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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  September 30, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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and what is it about our cousins across the pond? jon stewart says congress could learn a thing or two from british parliament when it comes to debating the big issues. this is "way too early"! >> have a debate. ♪ hi, everybody! good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is tuesday, september 30th. welcome to "way too early," the show that says, hear hear to mr. stewart. we're going to try to do it in a british accent, but all we could do was mrs. doubtfire, because someone said that to me a second ago, and that was just a little too muddled. anyway, a lot to get to this morning. we begin on capitol hill, where in a few hours, the director of the secret service is scheduled to testify at a congressional hearing. this comes one day after the "washington post" first reported that the suspect in the white house security breach this month made it farther inside than previously reported. now, officials initially said that omar gonzalez, an iraq war
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vet, jumped the white house fence with a knife and entered the north doors of the first family's home before being taken into custody. however, officials now say gonzalez also overpowered a female secret service officer. she did not know there was a breach because the white house ushers office asked for the alarm box to be silenced. gonzalez then allegedly ran past the guard and headed into the east room of the white house. officials say he was able to run all the way to the other end of the 80-foot counter assault agent, then tackled him by the doorway to the green room. now, the new details mean that secret service director julia pierson will likely face some very tough questions later today from both democrats and republicans on the house oversight committee. and again, these are new details that just keep spilling out and spilling out and spilling out. but a lot of people amazed at just how far omar gonzalez was able to make it inside the white house before being detained. well, some of the nation's
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top intelligence officials and lawmakers are pushing back against president obama's statement that u.s. intelligence agencies underestimated the threat posed by islamic state militants. one top official tells "the new york times," there were numerous reports warning about the rise of isis, but "the white house just didn't pay attention to it or consider it a big priority." and the chairman of the house intelligence committee, republican congressman mike rogers, says president obama knew about isis for more than a year. he says it was policymakers, not intelligence officials, who failed. president obama's comments were also the focus of a heated exchange at the white house. abc's jonathan karl questioned press secretary josh earnest about warnings from several top officials, including assistant secretary of state. >> this is one of your key people on iraq who was raising this alarm in november of last year. did this message get to the president? did he believe it? did he not hear it? what happened? >> john, this is something that
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the president's discussed on a number of occasions, that principally what we're talking about here is the rapid advance that isil was able to make across the iraqi desert and the success that they have had after that advance to holding large swaths of territory. >> but if i can just stop you for a second. >> okay. >> because two months after rhett mcgurk says this, the president calls isil the jv team. >> we've been through this, and that's not what the president was referring to. >> he was clearly talking about isil. the question was about -- >> that's not true. >> the question was specifically about what happened after isil took over fallujah -- >> that's not what the question was about. we can look at the transcript. >> as the u.s. continues to target islamic state militants in iraq and syria, brand new polls show a majority remain opposed to having american boots on the ground. a cnn/orc poll finds 60% of americans are against having u.s. troops against isis, but
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36% say it is very likely that the u.s. will have boots on the ground at some point. more than 70% of americans are in favor of the u.s. air strikes currently taking place in iraq and syria, and 45% of americans approve how president obama is handling the isis threat, up eight points since earlier this month. just under half still do not support his strategy. more than 50% of those polled say they disapprove of president obama's overall job performance. so, this brings us to our twitter question for you this morning. i want to get your take on this. would you support using ground troops in the fight against isis? tweet us your most creative answers using #waytooearly. we'll put the best ones coming up later in the show. do you feel we need to make that kind of commitment and obligation to the fight there. well, pro-democracy demonstrations have swelled to the tens of thousands in hong kong, leaving chinese officials searching for answers. protesters are now stocking up on supplies, they're blocking off some of hong kong's busiest streets ahead of tomorrow's national day holiday. the original day that demonstrators planned to begin the protests.
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and just look at this, how the protesters are reacting there. some have umbrellas. the umbrellas are being used there to combat tear gas that has been used there. demonstrators are seeking political freedom and the mainland, including free elections beginning in 2017. china's president has not publicly commented on these protests. however, a government spokesman has called them illegal. and despite china's attempt to keep the protests from the media, the movement has become known as the umbrella revolution, as demonstrators are using the umbrellas as a shield against the riot police who are using tear gas and pepper spray. some protesters have even taken to the same hands up don't shoot gesture that we saw used in ferguson, missouri. now, the demonstrators have given the government until tomorrow to meet their demands, including the resignation of hong kong's chief executive, or they say the protests will go on. well, now we take you and give you the latest information on the ebola outbreak as we get the lab results expected in dallas today on a patient being
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tested for the ebola virus. and in a statement last night, texas health presbyterian hospital saying that the patient is in strict isolation due to his or her symptoms and recent travel. it was on sunday that an american physician checked into the national institutes of health for tests after being exposed to the virus in sierra leone. so far, the name of that patient has not been released. and as you see there with the hospital release last night, they're not even identifying the gender of the patient. well, in other news, a tenth child has shown signs of muscle weakness and paralysis in colorado as doctors try to determine whether these frightening symptoms are related to a national outbreak of a respiratory virus. nbc's halli jackson has more on the story for us. >> reporter: doctors at a colorado hospital describe the questions surrounding ten children treated here, some too weak to move one arm or leg, others not able to move any of them. >> so, time will tell, that sort of thing. it's a very long road. it's still too early to know
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what the recovery will be for these children. >> reporter: this medical mystery has health experts looking for clues, like whether it's just coincidence that four children with paralysis tested positive for a rare strain of virus or whether it's something more. >> at this point, we have no specific direct linkage. that is the area of investigation. >> reporter: an unusual outbreak of enterovirus 68 is now affecting 443 people across the country, virtually all of them children. so, this denver daycare's taking steps to stay safe. do you get a sense from parents that they're worried? >> very. anything that they can do as an extra precaution to make sure that their children are kept healthy. and so, they have been inquiring. >> reporter: just two years ago, mysterious muscle weakness and paralysis affected a group of children in california. >> hi, daddy. >> reporter: including lucian olvera. his leg went limp permanently after his mom noticed he had trouble breathing, though he was never tested for enterovirus 68. >> i was devastated for these families.
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we have lived through this for the past 2 1/2 years. >> there was wheezing and i didn't feel good at all. >> reporter: in colorado, jaden broadway was treated for the enterovirus strain this month. he's now back in school. his family knows they've been lucky. they just don't know why. >> i'm so sorry to hear about the other children who are suffering at this degree with it, but jaden is doing real good and we feel like we're really blessed. >> that was nbc's halli jackson reporting for us. now to a dramatic turn in the search for missing university of virginia student hannah graham. virginia state police say the suspect charged in her disappearance may be linked to the unsolved murder of virginia tech student morgan harrington, who disappeared five years ago. her mom, who's long waited for a break in this case, reacted to that news yesterday. >> i am so pleased that that has happened, but it doesn't change a lot for us in some ways, you know? our bedroom is still empty upstairs. >> so, the fbi tells "the richmond times-dispatch" that
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dna evidence from that 2009 case has also been linked to a 2005 sexual assault case, but officials wouldn't comment on whether they believe the current suspect had any involvement in that case. jesse matthew jr. is set to appear in court for a bond hearing coming up on thursday. so, walmart is claiming that actor tracy morgan and the other passengers inside that bus-limousine that was rear-ended by one of its trucks are at least partly to blame for the injuries they sustained because they weren't wearing seatbelts in that vehicle. it's the retailer's response to the lawsuit that was filed by morgan and the others involved in the accident on the new jersey turnpike back in june. the plaintiffs' attorney called the company's claim "surprising, appalling" and not what they said they were going to do initially, which was take full responsibility. the lawsuit claims that walmart should have known its driver hadn't slept in the 24 hours before that crash that also killed morgan's friend. that driver pleaded not guilty to charges of assault and death by auto.
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a spokesperson said monday that walmart "continues to stand willing to work with mr. morgan and the other plaintiffs to resolve this matter." now to an update to a story we brought you earlier this morning. the "ap" reporting that arizona cardinals running back jonathan dwyer has been formally charged with assaulting his wife during two domestic altercations in july. dwyer faces a charge of felony aggravated assault and eight misdemeanors. now, the cardinals placed dwyer on the reserve list today after his september 17th arrest, meaning that he can't play for arizona again this season. the nfl has said that it will review his case under their personal conduct policy. still ahead on "way too early," tony stewart facing the cameras. what the rising star says about the death of kevin ward jr. and then later, smile for the camera. one alleged bank robber seems like he's just fine being in the hands of the law. that is not a fake grill. that's the real thing. that story and a check on weather when "way too early"
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comes right back. that looks like he's ready for halloween. anyway. the submarine "naught los" displays her size as the navy takes the wraps off their prized possession for news cameraman. although the speed is the secret, it is known to be by far the fastest submarine in the world.
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all right, here we go, time for sports. the nfl regular season wrapped up week 4 with the chiefs hosting the patriots on "monday night football." kansas city deals bill belichick one of his worst losses as coach of the patriots after the 41-14 blowout. chiefs running back jamaal charles coming off a sprained ankle ran for 92 yards and a score, and he also hauled in a pair of short touchdown passes from the quarterback, alex smith. look at that.
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tom brady threw two interceptions in the second half. now, the second return for a pick six. >> what's going on with the patriots? >> i don't know. the chiefs -- >> i feel horrible! >> ask barnacle. flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after dropping to his knees in prayer after the score. now the nfl taunting rule states players can't celebrate while on the ground, but there is an exception if doing so in praise, so lee's going to have to clarify, while abdullah's going to receive a penalty for this. kind of silly. is tom brady going to get fired? >> he can't. >> are you kidding me? >> no way, it'd be like taking jeter out. can't do it. >> john tower says yes. he came in my ear and he said yes. >> what does he know? >> he's silly. all right, so, lions tight end joseph fauria set out sunday's 24-17 win against the jets with a sprained ankle. turns out, a family member is at fault for that injury. fauria said he was chasing his 3-month-old puppy, little
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ruffio, who was about to have an accident in the house, when he missed two steps heading downstairs and sprained the ankle while bracing a fall. apparently, lil ruffio was about to go tee-tee in the house, a little tinkle. yeah. he had to go tee-tee, make it a sissy and a do they. you have to go outside. tony stewart spoke with the media for the first time since learning he won't face charges in the death of kevin ward jr. stewart addressed the ward family and described his own grief. take a look. >> i want to be available to them if they want to talk about it. i at this point, i don't need to talk to them for closure. i know what happened and i know it was an accident, but you know, i'm offering to talk to them to help them if it helps them with closure. i think about it every day and i wish i could say it was once a day, but it's not. i think about it a lot every day, you know, but that's the
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great thing about getting back in the race car is it gives me time to forget about it for a minute and to stop thinking about it. and then you know, after you get done at the end of the day, you start thinking about it again. it's not something that goes away, you know, and it will never go away. it's always going to be a part of my life the rest of my life. >> well, in professional news just on his record, stewart finished 14th over the weekend in dover. so, we talk about playoff baseball right now. tonight the kansas city royals in their first postseason appearance in almost 30 years, they're going to host the oakland athletics in the american league wild card game. bill? >> you've got to be happy for the city of kansas city. >> your prediction? >> they need a win. i mean, they've gone like three decades without it, so i hope -- >> i'm going to go with kansas city. >> yeah. >> barnacle is going against -- >> which is nice, because i want to feel good for them. barnacle went against me. >> yep. he's going oakland with lester. >> he's playing the percentages. lester crushes kansas city, traditionally. >> all right.
2:48 am
we're going kc. >> we would show barnacle, but there's like a camera over his head right now. >> i don't want to be on tv. >> he's doing radio. we're doing tv at the same time. it's fascinating. >> let's check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. you're watching some heavy storms. >> yeah, we had some pretty impressive stuff, new mexico, colorado got it yesterday. that is moving out into the plains today, so not going to see tornadoes or anything like that, but we could have a few strong storms, mostly back into rapid city, through south dakota and nebraska. and the areas of greatest concern for severe weather is in this area of yellow. again, that's mostly rural sections of south dakota and nebraska. bringing it to the east coast, we had a lot of showers and clouds, kept us a little cooler yesterday around d.c. to philly. those showers are exiting. we'll get some breaks out there today, but then there's this rain back up here crossing over areas of ontario and lake erie, and that will bring us some showers later in the day, too. so, there are some showers in the forecast. it's not going to be a total washout, rainy day. many of you probably won't even see any rain drops today. still kind of warm, in the 70s. and florida just keeps getting
2:49 am
drenched. thomas, almost every single location, all the major cities, miami, tampa, orlando, jacksonville, have all seen at least 6 inches of rain in september. and daytona beach has seen 18 inches of rain this month alone. >> wow. >> and it's raining every single day and there could be minor flooding today. but yeah, they can't wait for their dry season. usually november. november until like march, it won't rain at all. >> but for us today, just a little -- >> just a shower or two, maybe. >> okay. >> not bad. >> pack the umbrella, i'm ready for my nap. thank you so much. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," white house insecurity. questions mounting for the secret service after these new details emerge about this month's fence jumper. really shocking stuff. and then coming up later, texas governor rick perry is going to join joe and mika right here on set. is he ready to give it another go in 2016? and you know, they're going to have to ask him about those t-shirts with his mug shot, on his t-shirt, you know? i mean it was a good mug shot,
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really good mug shot. but first, who needs a suit when you can have a suitsie? the reason behind this grown man and his onesie. this is like a story that was made for me. i wish i had one of these things. i need one of these things. if you're looking for a birthday gift for me, my birthday's next week. i need one. i need two. maybe five. i could use five. i could have one every day of the week and i wouldn't even wash them. when we come back, we'll have what's in "the cooler." what would happen... if energy could come from anything? or if power could go anywhere? or if light could seek out the dark? what would happen if that happens? anything.
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so, earlier in the show, we told you about questions the secret service is facing after recent security lapses. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends the agency began in 1865 to crack down on counterfeit currency. the secret service didn't begin protecting residents full time until 1902. all right, so, let's huddle around the water cooler, and we want to begin with the happy bank robber with the summome ar teeth, some are here, some are there. >> that's right. another mugshot that's gone viral. miking wittington is accused of robbing a bank in denver last week and apparently wasn't too upset about it. the arrest says he's got a big, cheesy grin on his face, doesn't he, thomas? >> he's got a grin. >> the story gets even better. police say after the robbery, he used a crane as his getaway ride. now, we'll see if he's still
2:54 am
smiling when he faces a judge later today. but that is just too good. >> you know, a lot of people are posing for their mugshots these days, louis. >> yeah, i guess -- >> they know that they are going to get attention, so -- >> it's a claim to fame, for sure. >> they want to look good. >> that's right. i like to look good, you know? >> it is certainly not a public endorsement for his dentist. >> definitely not. now to an invention some should say is a crime. a san francisco real estate developer has designed an all-in-one suit. he calls it a suitsie, thomas, like a baby onesie but for a man. he says it's for the professional who wants a casual feel with a more formal look. >> oh, yes. >> take a look. >> the original genesis was i was sitting at work and thought it would be great to look professional but also feel like i'm in my pajamas and be comfortable. >> the clothing website betabrand has taken interest in the suits and plan to bring it to market by christmas and it will cost around 375 bucks. would you get one? >> i do, although jenna wants to
2:55 am
know, how does go onesie and twosie? she wanted to know. now, let's go to "the daily show." it's taking on a debate over an isis or -- [ everyone talking at once ] last night jon stewart blasted congress after reminding everyone that british prime minister david cameron called parliament back into session to debate the issue. >> cameron, what are you, what are you doing? you don't have to put up answering that question [ bleep ]. you just walk out on to your lawn, you say we're bombing somewhere and you go back inside, bada-bing, bada literal boom, done! so, why aren't we getting all parliamentary and talking about this? >> i think the president should come to congress and ask for authorization. >> absolutely i'm willing to go back. >> i think the president has an obligation to call us back tomorrow to start this debate. >> if the president had asked us to stay, like david cameron asked parliament to come back, we would have. >> hey, i would have come back,
2:56 am
but he didn't ask! it's not like congress can just call itself back into session. >> harry reid and john boehner both can call their respective chambers back to congress. >> you've always had the power to call back parliament. come out, come out wherever you are. >> i guess he's the good witch. too good. too good, thomas. >> political theater, i know, louis. thank you, sir. appreciate it. want your twitter responses. our question earlier in the show, we asked you about using ground troops, if needed, against isis, and if support is growing for that based on this new cnn/orc poll. our producer justine del gaudio has the best responses. how are people feeling about it? >> it's pretty much a no across the board for our followers. brian michael king says "absolutely not! it would be detrimental for the u.s. to put boots on the ground. we don't need more years of losing soldiers." and then another follower said "the more our politicians say there will be no boots on the ground, the more i think there
2:57 am
will be." >> all right. it was interesting to see what people think about the obligation or the necessary obligation needed to combat isis moving forward. justine, thanks, great to have you back. that's it for "way too early." "morning joe" is straight ahead. ring ring! progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself.
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