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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 7, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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really, iowa? not a problem? happy anniversary, worst anniversary ever. that does it for us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow night. good tuesday morning. right now on "first look," experts say the case of ebola grows around the globe. the man is accused of joining isis. a huge pay day for boxer floyd playweather. he claims he won a million-and-a-half dollar bet. plus, it's been a rough week already for people riding in hot air balloons. the french take the eiffel howe to you tore the next level. and jeb bush, is he running in 2016? we start with the ebillion la outbreak. the first case contracted outside of africa a. nurse in spain, over 2,000 miles away
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from west africa. the spokeswoman now in isolation. her husband reportedly is in quarantine t. nurse's only symptom is fever. last month she treated a priest in madrid. he got the virus doing missionary work in sierra leone. it comes as the u.s. tries to catch new cases. nbc's tracy potts reports from washington for us. >> reporter: good morning. the federal government is looking at changing some things here to make sure that we protect americans aglens this deadly virus. >> we don't have a lot of margins for error. >> reporter: for now, the u.s. is not ban travel from west africa, but is considering more screening to fight ebola. >> that could mean the cdc at major airports taking questions. >> they don't know. they have more questions. they have concern. >> reporter: the pentagon is sending up to 3600 troops to
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build hospitals in africa. president obama says he will pressure other countries to do more. >> countries that think they can sit on the side lines and let the united states do it. >> that will result in a less effective response. >> reporter: some lawmakers want to president to name an ebola bar, one government official to oversee our response. the latest person is in isolation in omaha. >> when you've got a loved one as sick as he is, we want to curl up to him and tell him it's okay and to be close to them. obviously, you can't do that. >> reporter: the first person diagnosed in the u.s. remains in critical condition in dallas. he has been given experimental treatment t.cdc is keeping a close eye on certain cities in the united states that have large african population, trying
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to make sure that virus doesn't spread or even show up in those areas. >> militant group isis is taking more positions in the key town of khobani. turkish police firing tear gas, hoping to clear them as more crews and tanks move in. richard engel is in turkey. >> reporter: he's the latest american accused of trying to join isis. a 19-year-old from chicago aabout to board a plane to istanbul. his residence was searched after his arrest. authorities found document that support isil and disgust at western society, describing it as filth. also found, a three page letter
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to his parents telling them he was going to join isis. after days of fighting, isis militants stormed into the syrian city of kobani. within they raised their black flags, turkish troops could see it. turkey sent more tanks and troops to reenforce the border. so far, turkish troops have not crossed no syria. isis wants to widen the war, hoping it will become a quagmire and swallow it's enemies. a major status change for dozens of same sex couples. the number went from 19 to 24 states yesterday. it will eventually jump to 30 states in weeks. yesterday morning the high court refused to hear several rulings.
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wisconsin governor scott walker told the associated press if response to the news, quote, it's over in wisconsin, saying the fight to end same-sex marriage will end. buzz feed wrote, congressional republicans virtually silent on supreme court marriage decision ted cruz voiced dissatisfaction with the supreme court news. a new law requiring a 72-hour waiting period for abortions goes into effect in missouri. in alabama the aclu is not backing down on an unusual obstacle on terminating a pregnancy. they are asking the court to block a law that forces minors to undergo a trial. 36 other states have a similar law. what is unprecedented is the alabama law allows the district attorney to appoint a lawyer for the fetus him that lawyer can call people to testify against the girl.
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it is a growing concern, people waking up dushl surgery, 158 patients will wake up. they cannot alert doctors. their muscles are paralyzed. the cause behind that, bad anesthesia, the good news, these episodes tend to be quick. he's the most decorated olympian ever. now a dui arrest has michael phelps banned for six months, usa swimming suspension means no 2015 championships and no funding during that time. he was arrested in baltimore last week for driving his ranger under the influence. new york's famed waldorf-astoria has become the most expensive ever sold. hlten world wide holdings sold it to a chinese buyer.
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hilton will continue to operate it the next 100 years and the hotel will undergo a major renovations. a recall for general motors. the chevy pontiac and caprises as well. the current issues range from loose wiring and engine stalling. there is gm's 74th recall and gm is also saying the number of people killed, rather, caused by faulty ig physician switches is 24 as of friday. yahoo attacked. no user data was comprised. sam cane is recalling about 91,000 pounds of ground beef. at least four customers reported pieces of metal found in the petition with one report at least shipping a tooth. last night, floyd mayweather
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says he won $1. million. he said i bet $p 70,000. i walked away with a million four. when you bet on andrew, it's never luck. sports now, they can't pitch. >> that is what is hurting the los angeles dodgers, some say. 470 feet, a two run home run. a hero stop rather, but it's two outs there. it's too late. st. louis leads the series 2-1. a beautiful day by the bay. will him the same for madison bum garner, until he goes to 3rd instead. walk nationals get two runs out of that. they top it off in the th. giants still lead the series 2-1. monday night football, seattle's russell wilson rushing for a
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career high. 11 carries, a touchdown against washington. seattle overcomes more than a dozen penalties. blame that one swempb 27-17. two buffalo players complaining. the kicker saying his holder had a green light shown in his eye. they reminded fans laser pointers are banned in the stadium. buffalo still beating detroit in that game. long-time philadelphia sports announcer bill campbell passed away. one signature call the eagle's fine 60 championship game over green bay. >> the game's over. the eagles are the champions. >> he died due to complications of a fall. he was 91. meet jp gibson t. utah jazz
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signed the three-year-old to a one-day contract. >> novak misses on the field, he goes by him. he slides by, go bears! he rises to the rim and hammers. jp gets it. >> matt gibson, elusive. he has leukemia. the jazz and anything can be project, which provides hope to families with childhood cancer. the contracting deals were not disclosed. with a half million street value, a major co kind bust and another reason to plan that trip to paris. >> we have two events to talk about. one is going to be a blood moon. another a big apple storm threat. you are watching "first look" on msnbc. [ female announcer ] when you're serious about fighting wrinkles,
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. >> are you ready for the blood
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moon? in 24 hours on the east coast, will you see a lunar eclipse. unfortunately for the east coast, it will be cloudy and rainy and hard to see. you will be lucky in breaks of the cloud, if you are in the central u.s. or western u.s., it will be a much better show there because you won't have to deal with the sunrise as the moon is setting. let's talk about the forecast. again, there is a lot of clouds and rain to deal with. umbrella weather. buffalo, syracuse, washington, d.c., early morning showers, then you are dry to later on tonight. there is a lot of rain in kentucky and tennessee, a lot of moisture streaming up the coast with this. can you see the showers in northern jersey. upstate new york. a batch of showers traveling to the north of the pennsylvania turnpike, also from st. louis, springfield, indianapolis, light rain for you as we go throughout your morning hours. what will also be interesting, later tonight in the middle of the night, a severe weather
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threat. a small area, new jersey, long island, southern new england could see thunderstorms late tonight. this time tomorrow morning going through with damaging winds, kind of an unusual event. >> for this time of year. bill kearns kierans, thank you for that. police will hit the streets in ferguson, missouri. police will no longer tell them to keep moving in a peaceful manner. remember the equipment ferguson used the associated press found the pentagon plus program so popular, it will ed to a coroner getting his hand on a hum see and assault rifle and a handgun. he says he needs it to protect himself. dzhokhar tsarnaev's friend says he was so high out of his head on marijuana, he doesn't remember what happened that night. he says he was forced into
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giving a confession. more than 28,000 bounds of cocaine t. coast guard seized that in a bust along the central coast during the past three months. street value, $42003 million. new glass floors were installed in the eiffel tower. a part of a wide reaching $30 million makeover that marks the tower's 125th birthday. a sign your hot air balloon ride is about to go bad. >> oh, no, they're going to hit him. oh, no! >> holy [ bleep ]. >> a close call in new mexico. a balloon hit some power lines during a festival. sparks went flying. luckily, no one was hurt. surgeons at a hospital in new york city used a 3 theprinted copy of a heart saving the baby's life. they say it had several holes
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and was unusually shaped. they printed a 3d model and thanks, to the model. they were able to repair it in one operation. a frightening sign for the 2014 elections. the gop's best hope to regain the white house, scramble politics is next. will get you to the loading dock. ♪ there should be a truck leaving now. i got it. now jump off the bridge. what? in 3...2...1... are you kidding me? go. right on time. right now, over 20,000 trains are running reliably. we call that predictable. thrillingly predictable. ghave a nice flight!r bag right here. traveling can feel like one big mystery. you're never quite sure what is coming your way. but when you've got an entire company
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who knows that the most on-time flights are nothing if we can't get your things there too. it's no wonder more people choose delta than any other airline.
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get to the terminal across town. are all the green lights you? no. it's called grid iq. the 4:51 is leaving at 4:51. ♪ they cut the power. it'll fix itself. power's back on. quick thinking traffic lights and self correcting power grids make the world predictable. thrillingly predictable. . >> right. time for tuesday's first look al at scrambled politics. the elections are four weeks away from today. who will control the senate?
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the post says republican versus the 7% chance. upset minority leader mitch mcconnell is chasing alison grahams. a new poll shows 15% of people are closely following next month's election by the way. hillary clinton called action against isis quote essential. she added se will not decide on a presidential run until after the mid-terms. for cruz stumps for matter roberts. the latest poll show roberts behind independent greg orman. jeb bush helping candidates with spanish speaking ads. this one here for cory gardner, colorado senate.
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>> american idol runner-up and congressional hopeful clay aiken debated renee elmers. the republican brought up budget cuts. >> you know it's almost as if as an entertainer you believe that you can just go in with a song and dance, you know, and change the minds of our military leaders. >> that isn't the way it works. >> she is good at her talking points, good at calling me an entertainer, that's great. i'm sure you practiced on that. but the most embarrassing reality show in the country right now is congress. >> billionaire, michael bloomberg, the queen of england announcing he is the honorary knight. bloomberg will not be called sir because he's not a british citizen. an arkansas democratic rally, an unusual request by mark prior to bill clinton. >> can i get a selfie?
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right? let's do it! let's do it! >> after that one person tweeted the day the selfie died. it's a month away from the mid-terms. news day column yvette, good morning to you. should i call you the honorary knight of the most excellence order as well? >> i was going to call you sir richard. >> let's talk about that 15%, folks if terms of being interested in the mount terms, two questions, obviously, who does that-ep? does that help democrats more? >> probably a little bit. boy they need it. they tend to be better with the get out to vote operations. republicans have been trying and promising. the last few cycles have gotten their few people out better than the republicans have gotten their few people out. >> it helps the incumbents, typically. >> it's pathetic. >> it is early. maybe they'll create some
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interest. you never know what might be the october surprise. right? so it doesn't look like the marriage equality news yesterday will affect the mid-terms terribly at this moment. they do not have a pivotal senate election going on. however, there is, the issues regarding abortion that we were just reporting a little earlier in this hour. we look at some of the women's issues related to this. what is the muddy republican push here? they push no domestic violence? >> peter, it depends on whether they can restrain the more extreme impulse. if you look at alabama, they send a lawyer in to represent the fetus. >> right. right. >> the more extreme those actions, the better it is for the democrats. so bait republicans. >> as to bring them into the fray there. also when we look at the mid-terms the latino-american vote very key now. a lot of people watching it for 2016. jeb bush, is he the only hope shall we say when it comes to
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the latino-american vote? >> isn't it funny someone named bush is the great latino hope? he sounded good to remind you, the best way to learn another language is fall in love with someone that speaks that language. hey, he is the best that gets going. he get some latino support. >> all right. the most awesome order. >> that itself title we'll give you. >> sir richard will be with you. a rough week for vice president joe biden. who has had to apoll. >> charles: iz to some of our allies fighting isis. what happens next could be even tougher on his ego. we got that next.
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. >> oh, that joe biden. lately upsetting turkey and the uae. here is jimmy kimmel live on his notoriety. >> reporter: who is joe biden? >> who is joe biden? i have no idea. >> reporter: do you know who our vice president is? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: do you want to take a guess? >> condoleeza rice? >> reporter: the first female black president. >> is he like the assistant president? he's the president, right? >> you know, that's fun and games, right? the white house still defending him, though, on his comments that were somewhat shall we say unsavory within it comes to turkey? >> i think he's a little confus confused. it makes you proud of our american educational system. >> who is joe biden?
2:29 am
>> he will have a voice, potentially, if the senate is flipped. >> he could determine the future of the senate. joe biden, vice president. >> thank you so much. that was "first look." appreciate it. it is important for americans to know the facts and that is that because of the measures that we put in place as well as our world class health system and the nature of the ebola virus, itself, which is difficult to transmit the chances of an ebola outbreak in the united states is extremely low. >> president obama's measured message about the threat of the ebola here. this as a spanish nurse becomes the first person infected outside of west africa. a supreme court surprise, the high court decides not to take up the debate effectively
2:30 am
allowing five more states marriage equality this morning. jimmy fallon, teen girls just trying tof fun. you will meet sarah and mar i am. this is way too early. [ music playing ] hey, everybody, it is tuesday, october 7th. way too early in the show. business equals celebrate in at least 16% of the country today. did you like that? we want to gen on a new note. the new concerns of the spread of ebola. officials talk about the first case contracted outside of west africa. this happens to be about a nurse in spain treated at a hospital this morning after testing positive for the deadly virus. health officials say he is


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