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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  September 24, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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that's what protests look like. kids are paying attention. that's "the ed show." reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening. >> good evening, ed. and thanks to you for tuning in. i'm live tonight in washington, d.c. we start with breaking news. a new round of air strikes against isis have just been completed in syria. the pentagon says u.s. and allies including saudi arabia and the united arab emirates conducted the attacks. these latest strikes are on top of the five strikes this morning. nbc news confirms that new targets include oil refineries at 12 separate locations. all inside syria. the revenue from oil sales has been a major source of income for isis. as much as $2 million per day
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according to estimates. joining me now on the phone is msnbc military analyst colonel jack jacobs. colonel, air strikes have targeted isis, financial and communication targets, and now these 12 oil refineries. what is the strategy as you see it? >> the best thing to hit. one of the ways to choke them off is to choke off their money. we've been trying to get turkey to stop the shipment of isis oil that provides money to stop the banking lines that provide the money from the oil. and so far we haven't been very effective in convincing turkey, our nato ally to get on board. this is the next best thing. knock off the mobile oil refineries, knock off their communications and financing networks. and keep doing it. they'll have to keep doing it. but i think that they're on the
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secondary and third target lists as well. >> please keep us posted. >> turning to the push president obama is making at the united nations, late this afternoon he led a meeting of the u.n. security council which unanimously passed his resolution to stop the foreign fighters to groups like isis. but it was the president's speech earlier in the day, in front of the u.n. general assembly that commanded the world's attention. >> the terrorist group known as isil must be degraded and ultimately destroyed. this group has terrorized all who they come across in iraq and syria. no god condones this terror. no grievance justifies these
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actions. there can be no reasoning, no negotiation with this brand of evil. the only language understood by killers like this is the language of force. so the use of america will work with a broad coalition to dismantle this network of death. >> and today a gruesome reminder of that network of death. an algerian group linked to isis beheaded a tourist. but today they said the world's resolve will not be shaken. >> those who have joined isil should leave the battlefield while they can. those who continue to fight for a hateful cause will find they are increasingly alone. for we will not succumb to threats and we will demonstrate the future belongs to those who
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build, not those who destroy. >> the question now, how broad will the coalition be? and will the world join the u.s. in attacking the root causes of terror. joining me now, the former ambassador to the u.n., bill richardson, and e.j. deion from the "washington post." thank you both for being here. >> good to be here. >> thank you. >> governor richardson, your reaction to the new strikes tonight. >> well, i think the president had a very good day. the fact that we've got saudi arabia, four key arab countries participating diplomatically, militarily, doing some of the hard stuff like the military strikes is a big diplomatic coup. secondly, going after that secondary terrorist group and possibly having killed their leader. third, the fact that the president with a very strong binding resolution, got through
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the security council in spite of having at the same time earlier in the day, been really tough on russia. avoiding a russian veto on a resolution that dealt with terrorism. so i think the president had a very good day. but his main message was classic obama. we've got to attack the root causes. we have to look at jobs. we have to look at young people and give them hope. >> governor richardson, what about the president's speech today, calling isis a network of death. what do you make of that? >> well, i think this is a case where nobody seems to like isis. they've gotten ms. around the region. they're funded by some very wealthy arab individuals. but they are a network of death. look what they did to that frenchman today. they spewed terrorism, they spew hatred, and he's basically
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trying to isolate them militarily, politically and diplomatically. and i believe this campaign is succeeding so far. >> the president talked about winning the hearts and minds of young peel in the arab world. listen to this. >> in this effort we do not act alone. nor do we intend to send u.s. troops to occupy foreign lanlds. we will train and equip forces fighting against these terrorists on the ground. we will work to cut off their financing and to stop the flow of fighters into and out of the region. and already, over 40 nations have offered to join this coalition. today i ask the world to join in this effort. no external power can bring about a transformation of hearts and minds. but america will be a respectful and constructive partner. that means contesting the space the terrorists occupy including
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the internet and social media. their propaganda has coerced young people to travel abroad to fight their wars and turn students, young people full of potential into suicide bombers? we must offer an alternative vision. >> well, would this be the key to winning strategy long term against terrorist groups like isis? winning the hearts and minds of young arab, young people in the arab world? >> in the long run, that's certainly true. i think the -- this strategy is about military force and hearts and minds. i think it was a really interesting balance in what the president said. he emphasized, we are not there to occupy foreign lands. and tom freedman made an important point in his column which is adherent in this whole strategy, none of this will work unless arab countries, unless
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muslims, both shia and sunni, decide they want to fight back against this sort of extremism. and unless they want to begin to build new societies themselves. we could send troops they could occupy for some period of time but that doesn't as we have learned, transform a society. only the people there can transform a society. so we can provide fire power to push back isis but ultimately the work will have to be done there. both socially and militarily. >> you wrote about the role that lawmakers need to play. you said that congress should come back after the mid terms and debate the broader war strategy. let me quote you. you say a post election debate would make it easier for republicans to support the president's policy to say why and for democrats who oppose it to ask the difficult questions that they have to, that his approach invites. we need a responsible congress to begin the search for
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sustainable foreign policy. and unconstrained debate is the place to start. >> my theory is, let's accept that politicians are who they say they are. they have imperatives for this fall. clearly they wanted to kick this down the road. the model i had in mind was the debate we had before the gulf war under the first president obama. it is one of the best debates i have ever seen in all the years i have been in washington. people were serious, they weren't partisan. there were divisions in both parties on that war but it was substantive. i say if they want to kick it down the road until after the election, that's okay. but they can't can i go it down the road forever. i think they should have a real debate on how we want to move forward. i think the president at this point would win a substantial majority of support. but whether that's true or not, we need to know that. this whole campaign needs both the constitutional and political ramification from the congress.
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>> governor, you have huge experience in all aspects of foreign affairs. strikes today at the oil refineries, hitting them where the money is. is that a sound strategy or a good strategy in your judgment? >> it is a good strategy. hitting them where they generate funds. where they generate electricity. where they generate anything that involves resources that arm them militarily. yeah. i think our american military, our air force, this is why we're leading with these air strikes. now, what we need, i believe, reveren reverend, to get those sunni companies involved. they're on the sidelines. and then get our european allies, the brits, the french, to participate in these air strikes too. i think the president was wise symbolically to move forward with these air strikes with the arab countries first and then we
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proceed with our european allies. but i think my last point, it is a very good day for the united nations. it shows why it is important. what ban-ki moon did with the issue, the president rallying over 120 countries, world stage, rallying against terrorism, it shows the value of international institutions like the u.n. that is always taking hits for not being efficient. today the u.n. and the united states and president obama had a very good day. >> all right. ambassador bill richardson, e.j. deion, thank you both for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, more on one of washington's most carefully guarded secrets. a terror group in the final stage of planning an attack on the united states. more on the plan to use planes
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and how we're protecting the homeland. plus, breaking news from ohio. the justice department is now investigating a walmart shooting after the officer who shot the gun is cleared by a grand jury today. and a latte nothing. republicans brew up another ridiculous scandal and it shows they have absolutely no grand ideas, or should i say, grand eye? the nation sounds off ahead. .
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one of the biggest talkers in our social media community is on coffee gate. some are calling it the latte salute. the instagram of president obama
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virtually all your important legal matters in just minutes. now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business, protect your family, and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. i have made it clear that we will not base our reaction. we waged a focused campaign against al qaeda and its
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associated forces, taking out their leaders, denying them the safe havens they rely on. >> president obama at the u.n. this morning on the campaign against al qaeda and its forces. today we learned more about that radical al qaeda spin-off group known as khorasan which has been actively plotting an attack on the u.s. homeland, according to pentagon sources. reports say this summer they planned an attack to take down a u.s. or europe bound plane with the help from one of the thousands of westerners with passports fighting in the region. now homeland security is is warning law enforcement to be on alert for a so-called lone wolf. most americans hadn't heard of this group until this week. but attorney general eric holder said the u.s. has been watching
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them for months. >> the enhanced security measures in the aviation sector some months ago was based on a concern we had about what the khorasan group was planning to do. we hit them last night out of a concern that they were getting close to an execution phase of some of the plans we have seen them fomenting over the last two years. >> getting close to an execution phase. the plan was allegedly hatched by the leader, a 33-year-old with close ties to osama bin laden. today potentially big news. reports say that he was killed by one of the u.s. strikes in syria. an anonymous u.s. official telling reuters this morning, we believe he is dead. the pentagon and the white house could not confirm this report but tonight, terror fears here at home. can we stop any planned attacks and what are we doing now?
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joining me now is a counter terrorism expert. thank you for being here tonight. >> thank you. >> official said they wanted to develop bombs that could be brought undetected on to planes and detonate them in mid flight. how credible a threat are they? >> well, they can't ascertain the credibility of the threats but we know the capability is there. we have seen it a few years ago when the nigerian attempted to detonate a device, unsuccessfully, thankfully, over an airliner that was about to land in detroit. so we know that the capability is there for a number of al qaeda factions to be able to smuggle some sort of bomb, not only on planes -- >> but he did get on the flight. i mean, he couldn't for whatever
3:20 pm
reason execute the bomb but did he make it on the flight. that's a little scary. >> very scary. the al qaeda peninsula which took credit for that operation said that the operation was actually successful specifically because it urged the united states and other countries to change the security measures at the airports. so it cost them billions of dollars to install these new scanning machines. if anything it was successful in that sense. but ever since that incident, or failed attack, we can anticipate that the u.s. has risen the level of caution in regard to having people on transportation. we have to be ridge is lanlt. we know there are guys manufacturing these bombs. >> as we're being vigilant, nbc news has learned the group is actively trying to get western
3:21 pm
recrui recruits. is there any evidence they're having success? >> we've seen them succeed in attracting western nationals to travel to a number of jihadi zones in afghanistan, pakistan region, in yemen and of course for the past three years, in syria. the u.s. national executed in late may of this year. one of the biggest suicide bombings in their history using 17 tons of explosives. so they have attracted foreign nationals. there is a concern about these nationals attempting to go back to the united states unnoticed. have they succeeded? we don't think so. we have to keep an eye on these individuals. we have to keep an eye on them even if we don't capture them when they get overseas. we need to use our intelligence
3:22 pm
apparatus to be able to keep an eye on them. >> we're just learning about this group. most of us for the first time. the striking thing is that apparently it is a very small group. the exact number of fighters is unknown but estimates range from a few dozen to jump wards of 50 fighters, according to intelligence officials. how is such a small group able to orchestrate such massive threats to the united states? >> well, those guys are seasoned fighters. they are scened jihadists. they traveled in a number of countries. they fundraised. they are really essential for terrorist groups in the ideological financial and training sense. and we know the kuwaiti national, the most wanted who is believed to have been killed in air strikes. somebody like him who has traveled to iran, iraq, syria and other nations, kind of
3:23 pm
fundraising for these groups, recruiting for these individuals, is an essential tool for terrorist groups. so the likes of him, his caliber, is worth $100 isis fighters because he is able to recruit from behind the scenes. able to send individuals overseas. so the danger does not emanate from the group actually having high capability of attacking the homeland with rockets. but they are opportunistic and violent. when you put that together you have a deadly recipe. ? we'll have to leave it there. thank you for your time this evening. still ahead, the deadly police shooting of a man carrying a pellet gun at a walmart. the video has been released. the grand jury has refused to indict. but now the justice department is on the case. what will they be looking at? also, while president obama
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is addressing the world on his fight to enterrorism, many right wingers are up in arms about a cup of coffee. that's ahead. you make a great team. it's been that way since the day you met.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. right wing pundits and politicians have convinced. they that obamacare is a failure but back here in planet reality, the truth is the opposite. check this out from health secretary sylvia matthews bur well. >> we're able to announce in 2015, there has been a 25% increase in the total number of issuers selling insurance in the marketplace. >> 25% increase. private insurance company want to be part of the exchanges. against all those republicans were wrong when they claim the
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law would be a government takeover of health care. >> the government takeover -- >> ill conceived and very unpopular government takeover of health care. the government takeover of today. >> government takeover of health care. >> obamacare monday atrocity. >> republicans never let the facts get in the way of a good talking point. and there's more good news tonight. the administration recently announced that 7.3 million americans have paid their premiums, and are now enrolled in insurance plans. that's 90% of everyone who enrolled, surpassing all expectations. and it is a district rebuttal to republican who's ginned this up into a nasty, nasty talking point do you know enrollees? do you have an idea how many of
3:29 pm
them became enrollees? that's really the number that the maers. >> i think they're cooking the books. >> the number are a bit of funny math. >> funny math? the republicans were wrong yet again. so now we lay to rest two more bogus gop talking points. on the affordable care act. and we say goodbye once again to all those dearly departed myths like death panels and job killer. did republicans think we wouldn't notice how their talking points are pay past their expiration dates? nice try. but we got you. ♪
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3:33 pm
and republicans are treating it like a grande scandal. the former congressman allen west tweeted, if there was ever any doubt as to the level of regard obama holds for our military, this latte salute seals the deal. sarah palin posts, our apologies to u.s. armed forces. wait a second. stop the espresso. she is apologizing because the president had something in his hand? the campaign armed for house republicans even tried to fundraise off the salute. tweeting, 41 days until latte salute election. drink your coffee until then in our we the people mug. and the gang over at fox because boiling mad. >> did you see the hat eight salute? the president gets off marine one today. hang on. obviously you've seen it. how would -- would president
3:34 pm
bush ever do that? >> are we surprised? we have a chai swilling, basketball trash talking leading from behind, i got no strategy osama bin laden is dead, gm is alive, community organizing commander in chief. how disrespectful was that? >> i was shocked. >> what's their point? that things are going to the dogs? since the president had something in his hand when he saluted? is this really what they're spending time on? and for the record, president obama would hold his dog when he saluted. where was all the barking then? here's what this is all about. many republicans agree with the president's plan to go after isis so they're desperate to find something to criticize. but these latest attacks, they're just a latte air about
3:35 pm
nothing. joining me now, a form he pennsylvania governor ed rend l rendell. >> thanks. >> governor, it seem funny but what does this hysteria today reveal about the republicans and this president? >> i think they have almost a pathological hatred for the president. even at a time when we should all be coming together behind the president because of the isis situation, they can't resist. they look petty and ridiculous. in fact, i'm actually happy this is happening. any independent voter who listens to this says enough. the president, and you know i've been a critic myself at time, the president did a brilliant job in putting this coalition together. and not just a coalition in name only. five arab countries participating in the bombing
3:36 pm
raids. he did an absolutely brill yandle job. he's led not from behind but ahead. he did something nobody thought was doable. and apparently, the strikes were significantly successful. he deserves an enormous amount of credit. what he really deserves is the country, republicans, democrats, conservatives, liberals, progressives, everybody getting behind the commander in chief. >> which is why i think that they are desperate in trying to distract us. >> when you hear that, like that's not true. it is amazing. but jonathan, you know, i mentioned house republicans are trying to fundraise off the salute. the senate campaign's arm is going even further. they've created a website, simple it says our commander in chief should take the time to properly salute our nation's heroes in
3:37 pm
uniform. they do it for him. unfortunately, his disregard is part of a larger pattern. if you want to send a message to this white house that you've had enough, fill out this form and get your free bumper sticker. now, jonathan, you wrote this as a none troversy. colon the pictures of president bush completely undermine that? >> absolutely. i used the one in the piece today. here's the thing that i find most humorous about this. we're talking about republican who's oh, so revere the country and the constitution, oh, so revere rules and regulations and protocols and customs. and yet they don't seem to recognize or even know that because the president is civilian, he is not supposed to salute the military. the military can salute him. he shouldn't salute back. and they also neglect to point out that the reason the president now salutes the
3:38 pm
military is because when president ronald reagan, the revered ronald reagan, when he came into office in 1981, he started saluting everyone. and he was told, you know, you shouldn't do that. that's not what you're supposed to do. you don't need to do that. when he went to the commandant of the marine corps, the commandant said, you're the gd president. you can do whatever you want. so president reagan decided, i'm going to salute the marines. i'm going to salute the troops. ever since then, presidents do that as a matter of custom. now president bush had barney in his hands. president obama had a latte in his hands. this is not a big deal and it fits a pattern of the republicans finding -- >> that's what i want to talk about. the pattern. governor, you talk about pathological. media matters has found mental of other times talkers on the
3:39 pm
right bash the president over something silly. listen to this. >> plain old ketchup didn't quite cut it. >> what kind of man orders a cheese burger without ketchup but dijon mustard. >> president obama's jobs bill hot off the presses. at kinkos, hundreds of billions in tax hikes and new spending bound together with a chintsy clip. look at that. >> has anyone ever heard president obama has a gun, likes to shoot, let alone shoots all the time? >> no. where's the picture. they release a photograph of president obama doing everything exempt for flossing. >> i mean, it is pathological. >> no question about it. i want to know, can we have an investigation? was it latte or just straight coffee? i mean, that could be a crucial factor to be determined. >> i'm sure darrell might call a
3:40 pm
committee hearing on that. we're talking about how they attack the president. we've learn of one republican congressman criticizing the president for air strikes against isis. listen to this. >> it has the appearance, unfortunately of a political move and it probably timed just right. but the problem is we need the president and congress to establish strategies and policies that are going to be successful, not just do things on a political grounds. >> a political move? >> give me a break. this is from a member of congress who is not here in washington but who is on what, a five-week recess? they're not coming back until after the mid-term elections. if that congressman were so concerned about what the president was planning on doing, whether the strategy is going to be successful, he would have followed up that comment with, i want the president to call us. congress, back into session so that we can have a debate.
3:41 pm
the american people through their recommendives about what should be done. he didn't say that. >> pardon me, but didn't we have two americans and one british person beheaded? are we acting as if something didn't happen that focused the president and the whole world's attention that they had to go and do something? >> yeah. what really is sad about this, and seriously sad, is the republicans were attacking president obama for not striking at syria earlier. well, the president didn't tell anybody and he took abuse because he was building, i think, an unprecedented coalition of arab nations willing to drop bombs on arab terrorists. and he did it exactly right. so the republicans who were yelling at him for not doing it more quickly. then he finally does it and most republicans voted to support him. then you have this god knows
3:42 pm
what to call him. this congressman saying it is political. it is what john mccain and linldsy graham were begging him to do the last ten days. >> i'm going to have to leave it there. governor ed rendell, governor capehart, thank you for your time tonight. coming up, developing news in that walmart shooting in ohio. the department of justice is getting involved. tonight the surveillance video they wouldn't release. and new questions for the grand jury. ♪ eenie. meenie. miney. go. more adventures await in the seven-passenger lexus gx. see your lexus dealer.
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we're back with tonight's justice files. joining me now are msnbc's legal analyst and retired atf agent jim cavanagh. let's get right to our top story. the justice department announced it will investigate the deadly police shooting of a man who was carrying a pellet gun at a walmart in ohio. this move comes just hours after a grand jury refused to indict the officer who shot john crawford. >> they decided that the police officers and the police officer in particular that fired the shots was justified in doing what he did. >> today the prosecutor finally released surveillance video from inside the walmart.
3:47 pm
it shows crawford walking over to an aisle and picking up a pellet gun to a shelf. he then continues to walk through the store, carrying the gun. talking on the phone. the next part of the video shows the shooting. i have to warn you, it is disturbing. crawford is standing in an aisle, apparently at a store display. you can see him swinging the pellet gun to his side. he turns immediately, falls as he is shot twice by a police officer. there's no sound on the tape but police say they told him to drop his weapon at least twice. in light of this surveillance footage, what do you think about the grand jury decision and the justice department investigation? this is another case where an new jersey unarmed person has been killed. and another case where the police have not upheld their duty to protect and serve. but i will tell you, i am not
3:48 pm
that surprised by the grand jury's decision. it is really hard to prosecute police officers for the use of force in cases like this. the system is designed to protect them. the community understands officers make split second life or death decisions in a split second. they give them the benefit of the doubt. here when you have testimony from a 911 caller that john crawford wasn't just walking around. that he was menacing people with a gun and so the officers responded with that in mind. we can that information was erroneous. we know that information wasn't true. but still, that's what the officers, that's how they began. >> you're dealing in an open carry state. you are allowed to walk around carrying a gun. >> that's exactly right. so even if he was carrying the gun, what he was doing was legal, in addition, the store in
3:49 pm
which he was in sells that bb gun. so he was walking around with a bb gun in a store that sells them. however, the caller, 911 caller apparently told the police that he was menacing people. that is illegal. that is against the law. that he was pointing the gun at children. >> let me bring in jim cavanagh. the caller says, here's what one shopper at walmart described what he saw. watch this. >> call the police. waving at people, waiting the gun at people and everything. wugs the police got there, they said put it down. they said it two times. and then the gentleman decided to swing the rifle to the officer pointing it at them. that's when the officer shot him twice. >> now, waving the gun, pointing it at people, now it turns out, he is rekanlting what he just said. a month later he says, crawford
3:50 pm
didn't turn the weapon on anybody. quote, at no point did he shoulder the rifle and point it at anyone. could the change in the man's story faegt the investigation? clearly on the video he is not pointing a gun at officers or anyone else. >> the video, the critical part of the video is eight seconds, from 50 seconds to 58 seconds. and it totally dispels that witness's statement that the gun was pointed toward the officer. if you watch the video very closely between 50 and 58 seconds, you'll notice that mr. crawford has the gun pointed at the floor at 50 seconds. 51 seconds, he is reto the officer. probably shot in the arm or at least reacting to his order to put it down. within just a couple seconds, 53 seconds, he is down on the ground and so is the gun. the gun never even crosses the
3:51 pm
plain of his body. it goes right to the floor. there was no pointing of the gun at the officer. which justified use of deadly force requires an imminent threat of death. it is not just holding a rifle. police arrest people holding rifles many times. you don't just shoot a person for holing a firearm. i would give the police the benefit of the doubt here and i know faith chbldss. they may not know it is a bb gun. if it was pointed at the officers, they would be justified to use deadly force even if it wasn't a rifle. >> but the video shows it wasn't pointed at him. even the guy who said it has recanted. >> that's why it is such a significant problem. when you're talking about ill imminent use of force, it has to be imminent. i think the person who made the 911 call, police to have look at that closely. when you call and say someone
3:52 pm
has a gun. they didn't know presume reply that it was a bb gun. that they are pointing it, waving it at children and other people. programs the officers, the grand jury gave him the benefit of the doubt. the officers think they're responding to a deadly situation. >> i'll going to have to leave it there. we'll see how the federal government and the justice department goes through these facts. we'll be watching this. thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. straight ahead, breaking news on the apparent terror plot targeting the u.s. homeland. reports that the plan involved taking down a europe or u.s. bound flight. denver international is one of the busiest airports in the country. we operate just like a city, and that takes a lot of energy. we use natural gas throughout the airport - for heating the entire terminal,
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who may need depend underwear. show them they're not alone and show off a pair of depend. because wearing a different kind of underwear, is no big deal. join us. support the cause and get a free sample of depend at following news now on an apparent terror plot targeting the u.s. homeland. the group known as khorasan was actively planning to take down a u.s. or europe-bound plane. possibly even looking to enlist
3:57 pm
a sympathizing westerner with the u.s. pass ported. joining me now is a security analyst and former secret service agent. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> what are security officials doing right now? >> they're being very dill gentle as far as assessing things. you will see a lot more people on the ground. a lot of canine on the ground. and also assessing intelligence, chatter, what's going on. they're putting it out there to everybody. we're seeing here in new york city alone, increased security in our train systems. we're worried about what? the lone wolf. suicide bombers, any type of attack like in. in which somebody by. they will act to retaliate for what's going on right now. >> now, we've learned that khorasan has been testing explosives in several different forms including clothing dipped in liquid explosives, toothpaste
3:58 pm
tubes filled with liquid explosives, hidden in cell phones and laptops. can these explosives be detected? >> this is what they're trying to figure out. usually we're looking for what? something big and obvious. now everyone is getting very smart. take something very simple as the iphone and the ipad. that's something in the secret service we were looking at years ago. one of the thing we're concerned about is the individual we protect. when an individual takes out an iphone or an ipad to take a picture, they could load with it an explosive device. so now here we see something like that being transferred to what we're talking about. perhaps going into a small confined space. even something as small as that. a blast per se on an airplane could do enough damage to bring that airplane down. you don't need to take out the whole may not to do what you want to do. >> now in fact, in july, the united states increased security on flights coming from overseas
3:59 pm
because they knew about some of those explosive devices. on july 6, the tsa announced on certain overseas flights, to the u.s., it would not permit powerless devices and that airport security could ask passenger to power on devices during security screening. have we ever seen anything like this? >> no, we haven't. those are similar security checks that i would do on my job. it is interesting that we're taking such extreme measures now for the average individual that almost the same american purchases we're taking to protect the president of the united states. so you want to turn on these devices, are they active? are they working? if you lace them with something, you put a sub stanls in there, that can make the device inert. or wnls you activate it, it would detonate. cameras. you might see them looking at cameras. any type of technological device.
4:00 pm
laptops. >> thank you for your time this evening. and certainly, we're got go continue watching as the world deals with this threat to the united states homeland and other parts of the world. well, thank you for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. >> targeting evil. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. another beheading. this time a french citizen by an isis ally in algeria. the killers call it retribution for france joining the u.s. air strikes in iraq. this come as president obama calls on the world for action against isis demanding the country stop giving money and stop spewing the hate filled ideology that fuels


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