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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 22, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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[ music playing ] >> the clues are all there for you, producing the best pick yet, hollywood's biggest get. hi, everybody, good morning, i'm thomas roberts. think. ed this wednesday, october 22nd. welcome to "way too early." the show that doesn't use hair spray. we love the movie and the broadway show. it's great to have with you us. a lot of serious topics to get to. we want to start with the sad fuse that has everyone gripped t. walk post, the greater community mourning the loss of one of the legend, ben bradlee, he led the coverage of the watergate and pentagon papers died tuesday.fr0i nbc's tom brokaw has more on bradlee's life and legacy. >> reporter: benjamin bradlee, an american original. harvard man, heavy action during world war ii. he made "newsweek" into a power and walk journalism and palled around with another harvard man
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jfk. bradlee became the most famous newspaper editor in the world. the man who dpieded two rookie reporters through watergate. the scandal that brought down an american president. >> what he said, nixon is involved, lives could be at stake. there is wiretapping. i mean this is going the distance. his question was what the hell do we do now? which is the question of somebody who realizes we're if totally uncharted waters. >> we asked ourselves a lot of questions and how could all of this be true? how could somebody with all that much to lose put it at risk every day. >> reporter: they had help but they were the team that nailed the nixon coverup and ben was if charge. >> he had daring, he had, let's call it by it proper78yci name, had balls.
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he was willing to be dangerous. >> he wanted to be first with the story bur he never wanted to be wrong. >> the legendary editors became rich and famous and on the big screen in "all the president's men." >> god dam it, when is somebody going to go on the record on this story. >> reporter: a fourth men of the team was katherine gram, editor a publisher of the washington post. she stood by ben when nixon's allies were threatening to take down the newspaper. >> hold it. he only happens to be the second most important man in this country conducting a criminal conspiracy from inside the white house. it would be nice if we were right. >> reporter: bradlee and his first wife, writer and competenttator sally quinn, shorthand fore2/p power couple. he was known for his charm, power and profanity. >> jesus, what kind of acracy story is this? >> he was the epitome of newsman
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charisma, even when he would walk across the newsroom, which he would do a couple times a day, he had this effect which made you want to do better. >> reporter: he stumbled after waterweight on a story of an 8-year-old heroin addict. he recovered and remained a ped degree. >> he's my kind of hard. i like. that if you're right, it isn't hard. >> reporter: fearless, yet sentimental. >> that was nbc's tom brokaw reporting. ben bradlee was 93-years-old. what a well lived life. we turn our attention to economic i politics now. the candidates came out swinging in their first televised debate. polls show democratic senator jean shaheen and scott brown running neck and neck. they clashed on immigration reform the threat from islamic state militants, obamacare and
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why brown was even running at all. >> you had two chances to run for the u.s. senate in massachusetts in 2013 and 2014. why not take those? >> because i live here. i mean, i live here. i livel[ñ i have long tie, i am running because o'care about new hampshire and restoring perk. >> when he lost his race, he didn't move to new hampshire and say, i want to get involved in this state. he thought about running for the senate again in massachusetts. then he thought about running for governor in massachusetts. then he went out to iowa and said he was thinking of running for president. i don't think new hampshire is a consolation prize. i think
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in florida, rick scott and and charlie crist met. >> i was not responsible for the
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global economic melt down any more than rick was responsible for the national exec recovery and you know if you are somebody who flies around in a private jet and live on a mansion on the sea, it's hard to understand what people are i went through as a child. charlie never grew up with that. he never had to worry about money or being laid off. carley has done fine if life. >> you don't know me and you can't tell my story and i'm not going to tell yours. i know you are worth about 100 or $200 million today. god bless you for that wealth but the way you got it was pretty unsavory. >> charlie crist mentioned the gop being unfriendly to an african-american president. >> i can tell you that the reaction i have gotten from some in the republican party leader scholarship was intolerable to
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me. it was pretty clear to me it wasn't just because i was willing to work across the aisle with a democrat to get the recovery funds to come to florida. it was also pretty apparent to me because he was the first african-american president. listen, i don't enjoy saying that. it's not what is fun to say. but i'm going to tell the truth and those are the facts. >> he also said the republican leadership has gone hard to the right under what he calls the tea party kidnaping and the party's views were no longer consistent with how he was raised. when it comes to his feelings about raising the minimum wage, new jersey governor chris christie isn't leaving much room on this one. he voiced a strong opinion at a chamber of commerce ev yesterday in washington. >>5tf@q= tell you the truth, i tired of hearing about the minimum wavenlg i really am. i don't think there is a mother or a father sitting around a kitchen table in america saying, you know, honey, if our son or daughter could just make a higher minimum wage, my god, all our dreams will be realized.
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is that what parents aspire to for their children? they aspire to a greater growing america where their children have the ability to make much more money and have much greater success than they've had and that's not about a higher minimum wage, everybody. >> christie is not the only republican governor coming out over the wage hike. republican scott walker said last week he doesn't think the minimum wage quote serves a purpose. today will be the first day on the job for new ebola czar ron klain. he is expected to meet with president obama and top white house officials about the federal response. also beginning today, travelers from liber wiliberia,cyeria leo new guinea will have to go to five airports with screenings. rwanda is screening for the deadly virus. it comes from two students stuld to start school in new jersey were kept home because other parents voiced their concerns
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over it. there is good news for the freelance cameramen infected the ebola. they say ashoka mukpo is free of the virus t. first dallas nurse diagnosed with ebola is doing better. nina pham's condition has been upgraded from fire goodments authorities say they thwarted a plan by three american girls to apparently fight alongside the militants. parents tipped off the authorities t. girls were stopped by security at a german airport. officials say the girls left friday on a flight from denver through chicago to frankfort. they had tickets to then fly on to istanbul before likely heading to sir why to joan isis or another group. meanwhile supplies air dropped by the u.s. to help kurdish fighters may have fallen into the hands of isis t. militant group says this shows grenades and rpgs that went off course. the u.s. says one bundle did get
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lost but claims it was later destroyed in an airstrike. we turn our attention to business news now where the dow is back in the black, surging 215 points the s&p and nasdaq also fresh off tear best day of the year. the s&p up around 37 points. fax up 103. we are joaned live from london, jeff, we know the declining oil prices is a drag on the markets. it's usually good news because it means keeper gas. so what are rehearing about t airlines, though, hiking the fares. >> we know the energy price is a significant cost for the aerials, but it's falling. so you might have expected some of na to be passed onto the customer. it's not happening, though, has been looking at the footballs. they say a lot of u.s. domestic airlines have raised charges on domestic flights and as much as $4 on return flights has gone on to these fair prices.
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the airlines, themselves, we know have had a difficult story with ebola, but they say demand remains strong at this point. so it does seem as though these airline price hikes will stick regardless of the weaker cost of fuel. back to you. >> thank you, sir. much appreciated. still ahead on "way too early," game one of the world series. could madison bumgarner continue his success against the streaking royals? we have heils up next. will bill kierans be wearing his kc hat? guess who is on the lean? any kqvñ place your bets. but here is a hint. ♪ so long ♪ farewell ♪ good night ♪ i hate this freaky flight ♪ it sounds like a symphony ♪ good morning baltimore ♪ dee deer a female deer, ray a
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drop of golden sun ♪ me a name i call myself all right. we will speak to the man who has brought pieces of art. plus a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. place your bets, place your bets, place your bets! [ music playing ] . >> the president confirms the u.s. anti-doping agencies.7um decision to remove his fights and ban him for life after what they said was the most sophisticated and successful doping program the sport has ever seen. .óooy+++
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friend early morning or late night cat depending on which coast. today it's big hits, film, broadway shows, tv, specials, including the oscars. now he is working on an exciting project for nbc "peter pan live." neil marin are you there? yes, he is a big time producer and listen this time normally we get talent. i went for power neil meron. happy birthday to you on sunday. let talk about this, "peter pan live." you had a big hit with bringing "the sound of music" to nbc. how nerve racking is this to pull off with alisyn williams flying? >> oh, you know the calgary of live tv is always a little bit daunting. peter pan has a particular challenge because we are going to do live flying and anything
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can happen. in terms of the sound of puke the only thing we had to worry about is whether she was going to fall down the mountain and here it's all about the flying. >> you didn't want carrie to fall. now we got allison flying. how did you know she was the right person to play pan? >> it's interesting with allison. we were preparing to cast this other movie that we were doing at fox and she auditioned for us and it was also a musical ap we went, wow! and luckily the other film was postponed and allison was free for us to offer peter pan. it worked out that way, we told her agent, one way or another we want to work with her, we think she is great. >> she is a great voice, a great actress and certainly the daughter of ryan williams, so we look forward to see wack will happen. chris walken will be hook.
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he is great. we would not anticipate him for being captain hook. he looks fabulous. >> you know, it makes perfect sense. chris has an incredible background in musical theater. he started off as a dancer on broadway in the '60s. >> i didn't know that. >> he played with liza minelli and he did hair spray for us. we kind of thought, the we want to reinvent captain hook, it has to be chris and he said yes. >> boy, he did a great job in hair spray, especially the dancing scenes with john travolta. >> yes. before we let you go, this is exciting, this is live tv. we have to congratulate you. we can't get into it. the oscars, neil patrick harris was your pick. congratulations on that. he's a great host. we all look forward to that that's coming up if february, correct? >> absolutely. february 22nd. he will be just great. >> neil, we don't do this for everybody. but because it is your birthday,
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a commemorative "way too early" mug. we'll send it over. bill kierans will be fogening on your door in a kansas city royals hat later today. >> that's really exciting. >> thank you, sir. >> good luck with peter pan live. we look forward to it coming up here on nbc. time out, giants are already up 1-0 in the top, man onning is. then this. >> in the air to center. well hit. came back. almost had it and gone! a two-run shot in a 3-01st inning lead if game one. >> so the giants run out to a run before bumgarner continues his pitch. he pitches, bases loaded in the 3rd, throws a shutout 7 inning, giants tack on four more runs and put an end to the royals perfect post-season with a 7-1
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victory in game one. the series picks up tonight if kansas city. >> everyone relax. it's okay. they had to lose one game sooner or later. everyone is jumping off the ship to sink it. they're okay. >> but man the streak had to end. it ended last night. bad news to talk about this morning as we get to this out of the nfl for the first openly gay player to be drafted. defensive end michael sam away from the practice squad so they could sign troy davis, after being cut from the rams, he tweeted thanks, for his supporters. sam said quote, while this is disappointing, i will take the lessons here in dallas to fight for an opportunity to prove i can play every sunday. all right, let's get a check on your weather, bill kierans is still working. even though the royals didn't win if game one. >> no, it was easy to go to bed early last fight. >> after the first inning. it's pouring outside here in new
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york city. we have flood warnings in effect for the boroughs of queens and brooklyn. there is a lot of heavy ran along the jersey shore all associated with a developing nor easterly. again not a snow nor'easter. no ice, plain old rain nor'easter. the jersey shore today will get drenched. it's raining back to philly. if you drive the jersey turnpike, some of the worst drive we have a dreary morning from d.c. it's pouring near baltimore, too, anyone on i-95, it will be a slow morning commute for you. it won't pour all day, later today, all the heavy rain heads up into maine, airports with edo expect some delays out there, tom has put worst this morning, they will drive home from work and at the airports, it will be okay. this morning is the worst of it. >> thank you, bill. much present it. coming up on "morning joe" remembering ben bradlee, we will share their memories of the walk post legend him some of the highlights, some of the saltier low lights. ben bradlee was iconic.
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plus video of new york police arresting a subway musician goes viral him we will tell you after the singer somehow got the officer to read the actual policy out loud. yeah that and much more after this. please stick around. .
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quickly find the season's hottest shows, with a handpicked collection all in one place. only from xfinity. so earlier in the show we
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reflected on will legacy of washington post editor ben bradlee, tell your friends the post has one four pulitzer prizes, turg his tenure the paper would go on to when 17 more, including the public service award for its watergate coverage. time now for the cooler and louis is out. he's a little under the weather. so are you stuck with me. i was going to make jen do it. she threw a fit. police in new york are looking into the arrest of a subway musician after video of the spectacle went environment andrew cowan whereas performing at a brooklyn station because officers ordered him to leave because he didn't have a perm. he refused and had him read the section of the rules that proved he did nothing illegal. when neither side backed down, this happened next. he called for backup. ♪
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>> let's go. >> ♪ how i wish you were here. >> hey. hey. you can't do. oh. >> it's like a scene from "animal house." he comes down and smashes the guy tar almost. anyway, he was calgaried charged with littering. due in court on friday. yesterday local musicians and two council members rallied at the subway station to show their support. but they had them read the mta rules. he was doing nothing wrong. they still did that. marc rejected the idea of cappuchino flavored lay's, in a contest to create a few flavor. the fudge woman beat out mango salsa, cheddar bacon, mac-n-cheese. she will receive $1 million or a portion of the year's sales, whichever ends up to be more. last year's winner keysy garlic
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bread is on the store shelves. before we leave the cooler, a purple heart found on a play ground more than a decade ago will be rumpbd to its first owner. the purple heart was presented posthumously to his wife in 1966. years later it was stolen to be found on a new york playgrounds. in january the mom of the boy that found it contacted the group that returns lost or stolen pedals. this amazing story cull mennates. the woman and daughter will be reunited with that purple heart. the greatful circle moment coming up. that will do it tore "way too early." morning joe is coming up after this. nicole wallace is in my eye line, she is on the set of "morning joe." first. .
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