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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  September 17, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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the vote for war. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. so we're off to war. for the third time in a decade the united states will be bombing peel in the islamic world, killing muslims and wondering as we dump another payload into the sanlds of afghanistan, iraq or coming soon, syria, why those people down there hate us so. the u.s. congress has voted to do this, sort of. what they agreed the vote on was the army of the free syrian army. the people we hope will be fighting on our side. they refused to vote at least until after the election on air strikes we are delivering in iraq and will soon delivering over syria. before we get to this big next war we walked the the latest republican sortee against hilary over benghazi. also, how well she is doing in her rollout that really got rolling this sunday in iowa. anyone who thinks he may be
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rolling could make a lot of money betting that way. other topics, the while fears out there that isis is at our southern frontier, chomping to get across the border. wow. also the reverse field that overnight decided that money talks. it is the advertisers against the child beaters and the advertisers are winning. finally, the color and excitement, a real live race for the u.s. senate and what it really looks like on the inside. let's get to the nice new war. as he said, they offered it 273-156. it passed with a majority of democrats although narrowly and a 2-1 vote for republicans. isis has release ad new video. the 52-clip has the feel of a real movie preview. it shows footage of what appears to be attacks against our troops, though it is not clear when or where those pictures
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were taken. it warns the united states that fighting has just begun. today president obama said he will not commit more american troops to fight another ground war in iraq. but he also vowed. >> they will learn the same thing al qaeda already knows. we mean what we say. our reach is long. if you threaten america you will find no safe haven. we will find you eventually. >> us congressman from connecticut, i've been reading your stuff, your quotes. you voted no. >> we just gave up our leverage on constitution day to do something the constitution demands that we do. to chore this activity. now we're off the war without congressional authorization. it is bad enough to be on one side of a civil war. we're now on two sides with the group that will be arming and
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training. we won't know who they are and we won't predict the outcome until we are underway and until we are getting blamed for the activity this is group will undertake. >> they could be fighting assad, through al nusra. what guarantees do you hear we're getting that the arm will be used against isis and not against somebody. >> guarantee is not a word that you can use. if you look at afghan, iraq, libya, you assume the plans you make and what you think will achieve probably won't happen. so yes. how will we know that these guys, i've met some of them, will go after isis because we tell them. to i expressed this concern to the white house. do we tell them that on one day they go after assad? that is fighting both sides of a civil war.
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>> john mccain says this group was form to fight assad in dmas. it was not formed to fight isis. >> well, that's true. i've met some of these guys. they are people who have been badly, badly abused by assad. now isis is a profound threat to them as they are to many people in the world. it is not clear again what their mission will be. is their mission anti-assad or anti-isis? if it is both, do they have the capability to do two at once? >> today president insist that's they won't get involved militarily. let's watch. >> i want to be clear. the american forces that have been deployed to iraq do not and will not have a combat mission. as your commander in chief, i will not commit you and the rest of the ground war. after a decades of massive
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ground deployments, it is more effective to use our unique capabilities in support of partners on the ground so they can secure their own country's futures. that's the only solution that will succeed over the long term. >> saying our latest polling, they don't think will win. we're fighting a war without our army. what kind of war is this? we're hoping to find them out there somewhere. if you want to fight a war but you don't want to fight it, how do you win it in. >> i tea president at his word when he says he won't commit ground forces. they won't tolerate a major commitment of ground forces. there will be those who say you can't get rid of a group. i take president at his word but
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are we expecting the saudi, doing away with the conditions that give rise to these groups. political repression, lack of economic possibilities. the fact that an awful lot of our allies in the region are funding these groups. until we change it on the ground, they'll still be there. we can put boots on the ground like afghanistan and iraq but guess what, they're still in afghan and iraq. so we have to be thinking a little deeper. >> thank you for joining us. john kerry said isis had to be defeated, period. he said the end group would be then. there were some tense moments including when bob corker challenged secretary kerry for not having a serious plan for achieving the goal. >> i hope you will lay out a plan that will convince us about doing the thing you said you
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would do to the american people and to us. you haven't done it. >> i find it somewhat surprising for to you suggest as the president of the united states talks to the nation and commits to take strikes in order to deal with isil, as we have come back from a week. very serious meetings with nations around the world, all of whom are committed to this, that you sit there and suggest it is not serious. >> mel brooks jones us now. they voted a little more than 2-1 for this war measure, the free syrian army. why did you address it. >> let me be clear, the white house and the president believe, and i don't disagree, that they
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can form a coalition and they can use american military forces and coalition forces to defeat the islameck state in iraq, in syria or anywhere else. that's not what the issue tonight was about. the issue only the was about whether the united states of america is going to raise, train and arm a rebel group that is then going to be engaged in syria's civil war. i'm very hes tanlt for the united states to be engaged in a civil war when our secretary of defense and our xhanling general, cheryl of the joint chiefs of staff, is telling us that we may have to use ground troops, combat troops to be successful. at the same time you have our commander in chief, the president of the united states, vowing that ground troops will never be used. >> so you see this as the decision that was made a year, a don't get involved in fighting in syria. you believe this free syrian army's, it is not to join our fight against isis.
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>> i think to date that's an accurate prescription. they've had a mixed relationship with the islamic state. at time they work together as they try to topple the joem. >> what do you make of this? do you believe it is doable in do you believe we can assemble the way george bush sr. did as president, a coalition of, the saudis come in and fight on the ground, the do you see that being a coalition or once again us using our air power? >> if the islameck state is as dangerous as has been represented, there ought to be motivation. it would be wolfedful if the
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united nations did what they were supposed to do. or if nato became much more active. spread out to focus on the middle east with what is happening with the islamic state. the opportunity the s there for us to have a available coalition that includes ground forces from multiple nations. the question is whether john kerry has the skill set and the wherewithal to mold that into a co-heesive unit. >> we really haven't had a ground campaign where we had soldiers next to our soldiers since korea. where the turks were fighting with us, the south koreans, thern great fighters. you talk about the u.n. that was a u.n. action. when since then have we had a u.n. action that has been a forged unit, men willing to fight a war to its end? >> that's one of them.
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in terms of peace keeping, the united nations has failed to do the job that was envisioned when it was created after world war ii in the late 1940s. >> looks like us alone again. thanks so much for joining us. we're going to get to the fear amongering about isis and the crazy alarms the isis people are coming across the isis border. they're talking about coming across arab clothing. the congressman whose district is down there, he will tell us the reaction. it showed evidence the republicans said get hillary. you've heard the saying money talks. the nfl in that case is darn true.
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after the big sponsors raised hell, the minnesota vikings finally removed adrian peterson from all activities as he faces charges. we'll look at some of the color and excitement from one of the big races that will decide it. iowa. that's the closest out there. finally, let me finish with this father mongering that isis will attack us in our beds. a little crazy talk out there. father mongering that isis will attack us in our beds. a little crazy talk out there. earlier in the week i showed
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earlier in the week i showed you the ad where she fires a shotgun and distances herself from president obama. now it's mark begich's turn in alaska. >> he took on obama the get drilling in the arctic, to keep our f-16s, and he voted against obama's trillion-dollar tax increase. mark beg dlix wins the fights for alaska. >> begich is another democrat in a deep red state trying to run from the president. a new hayes research poll shows 41-36.
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some are linking the islamic extremist group isis to the contend shus immigration issue which has been a hot potato facing the lawmakers. >> we have found copies, or people along the border where the trails of these people come across, have found muslim clothing. they have found koran books laying on the side of the road, or the side of the trail. so we know that there are muslim that's have come across and being smuggled in the united states. >> you think that they're already here in the u.s.? do you think they would use the southern border to cross? >> sure. potentially. but not just isis. there are multiple groups to want to strike us. >> i think there is great concern. the cause of the condition of the border from the standpoint of it not being secure and us not knowing who is penetrating
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across, that individuals from isis or other terrorist states could be and i think that it is a very real possibility that they may have already used that. >> but texas congressman o'rourke is pushing back. he told "the new york times," there is a longstanding history in this country of projecting whatever fears we have on to the border. in the an sense of understanding the bored he they assert their fears before it was iran and al qaeda. now it is isis. they just reach the conclusion that invasion is imminent and it never is. he is from el paso, texas. i don't know where these people get their theories from. what do you make of that guy with the cowboy hat who discovered the koran, arab clothing. what is the evidence of that that's real? >> the best response to that came today in the house homeland security hearing that we had
11:19 pm
with the secretary of homeland security. with the director of the fbi, the director for the national counter terrorism central. each one said there is no credibility or evidence or jen to support this idea that isis or the source from iran or hezbollah, there is no evidence of a plot. and there certainly haven't been arrests or interdictions of plotters or terrorists on the southern borders. by the evidence and everything we can measure, the border with mexico has never been safer than it is today. >> the only evidence of border crossing by a terrorist was back with the canadian border in the northwest. why don't they talk about that if it is not just another ethnic attack against hispanics. >> we're pouring $18 billion aier into the southern border.
11:20 pm
we have doubled the size of the border patrol, and yet the terrorists who have been successing in homeland have come through the northern border, through airports, they are home grown terrorists. that's where we should focus our resources. it doesn't mean we shouldn't remain ridge is lanlt or guard against southern attacks but i think we should work on that. that is not on the southern border. >> thank you so much. he comes to us from, coming up, the new committee investigating benghazi. what they did make clear with clear evidence, they're going after hillary clinton. that's the target here. this is "hardball." the place for targets. want beautiful, healthier hair?
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those images of hillary clinton in iowa has driven home the picture that she is running for president.
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contrast them with these. the committee on benghazi held its first hearing with hillary as the target. they brought her into the mix by digging up an old report from 1999. here she is sparring with witness greg starr who is responsible for diplomatic security at the state department. >> back to the 1999, the secretary of state should personally review the security situation of diplomatic facilities, closing those which are highly val vulnerable and threaten. why do you think they went out of the way to use the word personally? >> no comment, sir. >> is the answer privileged? i mean, that's a recommendation from the 1999 a.r.b. the secretary of state should
11:25 pm
personally review. and i'm asking you with all due respect, we won't get to the word review. we have to get past the word personally. why do you think it was important to himself or herself personally review in. >> i think ultimately the secretary who bears the responsibility for the security has to be brought the information that is necessary for him to make decisions. that is my job. >> well, he was not going to pass the buck. any way, hillary will have to survive more than pot shots like that. the biggest challenge is read thing the course to victory all way to the presidency assuming she is running. eugene robinson with s with the "washington post." i want to talk to you about, start with roger. this republican obviousness. the obviousness of tilting the hearings, supposedly about some report but it is really about trying to put her in the cross
11:26 pm
hairs. >> you ride the horse you got. >> she wasn't secretary of state in 1999. >> they don't care. benghazi is the rallying cry. it is what they got, you know? it is not like you can go through hillary's record as secretary of state and say, she didn't solve the mideast problem, she didn't do much in russia, but that's all dull. you scream benghazi and you have a couple million people in the teem who say yeah, yeah, yeah. >> what do they think in their midnight, 3:00 a.m. nightmare, that this woman was so evil, that they think she just said, i don't care about that guy chris stevens. let him die. do they know she did it to a friend of hers? >> yeah. i think some think she issued a stand down order. >> look. anyone who has ever had an underling go into dangerous
11:27 pm
circumstances knows that feeling and knows, you know, how tense and nerve-racking it is. and how tragic it would be if something like that happened. so of course, she didn't want that to happen. yet that is i think, you're right. i think that's the underlying claim. that somehow she didn't care. >> i agree. none of it happened. let's talk about the stuff, you both wrote great columns this week. i love great column writing some day. you'll get yours someday, a pulitzer prize. let me start with yours. i don't think it is snarky. it is about how hillary clinton is a very controlled person. she went to wellesley, yale law, very smart but most importantly, very organized. what was your point talking
11:28 pm
about how each word was crafted. even the jokes were told in a very set piece way. what do you think that's saying to the voter? >> because she is measured, cautious, articulate and unpassionate. >> she is unjoe biden. >> she wonderful use that word. >> and joe is a, apologizes. but you know, tom harkin, it was a tom harkin fight. gave an interview. it has never been tried but he said, i've known her for years but i'm not close to her. people don't say that about joe biden. they say i know him. i love him. all eight years, she spent in the senate she worked with tom harkin. when tom harkin who obviously likes her, talks about her, the first thing he says is, i'm not close to hillary clinton. that says almost nobody exempt a
11:29 pm
tiny circle gets close to hillary. >> but we all know, if we've been lucky enough to have an interview with her, she isn't cold and offputting. >> exactly. and people who know her well use words like warm, best friend you cover have. >> a hand that wasn't populated by dozens of people who have sworn their fealty to her. for the few who are inside the wall, she is this engaging, funny, warm, spontaneous person. yet for people outside the wall, it is much more formal, much more rigid. >> both of you. this is part of the fun of covering politics. is she one of those people that, they said that hubert humphrey was totally different in private. personally he was a real good guy.
11:30 pm
he wasn't a phony like he seemed to be on the stump. al gore had this problem. we've known people in politics. they freeze up behind that mic and become wonky and cold and not really human. >> you know, in 2008 i interviewed terry mccallive. she said she's very funny, warm. tell me a joke she's told you. >> that's tough. that's tough. >> the thing is, the staff of all candidates who don't do well say the same thing. if you can only meet her one to one. >> i'll never tell you a joke because you'll remember it. >> i'll put night book. >> you can't campaign one to one. i wish you could. i wish could you knock on the door. you talk about hillary hand. >> thank you. up next, one day after corporate sponsors voiced their concerns, the minnesota vikings have
11:31 pm
reversed course. removing adrian peterson from the team as he deals with allegations of child abuse. you're watching "hardball." the place for politics. while every business is unique,
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breaking news, according to nbc phoenix affiliate kpnx, i pointed out the league has a penalty called unnecessary roughness to protect the players. where is the league's concern for the 4-year-old child beaten by his father? adrian peterson of the minnesota vikings. system play out. that was nice. any way, early this morning at one point, 1:58 east coast time, to be precise, the vikings changes course in the middle of the night. in a statement posted at that moment to the team's website. the team owners said they were putting peterson on something called the exempt/commissioner's permission list which will require he remain away from all team activities while allowing him to take care of his personal
11:36 pm
situation until the legal proceedings are resolved. he also gets paid during this time. >> we made a mistake. and we needed to get this right. we embrace our role in the community and the responsibilities that go with it. it is important to always listen to our fans, the community and our sponsors. >> the sponsors, in other words, the money. as he put it, i'm going to tell you something real simple and short. money talks in this business. he was talking back then about politics. it is the same in sports now. here's a sampling of the sponsor who talked with their money. today, nike dropped peterson saying, nike is no way, in no way condones child abuse or domestic violence of any kind and has shared our concerns with the nfl. we have suspended our contract with adrian peterson.
11:37 pm
castrol cut ties too. in light of recent events we've decided to end our relationship with adrian peterson. mcdonald's could be next. in a statement the burger giant says domestic violence and abuse are unacceptable behaviors and have no place in sports or anywhere. like many, we have questions surrounding these evolving situations and are closely monitoring as the appropriate parties investigate these matters. and anheuser-busch put the nfl on notice saying the company is disappointed and increasingly concerned by recent incidents that have overshadowed this nfl season. and late today, the carolina panthers removed greg hardy, another player, from the active roster until the players domestic violence case in this case, his case is resolved. exercising the same options the vikings did. putting the player on this exempt commissioner's permission list which i guess absolves them. joining me, the sports editor of
11:38 pm
the nation and michelle bernard for women politics and public policy. i want to start with my friend michelle. this is bigger than sports. this is how power works in the united states. we are a pecuniary society. money is our language. when big professional teams which exist to make money are told, you ain't getting some, all of a sudden at 2:00 in the morning they had this epiphany. we were wrong. we got it wrong. the verdict here is coming with a dollar sign. your thoughts? >> i agree with you. i can't agree any more with anything that you said. it is very sad that they could not be moral leaders. the vikings have had more players arrested for misconduct than any sports. it wasn't until sponsors began to say we have a very serious problem. >> you're an attorney. you've bone a lot of programs in
11:39 pm
your life. how do they get to these people? is it the board of directors? is itwise in some cases of the people in the board of directors? women on the board of directors? how do you think this seeps through? the values that are only now being reflected into decision making? >> if we're talking about fortune 500, not many have women on the board of directors. but the bottom line, we talk about the gender gap. women are the ones who run the pocket books. they watch the super bowl. they watch the ads. they make the purchases and they're saying we are going to vote with our dollars. children's lives matter. women's lives matter. they have made a horrific miss team of this is a horrible two weeks for the nfl. i don't know that the damage is irreparable but it has been a
11:40 pm
horrible two weeks for them and i don't know how they get back and earn the trust of the women and children. if you're the mother and father of a little boy and you take a look at the pictures of that quote/unquote child who was whoomd by his father. >> what was the infringement of the 4-year-old that deserved to have himself look like a hotdog with the grill marks? let me go back. give me the mechanics, the tick tock of how this led to a 1:58 decision in the morning to put out an announcement that they're getting rid of this guy in. >> very simple. sponsors left. the owners got scared. the piety and the hypocrisy of this man to say he listens to the community. he wasn't listening to the community when he was threatening to move the vikings unless they gave him a billion dollars for public money for you a 92 stadium.
11:41 pm
he was listening to the sponsors. to talk about child abuse when they've been cited for using child labor. the hypocrisy of mcdonald's to say they listen when child obesity is a problem. bits dollars and cents. we saw this with donald sterling. no one cared about him being an unreconstructed racist. nobody cared until it was sponsors. there is problem them don't feel like they are a problem to the communities, or they get a ton of money. they are responsible to be the carriers of memories for generations of families and they don't take it seriously. >> it is the old, if you want to be happy about the way this is done, you would say people are voting with their dollars. but in this case, it is probably more the receiving edge. we're not getting the money. therefore we're going to act.
11:42 pm
>> butt covering. >> i think they need to, you know, there was a fabulous book. he wrote, when pride still matters. it mated me love football. this is not vince lombardi's football league. this is very, very wrong. they are morally krumt. >> where is this heading? you work for a liberal magazine and i'm wondering, where do you think this experience with this case and the other case, child beating, wife beating, this is about beating up people. >> this is a violent society, a violent game. often time that violence can't be contained on the field. people want their players to be the equivalent of officers and gentlemen. violent on the field and community leaders off. that's not how it works.
11:43 pm
sally said why do we care about the nfl being a moral leader at all and saying the game is where the game is. where i think this is heading, if roger goodell won't give up, he will be the judge, jury and commissioner of the league and borrow some rules so there's a standard so they don't careen. >> i don't follow you on that. i think there can be very tough fighters. mohammed ali is one of my heroes the way he fought for his principles. you never heard of him getting involved in the middle of a night somewhere. he led a very good life. even in his sickness. he never punched anybody in a barroom. i don't buy this thing you can't be a tough competitor and not be displinld. i believe you can. >> people can't see the punch. >> there were stories, i go back
11:44 pm
to vince lombardi. there were stories about him recruiting people who had an edge. they had troubled child hoods but he knew how to work with them. he was a leader. the nfl is lacking leadership. it doesn't look like they care about women's lives or children's lives. >> they'll learn the way people learn. my daughter thinks he is the guy who sells skillets. she doesn't know who george foreman is. up next, the race to control the senate is in a dead heat. when we come back we'll get to some of the color from the big contexts. we'll get to the color of the fight here. the inside. on.
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back with one of the biggest fights in the battle for the u.s. senate.
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we've looked at a lot of polls this month on the close races coming this november. the ones that will decide whether president obama keeps hold of the u.s. senate or not. tonight we'll start giving you the personality and actual color of some of these contests beginning in eye wax let's look at that race in iowa between joanie and bruce. it has been held for three decades by tom harkin who everybody agrees is classic midwest liberal. he is calling it quits. it was at kraik seat and it looked like it would stay that way. then came this. >> i grew up castrating hogs on an iowa farm so when i get to washington, i'll know how to cut pork. >> overnight, that castrator ad went viral. it could be the most famous ad of 2014. it not only it was a democratic seat that looked like it was going to stay that way.
11:50 pm
then came this -- >> i'm joni ernst. i grew up castrating hogs on an iowa farm. so when i get to washington, i'll know how to cut pork. >> overnight that castrater ad as it was called went viral. it could be the most famous ad of all 2014. it not only introduced candidate joni ernst, it turned the race sin of not having a law degree. >> you might have a farmer from iowa who never went to law school, never practiced law serving as the next chair of the senate judiciary committee. because if democrats lose the majority, chuck grassley will be the next chair of the senate judiciary committee. >> thud. there should have been someone, someone should have informed mr. brayly, esquire, that there are a lot more nonlawyers voting in iowa than there are lawyers voting in iowa. the combination of the ernst castrater ad and the brayly knock on farmers turned it in the right direction. it gave ernst a solid chance to flip that seat from democrat to republican. now brayly's fighting back casting ernst as a far right wing ideologue it would have criminalized any abortion procedure, sent the doctor to
11:51 pm
jail. watch. >> in the state senate, ernst sponsored an amendment to outlay abortion even in cases of rape or incest. an ernst bill would have banned many common forms of birth control. ernst even wants criminal punishment for theres who perform an abortion. >> i think that providers should be punished if there were a personhood amendment. >> radical ideas. wrong for iowa. >> ernst while denying the other charges, she's for birth control. the latest poll by quinnipiac has ernst up over braley. this will be one of the closest races of the year. the party that wins the close ones, just like in sports usually ends up on top. howard fineman is here and analyze this one. it seems to me that it's hard to
11:52 pm
pick this one. >> it's hard to pick this one because iowa is about farms and it's about farmers, if you spend a lot of time in iowa, as i have, endless farm fields. >> and she? is a farmer. >> she's a farm girl, except iowa farmers are probably the most worldly educated farmers in the world except for those in minnesota and the dakotas. these are educated people with liberal values in many cases on things like women's rights and education and social security and so forth. so yes, it's a battle of the farm wives, if you will, but it's a battle between the battles is between the farm itself and what those women think about abortion rights, women's rights, education and social security. because joni ernst has talked about privatizing social security. she's talked about abolishing the department of education.
11:53 pm
these are openings for bruce braley to save himself from his disastrous -- he's not a lawyer remark. >> can he make her into an outlier, can he make her into someone odd? >> we can make fun of the hog castrater ad but she's more of a farm gal than he is a guy. it matters but it's complex. you go out to presidential campaigns, you go out, you drive you talk to farmers. they don't just care about the seeds, they don't just care about what they're planting next spring. they care about world issues, and they care about education. it's a highly educated state, very sophisticated state. you don't want to be too wild in what you say, and that's what braley's going to try to do to her. >> jimmy carter beat ted kennedy there, he came out against the grain embargo. he was for it. they were patriotic, even though it hurt them, sticking it to the
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11:58 pm
never get in a car and certainly not on an airplane. you'll just lock yourself in the house and watch the 11:00s now and the latest crime reports just to get yourself a little more scared when you go to bed that night. well, look, that's one way to live. but america, this country certainly wasn't built that way. i don't have to give you a graduation speech to remind everybody that everyone who came to this country from europe or asia or latin america or anywhere did so with some risk, some real risk. they could have stayed home and learned to live with their poverty or under religious persecution but they decided to get themselves to a country that was filled with opportunity along with the risk. i'll admit that it bothers me deeply to have people worry about isis coming to get them personally. do you really believe -- i'm talking to the 14% who said they're seriously worried about getting hit themselves. do you think they have your number? do you thing that your number is up because of what's going on in saudi arabia right now?
11:59 pm
political hucksters exalt in that word "home democrat land" that ominous term, the stupidist decision in history to go into iraq with the bugles blowing and the talk of converting them and moderate democracies but that talk was for a purpose of getting us into a stupid war. what's the purpose now? why push the armageddon button now? could it be that scaring people is one way to justify just about anything right wing, anything that exploits military force, anything that turns the united states into a relentless military presence, a machine really, in the middle east, a killer of arabs and other muslims. people who do this can call themselves anything, neocons, hawk, whatever, what they are not are reliable students of american foreign policy. they ain't taking us anywhere good. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts now.
12:00 am
>> i will not commit you to fighting another ground war in iraq. the president promises no ground troops in iraq. as the house votes to authorize his request to train syrian rebels, they face strenuous objection from some in the senate. if our military arms and trains syrian rebel, we'll be involving ourselves in a ground conflict that we cannot resolve. >> plus the president of iran weighs in on the conflict in an exclusive interview with nbc. then the vikings backtrack again on adrian peterson. >> we made a mistake. >> a new call on a federal judge arrested for domestic violence. >> i need help. >> what's your name? >> kelli fuller. >> naomi kline on her new book and why she says the right is


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