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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  October 14, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "newsnation." good news to report about the dallas nurse infected with ebola. 26 year-old nina pham is in good spirits considering to her family's priest. he says she's been able to talk with her family svia skype and y telephone. yesterday she received a potentially life saving blood donation from dr. kent brantly. the american doctor who survived ebola. >> she's doing well. she's very comfortable and she feels very, you know, supported now. so she knows that everybody is praying for her and be with her especially in the difficult time. >> the dallas nurse is the third
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patient to receive a transfusion from dr. kent brantly. the centers for disease control and prevention is apologizing for giving the blame. it was not his intention and he was trying to stress they had faith in the protocols could stop the disease. it comes as germany reports the itself ebola death. a u.n. aid worker who was treating patients in liberia e died overnight 100 miles south of berlin. the 56-year-old sudanese man was flown to germany on a specially adapted jet last thursday. after testing positive for the disease. joining me now is ronan farrow. he's in dlallas. what are we hearing from doctors? exactly as you report, tamron. she's in an isolation unit in the hospital behind me.
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just received the transfusion of blood from dr. consistent brantly who donated blood to several individuals struggling with the virus. we're hearing she's face timing with her mother, she reports to be in good condition. we're keeping tabs on that. what is extraordinary is all around here in the community there's an been outpouring of love and support. i went to our lady -- her family church about 30 minutes from here in fort worth and i heard from friends and family members and her priest at that congregation they're praying for for her, supporting her, and over and over again she's been an incredibly unusual glifing woman. the priest for the family told me she continued the risky job even after her mother told her she should quit. >> to the investigation into how she was exposed to ebola. what are authorities saying now? especially given the backtrack from the cdc regarding the comments made neesinitially abo
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the breach of protocol. >> they're looking at several points of weakness how they maintain a fire wall for the people treating the patients and the patients themselves. it's difficult taking off the protective gear. it's a 12-step 30-minute process. it can reach up to 115 degrees in the suits. they're supposed to have the separate individual monitoring the placement and removal of protective gear. that was in place at emery hospital. unclear as of now whether there was someone in that role here monitoring nina pham as she put on and took off the gear. >> we're hearing from authorities regarding the sanitation or sanitizing of her home and cleaning out of her home. we saw the video, ronan, of them straying in front of her home. we know it's because she has a dog and that was a part of the procedure the hazmat team thought would be effective. spraying in front of the home for that reason. what do we know regarding her
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dog and whether or not it is in quarantine and will remain there. >> that dog's name is bentley. it has been put into a quarantine setting but a very lavish one. they tweeted a picture of the building. the dog is in a valuing ranch style. we got a comment from the judge. he said this about how the dog is being treated, tamron. >> that dog will be the best cared for dog in the united states. this young lady is a hero and she is concerned about her health and that dog. we are going to take care of that dog. >> as you know, tamron, in spain they actually put down a dog of an ebola patient. clearly they're committed to not doing it here. the only hard evidence we have is one study about whether dogs can transmit ebola. that study was inconclusive. >> thank you. the world health
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organization released disturbing new numbers out today. the number of confirmed deaths as a result of ebola is now almost 4500 people with just over 8900 confirmed cases. now the organization's assistant general warned if the response to the crisis is not stepped up in the next 60 days, quote, a lot more people will die. it also says the virus is now killing people at rate of 70% previously it estimated half of those infected from the disease would die. joining me now is infectious disease expert dr. neil fishman for the university of pennsylvania health system. thank you for your time, doctor. >> you're welcome. glad to be here. >> let me start with the new number from the world health organization that 70% of those infected will die. is that because a lack of treatment? why the uptick in the number? it was previously at 50%. >> i suspect that the uptick in
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the number has to do with the resources available to care for the patients. as we know, the majority of the individuals infected with ebola are in the developing world where there are limited resources to care for them. we really don't know what the mortality rate of ebola would be. if individuals had all the facilities and resources that are available in the western world. >> and to your point, that was a part of the president's focus when he was here in new york for the u.n. general assembly as well as the ongoing message coming from the white house as far as other nations having to get on board and provide those critical resources, as you point out. i want to play a little bit from matt lauer's piece this morning regarding the suiting and unsuiting of the personnel whether they're in the united states or west africa treating
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the patients and the precautions that must be taken. >> we're watching each other for safety. as jason puts on the suit we help each other get dress and undressed. >> suited up can take up to 20 minutes. it's done in pairs with the second worker helping and watching every move. >> doubling up on gloves and boots and wearing a helmet with the built in fan. the danger far from over. the risk at the greatest. >> ined aer haadvertently whileo maintain your equipment people end up contaminating themselves when they take pieces of equipment out. >> that's a part of the process there. in trying to determine what went wrong in dallas. can you take us through the critical questions you would ask as they investigate if there was a clich in the system or the cdc guidelines is which have been
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amended already should be changed again. >> yeah, the cdc sent a large core of individuals from their epidemiology intelligence service to investigate this, and what this team will do is break down every step of the process to try understand exactly where or how the exposure occurred. it's not sexy work. it's very detail oriented work. starting from the type of personal protective equipment that was used. how it was put on. following through to the entry into the patient's room, the care of the patient, and then making certain that the equipment was worn properly and intact while in the room. and then probably most critically looking at how the
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personal protective equipment is removed. i think that what we're learning to date is that taking off the equipment is just as critical or perhaps even more important than the way the equipment is put on. because it's starting to look like the risk of the exposure may be greater when equipment is removed. >> all right. thank you so much, doctor. greatly appreciate you joining us, sir. thank you. and we're following developing weather news this morning. tornado watches and warnings in effect from the florida pan handle all the way through georgia and the carolinas. in alabama, a 75-year-old woman died when a tree fell on her home. that system slammed most of the south yesterday producing an estimated 13 tornados. in arkansas u.s. marine and
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father of three was killed when a tornado tore through his home. a tornado warning has just been lifted at university of georgia at athens after students were told to shelter indoors and move to the lowest level of the school buildings. schools have cancelled evening activities and they ared classes due to the severe storms. joining me now is keith carson on the storm. what are you tracking now? >> you nailed it earlier you talked about athens being a tornado warning. we had a tornado warning for fsu. that has been dropped. we're looking at severe thunderstorm warning to the southwest. i think flooding will be a big problem. rainfall rates of two to three inches an hour. meanwhile across eastern part of georgia athens there where they had a tornado warning earlier. now it's all about the rain and lightning. no rotation at the moment. i'm interested to see what happens ahead of it. take a look at storms there out carolina.
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some are firing up and coming off the atlantic. a lot of moisture there. your eye is drawn to this. let's watch the storm the through the carolinas. what we have there and don't have across georgia and florida is sunshine. take a look at the visible satellite. any place you see the black that's the sun coming down. you can see the earth straight through. that's going destabilize the atmosphere through the carolinas through the afternoon and could produce stronger storms. so we have some tornado watches until 2:00. coming up strategy session. in just hours the president will hold high level meeting with the defense officials from around the world on how to defeat isis. a live report coming up from the white house. plus, a stunning shift in the catholic church when it comes to judgments about gays and unmarried couples who live together. the vatican calling on parishioners in to show t tolerance. today's born in the usa meet
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the 11-year-old who started his own bath product business to help the homeless shelters out there. this is a personal connection for this little boy. we'll take you on his journey. somehow you his products. born in the usa. join our conversation online. you can find the team@"newsnation." you can find me on facebook, twitter, and instagram under my name @tamron hall.
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welcome back. in a few hours president obama will head to andrews air force base in maryland for a high level meeting on how to defeat isis. now the president and joint chiefs of staff chairman martin dempsey will discuss zrat gi with the defense ministers from more than 20 countries. among those countries turkey,
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despite white house statement said it hasn't reached an agreement to let the u.s. led coalition use one of the air bases to launch air strikes against isis. the meetings come as isis continue to make gains in syria and iraq. in fact, yesterday, isis eased another iraqi army base. the third in three weeks. nbc news senior white house correspondent chris jansing joins us live. one statement said we're able to use the air base which is significant. you can launch more air strikes. now turkey back pedaling from there. or it was never agreed upon >>well, there's going to be a lot of discussion about that today. i was talking to senior white house officials this morning who said it was a previously scheduled meeting, tamron. obviously it takes on new importance because of these things going on. one, obviously, is turkey. they have come under a lot of pressure to send ground troops into syria in addition to the air base you talked about. and so the question is will
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anything come out of the meeting? we don't expect there to be announcements coming out of the meeting. there are three main goals. one is coalition building. that's something the president has been working on for many months now. the second is this a he's going to be getting an update and the lear leaders will get an update. the key will be strategy. what is needed? ground troops being part of that discussion. they'll need bring in more ground troops from other countries. what commitments are the other countries willing to make? so i think something that was planned a little while ago, tamron, takes on new importance and we'll see what kind of strategy. >> it's interesting as we just reported another base in iraq taken over by isis. three in three weeks. eugene robinson are this, he said this point the war against the islamic state can only see as failing. the bombing has done virtually
8:18 am
nothing to alter the strategic balance of power or boost the fortunes of our sensible allies on the ground. the moderate syrian rebels and the hapless iraqi military. obama knew from the beginning these and other problems in iraq and syria are essentially political and can't be solved by military action alone. you have a high powered meeting today. i think people would expect some kind of concrete information, concrete details. obviously, it's a battle it's a war. but more information coming from such a high powered meeting. >> yeah. i think one of the white house would say to you they stated along it's going to be long and spla complicated. there are ups and downs. in addition to the military challenges you talk about, there's also a humanitarian challenge. the united nations said yesterday that the fighting in the western anbar province forced another group of people to flee. i think there may be well some
8:19 am
decisions made here. what white house officials are telling me is don't expect any big announcement out of the meeting. there's not going to be a change in the united states' approach to this there will be no boots on the ground that they believe that the air strikes can be effective but also that as i just said they have said since the president first announced the decision to go into syria. it's going to be long in fact not months long but years long. and these kinds of ups and downs will be expected. >> thank you, chris. turning now to north korea. where dictator kim jong un reportedly made the first public appearance in over a month following speculation about his health and the country's leadership. images released by the state-run news agency and not verified by nbc news appear to show kim at the newly built housing development. he was seen using a black cane to support himself. it's unclear when the event actually took place.
8:20 am
kim jong un had not been seen in public since september 3rd when he attended a concert with his wife. new reaction after the first and only tv debate between senator mcconnell and allison lundergan grimes. she refused to say whether or not she voted for president obama. >> you won't answer the question tonight? >> you have that right, senator mcconnell has that right. every kentucky began has the right for privacy at the ballot box. as pointed out grime was the not only headline coming from the debate. mark murray is next to discuss the problem for senator mcconnell following the debate. an major scare on the american airlines flight. what caused the cabin walls to are crack midair? it's one of the stories we're following around the "newsnation." [ male announcer ] if you suffer from a dry mouth
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the november midterms and with polls showing very tight race sparks were flying as senator mitch mcconnell and his democratic challenger allison lundergan grimes squared off in the first and only kbadebate. >> she's made major efforts to try to deceive the people of kentucky about her own views and where she's likely to go. >> i'm not bought and paid for by the cokoch brothers. >> it's pretty obvious given where her support comes from, all the activists in the country that she's got to do their bidding. >> senator mcconnell, fails to see he has a role in all of the jobs that have been lost here in the state. they've happened on your watch, senator. you've been there 30 years and you don't want to take any responsibility. >> you've said you were a clinton democrat. and i'm curious about what, in your mind, separates a clinton democrat from an obama democrat. >> it's growing the middle class
8:25 am
the right way and that's by making sure that we are building from the foundation up. >> it's not a dimes worth of difference between a clinton democrat and obama democrat. >> meanwhile our nbc news first read team notes one of the other headlines from the debate senator mcconnell repeated that barack obama's health care laws should be repealed. he didn't have any problems with the state exchange that the federal law created. joining me now live is mark m murray. regarding the headline with senator mcconnell and kentucky connect. >> that's right. mcconnell wanted to repeal the federal health care law but then when the question became about what to do with connect and the state exchange he pretty much said he was fine with it. and the irony here, of course, it was the federal health care law that created the state exchange. one problem that scene of the crimes might have had in the whole race is she hasn't campaigned on the success of the state exchange in kentucky.
8:26 am
she's pretty much tried to ignore it while the state's governor has touted it saying it's one of his biggest triumphs and mcconnell -- so he does seem in a situation where he's not being totally forthcoming when it comes to what would end up happening with the federal health care goes away connect would go away. >> let me play another clip. this one considered a sharp exchange over climate change. we know the importance of the topic, obviously, globally but especially in kentucky. let's play it. >> i don't think you have to be aa scientist to recognize the realities of are whatting around us. >> there are bunch of scientists who feel this is a problem and maybe we can do something about co 2 emissions. >> coal being a central issue dividing the candidates there. >> yeah. tom r
8:27 am
tamron it was a question about climate change. but overall when you look at totality of the debate whether it was about president obama on the health care law, on coal, those are subject matters that benefit mitch mcconnell. he's the favorite in this contest. he's leading in the polls. his liability, of course, is the broken washington. washington is not working. he's part that have. the debate was more on mcconnell terrain than on allison grimes. >> back to the issue i know hillary clinton will campaign for allison grimes tomorrow. she'll be there. grimes noted she voted for hillary clinton in the primary in 2008. what is this hang up with saying whether or not she voted for president obama. could it be a turn off? >> yeah. i think this is a tactical mistake for the grimes campaign. we discussed about last week there are other ways she could have answered who she voted for in 2012. but when she ends up saying i'm not going to say this because of
8:28 am
the santty of the ballot box. every person needs to not have to disclose who they voted for. she said i voted for hillary clinton. it undercuts that and certainly she wants the debate to be about other things but repeating and double down on i'm not going to disclose who i voted for in 2012 only made it a issue in last night's debate. >> thank you. we'll see you tomorrow. coming up gay rights groups are hailing what they call a seismic shift in the catholic church. vatican officials say gays have, quote, gifts and qualities to offer. i'll talk live about the impact with a nun who is an lgbt rights. ♪ ♪
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this is kathleen. setting up the perfect wedding day begins with arthritis pain and two pills. afternoon arrives and feeling good, but her knee pain returns... that's two more pills. the evening's event brings laughter, joy, and more pain... when jamie says... what's that like six pills today? yeah... i can take 2 aleve for all day relief. really, and... and that's it. this is kathleen... for my arthritis pain, i now choose aleve. get all day arthritis pain relief with an easy-open cap. welcome back. strong reaction today from both gay rights advocates and religious conservatives following dramatic shift from the catholic church toward gays,
8:32 am
unmarried couples, and even divorce. another stunning move under the era. pope francis released a statement yesterday. it also urges the church to be more open toward all couples living together outside of marriage calling on pastors to recognize, quote, positive aspects of civil unions and cohabitati cohabitation. the document was released mid way through a two-week assembly of bishops at the vatican. but officials are signaling the church will be much more inclusive. >> we must respect the dignity of every person and t. to be homosexual doesn't mean -- must not be recognized and promoted. >> some gay rights advocates are
8:33 am
hailing it as a seismic shifts some are criticizing it including one american cardinal who suggested the shift would deviate from the truth of the faith. and joining me now sister janine an advocates for lgbt lgbt. the cofounder of new ways ministry. thank you for your time, sister. let me get your reaction to the critics who have said this deviates from the truth of the faith >>well, really this gets us back to the truth of the faith. because the truth of our faith rests in jesus christ. the founder of christianity, and if we read the gospel he was welcoming to everyone. even going out to those on the margins of society. jesus proclaimed god's love to all. no one was excluded. so we're really getting back to the truth of what christianity is all about.
8:34 am
>> i should point the person who made the remark was an american cardinal raymond berg who is serving with the vatican. you have other headlines predicting a split among bishops and this divide that may prevent this document from moving forward or be heavily revised. how concerned are you about the issues? well, i'm concerned because i don't like to see divisions. however, i think we need to recognize that cardinal burke is an arch conservative and does not -- he has a following but it's a minority. the majority of bishops and certainly the majority of people in the catholic church are not of the same thinking as cardinal burke. >> i know that you're the executive directors who mentioned new waves ministry. >> the founder. >> excuse me. i know, you and the organization have said you want, perhaps for there to be gays at the table offering their testimonies to bishops. what would that mean?
8:35 am
>> well, what it means is that we -- and pope francis is urging it to have dialogue to meet with their pastors, to meet with their bishops. really to tell their story of what they have experienced. how it feels to grow up as a gay person in our society, in our church, and what gifts they have to offer the church. some of these gifts have been rejected. we, unfortunately, have many gay people and lesbian women and their advocates, their families fired from jobs in catholic institutions. they need to tell their stories to their pastors. this is what the pope francis is encouraging that we have dialogue. that we talk with each other. >> and i should point out the executive director of your organization says that no openly gay catholics addressed the closed door meeting of the bishops. that's never happened. i want you to respond to one more critique in the usa today.
8:36 am
the coordinator of voice of the family, a conservative group, said in part parents have to tell their children the vatican teaches there are positive and constructive aspects these mortal sins of contraception, cohabitation, and sexuality. >> i think parents have to tell their children there are positive aspects. i'll get to the point of lesbian and gay persons. yes, there are pos aspects that gifts that lesbian and gay people have to offer the church. that's the kind of education that parents should be giving and our schools should be giving. and i think that is what is going to happen. >> and i'm very glad. >> thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it. thank you. the weekend of resistance in ferguson, missouri ended last night with nearly 50 arrests, including 61-year-old civil rights activist cornell west. it's one of the stories we're following around the
8:37 am
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plus your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is. oats go! wow! go power oats! go! go power! yayyyy! welcome back. we're following incredible developing news. this is near san jose, california. our nbc station in the bay area. what you're looking at is crews attempting to rescue a driver inside. can we show the vehicle, please? inside this vehicle there below. actually it looks like -- if we look closely there, we can't fully see there may be someone there on the stretcher being lifted in. the car apparently jumped an embarkment. the accident happened last
8:41 am
night. officials only got to the scene this morning. now officials say the woman is alive but she is suffering life threatening injuries. but again this is a developing story we're following. you see the vehicle there on the side. this happen apparently happened last night. but officials in the san jose area only able to find the vehicle just a short time ago. if we could maybe show that video again of the air lift that took place. it appears from the advantage point, obviously, we're looking at which is what you're watching from television. there is someone on the lift. right now it's a rescue that believed to be just taking place. the accident happened after the vehicle went over an embankment this last night. the person would have been there for several hours. including overnight. you see the windy conditions
8:42 am
there. this was not an easy rescue by any stretch of the imagination. you can see from the wind there. several emergency work owner the ground. we've been told the driver seriously injured life threatening injuries but alive. we'll work to get more details on this, but terrible accident happening there just outside of the san jose or near san jose, california after a vehicle went over a 500-foot ravine in an accident that happened last night. they were only able to locate this person this morning. and four days of protest in ferguson and st. louis culminate in 50 arrest finance tops our look at stories. cornell west among one of the many arrested. later released. groups of protesters held a
8:43 am
rally in st. louis city hall. another group unrolled banners at the football game. passengers on a american airlines flight -- the walls inside the cabin. take a look at that. they cracked. we can see in the cell phone video that captured it. flight attendants originally told everyone the pose no risks and the flight will go on. half hour later they switch course. >> it's fine. it's totally power. we're not losing pressure. immediately says we need to turn around. we are going back to sfo and declaring emergency. >> the plane has been taken out of service. and turning now to our born in the usa series where we highlight american business success stories. today we're spotlighting 11-year-old donnavan smith of new mexico. who despite being a kid represents the millions of americans who were once homeless
8:44 am
and now he started his own business and he's actually trying to help others like his family in the process. so donnavan is the founder of a company called toil and trouble which features what i'm holding in my hand here. rather delicious looking product like the pie, these corn, a lot of things. but there's more to it than what you see here. donnavan joins us from santa faye. donnavan, thank you for joining us! hi. >> hi. >> i got some of the products here and for people who may not know this is actually soap! right? >> yes. >> okay. tell me how you came up with the idea. >> my mom started teaching me soaps and i started to learn locally and then i started to make different soaps like pie soaps, cupcakes and popsicles. >> so what made you think that these -- and they're awfully
8:45 am
cute. what made you think it would be able to help other people like your family? z>> it would help a lot of peope by donating pie soaps. it would help other families that were struggle like we were in a shemter. that want to help others by donating the money. >> you and your family were in a shelter at one point in time. and you're just 11 years old. you're telling your family story, right? -- we lost our connection. i'm going to -- can someone in the studio where donnavan is help him put the ear piece. this is live tv and he's a kid. he's putting it back in his ear. we're going hang on here. we want to get donnavan on the show. because he's -- we good? you got it? can you hear me now? mine falls out.
8:46 am
sometimes because i don't want to hear the producers in my ear. tell me you came up -- a lot of kids play with legos, they may know how to i don't know create something with clay but you made this soap. how did you learn something so cool like this? >> my mom started teaching me soaps and i started to learn locally and i started to make different soaps like the pie soaps, popsicles, and cupcakes. >> so what is your favorite soap? >> the hamburger one. >> wait! do i have it? wait a minute. i have the hamburger here. they smell amaze. it's funny because i love to eat hamburg piers i guess i'll take a shower with your hamburger after this. tell people if they buy their soaps how it can help other families like your family. >> yes. we donate 50% of our pie soaps and 10% of our sales to the
8:47 am
homeless shelters in new mexico. they helped us get into an apartment. we want to help other families get out of a shelter and into an apartment. and i'm also donated over -- >> you're super brave and cool for coming on and telling us about your story. i know, it's not easy. and we're proud of you. you're the face of a bold movement and there are other kids right now who may be homeless with millions in this country, as you know, 1.9 million, i believe, children right now in shelters. when they look at you they'll see a hero. they'll see someone who was like them and you were able to create something to help others. so just know that you you're a hero and people look up to you. okay? >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. thank you for the burger. i'm going it eat one for lunch and i'm going to shower with this. i'm not kidding.
8:48 am
i have to work out later. i'll need it, donnavan. thank you so much! give your mom a hug for us. we'll be right back with the latest on a developing story we've been watching out of california. the incredible crash site that is taking place. a rescue taking place a short time ago. we'll be right back. (receptionist) gunderman group. gunderman group is growing. getting in a groove. growth is gratifying. goal is to grow. gotta get greater growth. i just talked to ups. they got expert advise, special discounts, new technologies. like smart pick ups. they'll only show up when you print a label and it's automatic. we save time and money. time? money? time and money. awesome. awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome! (all) awesome! i love logistics. when folks think about wthey think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america.
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8:52 am
app or locate my phone app. a lot of people are familiar with. >> yes. that is correct. we were told by the sheriff's office they received a call this morning at about 4:00 from the campbell police department that this woman may have gone off the road and was perhaps in the rock county park area which is a large park here. as they began doing that search, they got information a family member had used a find my phone app and to really kind of pinpoint the location somewhere off of mt. hamilton road. which is a road that runs near the park and takes you up to the top of one of our higher mountain areas here in santa clara county. >> now, we were told a short time ago the woman, the driver believed to be in her 20s survi survived, but she may have life-threatening injuries. this accident according to the information i have happened around -- between 1:30 and 3:00
8:53 am
local time yesterday. so she would have been out there several hours, obviously, in that ravine. >> she was definitely out there overnight. we're starting to get to see some conflicting reports. i think it is because there are three agencies involved and they were really focused on the rescue. i was told by chp she may have had her accident yesterday between 1:30 and 3:00. and then the sheriff's office got a call at 4:00 this morning. so clearly she spent the night. she was injured. she was down in that ravine. and it sounds like she was stuck in her vehicle without phone service. >> we're watching the chopper land right now carrying that woman to this facility here, trauma center. we see the sign there on the helipad. again, this is incredible that the family was able to use this locate my phone app. and many people who have a smart phone, i'm not sure if all of
8:54 am
them have the locate my phone app or some version of it. most people use it to locate a phone in the home or maybe around the office that you misplaced. but that they were using this to locate her after this crash. obviously it is a very interesting element of this story. >> absolutely. i mean, the technology, the fact they were able to use the app phone to locate her. you know, there's a lot of area to cover out there. if they had been searching the park, they may have been several miles -- >> not to mention signal challenges. i'm not sure if you have to have a signal for that locate my phone app to work or not. she's in a 500-foot ravine. you imagine there might be signal issues. anyway, we'll continue to follow this and certainly hope that she is okay. but we're watching again as they remove this driver from the helicopter for treatment.
8:55 am
again, she survived, but life-threatening injuries. thank you so much nor joining us with the information you provided. thank you. >> thank you. time now for the "news nation" gut check. a school recently put in place a new rule forbidding all foods from children's birthday celebrations. the ban includes but is not linlted to cakes and cookies. the point is to cut out unhealthy junk food and maximize instruction time. a letter to parents -- in a letter to parents the president kim gilbert said it is our vision that we support our students academically as well as encourage them to make good choices in health, wellness, and citizenship. the school said students with birthdays will be announced in the morning announcements. some say the rule is arbitrary.
8:56 am
>> they are conforming below all the other schools in the district and many of the schools in the state. and now we're having a discussion about what foods parents which is parental choice can send to school. >> but other parents say this is no big deal. and will actually benefit the kids. >> you know, when you start thinking about it, there's more important things to do. honestly, teachers spend a lot of time maybe serving the food and they can spend that time in the class and educating the kids. >> the official in charge of making sure local schools meet federal guide looibs is about 37% of the county children are at risk of being obese. what does your gut tell you? will banning food at school celebrations help combat childhood obesity? parents have other issues with the amount of time they say is taken to serve out the cakes and such. so go to
8:57 am
and vote. that does it for today. i'm tamron hall. i cannot wait to see what you say about this gut check. up next, andrea mitchell reports. andrea will interview wendy davis, texas gubernatorial candidate. after the break. your customers, our financing. your aspirations, our analytics. your goals, our technology. introducing synchrony financial, bringing new meaning to the word partnership. banking. loyalty. analytics. synchrony financial. enagage with us. it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb. want to give them more vitamins, omega 3s, and less saturated fat? it's eb.
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for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor if viagra is right for you. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," how did she get it? a 26-year-old nurse in dallas is now fighting for her own life. >> it's the hospital's job to train her appropriately. that young lady is not to be blamed. that young lady is a hero. and good samaritan. the first american to be infected with the virus has donated his blood to the dallas nurse. the third time he has tried to help an ebola patient. plus mark zuckerberg and his wife donate $25 million to the


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