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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  October 15, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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bells over ebola in the u.s. it is wednesday october 15th, and this is "now." >> there are a number of things the president is concerned about. ♪ ♪ >> the second health care worker in dallas is infected with ebola. >> this individual was on a plane a day before reporting sim tops, from cleveland to fort worth. >> the president changed the schedule due to second health care worker with ebola. >> part of the problem for the white house is they look like they're playing catch up. >> we didn't take this initial encounter it should have been. >> no system in place to treat ebola patients. >> staff moved in and out
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without being contaminated. >> it may get worse before it gets better but it will get better. >> we are waiting remarks from president obama who is meeting now with cabinet agencies coordinating the response to ebola of the president cancelled travel plans to convene the meeting amid more troubling news about the case of a second dallas health care worker infected with the virus. that new patient amber vincent diagnosed overnight. this afternoon we got the familiar yet unsettling images of the suited workers to clean her dallas apartment. we learned vincent travelled by air on flight 1143 from cleveland to dallas monday night. 132 passengers on board are being asked to call 1-800-cdc-info.
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that flight will be decontaminated twice before being put back into flight. after a briefing today this is what we learned. >> although she did not report any symptoms and she did not meet the fever threshold of 100.4, she did report that she took her temperature and found to be 99.5. by both of those criteria she shouldn't have been on that plane. >> she boarded that flight with a fever. the other thing should have prevented her travel is that amber vincent came into extensive contact with thomas eric duncan during the highest risk daze of exposure. amber vincent along with nina pham treated duncan when he was highly symptomatic but
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undiagnosed with ebola. it is just the latest challenge in what is supposed to be an airtight convention. at the end of the briefing, cdc said the agency is preparing for additional cases in the coming days. joining me now infection disease specialist and washington post columnist. doctor, let me say, throughout this, my goal is not to fear amonger around ebola, because we are talk being a handful of people. we're talking about a handful of people. should ebola patients still be treated at texas press bit earian hospital. >> the answer is no. the tricky part, as exhibited about what is coming out about mr. duncan, until someone is diagnosed there's a very
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vulnerable period. he was isolated but they weren't worried as they might have been had they known he had ebola. so there was a period where he was in isolation, but he wasn't -- perhaps weren't paying enough of attention as needed. >> the cdc has lowered the fever threshold. how effective are these metrics we establish? >> yeah. >> because at the end of the day it seems like self-monitoring, for 150 people, it requires a certain amount of discipline to stay home and monitor your fever twice a day. >> boy, that's for sure. i think cabin fever is a predictable problem for these poor people. with sars there was a big attempt to use temperature screening and there is data on that, it's very, very unimpressive. it looks like it is a great
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thing because at least we're doing something but it is crumby. it picks up people with fever for other reasons, it is something, because we don't have a better method but i don't hi we should trust it much. >> or be reliant on it. >> certainly not be reliant on it. >> eugene, last week we were talking about ebola when wii wa in washington visiting with you, one thing that came up that day was the theater of security and how we need to do these things whether establishing fever thresholds or telling people to self quarantine or the president having a meeting with his cabinet agencies, do you think -- i don't know what the answer is -- but do you think it is an effective and good thing for him to be doing at this moment in time. >> i think it probably is. i think cancelling a fundraising trip to be seen dealing with ebola is a smart thing for the president to do and a good
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thing. not just politically but in terms of the relationship between the president and the country. people are really worried about ebola. perhaps much of that worry is irration irrational, some of it is quite rational, and you need the president to not just address the problem and the issue and people's fears but to be seen doing that. i think it is a good thing. >> doctor, the national nurses united union said they issued a letter to president obama asking he invoke executive authority to mandate uniform standards and protocols all hospitals must follow to safely protect patients and health care workers is it feasible. >> it is a good thing to strive for, is it feasible, no, certainly not in the time frame it has to happen. it's the right direction to go. people are looking for guidance
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rules. i do want to caution to think we are only one set of guidelines to safety. that's putting too much it. there's a risk out there and it's not going away. >> this is something we're confronted with as a nation. there are unseen threats and we want to respond in a way that we can prevent it from happening. but the reality is it is an unstabilized world and it is hard to neutralize threats to the homeland. >> exactly. it is as you said a globalized world so what happens in west africa effectively happens here. everyone i heard talk about this issue says you can't build an effective wall at this point. sooner or later we will see cases of ebola here and the way to minimize the actual threat is
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to deal with ebola in west africa and to keep that epidemic which is going to soon get to perhaps 10,000 cases, but keep it from getting to hundreds of thousands of cases, keep it from becoming end themmic or pandemic in west africa. >> behind sight is also 20/20. i want to quote a piece, . >> do you think that is an accurate criticism. >> i think is an accurate
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criticism of the public. you're asking the wrong guy because i do infection disease for a living. >> do you feel your focus is shared -- that there's enough, sort of flewancy on the topic among western medics. >> among western medicine, yes. among people who fund western medicine, perhaps not. to me that is the disconnect. it is a really articulate paragraph you read. can i say one hopeful thing. >> please, please. >> very, very good news in all of this, and it is horrible, obviously for these two nurses and i bet there will be a couple more but the contacts of duncan who were not in the hospital, none of them have come down with the infection. this is now 18 or 19 days in. >> yeah. >> 21 is the magic number. we're getting close to the moment where we can declare
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having observe it in america that it really does take a sustained exposure to body fluids. the reason that matters is that 300 million americans don't have to worry. people on plaethe plane don't h to worry. the health care workers in omaha, atlanta and dallas, they have to worry a lot. i think we should separate the diminishing risk we're seeing in the community to the appreciation of real risk to health care workers. the answer might be public might calm down. including the nurse -- union. >> it is the line of this administration has had to tread multiple times to understand the fear or distress or mourning the country is going through but give them a sense we're taking care of it, that things are going to be okay, you can say that on economy, race relations, on violence, foreign policy, and
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at the same time i'll say we will talk about this later, when we get the presidents remarks, there's a koern corner of the democracy which finds this a new strain -- of fear makes it into political issue as much as health or security issue for this president. >> yeah, first we should say it is both crazy and dangerous to make ebola into a politic yal issue and there have been cries on the right that the administration doesn't want to impose a travel band out of political correctness or some sort of internationalist solid dill solidarity or whatever. which is just ridiculous.
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the battle ought to be the criteria we're looking at and that's how we ought to judge what actions we take. will it be used as a way to bash the president, to bash the democrats, to bash progressives, anyone who seems bashable, yes, apparently it is being used in that way and it's a shame but that's where our politics are right now. >> we don't have a surgeon general. nra prevented the senate from taking a vote. do you think having surgeon general would be useful. >> it would be useful but i still think this has never happened before. >> right. >> all the smartest people are working on it. frieden is really a first rate clinician, a first rate leader. this is messy. you know, we have never had this disease in this country. we've never had to deal with
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this. we can plan all day long. i think was going to be messy no matter who was in charge. yeah we should have more help in a sense, more leadership. absolutely. that is more the visual than the truth. i think this was going to be messy no matter what and it's tragic and very depressing. >> yeah. >> it was going to be this way. there was just no real way to prepare for this. i think the scapegoating game is counter productive. >> if there are some rays of hope here, we know nina pham is in good condition and amber vincent on her way to atlanta where there is top notch treatment. thank you for your time. after the break we're waiting remarks from the president about ebola. after that the supreme court
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. forz . forz bloop bloop. >> five sentences, that is the length of the order for the supreme court last night. the order that with no explanation locked a texas law that threatened to close most of the state's abortion clinics. saved almost a million texas women having to travel 150 miles to having to access an abortion clinic.
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today because of the court's order these clinics will be allowed to reopen. clinics like the whole woman's health in mcallen, texas where earlier they had to close their doors. some women considered traveling to mexico to get abortion inducing drugs instead of make the the 240 mile drive to the nearest clinic. it is just a stop gap measure in illegal rights over abortion in the state of texas. thank you ladies for joining us. no two better people to talk about about this issue. how much of an indication is the supreme court's five line statement that the state of texas is going to have a hard time holding onto these closures. >> this is a very important decision, changed everything for
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women's access but is only temporary. we will be in court a long, long time. for today it is a really important victory. what we saw at our planned parenthood centers we saw a public health catastrophe, women who were panicked. i hope they took note what this means when it comes to getting in the way of women getting health care. >> it is unclear -- i mean, potentially justice roberts sided on -- freedom. -- >> this is a procedural ruling. i support what cecil said, we should give thanks and be grateful that women are getting the helpth care they need today.
1:20 pm
it is really important remember justice scleea and clarence thomt said it is okay to deny women health care effective immediately. that should deeply effect everyone in this country. >> this is the first time the court got involved in the abortion question. will we see a revisitation of rowe v wade in the next term? >> i think this case will go to sprooe supreme court. i think we need to collect the stories, really understand what does undo burden really mean. if texas law isn't undo burden i don't know what is. we've been collecting stories from women who have been coming into our health centers and collecting them online. i hope when it goes to the supreme court that the supreme court listens to the women. >> i feel like the narrative of
1:21 pm
what is happening to these women, i think it is fascinating that greg abbott has deemed 200 miles undo burden. who getting the narrative from the women who are effected by this is so critical. >> i think absolutely. and the stories are pouring in. in 2011 studies were done that showed already 7% of women that needed abortion care were attempting to self-abort. this is a public health catastrophe. how many women have to be hurt before we recognize that the court's responsibility is the upholding of constitutional rights. >> it's not just texas.
1:22 pm
let's talk about what's happening in tennessee. what may come to pass in tennessee and what that portends or women around the state. 1 in 4 are outside the state because restrictions so so severe else where. >> we have initiative that's would make it very, very difficult for women to access abortion services in those states but bigger than that, i think, you look at what has happened in texas and there's candidates on the ballot across the country, you can look at tillis in north carolina, these people have the exact same positions of rick perry in texas. what i've been surprised and disheartened to see people are looking at texas and seeing a caution airy tale.
1:23 pm
what happens if you are willing to elect people to champion laws that take away women's right. >> we're not just talking access to abortion clinics made into emergency centers. we're talking about giving legal rights to an egg in north dakota. measure one could criminalize miss carriage. the ripple effect of women have basic control over their bodies in the reproductive process, it could be devastating. >> absolutely. we are talking about a broad sweeping agenda by an extreme minority that wants people to believe whether or not it is easy for women's to get abortion, it's about controlling women's lives. unless your viewers only think this is happening in red states, in pennsylvania two weeks ago we
1:24 pm
saw a mother sentences for 18 months in prison for helping her daughter get pills for her daughter. >> both of you guys are experts in sort of politics and the women's vote. this would seem to be a terrible issue. that story a mother being thrown into jail because she's trying to terminate an unwanted pregnancy that would change the rest of her life. there are soccer mom that's would vote on that issue. >> there are. and in every single competitive race in this country, the reason they are competitive is because the gender gap is a mile wide. because women and men are saying
1:25 pm
they won't vote for candidates who will let employers to refuse women access to birth contoll. i think it will determine the elections in november. >> guess who knows this, scott walker, that is why he is back pedaling his position on abortion. every candidate knows this. >> is great to see you ladies. thanks for your time. >> thank you alex. coming up, crack down in hong kong. police in riot gear clash with protesters as china issues a chilling warning. more on that next. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ alex ] transamerica helped provide a lifetime of retirement income. so i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real.
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brutality is only an american problem, we have a clip reported on local tv, a group of six officers in china, carried proreform activist in handcuffed and hong kong officers said it was one of the first since the protests began last month. hundreds of activists were knocked to the ground this morning. sfrz protesters have camped out in the city for over two weeks now demanding fully open elections. and today beijing issued some of its harshest words yet.
1:30 pm
>> just ahead we're expecting new remarks from president obama on the ebola outbreak. and we will get a live report from texas as officials prepare to move one ebola patient to atlanta. that's next on "now." [ inhales deeply ] [ sighs ] [ inhales ] [ male announcer ] at cvs health, we took a deep breath... [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] and made the decision to quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. now we invite smokers to quit, too, with our comprehensive program. we just want to help everyone, everywhere, breathe a little easier. introducing cvs health. because health is everything. never miss a chance to dance. introducing a revolution in bladder leak protection. new always discreet. up to 40% thinner, for superior comfort. absorbs 2x more than you may need.
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i try this if you try... not this. okay. da! we are awaiting comments from president obama on ebola. they are the president's first remarks since the second nurse in texas was diagnosed with the virus but they are not the first time president obama has been mentioned in recent days. last night in arkansas, tom cotton used every opportunity to tie his democrat opponent mark pryer to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> to vote for mark is to vote for obama.
1:34 pm
let's rebuild our military. quit apologizing for america and defeat the islamic state before they attack us here. >> surprisingly there were no specifics about the one issue that has consumed tom cotton, immigration, or rather amnesty, a theme consistently hammered by cotton and a singular focus of his campaign. >> the obama amnesty plan is not fair. >> want to get social security for work they did with forged identities. >> he voted against border defense three times. >> illegal immigrants, forged identities, a grab bag of republican tricks. as if all those wornt enough. two weeks ago cotillard alleged isis is working with mex an drug
1:35 pm
cartel along the southern border. >> ask to verify those claims, cotton's campaign pointed to articles on town hall, and world net daily. really. and yet this fact-free messaging doesn't seem to be hurting mr. cotton in the polls, majority showing him leading by just single digits. more evidence not negatives in the home of razor backs. if cotillardton is getting prest is from the right, for his
1:36 pm
unwillingness to sign formal pledge of hostility as if it were somehow in doubt. tonight $1 million ad is still to keep hostility on the front burner. >> should the jobs go to millions of americans and legal immigrants here looking for work. >> joining me now washington bureau for buzz feed. john, the national review headlines says it all, republicans against amnesty, candidates are winning by defying the rnc. is there any chance that the tom cotillard cotilla cottons of the world ever attack back to the middle, or at least in the next two years to talk talk about actual reform. >> i don't think so. not in the next two years.
1:37 pm
especially if the president goes forward with his plans executive order on deportation, no one will want to touch this. folks like scott brown and other republicans that are now talking about amnesty, they keep their language just vague enough if someone comes forward with a pathway to citizenship they could then talk about it. but are with the president dead set on what he wants to do it will lock all these guys in that their position. >> we have had the conversation around immigration, i think it has changed more than any other policy topic, in terms of the winds shifting the course of the debate and the probability of the success of reform. are you surprised people like tom cotton are being hit from the right over not being strong enough over shutting down the borders. i want to play what scott brown said on the aidio earlier this
1:38 pm
week. >> scott brown is running for senate seat in new hampshire, john, how did this happen? >> i think you're seeing a bit of a rubber band, frankly. the public opinion not far forward on forward immigrations, so long as things weren't getting into the country, things like ebola, that scares us to death. even though isis is not operating in america, it still strikes people as common sense that they may want to try this route. it is causing a contraction of public opinion particularly in states like arkansas or georgia where we're seeing some
1:39 pm
republicans soften their position on it and they are now sort of retrenching. scott brown is a little more interesting, because i don't think immigration is a huge interest in that state so it is interesting to see him step out that far on it. republicans as a hole are going back to the arguments that they're making five to seven years ago. >> you are the washington bureau chief for buzz feed, john, i mean, the new york times was gop cry all is dismal, there is definitely something to be gained perhaps in the midterm by terrifying everyone to the polls. when republicans talk about anywhere message they always go back to reagan, mourning in america. this idea there has to be a proactive stance, some kind of good news that the republican party is going to deliver to the country. i don't understand how you
1:40 pm
create an atmosphere of gloom and doom and find room for sunshine. >> i don't think they're looking for sunshine. a lot are saying, their voters, their base voters in their districts are not optimistic people. they look at the world and see a place that is changed and they feel it has moved beyond them and they want someone who will be angry and sort of burn the world down a bit for them. that's what you're seeing in a lot of this. by being doom and gloom they can say i'm going to stand for you and keep what you want and what you have in tact as best i can. that's what they're looking for. in a midterm like this one there's not going to be a lot of middle of the road voters that's the place to get it from. >> you're an array of sunshine on the show filled with gloom and doom. thanks for your time. >> good to see you.
1:41 pm
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we are awaiting new comments from president obama on ebola, his first remarks since a second dallas nurse was diagnosed with the virus. we will bring that as we get it. fears about the outbreak took its toll on the stocks today. >> ebola fears about ebola and air travel hit stocks hard. down more than 400 here's a look at the final numbers. >> that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide.
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any minute now president obama is expected to make remarks after meeting with cabinet agencies who are coordinating response to the ebola outbreak. he postponed fundraising plans to hold that meeting. >> the president is wherever he goes and that's true 24/7. what's also true if the president feels it is necessary for him to return to the white house to fulfill his duties as leader of the white house and commander in chief then he will do that accordingly. >> 29-year-old amber vincent flew to cleveland last wednesday, the day of duncan's death and she had a fever of 99.5 degrees by the time she
1:49 pm
returned on monday to dallas. there appeared little risk to others but the cdc said she should not have travelled. she is being transferred to atlanta today, to a facility that has treated three other ebola patients. officials in dallas warn more cases of ebola are, quote, a real possibility. joining me now national correspondent for the today's show and from the washington post. craig, in terms of what's happening on the ground in dallas, the news that more case costs be expected, do you have any more information you could give us on that heightened concern? >> no. they've been realistic here from the beginning, alex in considering the number of health care workers that were exposed. that's what leads them to believe that oef the next few days it would not be unlikely to
1:50 pm
see at least one more if not more than one more case like this. amber vincent we learned a short time ago that in terms of her contact with duncan they're reporting that she inserted cath ders and drew blood and dealt with duncan's body fluids. all of that came straight from the associated press. and the cdc believe she had contact with duncan on the 28th through the 30th, they believe that is the same time nina pham had contact with duncan as well, those three day when he was presenting the height of his symptoms. pham is now in good condition. >> a follow up on that. is there a sense amber vincent's condition is worsening. she's being transferred to
1:51 pm
atlanta. and pham is staying at texas press bit earian. do you have any intel? >> no is that is a question we have asked. i hacan tell you amber vincent' condition is listed as clinically stable. clinically stable, obviously below good, but we don't know if that's why she's being transported to emory. that's a question we've conditioned to ask and hopefully will get answers to in the next 24 hours, hopefully. >> i want to go to washington and bring in dana. there's a lot of questions about the white house response to this. you know, it's sort of a rock in a hard place, the administration gets criticized when the president doesn't say something now that he is, they're saying why didn't they say things before. is he making a moupt ntain out a
1:52 pm
mole hill. in terms of your analysis, is this the right moment for the president to make statements to the public? >> it is, and i think this is the time to make the mountain rather than the mole hill. if all of the news industry is talking about this story and the president is off doing a fundraiser or political rally it is equal to the golf. whether it is fair or not he will get pummeled for that. at the beginning he said he didn't expect cases here in the united states, that set him back on his heels. the response by the cdc in texas hasn't looked terribly strong. he wants an aggressive response and get out in front of this. this is a strong time to reassure the nation. definitely the right call to avoid going to connecticut
1:53 pm
today. >> the danger of publicity of the ebola outbreak. it is happening. for this administration this is the fourth or fifth time they have had to come out in defense in the way government is handling a big problem. you're already seeing the aca and glitches there and the veterans administration and problems there and the secret service and problems there, i wond whether, you know, the president is graded on foreign policy, on keeping the country safe, but when he doesn't have the confidence of the public it is all in 35r9 because these conflicts are put into one big stew pot and there's not a sense there's a lot of competency in bureaucracy. >> if you stand back and look at he these various episodes and look at them, you will see times when the administration did fairly well in publicly
1:54 pm
addressing a crisis and times when they did less well in addressing a crisis. so they were back on their heels, the president said he didn't expect cases in this country and we do have cases in this country so now what. i think he has to answer the now what. but meanwhile, while the president is doing that, one hope that's if you look at who is actually at risk right now, it's health care workers. >> right. >> and so one hope that's as the president is addressing the nation and hopefully calming our fears, the cdc and others are addressing the very valid and present and frankly urgent concerns of health care workers who need new protocols. go to the doctor, anybody who takes blood put on rubber gloves, they take precautions, those are not nearly enough to
1:55 pm
deal with the possibility of ebola. and so they're going to be new fairly standard protocols that everybody will have to learn and get used to. >> you know, the house is already launching investigations or rattlings about investigations being launch at the cdc. do you think something good comes out of this, to eugene's point, about fixing a system of response that clearly needs some improvements? >> certainly the system needs improvement, the likelihood of it coming from congress, is deci exceedingly low. it is astonishing on one hand and not surprising that already this ebola crisis is being politicized as you noted earlier. rand paul is saying funding for
1:56 pm
the hih needs to be saying funding needs to be cut. coming up president obama is about to make comments about the ebola. stay with us. love the real scratch made taste of warm nestlé toll house cookies? well with new nestlé toll house frozen cookie dough, you can bake as few or as many as you please. whenever your sweet tooth comes calling, they're frozen and ready to bake. find them in the frozen aisle. bake some love™. (receptionist) gunderman group is growing. getting in a groove. growth is gratifying.
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we are waiting remarks from president obama on the ebola outbreak and we're learning more about the health care professionals who treated thomas eric duncan. there's a lot of back and forth over travel protocols what can you tell us. >> judge jenkins here in this area told national correspours t that he is working with legal authorities to establish an order to prohibit people who are being monitored to prohibit them from using public transportation or getting on airplanes or going to certain public places,
2:00 pm
certain place where's there might be large gatherings, like football games, something that is being looked at right now. he also blamed the cdc for not instructing the hospital to tell folks not to get on airplanes. >> that's all for now. the ed show is coming up next. >> good evening americans, welcome to the ed show live from new york, let's get to work. >> we are contingencies for more and that is a very real possibility. >> officials say there may be other cases. >> the cdc, local officials knew about this. >> there was an exposure somewhere. >> one flew out of the area. >> i don't think we have a systematic problem. >> the cdc clearly fell


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