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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 9, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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information tomorrow. probably on fox. we wait with bated breath. we wait with bated breath. "first look" is up next. good thursday morning, everybody. right now on "first look," the u.s. government begins screening for ebola at some airports as the first patient diagnosed in the u.s. dies. the pentagon steps up air strikes on isis but says air strikes alone are not enough to save the syrian border city of kobani. plus, the feds announce a $100 million settlement over bogus at&t charges. and our adorable clicp of te day, babies playing peek-a-boo. good morning, i'm betty nguyen. right now the u.s. is on edge as the fight against ebola gets bigger. a new plan targets passengers from west africa. they will face fever screenings at five u.s. airports starting saturday. >> these five airports are the
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destination of 94% of individuals who travel to the united states from the three countries that are currently affected by ebola. >> the move comes after the first ebola death on u.s. soil. thomas eric duncan died wednesday in dallas. now all eyes are on a deputy. he is hospitalized, feeling ill after being in duncan's apartment. nbc's chris fallone has more. >> reporter: in a dallas church, a community paused to remember a man who became the face of the ebola virus to the nation. the family of thomas eric duncan said nothing as they left texas presbyterian hospital wednesday morning. hours earlier, duncan passed away while being treated for ebola virus. >> today we are deeply saddened by the death of the patient in dall dallas. despite maximal interventions, we learned today that he passed away. >> reporter: in a written statement, duncan's fiancee, louise, said "his suffering is
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over" and that the family is experiencing "deep sadness and grief." she also expects a through investigation into duncan's care. he was originally sent home from the hospital, despite ebola-like symptoms and having traveled to the from the u.s. to liberia and returned two days later in an ambulance. now the family wonders what might happen to them. >> their thoughts not only go to the shock and sadness of losing mr. duncan, but also whether this will be the course that their life will take next. >> reporter: they're part of a group of 48 people being watched for 21 days. that's how long ebola is incubate in the body. so far, none has shown any symptoms. >> i'm on pins and needles every day in dallas this week, and yes, throughout the whole 21 days. >> reporter: now the delicate task of preparing thomas eric duncan's body for cremation is under way. it can still spread ebola, and health officials are following cdc guidelines to prevent that
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from happening. chris pallone, nbc news, dallas. overseas, the scramble to contain the virus. the nurse in spain who got it has company. all are hospitalized. the total six and none has symptoms. there is sad news. the infected nurse's dog was euthani euthanized. authorities feared it could transmit the virus. and in southern spain, new images of u.s. marines. this special task force is designed to bring supplies into west africa. recent air strikes near kobani, syria, have pushed isis fighters, but air power alone may not be enough. at least six more air strikes have been launched to keep kobani from falling into isis leadership, though president obama says the fight against isis is not an easy one. >> our strikes continue alongside our partners. it remains a difficult mission. as i've indicated from the start, this is not something that is going to be solved
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overnight. >> meanwhile, australia has made its first air strike against isis in iraq. prime minister tony abbott says two bombs were dropped on a facility held by the terrorist group. and in turkey, deadly clashes continue between protesters and police. demonstrators are calling for the government to take action against isis militants in neighboring syria. the white house, it is fighting back at a new report on the secret service prostitution scandal that erupted in april of 2012. the "washington post" is reporting that senior white house aides were given information that a member of an advanced team hosted a prostitute in his hotel room right before the president was set to arrive in cartagena, colombia, for a summit, but that information was never investigated or publicly acknowledged. meanwhile, the lead investigator from the department of homeland security who did further digging on this advanced team member reportedly told senate staffers, "we were directed at the time to delay the report of the investigation until after the 2012 election."
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that advanced team member, named jonathan dach, declined to be interviewed by the "washington pos post", but through his attorney denied hiring a prostitute or bringing anyone to his hotel room. he started working this year as an adviser in the state department. josh earnest tweeted "supposed wapo "exclusive" was previously reported at various outlets two years ago." "as was reported more than two years ago, the white house conducted an internal review that did not identify any inappropriate behavior on the part of the white house advanced team." now, nearly two dozen secret service and military members, as you may recall, were either punished or lost their jobs after an investigation concluded that secret service members brought prostitutes back to their hotel rooms. so, at&t is going to have to shell out more than $100 million after the federal trade commission says it billed customers for bogus charges. for anyone with at&t, this could
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mean money back in your pocket. nbc's peter alexander has those details. >> reporter: have you ever heard that familiar ding? [ dinging ] checked your cell phone and found a random text message like this? "guess what? children laugh about 400 times a day, while adults laugh on average only 15 times a day." most people quickly delete them, but the unsolicited texts could be costing you. >> bills were deceptive and charges were imposed on consumers that were not authorized. >> reporter: federal regulators announced at&t will pay $105 million in penalties, including $80 million refunded to consumers for the unlawful billing. and the ftc is presently suing t-mobile for the same thing. it's called cramming, where the fee shows up on your bill as a $9.99 monthly subscription you never thought you had. at&t says it discontinued billing for those type of third-party charges last year. do you ever read the fine print on your cell phone bill?
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>> do i ever -- no. who reads fine print? >> reporter: so, what can consumers do? >> look for a vague term, usage charges or service charges that you don't expect. look for $9.99 or $4.99 items, and look at the grand total. >> reporter: if you're used to paying $100 and your latest bill is noticeably more, call your provider and find out if you're being crammed. peter alexander, nbc news, washington. well, we do have some grim confirmation from the air force. the body of a third u.s. airman pulled from the waters of japan. on sunday, three servicemen went missing when heavy waves from typhoon phanfone swept them away. now all are confirmed dead. this as another juggernaut storm, the planet's strongest this year, sets its sights on bases in the same area. supertypho supertypho supertyphoon wongfong has intensifie intensified. it is, my friends, equivalent to a category 5 hurricane. we will continue to watch that
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for you. but right now, we want to get the latest in sports and for that, frances rivera. good morning, frances. >> good morning to you. hockey is back and opening night it h it all, really, from celebrations to shutouts, and of course, there's fights on the ice. the celebration at staples center. the l.a. kings raised their stanley cup championship banner in front of the sold-out crowd. they beat the rangers 4-1 last season to claim their second stanley cup in three years. but as you can imagine, celebration doesn't last long. the sharks dominated the kings, shutting them out 4-0, the sharks' fourth straight season opener win. and to boston we go, flyers/bruins. boston's up 1-0, when a melee breaks out in the second period between luke schenn and boston's bobby robbins. both players get a few hits in before things separated on the ground. the fight stems from this hit in front of the flyers bench. well, the flyers tie things up in the third period, but the bruins find the net once more. they start their season with a 2-1 win. canadian rivals montreal and
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toronto faced off. thomas lecanic scores two, including the game-winner with under a minute to go to lead the canadiens to a 4-3 victory over the maple leafs. and a buzzer beater finish in germany. berlin shocking the san antonio spurs winning, so cloerks 94-93. >> that's no more. >> yeah. and a unanimous vote during the nfl owners meeting approved the sale of the buffalo bills to billionaires terry and kim pegula. they finished ahead of groups by bon jovi and donald trump. they happen to already own the buffalo sabres hockey team. >> really? that's all, huh? >> and you know, when you own a couple of teams, you kind of send out casual texts like the one he shared with his daughter. yeah, that's all he said, "we own bills." simple as that. done, enough said. >> drop the mike. thank you, frances. let's get down to business withnbc's kate rogers.
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kate, i'm sure you never got a text like that from your dad. >> i wish i did. futures are higher after a surge wednesday with the dow posting its best day this year and the nasdaq and the s&p 500, their best day in more than a year. the move higher comes as minutes from last month's fed meeting suggests the central bank will tiptoe instead of race towards raising those interest rates. and at least 13 financial firms were reportedly targeted by the cyber attacks that hit jpmorgan this summer. reports say citigroup, etrade and fidelity investments were struck by hackers, but it doesn't appear any data was stolen. president obama has been receiving periodic briefings on the cyber attacks. and finally, apple is inviting guests to its headquarters for a special event next thursday. it's expected the company will roll out new ipads. analysts product the new tablets will feature the fingerprint i.d. and apple pay features. back to you. >> thank you very much. still ahead, bill karins with your thursday weather forecast. plus, the supreme court weighs in on same-day voter
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good thursday morning to you. if you're traveling across the country or live in the state of missouri, you're the target of a lot of rain. you need that big boy umbrella in the st. louis area. these thunderstorms are rolling your way. they'll be right over the top of you in about probably 45 minutes, and they'll be with you for much of the first half of the rush hour. and then right on interstate 70 from kansas city to columbia, numerous thunderstorms. by far the worst drive in the country is across the state of missouri. flash flood watches are up for almost the entire state and all the way down there towards joplin. how much rain are we expecting? is this going to be today, tonight and then into tomorrow, up to about 3 to 4 inches is possible in southern missouri. the heaviest rain's in st. louis and then i-70 will be this morning. so, that's kind of the area of worst weather. there is light rain today illinois, indiana, kentucky and tennessee. you're beautiful in new england today. enjoy that peak fall foliage. mid-atlantic looks good. florida all the way to texas,
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we're holding on to some heat here. even as we go into friday, not a lot changes. the only exception will be some of those clouds and showers will try to head towards areas of d.c. and even new york late in the day. >> all right, we'll be watching for it. thank you, bill. well, some stories making news this morning later today. supporters for slain teen michael brown will hold a vigil marking two months since his shooting death. meanwhile, new tensions just outside of ferguson. protesters gathered on a street where a st. louis police officer allegedly shot and killed a man last night. he was working a second job as a security officer on a neighborhood patrol. the officer says the man fired shots at him after he approached him during a pedestrian check. the officer was not hurt. well, no same-day registration in north carolina now that the supreme court reversed the appeals court decision on its new voting law. meanwhile, the government accountability office released a new report on voter i.d. laws. they found that in 17 states, getting an appropriate form of i.d. costs upwards of nearly $60.
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in two states that tightened voting restrictions, there was a slight decrease in turnout. and that turnout was significantly less in voters aged 18 to 23 and african americans. same-sex couples in kansas can now get married after a judge ordered clerks to begin issuing marriage licenses, but same-sex couples in idaho will have to wait just at least a few more days. justice anthony kennedy signed an order to temporarily block gay marriages there, giving proponents until 5:00 p.m. today to respond to the state's request. just ahead, mitch mcconnell's feisty radio interview, the first lady works it, and who's the president of ice cream? "scrambled politics" is next of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with our snapfix app.
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and more on the way. minuteclinic. another innovation from cvs health. because health is everything. 19 minutes past the hour. here's your thursday edition of "scrambled politics." republican pat roberts and independent greg orrman went at it at the kansas senate debate last night. roberts said getting his opponent to state a position on any issue is like trying to nail jell-o to the wall. well, orman returned by calling roberts and republicans half the problem in washington. polls are mixed on who has the edge. a new gallop survey finds only 32% of americans are extremely motivated to vote in the midterms, compared to 50% in 2010. that is one of three indicators that could translate to low turnout. well, things got heated on kentucky sports radio yesterday when the host asked senate minority leader mitch mcconnell about global warming.
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>> thank you very much and good afternoon. today we are deeply saddened by the death of the patient in dallas. >> all right, that was a wrong sound right there, but at the u.s. conference of mayors in arkansas, former president bill clinton was careful to stay mum on hillary's future. >> great thing about not being president anymore is you can just say whatever you want. unless your wife might run for something, then you can say whatever you want as long as you don't make any headlines. the east room of the white house turned into a cat walk yesterday. it was part of a fashion education workshop hosted by the first lady connecting more than 150 fashion students with industry professionals. and it is the internet's random, new obsession, joe biden with ice cream and a pair of aviator shades. these photos from yesterday's unplanned stop in oregon.
2:21 am
this one is the most popular. "politico" reporter jennifer epstein tweeted, "he may be vice president of the united states, but he is president of ice cream." no doubt. that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." in washington, i am joined now by syndicated columnist bob franken, without his aviator sunglasses and ice cream this morning. good morning to you, bob. >> well, it's nice to see the vice president with ice cream in his mouth instead of his foot. >> i knew you were going to go there. how did i know that? >> yeah, i know that. kind of predictable, wasn't it? >> all right, well, let's talk about this, because this is really interesting. former president jimmy carter is criticizing president obama, saying that he has shifting policies and waited too long to take action against isis. are you surprised by this harsh criticism, since former presidents often refrain from criticizing sitting presidents? >> bell, that would include former presidents except jimmy carter. he's never been shy about doing that. right now, of course, he has to stand in line. the various so-called friends of president obama have been teeing
2:22 am
off on him. the most notable example recently is leon panetta, his former cia director and pentagon secretary, who has written a scathing criticism of the president, saying that he is too detached, which is similar to, of course, what former president carter is saying. but one of the biggest criticisms that remaally seems shark at the white house is when people say that president obama could be compared to president carter. >> well, will this criticism by carter, panetta and others undermine the current strategy against isis in any way? >> well, one would not think so. the bigger problem is, is dealing with international heads of state. they are the ones who have to put together this coalition that has thus far been very fragile. >> yeah, exactly. all right, i want to shift now to this new study that shows states with tough voter i.d. laws, they saw big drops in election turnout, especially among minorities. why is that? >> well, minorities and young people that just happen to be
2:23 am
constituencies that would vote democratic. the democrats have complained that the republicans in most of these states that have come up with the restrictions are really coming up with these laws to dress a non-existent problem to try and suppress the vote of those who might vote against them. and now what we're seeing is a study that seems to back that up. >> all right, bob franken. thanks so much for joining us today. as always, we do appreciate it. >> thank you. now go have some ice cream. >> exactly. it's never too early for ice cream. thank you, bob. "first buzz" is just ahead, including babies playing peek-a-boo. plus, one of the most expensive burgers to go along with your ice cream. find out how much it's worth. almost every day, you notice a few things. like the fact that you're pretty attached to these. ok, really attached. and that's alright. because we'll text you when your package is on the way. we're even expanding sunday package delivery. yes, sunday. at the u.s. postal service, our priority is...was...
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all right, time for "first
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buzz." the gang is all here today. frances and bill. and i hear we'll be talking about a deer rescue? >> a deer rescue, yeah. we've seen them get rescued out of fences, their antlers get caught. how about a sinkhole? this was in iowa. >> aww! >> and this farmer, the tractor tire randomly went into the hole. that's how they even knew the sinkhole was there. >> pulling him by the antlers? >> that's how they knew he was in it. tied a rope to it. then you're like, the deer's free -- >> oh, geez! >> then the deer tries to get the guy a little bit. >> can't blame them. isn't that like pulling on our niagara falls? >> the bone's attached to the skull, so it -- it's either that or he died. well, this is going to hurt you and your wallet, that is. we're talking about the world's most expensive burger. take a look at this. groupon in london is offering the glam burger for the low, low price of $1,768. it's got koby, wagyu beef.
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it's from japan with black truffle, venison, a duck egg and an edible gold leaf to top it off. i don't know why you need the gold leaf on top of all that. >> yeah. that doesn't matter. >> decoration. >> how many, over 1,000? >> $1,768. >> it's not so crazy. >> you need to buy us lunch more often! >> yeah, could be worse. >> with your gold leaf and all. >> exactly. money bags over here. >> i'd just have it once a week, maybe. well, this viral video, people can't stop talking about it. >> this is great. everybody loves peek-a-boo when it comes to their kids and everything, but in this case, there's no parent involved in playing this game. dad was fuelly the one taking the video. he woke up, said what are my twin girls up to in england? he looks in the door. look at them, back and forth, playing peek-a-boopeek-a-boo, g gigling. this has gone viral. 206,000 views so far. aren't they adorable, just entertain themselves? and that's great, because you just leave them together and
2:29 am
they're all set. >> exactly. you don't need to entertain them at all. >> it has to be one advantage to having twins, right? >> i know. >> there aren't many, but that's it, right? all right, thanks for watching, everybody. "way too early" with thomas roberts starts right now. ♪ we are deeply saddened by the death of the patient in dallas, despite maximal interventions, we learned today that he passed away. and our thoughts go out to his family, friends. he is a face that we associate now with ebola. >> it really is just shocking news as ebola's first victim on u.s. soil, thomas eric duncan, passes away from the deadly virus. now new measures at some of the nation's busiest airport for incoming travelers from west africa. tough critic. former president jimmy carter weighing in on the obama administration's isis strategy, and it ain't kind.
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and one of the coolest things you're going to see all day as some of the biggest names of music come together to sing a beach boys classic. "god only knows." this is "way too early." ♪ god only knows what i did without you ♪ ♪ god only knows >> hey, hey, everybody! good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is thursday, october 9th. welcome to "way too early." you're going to love that song, that "god only knows" song, and god only knows how i got this job, but god only knows what we'd do without jen as our stage manager. let's get to it, because we have a lot of important news this morning and we start in dallas, where concerns are growing after the first ever death from the ebola virus here in the u.s. thomas eric duncan passing away roughly 24 hours ago, only eight days after testing positive for the deadly virus. the 42-year-old from liberia was the first person diagnosed with


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