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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  October 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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ebola isn't just in africa anymore. the first patient diagnosed in the u.s. is being treated right now at a texas hospital. we'll get reaction from the white house communications director about that, as well as the latest in the secret service under fire. warehouse members from both sides took the director to task and now a top democrat says he has doubts about her leadership. plus, hong kong protests press on even with more symbolism on a national holiday for china. the outcry for democracy isn't quieting down. good morning from washington. i'm kristen welker.
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it is wednesday, october 1st, 2014. this is the "daily rundown." a busy wednesday. the latest developments on ebola and the first patient diagnose signatured in the u.s. with the deadly virus. the unidentified patient is being treated at texas health presbyterian hospital at this hour. the patient had just flown to texas to visit family after leaving liberia on september 19. the cdc says he wasn't showing any symptoms at the time. but the patient started feeling sick on wednesday. he wasn't admitted to the hospital until sunday, where he was put in isolation. and yesterday the cdc announced he tested positive for the ebola virus. the director of the cdc told matt lauer on the "today" show about the warning he's issuing to every health care worker in the u.s. to contain the disease. >> if you have someone who's been in west africa in the past 21 days and theme goty've got a or other symptoms, immediately isolate them, get them tested. we've already identified about 100 people who have that level
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of concern. we've tested 14 of them. this was the first individual to test positive. >> so far, more than 6,500 people have been diagnosed with ebola in africa. more than 3,000 have died there. nbc's ron mott is in dallas with the very latest on this first case of ebola diagnosed in the u.s. what cab you tell us about the response and the reaction there? >> reporter: there's a crush of media here outside the hospital. as you mentioned, the first case of ebola diagnosed here in the u.s. is right here. unidentified male from africa is in isolation. doctors say heened. he landed here on september 20th, four days later started feeling symptoms. came here to the hospital on friday, the 26th. they sent him home with some antibiotics. he came back in an ambulance on sunday and was admitted.
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the hospital said they've taken precautions long before the man showed up at the hospital. considering the likelihood there would be an ebola patient that would present here, and that has happened at this hospital. they are now going to go forward, the cdc is sending a team in here to start canvassing people who have had contact with him since he started showing symptoms on the 24th. the cdc says it's a very small pool of people. 12 to 18 people or so since he started presenting with these stock mark symptoms of high fever and the like. they want to get to these people to get them tested to make sure this virus does not spread. they say they're completely confident they're going to contain it. unlike in west africa where 3,000-plus people have lost their lives. >> ron, when that patient first went to the hospital, he wasn't admitted. he was only admitted a few days later when he was showing more serious symptoms. for emergency room doctors, what is the immediate response to
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recognizing ebola and how confident are they they'll be able to recognize future cases if that were to happen more quickly? >> right. as we understand it, they were far more prepared on sunday when he came back to the hospital in an ambulance. the ambulance workers, we understand, have been quarant e quarantined. that vehicle has been isolated. it's surrounded by concrete barriers. they're trying to figure out how to decontaminate it. because ebola has an incubation period that can last as long as 21 days, those folks aren't going to be out of the woods for another two weeks or so. the incubation period from 2 to 21 days. the hospital says they were already prepared. they were following the cdc recommendations about what to do if you have a patient who has these symptoms of ebola and that's what happened here over the weekend, kristen. >> all right, ron mott in dallas, thank you. turning now to the developing secret service scandal.
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accused white house intruder gonzalez will appear at a preliminary hearing after being indicted tuesday by a federal grand jury for unluflally entering a restricted building and unlawful possession of ammunition. this morning, an amazing convergence of headlines with ebola. and facing another embarrassing episode. confirms when president obama visited the cdc in atlanta to discuss the ebola crisis on september 16th, agents allowed an armed security contractor with a criminal history into an elevator with the president. that's a violation of agency procedures. on capitol hill tuesday, secret service director julia pierson faced hostile questions. >> the complaints in the earlier reports were not accurate, is that crosorrect? >> i think it is accurate that
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mr. gonzalez scaled the fence -- >> ma'am, hold it, i have very little time. the american people want to know if the president is safe. >> this is beyond the pale. and i've listened to your testimony very deliberately here this morning. and i wished to god you protected the white house like you're protecting your reputation here today. >> pierson told lawmakers the president's security had been breached only one time this year when gonzalez made it deep into the white house. she did not disclose the atlanta incident. pierson acknowledged she allowed a press release to go out. inaccurately reporting gonzalez was tackled after he entered the white house. on "morning joe," maryland congressman elijah cummings, the ranking member of the house committee, called on pierson to step down. >> i've come to the conclusion that my confidence and my trust in this director, miss pierson, has eroded.
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i do not feel comfortable with her in that position. >> strong words there. i'm joined now by white house communications director jennifer palmieri. thank you for joining me. let's start with what we heard from the congressman. should director pierson step down? does president obama think that's the right course of action at this point? >> the president and the white house have confidence in pierson's ability to do this job. we have confidence in the review that she's undertaking about exactly what happened, the incident that you referred to that happened a couple weeks ago. it's something they're taking seriously. they've upped some of the security procedures already. and she's undertaking that review. we're letting that process go forward. the president has confidence that she has the ability to run the department. and to conduct this review.
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we'll see what comes of that. >> i know josh continues to say the president has confidence in the secret service. i guess the question is why. because lawmakers on capitol hill yesterday who i was speaking with, just a lot of americans, say they're losing confidence. so why does the president still have confidence, particularly when we're just learning about this breach? atlanta that occurred when he was visiting the cdc? >> there's concern for the president's safety, which we appreciate. but it's also -- it's a very complicated and confidential process to protect the president. so there's a lot -- the president lives with the secret service every day. he has an extraordinary amount of experience in dealing with them, their professionalism, their level of skill. so i think he has, you know, perspective maybe different of congress who legitimately has concerned about what they've
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seen happen here. given the bedth of the experience the president has in dealing with secret service, the people to protect him, he retains confidence in them. >> what was his reaction when he learned a man with a gun who had a criminal history was on an elevator with him in atlanta? what was his reaction to that? >> i'm not going to get into how he is -- how he's briefed on his security. you know that director pierson -- >> when will we find out about that, jen? >> i'm not going to get into -- we have reasons in wanting to protect the president's own ability to talk with the -- talk confidentially with the secret service. so we won't get into -- we're not going to get into specifics about how he's briefed. we know that she met with him last week. >> director pierson didn't disclose the atlanta incident on
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capitol hill yesterday. does the president feel as though he is getting updates in a time lynn fashion when he needs them by the director of the secret service? >> he's confident in how he is informed of matters involving his protection. >> and what, more broadly, does he want to see happen, particularly given that initially we were told that intruder gonzalez was apprehended almost immediately after he got into the white house. we then learned he was apprehended deep inside the white house. is there a problem with transparency here? >> that's a question for the secret service. they're the ones answering the questions to the public about what exactly happened that night. as you know, there is a review going on about it. and, you know, those are questions for them to respond to. >> let me get you to respond to something that was in "the new
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york times," jen, this morning, about the secret soips service. this is on these admissions and just the lapse of protocol. it says, quote, the attack dog that was supposed to be released was not. the front door of the white house was lefrt unlocked. an alarm box at the ent reason was muted because it was annoying members of the ushers staff who work nearby and the agent who eventually tackled mr. gonzalez after the intruder ran past the staircase leading to the obama' living quarters was off duty and just happened to be walking past that spot as he was leaving work. the fact that there were so many breakdowns in protocol that night, jen, the president must be concerned about that, particularly from the standpoint -- his family wasn't home at the time, we should say. but the fact that so many layers broke down -- >> we've said that, kristin, we've said that the president was concerned about this. she's conducting a review. we're letting that review go
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forward. we'll look for those results. the president has faith in the men and women the secret service that are protecting him. >> a lot of lawmakers say there should be an independent investigation. is president obama going to call for that? >> not at this time. we have, like i said, secret service doing their investigation and internal review there and we're letting that process go forward. >> let me shirt to ebola. president obama spoke with the director of the cdc yesterday. what can you share with us about that conversation, about the information that president obama has? >> the -- they had a good conversation. as you saw the doctor briefed the press shortly thereafter. we have a lot of faith in the infrastructure that exists in america for dealing in our health system with the situation like this. there's very good protocols. that's what he and dr. freeden spoke about, about how the --
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what the -- how the hospitals know how to handle something like this and how we know the steps to take to prevent the situation from spreading. we've had a lot of good conversations with the leaders in dallas about how they're confronting this. the cdc sent a team people down to dallas to help in the investigation to see who else this patient may have come in contact with and how to deal with that. so we feel -- the president feels good about the effort the cdc's putting into this. obviously, we're very concerned about it. we'll stay focused on it. cdc will continue to give the president updates. >> all right, jennifer, thank you so much for your time this morning, we really appreciate it. secret service concerns generate bipartisan outrage on capital. can the agency keep our top public officials safe? two congressmen are going to weigh in next.
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plus, ebola diagnosed on u.s. soil as efforts to contain the virus in wet africa are ramping up. but first, a look ahead at today's politics planner. president obama meets with israeli prime minister netanyahu this morning at the white house. much more on that later in the show. he then heads to chicago and i'll travel with him and we'll have updates from there. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. stay with us. an important message for americans eligible for medicare. the annual enrollment period is now open. now is the time to find the coverage that's right for you the right price. the way to do that is to explore your options. you can spend hours doing that yourself ... or you can call healthmarkets ... and let us do the legwork for you - with no cost or obligation. we'll search a variety of plans from nationally
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we just heard from white house communications director jennifer palmeiri moments ago that the president has confid t confidence in secret service director pierson. democratic congressman connelly of virginia is member of the house oversight and government
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reform committee. of course, you were at that explosive hearing yesterday, congressman. i want you to react to what we heard this morning. congressman cummings said director pierson should step down. where do you stand, should she step down? >> i think it's an open question for her. i don't think yesterday's hearing provided reassurance to members of congress on both sides. i think there's a real concern about the security and safety of the first family, given the missteps that have been cataloged. i want to give her an opportunity to complete her review. and to provide, i hope, cogent recommendations for reform and corrective action. but i have to say, it is an open question at the moment, whether, frankly, she can continue in that job with any kind of confidence. >> based on what you heard yesterday, do you have confidence that the secret services can protect the first family at this very moment?
6:19 am
>> i don't doubt the commitment and bravery of the men and women who serve in the secret service and they are committed to the mission. but the series of incidents that we've been looking at now over the last several years i think raise real questions about whether the safety and security of the first family is assured. >> congressman, you were in that hearing yesterday. i was in that hearing. the word atlanta was not raised. we found out in the hours afterwards that the president was in an elevator with a contractor who had a gun but who also had a criminal record. what is your reaction to that and the fact that wasn't disclosed during the briefing yesterday? >> well, the -- it's jaw dropping actually. i've been at events involving the president and the first lady. and the secret service cordon off the entire area, right down to the restrooms. and the idea that -- but it's okay to have somebody with a gun with a criminal record get in the elevator physically with the
6:20 am
president is just jaw dropping. >> and you say part of the problem is the drip, drip, drip of information. what do you mean by that? >> i think director pierson and the secret service would have been better off, frankly, revealing everything that they know so that we have the full picture. instead, what's happening, is somebody's dropping a dime with the "washington post" so we have a drip, drip, drip. a story every day. each one of those stories erodes confidence in the director and frankly in the agency. and so i think it was a big mistake for her and for the agency not to reveal what they had to know was going to be coming out in the press just later that day. >> congressman, thank you for your perspective. now we want to turn to republican congressman doug collins of georgia who also questioned director pierson at that hearing yesterday. congressman, let me start with the very same question, should director pierson keep her job or is it time for her to step down?
6:21 am
>> i think the first and most important thing we have to understand is in relation to her job, the secret service job is to protect our president. president obama and the first lady should not have to worry about their safety or the safety of their family. that is their primary job for the secret service. they have failed miserably. coming up on her answers yesterday, coupled with the revelations of atlanta last night, i have come to the conclusion now i'm tending to agree with the ranking member, that i'm not sure her ability to lead this department is effective anymore. >> you say you're not sure. does that mean she should step down? >> with the revelations that continue to come out, i don't have confidence. especially given her answers yesterday and the continuing series of events. that it is probably best she step down. >> let's talk a little bit about her answers yesterday, congressman. one of the focuses was this discrepancy between the initial press release that came out,
6:22 am
which said that omar gonzalez was not armed. it also said he was apprehended just moments after he got into the white house and then of course the retch lations he did have a knife and he made it deep inside the white house. she was asked about that discrepancy. she said she had approved that initial press release that went out. were you satisfied with her answers? >> i was appalled. how can the director of the secret service approve a statement that was a lie? it was not truthful. it was a lie. it was not what needed to happen. for her to approve that, knowing those, by her own admission was not truthful, is doing a disservice. that's not just something we can tolerate, given the fact the white house is a worldwide icon. everyone knows that. that is their main job, to protect the president, his family in that environment. they've failed miserably. i could not believe the answer
6:23 am
there. >> i want to pivot to ebola. the fact we're learning we now have the first case in the united states. your reaction to that, congressman, your message to the people of atlanta. >> the message would be simply that the cdc -- we are -- they are on top of this. everything in every report i've seen so far indicates they're doing everything they can do to help the officials in dallas to isolate this incident. and that people need to remain calm. they need to listen to what is going on and pay very close attention. i think it just highlights the inner connectivity of our world. and the united states is not isolated and never will be isolated and we always have to be prepared for things going on in the world and how we react to that and also as it comes upon our shores. >> congressman, thank you for joining us on a very busy wednesday morning. we really appreciate it. >> thank you so much. a day dedicated to celebrating china hasn't stopped the massive outcry for democracy in hong kong. we're there live next.
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on a day dedicated to celebrating china, tens of thousands of people in hong kong are defying the communist nation and demanding their political freedom. protesters are ready to up the ante one day after hong kong's top leader called on demonstrators to quit and go home. the demonstrators are demanding his resignation. they say if he doesn't leave by tomorrow, they'll step up the protests by occupying government buildings. the protests have already spread across victoria harbor into a shopping area, disrupting bank, and businesses. in beijing, china, national day went off without a hitch. but chinese leaders who have
6:28 am
refused to let hong kong pick their own candidates for their next election are under pressure to do something sooner, rather than later. this morning, an ominous editorial ran in the people's daily, a chinese government paper. it said, quote, a handful of people are bent on confronting the law and stirring up trouble. they will eventually suffer the consequences of their actions. nbc's ian williams joins me live from hong kong. so what's the latest on the ground there, ian? >> hey, kristen, it's pretty lively here tonight. tens of thousands of people packed into the center of long con, bri hong kong, britishing the commercial district to a stand still and stretching as high as the eye can see behind me, demanding the resignation of hong kong's leader, its chief executive and for the right to elect their own leader. less than a mile away from here, the man currently in charge here in hong kong, an appointee of beijing, was leading his own
6:29 am
ceremonies today, national day ceremonies. clinking champagne glasses and raising the national flag. that was briefly disrupted by one legislature, appropriately enough, raising a umbrella in the middle of that ceremony and quickly bundled out. the chief executive has demanded the protesters here leave. they are showing no sign of doing that. giving their own deadline for him to go. the atmosphere here is festive. they look increasingly confident. what happened next, well, there's no sign of the riot police. they faded away. they seem to leave the streets to the protesters for now. a key time will come after this two-day national holiday an kristen. >> the images, stunning. ian williams in hong kong, thank you. president obama and israeli prime minister netanyahu are set to meet at the white house just over an hour from now. hamas, iran and the fight
6:30 am
against isis, all on the agenda. we'll have more on that coming up next. a live look at the retrial of michael dunn. the man convicted of shooting and killing a black teen in jacksonville, florida, aft either argument over loud music. it's another racially charged case that could come to an end as soon as today. new developments ahead on "the daily rundown." stay with us. ding day begins with arthritis pain and two pills. afternoon arrives and feeling good, but her knee pain returns... that's two more pills. the evening's event brings laughter, joy, and more pain... when jamie says... what's that like six pills today? yeah... i can take 2 aleve for all day relief. really, and... and that's it. this is kathleen... for my arthritis pain, i now choose aleve. get all day arthritis pain relief with an easy-open cap.
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...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. we're back now with more breaking news on the ebola situation. live pictures of dallas. after the first case ever diagnosed in the u.s. the city of dallas now says the ambulance crew that had been quarantined after transporting the first ebola patient have test tested negative. the city saying they can't confirm reports of a second ebola case. we'll continue to stay on top of this and bring you developments as we get them. president obama and israeli prime minister netanyahu haven't hand the smoothest relationship
6:34 am
in recent years, but they'll come together to discuss their fight against a common enemy, islamic militants. the tenth time they've sad down together at the white house. the meeting follows netanyahu's speech at the united nations on monday in which he praised the u.s. for going after isis, but the prime minister said the international community can't stop there. it has to confront islamic extremism in all its forms. >> which en it comes to their ultimate goals, hamas is isis and isis is hamas. >> israel's fight against militants in gaza strained its relationships with the united states. administration officials repeatedly called for restraint and warned israel about civilian casualties. gaza officials say ultimately topped 2,000. >> we have serious concerns about the rising number of palestinian civilian deaths and
6:35 am
the loss of israeli lives. we don't want to see any more civilians getting killed. >> another primary topic on the table during today's meeting will be iran of course. the u.s. is still trying to reach a nuclear deal with t tehran. but on monday, he said tehran shouldn't be trusted. he insisted all iran wants is the bomb and that makes them as dangerous as anyone on the planet, including isis. >> make no mistake, isis must be defeated. but to defeat isis, and leave iran as a threshold nuclear power, is to win the battle and lose the war. >> joining me now, steve clemens, washington editor at large for the atlantic, and msnbc contributor. and hesham melon, washington bureau chief for news channel. president obama's going to sit down with netanyahu later today.
6:36 am
they're going to talk about what needs to be accomplished with isis. what can israel do to help in that fight? what do you anticipate is going to come out of that meeting? >> this is not a battle the israelis can continue in a meaningful way. essentially the prime minister is going to focus on iran, iran, iran. now, today, he's linking iran and isis and hamas, all -- lump them all together in one unified front against the international community or the civilized world and he's asking the president to fight all of them at the same time. this is not going to work. the united states does not believe hamas is identical to isis. and they've already said that. the prime minister himself is negotiating with hamas indirectly for a cease-fire as he did recently. this is the way netanyahu frames this issue. the real concern for netanyahu is still iran. now, because of the looming deadline, he's going to push harder for the united states not
6:37 am
to compromise in any way, shape or form. >> he's going to press president obama on that. but any anticipation that president obama will comply. the relations between the u.s. and israel were strained in the wake of the gaza war, right? >> i think they're going to continue to be strained and complicate and points of cooperation, points of real difference. i think what heshon just said about netanyahu's tendency to paint hamas as the worst villain he can call on. in the united states congress when he spoke there, netanyahu at that time was calling hamas al qaeda. now it's isis. the fact is, if they don't fundamentally come to terms across the palestinian/israeli divide down the road, hamas will be overthrown by groups that look like more -- look more like isis or al qaeda. that's the problem of what's happening. on the iran front, we have about seven weeks before a very important deadline. i suspect that's the real
6:38 am
discussion that's not very much in the news between the president and prime minister and sort of figuring out what the various stakeholders in that region can live with and what they can't live with, and what israel's price will be to possibly cooperate in a deal. >> is there any anticipation they'll get this broader deal. of course, there were talk, at the u.n. last week. but democriplomats came out skeptical. >> if you remember, the last time we were near the expiration before there was an extension there was an enormous amount of skepticism. things changed very quickly. saying substantial progress had been made. if you read almost like -- the speeches of the president, he's sending signals to the supreme leader iran has an opportunity here. the door is open. i think the europeans which have been playing a vital role have also been very open about the possibility of this. the broad outline comes down to whether iran will significantly
6:39 am
reduce its centrifuges or not. if iran comes forward with that, you'll get a deal. if iran refuses to move on the centrifuges it has in place, i suspect you won't get a deal. that's where the break will be. >> i want to turn back to isis, but i want to get your take on that. do you anticipate there's going to be a broader deal? >> it's still not, you know, there's still some hope. i think the iranians have to compromise on this. there are limits to what the president can do. what the president can sell to the american public which is the most important thing at this stage. >> tomorrow, turkey's parliament is going to vote on whether to join the fight against isis. how could turkey change the equation for the united states? how critical is it for the united states that the turkive parliament votes yes to approve joining the effort? >> turkey can be extremely crucial because of geography and because of its a nato power. it is in a very unique geographic position that gives it tremendous military value, if
6:40 am
it decides to get involved. the problem is we've seen prime minister aerobegun allowing other people to cross the borders, allowing arms to go in the past, and now we're paying the price for turkish behavior in the past. he said he would not join the fight against isis unless it also involves hitting the syrian regime. he has a point there. but he's to huff and puff and do nothing and now it is practically impossible for him to stay out of this fight because turkey would lose a lot and therefore i would imagine they will vote yes and turkey will play a role and it is capable of playing that role if it decides to. but erdogyan also had problems with his own officers and that's why he was hesitant in the past. >> of course, president obama has been calling for boots on the ground from countries in the region. if turkey joins in this effort,
6:41 am
is there anticipation they will put boots on the ground? >> one would hope so because we need somebody's boots on the ground. i think he described it well, erdogan talked a good game but his situation is fragile politically. look at what happened. just tweeted this out. that an isis group took over a military base and has between 250 to 600 iraqi soldiers under siege. this is a military base. this isn't a village. with military capacity that has just fallen to isis despite all these strikes going on. so the stories that we keep seeing about progress, allies coming in to bomb here and there on isis aren't telling the entire story when isis is continuing to roll forward. so at some level boots on the ground are necessary, whether they are turkish, whether they are beefing up for the besh hpea or turning the iraqis around, i don't know what it is, but boots on the ground are needed.
6:42 am
>> thank you for this perspective, we really appreciate it. we want to take a live look now in jacksonville, florida where jurors are about to begin deliberating in the loud music trial of matthew dunn. the man accused of shooting and killing a florida teen after an argument at a gas station. plus, a major ad blitz boosting republicans ahead of the midterm election. we'll explain what we mean by that next. but first, the white house soup of the day. this is my favorite soup. they're serving up french onion soup. i can never resist it. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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6:46 am
momentum is being led by outside groups. the air war has gotten nasty. overwhelmingly negative. just 26% considered positive, compared with 29% in 2012 and 37% back in 2010. in iowa where the perception game has begun to get away from democrats, thanks to a poll over the weekend showing democrat bruce braley trailing by six points. 1,500 more ads favoring ernst has aired over the past two weeks. during that period, 11,000 ads were aired in iowa, more than any other state, a clear sign of how desperately both parties want to win. in kentucky, mitch mcconnell launched two new ads this week, a positive spot featuring an african-american woman who credits him with rescuing her kidnapped daughter. and a new ad attacking allison
6:47 am
grimes. >> you deserve four years. >> if that's the term, yes. >> i will serve out my full term. >> both broke their promises in order to campaign for higher office. >> that ad may have been produced by the mcconnell campaign but 56% of the pro-mcconnell ads over the year over the last two weeks were sponsored by outside groups compared to just 9% for grimes. in colorado, republican corey gardner is trying to use democratic senator mark udall's political family against him. >> he's a guy nice who will never change the senate. he is the senate. 18 years in politics, two senators who are senators too. his dad ran for president. my dad, well, he sells tractors. >> i see this as an insult directed at my family. this race is between gardner and me, not between our families or our fathers. my father was a public servant. >> just 6% of the ads aired in colorado appeared over the last
6:48 am
two weeks have been positive. another candidate trying to paint opponent as a political insider may surprise you. >> illegal imcombination amigra taking jobs away. greg orman would make things worse. >> pat roberts is calling greg orman a politician, even though he's never held political office. a kansas court could decide as soon as today whether democrats have to field a candidate in that senate race. congressman paul ryan will campaign for paul roberts on october 17th. another bright spot for democrats is north carolina. a cnn poll this week showed the libertarian candidate may be a spoiler there. he's polling at 7%. it's no surprise fresh off a south carolina swing, kentucky senator rand paul is heading north this morning to stump for tillis. joining me, our msnbc political contributor. thank you for being here.
6:49 am
let's start in north carolina. it's been a bright spot for democrats. tea party republicans there not totally sold on tillis. how does rand paul potentially help? >> rand paul is someone who brings an unorthodox sort of part of the republican party. it's that libertarian part of the party. tillis is very much an establishment, country club republican. he needs that base of the party behind him. the thing i would say, it is remarkable, given where we are today, that kay hagan is ahead in that race. she's taken on tens of millions of negative tv ads and is holding well. >> is it because of the candidate or the mood now? >> maybe a little better candidate than we thought. her race six years ago was against elizabeth dole. that race was a referendum on dole. usually federal races are about federal issues. it's why everyone is talking
6:50 am
about president obama, those sorts of things. thom tille lis is a speak of th statehouse. very controversial, passed a lot of conservative some kind of a line in that race that you don't see in a lot of places. >> chuck tothd, our colleague, said that four states are bell weathers. iowa, alaska, kansas, north carolina. which state do you think is capturing the mood right now? >> i think iowa is the race. if you're looking at one race that both parties desperately sort of want and need it's iowa. there was a des moines register poll that had joni ernst up. >> there's still 32 days. >> this is a race going to come down. i heard it compared to franken six years ago which was a race decided weeks after. so, so, so close.
6:51 am
this one is going to be very close. the fact that joni is tied or slightly ahead is telling that bruce braley hasn't run a good campaign. candidates and campaigns they run matter. >> one thing we're not seeing a lot of this cycle debates in the races. talk a little bit about that. the impact for voters, i mean, certainly we don't like it as people who like to follow this. >> sure. look, ultimately what you're doing as a voter is deciding between two candidates. who better represents your views. debates help do that. as we've seen debates go through the roof at the presidential level within, i think there are 25 debates. it winds up being a campaign almost entirely on tv. it's not your best way of getting the honest truth about what the candidates are about. >> great point. trivia time now. ronald reagan was president 1985. the last time the kansas city royals knead to the playoffs.
6:52 am
congratulations to today's winner david rutz. congratulations, david. we'll be right back. everyone. finely crafted. exactingly precise. desire for such things often outpaces one's means. until now. hey matt, new jetta? yeah. introducing lots of new. the new volkswagen jetta. isn't it time for german engineering?
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back now with developing news out of dallas. the first person ever diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. is being treated. all three members of the ambulance crew that transported the infect the patient have tested negative for the disease. nbc doctor nancy snider is at the epicenter of the ebola outbreak. >> while there's so much attention on the newly diagnosed case of ebola in texas. the raging war against ebola continues here in the belly of the beast in liberia. here we've seen patients dying in the streets. patients turned away at hospitals, and yesterday a mother who brought her teenage daughter to the hospital where she laid in a wheelbarrow until doctors and nurses could tend to her. some good news in nigeria, there
6:56 am
hasn't been a case for over 21 days, and they may have turned the tide. but that is not the case in liberia where there is still an international call out for doctors, nurses, medical supplies, and money. and in front of all of that, a real need for coordination. if anything, we're going see more hospital beds, more people before we turn the tide here in liberia. kristin? >> dr. nancy, thank you. that it for this edition of the daily run down. jose is live in new york with more on the breaking news of the first case in ebola diagnosed in the u.s. thanks for joining us everyone.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
a team of specialists from the centers for disease control is on the ground. they're trying to stop the spread of the deadly virus that killed more than 3,000 people in west africa this year. health officials say the unidentified patient an adult who was in the country visiting family in texas and developed ebola symptoms after rushing from liberia. they're confident the disease can be kept from spreading. >> identifying everyone who might have come into contact with him. he might have been infectious and monitoring them for 21 days. if they become ill, have symptoms, have fever, isolate them, track their contacts and stop it. >> president obama was briefed over the phone on the first ebola case in the united states. we're at texas presbyterian hospital. there's word about the three ambulance workers exposed to the ebola patient. >>


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