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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 10, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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that would be a ge deal. actually, there is no debate. the noise around the war and the noise around isis is vacationing members of congress filling their time with nonsense. nonsense with an exclamation point. with an exclamation point. "first look" is up next. good friday morning, everybody. we are just moments away from the announcement of the winner of the nobel peace prize, but while we wait for that, look at this. look was the scene aboard a passenger aircraft after one of the travelers blurted out that he had ebola. >> i need your attention. okay. it is going to look worse than it is. i think the man who said this is an idiot. >> so is this going to be the new normal as we face ebola on a growing global scale? plus, embattled minnesota vikings adrian peterson smoking weed, a 60 cent drop for gas prices and a super size announcement for katy perry. good morning and thanks for joining us on this friday.
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i'm betty nguyen. it is deja vu in metro st. louis. that familiar chant, hands up, don't shoot, and police in riot gear one day after an off duty police officer shot and killed an 18-year-old man during a pedestrian check. a peaceful protest turned into physical confrontations. hundreds of protesters were told to remain on the sidewalks. some were even shoved back by police officers. and during the height of the protest, this officer is seen spraying what appears to be pepper spray into the crowd. several protesters including this man is heard asking for water after he was sprayed. speaking on msnbc's "all in with chris hayes," francis lay called wednesday night's shooting, quote, a terrible tragedy and says the department of justice and u.s. attorney will play a role in the investigation.
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>> we want to make sure that this is handled right and that people have confidence in the investigation itself, and the results. so sensitivity, transparency, and independence is, you know, that's what the investigation is for. >> the family of 18-year-old von derrick myers jr. insists he was holding a sandwich, not a gun. myers was supposed to go to trial in november on charges of unlawful use of a weapon and resisting arrest. meanwhile, supporters of slain teen michael brown will begin a four-day long protest later today. a midair scare in the global ebola emergency. >> i need your attention. okay. it is going to look worse than it is. we have people coming on -- we all have been watching the news, they look like they're in the bubble, little bubble machine. >> this is video from us airways flight 845 from philly to the dominican republic. during it, a passenger sneezed. he then told people that he had
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had ebola. on the ground, hazmat teams swarmed the plane. turns out it was all just a hoax. it came as the cdc issued this dire warning. >> in the 30 years i've been working in public health, the only thing like this has been aids. >> that is quite a statement. well, in the uk, fearing ebola is just a flight away, passengers will be facing a tougher screening process. in liberia, more help has landed. six military aircraft and 100 u.s. marines, their mission is to build medical centers. and we do have positive news for you today. the first ebola vaccine trials, they have begun in mali. three people have gotten it so far and the university of maryland school of medicine is behind it. so here is a question for you. where is kim jong-un? this morning, serious doubts that he is still in power in north korea. and the last few hours he was a no show at a workers party celebration which raises a huge
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red flag. he was last seen weeks ago with a noticeable limp. a source tells reuters he is in firm control, but hurt his leg. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell on why the cia is watching this very closely. >> for all the billions u.s. spends on intelligence, the cia has no idea what is going on in north korea. the most secretive nation in the world. that matters because north korea, backward as it is, has the latest in nuclear weapons. >> expertes say a leadership competition could result in civil war. we also have breaking news coming in now. we have learned that malala yousufzai is the winner of the 2014 nobel peace prize. this is something we have been waiting for all morning long. this was announced today at the peace research institute in oslo, norway. she was up against some really stiff competition. we learned that there are 278 nominations this year, which is a record number. and some of the ones she was up
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against, pope francis, but ma l lalia has quite a history behind her, standing up for education. she's the 16-year-old from pakistan who was shot in the head biy lthe taliban for advocating for education for girls. she has gone on to be really someone that many have looked up to for her strength and her courage in the fight for education. but to give you an idea who she was up against, pope francis, as i mentioned earlier. also edward snowden, the nsa leaker. the japanese people who conserve article nine, that is for removing war. also novia gazeta, a russian newspaper known for investigative reporting on the kremlin. dennis muklig, and malala
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yousufzai has just won. the winner gets a the lo of things on top of the media attention she's getting right now. she will receive a check for $1.24 million. and i'm sure she's going to put that to good use. we have heard a lot since malala was attacked by the taliban for basically going to school and standing up and saying, girls have the right to an education. first, she fought for her own life trying to overcome the injuries that she sustained. and today she is really very triumphant on the world stage and many, many ways by winning this nobel peace prize. so congratulations to her. all right, in other news, a prosecutor in texas wants to see minnesota vikings player adrian peterson rearrested. a motion to revoke his bond
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after he allegedly told a worker conducting his urine exam he had, quote, smoked a little weed. peterson is currently free on a $15,000 bond relating to his child abuse charge. let's get the latest in sports, shall we? what seemed like another thursday night football blowout between the colts and the texans, well, it turned into a thriller. the colts with a commanding 24-0 lead in the first quarter. the texans fight back, though, to shrink the gap 27-21 in the third. colts answer with their top receiver of the night, ty hilten in the end zone. then this happened. >> third and 12 and the ball is out. and recovered by watt. he's on his feet. he was never touched down. could he have a touchdown? yes, he does. j.j. watt. >> watt picks it up for a 45-yard touchdown but the texans come up short. colts take it 33-28. the georgia bull dogs will be
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without their top offensive weapon against missouri saturday. todd burly is suspended indefinitely while the school investigates an alleged violation of ncaa rules. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick was fined $10,000 for wearing pink beats by dre headphones after sunday's game. the nfl recently signed an exclusive deal with bose. and lilly ray doyle is an an id manchester united fan. here is her reaction to wearing a blue school uniform, the color of her team's arch rivals. >> i don't like it. >> why? >> because it's blue. >> it looks so blue. >> yeah. >> i have that reaction to getting dressed every day. manchester united has offered her a blue third kit skirt and
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tickets to a future game to help ease some of her blues. katy perry is going to the super bowl. she will be the halftime performer for the 49th edition of the game. reportedly beating out both coldplay and rihanna what the nfl short listed in august. down to business with cnbc's kate rogers. >> futures are lower after the markets got rocked on thursday. on concerns about global economic weakness, worries about ebola and the big drop in oil prices, which is weighing on energy stocks. dow falling 335 points. its worst point drop in more than a year. as to what may move trading today, look for data on prices for imported goods. and a week after a mysterious tweet, the luxury carmaker is unveiling a new all wheel drive version of its model s sedan. this one has dual motors and goes 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds. it has new safety features including lane assist and automatic braking. and google is thinking big.
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reports say the company will launch a new smartphone this month. it is code named shamu and has a 5.9 inch screen, bigger than the iphone 6 plus and samsung galaxy note. the phones keep getting bigger. back to you. good news on the gasoline front. the price of regular gasoline is down 40 cents a gallon since july 4th. aaa expects prices to drop more by the end of the year. the ceo of microsoft was speaking before conference celebrating women in computing when he basically told a room full of women not to ask for pay raises. he said, quote, it is not really about asking for the raise, but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along. and that i think might be one of the additional superpowers that quite frankly women who don't ask for a raise have because that is good karma. really? that's what you think, huh? well, criticism came fast and furious. and the ceo later back tracked
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welcome back to "first look." your weekend forecast. we're looking at rain moving into areas around d.c. and baltimore during the day today. it will be very light and pick up in intensity later this evening. of course, with that big baseball game if baltimore tonight, that's very questionable if they'll get that in. heavy rain this morning in missouri is causing a lot of flooding along the missouri, arkansas and also oklahoma border. as we head into saturday, we'll have rain early in the day from d.c. up in to boston, new york city, exiting as we go throughout the day. and then sunday, looks like a new storm will be moving in with rain in the middle of the country. a lot of active weather out there. a lot of people need their umbrellas today from the middle
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of the country to the northeast this evening. >> still a friday, so y won't rain on our parade. thank you. this morning, they are going to the chapel in las vegas. nevada began issuing licenses to gay couples on thursday. it comes after a supreme court ruling mess. the justices decided not to take on appeal cases. so the move caused a lot of confusion, leaving a lot of these states in legal limbo. as of right now, same sex marriage is legal in just 27 states. some other stories making news this morning, a heavy burden has been lifted off the shoulders of almost 14 million voters in texas. a federal judge struck down a strict voter i.d. requirement in texas and compared it to a poll tax. the judge said it was deliberately meant to suppress minority voter turnout. this came hours after the u.s. supreme court blocked wisconsin's photo i.d. requirement from 1986 to 1991 she made us laugh during her hilarious impressions of tammy faye bakker, sinead o'connor and nancy reagan.
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quote, you're so handsome that i can't speak properly. right now on nbc, kentucky democrat grimes won't say if she voted for obama. she was asked three times at an editorial board meeting with the louisville courier journal. >> did you vote for president obama in 2008, 2012? >> this election isn't about the president. it's about -- >> i know -- >> -- making sure we put kentuckians back to work. >> did you vote for him? >> i was a delegate for hillary clinton. i think kentuckians know i'm a clinton democrat through and through. i respect the sanctity of the ballot box and i know that the members of this editorial board do as well. >> so you're not going to answer? >> again, i don't think the president is on the ballot as much as mitch mcconnell might want him to be. >> all right. well, the new york times highlights that unifying gop election strategy. they're playing up the safety of america as like this one aimed at arizona's ann kirkpatrick
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calling into question the level of basic protection democrats have provided. we're learning more details about the brawl that broke out in alaska last month involving sarah palin's children and her husband. according to the police report, obtained by tmz, bristol says the homeowner shoved her to the ground and called her a slut and other choice words, but witnesses say it was bristol who punched the homeowner in the face about five or six times before he pushed her back. however it started, other family members including her father then jumped in while partygoers reportedly chanted f the palins. the former vice presidential candidate was in a limo outside of the house while it all went down. police say everyone was intoxicated including the palins and no one was charged. that is your morning dish of scramble politics. boy, was that juicy. it is friday. that means i'm joined by kevin sirilli of the hill. good morning. >> thank you for having me. >> a thriller in wasilla, a brawl involving members of sarah
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palin's family. a lot of finger pointing. any idea what exactly went down? >> according to the police reports, this was a fight that involved the palin children, the two eldest children. and as you mentioned, there are new reports that bristol palin was called horrible names. and, you know, i think this is a situation where no one really was there, there are no charges being pressed. i don't think this is going to have a long lasting impact on the palin brand. but, you know, clearly it is not an ideal situation. but the former vice presidential candidate was nowhere near involved. she was waiting in her -- >> in a limo outside. but she did respond. i have to put -- >> cryptically she did. >> she went on to her facebook page and responded by saying, quote, in my kids' defense, a family, that makes my heart soar. is she condoning what happened in any way here? >> i think that, you know, these are her children and no one was there. if they're called the names that are allegedly bristol palin was
2:22 am
called, it looks like the palin children were sticking together. i think that there is a case to be made for that. the bottom line, though, is that sarah palin is a dominant force in republican politics still. she could be a game changer in the kansas senate race. she's been campaigning for senator pat roberts. and electing that grassroots for that. ta as it comes down to the wire there. i think this is not an ideal situation to say the least. and, you know, it does, as you mentioned, it is a thriller in wasilla as you called it. >> the politics of it all, she went on to say her family experienced so many things, liberal, media driven that may have crushed others without a strong foundation of faith. so she had to put that in there. we'll see how this plays out. kevin, thanks so much. have a great friday and great weekend.
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so every 26 seconds a student drops out of high school, but a program helping change that is proving the key be can be found in something as simple as a fresh coat of paint. the results are eye popping. >> stuff in the bottom, stroke it all the way up. >> with each brush stroke, these students in brooklyn are creating a brighter future. they're part of a program called public color. not only does it transform their school's bleak hallways into vivid learning environments, it is reducing the dropout rate. >> we started tracking it five or six years ago. not one pop of color student has dropped out. not one. we target the underperforming
2:27 am
low income students. >> let's bring everything to the work station and we'll get sponges and start spot cleaning. >> reporter: tim butler knows the power of pop of color. he used to be in the program. now he's a staff member helping students just like him. >> my life would be drastically different if pop of color wasn't in my life because i would probably be dead or are in jail because of the path i was on wasn't the right one for me. >> reporter: research shows color it affect a student's mood and energy levels. by giving kids the opportunity to revamp schools with vibrant paint, it creates a sense of pride and ownership. last year 97% of public color students graduated high school on time. 94% went on to college. if you weren't here, what would you be doing right now? >> i would have been at home, doing homework and being on internet all the time. and nothing to do. >> does it keep you off the streets? >> yes. i'm not saying i'm a goody two
2:28 am
shoes. i do bad stuff. >> like what? >> i don't want to say right now. >> of course you don't. >> of course i don't. >> mom may be watching, right? >> yeah. >> this after school program provides a safe haven where skills are sharpened and friendships are forged. >> when i was in high school, i was bullied a lot. when i got into this program, i felt like everyone was cool, everybody was a family, it felt like this is my place to be. >> for tim, it is much more than that. while still a student in the program, his painting partner later became his life partner. >> i met my wife through public color. we have been married for five years, been together for 12, we have two beautiful children. >> now he's working to make sure these children have the tools to go from paint can to college. and since its inception in 1996, public color has painted 165 schools in new york. organizers were working to take this program nationwide. and for good reason because it is absolutely working. >> you did that story. considered a really rough part
2:29 am
of brooklyn and those students were so positive, you could hear it in your story, the vibe they had. >> they were so excited about it. that's part of why this works so well. i'm betty nguyen. this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" with thomas roberts starts right now. we're vigilant in looking out for individuals of suspicion who may be crossing our border. >> the chances of an epidemic here are extraordinarily low. >> i'm an ice cream guy. >> ice cream guy, that's right. we're having fun this friday. don't tell joe. as the vice president breaks out his aviators and orders his favorite frozen flavor. and we have got the pick to prove it and a hunch that this is going to launch a thousand
2:30 am
memes. big news and big plans for amazon. the store that sells everything and made online shopping famous, what's next for them? and then two voter i.d. laws struck down by the courts less than a month until election day. what it means for the two states where that is happening. this is "way too early." we worked it out. hi, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is friday, october 10th. welcome to "way too early," the show that always carries two tens and two singles. did you see joe biden with the two tens? always need two singles too. you never know when you need to have lesser cash, tipping money. so we want to get straight to it. we have two federal courts that have vstruck down two voter i.d laws. late last night, they blocked wisconsin's voter i.d. law 6-3 after opponents said


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