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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 15, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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for all americans. >> you're not supposed to smirk. all right. you guys were great. that's it for today. we'll be back next week because if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." good monday morning. right now on "first look," a 120-mile-per-hour category 3 hurricane is making landfall as we speak. also right now, dozens of world leaders in paris are meeting about the global threat that is isis. and just hours from now, nbc sports is reporting that ray rice will be front and center in appealing his indefinite nfl suspension. plus, california battles three different wildfires. an update on greg norman's nearly chainsaw-severed left hand. and hillary lights up the 2016 buzz at a steak fry. good morning. good to be with you. i'm frances rivera. we start this morning with breaking news. a direct hit. hurricane odile makes landfall. the record-breaking cat 3 storm locked onto mexico's baja
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peninsula. cabo got whacked by 125-mile-per-hour winds. and there was nowhere to escape the storm's fury. one tourist was rolling as a hotel was hit. and the fallout from odile could be big. up to five to ten inches of rain, dangerous storm surges, and this. huge waves triggering flash flooding. so when will odile weaken? meteorologist bill karins with the answer in just a moment. leaders from more than 30 countries will be in paris today to discuss a strategy to defeat the terror group isis. ahead of the meeting the president of iraq told the associated press it's not necessary for egypt, the united arab emirates and saudi arabia to participate in air strikes on iraqi territory. today's summit comes two days after isis released a new video
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purportedly showing the execution of british aid worker david haines. david cameron announced yesterday that britain will support the u.s. in the fight against isis but won't be sending in ground troops. isis is earning more than $3 million a day through oil smuggling, extortion and human trafficking according to u.s. intelligence officials. nbc's tracie potts is live for us in washington this morning. tracie, good morning. what can we expect from today's conference in paris? >> reporter: frances, can you expect them to address the key question who is going to fight this fight against isis. some key allies of the u.s. have already said, as you just heard, they're not sending in fighter jets, although other countries including some arab countries say that they're backing this u.s.-led effort. the u.s., the obama administration, insists they are building this coalition. the obama plan to defeat isis. train the iraqis, air strikes in syria, and build a coalition. >> i think the plan has a great
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potential to work. >> reporter: france and australia say they'll help with air strikes, but germany, britain and italy will not. and who's going to fight isis on the ground? >> countries are saying that they're ready to do that. >> i met with the prince of jordan just two days ago who said he is ready today to put his troops into syria to fight isis. >> we have countries in this region, countries outside of this region, in addition to the united states, all of whom are prepared to engage in military assistance. >> reporter: the public is skeptical. in our latest nbc/"wall street journal" annenberg poll, six in ten americans back the idea of going after isis in syria. but nearly 70% don't think it will work. >> our strategy will fail yet again. this president needs to rise to the occasion before we all get killed back here at home. >> reporter: the announcement this weekend of a third westerner beheaded, a british aid worker, is making the situation even more urgent.
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and so as those 30 nations sit down together today in france, the key question for them is going to be what is the attack plan to make sure that isis is defeated. frances? >> the world will be watching. tracie potts for us, thank you. there are 785 days until the 2016 election, but it looks like hillary clinton is already back on the campaign trail. for the first time since her 2008 loss, she went back to battleground iowa, dropping hints like the seasoned pro she is. nbc's andrea mitchell reports. >> reporter: they came by the thousands for an iowa political ritual, a state that likes its candidates up close and personal. the harkin steak fry. >> hello, iowa! i'm back! >> reporter: for hillary clinton, her first trip back to iowa since she came in third here in 2008. losing to barack obama and even john edwards.
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an experience she described as excruciating in her new book. this time her supporters say will be different. and after appearing in the first caucus state today at a last hurrah for tom harkin, she's raised expectations that she's all in. >> well, it is true. i am thinking about it. but -- but for today, that is not why i'm here. i'm here for the steak. >> reporter: organizers from the ready for hillary political action committee flooded the zone. busing in from all over the country. but democrats who supported obama last time like state senator janet peterson stay iowans want to see if hillary clinton has changed. >> i think she's going to have come and tell us what her message is. >> reporter: even tom harkin supported obama last time
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despite a long friendship with the clintons. what do you think about hillary clinton in this state? she said it was excruciating, her third place finish back in '08. >> people love hillary here. what happened was there was a phenomenon of barack obama. >> reporter: and hillary clinton seems ready herself. does it feel good to be back out here? >> it was a great day. couldn't have been better. the nfl scandal is about to take another hit. embattled ray rice wants back in. he'll appeal his indefinite suspension later today. it comes as benched viking adrian peterson broke his silence facing child abuse charges. he took to twitter quoting the bible. here's nbc's brian mooar. >> reporter: with the football world still debating the suspension of ray rice for beating the woman he later married, the carolina panthers booted greg hardy from the team's home opener, months after he was charged with assaulting and threatening his ex-girlfriend.
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>> take responsibility for your actions. >> reporter: carolina coach ron rivera made the final call. >> this is a very difficult situation that the league is dealing with right now. teams are dealing with this and we're doing the best we can, okay? we're not infallible. we make mistakes. >> reporter: a women's add slow case group hired banner planes to fly over several nfl stadiums calling for the resignation of commissioner goodell and demanding the league go beyond suspensions. >> what we need to see the nfl do now is not only enforce those policies but also start to invest in women's groups that are supporting the survivors of domestic violence. >> reporter: also suspended this week, minnesota vikings' star running back adrian peterson. he was arrested on child abuse charges for allegedly striking his 4-year-old son several times with a tree branch. meanwhile in san francisco, defensive end ray mcdonald took to the field two weeks after being arrested for domestic abuse. he has not been charged. for the nfl, week two of a
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season clouded by controversy. brian mooar, nbc news. damaged but not down and out. that was hall of fame golfer greg norman's message to fans on instagram saturday after getting into a chainsaw accident. from his hospital bed, the two-time british open champion called himself one lucky man and jokingly said that he still has his left hand. the very next morning norman posted this picture thanking his supporters and saying here i am at the scene of the crime with my new fashion statement. norman says that he was cutting back trees in his florida home when the weight of a branch pulled his hand toward the chainsaw. he cut his wrist, missing an artery by a fraction of an inch. he says he could have lost his hand had the chainsaw been running at full speed. so an injured pro golfer to injuries on the football field with the nfl. good morning, richard lui. let's get to sunday night football. down by double digits, chicago
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led by quarterback jay cutler finding brandon marshall for two of three fourth quarter touchdowns. chicago stunning san francisco, ruining their debut at the brand spankle new levi's stadium. bears take that one 29-20. he could be out for most of the season. washington quarterback rg3 injures his left ankle right there just minutes into the game. yeah. they were playing jacksonville. after landing awkwardly on his ankle, he dislocates it. x-rays and an mri will see if there's also a fracture with that. later, desean jackson hitting the ground hard after dropping a pass from backup kirk cousins. he won't return because of a shoulder injury. the redskins, despite all that, able to dominate at home, 41-10. another injury, cincinnati receiver a.j. green sidelined early. his injury not expected to be serious. the bengals beat atlanta, 24-10. and yes, more hurt to tell
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you about. miami's knowshon moreno dislocates his elbow and is expected to miss several weeks. then later, buffalo up 9-3. this happens. >> back to receive is spiller on the near side. along the numbers, has some daylight. he could go! he's going to go untouched! touchdown, bills! >> love the prance. did you see that? how many yards was that? >> too many to count. >> buffalo wins, 29-10. outplayed top-ranked rory mcilroy. he pocketed a cool $10 million for winning the fedexcup honors and another $1.4 million for winning his first tour championship. >> i'm convinced the pants are what did it. you can't beat those pants. >> they're nice. they're nice. nbc meteorologist bill karins is here with more on hurricane odile. have you seen some images? >> we're just getting a lot of
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firsthand reports. we haven't had a lot of pictures which kind of tells you if you're not getting the images, things may be kind of bad. the direct landfall of the eye was right into the resort area of cabo san lucas. the local newspaper reporter there is now saying that there are injuries from flying debris. there are poles, lights, traffic signals, roofs down all over the city. water tanks were ripped off their base. there's a fire at the hotel. they were hit by a major category 3 hurricane with a direct eye landfall. i think the pictures will be a lot worse that n a lot of us ar expecting. this was the image at 9:45 p.m. winds were at 125. it's only dropped to 115. so it's still a very strong, devastating storm as it's moving right up through the baja peninsula. eventually it will weaken and rain itself out. some of this moisture is expected to make it into the desert southwest. we're not sure exactly how much at this point. our computers are hinting at around one to two inches which
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wouldn't be too bad. it wouldn't be like the flash flooding last week. let's wait and see how this plays out. right now when the sun comes up, we'll see how bad it is in cabo san lucas. the worst of the damage is just about over there. >> we get those imimages, you'l see it here on msnbc. the pope's latest shift in papal policy. "first look" is back in three. sweets become salaries. an oven heats up a community la cocina, a small kitchen that kick-starts the careers of 41 entrepreneurs.
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welcome back. yet another quest at making the church more open. on sunday the pope married 20 couples at the vatican. some had already been living together and had children. he also called for an end to the church's obsession with things like homosexuality. instead he wished for an increased focus on mercy, a risk collapsing, quote, like a house of cards. an actress claims she was handcuffed and detained partly for kissing her partner, a white man. watts says she was mistaken for a prostitute while police, while fully clothed, in her parked
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car. now, she refused to show i.d. and the lapd is investigating. scotland's independence vote is on wednesday. the queen has broken her silence. while she's neutral on the issue, she told someone yesterday after a church service that scots should, quote, think very carefully about her future. and if you're looking for the bigger iphone 6 plus, apple says you've got to wait about one month. but the regular 4.6-inch iphone 6 is still available on friday. sarah jessica parker and husband matthew broderick are selling their swanky greenwich village town house for $22 million. here's a peek inside. the place is just 25 feet wide, but they have seven fireplaces on five floors. it's 6800 square feet and don't forget, sarah's real-life closet, too, that of course carrie bradshaw would be proud to have or even live in for that matter. while hillary was glad-handing iowa voters, bill was hitting her political opponents where it hurts. "scrambled politics" is next.
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and why if you're part of the other 5%, allstate offers claim rateguard. so your rates won't go up just because of a claim. no matter what comes your way, your home protects you. ...protect it back allstate home insurance from an allstate agent. here is your monday morning dish of "scrambled politics." while hillary built up her allies in iowa, bill went after their enemies. >> a lot of these republicans, they spend all their time dissing the president and dumping on the senate majority leader, harry reid. and if you listen to them, half the time they're not even running against their opponents. they're trying to get you to check your brain at the door, start foaming at the mouth, the
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last thing they want you to do is think. we're used to hearing about people breaking up through social media, but it's not every day a politician does it. mark sanford in a facebook post used it to announce the end of his engagement with the woman at the center of his highly publicized extramarital affair. it ended his political career back in 2009. in the post he says it ended because of the custody battle with his ex-wife and his four children. his ex-fiancee told "the new york times," quote, i think i was not useful to him anymore. he made the engagement thing four months before the election. this is not about his son. this is about his career and his ambitions. in toronto, the fords are keeping it all in the family. doug ford, the brother of embattled mayor rob ford, is now running for mayor. and doug, who is currently a city councilor, threw his hat into the ring one day after his brother announced he's withdrawing from the mayoral race.
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his nephew was initially running for the seat. and that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." hope you can keep track. time to dissect a little bit more on politics. i'm joined by our d.c. bureau washington post motor david nakamura. thanks for being with us on this monday. >> hi, frances. >> let's start with this multination conference in paris. and the obama administration struggling to enlist allies willing to join in the military strikes against isis. then you throw in the new nbc poll that shows americans support military air strikes, but they don't believe that the president's strategy will succeed. so can the administration realistically be successful in degrading and destroying isis with these challenges? >> frances, i think the administration knows they have some risks and some challenges. you saw the chief of staff out on the sunday shows reiterating the president's strategy and enunciate it, but i think they still have a sales job to do internationally and domestically. one key thing for the administration is to expand the air strikes in iraq and perhaps make some gains that will continue to codify some of the
2:22 am
support. i think back home, one question is what kind of signals congress is going to send in terms of funding, in terms of approving funding to train the syrian rebels, which is a big part of this. i'd also, after the midterm elections, if congress does a fuller debate on the war powers act, that would be another question for this administration. they know they have a long, difficult campaign ahead. >> interesting to see the latest execution could strange that strategy. let's talk about being haunted by the ghost of 2008. hillary returns to with a. in her speech she was kind of coy. it remains to be seen whether she'll campaign harder or differently there. what does she have to do differently for the rest of the country, for iowans, to take a second look and a second thought, give her a second thought? >> as your package talked about, she had a tough time in iowa, finished third. obviously that's a place that barack obama campaigned very hard with the caucus system. it's a different kind of campaign there than, say, in new hampshire. i think if hillary really wants to make sure that there's no unexpected challenges, she'll
2:23 am
have to spend more time in the state and convince voters through the retail politicking that you saw her do that maybe her husband's better at. i think more broadly, the clintons should have to talk about new ideas, explain how they have some new ideas for the country. people are very familiar with their long record. and in some cases, you know, look kindly at that. but i think it's going to be, again, a question does hillary have those new ideas and can enunciate them with a broader vision. >> all right. we'll see what she has to say. i wish we had more time to talk about the mark sanford break-up, the posting on facebook. next time, david. >> oversharing, i think, there. >> a little bit. tmi on that matter. >> yes. coming up, what is fueling rumors of a beyonce pregnancy. and miss america's "pitch perfect" moment. and a galaxy far, far away. "first buzz" is next. [ inhales ] [ male announcer ] at cvs health, we took a deep breath... [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] and made the decision to quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. now we invite smokers to quit, too,
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time now for "first buzz." we start with, hey, three times a charm for new york. >> can you believe it? three years in a row miss america is from new york. >> i know, applause. >> this one has not a lot of controversy on it, but the talent portion, i'll let you be the judge. ♪ i might be crazy but i'm not sane ♪ ♪ sunshine she's here ♪ you can take a break >> all right. >> is that the talent? >> she can sing. >> is that the talent. she can sing. she did have the backup music. she didn't do it completely a cappella. >> she didn't have to do the cup thing. >> it added a little bit to it. obviously the "pitch perfect" playoff. she said she didn't care. people told her not to do it. she did it anyways and she won. >> good singer. >> she wanted to teach all girls
2:28 am
that you can do whatever talent you want. own it. >> for that message alone, worth it. richard lui, you're talking about "star wars" and sesame street." >> this is a great spoof. this is "sesame street" and their entire cast spoofing "star wars." i'll play a little bit first. good stuff. >> but lovable solo. >> and don't forget roguishly handsome. >> with his loyal partner, chewie, the cookie. >> what? >> that's awesome. >> oreos. >> the other names are only one cannoli, young luke pie walker. >> why the food theme? >> the whole food theme is to try to show restraint in eating. >> that's cool. >> cookie monster is trying to eat chewie. >> add another reason to why beyonce and jay-z aren't going to get divorced. the vmas and the love fest. at their latest concert in paris, jay-z reportedly changed
2:29 am
a line with i replaced it to "she's pregnant with another," sparking rumors that they have baby number two. >> they do reveal a lot about their relationship in their lyrics. >> we will see. >> they do. >> i'm frances rivera, and this is "first look" on msnbc. hello, iowa! i'm back! >> oh, you better believe it. off and running, though? r hillary clinton sure sounds like she is happy to be back in iowa, but now what? former baltimore ravens running back ray rice plans to appeal his indefinite nfl suspension today. but does he actually have a case? and why did kanye west stop his concert? it's a move that leaves him looking a little heartless. this is "way too early." ♪ so heartless ♪ talkin' talkin'
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hey everybody, good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is monday, september 15th. welcome to "way too early" whose heart grows two sizes with each new tie purchase. today is just basic black. so obviously we need some new ties. but 234ewaanyway, it's great to you with us. we start off this monday with big news for ray rice and domestic violence case because in just a few hours from now, a major development is expected. multiple nfl sources telling nbc sports that rice will appeal his indefinite suspension for lying about what occurred in a casino elevator with his then-fiancee. race is expected to say he told officials the whole truth. now, what the nfl did or did not know about the altercation is leading to growing calls for commissioner roger goodell to resign. a women's advocacy group flew this banner that rea read #goodellmustgo over three nfl games sunday.


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