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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  October 6, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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america. >> the first person dyiiagnosed with ebola in the united states now in critical condition fighting for his life. >> he has been given an experimental drug. >> they are keeping a close eye on 48 people who may have had contact with him. >> today, tomorrow and wednesday a very critical phase for hose 48 people. >> the president is convening a meeting with the members of his team working on this issue. >> washington needs to take immediate steps to minimize the dangers ebola. >> we need to have a national approach. >> we can do a better job. >> the outbreak in africa is getting worse. >> an outbreak anywhere is a global health threat everywhere. >> officials could deploy cdc workers to key u.s. airports. >> lawmakers calling for maybe some travel bans. >> borders complaint stop the spread of any infectious disease. >> we have to deal with the
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outbreak where it's really happening, that's in west africa. >> as we speak, president obama is receiving an update from his national security team and public girls on the growing ebola outbreak. the meeting happens as spain's public health ministry reports that a spanish nurse has contracted the illness, becoming the first person to contract it outside of africa. and it is coming as american officials are weighing whether to institute extra screening of travelers from ebola-stricken countries. according to anthony fauci, all options are being looked at, the question is whether the extra level of screening is worth the resources you need to put into it. but members of the republican party apparently already have the answer to that question. >> washington needs to take immediate steps to minimize the dangers of ebola and other infectious diseases. to begin with, customs officials
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and border patrol agents at all points of entry should immediately be directed to conduct enhanced screening procedures. >> it just makes sense to me that we would end civilian flights as one step, not the only step, but as one step to help contain the epidemic to help stop the spread. >> meanwhile another american arrived in the united states today. ashoka mukpo, a freelance camera than for nbc news, was rushed by ambulance to the nebraska medical center. the same hospital treated dr. rick sacrsacra. thomas eric duncan also remains in critical condition in dallas. he is now receiving an experimental drug and officials are still closely monitoring ten people who had direct contact with duncan as well as the another 38 with whom he potentially had contact. >> every single one of those 48
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people was monitored yesterday, temperatures were taken, none of them had symptoms, none had fever. the key here is to keep doing that every single day as texas is doing excellently and if they have fever, isolate them to stop the transmission. >> joining me now is dr. anthony fauci. thanks for joining me. i know it's a busy workday. let's talk about a travel ban. is a travel ban even really feasible given the fact that thomas eric duncan would not have been stopped coming from bruss brussels? >> travel bans when you're talking about health issues generally are counterproductive in many situations. if you completely close off a country and don't let people travel in and out of the country, what you do is, first of all, you block the ability of outside help to come in and control the epidemic. and if you don't control the
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epidemic in west africa, it could spread to other african countries and the threat to countries outside of africa will intensify. so the best thing to do is to try and help as much as possible the countries that are involved in order to contain the epide c epidemic. all health officials that i know, my colleagues including myself, feel that a complete ban on travel in and out of a particular country is not a productive thing to do if you're dealing with a health issue. >> and yet there is -- i mean, a huge part of this is fear. and to some degree, te fearmongering. it's said the rote coal for a positive ebola test should be immediate humane execution and is anization is an sanitization of the whole area. these preposterous at the same times, what do you say to people who are out there in public saying this?same
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times, what do you say to people who are out there in public saying this? >> if somebody says something as strapg strange as that, i don't think anything could it is swaydissua. i don't even know who made it. >> that was todd kincannon. there is a lot of focus on cultural traditions in africa and how hard it is to break that contact. there is also the basic humanity of wanting to help someone who is sick. and when it comes down to the issue of pregnant women dying in the streets or watching your own child vomit blood, how feasible is to ask a parent not to hold a sick and dying child? >> well, you're not asking a patient not to hold a sick and dying child. what we need to do is what we're
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trying to scale up now, is we need many, many more beds. hundreds and thousands of beds. that's what the united states is trying to do through our military of getting at least 1700 bed hospitals up and running in west africa. we need to do that so that when people get sick, be they children, loved ones, you can bring them to an ebola treatment unit where there will they will be cared for in a way that protects the people caring for them and that remove the relatives and loved ones from t. the only reason you see that is because there aren't enough facilities to accept people who are sick. >> so is t. sounds like getting the patients out of home care is critical. how likely is it?
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given what we see, how likely is to that we see it scaling up to stop it from spreading even more exponentially in. >> it will be a difficult challenge. that's for sure. i mean, there are other versions of that. there are community groups where you can try to get sick people who may not be in an ebola treatment unit to a secondary facility where you can get them out of the home where people are actually taking care of their loved ones with no protective equipment at all. there are centers trying to be set up that could be intermediate between a classical ebola treatment unit, but the best way to prevent the thing that you're talking about, the spread among family, is to get them up. >> dr. fauci, thanks a lot for your time. >> good to be with you. >> at the root of the bom
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epideme epidemic is the route of infrastructure. joining me now is the director of tenough project. mark, we talk a lot about the rye vus a virus and science, but it's also economic problem, development and sort of systemic failures plaguing certain parts of the african concontinent. i want to start with lie breer i can't. given your work, what is the lega legacy of lie liberia's civil war? >> they had a 14 year long civil war that he saended in 2003. war doesn't cause these diseases, but it can certainly facilitate the spread. because it destroys the infrastructure. you might say the war ended in 2003, but this is one of the insidious aspects of the nature
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of war. the effects last long after the end of the war. that war affected all of liberia throughout the country. one health care statistic for example, there were 490 or so public health care facilities around the country before the war. 454 of those were destroyed by the war. this was not a country that had huge resources before the car started. i lived in sierra leone and health care was nearly nonexistent in rural areas then. rebuilding after a war can take decades and even a generation. and liberia has not had the opportunity to be able to do that. whether its response to ebola has been effective or not. >> the question of government efficacy and also corruption seems to be the order of the day given the fact that we are trying to send supplies there. the "new york times" reports top government officials have been arguing over the fee saying proper procedures have not been
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followed and have brushed aside officials who are trying to get supplies into the country. there are hundreds of bags and boxes of hospital linens, protective suits, medical equipment locked inside certain containers. talk a little bit about the government structure there and how that is hindering the deployment of these supplies and medical -- and the building of sort of medical facilities that could help stanch the epidemic. >> poor governance and corruption is one of the main causes of conflict across the affair african continent and other places, as well. and we're seeing other examples of a country with a long blood y civil war that still has not built institutions to deal with issues that civilians expect their governments to deal with.
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i should say, though, and this is no excuse, that reconstructs after a civil war is not like cleaning up after a natural disaster. and we're seeing just how long it takes just in the case of hurricane katrina. the new orleans is still trying to rebuild there. having said that the people of both countries, liberia, sierra leone, deserve effective governments and governance that can deal with issues. but let's not fool ourselves. they were rebuilding health care infrastructure bringing back doctors, trying to develop a lost generation of health care professionals after a decade of war. and only beginning to address questions of malaria, maternal and child mortality. ebola was something that neither country was even close to being
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aware of or able to deal with. it's like being hit by a tsunami. >> let me ask you before we close this out, what do you think this does, this epidemic does to these countries as you rightfully point out are emerging from painful chapters? we're talking about corruption, institutional failure. these are big questions for might be to be hit with this epidemic in the way that they have. what is the long view here? >> well, one thing that it does, it lays bare the difficulties of governance and lack of rebuilding. you about the second thing is does, it sets back that rebuilding by another period of time, another magnitude of difficulty in rebuilding after the civil wars. >> it is a devastating story. the enough projects. mark, thanks for your time and thoughts. after the break, thank you supreme court. as of today, 165 million
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americans now live in states where marriage equality is law of the land. we will discuss whether conservative conserv conservative conserve resistance is soon to be a thick of the part. plus wendy davis' reaction to the public health crisis facing texas. [ engine turns over, bell dings ]
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the equality movement. and one that to be honest very few people were expecting. the supreme court on monday effectively legalized same sex mampg marriages in five states without so much of a whisper. the court's surprising decision not to hear appeals from five
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states seeking to prohibit marriage equality means the lower appeals court rulings in those five states will stand. thus same-sex marriage is now local in indiana, oklahoma, virginia, wisconsin, and utah. yes, utah. and those five will soon become 11. because hothose appeals courts rulings are effectively law of the land covering six more states, colorado, north carolina, south carolina, west virginia, wyoming and kansas. yes, west virginia, utah, south carolina, and kansas. just think about that. when you woke up this morning, 19 states allowed same-sex marriage. after today's action or, rather, inaction by the high court, 30 states will soon be marriage equality states which will in total affect up to 190 million americans. so the legal opposition to marriage equality has been crumbling for some time now. but maybe even more exciting
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than that, the opposition to equality also seems to maybe be crumbling in congress. this week house speaker john boehner will raise cash for karl demy oww demayo, openly gay house candidate. john boehner, the man who spent $3 million of tax spender money defending doma, who said this last year. >> i believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. it's what i grew up with, it's what i believe. it's what my church teaches me. and i can't imagine that position would ever change. >> yes, that john boehner is now campaigning for an openly gay plan. speaker boehner has also given the maximum donation of $14,000 to another openly gay republican house candidate in massachusetts. to be clear, boehner's goal is clearly electing more republicans.
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but the fact that is he willing to do it in the face of threats in the family research council and national organization for marriage says quite a bit. joining me now is the executive director of the log cabin republicans, gregory t. angelo. thanks for joining me. have you called speaker boehner and congratulated him on his embrace of gay candidates? >> i haven't because there hasn't been any need to. i know that this may come as a surprise to many of your viewer, but speaker boehner has been behind karl demayo and rich aerd tesse essentially from day one. they were certainly supporting richard in 2012. and these are republicans who understand that they want to grow the republican majority in the house. they want to win plain and simple. so something like that, i don't know if it's worthy of congratulations. i'm just happy that republican house leadership understands the importance of gay republicans within the party. >> given the fact that house republican leadership as you say understands the importance of
1:20 pm
gay house republicans, or republicans who are gay, what is the likelihood speaker boehner takes up enda which the speaker refuses to introduce on the floor of the house? >> i don't know that he refuses. what he said is that it's not a priority. and i know we're getting into the weeds on that. but enda we continue to lobby for, continuing to push right through the end of the 113th congress. there are still mechanisms that we can use to pass that, whether patching to ndaa reauthorization or other means. but if we do not pass enda, just think of this, the importance and how momentous it would be to have a gay republican introducing that bill in the next congress. a gay republican advocating for that bill to other republicans in the house in the next congress. that's not to be underestimated. >> and let's talk about the sort of dramatic changing of the
1:21 pm
guard, we're talking about 2016 and leading candidates here. governor scott walker today addressing his state's efforts to support a gay marriage ban in wisconsin. he says for us it is over in wisconsin, the federal courts have rule that had this decision by the court of appeals decision is law of the land and we will be upholding it. rand paul trading i don't know whether you call it a thin line, but more on the side of marriage quaulgity. rand paul says i believe in old passioned traditional marriage. but i don't really think the government needs to be too involved with this. is a statement like that nenoug to woo gay voters over to the right side of the aisle? >> certainly statements that would give gay voters an opportunity to give a second look at candidates that they might not have otherwise considered. and perhaps more importantly, it's a way for independent and unaffiliated voters around the country, many if not most if not all of whom have gay friends and
1:22 pm
family members who could not vote for a republican candidate even if they agreed with them on the preponderance of the issues because of an unmovable objection to marriage equality. so what you're seeing -- >> so is it enough? >> i think it could womkocould . i look at rand paul, he said at tremendous political risk that that was a good thing, it was government getting one step closer to being entirely out of the marriage business. and so there is among republicans an understanding that you can have differing opinions on marriage equality, we can celebrate those opinions in the party and not fighting it and being in opposition. it's something that can grow the party. >> let me ask you before we go, what happens to ted cruz then who has made no secret to his opposition to marriage equality and whose position at this moment to continue to cam been on campaign on it? >> you can look to rick santorum
1:23 pm
and the strategy rick is an tour rum used in the 2012 election cycle. it baupts enough wasn't enough e primary. look at those who have embraced marriage equality, people like senator portman and others like senator rand paul as people who will be the standard bearers for 2016. >> gregory, thanks for your time. coming up, today i spoke with the woman hope to think the next governor of texas, democrat wen wendy davis. she thinks texas could support the supreme court to take up gay marriage. ♪ americans drink over 13 billion gallons of sugary beverages every year. over-consumption may link to obesity. but there is a better choice. drink more water, filtered by brita. clean, refreshing, nothing is better. you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot.
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my selfie just hit a hundred likes...(gasps) a hundred! at&t is building you a better network. today saw another desperate day of fighting between isis militants and kurdish fighters in kobani. militants have surrounded
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company bkobani on three sides. today isis flags could be spotted flying from a building in a hilltop on the eastern side of the city. hours ago the pentagon says u.s. air strikes took out positions south of kobani, but kurds say air strikes have done little to stop the dance, an advance aided by american weaponry. a new report concludes 20% of the ammunition being used by isis was manufactured right here in the u.s.. this as more americans are trying to join isis. federal prosecutors announced a 19-year-old chicago area teen is now in custody after he tried to travel overseas to join the jihadist group. just ahead, turning texas blue. can wendy davis pull off an upset in the race for governor. so guys -- it's just you and your honey. the setting is perfect.
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overnight last week, the state of texas lost a third of its remaining abortion clinics when a federal appeals court allowed some strictest regulations to take effect. this is what it looked like a year ago and this is what it looks like now. so what does this all mean for the women of tooeexas is this f the nearly 1 million living over 100 miles from a clinic. it means abortion just got a lot less safe. 35 to 40 women were forced to make new arguments over the weekend. an administrator at the clinic told the "times" that two patients had spoken to clinic staff about the possibility of traveling to mexico for abortion-inducing drugs rather than traveling 240 miles to the nearest clinic. of the many questions people are
1:32 pm
now asking about texas, including how will women access safe abortions, perhaps the most upon the question is will this impact the governor's race between greg abbott who supports the restrictions and the woman who made a family for herself opposing them. earlier today, i spoke with democratic candidate for texas governor wendy davis and asked her if she thought the fallout from the law now constitutes a public health crisis. >> it's an incredible crisis in public health in our state. we now have only seven, maybe eighth clinics left in our state. and those are in the major cities of san antonio, austin, houston, ft. worth, dallas. but for women who live in west tooegs texas or el paso or rio gland valley, they have literally lost access to legal reproductive health care.gland
1:33 pm
valley, they have literally lost access to legal reproductive health care. >> one thing surprising to me is that greg abbott is ahead of you you by a couple points in the polls among women and i wonder if you think this latest turn of events in texas in terms of access to abortion will change that dynamic. >> you you know, i truly do not understand how women can support his candidacy. he not only supports the closure of these clinics that will endanger women's health across the state, but he's also said that he wants to roll back the law even further. he wants to make women's access to reproductive health care illegal even in cases where a woman has beaeeen brutally rape where a young girl might be impregnated by her father. and his positions on these things are not in keeping with the positions of most people in
1:34 pm
our state. and he's further shown himself to be against women's interests in other regards. he has said that he will veto an equal pay for equal work bill if one lands on his desk. he has shown a disregard for women in his own office paying them $6,000 less a year than he pays equally qualified men. >> i know that education was a big or remain as big theme in your campaign. some folks have criticized that choice and said you should have been -- wendy davis is known nationally for her stand for women's health. do you regret at all pivoting toward education and not being sort of having reproductive rates and access to abortion at the front and center of your you are campaign? >> people know my position on that issue. i've spoken strongly on it.
1:35 pm
but when we look at the most pressing need in our state is make sure that we are creating the educated workforce for the 21st century economy of tomorrow. and we have a real challenge on our hands. greg abbott supported a withdrawal of $5.4 billion from our public schools. i filibustered that withdrawal of money back in 0in 2011 and h been in court fighting to keep those cuts in place every since. there are a myriad of very important issues facing the state. i hope that women who scare about the future education of their children, who care about making sure that texas doesn't roll back to the 1950s in terms of the way we value women's abilities to make decisions, very personal and private and legal decisions for themselves without government intrusion, i hope that women that care about these things will speak up loudly and clearly and if they
1:36 pm
have any questions on other issues, other positions that i take, they can easily find those on my website, >> wendy, what about the other news of today which is that the supreme court has cleared the way for more gay marriage. oklahoma is now going to have gay marriage. but what is the matter with texas on this issue? >> i was so pleased to hear the supreme court decided not to weigh in and to allow those states citizens of those states who were moving forward for marriage equality to be able to do so. texas of course is part of the fifth circuit. and i don't expect that the fifth circuit -- i hope i'm not pre-dispossessisinposing the ou the fifth circuit hasn't shown a tendency to respect what the district courts have been ruling. not only in women's reproductive health care in the state, but also on issues of marriage
1:37 pm
equality. and it's likely that our challenge cases on this issue are going to make their way to the supreme court, as well. and in order for a change to be made here, the supreme court is going to have to take up and consider whether a fifth circuit ruling that denies the ability for marriage equality in texas is consistent with the protections of the u.s. constitution and its equal protection provision. >> let's talk a little bit about the man krncurrently in office, governor rick perry. we know he's not particularly a friend to women or a fan of marriage equality. setting those issues aside, what do you think of his leadership on handling the ebola outbreak on dallas? >> he just called today for convening a special task force to look at that issue. i think it's appropriate that we
1:38 pm
are working at the state, local and federal levels in partnership to make sure that we contain this to the single incident that it currently is and that we take a measured approach to keeping our community calm about this and making sure that we are doing what is in the best interests of protecting the health of our community. >> that was my interview today with texas senator and gubernatorial candidate democrat wendy davis. coming up, just how well has the republican economic experiment gone in kansas? the state is now selling off thousands of sex toys to close its budget gap. yes, really. we will talk about porno payouts coming up next. latte or au lait?
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1:42 pm
the ebola crisis. >> i consider this a top national security priority. this is not just a matter of charity, although obviously the humanitarian toll in countries that are affected in west africa are extraordinarily significant. this is an issue about our safety. it is also an issue with respect to the political stability and check stability of this region. so it is very important for us to make sure that we are treating this the same way that we would street any other significant national security threat. coming up, new polling spells bad news for republicans in kansas, one of the weirdest stories in american politics next. but first, hampton pearson has this cnbc market wrap. >> let's take a quick look at
1:43 pm
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there is no motivation like desperation, such is the case for republicans in kansas. for starters a brand new poll shows senator pat roob berts trailing greg orman by ten points up from a poll last week. so how does a red state republican counter independent momentum? it appears his pancake flip with sarah palin is a flop, so thousanow he's calling in senator ted cruz to help lunch his bus tour. quite possibly a sign of trouble
1:47 pm
if you have to call in the shutdown architect. but look no further than the balance sheet. the state's massive budget shortfall now has kansas selling off sex toys an adult dvds. last month curious kansasians were invited to build for 400 lots featuring the fantasy love swing and wrist cuffs. so how exactly did kansas come to be the previewer of premium adult fantasy gear? that would be the budget crater formed by the tax cuts pushed by sam brownback, an active profiteer from the porn industry. a republican governor in red state kansas who is in his own
1:48 pm
desperate fight to stay in office running neck and neck with paul davis. joining me now, sam stein and chris, no two better than to discuss the provision of fuzzy handcuffs. who is more desperate? >> so sam will get the porn questions. good. look, what you see here is this very strange dynamic which is the problems of sam brown backe have made -- pat roberts created his own problems, but brownback's problems which you outlined including the deep tax cuts have sort of dovetailed into one another and both are struggling even more as a result of the other one's struggle. i would guess, and this is a
1:49 pm
guess because i think they're both in not great shape, i would guess roberts probably has an easier path to win because it's a federal race. kansas has not elected a democrat to the u.s. senate since 1932. if you make this race about i'm pat roberts and i'm a republican and other republicans in this country major leaders like me, it could get you enough of the brownback's problem is that it's more state based. >> it's the cyber skin foot stroker. how much worse does this experiment get. $234 million budget shortfall by 2016 and you're in the business of selling good girl bad girl wrist cuffs. and yet governor brownback remains up bowunbowed. >> it comes down to how much
1:50 pm
porn you can sell like any case. and we're not sure if they will make it. i think i would generally agree with chris. i think pat roberts probably has the easier path. he can say this is about whether or not you want harry reed harry reid to be majority leader. the decision to bring in sarah palin and then ted cruz. if he has a weakness, it's with moderate republicans. they look at the tax cuts and the effect on the education policy which has been draaeeen cuts and they say maybe we went too far. so i'm a little confused as to why he's leaning back on ted cruz. i don't get it. >> i want to talk about that for it a little bit. because the guy posing the biggest threat to pat roberts is greg orman who his politics
1:51 pm
remain a mystery in large part. he talked to kelly o'donnell and says that he's a fiscally conservative socially tolerant problem sofr ilver. what does that mean? >> here is his message. i'm the guy who is not pat rob betters essentially. look, i think the roberts campaign will do everything, though honestly they should never put themselves in this place. greg orman said i'm the independent problem solver and pat roberts is part of the problem. but what i think they will spend the last month of the campaign doing is saying we don't know that much about greg orman's politics, but what we know suggest he's a democrat. that is a message that should work in kansas. i talked to republicans today about the race and said is he down ten. they said we don't think he's down ten, but he's not ahead.
1:52 pm
and 29 days before the election, if you told me -- sam is smarter so he might not have been surprised. but if you told me 29 days before the election kansas would be a race where the democrat -- not everyone the democrat, sorry, the independent canned at that time candidate would be ahead, i'd be stunned. >> the more the republicans attack orman, stronger the likelihood if he wins, he'll caucus with the democrats. it's hard to imagine the guy are will take a beating and turn around and say thank you, let me caucus with you. >> sam back to a broader point. the contours of this election were supposed to be sort of referendum on president obama's policies and just how much they were disastrous for democrats in red states. and yet in the "washington post"
1:53 pm
today, in an election that is supposed to be about president obama's unpopularity, his health law, conservative governance -- sorry, i can't read. could nservative governance and overreach are very much on the ballot, too. and you see it also in north carolina. this is a referendum on conservative policies. >> each state presents its own microcosm and it's not turning out as well as republicans had hoped for. but at the same time, it's clear democrats aren't comfortable with the obama agenda or else david axle rod wouldn't have said it's a mistake. so we have democrats running away from the president, republicans running subtly
1:54 pm
toward the president. either's tough to tell where people stand. >> to this end in term of the strangeness and strange brews, grimes is now two points ahead of mcconnell. that is within the margin of error. what will happen in kentucky? >> i think that poll, i think it's a poll amid lots and lots of polls against various and sundry quality. that said, mitch mcconnell has never won a race by a lot. i think the most can he win by is about five. maybe three. and if that's the case, then he can lose. this suggests the race is probably a little closer than maybe people like me thought. >> polls much like pipe dream fantasy love swings can come in
1:55 pm
varying qualities. >> i didn't say that. >> beautifully said. >> poetry. >> i worked on that the whole segment. gentlemen, always a pleasure. coming up, it is not often that we get to say this. transparency and justice just prevail this hed in one get kno court case. more coming up up. tandard. and that became our passion. to always build something better, airplanes that fly cleaner and farther on less fuel. that redefine comfort and connect the world like never before. after all, you can't turn dreams into airplanes unless your passion for innovation is nonstop. ♪ [♪] unless your passion for innovation is nonstop.
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1:59 pm
persisted. we don't really know because efficients decided to stop public lirs reports. but that strategy has been rejected. on thursday, a federal judge rejected the white house plea to shut the public out of a hearing on its force feeding policy. one day later, that same judge ordered that 28 videotapes showing force feeding be made public. it is a major ruling in favor of transparency. the hearing which started today involves gitmo detainee who argues it was tantamount to torture. today's hearing is a big deal. it is the first time a federal judge has ever heard testimony about prison complainditions at know since it opened 13 years ago. and the hearing open to the public. a most welcome chapter after
2:00 pm
more than a decade of secrecy. that's all for now. i'll see you back here tomorrow. let's get to work. >> it's a disease brand new to the united states. >> it will get worse before it gets better. >> we have learned a lot about the unique challenges. >> i was in an ebola ward the other day and was in the typical hazmat suit americans are being a cussfor hised to seeing. >> he's relieved to be here. >> he'll be fully suited. >> it's important not just to


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