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tv   The Reid Report  MSNBC  September 12, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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overestimated. >> a very compelling argument about the need to combat that threat. >> but who exactly are the syrian rebels president obama hopes to train for the fight? we'll have a report from inside syria. plus, the nfl's internal investigation of its ray rice fumble has female senators upping the pressure on commissioner roger goodell and fans giving the league a free pass. but, we start with president obama and his foreign policy team. still making the sell for his plan to confront isis. secretary of state john kerry will announce a new envoy to the region, retired general allen who previously was in afghanistan and helped with the surge in afghanistan. k turkey's geographic position makes it an important potential player in any attempt to conduct
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air strikes on rebels on the ground. however, the country so far has refuse to sign on to a joint statement issued by the u.s. and ten arab states which merely asks signees to, quote, do their share to confront the group calling itself the islamic state. syrian officials have concerns about the 40 isis has kidnapped. germany saying no to air strikes. it may seem odd the president's strongest support, relatively speaking, may come from a bipartisan group of democrats and republicans and a certain general john mccain really, really linings. eliot engel joins me and congressman jim crowley, both represent new york city. thank you for being here. congressman crowley, i'm going to start with you. it seems now there is a coalition building, even a bipartisan, i would say, consensus on the hill that what
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the president outlined in his thursday night speech is the way to go. is that accurate? >> i think it is accurate. i think people on the hill recognize -- general petraeus just said from the president outlined has been very strong. mr. ryan indicates he supports the president's movement here. we need to have that statement of growing and really demonstrable support for the president in this effort. >> i want to have you listen to your speaker, speaker john boehner and his comments on the president's plan. take a listen. >> what the president has asked for, as the commander in chief is this authority to train the syrian rebels and, frankly, we ought to give the president what he's asking for. >> congressman engel, are you surprised? mr. boehner has been very critical of the president at every juncture. are you surprised there is not more push back from your friends on the republican side?
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>> well, i'm pleasantly surprised, i'm happily surprised, because i think the president made a very cogent case the other night when he spoke with the american people. yesterday was september 11th. and joe crowley and i both being new yorkers, we remember september 11, 2001. that came about because we dropped the ball in afghanistan when the russians were kicked out. we allowed al qaeda to make it a no man's land to train and plot attacks on the u.s. homeland. that's what isis will do if we leave them alone. they are grouping in iraq and syria. and if we don't disrupt them, there will be attacks on the u.s. homeland. i think it is certainly in the u.s. national interest to disrupt them and to defeat them. and i think it goes beyond politics. i think that's what the speaker is reflecting. >> congressman, let me give you the other side of that argument. there is assessment by the cia there is something between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters.
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used to be assessment of 10,000. it's a much bigger estimate. we've seen in intelligence estimate those fighters are focused on syria, iraq, the la vont. they are not focused outside of regional conquests of territory. what would you say to people who say, wait a minute, we're not yet at the point where we need to do something like we did in iraq, like go in and wage war, because we don't have any evidence they are threatening up us here in the united states. >> you said not yet at the point. i want to avoid getting to that point, number one. number two, we already have interests in the region. we know their attempt to topple the kurds, attacking their capital, where many of our diplomats are, where we have an interest in assuring pro-american presence in that region. we're concerned about other countries in the region, whether it be jordan or lebanon or elsewhere. that they see this caliphate
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moving towards. how they killed the two journalists, trek out young men naked in the middle of the desert, shoot them, the atrocities they're committing need to be addressed as well. i do believe and i do fear if left to their own device, they would love to have an incident on the mainland in europe or england or here in the united states. >> congressman engel, that brings us to another question. whatever it is that the white house decides to do, the commander in chief, the president decides to do, the question then is the authority and what authority he has and where it derives from. josh earnest, the press secretary said today about the authority they believe the white house has to confront isis. >> it is the view of this administration and the president's national security team specifically, that additional authorization from congress is not required. that he has the authority that he needs to order the military actions that he has to de grade and ultimately destroy isil. >> congressman engel, the authority they're talking about
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comes from the authorization to use military force. the aumf that was passed after the september 11, 2001 terror attacks. is it a problem that that has not been updated to include the current threat to the united states, such as it is, and that congress has simply let that ride for so many years? because couldn't the next president say, well, you know what, that 2001 authority applies to me. i want to wage war in the horn of africa, another president, and it could go on indefinitely. shouldn't congress act and pass a new umaf if it beliefs the president should act? >> we're talking about two different things here. one is the president's request to equip or arm free syrian army or vetted rebels in syria. if you're going after isis, you can't just do it in iraq. they obliterated the iraq/syria border. the president says he needs to authority from congress to do that. we might well do that next week in the continuing resolution
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that funds the government. i think that would be the quickest and best way of doing it. the question is, should the president come to congress for all the other things. for the bombing and drones and things like that. i think the president certainly can invoke the war powers act, and he has. again and again for 60 days. it would be best if he came to congress. i think that to have a new umaf, i think that would be best. but if it's going to impede the effort, because i think time is of the essence and if congress diddles and daddles for three months or four months, there's an election and then lame duck session, i think that's a problem. so, i think the president is right to assert his authority to do it now. long-term, i would hope that the congress would pass a new umaf. >> i think that's the concern of a lot of democrats, congressman crowley, congress won't act. they'll just let that happen. do you believe in that continuing resolution there will be included an affirmative vote
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from congress to authorizes what the president wants to do? >> putting aside legal documents as to whether the prior act is in effect. wouldn't it be good for congress to make a statement to use our authority and be engaged to make a statement? i think it would. void of the politics. doesn't matter if it's democrat or republican. i think there's an issue as to whether or not we should go in alone or stand alone? personally speaking, if the c.r. is clean otherwise and we deal with the issue of x.m. bank in a smart way, i would have no problem including the use of force resolution in the c.r., but that remains to be see. >> you said export/import bank and then my hope dwindled. that's going to be a fight. congressmen, both new york representatives, appreciate you both being here. thank you very much. michael tamasky, a columnist with "the daily beast."
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we heard from congressman eliot engel that in the continuing resolution, that must be debated in the house of representatives, there's the possibility of including in that some sort of explicit authorization for the president to use force, potentially even against syria. does that make you hopeful we could actually get congress's buy-in, or at least their weigh-in o what we decide to do in sir dwra? >> yeah, but i don't think that's the way it's going to end up, on the latest i've heard. the administration wants $500 million for syria included in the continuing resolution. they're pushing very hard for that. but it seems the latest stuff i've heard seems the republicans want to have two separate votes and pass a continuing resolution and then have a separate vote on the syria money. i would still bet that it's probably going to pass, but, you know, when they separate these things out, it presents opportunities for mischief and delay. and you know, it gives talk
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radio time to bubble up and make noise about, don't cast a vote for obama. who knows. i bet it will pass. >> one thing that did scare me a little bit is the idea of putting it in the resolution which includes the import/export bank, which is the tea party's latest litmus test. no one ever heard of before this came along. i want to touch on another issue. it's been very interesting to watch john mccain go from show to show to show, slamming the president for not doing enough, not using enough force, and now you have somebody that he really respects on the other side of the issue. i'm going to play you a couple of sound bites and get your take on the other side. >> isis is a terrorist army. isis has the largest area in history of wealth, of military equipment and capability than of a terrorist organization in history. >> isil in iraq should not be overestimated.
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this in many respects is a -- it has nowhere near the roots, the numbers and the structure that al qaeda in iraq and associate the sunni insurgents had when we launched this. >> if david petraeus, author of the magical surge is now with the president on his strategy, where does that leave john mccain? >> somehow, joy, i don't think it's going to change john mccain's tune very much. john mccain is john mccain and he'll say what he's going to say. but i think petraeus' words will have significant influence on others. mccain will be a yes vote. how grumpily but he'll be a yes vote. and i think they'll swing some republicans and maybe some democrats, to give the president authority to do this. i think petraeus' words were
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important in that respect. it's good and refreshing to hear someone who is knowledgeable and credible on these subjects say, maybe isis isn't as fearsome as everyone is saying. it's interesting to have that perspective. >> that's why a lot of liberal democrats, left on the outside once again in what seems like a march toward more conflict or something like war, to sort of be a lonely voice and say, wait a minute, are we heading back toward a pre-iraq moment? i want to show you what rear admiral kirby, pentagon spokesman, said just today. listen to the language used about isis. take a listen. >> this is not the iraq war of 2002. but make no mistake, we know, we are at war with isil, the same way we're at war and continue to be with al qaeda and its affiliates. >> he qualified it's not the iraq war but he adds, we are at war with isil. the collective we. the same as we're at war with al
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qaeda. are we on a slippery slope toward war? >> well, sure, sure. we're on a slippery slope. i don't think there's any denying it. slippery slopes aren't inevitable. there are off-ramps on slippery slopes and opportunities to take them and opportunities to put the brakes on. a lot of things have to work. saudi arabia has to live up to its pledges it's making, in particular, along with the other countries. the gulf countries and others who have agreed to cooperate. the iraqi army has to prove itself. the iraqi government has to prove itself. and in time, the free syrian army has to prove itself. so, a lot of good things have to happen. but, you know, yeah, it's a slippery slope but it's not at this point yet a particularly steep one, i don't think. >> indeed. the other thing is there is not a neocon in charge because that would be a completely different kettle of fish. i think we'll be more cautious. thank you very much. >> thank you. next, we take you inside syria to see what people in that
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country are saying about the president's plan of attack. and a reality check on who exactly makes up the free syrian army. and the ravens win their first game back since sacking running back ray rice as the pressure builds against the nfl and commissioner roger goodell. we'll hear from one of the 16 female senators who are demanding the league institute a zero tolerance policy on domestic violence. up the perfecg day begins with arthritis pain and two pills. afternoon arrives and feeling good, but her knee pain returns... that's two more pills. the evening's event brings laughter, joy, and more pain... when jamie says... what's that like six pills today? yeah... i can take 2 aleve for all day relief. really, and... and that's it. this is kathleen... for my arthritis pain, i now choose aleve. get all day arthritis pain relief with an easy-open cap. i am so noh my, it's not even funny. driver 1 you ready? yeah! go! [sfx] roaring altima engine woah! ahhhha!
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president obama says the u.s. has now vetted, is anything but a cohesive fighting unit. calling it, instead, a diverse group ridden by in-fighting with no real leadership and hard-line islamists as its most. we have one explaining to msnbc why if a vote were held today, he would vote against any funding to arm the rebels. >> let's not believe that, you know, fighting in a three-way civil war is going to be anything other than messy. >> for more on this aspect we turn to nbc's bill kneneely in damascus. >> the darkness isn't just night falling in damascus. part is black smoke rising after a syrian warplanes flew over the center of this capital city and bombed rebel targets. just about a mile and a half behind me. this is a tremendously explos e explosive, fluid situation and a
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war that's been going on 3 1/2 years now. and it's about to take another twist. we've had the broad strategic announcement by president obama. we've had the rhetoric, if you like, of his intention to degrade and then destroy isis. that's the rhetoric. now comes the reality of coalition building, for example. that's proving quite difficult. it's one thing to have nato allies on board. it's proving quite difficult to get arab countries to sign up for a full-throated assault on isis. many of those countries really quite unwilling to do that. there are ten countries signed up. but possibly aside from iraq, the most enthusiastic country against isis at the moment is syria. its deputy foreign minister telling me yesterday that we have no objections whatsoever to u.s. air strikes on our country, on syria. he called on president obama to pick up the phone to president assad, set aside old differences
11:20 am
and unite against a common enemy. this is the kind of detail and difficulty and awkwardness that will be faced over the next few days and weeks. also for the president now comes the issue of who his allies -- who america's allies on the ground here in syria will be. because the free syrian army, the moderate rebels, have proved not very effective so far. frankly, not very moderate. saudi arabia is apparently willing to train thousands of them, but when will they be ready for the battlefield? and where will the united states strike? where are the targets? when will they be hit? and what happens to the syrian air force when american warplanes enter syrian air space? the foreign minister telling me yesterday there would have to be coordination between syria and the united states in order for that to happen. so, a difficult few days. a difficult moment as the rhetoric is turned into the reality as this strategic vision that president obama has set out gets down to the really tactical
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nitty gritty. back to you, joy. >> thank you, bill neely. now, three things to know this friday. a south african judge has found he embattled olympian oscar pistorius culpable of the death of reeva steenkamp. formal sentencing will take place on october 13th. pistorius was previously found not guilty of murder. mayor rob ford has withdrawn from the mayoral race to focus on his health but his brother doug will take his place. doctors found a tumor in his cancer. it's unclear if it's cancerous. ford has faced a series of drug, alcohol and other scandals, but had remained a viable contender for the october vote. all eyes will be on iowa sunday when hillary clinton returns to the hawkeye state. right behind her, vice president
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shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. . the nfl is coming under a lot of fire these days, but this story actually has you feeling good about football. cincinnati bengals player devin still will be able to pay for his 4-year-old daughter's cancer care thanks to the team coming together as a family. after he was cut during the preseason, the team re-signed still to the practice squad and then to the main roster. this allowed the dad to keep his health insurance and cover the million dollar costs for his daughter's treem treatment. the bengals have earmarked all proceed sees from his jersey
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sales to the fight for pediatric cancer. you're setting records buying the jersey and tweets are pouring in, including one from this life-long patriot fan who has never bought a player jersey and this dad of a 4-year-old girl bought his first today. here's what he told reporters about his daughter's struggles. >> just seeing my daughter be able to fight through her cancer, it gives me motivation to fight whatever i'm going through. whatever injuries i'm going through. nothing measures up to what she's going through. as long as i continue to see her fight hard, i'm going to continue to fight as hard as i can. >> the coach of the new orleans saints has already bought 100 jerseys. now, to a story about sarah palin, her family and a fight. police have confirmed the former alaska governor and other members of her family were present at a fight in anchorage over the weekend. a witness described the brawl which took place at a party as a dog pile, just like you see at a football game. palin allegedly uttered the words, do you know who i am?
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to which this user responsibilitied about the whole story? what's not to like? people there were not happy with one person allegedly snapping, quote, this isn't some hillbilly reality show. no one pressed charges. now to the rise of michael and shake upof "saturday night live," making history as first african-american anchor of the weekend update sketch on the iconic show. some lamenting a rare woman in comedy is losing a prominent spot. you're sending tweets like this, congrats, man. give cecily a hug next time you see her. don't worry, she's still part of the "snl" cast. 40th season debuts on september 27th. you can join the conversation on facebook, instagram, and tell us what's important to you. new details revealed about how the federal government convinced yahoo! to comply with the nsa's controversial
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11:32 am
and ray rice scandal has roger goodell hanging by a thread. as the reality sinks in that a so-called outside investigation is being conducted by a former fbi director with ties to the nfl, and being overseen by a pair of nfl team owners, many are saying the league not only has a domestic violence problem, it also has an optics problem. publicist and founder of the bredow agency. this is a conundrum. as boston globe's dawn shaughnessy put it, they are now, the nfl n full-blown watergate cover-up mode and roger goodell is a modern day nixon. does goodell resign, flee in a helicopter from a rooftop of nfl headquarters in manhattan? i mean, there is that sense among a lot of people this is now a story about him and about his inability to manage this league properly. can roger goodell, from a public relations point of view, survive
11:33 am
this or a way to survive this? if so, how? >> there's definitely a way to survive it, but roger goodell has really found himself in a very difficult position because domestic violence is a very serious infraction. and the manner in which a national sport, a widely, you know, recognized sport as football handles this is a very sensitive matter. obviously, corporate sponsors are big supporters of the nfl. and so everyone is keenly tuned into the manner in which roger goodell guided this process and whether or not a cover-up was swept under the rug will be at the center -- stand at the centerpiece of this entire investigation. >> if this independent investigation, again, saying it is by some friends of roger goodell, but let's say it comes about badly and comes out they could have gotten the tape, somehow the tape circulated through nfl offices but they didn't act on it or didn't want to see it. sometimes in pr situations the resigning or someone
11:34 am
high-profile being fired stanchs the bleeding. is that this type of case? >> this is the type of case -- typically the dna of nfl is safeguarded by the commissioner. the commissioner is in place to really be the person who is the protector of the brand. and the brand at this point is tainted, is soiled. the owners really have to step up at this point because he speaks for them. he represents them. and it would show high insensitivity if they allowed him to guide as the commissioner knowing that this infraction took place and wasn't severely addressed and dealt with. so, i believe the owners have to really first do the investigation. once the investigation is conducted, then they can determine what the next steps are. but it's smart and wise for the nfl to be proactive and not be reactive and to really take a step towards figuring out and calibrating towards a better resolve. at this point, i don't know that it will end well for roger goodell either way. >> you have seen the nfl and
11:35 am
also the television networks step up and try to stanch some of the pr bleeding. you had the rihanna performance that was going to be used, they were going to use her town "run this town" in a video compilation. they canceled that. replaced it with an interview of the team owner. you also had weird optics at the game where you had ray rice supporters, including women supporters sporting his number 27 jerseys at the game. does that kind of thing make it more difficult -- how does the nfl -- >> you have to think of at again da, right? you have to think of the asset versus the liability. and at this point he is a liability. of course, he's an asset to a fan because he's a star player. and fans want to win. they're competitive. but from an nfl position, he is a liability and the commissioner is a liability if he allows that behavior to continue. so, the manner in which the nfl deals with this will be under a microscope. not only now, but in the future because ideally this kind of behavior -- we know that
11:36 am
chivalry isn't where it should be. however, we cannot ever allow that kind of behavior to be supported by an organization as large and as respected as the nfl. >> yep. thank you very much for being here. very tough conundrum for roger goodell. as the nfl awaits the results of the that outside investigation, some members of congress are also turning up the heat. acourt d cording to "the hill" congressman jackie spear has asked oversight committee members to hold a hearing in the case. senator mccaskill called roger goodell, one of 16 women u.s. senators who wrote to goodell this week and in their words, quote, if you violently assault a woman you shouldn't get a second chance to play football in the nfl. senator, in theory, what could the united states congress do about what you and the other signees to that letter say is a deficient response to the
11:37 am
overall issue of domestic violence by the nfl? >> the women in the senate are a very powerful group. we came together, all of us, republicans and democrats, to get a stronger violence against women act. in fact, this is the 20th anniversary of that bill. just last year, we strengthened that bill when people were trying to do a much weaker version. now we came together, 16 of us, across party lines. we said, you know what, this just cannot be tolerated. young men all over the country look up to these football players. the way the nfl has handled this is wrong. that is why we sent the letter and we think it does make a difference when women leaders across a country tell them that they messed something up big time and that they need to fix it. and i'd also note, this isn't just about celebrity players, joy. this happens every single day in america, in homes where there aren't videotapes. one of the things, if there is any silver lining out of this, is that america has once again seen, by watching that videotape, how tragic and how violent domestic violence really
11:38 am
is. whether it's behind a closed bedroom door or a closed elevator door. >> absolutely true. this isn't just about the nfl as entertainment. this is an entity subsidized by the taxpayer. it is a tax-exempt organization, 501-c-6, similar to the chamber of commerce. one of your colleague, tom coburn, along with jason chaffetz of utah introduced bill to strip it of the tax exemption. would you be in favor of stripping the nfl's tax exemption? >> i would want to look at that bill. i think that was introduced completely independent of this domestic violence issue, joy. i also think that this domestic violence issue, as i said, transcends sports teams. i think the issue here for the nfl is that they can't be placed on a pedestal. that this investigation by the
11:39 am
former fbi director has to continue. that we have to get all the facts out. as a former prosecutor, i don't understand why this elevator tape was floating around. why they couldn't ask ray rice's lawyer for the tape. and i just don't understand why they couldn't get to the bottom of it instead of just giving him basically a two-day suspension and then hoping it would go away. it just don't know doesn't seem the right thing to do when you're an organization that everyone's watching on tv every weekend. i'd also add that i'm a huge sports fan. i grew up watching the vikings. my dad was a sports writer who covered the vikings. so i love my football as much as anyone, but i think we also expect out of that situation with these teams that they also treat each other and you treat the people you're with with dignity. >> senator, thank you very much. >> thank you. next, blocking access. texas takes its fight to
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you're shopping for something great. learn more at republican lawmakers in missouri just enacted a 72-hour waiting period for women seeking abortions, making the state one of the most restrictive in the country. protesters to and against the legislation gathered at the state capitol this week. in a 27-3 party line vote last week, the republican-led legislature overturned a very toe. they argued both sides of the issue on wednesday. >> i disagree with the governor that this is prolonging the suffering of rape and incest, as he states in his letter. >> we should not be interfering with a woman's health decisions. that should be between her, her
11:44 am
physician and her family. >> the bull, which goes into effect next month, triples missouri's current waiting period of 24 hours and make no exceptions for cases of rape and incest. only north dakota and utah have similar laws. meanwhile, in louisiana is hearing over texas abortion laws which could have seven to eight clinics should down. one of the plaintiffs suing the states, operating one of the clinics hanging in the balance. thank you for being here. >> you're welcome. >> you essentially are -- won a victory on august 29th when the u.s. district court of appeals lee yakel found in your favor found the law texas put in place, the trap laws, as they're called, admitting privileges at hospitals, that they operate together to place an
11:45 am
unconstitutional, undue burden on women throughout texas and must be enjoyed. how hopeful are you now that you're in the appeals process, that you'll continue to prevail. >> we put together a really good case. i'm confident that the data is there. we've -- it's been very able to demonstrate that it provides an undue burden for women, especially women in the rio grande valley in texas who have to drive up to 250, almost 500 miles if you go from el paso to san antonio just to obtain basic health care protected by the constitution. so, we're hopeful the fifth circuit will make the right decision and look at the data we presented. and, indeed, we are willing to go all the way and challenge this. on behalf of the women in the state of texas all the way to the supreme court, if that's what it requires. >> and if we could just put up the actual requirements of the law on the screen so our viewers can take a look at them. abortion clinics have to meet expensive standards for walk-in surgical clinics, all doctors who perform abortions in the
11:46 am
state of texas would need admitting privileges and the hospital would have to be within 30 miles. the doctors at your clinics were unable to obtain those admitting privileges. why? and is it -- shouldn't they be able to do that? is there a standard they are not meeting to obtain those privileges? >> it's a little more complicated than that. i had five clinics across the state of texas. some of our facilities, some doctors were admitted privileges at hospitals. in bigger cities like san antonio, ft. worth, austin, where the medical community is more diverse and there's multiple hospitals. it's much more difficult to get privileges granted in a place like mcallen or beaumont, texas, in a rural community where the hospitals are fewer and the stigma and shame surrounding this issue is much stronger. the same physician who is board-certified ob-gyn physician with great career of publishing and overseeing multiple hospitals is granted privileges in one city and denied in
11:47 am
another city simply because of politics. >> because of people's ideology. if we take a look at the trap laws, as they are called, signed and passed by republican mainly governors, it is sort of the red part of the country where people have an ideological opposition. it's a growing part of the country. that's a big swath in the central part of the country, of course across the south. how dangerous it is roe v. wade is being rolled back, even if it's not rolled back by the supreme court? >> it's true. we have a divide in the country where there's almost two different countries. your rights depend on your zip code instead of basic protections from the constitution. you know, my ability to obtain my rights to basic health care in mcallen, texas, is completely different if i was in new york city or chicago or san francisco. and so i think this is of great concern. and i think this stems back to the k.c. decision which allowed states to make state-by-state decisions. we have to look at this and look at protections we may be able to introduce at the federal level with women's health protection
11:48 am
act and some other efforts being done there in order to stem off this attack that's happening in the states. >> when you look at what's happening in missouri where you now have the 72-hour waiting period, even someone who's a victim of rape or invest, made to wait and have this period of reflection, what does if say that lawmakers are making women reflect on their decision? >> i think it says about lawmakers that they're not in touch with the hearts and minds of women in this country. the vast majority of women who face an unplanned pregnancy, they go through the heart wrenching decision with their families and doctors long before they call us for an appointment. to add an additional burden on her waiting time is insulting and shows they're out of touch with the hearts and minds of women in america. >> ceo of whole women's health, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. next, we "reid between the lines" on what it would take to change the culture of the nfl. ]
11:49 am
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everybody loves football. i know i grew up devoted to it in denver, colorado, home to monster record for con sective sellouts in mile high stadium that dates back all the way -- ravens beating the pittsburgh steelers. are football fans part of the problem? >> i wear the jersey in support of ray rice because i love ray rice. i'm sorry. i don't believe in abuse. but she struck him first. and any woman who can hit a man can be hit back. sorry. that's my belief. point blank. >> now, that woman certainly has a right to her opinion. but even the league in its tv partners recognize the potential awkwardness of opening the game with a rihanna number.
11:53 am
the nfl lately has been pedaling as fast as it can to wriggle out of scandals over racism, bullying, head injuries, players who should be in the hospital with broken bones instead stuffed with painkillers and sent out on the field like gladiators. now domestic violence. the reason football always survives, always comes out on top is us. remember when college fans rioted after joe paterno was fired by penn state for mishandling reports that his assistant coach was raping children? they really rioted. on the pro football side we've seen player after player forgiven by devoted fans who, as mike wise writes in a scathing roger goodell takedown in today's washington post, don't give a lick about off the field matters as long as their guy is strapping up on sunday. and ask native american activists about some of their ugly encounters of washington
11:54 am
football who are challenging the owner as keeping a slur as a name. why is only a combination of owner greed and fan apathy can save roger goodell as each day this becomes less about the demonization of ray rice and more about goodell's dereliction of duty. throw in the sponsor who is are loathe to walk away from multimillion franchise. and a neat set youup where the nfl's independent investigation is conducted by a cozy pals of goodell and a firm with nfl contracts. it's hard to argue with wise's point that if no tangible loss in attendance, viewership or their by-product, viewership and revenue, if only reckless media outrage at the moment, then the nfl really is bullet proof and we'll know that when push comes to shove and to knockout punch, goodell and the owners will always count on the greatest enablers of america's most
11:55 am
powerful sports league. us. the ticket buying, red zone subscribing public. in the end, maybe the team owners, coaches and nfl players weren't the only ones who couldn't really be bothered to find out how janay rice wound up unconscious in that elevator. it seems a lot of football fans don't particularly care either. and that wraps things up for "the reid report." i'll see you back here next monday at 2 p.m. eastern. visit us online at hey, "the cycle," you like my jersey? >> i love it. i wonder if you can throw a spiral as good as peyton manning. >> i can throw. >> the nfl is definitely bulletproof be. you're right about that. i'm going to talk about how the potential firing of roger goodell doesn't matter. doesn't matter to the future. the real issue in all of this, gender violence in america. we'll talk to dana milbank at the top of the show. and about what's going on with isis. they say we're doing all of this wrong.
11:56 am
can't wait to hear what he says we should do. >> i can't wait to watch "the cycle," which is coming up next. , but there are no branches? 24/7 it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates. i am so noh my, it's not even funny. driver 1 you ready? yeah! go! [sfx] roaring altima engine woah! ahhhha! we told people they were riding nissan's most advanced altima race car. we lied... about the race car part. altima, with 270 horsepower and active understeer control. how did you?...what! i don't even, i'm speechless. innovation that excites. yeah!
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[ female announcer ] stay strong, stay active with boost. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. this is holly. whole grains... her long day of outdoor adventure starts with knee pain. and a choice. take 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief.
11:59 am
onward! here on yk k"the cycle" thes is coming fast. i'm toure. we're learning the isis threat is bigger than first thought. the cia says after a massive recruiting effort, the group has more fighters now than ever before. nearly 32,000 men and women. that's triple the cia's initial assessment from back in the spring. >> we are confident the strategy the president has put forward and discussed in his prime time address on wednesday night is sufficient to meet the threat that is posed by isil, even given the assessment that they may be able to muster a slightly larger force than was previously believed. >> this is the man the president now has orchestrating the nearly 40 u.s. allies. secretary of state kerry has brought on board. general john allen. he's already worked with a littlelies to coordinate troops in afghanistan.
12:00 pm
as for kerry, he's now in turkey trying to gain their support. more on that coming up with waz gerges. the president still has to sell his plan at home. that comes with training and arming syrian rebels is the best way to fight syria outside of iraq. >> impact the equation, if not change it completely as they'll have the backing of the united states military a long with military air strikes working alongside them as they attempt to take the fight to isil on the ground in their own country. >> the president first proposed the training plan at west point graduation speech but took little action until wednesday night when he called on congress to approve the funds he needs to fund the training plan already in place. the big holdup for congress is how the u.s. is vetting these rebels and how to assure they won't turn the weapons and knowledge back on us. >> there's no easy answers there.


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