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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  October 21, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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of the ferguson commission. >> unveiling a new effort to address issues raised in ferguson. >> this is a defining moment that will determine whether this place will be known as a region marked by racial division and unrest or a region that can pull together and rise above and heal. >> there is no accountability that was brought up. >> our streets cannot be battle fields. >> talk about change. that is glaringly missing from this. >> we need to solve these problems ourselves and we need to solve them together. >> if people don't get structural change it will do little. >> what will we do in this moment while the whole world is watching. following more than two months of outcry over the police shooting of michael brown, today
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missouri governor offered a response in front of business leaders, in ferguson, he announced the creation of the ferguson commission, a panel what he called to address the hard work of change. >> this is not the work for the faint of heart. make no mistake, there will be anger and conflict. fear and distrust. this is a defining moment. that will determine whether this place will be known as a region marked by racial division and unrest or a region that pulled together to rise above and heal. >> but for many in the protest movement, ending fear and distrust rests on one thing and one thing only, the arrest of darren wilson, the police officer who shot and killed michael brown. so the protests continue. state senator was taken into custody last night for blocking a roadway front of the police
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department in ferguson. she refused bond. then there was yesterday's pumpkin protest. we have pumpkins, we are not armed. that was the reported rallying cry of protesters carrying pumpkins to the st. louis justice center. three people were arrested for smashing pumpkins, with labels included police brutality. they were attempting to bring awareness to the new hampshire protest over the weekend. ferguson demonstrators with called rioters and thugs.
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ferguson's defining moment is ongoing. thank you for joins us. let's talk about the ferguson commission, something months in the making before this segment began, has the wait been worth it. >> no. absolutely not. the governor talked about what we will remember this moment by and one of the things we will remember is his failure as a leader of this state, his failure in this moment time and time again. at every turn he had an opportunity to put an independent prosecutor in place as we watched mccullough not put up charges. i sat in the first press conference and told people to go home and thought that was going to be sort of the moment. over and over we have seen an
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example of what failure to lead looks like and the history of this moment will tell us a lot of things and i hope it will also bring about real structural reform to our criminal justice system and will also tell us what leadership should not look like. >> this looks like a preemptive strike on the governor to mitigate what looks to be no charges to wilson if we're looking at the reports coming from inside the grand jury hearing. does this -- does the establishment of a ferguson commission do anything to calm people in ferguson? does it do anything to make them feel like they are being listened to? >> well the governor had an opportunity to make a bold statement. to engage in a fearless act and instead what he offered the community and the world was an opportunity for a handful of people to attend some meetings. that is not a bold statement. had the governor truly been from
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interested in creating a moment of change, a moment where we can look back in history and say, it began there. he could have held a press conference, he could have stood next to the three highest ranking attorneys in the region and he could have said, we were wrong, and we're going to call for an impartial prosecutor to prosecute this case. he did not do that. >> i would also say the three goals of the commission, conduct an unflenching study of social and economic conditions under scored in the ferguson unrest, and offer specific emg recommendations to make ferguson a fair or more just place. stlz nothing in it there talking about pleasing and the way people of color ready treated at
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the hands of law enforcement. it amazes me there's a wealth of information around police tactics, the governor is still unable to say that phrase in outlining the goals of the commission. >> the governor right now, is i think, interested in punting this as far along, hoping he can get through these next several months. who know when 24 indictment is going to come down, but the governor is not interested in having a real conversation and actually deal with the issues because he would have dealt with them already. the brave protesters, the young people, they are not going away. i think we're seeing the start of a new and powerful movement. flz a democratic governor of this state is sending a powerful message about politics. i hope folks all around the country. those running for office now and
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in 2014 those w40 w.h.o. those who will run in 2015, this is starting an onramp onto a powerful movement how to hold people accountable. jay did that, he couldn't have won without black votes and this is how he treats the black community during crisis. this is a powerful message for all black folks and for people who believe we could do better. we have to hold people accountability what he has done is not moved the ball in any shape or form to the conversation. >> we brought up the pumpkin
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festival, it is ridiculous but also serious between the discrepancy in characteristics. tell me about how it has become a flash point in ferguson. >> i've always thought it's not about the crime but who is accused of committing the crime and the pumpkin issue illustrate that's wonderfully. african-american protesters went there and had pumpkins and they were arrested. the pumpkins were kept safe, the people were arrested. that just speaks to the disconnect. the kids in college that were protesting, that were committing all of these acts that have been described as thugish acts, when african-american kids do that it reminds me of what happened to
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the columbine kids, they were never described as gang bangers, they were described as the disaffected click members. that's how far the press can go to try to separate the actions of african-americans and the actions of white folks. it's not about the crime but about who stands accused of committing the crime. >> it's a vicious cycle because it feeds into itself. these images, study after study show it feeds people's perception and leads to how people treat black folks and brown folks from the school house to the courthouse, from how young people are treated as early as third and second grade
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in the classroom or how people are treated in hospitals and the type of care they are given to how we see the real world impact of stories like tray von martin, mike brown, crawford, the stories over and over again that the community has to continue to stand up for and protest on. so the role that the media plays, just like the role of our government, our law enforcement plays, we could have had a real conversation but governor nixon instead gave us all a moment to stop and talk about the failure of his leadership but also, to once again remind ourselves that we got a lot of work to did in this country to bring together a lot of conversations and bring about real policy reform so we don't continue to have ferguson. >> that would begin with voting, right. let me ask you really quickly, rasheed has been arrested as
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trying to lead the way in terms of a possible peaceful response. how much weight does that carry for people who are already feeling the scales of justice are not hanging in a balanced fashion, that their elected officials are not listening to they will in a way they should be. what is your sense about the mood and the reaction that could come, that could follow darren wilson getting cleared of charges. >> i think we will have allmaner of responses to it. the fact of the matter is, what's happening in ferguson is unlike any other movement, i would say, in the history of our country. this is a movement with an entity with all legs and no head. there's no one person leading this. it makes this movement really unaddressable by the powers that be. they have not dealt with this. in the past we have a head, we chop the head off, the movement
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dies. in this case, there's no head. the response to what will happen if there is no indictment. we will see exactly what we've seen before and worse. >> thank you both for your time and thoughts. >> thank you. after the break, the white house announces new screening measures for passengers coming from ebola-stricken west africa. and later, pull itspulitze\ prize winner. ahead on "now." uhh... um...
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no it is not a travel ban.
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but starting tomorrow new measures will be in place to protect americans from the risk of ebola. going forward passengers coming from liberia, begin and sierra leone will have to subject to enhanced screening before they are admitted to the united states. the move is unlikely to satisfy some lawmakers calling for an all-out ban. the white house reiterated its opposition saying the ban would put americans at more risk not less. spokesman says the president is staying open to advice from experts. >> if for some reason the advice he receives from scientists and public health experts is different and he starts to get advice that for whatever reason it actually would be beneficial to the american public and enhance our safety at home for a
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travel ban in place, the president is open to it. >> house over sight committee will begin this friday. coming up red states blue. as republicans home for big gains in the house and senate. they are just looking to hang on period. that's next. you're driving along,
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especially with bloody or black stools the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. bottom line, ask your doctor about linzess today. will there be a sequel to fan gate? apparently no according to an official memo just sent to both campaigns. what about a small portable ac unit, america will find out tonight when former governor faces off against current governor in their third and final debate. the fight over thermal comfort is far from the most contentious issue in the race. here is the latest ad from governor scott.
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>> i'm not on the ballot thus far but make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot, every one of them. >> chris backed obama from the start. if you liked the past 6 years of barack obama you would love the next 4 years of charlie chris. >> that may be ad considering chris was a republican and considering he said this in 2008. >> are you fully confident sarah palin could take over as president from day one. >> i think she would do a great job. she is the only executive that is running. >> definitely been with barack obama the whole time. florida is one of 36 states holding gubernatorial elections. and it is the grand ole party that has the most to lose in the nation's state houses. because of the 36 seats,
1:22 pm
republicans are defending 23 of them and they're having a tough time in states like wisconsin where governor scott walker has made more cuts to education funding than any governor in the state's history while at the same time claiming the minimum wage doesn't, quote, serve a purpose. and georgia with highest unemployment rate in the country under republican governor. he seems not that concerned. this is his take in sunday night's debate. >> you don't understand that unemployment numbers are outliars. the most important area is how many jobs have been created. >> senior advisor to president obama and washington post columnist joins us. david let me start with you, wait a second, unemployment numbers don't matter any more? since when?
1:23 pm
>> since nathan is in deep trouble in georgia. look these things, all of these things are fungible according to your political circumstances, the question is whether people in georgia think is not an irrelevant statistic. i suspect this is one of the reasons he's in a close race down there there. >> i feel like when the facts don't worse for your case, part of the republican play book, just get new facts. this is why we debate whether climate change exists. >> that's right. it is a twist on the old law school addage when you have the facts argue the facts, when you have the law, argue the law, when you have neither thmake up new facts. that's what they are doing. telling people to ignore the facts from last year. it is a sign of desperation to say unemployment numbers don't
1:24 pm
matter. they certainly matter to republican candidates when they were 7% to 9% they should matter now that they have gone down everywhere in georgia. >> the governor's have an incredible important role to play in the national political landscape because so much action happens at the state level. at the same time it is hard for them to brand their party with the same receiptoric counter parts do. i say this because we have guys like charlie chris saying publicly? a campaign that people getting health care is like a civil right and putting rick scott on the defense of doing that. because obamacare tangibly means something to people in the state. do you think florida is an
1:25 pm
outlier, do you think democrat could be more aggressive in this election cycle. >> i think is a mistake to run away from it. there are tremendous benefits from the affordable care act. florida, ohio, those are really swing state. the governors appreciate that. but you're right. you see a guy like sam brownback who has tried to bring that right wing rhetoric to a state like kansas, he's in troubling now. there's right now in these governor's races around the country. >> it has failed so badly that republicans in kansas don't want to reelect sam brown. to go back to the sort of odd position that republican governors have when it comes to
1:26 pm
practical policy, casek said, this line is incredible. >> i mean, boom, drop the mike, john kasich, you are saying the thing we've all been saying for so long. >> exactly. this is an opportunity for governors across the nation to expand health insurance coverage for poor citizens and to make the citizens of their state healthier and make them lead longer and happier lives and some of them didn't do it precisely for ideological reasons. it was money for the taking and they didn't take it. john kasich should be commended for telling the truth.
1:27 pm
he went ahead with medicaid expansion and it has been a success, the way it has every way they have gonna head with medicaid expansion. >> it is a moral choice standing on political, ideaology. i want to talk about the president in his interview yesterday. >> david, i know you took issue, or you stead was a mistake for
1:28 pm
his president to say his policies were on the ballot, was it a mistake for him to say these are all folks who vote with me and have supported my agenda in congress. >> well, look, it's a fact. but an inconvenient fact for some folks that are running in states where the president loss to mitt romney by 23 or 24 points. so many senate -- are being played out in state where's the president didn't carry the vote two years ago. that's problematic. the other thing he said that should be separated from him is that the approach to the economy whether minimum wage or infrastructure, more education, the kinds of things that would build incomes and wages and better futures for the middle class, that's what's on the ballot, that's what being contested. the republican party opposes and
1:29 pm
democrat support it. we should have been much more aggressive from the start instead of running away from a very strong position. >> it is a tough needle to thread. the to policies of the man of 1600 pennsylvania avenue don't associate with the man of 1600 pennsylvania. >> that's very difficult. people in red states where president obama's name is mud, but at the same time, i think tw what the president is trying to do is speak to his loyal voter who's came out in 2008 and 2012 to tell them, look, the gains that have been made are at stake in this election and you need to get out and vote. . >> thank you gentleman always a pleasure to talk with you. just ahead investigative
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before edward snowden, there was james risen, the first to expose warrantless wire tapping practiced in secret for four years by the bush administration. now he's out with another boom shelf a book examining the consequences of america's 13-year war on terror, the first war that has been virtually classified, a war that feeds off unending war. the book offers extensive documentation of massive fraud and waist, like $11.7 billion the u.s. sent to iraq in pale e palettes of shrink-wrapped $100
1:34 pm
bills that are now unaccounted for. an estimated 4 to $6 trillion has been spent on the war in iraq and afghanistan. that is just part of the money and cast of shady characters claiming expertise in counter terrorism. >> today's it's become a search for cash, and power and status for a whole class of people who have followed the gold rush. this has been really one of the largest transfers of wealth in american history. we've had this dramatic increase in a whole mercenary class that is now part of permanent --
1:35 pm
state. >> james joining us now. congratulations on an incredibly-well reported and deeply distressing moment. >> thanks for having me. >> let's talk about a permanent war footing, it seems like this is the new model for war, clandestin clandestined, ceasecret, driven security companies is this how we conduct war now. >> yeah it doesn't seem to be anyway to get out of this period. now we have both the republicans and democrats who bought into the war on terror on a permanent basis. i think that was the interesting shift from the bush administration to the obama administration is that now that the war on terror is kind of bipartisan there doesn't seem to be any major political push back
1:36 pm
except some libertarians on the right and some liberreals on th left. we now have a huge operation that is enriching lots of people. there's a lot of people invested in making sure we continue to have some kind of war. >> not only are we charging forward to continue, sort of war on heightened security, there seems to be no accountability. we talked $11.7 billion in missing $100 bills, it is something out of a chevy chase spy movie. the idea no one is hunting that money down. there's shady individuals who pretend to have knowledge of code breaking, we keep funding them. >> that's one of the problems with so much secrecy. this is the first war in history where it has been all classified, all secret. and what happens when you keep everything secret, it allows
1:37 pm
abuses to fester. and no one really is held accountable for anything. so these things continue over years and years and years. and the only political dynamic always is to pour more money into counter-terrorism because no one in politics want to be accused of being soft on terror. so they pour money into all these programs and you end up with these bureaucracies that bloom and you get money-chasing and stupid idea. >> i wonder whether we are more paranoids ai asociety now than ever before. certainly september 11th increased america's vulnerable. scott brown is running for senate seat talking about isis and ebola coming over the border. the heights to the paranoia has
1:38 pm
reached ludicrous heights. is that a natural outgrowth of the climate of terror we live in. >> to me it is a lot like the mccarthy period in the late 40s and early 50s. we had a new russians threat, no one new much about the soviets, so we were able to image that they were ten feet tall and able to walk down broadway. now it is very similar, al qaeda threats are very abstract. we let our imaginations run rampant. we imagine all these guys like osama had enormous capabilities, when in fact they were never an exenstential threat to the united states.
1:39 pm
>> at one point you called president obama the greatest enemy of press freedom we have had in a generation. i know last week we were told if a reporter is doing that which he or she does as a reporter, no reporter will go to jail as long as i'm attorney general. do you think the administration is trying in earnest to turn a page here? >> i don't know. i have no idea what they're planning to do. i guess we'll have to wait and see. >> the book is "pay any price" james, thank you and congrats on the book once again. >> thank you very much for having me. breaking news, a federal judge has ordered omar gonzalo to under go a 30 day psychological evaluation to determine he was not competent. he claims he stormed the white house last month to warn the president that, quote, the atmosphere was collapsing.
1:40 pm
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an american who has been held hoft age for nearly six months in north korea is on his way home. north korea has released one of three americans being held captive there. the white house says it remains focused on securing the release of the remaining american prisoners. coming up, when former massachusetts senator scott brown decided to run for office in new hampshire, he didn't just
1:44 pm
change his address, he changed scott brown. we will look at his evolution from bipartisan pragmaticist to fear amongerer. going into tomorrow was another rally day on wall street. dow up 215 point. s&p up 37 and nasdaq up more than 133 points. ...the getaway vehicle! for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade.
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want to know about senator shaheen voted for amnesty. time to enforce the law. radical islamic terrorists are
1:48 pm
threatening to collapse our economy in our country. i want to secure the border. keep out the people who will do us harm. and restore america's leadership in the world. >> just a few of the ads airing for scott brown's strategy to win the new hampshire senate race. while he may be running now as a sale the border extremist, wasn't always that way. last time he ran in the neighboring state massachusetts, was distinctly more bipartisan and tethered to reality. here is how he described him way back in 2012. >> i put people ahead of politics and now i need your help to keep that independent tradition alive in massachusetts. >> legali let me tell you things will be a lot better in this country if more people in washington would think for themselves and work
1:49 pm
together for the good of america. did you see the guy in the photo that is president barack obama. joining me now communications direct director. what happened to the nice guy in the pick up truck who showed photos of himself sitting with the president of the united states states. >> he lost so i guess he thought he would try something new. ifs we want to help him make history. by being the first person to move to two democrat senators. we know voters care most about minimum wage, ending discrimination in pay, he voted against equal pay and minimum wage and hid in the bathroom to avoid questions like birth control. if he can't talk about questions voters care about, he will go on
1:50 pm
the ebola-terror route. i guess i can't blame him. >> the nation journal headline ripped from the headlines: the scott brown story. basically he looks at whatever the lead is and makes an ad about it. that's his strategy. no one could hear you scream. >> can i just sit here and laugh for 90 seconds. >> it's about three and half minutes but go ahead. >> it's so sad. you have that ad in which he was trying to be independent voice, think for yourself, putting people ahead of politics now he has turned into -- he's not the only one -- but this republican parade of fear mongering. we have had two cases of ebola. >> and they are nowhere near new hampshire or the border. >> and has nothing to do with isis or mexicans coming in and
1:51 pm
stealing jobs from the tech workers in new hampshire. has nothing to do with anything. but republican campaign up until this point has been a seinfiese campaign. they have nothing. they had not a single policy matter to throw at the democrats. just that they didn't like obama. so now they feel like they have something because people are nervous with ebola when they should be more nervous, literally, about their roof falling in in their own house and hitting them while they're sleeping, there's a greater risk of that happening. scott brown has jumped on that parade. we will see if he pays the price for that. >> in terms of who scott brown is appealing to. there's a piece in atlantic,
1:52 pm
where it talks about security moms. women have historically expressed more fear than men. it has pushed clearly toward the gop. i wonder if is there occur ensy to that idea women respond to fear about security in the homeland. >> we have in fact have historic gender gaps in favor of the democrats. i think this rush to slice and dice the women's electorate, every year we have new fad thing, nascar moms, soccer moms, we know what women care about. they care about access to health care and economic security for themselves and their families. it's pretty basic and very consistent across the whole.
1:53 pm
that's what they care about. republicans are running on absolutely nothing that will help increase economic security and access to health care. >> we do know fear motivates people and that human beings, according to a boat load of science research, have a hard time assessing risk. there's a lot of emotion that gets played into this. i'm not sure this works any more with women, but in general, getting the fear level up helps with the republican base that has been fueled by anger and anxiety. and they haven't had republicans beating obama on obamacare now they have beating him on ebola. even so they are getting the beat they crave. >> in the meantime they are cratering any residual support they it may have had among
1:54 pm
minoriti minorities. this is cutting off your nose despite your face. >> it is an incredibly short-sighted strategy. we have to watch 2014, because this is the best electate republicans we're going to get. republicans are doing noing to appeal to that community. >> i'm looking forward to 2018 when scott brown tries to win the beyonce voter. >> in maine or vermont. >> the maine beyonce voter. thank you both for your time. >> thanks alex. coming up, the definition of unforced error. greg abbott refuses to say if he would have defended a ban on interracial marriages. that's next.
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finally, some questions just aren't that hard, or at least they shouldn't be, that is, unless your name is greg abbott and the question concerns interracial marriage. the gubernatorial candidate who is vigorously defending the state's same-sex in court was recently asked if he would have defended a similar ban on interracial mare ang had he been in office 50 years ago. here's his answer. >> so that means? that yes? would greg abbott have defended a ban on interracial marriage? for a person living in the 21st century, married to a hispanic
1:59 pm
women, not a good place to find himself. >> the problem is that bans on marriage are not at all hypo thetaical, nor is the battle between the courts and states on the issue of marriage equality, he knows using the logic he's using to defend his state's ban on gay marriage would put him in a bog igoted ban on interracial marriage. it would also make him a hypocrite. contorting your worlds often ends up leaving you pretty twisted. that's all for now. the ed show is coming up next. good evening americans and welcome to the ed show, live from new york. let's get to work.
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♪ ♪ >> we took some big steps, especially in health care. >> john kag enhance sold his soul. >> take your foot off the gas. >> the expansion of medicaid under obamacare. >> we can't take our foot off the gas. >> this is not support of obamacare, here's what i need you to could. >> i've never been a supporter of obamacare. >> period, skplamation point. >> be a man, stand up. >> you guys are practically spooning president obama. >> the man has thrown away his career as a conservative. >> take your foot off the gas. ♪ ♪ good to have you with us tonight folks. thanks for watching. we're two weeks away from the midterm election and obamacare is getti


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