am
you have an older female who is dating a younger male who is friends with her son, and they are now locked up in our facility awaiting trial. >> ackerman, who prosecutors say was the ringleader of the murder, has been held in the men's lockdown unit where he has been confined to his cell 23 hours a day since he entered. >> the finger's been pointed. i've been implicated in it. this is where i got to sit. >> thoughts of dimauro help occupy his time. >> this is rosana sitting on the back there. that's her on the beach of the coast of california. she took that part of my heart. just something you know that i'll never be able to let go. >> but dimauro doesn't share ackerman's passion. >> it wasn't intended on being a relationship. it was intended on being a one-night thing. we weren't together that long. just a couple months.
1:35 am
so it wasn't something i was planning on going forward with. >> still, as ackerman awaits his murder trial in jail, he writes love poems. >> it's called my wondering love for her. so here i am wondering if i will ever see the light of day because i have the love for her that will never go away. but all she does was be crazy and run away and i will never leave again and i will -- and i will -- and i love you so, so much, man. so much. so much that i -- that i want to stay. so now it is our very lucky day. i love rosanna so much. i'm saying i spent my days thinking about her, what we should do, what we can do. i wish that i could write her but she don't write back. >> in jail inmates in different
1:36 am
housing units are not allowed to correspond, but someone else has been writing to dimauro. >> yeah, there's a lot of lers. >> dimauro recently reconnected with a former co-worker and they have forged a romantic bond. >> love you, rosanna. p.s. i hope you love the card. >> he takes care of me in here. he gives me money for canteen and visits me every day. he writes me letters every day. i am locked in the cell for 24 hours a day. and he is there with the caring words that somebody needs to hear. >> i probably done lost my chance, you know what i'm saying. she's probably going to move on, find another person to be with. it hurts in some ways, you know what i'm saying, but there is nothing i can do about it if she wants to be with me or someone else. i wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and i still do. >> but dimauro is far more concerned about her son david. >> this is my son david. this is when he was 16. when i look at the photograph,
1:37 am
it just makes me think of the good time that is we've had together. he's funny. he's always -- he's always making me laugh. and that's what i miss most about him. >> since they were arrested, dimauro has seen link only once during a court hearing. >> when i went to court, my son david did a heart motion. like this. he put his hands like this in a heart shape and he said that he loved me. he couldn't speak out loud but he motioned his lips i love you. it made me just burst out crying. >> link has accepted a plea deal for his role in the murder and could be called to testify against his mother and ackerman. >> i don't want to testify against no one but i've always been a firm believer that the truth will set you free and everything. this crime was against my morals. so the easiest way for me to fight that in my mind was just tell them the truth about exactly what happened. >> his testimony could send his mother to prison for years.
1:38 am
>> i could lose my whole entire life. my biggest fear is not getting had out until my kids and grandchildren are grown. i'm very upset, but i love my son. and i mean he's blood. he's family no matter what. and i love him to death. but, you know, i really feel sad that he would do something like that. >> with her trial potentially month as way, dimauro says she copes with her indefinite time in confinement by sleeping some 16 hours a day. >> i like to sleep if i can. because it takes away all the pain. i don't want to feel anything right now because if i did, i'd break apart and i can't allow that to happen for my kid. it's better to sleep it through than to sit here and think and think and think. it's not fun. it's not fun. >> coming up -- >> what's going on, brian? >> brian singletary faces an interrogation from authorities.
1:39 am
>> i don't have nothing to hide. >> all right. >> i'm not guilty about nothing. >> you need to cut your hair. >> i ain't cutting my hair. >> and kasey ackerman faces a different sort of interrogation from his little sister. >> i told you you don't need to have a wife when you have a sister like me.
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at the hillsborough county jail in tampa, florida, master deputy steven gray notices a story in his morning paper that hits close to home. >> the headline is inmate stole $39 million from the irs in 2009. and that's just what they caught in their audits, so the estimate is actually much more than that and the cover story continues on the second page. i mean, that's a pretty huge article and the thing that gets me, you go to the list and the number one is florida.
1:43 am
>> according to the report prison inmates in florida accounted for $12.6 million in fraudulent claims, almost a third of the national total. >> not only are we number one, we are pretty ahead of the game as far as numberwise. it's actually amazing what they can do from behind bars. what they do is they might file five or ten. they might file 30 and it's just hit and miss what goes through and what doesn't go through, and they do a lot of homework and have people help them from the outside. friends and family, and it's actually a big organized crime deal if you look at it. premeditated obviously. you know, it's pretty sinister. >> it's been two months since deputies uncovered what they believed was just such a tax fraud scam when state prisoner brian singletary came through booking. >> we took a bunch of suspicious paperwork off of him that looked like it might be used in tax fraud.
1:44 am
>> about $70,000 worth of tax refunds were listed in the ledger of documents confiscated from singletary. he maintained that the documents were part of his legal case but then changed his story saying they belonged to another inmate. now deputy gray wants to find out more. >> what's going on, brian? you been all right? all right, bro. i told you i'd come back down and talk with you over that stuff we confiscated off you when you came in. i'm going to be honest with you, you know, it's going to be confiscated. you're not getting any of that back. >> but i mean like i told you it wasn't mine. it doesn't even much matter. >> they treating you okay? everything -- you ain't been in the chair since that second day. >> no. i'm all right. >> i figured you'd calm down. you ever get the rest of your legal -- >> they gave me some hard times. but, you know -- >> you got it though? >> i got it, yeah. >> i've known him on and off for a few years.
1:45 am
i'm hoping he will open up to someone like myself. i have been kind of studying the whole tax fraud thing that goes on in prison. are you aware that that stuff goes on in state prison as far as tax fraud scams? >> i've seen it on the news. >> i've read up on it. i know that the 1040 forms and the 1040 ezs and they use other people's names. i was just wondering if there's other angles that they take. >> like i say, i don't know -- honestly i don't know. i don't get into that. >> all right. all right. it's frustrating for me to talk to brian singletary. he is intelligent and well-read on the law. he likes to beat around the bush. he never wants to give you full truth answers and you got to try to extract a little bit of truth from what he is telling you. between you and i, you had to know when somebody looks at that paperwork how it looks. >> i just was holding it. i didn't know what it was.
1:46 am
i stuck it in my stuff. >> you think that guy you were holding it for, your buddy, is that what he's into? >> i guess. >> you're an educated guy. >> but, yeah, it would be an opinion. >> i'm saying educated guess. >> if that's what he do. >> one plus one is equaling two. >> i'm saying as far as i'm concerned. >> i'm not saying -- i already know. my gut feeling is if he's not running the tax scam, he's got close associates up in state prison that are doing this. >> you want to know about the tax forms. make it easy for me. >> he's willing to give us some information but, of course, with brian singletary he wants something in return and what he's wanting is something i can't give him and that's help on his appeal is why he is in state prison right now and that can't happen. as of right now it's pretty much a dead issue with brian
1:47 am
singletary unless i'm hoping that maybe he gets some second thoughts and maybe in two or three days he puts in the word he wants to talk again. you know, i've always shot straight to you. i'm not going to lie to you. that's not how i run my game. it's not going to get me anywhere. it's not going to get you anywhere. if you need anything, you know what i mean, you want to talk about something, we'll talk. >> okay. >> all right? >> all right. >> this guy was in prison, and he's got people's personal information. you know, we put alarm systems on our cars and our houses, but we sometimes tend to dish our personal information out freely. and from my experience, the one thing you should protect more than anything is that kind of information and for this guy to have it should be a wake-up call. they are out there and have your information and they can ruin your life. >> one cell over from singletary's kasey ackerman awaiting trial on a murder
1:48 am
charge is confined to his cell to 23 hours a day limiting times for visits from family including the person he is closest too, his half sister tara. today she has come to the visitor's center to see ackerman but they'll still be a quarter heil apart. the jail requires the inmates to stay in their housing units and visits are conducted via telephone and closed circuit tv. >> hey, woman. >> hi, hot stuff. can you see me? >> how is it going? >> i cussed your sister out last night. >> yeah. >> have you heard about rosanna? >> she's just right across the hall. >> is david link still in there? is he still in county? are you worried about what he's going to testify? >> nope, i ain't worried about none of them. i'll smile and grin at them, cheese. >> oh, god. do they want you to testify? >> my daughter told me it's not in my interest to take the stand against them.
1:49 am
just because the state attorney's office wants me to do it, don't do it. >> you know i'll be there. >> yep. >> what are we going to do with your hair? >> i'm going to put it up. >> you need to do something with your eyebrows. they're getting really, really bushy. >> listen to you. >> you need to cut your hair. >> i ain't cutting my hair. >> it looks nasty. >> what are you going to do, come in here and shave it off? >> i told you you don't need a wife when you got a sister like me. >> i don't need a wife when i got a sister like you? >> yeah. >> who said i'll replace you? >> it's happy because i get to see him, but i leave and he stays. i was trying to get him off the streets. i was letting all of them stay at my house, rosanna, david, all of them. i used to cook all of them dinner. i think rosanna, what a scam artist. >> what, you don't like rosana anymore? >> i hate that bitch. i hope she chokes.
1:50 am
no, i shouldn't say that >> she'll be all right. >> i don't believe he did it. i believe maybe he participated in it maybe like after the fact but actual lick like what they say how he started it and how he broke his skull, how he put him in a bag, no. he probably helped put him in the dumpster but he did not do -- he's not the ringleader. i know he's not the ringleader. never. >> coming up -- >> rosanna dimauro takes a turn for the worse. >> i have a little bit of a concern about her. i think she needs to be evaluated. >> while her son dreams of a brighter future. >> my dream i guess would be to be big with music or sit there and become an actor.
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in the hillsborough county jail's number six housing unit corporal mims keys a close eye on the cleanliness of the
1:54 am
inmates under her supervision. >> i go around to each room every day. it might sound like a lot but it is something they expect. they see me and they jump to it. a lot of times you will see them as i start to walk around get up and mosey upstairs. they know what they expect. you got your bed made? it looks good. you always keep it nice and neat in here. i appreciate that. it is important to keep the jail clean because it keeps down a lot of the illnesses. let's just face it. people are here from all walks of life. they come from places that -- homeless with no medical care and they bring a lot of disease and germs and in order to keep that down, we maintain a very clean atmosphere. i want their beds made. i want the room picked up. i don't want trash on the floor. it's important to have uniformity here because if you don't then things get a little crazy.
1:55 am
>> in the confinement unit, corporal mims quickly notices a problem in the cell of rosanna dimauro. it's a mess. >> i saw paper on the floor and a toilet that was unflushed. not good. >> good morning. you sleeping by the light today? >> yeah. >> i want to talk to you. i notice you like to sleep here next to the light. is that why you put your mattress there. you scared of the dark? >> i was watching tv actually. >> and you fell asleep there. what happened to the rest of your room? i mean, you got pads there on your commode and it's not flushed. >> i'm sorry. >> that's not going to work. why don't you go ahead and do that now and pull those pads off of the commode. there were pads, maxi pads stuck to the toilet seat which is beyond disgusting. what's going on with you?
1:56 am
your room is a mess lately. >> i just moved from another room and i haven't put it back together yet. >> how long since you moved? >> a couple days. >> does it take a couple days to clean up your room? i mean, i'm being honest. >> not if i started it right away but i put it off and didn't do it. >> okay, so what are we going to do now? >> i'll clean it up today. >> a messy cell is a concern not only for sanitary reasons but for what it might indicate about an inmate's state of mind. >> she normally keeps her area really clean. but it is not. it's not common to be in a disarray. when they change their patterns like that, then you kind of wonder if their mind-set is still the same. maybe going into depression. the first thing i'm going to do is contact our medical team. this is corporal mims. i have a request for you, rosanna dimauro. i think she needs to be evaluated.
1:57 am
>> what is going on with her? >> yeah, i believe -- i have some -- a little bit of a concern about her. she used to keep everything so neat and tidy and now she's not cleaning up. i mean, the room is an absolute mess. she is sleeping a lot and she just doesn't seem to be herself anymore. and i just am just concerned about it. >> i'll talk to her today definitely. >> all right. great. thank you so much. uh-huh. bye-bye. >> minutes later, nurse practitioner reesha matthews from the jail's psychiatric unit arrives to assess rosanna's condition. >> hi, miss dimauro. i came by to you because they said they're a little concerned about you because your room is not clean and anything like that >> no. it's just fine. >> you getting depressed or something? >> i was depressed about a week ago. but i was just depressed.
1:58 am
>> nurse practitioner matthews says dimauro's symptoms could be more than just depression. >> >> she was displaying like classic symptoms like in ptsd, nightmares, flashbacks, mood swings. >> i've had nightmares. i pace back and forth. i couldn't go to sleep because if i did i would wake up with night terrors. >> what were your nightmares about? >> the murder. i was seeing everything they were telling me had happened in the dream about them stabbing him, dragging him down to the dumpster and burning him. >> nurse practitioner matthews plans to closely monitor dimauro in the coming months. >> we will see her often enough to make sure she doesn't get worse or she's not going downhill againment >> over in general population, dimauro's son david link is looking forward to a fresh start. he has accepted a plea deal for testimony against his mother and
1:59 am
her former live-in boyfriend kasey ackerman about their roles in a gruesome murder. he could be out within 2 1/2 years. >> my dream i guess would be to get a band and stuff and rulely be big with music or else to sit there and become an actor or something because i like acting. >> link's experience has not only changed his perspective on the company he keeps but on the company his mother has kept. >> i kind of wish that she never would have went out with kasey and stuff because it would have hoped us from being in this position. hopefully she learns from her mistakes and this will be in the past one day. i just want to do my time and get out and put this behind me and move forward
2:00 am
msnbc takes you behind the walls of the most notorious prisons into a world of chaos and danger. now the scenes you've never seen. "lockup raw." >> even though sex is one of the most basic of human desires, behind bars, it's prohibited. but that hasn't stopped one of the most memorable inmates to ever appear on "lockup" from getting his needs met. >> here you go, man. >> when we met


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