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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  September 10, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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air strikes to syria and explain his strategy to the american people. but the white house says the president won't give operational details tonight nor will he give an estimated cost or a precise time table. the president previewed his plan in a meeting with top congressional leaders yesterday. a senior administration official tells nbc news the president asked the lawmakers for authority to train the syrian opposition army which would require a vote in congress. but aids say the president believes he does not need congressional authority to expand air strikes to syria. now in a statement, house speaker john boehner expressed sport for some of the president's proposals including training and equipping the syrian opposition. meantime right now john kerry is wrapping up an announced visit to baghdad where he met with iraq's new prime minister and other iraqi leaders in a show of u.s. support. >> we standby iraq as it
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continues to build a government that meets the needs of each of iraq's diverse communities. we standby them as they fight to overcome the single greatest threat their government, families, and neighbors face today. that's isil. >> secretary kerry is about to leave for jordan he'll visit saudi arabia tomorrow as he seeks crucial arab support for a u.s.-lead coalition against isis. chris jansing joins us live. the things we won't hear from the president operational details, a time table, even perhaps the cost are things left off the table. do we know more about how he'll explain the threat and the need to expand those air strikes? >> absolutely. we are getting some more information about that, tamron. they want to lay out a strategy that is very clear for the american people. and they want to make a justification for it. they know they're walking a kind
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of a fine line here. because they don't believe there is any operational intelligence. they say there is none that would indicate any attack on the united states is imminent. how do you make a justification if you don't feel that's the case. the president wants to lay out why the threat -- what the threat is and why we need to take the action we need to take. look, the timing couldn't be more crucial. you saw john kerry going to baghdad. the president said from the beginning to move forward in the fight against isis. there has to be a unified iraqi government. so in addition to bringing on arab members of the coalition, john kerry went over there to shore up support and show his support for the iraqi government. very important as well for what they want to do on the ground when the president met with congressional leaders yesterday. the one thing he asked them for was for the ability to train the syrian opposition.
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to but they also know that the timing is important because of american support. of course, the horrific beheadings of two american journalists have galvanized public opinion against isis and made it an easier for the president to make his case. we've seen in the polls that more people believe that action needs to be taken. already substantial more than 140, i think, 150 air strikes in iraq and now the question is the detail, a this you say, might happen in syria. a couple of pieces of timing i'll mention to close. one, of course, the senate, the control of the senate hangs in the balance. whether or not there will be any kind of vote that would authorize the president to go further. he doesn't think he needs it. still hasn't been completely decided. and of course, it comes on the eve of the 13th anniversary of 9/11. tamron? >> chris, thank you very much.
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let me bring in democratic gregory meeks of new york. a member of the house foreign affairs committee. thank you for your time. >> good being with you. >> you were on with my colleague chris matthews monday. you said you would support a resolution authorizing the use of special forces in syria. you would support arming and training the free syrian army. that seems to be the president's plan. what opposition do you expect with the members of congress? >> i think the president has supportive most members of congress on the items. if there's any difficulty, i think the only time the president will have to come back to the congress if something changes and there has to be further escalation. but as long as it is a national force. in order, we have sunnis in the arab league and the iraqi army. you've been training the syrian free army and hopefully have turkey and saudi arabia and our nato allies and doing it in an
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collective manner. i think you -- the president i think has the authority. and i think the congress will move forward. ultimately the president has to come to congress with the budget. we are speaking as members of congress at that point. >> yeah. and the members of congress have spoken before but on the same issue. the president asked lawmakers earlier this year for $500 million to train and equip the syrian fighters. that was stalled on capitol hill. obviously we know the new cycle, the events in syria and around that region have changed drastically. the murders of the two journalists as well now change the game. with that said, we can look at scenarios constantly. this is the proposal now. you know the american people are worried if these air strikes don't work, if arming the syrian opposition does not work, what then will the united states have to do? >> i think the president -- i
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don't want to jump in front of us, but i think this president has been clear and, you know, when he said, for example, that the united states would be doing air strikes in libya. that's what we did. nothing more than and nothing less. if there was a change he would come back to us. i think he's laying out tonight what he'll lay out tonight is the precise plan based upon the gang that is on the shelf right now. and that is making sure that we have the multilateral forces. united states in the air fixing individuals who would be on the ground. you need folks on the ground. just not united states personnel. but it will be from the kurds, the iraqi army, and hopefully something from the abe world and turkey and saudi arabia. and that work collectively. everybody has an interest in this. >> let's talk about the timing of the president's remarks to the nation. on the eve of the 9/11, 13th
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anniversary of those events. what tone do you believe this president needs to take especially given his history and we know that this is a president who does not want to end his time in the white house as a wartime president. >> this president has always said the number one premise is to make sure that we keep americans safe. he's done that. you know, that's why he said previously, you know, we've been doing this before. we have done it before. it's the way he went and got bin laden. it's the way we've been using drones to make sure we got the leadership of al qaeda and going do the same kind of thing to get the leadership of isil. whether it be in syria or elsewhere. i think he's going to lay it out. what he's done in a thoughtful manner. not an emotional matter. i don't think you do foreign policy based upon emotion. that's how we made mistakes before in getting iraq. he's thinking it through. i came back from europe, in fact
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most of our european allies appreciate the manner the president has been thinking it through and putting the plan together. they'll become solidly on board and not on board because somebody was trying to twist their arm. >> congressman gregory meeks, thank you for your time. we appreciate you joinings us. the let me bring the host of msnbc hardball chris matthews who will be part of the special coverage tonight. we heard congressman meeks say you don't set your foreign policy based on emotion. you base it on facts. we know you know better than anyone the facts on the ground in the circumstance change rapidly. the beginning of the summer we were not talking about isis. we were talking about russia and putin and ukraine. but the situation on the ground could rapidly change. we know the air strikes may not work. >> i think he nailed it, tamron. when you asked the congressman from new york the question. what happens if the air strikes and the training of the free syrian army doesn't work.
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what happens to be blunt if the beheadings continue? we expect that air power will not do it. air power triggered the isis people into beheading our people. it's going to agitate them. not defeat them. as for training the free syrian army. we haven't had much faith in that prospect for months now. how can we base our hopes on the building of that army making it significant enough to defeat, not just to, of course, isis but continue to take on the assad government. i mean, i think your question was right. where are we going to be in a couple of days or weeks when the president is asking for don't doesn't work. >> about other part of the conversation, chris, is basing the hope that jordan and other arab nations will lead the way. the president said no boots on the ground, but there will be boots on the ground. we're putting a lot of hope and faith, honestly, in nation that may not be there. >> yeah. >>well, we have a same history.
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imagine an army crossing into syria and fighting isis. imagine a saudi arabia air force going in and attacking isis. i guess it's possible but we've never seen this. and i think it comes down to the american people and the polling it's showing. this tremendous sphere we have. ting may be overwhelming. i don't think it's exactly accurate with the facts. the fear of the homeland, the ominous term homeland being invoked all the time. how isis is going to get us here. what we want is total security against any possible attack of the united states. but no engagement with the enemy. what kind of war is it you want total success in a war against isis without attacking them on the ground? i think you used the phrase earlier it's an immaculate conception. who has been able to defeat the enemy without engaging with them. if there's no troops on the ground, no boots on the ground, how do we defeat isis? i think that's the president's
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problem. i don't he can square the circle. >> when the president says no u.s. ground troops in iraq or syria, is that -- i can't say whether or not that is a truthful line. i don't think that's a fair way to ask the question. is that a commitment with given the changes that can happen that the president can make. >> right. and, you know, the phrase the other night the president said we know how to fight terrorism. one of the ways we fight it, of course, with special forces going in as we did in afghanistan. that successful beginning of the afghanistan. before the numbers of troops came in cia and other forces went in there and worked with northern alliance and defeated the taliban. that's people, that's americans that could be captured, could be beheaded, if you will. it's really weird. no one seems to ask the president, not regiments of armies marching across syria. do you intend to say we're not putting any personnel into syria
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to work with the army or the triable leaders? are you saying that? maybe that's too much. if we're saying no americans are going to fight isis. who is? that's your first question and the best one. who is going to fight them on the ground if we don't? i think that's the tonight. >> do you believe it will be sfar for the american people? >> i go back to the notion of immaculate consumption. they want a strategy that doesn't include any casualties in the homeland, that ominous phrase, or any casualties overseas or any engagement on the ground. what kind of a war on this? how do you fight a war like that? what dreamland is that they're talking about? i think the polling shows the american people have not been brought to reality here. if we have an enemy over there, okay, we attack by air. they start beheading our people. what do we do next?
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do we keep hitting them by air? what is the next step? they are people that hate us probably more than we hate them. and so they're going keep fighting. if we raise the stakes and put in more air power against them, they're going to raise the stakes. they may attack us here at home. it's part of the real world we live in. the world we don't live in is total security at home. no ground engagement overseas. no involvement in iraq or syria or investigation. we stay in and win an air battle or with drones. you can't win a war that ima image -- i hope the president brings that to the american people's attention. a war is a war and people get hurt and killed. any oh kind of a war is a lose i are, i think. >> thank you for your time. stay with msnbc tonight. our live coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. and those new nbc news polls
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we were referencing also show what americans think about the president and the gop's foreign policy. nbc senior political editor mark murray will join us live to break down the numbers. also ahead. >> we assumed there was a video. we asked for video. but we were never granted that opportunity. nfl commissioner roger goodell speaks out and tries to defend what he knew and didn't know about ray rice's attack. and his then fiancè. the owner of the baltimore ravens is also speaking out and asking questions about the judge, the prosecutor, and the police decisions made there. plus, cameras capture flash floods washing away a van in nevada. everyoned in escaped alive. but some incredible images. this as severe weather is putting the midwest at risk of strong winds even some tornados. we'll get you up to date. you can join the conversation. you can find my team at
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as criticism over the nfl's handling of the ray rice situation intensifies, the league's commissioner is speaking out defending his office in an interview with cbs news. the commissioner said he did not feel his job was in jeopardy he cautiously addressed the questions being raised over how it was possible. the league did not see the footage obtained by tmz and what faen future ray rice may have with the league. >> did you know that a second tape existed? >> we a sumed there was a video.
8:19 am
we asked for video. we were never granted the opportunity. >> did anyone in the nfl see this second video tape before monday? >> no. >> no one in the nfl? >> no one in the nfl, to my knowledge. i've asked the same question and the answer is no. >> what does mean he was suspended indefinitely? does that mean ray rice will never play in the nfl again? >> i don't rule that out. but he would have to make sure that we are fully confident that he is addressing this issue. >> meanwhile last night ravens owner steven scotty published an open letter to the ravens fans admitting they mishandled the situation. he claimed team officials had also not seen the new footage before monday. he wrote that police had seen video frommed in the elevator. the prosecutor and the judge who also seen such video allowed ray into the program that would eventually clear him of the
8:20 am
assault. he went on to say so seeing that video changed everything. we should have seen it earlier. we should have pursued our own investigation more vigorously. we didn't and we were wrong. the nation's sports editor joins me now. so, david, let's start with roger goodell. let's break it down. roger goodell's explanation or answer to the question. why no one in the league had seen the video. >> it's pretty simple here. no one believes roger goodell right now. i see when i see him sitting down in the interview somebody trying to make sure it's not the first domino that end with him losing his $40 million a year job. roger goodell is fighting for his professional life. for the first time in the series of scandals that have taken place under the tenure, there's blow back on his office. nobody believes roger for a basic reason.
8:21 am
it doesn't make sense that the nfl would not ask to see the tape. the national football league -- >> he said they asked for all the video. >> yes, and they also have members of the secret service who work in their security department. the idea they could not obtain that video and actually view it is something that simply nobody who i've spoken to even believes. the only people is maybe they chose not to see it so they would have plausible deniability that the video wouldn't come public. it's a league, frankly, does not care about domestic violence. has never cared about the issue of violence against women. has been dealing with the issue in the league for decades and dealt with it by choosing to not deal with it. they just read from the same script they've always read from and this time, though, it caught up with them. >> when roger goodell was named commissioner. there was a belief he would shepard in a nfl. unless someone within the league
8:22 am
comes out and says, listen, i know roger goodell saw it without any proof. the public is at a point where you can think something but there's no proof of it. does roger goodell remain in that position and is his leadership trusted? >> i think leadership, already, is past not being trusted for a host of issues. whether we're talking about the issue of concussions and head injuries. he sat in front of congress five years ago and argued there was no connection between head injuries and post-traumatic brain disorders. and a member of congress looked at him and said you sound like the tobacco executives of a generation ago. that did the no affect him. it did not affect his jobs. he kept the rains running on time and the profit margins in the nfl have never been higher. roger goodell -- it's not a public office. he serves as the pleasure of ownership. but if he has damaged the brand of the nfl in the process to
8:23 am
such a degree the nfl owners are nervous about the viability of their product, then, yeah, they jetson him with the lack of mercy of those sixth round pins in training camp. >> police have seen the video from inside the elevator. the prosecutor, the judge, and allowed ray into the program essentially saying all the people within the legal system allowed him into a program that would clear his name. so we followed their lead. i think it's what he's saying in that statement. >> yeah. absolutely. and, you know, it's so interesting that steve is making this statement now and wasn't asking the questions months ago. wasn't trying to see the tape. wasn't trying to get his own read on the situation. the baltimore ravens are not special, tamron. the carolina panthers played a player who has been convicted of domestic abuse over the summer. the 49ers played somebody who whose pregnant fiancè was found
8:24 am
with bruises on her neck and arm and was arrested. it's no at ravens problem. it's how the league dealt with domestic violence. >> i want to bring in connecticut senator richard blumenthal among those criticizing roger goodell. >> a major speech from the president later today and other issues facing the country. you believe it's important enough your choice should be heard on this. what do you believe needs to happen from your shrank point as a senator? >> the nfl needs to stiffen and strengthen its rules that punish domestic violence the brazen domestic violence but knew about it before the video. it's important whether roger goodell seen it or should have seen it is virnltly a two game suspension. and the new policy a six game
8:25 am
us. -- stronger action but remember most incidents of miles do not involve video. they're behind closed doors. they involve marks and bruises and injuries that often are explained away and often involved blaming the victim happened here. the victim put in a position apologi apologizing. the ravens tweeted it, in effect, exonerating rice. as important, also, as what the nfl does is what prosecutors should be. and i say that as a former prosecutor. i was attorney general of the state of connecticut for 20 years. and there is a need for stronger criminal justice action against domestic violence. >> we are just commemorating the violence against women act 20th anniversary of that. some of the legislation that came out was precisely supposed to do that. give stronger power to prosecutors and police so victims who finally decide, you know, to leave or to pursue or follow charges were protected here. in this case, you have a judge,
8:26 am
a police department and prosecutors who looked at that video from the inside, according to the owner of the ravens. did they fail janay rice? >> the prosecutors ought to be called on to explain why there wasn't a prosecution here, and that's a very pertinent, important question. but roger goodell has an opportunity now. it's a test of his leadership. you may be right that nobody believes him, but the point here is that he should act to make the nfl change its culture. the team have to change the culture. >> he implemented a new scale of punishment. a new domestic violence policy with the nfl. specifically then what else does he need to do. the six week suspension, second banishment from the league for
8:27 am
one year. what more do you want him to do? >> suspending ray rice indefinitely. >> which happened. >> it ought to be permanent. as you just heard, he could be back next year. he wouldn't rule it out. so there needs to be a stronger policy. not just for ray rice, but for first offenses. remember, under this new policy ray rice would have received a six-game suspension for his first offense. stronger penaltiy ies for the ft offense. >> thank you. ferguson's first city council meeting since the shooting death of michael brown. >> none of us will be here if the police chief you guys put in office would have just came forward and said we apologize. today protesters plan to rally and say they'll shut down an expressway. a live report from ferguson,
8:28 am
missouri. it's next. plus, why president obama was turned away from several elite golf courses over the labor day weekend. it is one of the things we thought you should know. and here is a look what is happening today. wednesday, september 10. on capitol hill the house homeland subcommittee is holding a committee on isis terrorists that are holding western passports. top congressional leaders are hosting a gold medal ceremony to honor the fallen heros of 9/11. one day before the 13th anniversary. one medal will be given to the flight 93 national memorial in pennsylvania. one will go to the national september 11th memorial museum in new york, and one to the pentagon memorial. all put on permanent display. new york state is jump-starting business with startup-ny. an unprecedented program that partners businesses with universities across the state. for better access to talent, cutting edge research, and state of the art facilities. and you pay no taxes for ten years.
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unarmed teenager michael brown. it comes the day after the first city council meeting since the shooting attended by hundreds of residents. off the bat, the council tried to open with other business but the audience reacted strongly. >> excuse me. excuse me. excuse me. >> for three hours residents vented their anger and demanded change and answers from city leaders. they told stories of discrimination and called for officer darren wilson to be arrested for brown's killing. >> so you the mike brown movement in your face. because of your ongoing neglect. none of us would be here if the police chief you guys put in office would have just came forward and said we apologize. this was handled wrong. you know what i'm saying? just give us a minute to conduct our investigation. >> joining me now
8:33 am
tremaine lee in ferguson. this meeting was moved because so many people showed up some 600 folks turned out for this venting their frustration, as we heard there. what did the city council say? were they offering solutions here? >> the city council offered little in the way of answers or any solutions at all as a matter of fact. they made it clear it was not a question and answer town hall style meeting. this was an ordinary city council meeting with a comments section. it fired the crowd up. they rolled out the plan of new ordinances. there was no vote. the people didn't have any understanding who was for it or against it. >> and this rally that is planned for later today. are we seeing a reboot of the rallies we saw earlier. especially, those, of course, that were nonviolent and more so just to keep the story and michael brown's case in the headlines? >> i don't know if it's so much a reboot, because it's clear
8:34 am
that this energy is by no means dissipating at all. one young organizer said including today's shut down of highway 70. they plan on making life uncomfortable for the mayor. whenever he is, they're going to be. they talked about shutting down access to the ball games football and baseball. there's no sign this is waning at all. people are are focussing their energy now. >> what do we know about the grand jury? what is the latest there? >> they're hearing instructions -- evidence from the prosecutor. as the prosecutor mentioned weeks ago, had it is going to be a long process and taking their time. so far few new details are emerging. >> back to the city council meeting last night. as i understand they did propose some changes which include establishing a citizens's review board to help guide the police department. was that discussed last night? >> it wasn't discussed. it was presented. again, the residents came out, again, with so many questions.
8:35 am
will it have teeth, subpoena power? i read some of the ordinance. i got a copy and it seems toothless. they can, you know, consult the mayor but no real power at all. so you have to be seen whether make any real difference in the relationship or the handling or policing of the community by the police department. >> thank you very much for your live report from ferguson, missouri. we'll see what happens later today. developing now police in south carolina just announced they are charging a father with murder in the gruesome deaths of five young children. all of those children siblings. the latest in a live report. right now millions of people in the midwest are in the path of severe weather, possibly even some tornados. it's one of the stories we're following around the "newsnation." as the prepares to lay out his plan tonight to fight isis. a new nbc news wall street journal shows a huge shift in public opinion on foreign
8:36 am
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we have more now on the president's high stakes prime time speech to the nation tonight. the speech in which the president will lay out a strategy for fighting isis. it comes, of course, on the eve of the 13th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. a new poll show reveals that nearly half of americans think we're less safe now than we were before 9/11. that, by the way, is the highest number the poll has ever recorded on that question. the poll also reveals that on the question of foreign policy, the.'sapproval ra president's a never been lower. joining me now is mark mur ray. what struck you most. what is the most telling number from the poll? >> well, tamron, i think there are two. the first was the one you showed 47% thinking the country isless safe.
8:40 am
higher than we've seen in a question that dates back all the way back to 2002. we've, asking the question almost once a year. it's the highest personality ce. here is another set of numbers. it has to do with the 94% of americans who said they heard a lot or some about the recent beheading of the two american journalists at the hands of isis. and why it's extraordinary is 94% figure is the highest we've seen for any news event or nbc journal poll covered and measured over the past five years. more than that debt ceiling debate of 2011. the botched exclusion in oklahoma. any other political debate we've followed. this is resonated and penetrated with the american public and move the needle. all of a sudden you're seeing americans have wakened up and seems to have a bigger app tide for action than a couple of months ago. >> it's interesting. and its interesting to see what people believe in the poll of the president's foreign policy.
8:41 am
>> and, you know, i think just culmination of foreign crisis after foreign crisis. not only the situation in iraq in isis but also the instability and the unrest in eastern ukraine. and i think that the stuff about what has gone on in iraq has been one of the chief culprits in president obama's slide. this was the person who won the democratic nomination. the presidency based on his opposition to the iraq war. one of the biggest promises he ended up making the iraq war ended. with isis maneuvers the iraqi government's military and its governments' inability to stop isis. the united states had intervene. i think there's some disappoint that the thought the iraq situation was over and done. now united states has to deal with it all over again. i think it's having a little bit of a drag on the numbers. >> thank you very much. developing now police in south carolina just released new
8:42 am
details about the father now charged with murdering his five children. i'll talk live with the reporter at the news conference and the latest on the investigation. one philadelphia officer caught at the most bizarre case he's seen when a teen jumps from train to train all to escape authorities. it's one of the stories we're following around the "newsnation" today. it's time for the "your business entrepreneur of the week. she says may be street retail stores can succeed if they make shopping an exciting experience and offer a big selection of items customers didn't even know they wanted. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. if i can impart one lesson to a new business owner, it would be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is real simple american express open forum is an on-line community,
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♪ losing feeling in my toes ♪ ♪ nothing beats that new car smell ♪ ♪ chicken parm you taste so good ♪ ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ mmm mmm mmm mm mmm mm mmmmmm developing now authorities in south carolina wrapped up a news conference revealing more details about a devastating story. police found the bodies of five children yesterday in alabama and say their father has confessed to killing them. now the children are ages 1 to 8. reported missing by their mother last wednesday. timothy jones was arrested saturday at the check point when police noticed blood in his van. police say he admitted to killing his children and told
8:46 am
authorities where he had hidden their bodies. they told reporters they're hoping to get jones back to south carolina either today or tomorrow where he'll be served murder warrants. the acting sheriff said the children's mother, as you can imagine, is distraught. >> i'm a father and i'm a grandfather, and in all of my years of law enforcement i have never seen a case like this. it's hard to work a case with one child or one murder. it's very difficult to work two. but five is extremely hard. >> joining me now on the phone is harrison cahill from the state newspaper. he's been reporting the story and there at the news conference. obviously the first question is why. what did the suspect, timothy jones, jr., tell authorities happen here?
8:47 am
>> right now as the investigation stands, there's no real cause as to why he did this. it was said during the press conference at this time, they don't know if it was financial. he had ingredients to make methamphetamine and synthetic marijuana in the car, which is also known as spice commonly throughout law enforcement. but at this time, there's no real motivation to why he did this. >> authorities at this news conference revealed in photographs some of the children three boys, two girls. i understand the family -- the parents divorced. it was finalized a year ago. what more did we learn about these children and i understand their mother and the father of their -- their grandfather reported them missing or were concerned when they didn't arrive at the location they were
8:48 am
expected. >> yes. so far the department is going to release information regarding an investigation that conducted on august 7th, and it was reported that the children were experiencing neglect and abuse from the father. when they interviewed the children, they weren't able to see any evidence of that. so, you know, it's not clear right now as to why this is happening, and it just it's really an odd case as far as that's concerned. it's very, very vague. and they are expected to release more information later today. >> did timothy jones, jr. have primary custody of the children?
8:49 am
it's my understanding the sheriff said the children -- the parents had split custody, but he was one of the physical guardians of the children, but he didn't have full custody. it was split custody. >> all right. thank you very much. we'll continue to follow this story. as the officer that was covering it said it's devastating. thank you for your time and the information you've provided thank you. a terrifying scene on a highway near las vegas tops our look at stories around the "newsnation" today. take a look at the van that got trapped in the raging flood waters. at one point a man tried to get inside the vehicle, he disappeared and the dam swallowed the man. the man survived. flash flood watches in several states. some 24 million people are at risk for strong storms and isolated areas in like detroit,
8:50 am
indianapolis and st. louis. a teen in philadelphia is under arrest after police say he jumped from one moving train to the next. the 16-year-old got into an argument with a his train pass wouldn't work. he got into a scuffle with transit police and then jumped the turnstile. and then hopped on a train. he went in between two cars and got on top of the train then jumped to the roof of another passing by. he was arrested when he came down. because you always at some point have to come down, right? looks like -- we can joke now because he's okay. looks like breaking the law can be tiring. a florida woman came home and found an alleged burglar sleeping on the bed. right next to a bag of jewelry. and she called police. officials say the suspect is still asleep when deputies got there. they took a photo, woke him up, and read him his miranda rights. oh, gosh, you can't make this
8:51 am
up. and thankfully that lady's okay. we can joke about it. up next, do you agree with our new poll saying it's in our national interest to take military action against isis? we'll tell you how to weigh in. plus, toronto mayor rob ford. well, he's got some muscle behind his campaign. what celebrity boxer is now backing ford? you've got two minutes in the break to guess. tweet me who you think it is. oh, we showed it. come on. we'll be right back after this. we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is.
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welcome back. time now for the "news nation" gut check ahead of president obama's address to the nation tonight detailing his plan for defeating isis. a senior administration official tells nbc news the president is prepared to expand air strikes to syria. meantime, our nbc news "wall street journal" poll finds overwhelming support for striking isis in syria. 61% say taking military action
8:55 am
against isis in both iraq and syria is in the nation's best interest. what does your gut tell you? do you agree with that nbc news "wall street journal" poll, the majority who say this air strike would be necessary. let us know what you think. go to and take a look at what news nation is saying about yesterday's gut check. do you agree with those who said roger goodell should step down in the wake of the domestic violence case. 70% of you said, yes. 30% of you said, no. here's some things we thought you should know beyond those two stories. president obama was apparently snubbed by some of new york's most exclusive golf clubs over labor day weekend. according to a report, turned down requests from the white house which only gave them a day or two of advance notice. the president was in the area over the holiday weekend to attend the wedding of his chef. and according to the report, some of the members of the golf
8:56 am
course did not want to have their tee times interrupted by the president. and toronto's embattled mayor rob ford has secured the endorsement of iron mike tyson. after meeting with the mayor for 40 minutes, he told reporters ford is, quote, the best mayor in toronto's history. mike tyson, the undisputed truth. if you have not seen that, off the record, it is a really interesting performance there. you should see it. check it out. those are the things we thought you should know. i'm tamron hall. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." i know what you're thinking. you're thinking beneful. [announcer]and why wouldn't he be? beneful has wholesome grains,real beef,even accents of spinach,carrots and peas. it has carbohydrates for energy and protein for those serious muscles. [guy] aarrrrr! [announcer]even accents of vitamin-rich veggies. [guy] so happy! you love it so much. yes you do! but it's good for you,too.
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such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. don't take celebrex if you have bleeding in the stomach or intestine, or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. and now celebrex may be available for as little as $4 a month. terms and conditions apply. to learn more, go to right now on "andrea mitchell reports." prime time appeal in a rare evening address. president obama will try to rally the nation behind his military strategy. after the brutal beheadings of two american journalists, our new nbc news poll says americans are now willing to support military action. but is congress onboard?
9:00 am
in baghdad today, the secretary of state is trying to bolster iraq's fragile new coalition government and appeal to other arab allies. >> to fight the united states and the rest of the world need to support every single step of the way. the stakes are too high, failure is unacceptable. >> defensive line under fire, the ravens and nfl commissioner roger goodell admit to dropping the ball on the ray rice case. >> we didn't get this right. that's my responsibility. and i'm accountable for that. >> ahead, what the league can do to fix the problem. plus, battle of the sexes. senator kirsten gillibrand off the sidelines. even as she describes sexism right in the united states senate. >> you are a united states sitting senator and you detail other people, elected representatives saying things to you that are


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