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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 7, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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allowing five more states marriage equality this morning. jimmy fallon, teen girls just trying tof fun. you will meet sarah and mar i am. this is way too early. [ music playing ] hey, everybody, it is tuesday, october 7th. way too early in the show. business equals celebrate in at least 16% of the country today. did you like that? we want to gen on a new note. the new concerns of the spread of ebola. officials talk about the first case contracted outside of west africa. this happens to be about a nurse in spain treated at a hospital this morning after testing positive for the deadly virus. health officials say he is
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currently in stable condition. the nurse cared for two priests who both died from ebola. the cameraman is in good spirits, he was able to walk off the plane and get on a gurney after a 16-hour flight from liberia. hospital officials are determining exactly what truck they will use to treat him. his father says he knows there will likely be tough days ahead. >> when he first realized he was positive, his mind went crazy and he assumed the worst. i think he believes that, of course, as you said, he has seen people die from this. many, many people died. so his mind goes there. so there is no question he is thinking he might die from this. >> muxpo's girlfriend for the last four years is now in omaha. she will be the only one having contact and it's just through
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video texting. >> when you've got a loved one as sick as he does, all you want to do is curl up next to him and tell him it's going to be okay and be close to them and obviously you can't do that. so it's definitely a little bit hard. >> so at this hour the man being treated in dallas remains in critical condition. we have learned that thomas eric duncan is being given an experimental drug approved by the fda. governor perry is forming a 17-person task force and how the state responds to other ennextious diseases. president obama says his administration is working on increased screening at airports in the u.s. and overseas. it comes as a new puw research poll has a great or fair amount of confidence about ebola outbreak in the u.s. 69% of democrats share that confidence while 51% of
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republican versus little or no confidence the u.s. government could stop an outbreak. more couples if five states are now able to say "i do" this morning. that's because the supreme court declined to rule on lower court decision challenges that overturned marriage equality bans. couples quickly been to obtain marriage licenses after that decision and while the supreme court still did not settle the issue for the country as a whole, supporters of marriage equality praised the outcome. >> this is the outcome that we have hoped for it is the outcome we have not for it is the outcome the constitution requires. this is a tremendous moment in virginia history. we will continue to fight discrimination wherever we find it. but today we celebrate a moment when we move closer to improving the promise of equality. >> so marriage equality existing
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in 24 hour states plus the district of columnio. the supreme court's decision will soon bring that number of states to 30. two of the states affected by yesterday's decision are republican candidates for 2016. they criticized the ruling. they promise to comply with it. indiana governor mike pentz says i will always abide by the rule of law. people are free to disagree with court decisions. we are not free to disobey them. wisconsin governor scott walker said for us, it's over if wisconsin. the federal courts have ruled that this decision by this court of appeals decision is the law of the land. this brings us to our twitter yes for you this morning, should the supreme court have set it now or allowed the continuation of state by state marriage equality laws? use the #way too early. we will put the best ones later in the show. we changegoers now on the
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terror threat of isis marches right to the door steps of our closest allies in the middle east t. front page of the wall street journalal is showing militants planting their flag. it comes after a fierce day of fighting with many fighters killed on both sides. however, it appears the extremist are poised to take over kobani considering its proximity to turkey. meanwhile, an american teen has been arrested with the intent of speaking into syria and fighting with isis t. 19-year-old left a handwritten three-letter page to his parents begging them not to alert the authorities, saying we are all witness the western society is getting more day-by-day. the joe biden apology tour is continuing today. all this after he paid remarks critical of u.s. allies in the middle east suggesting he
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shoulder some of the blame for isis. the vp is reaching out to saudi arabia to apologize for his comments. he has already spoken to leaders of turkey and the united arab emirates. >> the vice president is somebody who has enough character to admit when he's made a mistake. the vice president is somebody who continues to be a core bleb of the president's national security team. he is somebody who has decades of experience in dealing with leaders around the globe. the president is pleased to be able to rely on his advice as we confront the variety of challenges so critic ale to american national security. >> the man nicknamed the comeback kid is hoping to come behind to win two key races. bill clinton returns to arkansas and mark prior, mike ross, a former career, clinton urged arkansas voters to reject republican voters to make the
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election solely about president obama. >> you cannot afford to do what their opponents want. they want you to make eight protest. all three of these races, they're say, you may like these guys, hey, you know what you got to do. you got to vote against the president. i promise you, it's your last shot. it's a good california i may wonder, i may roam, but i will never be far from home. you are in my heart. you will always be arkansas you run deep in me. vote your heart. don't vote for what they tell you you have to be against. vote for what you know you should be for. vote for narc prior, vote for mike ross, vote for the legacy and you will be happy a month from now. thank you and god bless you. >> all right. so a recent u.s. university suffolk poll shows asa
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hutchinson and the cbs news, new york times pole has governor tom cotton leading senator prior by 4 points, we shift gears to talk about holiday sales we report sexual harassment in the industries. we are going to talk about those stories. first, this news involving ford and a million vehicles people need to be aware of. >> yeah, we seem to be speaking about recalls on a daily basis. this time the national traffic highway administration is looking at whether we need to see more recalls from vehicles from ford that have the power steering problem. they recalled 1 million vehicles this year. they are concentrating on 938 vehicles, including the ford fusion and lincoln mk from 2010 to 2012 t. mercury milan sedan from 2010 and 2011.
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you mentioned the holiday sales. the national retail federation, getting in early, saying, it could be good. we saw good jobs numbers last wee week. >> that could cause an increase, november and december to a figure of $617 billion. who will lead it? it will be yawn line sale. >> that will see an increase around 11% to $105 bele. >> steve goetz let to this. a scathing report is out, talking about water going on with sexual harassment in the restaurant industry? >> these numbers are incredible. 90% of demail workers that depend on tips report being bothered at work by some form of sexual harassment. look at these numbers, for instance, 33% of demail workers sexual harassment at least
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weekly from co-workers on at least a monthly basis and 66% of women are experiencing sense wal harassment from management, their businesses on at least a monthly basis. they are saying this is endemic to the restaurant industry. >> those numbers there, especially about co-workers and management. still ahead on "way too early." we got the best highlights coming up next for you, they are slugging it out there. plus, preparing for prison? this emotional interview with housewife star theresa giudice after she and her husband were sentenced for fraud. now how she says her oldest daughter is stepping up to take care of the family. >> that when we come back. stick around.
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awesome. awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome! (all) awesome! i love logistics. sometime now for sports. we begin with baseball. pair of game three mlb patchups. we take you to st. louis. a tied game in the 7th. the cards at bat with a man on 3rd. >> high flyball right. at the wall. it is gone! >> wow, they're keeping it hot. they plugged a two-run shot. st. louis hangs on to when it 3-1. they lead which one game. ten we go to san francisco. the game is scoreless in the 7th. matdson bumgarner, two outs,
2:45 am
nobody out. >> bumgarner goes to 3rd and throws it away. >> des upon comes in the but pen. he'll score anyway. 2-10 nationals. >> i know, i know, they're keeping it hot. bumgarner with that costly throwing error. the naats tag on another run. >> he was safe anyway. bad judgment. >> they tack on two more. they when it. cutting the giants' series lead down to one game. the national league keeping it h hot. >> we switch gears. the seahawks and redskins on monday night football. seattle saw three percy harvin touchdowns called back because of penalties. he threw for over 200 yards.
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another two scores t. seahawks settle for a 21-17 when over washington. we have been talking about what has been going on with michael phelps. he is banned for competition. the athlete was arrested for a second dui last week and announced on sunday he has entered a treatment program. this is fellp's 2nd suspension. he missed three months in 2009 after a newspaper published a photo of him spoking a bong. all right. so here is your uplifting story of the morning t. utah jazz signing five-year-old gibson. he has been diagnosed with leukemia, suited up to play for an annual pre-season squad scrimmage. look at him. there you go. >> you know water great, he got the sweat bands on the wist wrists. >> i know, looking very official for jp right there. let's get a check of the
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weather. bill kierans is standing by with the blood moon. i'm curious about the blood moon. not only because it looks like a blood moon in her at all times now. >> we are ready for october and hone. >> it will be exactly this time tomorrow morning. it starts at 5:15 in the morning. totality the full lunar eclipse tomorrow morning f. we're lucky to get breaks on the east coast, you will be able to see it. right now, unfortunately, it will be cloudy for many of us. it's not a nice forecast for many people. a lot of rain across the ohio valley today. tennessee has thunderstorms. the same with kentucky. that's headed to the east later on this evening. the latest. st. louis to memphis. good size thunderstorms are blowing through. we have hail and a chance of gusty winds. as far as the forecast goes. late tonight, we are talking 18 hours from now, overnight when
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everyone is asleep. we have a severe thunderstorm threat. we don't see it in october from bristol, new haven the jersey shore. we see a line go through with strong, gusty winds in the middle of the night. probably will make a lot of people up. showers hit and miss today. the worst of that will be tonight. kind of a weird forecast in the middle of the night in october. >> the west coast will be the best. >> central mountains and west, perfect. it should be a great show. >> thank you, sir. bill clinton goes home. more details on how he is helping democrats win in red state arkansas. we will come around here and huddle around the water cooler together for a pop quiz on hollywood boulevard. can you tell me who joe wide isn't? of course you can. but that answer might be a little harder than you think when you are looking at the
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. >> all right. welcome back. everybody. let's huddle around the water cooler. everyone was interested in this incident that happened on bravo. louis has it for us about
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theresa and joe. >> okay. thomas. new jersey star theresa giudice is breaking silent. the mother of four said she was shocked about how her family is preparing for the departure, including her oldest daughter, 13-year-old gia. >> she's like, mommy, don't worry about it. i'll be there, i'll be there, i'll help daddy with the girls and she's like, that will make me a better mom. she's like, that will prepare me for when i'm a mom and i was like, oh my god, it broke my heart. he's like, i'll come see you twice a week. i said just come once a week the girls are busy, they have busy schedules. >> andy cohen getting the schedule, one parent will be home with their daughters at one time.ç first on january 5th she reports. because joe is not a u.s. citizen, he could be deported
2:53 am
after serving his time, we'll see how that plays out. >> very serious. >> for the crew of jimmy kimmel, the answer was tough to find on hollywood boulevard. take a look. >> who is joe biden? >> i have no idea. >> you want to take a guess? >> a man. >> reporter: who is joe biden? >> joe biden, i think he is our governor. >> he's the government or something? >> joe biden, i don't know, a terrorist group? >> reporter: who is joe biden? >> no comment. >> reporter: who is joe biden? >> who is joe biden? i have no idea. >> reporter: do you know who our vice president is? >> umm, no, i don't. >> reporter: do you want to take a guess? >> condoleeza rice? am i right? >> reporter: first female black vice president. >> i don't know, the guy joe biden, he is a republican and
2:54 am
he's going to be president soon, somewhat soon? >> he's like the assistant president or something? i don't know. >> reporter: that's right. the assistant president. . >> vice president joe biden. now, thomas, jimmy fallon has been known to play a high school girl named sarah. >> oh, sarah. >> he teamed up with will i am from the black eyed peas. it turned into something more hilarious. >> that girl is totally ratchet. >> yeah. >> look at the way she takes that. what's up with those duck lips. >> she's so lame. >> this is embarrassing. >> no, seriously,er is yufsly. >> ll. >> i am not painting.
2:55 am
i am merely coner is with my bff sarah. >> it's mirror aamened you know who. >> face time and seats i'm not lying because they have been rhymeing. >> i don't even know what to say. >> that is so not, that is so awesome. ratchet. louis, thank you, sir. we appreciate it. our twitter question for you earlier in the show, we asked if the supreme court should accept marriage equality now as opposed to allowing the continueduation of state by state marriage equality laws, our producer has some of the best responses. >> good morning. we have a lot of people weighing in, patrick tweets, while they may not have gone all the way, at least they are making us more socially aware. every decision and case helps. john says, marriage equality is the issue of the times, voters have the responsibility to decide once and for all. >> we are looking at a federal standard at some point.
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. >> ley, everybody, president obama heads back to fork city for fund raisers ahead of the mid-terms after two dnc events. he then heads to connecticut to raise money for senate democrats. also today florida senator marco rubio will try to unseat todd brown's seat. it will be streamed live on nbc check it out. >> that will do it. we are "way too early." "morning joe" starts right now.
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we are doing our entire living room in stainless steel. >> very good. good morning, everybody. tuesday, october 7th. look at that times square. it's buzzing or still is. with us on set, we have associate professor from columbia school of university,


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