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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 11, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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the d a's office, we would go there, too. right now we're on the nfl. >> all right, let's get you to take a look at the d a's office, too. terry o'neill, thank you very much for joining us tonight. this as america marks the 13th anniversary of 9/11. the nfl's new hired gun, former fbi director robert mueller. oscar pistorius and the murder of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. good morning. i'm betty nguyen. reaction is pouring in following president obama's speech last night, unveiling his strategy for dealing with isis. the president vowed to degrade and destroy the terror group. his strategy included deploying 475 more military advisers to iraq and authorizing air strikes in syria for the first time. lawmakers are already weighing
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in. senators john mccain and lindsey graham issued a joint statement saying in part, quote, he described the correct goal to degrade and ultimately destroy isis. however, the president's plan will likely be in position to destroy isis which is the world's largest, richest terrorist army. prior to the president's speech, senator tom harkin dismissed the idea that isis poses a direct threat to the u.s. saying, quote, it's fearmongering. it's what happened after 9/11. oh, my god, they've got these planes crashing. now they're going to take over america. that's nonsense. it's become an international issue. ahead of his speech, the president spoke with leaders of saudi arabia. the country has agreed to host an anti-isis training program for syrian opposition fighters. meanwhile, a new poll finds that 64% of europeans approve of president obama's international policies. here in the u.s., a gallup poll finds that 43% of americans trust the federal government to
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handle international problems. nbc's tracie potts is in washington. tracie, what reaction have you seen from the president's speech? >> reporter: well, betty, we're even hearing from people like senator ted cruz who say terrorism is one of the reasons we need to secure the borders, bringing immigration back into the debate. part of what the president said he wants to do is deploy more troops to iraq, not just to advise but to actually help the iraqis fight the enemy. >> we will not get dragged into another ground war. >> reporter: but bewill go after isis in iraq and syria, the president warned. >> if you threaten america, you will find no safe haven. >> reporter: air strikes but no ground troops is a tricky strategy, critics say. >> we have 1,000 boots on the ground right now. he's going to send another 435 boots on the ground. they are in a combat situation. they say they're not. this is obviously untrue. >> reporter: even supporters fear this expanded campaign would spark a major conflict in the middle east.
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>> people will become angry. maybe we send troops into combat. and then you have a perpetual war decade after decade. >> reporter: president obama made the case that the u.s. must destroy isis to keep america safe. >> our own safety, our own security depends upon our willingness to do what it takes to defend this nation and uphold the values that we stand for. >> reporter: and he's doing it without asking congress for permission first. some lawmakers insist he needs that vote but a divided congress agree on a strategy? >> i'm not going to come to congress and say this is required because i don't know what i'm going to get. >> reporter: his strategy now public. the war is on. and part of that strategy, the president outlined is backing the syrian -- the free syrian army, the syrian opposition that we've already been backing, arming them so they can fight the ground war in syria. bottom line, we are sending more troops into the region, not for combat, but they're headed into a war zone.
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betty? >> indeed. tracie, thank you. and 13 years since the 9/11 attacks, we are still fighting the war on terror. millions across the country will stop to reflect on that horrific day. among them, president obama, the first lady and the vice president. later this morning, they will hold ceremonies on the front lawn of the white house and at the pentagon. ceremonies will also be held in shanksville, pennsylvania, and at ground zero in new york city. nbc's jay gray is in new york city. jay, what are you hearing about this year's ceremony? >> reporter: hey there, betty. again, a somber, solemn day here and across the country. one world trade, the tower that now stands at ground zero just behind me here, it stands out as a symbol of strength and hope, but it's also a reminder of one of the darkest and most difficult times in our nation's history. 13 years later, the memory and ee noeshs have yet to fade. >> we will never forget.
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you know, but we have to move on. we have to stay strong. >> reporter: ground zero continues to change. evolve. one world trade is the place the twin towers had once stood here. reaching to the sky, a monument to our nation's unwavering spirit and resolve. >> freedom tower. just hold on to our beliefs and keep freedom in this country. >> reporter: the 9/11 museum honors the nearly 3,000 people who died that day. >> even though we didn't know any person, but they're our family. they're our heroes. >> reporter: in the mirror of this giant reflecting pool for some, the images and emotions come rushing back. >> depressing. >> reporter: but with the growing threat and reach of the islamic extremist group isis, this site for many also serves as a reminder. >> with everything that's going on, it's still there.
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it's still present. >> reporter: which is why on this day each year so many gather in new york, at the pentagon and in shanksville, pennsylvania. ♪ to remember, honor and send a strong message to the rest of the world. >> we're back on our feet. we've just got to keep moving on. >> reporter: to make sure that it never happens again. now, there will be a private ceremony with the reading of the victims' names a bit later this morning on the plaza outside of the 9/11 museum. it will be open to the public from 6:00 until midnight. betty? >> yejay, thank you very much. now to a game changer that could blow the ray rice case wide open. the nfl had the infamous fist-swinging video back in april, at least according to the associated press. and it gets voice. a 12-second voice mail from the
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nfl office confirms it. the league is in full damage control using former fbi director robert muller to investigate. this comes as rice gets support from a once-banned player. >> i think he deserves a second chance, but, you know. >> as criticism of the nfl's handling of domestic violence grows, a plea from one team owner -- >> i ask that you consider not to be too quick to judge. we have worked extremely hard to build an organization of integrity daush. >> members of congress sent a letter to nfl boss roger goodell. they want to know where the investigation failed. also breaking news out of south africa. verdict watch in the murder trial of oscar pistorius. the trial is being watched worldwide. outside the courthouse, pistorius was crushed by a mob
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of reporters. here's a look inside. getting the verdict could take until friday. i'll get you that inside look. why? because the judge goes through all the evidence given by 37 witnesses. pistorius is accused of gunning down his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. prosecutors claim it was intentional. pistorius claims it was accidental. when the verdict comes down, nbc news will bring that to you. all right. no laughing matter for toronto mayor rob ford. he remains in the hospital this morning after doctors found a tumor in his stomach. now they're trying to determine what kind it is and whether it's malignant. ford had been complaining of stomach pain for three months but was taken to the hospital yesterday after he says they became unbearable. this isn't ford's first battle with a tumor in this part of his body, though. back in 2009 he underwent surgery to remove a tumor from his appendix. sadly in 2006, his father died of colon cancer within a matter of months from the diagnosis. missouri has passed one of the longest abortion waiting
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periods. women will now need to wait 72 hours after talking to a doctor before ending a pregnancy. it used to be just 24 hours. the decision by missouri gop-led legislature overruled a veto by the democratic governor. utah is the only other state with a 72-hour wait, but there is an exception for rape. now, to sports and my friend richard lui. what's shaking? >> very good thursday to you, betty. let's start with this. the pirates/phillies game. watch this one. >> mccutchen toward center. back. toward the wall. off the wall. mccutchen is going to get at least three! he's got a shot for an inside-the-parker! this should be a no-doubter! an inside-the-park home run for andrew mccutchen has tied the game! >> oh, boy, he did. they could not catch him. you're right. his first in the-the-park homer.
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they top the phillies 6-3. albert pujols triple sends him home for his 100th run of the season. trout becomes the sixth player ever with three 100-run seasons before the age of 23. the angels topping the rangers. 8-1. >> we're underachievers. >> you bet we are. in a battle for the division lead between the royals and tigers, the tigers struggling at-bat, only getting two hits against pitcher james shields. the royals will retake the lead of the division with a 3-0 win. tonight mlb teams will host pregame ceremonies including a moment of silence in remembrance of 9/11. and for the first time since the attack, those new york teams, the yankees and the mets, will be playing at home together. in the opening ceremony for the invictus games for wounded service men and women from around the world. members of the royal family were in attendance including prince
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henry who inspired the creation of the games. track and field events begin today. bill karins is here with a look at the weather. i'm not weather for fall. >> fall into winter, you mean? >> yeah. >> people in the midwest that are, like, what is going on? i mean, it snowed three days in a row in calgary. and that cold air is heading south. we did have some severe weather yesterday. there's still some showers and rain. kentucky and tennessee, it's an umbrella day for you. look at the cold air. it is now 33 degrees in rapid city. and it's now turned from rain to snow. that's in south dakota. it's not like we're talking the mountains of montana. and the cold air, it's in the 40s now throughout much of the state of minnesota and wisconsin. 52 in chicago. and there's the radar. the green is the rain. the white is the snow. in the black hills and right around rapid city this morning. today in montana, it's only going to be 44 degrees for a high. in the east, we are watching showers and thunderstorms. there could be some minor problems. and for the east coast, all that
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cool air comes our way. not 40s and 50s, but it will be much cooler this upcoming weekend. >> that is insane. >> it's early. it was one of the earliest snows in montana yesterday. >> i'm cold just thinking about it. a major drug money laundering ring broken up in l.a. plus, the u.s. does everything possible to prevent new french warships from reaching their russian buyers. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. [ bell rings ] hi michael! looking good! trying to keep up with you! i told my producer karen that i take metamucil because it helps me feel fuller between meals. it's just one small change that can help lead to good things.
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15 minutes past the hour. time to get down to business. mcdonald's has filed a trademark registration on the term mcbrunch. but the company says they're not testing a new bench menu, at least for now. nevada state lawmakers are hoping to solidify tesla motors' new $5 billion battery factory. governor brian sandoval is urging lawmakers to approve up to $1.3 billion in tax incentives. and the food and drug administration has approved a third new weight-loss drug. it works to decrease appetite.
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and a rare piece of good news for the environment. the united nations scientific panel says the earth's ozone layer is beginning to recover. it turns out that the phasing out of chemical used in refridge rant and aerosol cans in the 1980s is working. stories making news this morning, the u.s. is putting pressure on france to permanently cancel the sale of two warships to russia. now, last week the french delayed the first delivery over the conflict in ukraine. some lawmakers suggest nato should buy the vessels instead. an unprecedented crackdown in l.a.'s fashion district. law enforcement seized some $90 million yesterday in what they called the epicenter of drug money laundering. 1,000 officers searched around 70 locations, arresting 9. and the big screen's big man, richard peel has died. his 7'2" frame made him stick out in films oik s like "the lo
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yard." he had a funny side, too. adam sandler's "happy gilmore." >> that's two. >> oh, you can count. good for you. >> you can count on me waiting for you in the parking lot. >> uh-oh. well, hulking and talented richard kiel will be missed. he was 74. pat robertson's political rescue. one of the most liberal commentators in the country backing rand paul and john kerry's flying high again. "scrambled politics" is next.
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there's a new poll out there that shows that if the presidential election were held today, hillary clinton might actually beat chris christie in his home state of new jersey. while another poll shows that if the election were held today, president obama would be tight. get me out of here! get me out! >> now here's your first look at this morning's dish of "scrambled politics." in kansas, senator pat roberts is in the political fight of his life. and now he's getting help from big-name republicans. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will headline a fund-raiser for roberts later this month. senator john mccain and rand paul will also campaign for the kansas senator this fall. speaking of rand paul, he picked up an unconventional supporter, should he run for president in 2016. you'll remember this comedian.
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he tells "the hill" that, quote, rand paul could possibly get my vote. this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, though. the comedian has often expressed admiration for paul's father, ron paul. you know that welfare cards can buy pot? well, republican senator jeff sessions is trying to pass legislation that would close what he calls a welfare looph e loophole. it comes after the health and human services department confirmed it had, quote, no authority to prohibit recipients from using their benefit cards at marijuana stores in states where pot is legal. there had been reports of recipients withdrawing money from her welfare cards at atms inside marijuana stores. take a look at this picture. no, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. that is secretary of state john kerry working at a desk on a cargo plane. now, the state department isn't giving out details other than saying he was traveling to iraq yesterday.
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hopefully he didn't have any recliner issues. you'll remember just a few weeks ago, though, he had to fly a commercial plane because of problems on his private air force jet. and that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." in washington i am joined by political reporter lee munsell. thanks for joining us. a lot of people talking today and a lot of mixed reaction. what's the biggest concern coming from lawmakers? >> well, at this point the question is what's going to happen in syria. and specifically how far are we willing to go in syria. we're talking at this point arming, training syrian rebels as well as helping train iraqi troops. so the biggest concern from lawmakers right now is what that looks like. we're also talking about air strikes potentially in syria. and the question there also is whether any attempt to help the syrian rebels would actually end up helping president bashar al assad. so the question is how to assist
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in syria against the fight against isil, but then not have any unintended consequences. >> right. the question is whether this is going to backfire. i want to something you did mention, those broader air strikes in syria. but if that doesn't stop isis, is this going to draw the u.s. into a larger role in this? >> well, at this point, the president announced last night that 475 more troops would head to iraq to have kind of training, advisory, those sorts of roles, the sorts of roles we already know about. obviously troops in iraq when we were talking about the iraq war, more than 100,000. so it's not nearly the scale as the ground war was, but certainly this question of boots on the ground or no boots on the ground, there are boots on the ground in iraq. they're just a much smaller number. and so the question is what that's going to look like moving forward. >> yeah, we'll be watching closely. all right, leigh, thanks for joining us today. just ahead, a whole different perspective on some of our very best friends.
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welcome back, everybody. okay, so there is no denying how much pet owners get a kick out of taking pictures of their furry loved ones. well, nbc's jacob rispone has the story of how one photographer took this a step further. he went under wurt with man's best friend, and the results will melt your heart. >> reporter: when you love your pets, you take their picture. >> good girl. >> reporter: when you're seth kastille, you take their photograph for a living.
2:28 am
>> i'm a dog photographer. >> reporter: it was hardly a good paying job. >> a couple hundred bucks. it was getting down to the wire. >> reporter: then he met buster who didn't like land. >> he just started jumping in immediately. and the owner was so upset. but buster wasn't upset. i said, wait a second. let's see what's happening here. >> reporter: that day the definition of pet pictures took a plunge. a crazy, cute, playful and sometimes terrifying plunge. >> i just thought, this is what i want to do every day. >> reporter: it wasn't easy. 2,000 pictures to get duncan the pug to look like this. but millions of online views later, seth signed a book deal, and the struggling pet photographer became a "new york times" best-selling author. >> it's like living in a movie, man. living in a movie. >> reporter: and thousand -- >> first time in the water. >> first time in the water for this little dachshund pup puppy. >> reporter: will get a prequel.
2:29 am
underwater puppies is puppies under water learning to swim, dive, grin and just be. a special treat for dog lovers. >> great photos. stay with us. i made it clear that we will hunt down terrorists wherever they are. that means i will not hesitate to take action against isil in syria as well as iraq. these are the core principles of my presidency. if you threaten america, you will find no safe haven. >> on the eve of september 11th, president obama vows to hunt down terrorists as he details a military plan to strike isis in iraq and syria. and the former fbi director robert mueller is now launching an investigation of the nfl as questions persist of commissioner roger goodell. a report yesterday coming out, shockingly claiming that the league received a copy of the
2:30 am
full elevator video five months ago. and all eyes this morning on south africa as we await a verdict in the oscar pistorius murder trial. this is "way too early." good morning, children. yes, that's right. i'm here early. "way too early" in for thomas roberts on this special version. brought to you by adderall and 5-hour energy drink. the show that will never, though, seriously this morning of all mornings, forget the sacrifice of the nearly 3,000 people who lost their lives on this date 13 years ago. that's right. the 13th anniversary of september 11th, that morning, that moment that changed absolutely everything. and here we are, think about this, here we are 13 years later, and we're talking about going back to war. so let'sta


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