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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  September 16, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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doesn't transmit itself in that way. preventing soldiers from catching it, most won't be on the front line treating it but involved in the operation of >> tonight on "all in". >> they murdered two americans within the past two weeks. i'd say that's a pretty imminent threat. >> if there are threats to the united states, then i, of course, would go back to the president and make a recommendation that may include the use of u.s. military ground forces. >> this as the president sends thousands of troops to west africa. >> we have to act fast. we can't dawdle on this one.
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>> it seems impossible that while someone is lunging at you, they're being shot in the back. "all in" starts right now. >> good evening from new york. calls to send u.s. ground troops into iraq are mounting on capital hill. reaching a crescendo today on obama administration's campaign against isis. >> it will take an army to beat an army. >> do they have special forces to go in and kill the leaders of isil without us on the ground? >> i'm not confident how this is going to happen without the assistance of our trained special operators on the ground here. >> i don't think they will have the kind of morale boost that we'd like them to have if they
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don't have confidence and air support that is enhanced with embedded soldiers. >> can you envision, if nobody else would help us, that we go on the ground and clean these guys out in syria? >> it is fool-hearty for the obama administration to tie the hands and so full ri warn out. >> it was an unusually dramatic hearing before the senate. there were multiple interruptions by the anti-war group, code pink. >> i always appreciate special attention from this group, mr. chairman.
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>> now, the washington post reports that mr. obama has rejected the recommendation of his top military commanders. that u.s. special operation forces assist army units in arming the rebels. >> that has been a well-worn line of attack. obama versus the generals, as one former bush advisor taunted at a hearing today. >> my view at this point is this is the appropriate way forward. if it fails to be true and if there are threats to the united states, then i, of course, would
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go back to the president and make a recommendation that may include the use of u.s. military ground forces. >> i'll start with what is going on here? when i see a story like that and
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when i see what's happening between state, the white house and the pentagon, i feel like there's lots of debates happening behind the scenes that are exploding out into the public. >> that's right. and there's a lot of parsing going on when officials are testifying on the hill. look, chris, what's going on here is that military commanders believe that the best way to defeat isil or isis or the islamic state, choose your term, is to have some u.s. special operators there on the ground to help coordinate air strikes. but they recognize that this is a nonstarter at the white house. so they are presenting it as -- and they have presented it as one of the options. but it wasn't the preferred option carried out by chairman dempsey. >> this reminds me of the debate of the amount of troops early in the first term, giving a speech
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in london while the debate was happening, planting a flag on what the numbers should be. >> well, unlike that debate in afghanistan, i don't think there's a concerted effort to try to push that line from the military. but i think what we see is people wanting to insulate themselves in case the strategy doesn't play out as hope. they can say, well, you know, we urged something a little bit more in one of our many options. >> and i have to say, it doesn't necessarily seem like a farfetched scenario. as you chronicled in your book, in afghanistan, we spent 13 years trying to dismantle a militant army who are still there, still run parts of
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afghanistan at the cost of thousands of american lives and hundreds of billions of dollars. >> that's a great question, chris. should there be a small number of u.s. combat advisors on the ground? ultimately, this comes to will they be able to control their army. what is the real end-game in syria? these are the big questions, and, yet, we're kind of focused on just one tiny lmt of this broader effort. >> and i think the reason that element has emerged today as a kind of sticking point is precisely because the gravity of further involvement, this sucking sound, you can feel very powerful right now. not only do we have to take the fight to isis, but you have to go to asaad.
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take a listen. >> for us to say that we're going to go in and help and train and equip these people to fight against isis. that's a fundamental fallacy for everything you're presenting. >> for his part, bashar asaad chasing barack obama. of course, asaad means lion in arabic. >> what do you think about the gravity of that? >> look, mccain, lindsey graham, they're trying to find ways to expand the campaign there.
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they're firmly drawing the line. not turning this into, effectively, a two-point war in syria. just the polling here, only 34% of americans want air strikes and combat troops. >> good to talk to you, chris. >> at the senate hearing today, senator john mccain asked one of the witnesses a pretty direct question.
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>> are you concerned, secretary hegel, about our southern border? we received testimony that our border is porous and radical elements may cross into the united states from the southern border? >> and, again, in a segment yesterday on fox news -- >> people along the border were the trail to these people come across have found muslim clothing, they have found koran
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books laying on the side of the road -- or the side of the trail. we know that there are muslims being smuggled into the united states. i'd like to hit them so often that every time they hear a plane, they urinate down both sides of their legs. >> that was unusually pointed. michael, how did this idea start to gain traction? >> well, some conservatives are very focused on the border. and a group called judicial
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watch put out a group last week -- right out of the border prepared to launch car bomb attacks on the united states. they put out that report and people believed that it was true. >> that's a pretty strong claim that there are isis militants living across the border from el paso. >> they base that on anonymous law enforcement officials that they were quoting. now, they said that federal officials were on a heightened state of alert and a local military base had gone to a heightened state itself. the government came back and said that wasn't true.
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but the story continued. >> just to be clear, you found no evidence that that was the case. >> what the department of homeland security says is that there are problems with the southern border. people can get passed the southern border. >> conservative media outlets picked up the judicial watch report. and then i saw that isis -- were
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retweeting in the kind of celebration. >> fox had two different stories on this. they had a store last week in can they said that the news from the hearing was that there was nothing, no known plots coming from mexico. now, another story from fox news said we had a completely different headline and take. there is indeed a problem coming from mexico. >> do you think there is any way for a story like this to die? >> well, i don't know. there's an outlet anywhere for a lot of different things. and this certainly is the most partisan part of the conflict that we've seen so far. you saw on capitol hill today, there isn't a ton of division there about u.s. military action
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in iraq. there are congressman on the hill who have dedicated themselves to fact check this issue. he said i was on the phone with media from texas after this judicial watch report came out. i figured if i didn't say anything, it was just going to go on. it's been a real problem for some democrats in texas. >> it's not a new thing. obviously, there's some urgency it's taking now. michael schmidt, thank you so
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like days inn, where you can do everything under the sun. for a chance to win one million dollars, visit president obama declared war on ebola today. the president traveled to the centers for disease control in atlanta for a briefing and to announce a major effort to combat it. an estimated 3,000 military personnel to assist in building new treatment clinics and otherwise, try to limit the strength of ebola in the hardest-hit nations. administration plans to spend an estimated $763 million over 6
8:20 pm
months to fight the disease with the money being used to purchase home health kits, personal protection kits and other mobile lab resources. the president expressed the prospect for a u.s. outbreak of ebola which can only be contracted through bodily fluids, is extremely low. when asked wile to fight in west africa, he says is, quote, spiraling out of control. >> if the outbreak does got stop now, we could look at hundreds of thousands of people infected with profound economic, political and security threats to all of us. that has profound effects on all of us. >> 2,400 people are known to have died from ebola so far. the actual death toll is believed to be much higher.
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instances of the disease are going from linear to exponential. exponential growth is an amazing thing. there could be as many as 277,000 new ebola cases by the end of 2014. about 56 as many times as there are now. >> because of the way in which the outbreak is advancing, the amount of surge we have to do is massive. >> wrenching pictures show ebola-stricken victims dying in the streets. some of them have been turned away from overwhelmed treatment centers. >> these men and women and children are just sitting. waiting to die.
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right now. and it doesn't have to be this way. this epidemic is going to get worse before it gets better, but, right now, the world still has an opportunity to save countless lives. >> chris koontz, democrat from subcommittee on africa affairs. senator, there has been calls for the u.s. to do more. your reaction to this announcement today? >> chris, i'm grateful and proud of president obama for stepping up today and making the declaration that we are going to bring to the fight against
8:23 pm
-- america's unique capabilities. that we're going to deploy 3,000 officials who are capable of delivering on logistics, of training public health workers and that we will continue to send volunteers from the beginning of this ebola health crisis who are been carrying much of the load of the work. i had a conversation two weeks ago with allen of liberia. she was pleading for a more dramatic intervention. it's my hope that when history looks back at this record outbreak of ebola, today will be marked as the day that the beginning of the end began and that the united states arrived to really bend the curve of this public health crisis in the right direction. >> so that's the big question. is liberia really scared of some sort of collapse if this is not brought under control and they don't have the resources to do that right now? >> that's right.
8:24 pm
the president sent me a letter, sent our president a letter and sent a number of leaders out two weeks ago. liberia is a country which has been slowly recovering from a devastating civil war. their president received the nobel peace prize for her work in recovering from that war. today, everything they have built has been lost. allies from the developed world is absolutely essential. >> dr. brantly was talking about how hard it is to treat this disease when you have to wear all of the protective gear to protect the health care workers.
8:25 pm
the danger of the contagents slows everything down. how are these 3,000 people and u.s. money and u.s. troops, how is that going to address that problem? >> at the very basic level, providing water, providing power, providing security and providing a stable and secure place to deliver health care. that's what's needed where there is no health infrastructure. other folks who are coming to seek assistance in the few hospitals in the country are being turned away.
8:26 pm
we're going to be using tens of thousands so that they can engage in out reach to those who are stricken with ebola or had some threat of contracting ebola. last, there will be a great education program. as i think you well know, chris, the steps to prevent ebola are relatively simple. they're just very hard to deliver in a country with very little clean water or electricity or public health facilities. so we are literally going to be helping to build that public health infrastructure. >> so as i understand it, this is the u.s. army. if there's one thing they can do aside from fighting is get stuff set up and get things from point
8:27 pm
a to point b and build stuff to create the infrastructure. >> the united states has the ability to develop treatments and a potential vaccine. >> senator chris koontz, great thanks. new details on why it was that their officer shot and killed someone from the back. that's ahead.
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one of the most-watched grand juries in the country will now have more time to determine the fate of police officer darren wilson. the grand jury has convened to decide whether it will be charged in the shooting death of teen michael brown after its original term expired last week. meanwhile, all the anger and frustration in ferguson hasn't gone anywhere. activists are watching and waiting to see if they will make up the site. tonight, st. louis county council meeting erupted into calls for mccullough to be replaced.
8:32 pm
>> he could have filed charges himself against officer wilson, but, instead, chose to present all the evidence gathered to the grand jury. >> the community of ferguson will be waiting to see if he repeats that pattern. again, today replacing him and appointing a salesperson prosecutor was said to be out fund raising for his fellow democrat. that's rorda, one of the people involved in fund raising for michael brown's shooter, officer darren wilson, through the shield of hope, a nonprofit order of the fraternal order of police. we will continue to follow the
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family members of a 22-year-old utah man shot and killed are demanding answers. last wednesday morning, saratoga springs, utah, a 911 call with a man walking around with a samurai-type sword. he said in a statement on saturday when the officers made contact with mr. hunt, he brandished the sword and lunged towards the officers with a sword at which time mr. hunt was shot.
8:37 pm
the two police officers were placed on paid administrative leave. an investigation was undertaken. but darien hunt's family has disputed the story. as you can see, he appears to be smiling. when i first saw police interviewing the young man, i felt like they were very professional, they were keeping their distances, their voices were never raised. i looked up, there were shots and there was a chase. there has also been an autopsy conducted by hunt's family. an attorney for the family said the fatal shot struck hunt at the center of his back. five other gunshots struck him from behind, including shots to his legs, shoulder, elbow and hand.
8:38 pm
multiple witnesses saw hunt racing from police when he was fired upon. and, now, in light of that, authorities have modified their account. chief deputy attorney tim taylor telling "the guardian" that hunt was, in fact, lunging at officers several miles away. it was outside the bank that hunt was first shot at. it was not clear whether he was struck on that occasion. hunt then headed north and was shot several more times before eventually collapsing outside the panda express, which is a restaurant. as for the so-called samurai sword, hunt's family calls it a souvenir from the gift shop. interviews per sunt pursuant to the investigation are now taking place. so if the story hasn't changed from police, it has at least been elaborated on. it was a very sort of terse statement at first. there's still a lot of questions we don't know? >> that's right. the statement on saturday seemed to be pretty clear.
8:39 pm
>> presumably, they were in close-enough contact that the lunge was threatening and they responded with deadly force. >> they now expanded on that to say he fled. did he do anything in between? did he threaten the police again? otherwise, one might ask he's made this first movement. he's fled and yet he's continued to be shot by police. >> i think when you hear police shot a man in the back, you think, how did that happen? this is an autopsy done by someone hired from the family. but they don't dispute. they do not dispute that he was, in fact, shot from behind.
8:40 pm
they don't dispute it and they don't confirm it either. county authorities are going to need to take that into account. >> they're saying six to seven weeks to conduct the autopsy? >> the county prosecutors say they need six to seven weeks until they receive the official autopsy and therefore, they'll be ready to release their account. >> what's the deal with the sword? the family says it was a souvenir, it was a sort of dress up thing? >> it's not a toy. it might be a decorative or a souvenir-type, replica sword.
8:41 pm
prosecutors claim it did have a sharpened edge and a sharpened point. the family denies that. talking to his friends and family, they don't know why he would have been in public with it. he was fond of playing with. it had been given to his younger brother for his birthday. so far, no one's been able to give a full explanation as to why he was out there with it. >> note that the outfit appeared to be close to a samurai character and that comican was the weekend earlier. they don't know if he was into this sort of thing, but they're definitely looking into that. >> the question of race emerges
8:42 pm
here. this man was black. we don't know the race of the officers. we know the area was predominantly white which in he was operating. his mother, anguished, said they killed my son because he was black. >> it's 9.5% african american. when he walked around this city, saratoga springs, obviously, he singled out. he was a slim, black guy with an afro. therefore, his mother's claim, this was about race, you know, might have some weight. the prosecutors are being quick to rule it out. there's nothing racial about this. however, the two police officers he saw just shortly before the shooting are both white. >> there's an awful scene, apparently, in which susan finds out that someone was shot. and when they hear the description, they knew immediately that it's their son, the sister runs down to the
8:43 pm
scene. >> the family couldn't get access to the body. they weren't able confirm that they say it was who it was. the family have reported some trouble in getting access to the body. some family members were questioned about why he was doing something wrong, why was he threatening officers? they felt they were coming under question when their relative have been killed. >> adrian peterson may be back to playing football this week but some of his sponsors are pulling support. that's ahead. design safer cars. faster computers. smarter grids and smarter phones. think up new ways to produce energy. be an engineer.
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tonight, top dollar sponsors are stepping up the pressure on the nfl as the league continues to wrestle with its recent set of scandals in recent memory. fuelling a frenzied response from advertizers and from the nfl. the stakes are getting higher all of the time. adrian peterson, arguably the team's best player for this sunday's game. he was indited last week to a child for beating his four-year-old son. the teen did so at a press conference in front of a banner with the corporate logo prominently displayed for all to see. just hours after that press conference, khutv in houston reported on an earlier allegation of abuse.
8:48 pm
after that report aired, raddison became the first to release a statement that says radisson takes this matter very seriously, particularly in light to our lang-standing commitment to the protection of children. radisson is suspending its limited sponsorship of the minnesota vikings. today, we see a domino effect. nike stores in the twin cities have pulled all adrian peterson merch from the shelves. mcdonald's saying domestic violence and abuse are unacceptable behaviors. we've communicated our concerns. campbell's soup, which has used several nfl players in their commercials for chunky soup.
8:49 pm
perhaps the most worrisome was the statement by anheuser bush. >> it's not just key advertisers. minnesota governor mark dayton specifically addressing the adrian peterson case today says the team should suspend mr. peterson until all accusations have been resolved. >> there is still one thing about the nfl that hasn't changed.
8:50 pm
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medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any allergic reactions like rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. we're back. so the one thing that hasn't changed, just to keep all of this in perspective. top three-rated things in the television last week, number one, sunday night football. number two, thursday night football. number three, monday night
8:54 pm
football. >> well, of course. and the games are great, too. >> they have been great games. >> and that's what the nfl knows. and they haven't been characterized by horrible hilts that we can't watch. bran dan marshal's catches and terrance brown is running. conundrum none drum. >> the fear that you have to have if you're the nfl, until today, the line they've been holding on the sponsor level. today, i feel like that was a big development. you have sponsors dropping in the team basis and then you've got national sponsors. if you're, you know, you're a political consultant. you advise candidates.
8:55 pm
roger goodel finds himself in the media attention that the candidate does. he now has real problems. >> there's two ways in this country to impact changed behavior. number one is by laws, number two is by hitting people in their wallet. the big concern for goodell is that his wallet might be affected. so in the legislation with senator booker and cantwell, two separate pieces of legislation, if day make it too expensive for the nfl to stay and continue doing what they're doing, that's when you're going to have a problem. >> the league itself, the individual teams are for-profit enterprises. the league itself is nonprofit. it's tax exempt, which itself is somewhat questionable because the guy makes $44 million a year. >> i did. i still have a light on for moral persuasion as a way to change something. >> no, no. it's just money. >> i'll say this about the sponsors. this wasn't this year. i said to him, would a company like annheiser busch ever pull up stakes? he said do you know what i'll
8:56 pm
>> who said this? >> this was a guy who used to be in the position to be a major ad buyer for a major company. we paid $1.2 billion over six years? at least they'll enter with that salvo. however, beer companies need men. >> it was a kind of marvelous statement. we were kind of disappointed and then the adverb hammer. that is roger, get your act together. roger, remember us?
8:57 pm
we just paid you $1.2 billion. >> of course, we decry this but the nfl has always stood for virtues. >> and for them to go public with it, as you stated, that was really important. it shows you that the sponsors are now starting to feel pressure themselves. they want to distance themselves. let's look at anheiser busch. we're not talking about a paradigm of moral virtue here. >> there's no profile encouragement in any of this, right? everybody is making these calculations and how do we sort of mitigate our risk? i also want to bring up this case. we were having this with the nfl. the nfl is a institution that's got all sorts of problems. it started about domestic violence and ray rice and
8:58 pm
knocking out his fiance in the video. i'm going to play you a 9-1-1 tape of an alleged domestic dispute and then i'm going the tell you who the alleged abuser is. take a listen. it's kelly fuller. the he is u.s. district judge mark fuller, who is a sitting member of the u.s. district, of the u.s. court constitutionally enshrined with lifetime tenure. let's not mistake that this is a ray rice problem, a baltimore raven's problem, that this is an
8:59 pm
nfl problem. i think it's an important reminder here that folks not allow themes to feel, like, oh, it's the nfl. >> sports is often a lagging indicator of societal opinion. but sometimes they can be a leading indicator, as well. what we're doing now is focusing attention that needs to be focused. the nfl was behind the times. now they're getting right on the issue. i will say when the nfl defends itself and says i don't think our players abuse at a higher rate. i don't think that's good enough. giving the resources that they have, they should be abusing at a much lesser rate. that being said, it's all cliche or not a useful conversation. >> right. and i think it's important that we are calling the constitution a federal judge. and we need to shine the light on him. >> we're going to follow this case more. the details are out. he has no case load. mark fuller, alabama, district court judge. that is "all in" for this evening.
9:00 pm
>> good evening, chris. > and thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. the sunni militant group isis has released a new video today. it is not as overtly gory. it's also not as long, it's only about 2 1/2 minutes long. the latest video does not include the beheading of a hostage, like three of their recent videos have shown. but in its own way, this footage isis has released today, even though it is not remotely gory, it is very, very chilling, particularly for an american audience. what they released today is this. this has not been verified by nbc news, so all i can tell you


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