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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  August 11, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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following a rally and vigil when a 300 officers had to be called in. there are still many unanswered questions surrounding brown's death saturday afternoon following what police describe as a physical confrontation between brown and an officer. it is a case that is now gotten the attention of a attorney general eric holder. he's instructed the justice department's civil rights division to monitor it closely. and this morning we learned brown's family has hired the civil rights attorney who represented trayvon martin's family. we have more now from ferguson. [ chanting ] >> reporter: vandalism. tensions boiled over in the st. louis suburb overnight following the death of teenager michael brown. there were several reports of looting, fires, as angry protesters demanded answers in a stand off with police. investigators have given new details about what happened midday saturday when an officer
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encountered brown and a companion on the street. one shoved the officer into the cruiser and assaulted him. >> there was a struggle over the office officer's weapon. there was one shot fired within the car. >> it spilled out on the street where brown, unarmed, according to police, was shot multiple times. the officer who hasn't been identified is on paid leave. this person saw the final shots from the apartment balcony. >> he towards the body this way. hand in the air. being compliant he gave a shot. >> while the reaction has been furious brown's family wants justice peacefully. >> there should be no violence coming from this. mike wouldn't want it and don't allow it to happen. >> his mother said her son didn't deserve to die. >> you're not god. you don't decide when you're going to take somebody from her. that was mine. that belongs to me. >> as the young man's sudden
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violent death generates a powerful mix of grief and anger. >> that was john yang reporting. we want to turn to major new developments in iraq. in just the past couple of hours iraq's new president named a new prime minister to replace nuri al maliki. the question is whether al maliki will go quietly after he took to iraqi television late last night and all but demanded a third term. after the tv address, he positioned forces loyal to him around baghdad. here is secretary of state john kerry. >> the government formation process is critical in terms of sustaining the stability and calm in iraq. and our hope is that mr. maliki will not stir the waters. >> another major development the
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u.s. hooz now begun directly arming kurdish forces battles isis fighters. until now the u.s. only provided weapons to the iraqi government in baghdad. meanwhile in the wake of a series of u.s. air strikes over the weekend, kurdish troops made gains taking back two towns from isis yesterday. now at the same time, president obama is facing sharp criticism from republicans over his handling of the isis offensive. >> the president says that he's going to protect american troops and try to prevent humanitarian disasters. that's the extent of his policy. there is no policy so therefore there's no strategy. therefore things are going very, very badly. >> if he does not go on the offensive against isis, isil, whatever you want to call them. they are coming here. this is just not about baghdad. this is just not about syria. it's about our homeland. if we get attacked because he has no strategy to protect us, then he will have committed a
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blunder for the agency. >> nbc news senior white house correspondent chris jansing is traveling with president obama. she joins us live and we are live in the city of irbil. chris, what is the white house saying about the naming of new iraqi prime minister? >> well, officially, betty, there's been no reaction. i can tell you in long conversations i had late last night with administration official, they emphasized this has been the center piece of what they say is the president's very clear strategy that nothing can really move forward in iraq given that the united states is not willing to admit boots on the ground. nothing can be done until there's a government form. the piece of the puzzle has been getting rid of al maliki. they believe he cannot bring the
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fars factions together. he has proven he cannot do that. ware waiting to. he's been defieing calls to step down. he made a speech on iraqi television last night. they're waiting to see what happens. can they get the new prime minister in place and move forward? now they will also argue that so far this strategy they are using, which are the limited air strikes as well as the humanitarian air drops are working. they are seeing some progress on the ground. >> they wait to see how it plays out, what more can you tell us about the decision to arm kurdish forces? >> well, they say this is something that had been actually happening. they talked about it with chuck todd. we heard it on thursday. the new piece of the upuzzle is confirmed they have gotten involved. there's no doubt about the fact that isis when they made a run through baghdad they got a lot of heavy armament they're using now. they had to give something to the peshmerga to give them some
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opportunity to fight back. having said that, they think it is not the key component here. the key component has been the air strikes. they say that as they have been watching and getting their information on the ground, they show they have been working. they're having some impact on providing some secure toity to folks stranded on the mountain. they believe they have a plan in place to get them safe passage. they think some of the air strikes have been on target that have been going isis. and so it is what is happening in the air more than providing those arms on the ground that they think is the critical component here. >> thank you, chris. we want you to standby. we want to you to the ground and duncan is there. what is the latest on the battle between kurdish forces and isis? >> well, there have been gains, particular lly over the weekend. the kurdish forces have been able to push back into two towns to reclaim land they lost.
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two important towns. they're only about half hour away where they were. that's how close they are getting to penetrating irbil, which should be one of the safest parts of iraq. that has done some thing to boost peshmerga morale. can the peshmerga hang on to the land if can they push even further forward? we've been hearing from the u.s. military they attacked an convoy of isis fighters i dyesterday. they believe the fighters were moving in convoy to attack peshmerga who were techbding the city. they launched an air strike successfully on the fighters. i heard earlier referring this to wack a mole. it might sound silly but appropriate. in one place where you push them down, they pop back up in another area. they keep moving. in a town about one hour away
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from baghdad, the isis fighters have overrun the kurds in that village there. so it's sort of balancing out. but i think here in ere biel, at least there's a greater sense of calm they have pushed the front line away from the city of the kurdish region. >> wack a mole. very interesting. duncan, i want to touch on something that chris taunted a little bit. is there any progress? >> there's been a bit of progress over the weekend. we've been getting reports that thousands of the religious minority sector abandoned on the mountain top. we've heard that some have been able to come out by going out through syria, of all places, and then coming -- >> all right we're having technical difficulties there. there we go.
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>> up on the mountains in this harsh weather. starving and dehydrated. thousands of them are still up the mountains. >> duncan and chris, thank you so much. let's bring in msnbc military analyst retired army colonel jack jacobs. and jim michaels, he's the author of "a chance in hell." the man who triumph over iraq's deadliest city and turn the tide of ward. jim, let me start with you. what is your reaction to the naming of a new iraqi prime minister. how do you expect maliki to react? >> to the second point within it's not entirely clear how he'll react. it's hard to see how he's going to go quietly. and this is did sh the naming of a prime minister is a first step. it's a preliminary step. they're facing a constitutional crisis in baghdad with nuri
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al-maliki running a third term. a new prime minister named. all sides or all political parties have not come up behind the new nominee yet. and while this is going on, of course, you've got the militants who are now, even though they have suffered a few set backs lately, the u.s. bombing with, they still control about a third of the territory in iraq. it's just a very small first step. they're still facing very much a political crisis in baghdad at the really sensitive time. >> colonel jacobs, to jim's point, what if al maliki doesn't go away quietly? >> there's going to be a civil war in the middle of the green zone. i think kroul have those allied with al maliki fighting everybody else. it'll be very messy. it's probably going to be over in a short period of time. what everybody has to do, including the united states is through the back door encourage al maliki to step down.
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even to the extend of trying to make some kind of deal with him and his faction. otherwise it will be messy. >> as we watch it play out, i want to get your assessment of the obama administration's decision to actually arm fighters. >> the kurds have been long time u.s. allies. they've got a high morale force. they're very good fighters. remember, four iraqi divisions basically melted away when isil attacked mosul in june. the peshmerga, the kurdish forces are high morale, strong forces, effective fighters, well trained. the problem is the u.s. has been doing a delicate balance because if there appear to be supporting the kurds at baghdad, you killed a sensitive political balance. they need the kurds to get behind whatever new government is formed in baghdad. i want to talk about the political balance with you, colonel. does arming the kurds deepen our
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involvement in iraq? does it lead to mission creep and all the the other things that come with? >> well, it does deepen our involvement, and for the reasons articulated. we have to understand that the kurds were really our only genuine allies in iraq. unfortunately, however, getting on the sides of the kurds to the extend it makes them more independent of the central government in iraq and the already are more or less independent. making them more so makes us come down on the side of a try forcandidated iraq. that's not going to go over very well. it's not going to contribute to the cohesion that is required inside baghdad to make sure that isis and other enemies are kept at bay. it's a very, very delicate exercise. so far we're not doing a very good job of walking this line and making sure that we encourage the right people to do the right thing. we are going to have to send
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more arms and more assistance to the kurds at the peshmerga, it's the only way they'll be able to defend to seize terrain and hold it. >> it's delicate there. >> jim, let me play what president obama told new york times during an interview at the white house last friday. >> i don't want to get in the businesses of being in the iraqi air force. i don't want to get in the business of, for that matter, being the kurdish air force. in the absence of a commitment of the people on the ground to get their act together and do what is necessary politically to start protecting themselves. and to push back against isis. >> the u.s. air strikes do seem to be helping kurdish fighters turn the fight against isis, correct? >> yes, to some extend. the white house is careful here. they want to place limits on
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this operation. it's got two purposes. one is humanitarian to get food and aid yezidis in the mountain. the other is basically save kurdistan. these militants are moving on irbil, the capital of the kurdish region. that would have, of course, been a nonmitigated disaster. it has the air strikes have an affect, saying with the kurdish region and starting the aid the religious minority on mount sinjar. after that, it's an open question. again, the militants still own a third of the territory, and they have not been rolled back yet. right now there's no plans how to roll them back from the territory they've already taken. >> all right. jim michaels and colonel jack jacobs. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. right now a 72-hour cease-fire between israel and
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hamas is underway. will the truce hold? we have a live report from tel-aviv. >> tony stewart can be a hot head. he gets into arguments with other drivers at times. lots of questions remains after tony stewart hits and kills a fellow driver on the racetrack. we have an update next. and hillary clinton opens up about foreign policy and draws her sharpest distinction yet from president obama. it's today's first read. join our conversation online. you can find the team on twitter @"newsnation." ♪ [musi] defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. beauty is bone deep.
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palestinian delegations have met in cairo as they try to hammer out a comprehensive deal to end the month-long war. the latest egyptian brokered cease-fire began after another day of violence yesterday in gaza and israel. the egyptian government said the cease-fire will allow for humanitarian aid into gaza, which has been devastated by weeks of heavy bombardment. we are live in tel-aviv. we have cease-fire before only to see them fall apart within hours. could the truce be different? >> i think it is, betty. i believe it's the ninth truce, the ninth cease-fire that the two sides have tried to keep ali alive. it doesn't seem to me that this time the talks in cairo appear to be making some real progress. therefore, there is hope that the cease-fire will last. it's been in effect since
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midnight. it will last for three days. humanitarian cease-fire is being transferred to the people of gaza who need it. hospitals are running out of medicines. the people are running out of food. israel said they're allowing truckloads into gaza. i should point out that before the cease-fire israel joined the fightings. they stopped it when hamas flew threw rockets at the crossing point. it's a tense period. but at least there's been no shooting for the last 18 hours or so. and hope is that it will continue. the progress we're looking to in cairo is this. the israeli delegation has arrived. they said they will only go there if the cease-fire is holding. they have gone. it's a sign that israel is optimistic about the cease-fire. it seems to be narrowing down in cairo toward this question. will the siege of gaza be lifted if not in the entirety then in
8:21 am
part? and enough to allow enough food and medicine and money to pay the salaries of the administration officials in gaza who haven't been paid a salary for a year, by the way. it looks as though they're reaching agreement there. we're hearing from the israeli sources that hamas agreed they will drop the demand for a sea and airport. they will insist on the lifting of the siege. the question is whether hamas to save face and say the siege has been lifted. it hasn't been lifted to the extend that no weapons will be allowed into gaza to help hamas rearm. that's been israel's main demand. that hamas not rearm and ultimately gaza be demilitarized all together. the two sides are far apart on the key aspects of the negotiations. but it does seem to be some
8:22 am
progress in cairo. will the cease-fire will it be prolonged? too early to say. the guessing there's real problem. if that's the case it'll be the first time. >> all right. as the cease-fire continues, it's also allowing palestinians to assess the damage from just weeks of air strikes. what are they seeing as they take a look around today? >> well, it's pretty horrific. it's not new for them, of course. there have been several cease-fires and the first thing they have done each time is stock up on food and drinking water where they can. they go to see the homes of those that were chased out of their homes. almost uniformly been disastrous. not only have they found their homes smashed to pieces, whole streets destroyed. and being able to dig bodies out from the debris. many people, excuse me -- more bodies were found each time there's a humanitarian cease-fire. the body count goes up.
8:23 am
and the other thing, although the number of dead palestinians is close to 2,000. there's about 10,000 wounded palestinians. one of the first things that the families do during a cease-fire is go to the hospitals, go to the clinics and try to find their loved ones and see what damage has been done. we are hearing heart wrenching stories of children paralyzed who need help outside the country. people who need help and don't have the medicines. so it's a very urgent humanitarian situation there. so not only is it about the destruction of the homes of the dead, it's about how do you look after 10,000 wounded people? >> yeah. all right. martin fletcher joiningtel-aviv. thank you. we want to follow the developing story in st. louis, missou missouri. protesters are gathering in the wake of a police shooting of an unarmed teen named michael brown. the police department cancelled a press conference set for the morning. but a crowd of people holding
8:24 am
protest signs have started to gather. all comes on the heels of last night's chaotic scene where violence erupted. moments ago the chief of police addressed the violence and stressed the need to keep things peaceful today. >> they're expressing their anger and frustration. they don't have the information they want and they don't like what is going on with the violence and the riots and the looting. they're looking for answers. we're trying to get answers. that's really -- it sounds tense but it's an open dialogue. we're going it dekeep talking. and keep it as a peaceful demonstration. they have the right to, you know, address their grievances to the government to us. we're listening. we hope we can calm this thing down that maybe we don't agree but we can talk. >> brown, who was not armed, was
8:25 am
shot and killed by an officer saturday. following what police describe as a physical altercation. up next a live report on tony stewart's crash that killed a fellow race car driver. investigators are turning to the public to determine exactly what happened. plus, as kids get ready to head back to class. schools are bracing for a flood of undocumented children sent to enroll. how to officials are preparing for unaccompanied minors.
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or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. caman: thanks, captain obvious. wouldn't stay here tonight. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. captain obvious: i'd get a deal for tonight with deals for tonight from and you might want to get that pipe fixed. authorities are trying to sift through a tragedy on the racetrack saturday night involving nascar driver tony stewart. we want to let you know the accident was caught on tape but we're only showing a small portion of what happened because it is disturbing to watch. now it began when stewart and fellow racer kevin ward's cars
8:29 am
collidesed sending ward into a wall in new york. the video shows ward getting out the car and walking on the track. warred was then hit by stewart's back wheel and killed. in a statement stewart said there aren't words to describe the sadness i feel about the accident that took the life of kevin ward, jr. my thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and everyone affected we this tragedy. sara, what is the sheriff's department saying about this? >> well, good morning, betty. they're saying that stewart was visibly shake following the crash and he's fully continuing with the television. they say right now there is no evidence of criminal intent. they caution that this is an ongoing investigation and the possibility of charges has not been ruled out. now, authorities have that shocking spectator video we showed you a little of a moment ago. they are asking any spectators who either photographed or filmed the incident to turn over
8:30 am
that footage to help them continue to recreate that accident. meanwhile the family of the victim kevin ward, jr., he was just 20 years old. they are asking for privacy. he's being remembered as a promising young racer who first got behind the wheel of a go cart when he was only 4 years old. >> ultimately what it was a tragic accident. it is a dark racetrack. it's hard to see. to point fingers saying this guy did that wrong, it's hard to do that. you see in football and basketball players approach each other. in motor sports when you approach someone that person is in a moving vehicle. tony is not the guy that can intentionally hit a guy. i can assure you of that. >> that was tony stewart's friend and competitor jeff burton speaking about saturday's incident. it's important to know there's a lot of adrenaline and emotion going on. it's not uncrucial for competitors to get out and face each other if they feel they
8:31 am
have been wronged or adrenaline is surging. in fact, tony stewart himself has done it. once he even threw his helmet at another car following a collision. stewart dropped out of yesterday's race. so far, betty, no word if he'll participate in an upcoming race in michigan on sunday. >> so tragic. thank you for that. well, the u.s. steps up efforts to help iraq battle islamic insurgents. will it help? up next i'll talk live with usa today's military reporter and hillary clinton delivers her biggest critique yet of president obama's foreign policy. how does a more hawkish stance play with a war weary public? it's today's first read. people in texas could actually be more than just weapons at local gun shows. we are talking about alcohol. it's our "newsnation" guts check.
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to get back to the developing story we're following in the st. louis suburb of ferguson, missouri. it's a live look where protesters are marching after the police shooting of unarm the teen michael brown. the chief of police there tells the associated press the fbi will be taking over the investigation. ferguson police chief tells the ap he welcomes the move. michael brown was shot multiple times saturday during what is being described as a physical altercation with the police officer. with few details given about the incident. attorney general eric holder instructed the justice department's civil rights division to monitor the case. we'll stay on top of it. i want to turn to today's major developments in iraq. they include the naming of a new prime minister to replace nuri al maliki. the u.s.'s decision to directly arm ekurdish forces.
8:36 am
thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> let me start with the political crisis. iraq's new president named a new prime minister so do you expect nuri al-maliki to go quietly or what happens if he doesn't? >> i don't know what to expect with nuri al-maliki. traditional transfer of power operations draft we would normally have in place haven't happened. he resisted every call to step down. it remains to be seen whether he's going to try to cling to power using force. because he has built up a special operations apparatus. it's loyal to him or if at the final moment he's going to find a political route to step down from power. it remains to be seen what his final move is going to be. >> as we watch it play out, it could be damaging for he doesn't
8:37 am
go smoothly. i want to get your reaction to the u.s. decision to directly arm kurdish forces in northern iraq. you can't hear me? can you hear me now? >> we're having technical difficulties. we'll try to get him back. we'll appreciate his limited time we had with him. we want to take you to the politic hillary clinton. she looks to publicly distance herself from president obama and foreign policy. in an interview with jeffrey goldberg, she praised the president but also said failure to aid the syrian rebels is partly to blame for the rise of isis saying, quote, the failure to help build up a credible fighting force of the people who were originators of the protest left a big vacuum. which the jihadists have filled. joining me now nbc news political reporter kerry dan.
8:38 am
i want you to weigh in on this. interesting words there from former secretary. what do you make of secretary of state clinton's comments given she did play a major role in shaping and carrying out foreign policy for the obama administration and this interview was done before the president authorized air strikes in iraq. >> i think you have a couple of things going on. on the one hand, the president's numbers on foreign policy are even lower than the approval rating. the latest poll found only 36% of americans approve of the president's handling of foreign policy. hillary clinton having been at the state department eyeing a run for president wants to distance herself from the policies. wants to remind people she has differed with the president on iraq policy, syria, and other issues. it's a radical departure she said from things in the past with we know from her account in the book she recently released that she disagreed with the
8:39 am
president on the issue of arming the syrian rebels. she wants to remind people of that. it's not a radical departure she held by this. going back to 2008, clinton has always been more hawkish than the president that her 2008 vote to authorize the iraq car was sort of the key wedge issue between her and obama. a big part of why she didn't capture the nomination in 2008. she's appearing to be, you know, to the president's right on foreign policy. but that's not that different than how it's been since 2008 and before that. >> all right. i want to read another interesting quote from clinton's view. she said, quote, great nations need organizing principles and don't do stupid stuff. it's not an organizing principle. now, this seems fairly open rebuke of the white house. do you expect the administration to push back on the political criticism? >> that was certainly a really tough rhetoric for her basically imply the statement that the
8:40 am
white house doesn't have an overarching foreign policy princip principle. it's an administration that doesn't like to be criticized on the overarching policy. it said the foreign policy decisions are made with a big world view in mind. but that said, i don't think it benefits the dming party to have an open war between the white house and hillary clinton on issues like iraq and syria and afghanistan. issues dogging the party until now. i think you'll see them they'll certainly push back, i don't think you'll see a big open warfare, you know, that would hurt the party going into the midterms and the 2016 election. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. schools across the u.s. are bracing for upwards of 50,000 immigrant children starting class this fall. some could begin as early as today. how are officials prepare for the surge? i'll talk live with usa today columni columni columni
8:41 am
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and with that in mind... what's in your wallet? let's get you more on the developing story we were following. the st. louis suburb of ferguson, missouri. a growing crowd of protesters, you see right here, continues to march peacefully in the wake of the shooting of unarmed teen michael brown. in this hour, we will learn the fbi, in fact, we already learn that the fbi will be taking over the investigation. the chief of police told the associated press he welcomes that move. now the protest comes after chaos actually erupted following a vigil last night. michael brown was shot multiple times saturday during what is being described as a physical altercation with a police officer. with few details given about the incident, attorney general eric holder instructed the civil rights division to monitor the
8:45 am
case. we'll stay on top of it. two people are dead, five hurt after a shooting in new orleans just five miles from the tourist district. that tops the look around "newsnation." a car pulled up to a home, op opened fire. two children are in critical condition. three others are in the hospital. a man and woman were killed. heavy rain in the south has killed one person and left another person. missing strongs caused damage and flash flooding in south carolina washing out the bridge in greenville. a man and woman were swept into a storm pipe after they got out of the car in the rising water. the woman's body was found a mile away. crews are searching for the man. the joker's roller coaster at six flags in krand is closed after 24 people got stuck on the ride for four hours yesterday. rescuers had to carefully pluck the riders one by one off the
8:46 am
coaster when it stopped suddenly. almost 80 feet in the air. can you imagine? the park said the ride has a computerized safety system that can cause it to stop. they're not sure yet what happened there. four students -- this is the week most have been dreading all summer long. the beginning of a new school year. say it isn't so! >> many have a week to go across the country schools are gearing up to handle a surge of immigrant students who arrived in the u.s. without a parent or guardian. it stems from the crisis at the border involving children fleeing central american. many of the unaccompanied minors are being processed in the system and awaiting hearing. they are entitled to a free public education under federal law. as usa today points out, while public school officials in florida, texas, and georgia know the unaccompanied minors are in their states. many don't know how many will end up enrolling and where. meaning a number of schools will
8:47 am
basically have to take a wait and see approach. joining me now is usa today columnist and an contribute per. thank you for being with us. the u.s. office of refugee settlement released a statement on the numbers where the uncompaniy eied minors have bee released to the response source and usa today broke it down into the state's most effective which include california, texas, florida, louisiana. but those numbers only account for what about 40,000 kids. usa today is estimating upwards of 50,000. what kind of a financial burden can this be on the districts? it's going to be a tremendous financial burden. that said, because so many of these children, obviously, are called ell. english language learners. ultimately the states can be reimbursed from the federal government through no child left behind act. the great challenge these are
8:48 am
kids who have been through trauma. they're coming through central america. they'll have a lot of noneducational needs. they need counseling, social services, mental health services. and number one country of origin, the u.n. ranks honduras as having the worst public education system. they have to assimilate with regular fifth and fourth graders in houston. it's going to be tough. >> it's tough. look at the numbers one again. they are bracing for about 2,000 said we don't know the educational background of the students. if they've been to school. the language and operational issues that could arise from this and the cost involved. what are some of the main concerns? when we don't know what language they are speaking until they come here from the different countries and whatnot, what dialects and grade level, how much education. it puts the school district? a tail spin to try to figure out
8:49 am
how do we, you know, get to the students and provide an education? >> right. for so many of the states it's basically uncharted territory. to be honest, many of the students and kids are ill literate in spanish. one state that is receiving the most kids, texas, they have a history of assimilating waves of migrant children. they did so in the 1970 with many southeast asian children and refugee from somalia and sudan. they took a lot of children that were part of the displaced families from katrina. the school districts in texas have some idea how to cope with a surge of children. but the challenge there's so many unknowns about this pep. i think it's important to remember it's not just federal law that said the children are entitled to education. it goes back to a supreme court case in 1982 which set the standard that said basically all
8:50 am
children of the united states regardless of your immigration status, you are entitled a public education. in fact, you live in this speci district. >> really? >> it's going to be a lot of unchartered territory for a lot of these schools. >> and students. coming up, texas could begin allowing alcohol sales at gun shows? do you think they should? it's our news nation gut check. thlook what i got.p. oh my froot loops! [sniffs] let's do this? get up! get up! get up! get up! loop me! bring back the awesome... yeah! yeah! yeah! with the great taste of kellogg's froot loops. follow your nose!
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we continue to follow the developing news out of the st. louis suburb of ferguson, missouri, where we've been bringing you these live pictures this hour. look where the crowd of protesters continues to grow in the wake of the police shooting of unarmed teen michael brown. while the police chief stressed the need to keep this march peaceful, the crowd has encountered a line of police in riot gear. it comes after violence and
8:54 am
looting erupted following a vigil last night. the police chief has just told the associated press that the fbi will be taking over this investigation, a move he actually welcomes. michael brown was shot multiple times saturday during what's being described as a physical altercation with a police officer. with a few details given about the incident, attorney general eric holder has already instructed the justice department civil rights division to monitor this case closely. there is a lot going on this morning. here some are things we thought you should know. a stunning defeat in hawaii where democratic governor neil abercrombie lost to his primary challenger over the weekend. abercrombie who was seeking a second term lost to little known state senator david egay who got 67% of the vote. the 76-year-old abercrombie becomes the state's first governor to lose a re-election primary and only the second to not win re-election. he's been in hawaii politics for four decades. and members of the
8:55 am
democratic national committee are in new york today to scout a possible site for the 2016 convention. the barclays center in brooklyn to be exact. an all-star list is lining up to help raise money to host the convention, including designer diane von furstenberg and shawn parker. brooklyn is one of five cities competing to host including involve which many say is the current front-runner. and those are the things we thought you should know. time for the news nation gut check. listen to this. texas could soon allow people to buy alcohol at gun shows. the texas alcoholic beverage commission proposes that drinks could be sold only if live ammunition was banned. firearms on display were disabled and buyers were not allowed to immediately take their guns. right now, any venue that's licensed to sell alcohol cannot do so during the show or during the time it takes to set up and break down the event.
8:56 am
the agency says a dallas-ft. worth gun club is asking to amend those rules. the texas state rifle association says it's reviewing the proposal but doesn't think anyone would want to buy a gun at a show where you couldn't immediately take it home. a 30-day public comment period is under way and then it will go to a vote. so what does your gut tell you about this? do you agree with the proposal to sell alcohol at gun shows in texas? go to to vote. and that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm betty ngyuen in for tamron hall. up next, "andrea mitchell reports."
8:57 am
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9:00 am
and continuing air strikes against the isis fighters trying to open up on escape route for thousands of refugees still trapped on sinjar mountain. in baghdad, prime minister maliki refuses to turn over power to his newly chosen successor. >> we believe that the government formation process is critical in terms of sustaining the stability and calm in iraq. and our hope is that mr. maliki will not stir those waters. >> a tale two of interviews. we'll talk to the atlantic's jeffrey goldberg about his revealing interview with hillary clinton. and her strongest criticism yet of the president's policy in syria. while the president gives his take about arming the syrian rebels to "the new york times" tom freedman. >> with respect to syria, it's always been a fantasy.


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