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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  October 2, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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service director we will profile the new acting director. >> the secret service needs to be looked at from the top to bottom. if people need to go and i believe there others, they need to go. >> plus frenemies, what went on in the meeting between the president and the prime minister. we have the scoop a few hours afterwards. >> when you walk out of the white house and two hours later, the press secretary and the state department spokes woman both slam israel, talk about poison, how does it make you feel? >> it doesn't make me feel good. good day. i'm andrea mitchell in
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washingt washington. today we are learning that 100 people may have come in contact with thomas eric duncan or his family including school children. they are monitoring those individuals. dung an remains at texas health presbyterian report in serious condition. the hospital did not initially handle the situation well and he alerted the cdc himself about his uncle. >> one day when he first went there with the symptom coming from liberia, they should have done something immediately. they sent him back home only to get sick and come back by ambulance. >> joining me now is nbc's kate snow and from cleveland, an infectious disease expert at case medical center. kate, you have the breaking news, the exclusive interview with the nephew. the nephew called the cdc.
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from dallas, i'm not sure how you can figure out how to call the cdc. >> he lives in north carolina and he called the main 1-800-number and he called them. this he said was on monday of this week. after feeling frustrated and feeling like nothing was getting done they referred him to the dallas department of health. he believes that that is actually what pushed a lot of things into motion. we asked for comment on this and asked the hospital for comment and had no response to the nephew's words so far. >> i will get back to you in a moment, but you know there have been national alerts for hospitals for ers for weeks now to deal with ebola and take it
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seriously. how does this happen? clearly the hospital totally blew it by sending him home. >> i feel kind of divided on this. i have been on the ground in the emergency department and i know how chaotic it can be with sick people surrounded by hundreds of not so sick people and it's difficult to distinguish between the two with everything flying around. i can understand it. from an infectious disease standpoint, we ask the questions for a reason. to ask a person why have been to africa and abroad, there is only one reason. when you get a response, you need to make sure it's followed up. there was residence and other physicians within that engineer department. they did that though. >> the family itself in lockdown.
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why did the department have to go to court to get the family to stay inside the house. >> they learned they have a legal order against four of the family members to stay put inside. there has not been compliance asking the family to do things and the family has not been skad asked. one other note. the 100 people that the state department of health is saying were in some way in contact with this individual or this family. i spoke to the cdc here on the ground, the cdc team here. they are saying that 100 people includes people who are low risk, no risk, and high risk. they are trying to get it down to just those who are high risk and really in direct contact with the individual. they hope to know who those people are.
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>> will they then try to isolate them and observe them until they know they are in the clear? >> if you go on the website you can see guidelines for hospitals and protocols for how to handle this. if in someone is symptomatic, that is one thing. the children who went to school locally here who have been sent home, they were not symptomatic. they don't have to be in isolation, but they are doing it out of caution. it will be a case by case basis, i'm sure. >> we have been trying to calm things down as much as possible. ebola is so frightening. if you are not symptomatic, the people on the plane with him that stopped in brussels would
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not have been exposed. ebola is a fearful disease. we studied ebola and we know what it takes to transmit this germ from person to person and it takes a lot more than most other germs. when you talk about transmissions from an airplane or casual contact. you need a substantial amount of contagiousness. ebola thankfully is not one of the germs that is easily transmitted from person to the next. with an individual who is really sick. the sicker you are, the more contagious you success. >> you were talking to parents here. there is a lot of fear out
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there. >> i was talking about the parents of the school children today. >> it's understandable. if i heard there was a sickness at school, you get the tinge of oh, no. i will tell you i caulked to the school district to check in. parents are staying calm and sending their kids to school as usual and trying to keep things as normal as possible for the kids. >> the difference between the united states and of course many countries in west africa, most notably liberia is the infrastructure that we can prevent it from becoming an outbreak. what's happening in liberia as nancy has been witnessing herself on the frontlines. it's horrific with people being dropped on the streets and dying on the streets with no one even willing to pick them up.
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>> my heart goes out to the people who are suffering in liberia and sierra leon and other countries. from the other problems that happened within the region, senegal had the same problem. an individual from one of the affected regions came in and he was identified with ebola and they found all the cases and the contacts. they isolated and monitored just like what we are doing here. for the last month and a half, there have been no cases of further ebola or spread of ebola that doesn't have nearly the amount of resources we have here. if we continue to do good contacting and monitoring, we can stop the spread of this infection. >> they responded better than many of the neighboring countries. thanks for all of your reporting. we know how busy you are.
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thank you both. >> and here in washington, only 18 months after being brought in to reform the secret service, julia pierson resigned over pressure over a series of blunders like noting the president that an armed man got into the elevator with the president two weeks ago. she said i'm disappointed that i didn't have the opportunity to implement the structural and operational changes in the agency. i had a vision for the future. it's 31 years of service and a firm understanding of the agency. >> nbc contributor and managing editor, welcome both. chris, first to you. if "the washington post" had not reported this and were about to, julia peerson would not have told them about the incident and
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that was what actual low broke it with the white house. >> right. >> that's what led to this delayed briefing and the forced resignation. >> yeah. look. it's not been a good week and a half for the secret service. the guy jumping the fence, it seems like we didn't get the full story to start. carol's reporting exposed it. this was much more serious in terms of where he had gotten in terms of where it was portrayed. the 2011 incident and dismissing it as the backfiring of a car and then a man in an elevator with president obama taking pictures of him and video of him. he was armed at the time. i think that last one matters most for the reason you said. not informing this going up the chain of command. this happened and there was no bad end result and this happened and i wanted to make you aware of that.
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certainly in that list it's safe. he needs to know when things like that happening. you can't have that happen given everything else that had been revealed in the last days or so. >> and a president who had three times as many threats we are told than his predecessors. this is something that both obamas need to know. their family is safe. i want to read for a moment another of her comments yesterday to bloomberg which is inexplicable to me. >> i think it's in the best interest of the secret service if i step down. congress has lot of confidence in my ability to run the agency. the media made it clear this is what they expected. you sat for hours and couldn't answer a straight question. >> even the straw that broke the
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camel's back was a big straw here. i had a question even before we learned that this episode which was very scary should be scare tow everybody if i were michelle obama, i would be ballistic. probably the young word to use, but she was very upset about the shots at the white house and i would be upset about the elevator incident. her performance on the hill was not helpful to the secret service or her continued tenure there. we were well past the mistakes were made phase and we needed to be into now the how is this problem going to be fixed. the thing that is striking about the secret service story is no matter whether you are with the president's party or in the other party, no one rational wants to see the president of the united states in harm's way. it's a national trauma. we have been through it too many times. we can't have this. >> let me play a little bit of john mccain to this point
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yesterday on this program. >> it almost doesn't matter what we republicans think about it. when someone as highly respected as congressman cummings and he is respected on both sides of the aisle and others voice the deep and abiding concern if not condemn nation, it's a matter of time. we will see it play out and you and i have seen this movie before. >> that was three hours before the resignation was announced. >> the thing that bothers me and obviously i'm biased because i'm a member of the media, but it bothers me when someone lick this blames the media. the media, carol len ok in particular was responsible for making sure this came to light. they were not responsible for the mishandling for a security guard with a questionable path being on an elevator and a guy getting all the way to the east
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room of the white house and that story not being told. we are a very convenient scapegoat and sometimes a deserving scapegoat, but not in this situation. the media, carol in particular, deserves credit for saying this is the group that is in charge of protecting the president of the united states and boy the merits, it does not appear they are doing a very good job. that's not our fault. i would say that's to our credit. >> let me speak for a moment to the man who was going to take over. well-known to the president and all the experts here. he will take over on monday. joseph clancy is the acting secret service interim director and as you can see, he has been a security director in the private sector of comcast and he retired in 2011 and served on the personal details of both bill clinton and george herbert walker bush. they joined the service in the
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80s and graduated from villanova and has the respect and the confidence of the president. you can see him there. hoe has recent experience interest and experience with the first family. >> what we need to see and we say this word a lot and it sounds right to, but a change of culture. when you had the report that an agent who was convinced she heard gunfire and decided maybe she just didn't want to raise a ruckus. the culture has to be if there is a problem we want to hear about it. if there is a risk, we want to hear about it. if something went wrong, don't try to sweep it under the rug or hide it behind the curtains like the bullets and the shattered concrete. they have to know what risks they are taking and i totally agree with my colleague, chris. julia pierson should have been thanking the media, but human nature is human nature. >> approximate we will see what
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happens next. it is a storied institution going back to abraham lincoln's last day in office is when he signed the act making the secret service into existence. the original mission is against counterfeiting which is one of the missions, but most recently since 9/11 been taken from the treasury and put in homeland security. that could be one of the problems, but it will be addressed in a panel that the secretary is going to be convening to look at this while joe chancy takes over. thank you, ruth. and thank you to chris. up next, i talked to israel's prime minister. only a few hours after his tense meeting with president obama. >> what if president obama agrees to a deal with iran that you say is unacceptable? what does israel do?
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>>. >> the meetings between president obama and benjamin netanyahu, the white house meeting is no exception. it didn't help that israel announced more jewish settlements. the decisions the administration said sabotaged john kerry's peace initiative. i sat down with him last night for his reactions. >> you had a meeting with president obama and the white house and the state department said that the new settlements in jerusalem under cut your commitment to peace. it can poison the atmosphere and turn the world against you.
9:21 am
what is your response when the president said that to you? >> they redefined territory that is very much in play and they found the peace. >> i think that in any question, any proposal for peace that i have seen including palestinians, the jewish neighborhood will stay and no one will move nearly half of jerusalem's population. >> what do you say when the president said this under cuts your commitment to peace? and it's poisonous to the palestinians? >> the criticism was level one in a new neighborhood that was mixed. it had a substantial part parcelled down to arabs. alongside jews.
9:22 am
why not have them lifted. the second part of the question is jewings, by apartments in our neighborhood,arabs buy apartments in jewish neighborhoods. that's the right thing to do. >> it's territory that is supposed to be negotiated. >> even if it is, it doesn't mean you prevent an arab from selling to a jew. jews cannot buy apartments here? >> is that what you said to the president? >> we didn't get into that discussion. we discussed very good and deep discussion. the big issues of the day. we it discussed the arab-israely and palestinian-israeli peace
9:23 am
process. >> the state department spokes woman. how does that make you feel? >> it doesn't make me feel good. the important thing is to get the facts right. >> you think president obama has the facts wrong? >> we didn't discuss it. there was a generic statement, but we didn't get into the instances. >> as a practical point, you say hamas is evil. america called it a terror group. you wouldn't want to strengthen them in the west bank. what it does is undermine them politically and makes it more difficult to get a deal. >> i don't think so. i think the idea that the west bank will be frejew-free will b
9:24 am
contested. >> you don't think it under cuts your commitment? >> we need two nation states that relation recognize one another. >> you want zero enrichment and the rest of the world wants iran to have some enrichment ability. what would be wrong an agreement that would give a year to make a weapon. would that be in israel's interest to let iran go that far and have the rest of the world be watching? >> once in a while we agree. we agree that iran should not have a military nuclear power. i'm the prime minister of israel. iran talks about destroying my country. >> president obama agrees with that as well. >> sure. >> the question is how much? >> not really whether iran would have nuclear weapons, but
9:25 am
whether to have the capacity to make them and manufacture them in short order. that's my concern. >> would a year's lead time be enough? >> why should they have enrichment capability in the first place? why? they don't need that. my view has been to make him get a weapon. to the extent that an agreement reaches closer to that position, that's all for the better. >> what if president obama agrees to a deal with iran that you say is unacceptable? what does israel do? >> all i will say is israel also reserves the right to defend itself. >> the military option. take it out some. >> i'm the only israeli who doesn't talk about military operations. >> but you are the who has the ability to make it happen.
9:26 am
>> i often don't talk about that. >> do you think president obama is going to make a bad deal with iran? >> he said and i agree with it, no deal is better than a bad deal. it leaves you with the capacity to break out and throw out the inspectors and make a nuclear -- enough material for a bomb. >> do you think that you and president obama have the same definition of a bad deal? >> we spoke about it. i'm completely open. also we have them all the time as close allies should. >> is there something good about the president of iran.
9:27 am
is there a possibility that he might be drvet and a deal could be made with him that you have the relations. >> he doesn't call the shots. he's the front person. smooth talking. he and the foreign minster. they don't call the shots. the person who calls the shots is the supreme leader. he calls the shots. he is using the united states as a devil. he is not your friend or ally. >> benjamin netanyahu, the of israel. we will have more on the conversation later this this hour and analysis from aaron david miller. detailing the human rights abuses and targeting civilians, rape, execution and sorture.
9:28 am
nearly 10,000 civilians have been killed this year. more than 17,000 teens have been wounded. isis. human rights abuses by members of the iraqi security force or our allies and shia armed groups conflict.
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>> developing nows in hong kong. the protester's deadline for the chief executive to step down past just 30 minutes ago. he did not resign as expected. instead he told reporters he had assigned the chief secretary within his government to meet with the student protesters. we are waiting to see if they followed through with the promise of mass occupations in government buildings. there is concern that hong kong police will enter the area wearing riot gear. the pro china government has
9:32 am
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9:36 am
here's more about my conversation with netanyahu. >> i think the arab states for the first time in my lifetime had this commandality of interest that can develop into something broader for the advancement of security and peace. >> against isis? >> not only against isis. they are concerned with the nuclear armed iran and the radical sunnis. they don't view israel as an enemy. they view as well as a partner in addressing the challenges. that advances the peace. i say i believe.
9:37 am
and they could advance between them. >> we all overheard john kerry this summer at the high point of the bombings in gaza. the school, a shelter was taken out and he was overheard saying that's a hell of a pinpoint operation, sarcastically. there was a lot of anger in the administration against israel because of the civilian casualties. >> i think the united states gave very strong support in our right to defend ourselves and our right to act against terrorists who use them as a human shield. they were sending thousands of rockets and we try to minimize as we did any civilian casualties, but you don't top the give them immunity. >> in response to the officials
9:38 am
who said there were 33 warnings and the shelter was levelled and all the kids died. >> not one was something we intended to do. the civilian casualties in any way. what we have with the palestinians is with the hamas. they were not accidentally targeting, but deliberately targeting. deliberately using their own children. that's for the rockets in schools and homes and so on. hamas threatened people. they executed their own people. here
9:39 am
here's. >> you think president obama understands that? >> i am joined by aaron david miller who served as a mideast peace negotiator with democratic and republican presidents in four administrations. he is the author of the end of greatness. why america can't have and doesn't want another great president. aaron, thanks for being with us. a lot to chew over here with netanyahu. at the end of that interview, he has arab allies and egypt and others in the post arab screen ton text who are with him against hamas and the equivalent of the muslim brotherhood and isis. he has a new alliance
9:40 am
strategically in the region. the administration does not accept that argument. >> the first part contains more truth than not. you look at the reaction to israel's reaction and never in my experience have i seen more willful silence. it was deafening than the arab state reaction to the death and skru destruction. their priorities have changed. it's not that they abandoned the palestinians although certain key arab stated under mined the cause for a long time now. there other priorities. iran representing militant iran and representing militant sunni islam. there was a coincidence. is there an alliance? absolutely not. can they get the states into a peace coalition and an incorrect
9:41 am
war coalition? and to a pose iran? that's a stretch. >> when he argues that he is not foreclosing palestinian-israeli peace settlements, they were angry yesterday. they did not wait very long after he left the oval office to come out swinging. >> here's the problem. under democrats and under republicans. the administration has a rhetorical position on building additional housing units in neighborhoods in east jerusalem on the west bank. it failed to translate that into meaningful action. the reality is i think that these are throw away lines. however angry john kerry and
9:42 am
barack obama may be at benjamin netanyahu, the president is not looking for a fight with the israelis. he embarked on a very precarious and uncertain course of action. isis beheading americans and killing hundreds of innocents. the idea that the administration will launch a major campaign to a pose israeli settlements in the west bank with no chance of reviving in the peace process strikes me as stretching the bounds of credit to the breaking point. >> in fact in 2009, the president took a strong stand against the settlements and caved in during the un meetings, under cutting the palestinians and has not revisited that since. >> he is wary and risk averse on the issue of wading into the conflict and secretary of state who would like to in the less
9:43 am
than 1,000 days that remains in his tenure and the president tries to do something serious on this issue with not over the objections of, but with the current israeli prime minister. >> it seems that netanyahu feels more and more empowered in opposing the negotiations that are stalemated anyway. in the off chance that there is a breakthrough. what does israel do. >> with the imperfection who is made the situation no worse. we don't know what the iranians are up to in terms of the military. >> i suspected this deal really is compelling. it puts a lot of time on the iranian clock and undermines the pursuit of the capacity. probably they will acquiesce.
9:44 am
a bad deal and the real possibility or no deal. the real possibility that the president of the united states said iran will not acquire a nuclear weapon and will be called upon to make good on that. this is one red line that cannot turn pink. >> we are talking about military action by somebody. >> right. i think there two things that could destroy the obama presidency. one is a significant consequential attack on the homeland on the president's watch and second, the reality that iran breaks through and not only gets a nuclear weapons capacity, but starts to weaponize with no academies on the part of the administration. i do believe that this president has to take that eventuality very seriously into his calculations in the couple years that remain. >> thank you very much. thanks. and we have a quick update on the ebola case in dallas. a spokesperson with texas
9:45 am
presbyterian hospital that thomas eric duncan is in serious condition. the health department and the school district will be speaking with reports in a briefing that you can watch right here on msnbc. there will be a cdc teleconference update at the top of the hour. head to answers to get a look at the disease. 's. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
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9:49 am
popular democrats in the state. >> that's right. he is the most popular democratic governor in the country that is increasingly red. you want all 75 counties and the tea party watched over arkansas. he sort of is widely considered the last of this pop lift democrat who plays really well in the state. >> a quote from your piece of yesterday. how is he regarded as one female operative. he talk like molasses and i want to have his babies. you can fall on your sword and if it kills you, what good are you going to do? that's how he has been managing to get along and that's not far from the way they rained there. clinton will be com paining. it's something of a grudge match. he has his former droifr going up against asa hutchinson on the
9:50 am
impeachment committee. >> there is attachments to clinton world everywhere in the race. dived pryor and bill clinton go way back. mark pryor's father. there is ties everywhere. even in the way the democrats are approaching the race. he talks about being pro gun and centrist and a lot of it sounds like what you heard. >> you have asa hutchinson and similarly pryor over cotton by two points. you have tight races in both cases. what do you think the clinton effect will be in campaigning down there? >> he will be there again next week. they think he can really help. i think it's about turn out. he's going to pine bluff which is of the poorest cities in the country. larnlly african-american population. bill clinton said the key to pryor defeating cotton will be if democrats turn out.
9:51 am
>> you have been watching and covering hillary clinton and it seems to me that every signal now that the child that chelsea clinton's child, charlotte, has been born. it's only a matter of months before we get that announcement. >> i agree. i think it's just a matter of when, not if. if they consider her running? could she change her mind? yes, but all signs point to when, not if. >> bill clinton has an ad for allison grimes. he was close with her father who is an old political family. he is probably the most popular surrogate in democratic circles. >> placing like 10 tucky and obama's approval ratings are really bad and he resonate there with the white working class voters who will determine the
9:52 am
races. that was the first ad that he released and he has been campaigning a lot for grimes and will be there more, i'm sure. >> all things clinton. thank you very much. stay on the trail for a moment and we will head north to kansas where poll numbers are sounding the alarm for the republican strategist. a new suffolk poll shows independent candidate greg orman points ahead of pat roberts who is getting 41% support from likely voters. things are not better for the governor sam brownback. sitting at 42% and four points behind ball davis. we will keep you updated on the races from november on the trail. eligible for medicare?
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medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46. that does it for this edition of andrea mitchell reports. stay with us this afternoon for more up dates on the ebola case in dallas. there will be a news briefing at
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. don't worry, u.s. hospitals have the best infrastructures for this where a guy looksa the a guy who got back from liberia and said take two of these and call me in the morning. >> he's doing it right. he's a fighter and still fighting. >> a dallas community is on edge after we learn more about serious missteps and the handling of that patient. >> it's going to get worse before it gets better. >> 1:00 on the east coast and 10:00 on the west. new developments on the u.s. ebola dyiiagnosisdiagnosis. we will be listening in to the
10:00 am
press briefing and bring you news as soon as it happens. as many as 100 people may have come into contact with this infected patient, thomas eric duncan. they are asking the people to come for the. his family is speaking out, saying the hospital didn't take this threat seriously. sending duncan home even after he travelled to dallas for liberia. families said they had to take the ininitiative and call the cdc themselves. >> i called to get action taken because i was concerned for his life and he wasn't getting the appropriate care. i feared that people might also get infected if he was not taken care of. >> in hawaii, a medical central isolated another patient evaluating that patient for possible ebola symptoms. they don't believe it's


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