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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  October 23, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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rushing to stop the gunman got a rousing ovation from the chamber. and we have new video obtained by cbc which shows vickers inside the chamber yesterday with his gun drawn in the moments after the shooting, and this morning we are learning more about the gunman. canadian television broadcast this video of the suspect, believed to be michael joseph hall. nbc news has not independently verified the picture, saying he recently converted to islam, went by the name michael zehaf-bibeau. a bystander captured this video of the suspect not far from parliament. u.s. and canadian investigators are trying to determine his motive and if he was inspired by isis. last night, prime minister harper described him as a terrorist. this morning, harper visited the national war memorial where the suspect gunned down corporal nathan cirillo.
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this image was posted on twitter, it appears to show cirillo standing guard gist moments before he was shot. cirillo is a part time reservist that wanted to become a full time soldier. he leaves behind a young son. nbc's sarah joins our coverage. start with security today. what are the differences we're seeing there? >> reporter: well, especially here in ottawa, tamron, you're seeing increased security. but that's true through the entire country, especially at transit hubs and military bases. however, you heard the prime minister speak there, saying we will not be intimidated here in canada by the actions of what he is calling a terrorist. and he is urging people to get back to business as usual as much as possible. that's what you're seeing here today, slightly stunned nation getting back to daily business, returning to work. parliament back in session, like you just said, even though the building does remain closed to
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the public. it has been an emotional day so far. just about an hour ago, members of parliament and the prime minister visiting the national war memorial. they later briefed at the base and had a moment of silence afterwards to singing o canada together, an emotional scene there. then you went inside parliament for the standing ovation for sergeant-at-arms, kevin vickers. he is retired canadian mounted police officer, whose role was largely ceremonial until yesterday. he is credited with after the shooting began running to an office to retrieve a gun, and shooting and killing the gunman outside the mp caucus room. you saw him there very serious, very solemn. at one point appearing to be holding in his emotions as the standing ovation for him continued on for several moments. meanwhile, here people are telling me they're still in a bit of shock. one man i talked to yesterday said he hopes the violence
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doesn't continue, but he is concerned. he said to me, and i quote, god help us all. back to you. >> talk about the investigation. what are authorities telling us regarding the individual, michael zehaf-bibeau, his background from what they learned from his family to the place he called home? >> reporter: we're learning a little bit more about him today, that he had a history of petty crime, that he had recently reportedly converted to islam and changed his name. his mother actually spoke to the associated press this morning, saying she cries not for her son but for the people wounded and killed in yesterday's attack. still a very new investigation. officials aren't officially commenting on his motives, if they suspect that there are terror ties there, but you heard the prime minister call him a terrorist and say the country will not be intimidated by those actions. >> sarah, thank you very much. let me bring in terrorism analyst evan kohlmann. thank you for your time. i know you have also seen the reports at least some of the information we learned about michael zehaf-bibeau, the name
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that this man according to authorities had taken on after converting to islam. is there anything from the details we learned that stands out to you at this point? >> nothing yet. i mean, look, the guy was wearing the kafia, recently converted to islam. the passport reportedly revoked to prevent him traveling to the middle east, which he expressed an interest to in friends. but there isn't anything now linking him to an organization or cause. we don't know if he did this because of isis. there was, of course, this attack that took place a day and a half before, involving an individual from quebec who targeted canadian military personnel and was killed in the process. is it possible he was mimicking that? it is possible. but we don't know much about this individual. unless he left behind a trail of evidence, we may not know entirely why he did this. we're going to have to look carefully at his computer, if he left behind notes or letters, if he said anything to anyone in anticipation of this act, but it is a bit of a mystery right now. >> it is.
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and it gives pause certainly as far as how we cover a situation like this. is this an individual who has latched onto an idea, is he copying an event that happened earlier this week, or was he inspired by something he saw on the internet from isis. it is such a broad investigation. and people have to dial back, maybe pull back from instantly saying isis inspired. >> you have to be careful about speculating here. this individual appears to have had -- to be mentally disturbed, a nice way to put it. doesn't appear to be fully there. if he did it because he was inspired by isis, it is possible. but look, you had an individual a few weeks ago murdered his co-worker in the south, beheaded a co-worker. did he do it because of what he saw on isis? maybe, we don't know. the person appears to have other mental problems as well. that's one of the issues with this kind of propaganda, it is pushing people that might otherwise not be an issue into doing things that are terrible. let's hope this is not the case
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here, but it is wise the canadian authorities are on gored. there's potential for others to follow in their wake, canadian nationals issued threats against canada. it is prudent to be careful. but we have to be careful also not to speculate too much here. >> were you surprised at the low level security that has been described in great detail, including one of our guests who has been a member of the senate in canada for 41 years, discussing that the day before the shooting there had been some outrage that more security was needed? >> from american perspective, you see security in canada, it is laughable. i went to the canadian intelligence and you could walk up to the building, there's an open parking lot. on the other hand, that's what canada is about. canada is built on openness and it is something they cherish, it is a national value. they're not going to give it up. >> it was a source of debate
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amongst canadian, i am not putting american thoughts on that. >> it is their choice to make. it is something that we as americans don't recognize as much as they do. for canada, that sense of openness is very important, and it is difficult for them to get past that psychological boundary of tightening of security. it is not something they had to deal with in a long time. >> thank you very much. greatly appreciate it. back in washington, there's heightened security at the tomb of the unknown soldier at washington national cemetery. a defense official tells nbc news it is done as precautionary measure, there's no time line for how long additional security measures will last. at the white house there's news of yet another security breach. this one happening overnight. a 23-year-old unarmed man jumped the fence, making it 20 to 25 yards into the white house lawn before he was taken down by officers and a team of dogs. the latest breach comes as we learn new details of another
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embarrassing lapse by the secret service. this time, over a 2011 incident where agents who normally guard the white house were diverted to a maryland neighborhood to protect a personal friend of the agency's director. nbc senior white house correspondent kris jansing joins me. let's pick up with details we know regarding this incident, a diversion of security forces there. >> there's a new report came out, even though it happened in 2011, and basically what they said is that people that were supposed to be working here for five days instead were about an hour away at the maryland home as you said of somebody who knew the director who was having some problems with a neighbor. there was some harassment charges. at least on two days, we know the president was in residence at the white house. obviously that's a breach of protocol, not what's supposed to be done. the question is what's going to happen next, and that is a question that's going to be before joe clancy, who is the interim director. he, too, will be reviewing as they always do what happened
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here last night. 23-year-old college student, dominic at son i can't comes over the fence, didn't get far. the dogs were let loose. very different than the last situation we saw when actually the intruder got into the white house. but he tried to fight them off. he was kicking the dogs. he was punching the dogs. eventually he was taken down. he had to be taken to the hospital and looked at because he suffered dog bites to the arms, back, chest, and knee. and the dogs had to be taken to the veterinarian to be checked out. they were cleared for duty. we have been checking this morning to see how hurricane and jordan are doing. haven't spotted them yet this morning. this is a case the secret service says things worked as they should have. he will be charged with three felonies, four misdemeanors. among charges when he hit and kicked that dog, that is considered an attack, assault on a police officer. that's one of the felonies that
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he is facing. >> and kris, back to heightened security at the tomb of the unknown soldier, it sounds like much of that really is just to make people who are visiting perhaps feel a bit more secure? >> reporter: absolutely. this is from abundance of caution. it is the equivalent of where the attack took place in canada. that's something they did out of abundance of caution. we haven't seen any other stepped up security on capitol hill or here at the white house. >> thank you. we turn to the ebola crisis. the cdc says starting monday, all travelers arriving in the united states from three west african nations at the center of the epidemic will be monitored 21 days. the cdc says 150 people arrive each day. they will be required to check in with their state or local health departments each day, and the health departments will be required to have plans for finding and potentially detaining anyone that fails to check in. some positive news today from the family of amber vinson, one of the dallas nurses fighting
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the virus. they say she's steadily regaining strength and tests show no longer has ebola in her blood. also, nbc news free-lance cameraman is heading home to rhode island after receiving the all clear to leave a nebraska hospital. before he left, he spoke in an exclusive interview with our own kate snow. >> i would say the hardest part for me was the fear, you know. i have been seeing people with ebola for weeks and weeks and weeks, and i knew the statistics of survival. >> you had seen people die. >> yes. definitely had seen people die in liberia. i saw things i'll carry with me forever. me personally, i am just so fortunate to be alive and every breath i take, every step i take is just a reminder of how valuable and precious life is. >> we also want to mention the 21 day quarantine period for nbc's nancy snyderman and her team has expired. they remain healthy and symptom free.
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some call it the biggest academic fraud in collegiate history. up next, new reaction to a cheating scandal at the university of north carolina that lasted nearly two decades, and involved thousands of students, most of them athletes. >> the length of time that this behavior went on and the number of people involved is really shocking. >> could championships at the powerhouse school be in jeopardy? and protesters take to the streets in ferguson just as the justice department slams leaks of information about michael brown's death, calling it, quote, highly troubling. and the battle for the senate. new polls show several races starting to tilt toward republicans. why our team says mid terms are not kind to the party in the white house. join the conversation online. find the team at news nation and find me on facebook, twitter, instagram.
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welcome back. it could be the biggest case of academic fraud in college history. a new report finds that for the past 18 years, more than 3,000 students at the university of north carolina, most of them athletes, took fake classes so they could continue playing sports. four employees have been fired, five others are under investigation. nbc's tom costello shows us how this all played out. >> reporter: the university of north carolina tar heels, a big time university athletic program with a very big problem. an eight month independent investigation has found for nearly two decades football and basketball players were urged to take classes that required no class time, no professor, and only a single term paper.
8:17 am
with an administrative assistant in the african-american studies department handing out as and bs. >> took the professor completely out of the picture. >> reporter: the goal to keep gpas high enough to continue to play. and it didn't just happen a few times. in all, more than 3100 students, almost half of them athletes, took 188 no show classes. the outside investigator insists university administrators never knew. >> i think a lot of people will have a hard time believing that this school had this kind of fraud perpetrated with only two people. >> if you read this report, it is those two people, and they worked hard to keep it covered up. >> reporter: on the u.n. c campus, many felt the scandal undermined their own contributions. >> i worked hard to get here. >> it is embarrassing to think about it. >> reporter: nine staffers have been fired or disciplined. none of the current coaches implicated. it is now up to the ncaa to determine whether to impose further sanctions. tom costello, nbc news, chapel
8:18 am
hill. >> joining me via skype, a senior from unc, collegiate correspondent, wrote about it called report about something bigger than unc academics. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> you're a student there. you have an interesting take on what you feel should be the discussion here. >> yeah, so the thing with the academic fraud scandal, i think that a lot of people, they just go to this half made argument that this is another example of a university culture that prioritizes sports and you know, sports dynasty over academic integrity, and i think there's another story that's sort of being overlooked, and that's the story of the athletes emerging from these communities, many of them low income and minority communities and intersecting communities therein, and a lot of students, i would like to clarify that nearly half of the 3100 students that were found to be taking these classes were student athletes, but there
8:19 am
were, you know, regular students who were enrolled in these courses, and they're suffering, too. i just wanted to add that caveat. but basically the gist of my article was pointing to, you know, what is the university going to do moving forward to ensure they have infrastructure in place for student athletes who come out of these communities who may have had differential access to quality education. what are they doing to bridge those learning gaps. and also for the students that were enrolled in those courses, the nonathletic students. >> you believe the university should do what exactly? help me follow the line of thinking here because for example, the young lady that was featured in the piece who said i worked very hard to get here, she may have come from a challenged background as well. we don't know what it took for her to get there, but what we do know is that no one expects you to get ahead cheating, no matter what background you have, and no matter what barriers and challenges you face. >> yeah.
8:20 am
so i think that some people might be misunderstanding the angle of my article. i'm not condoning the shadow curriculum or excusing it, i'm just pointing to some of the underlying factors that gave rise to it, including poverty as well as intersection of race and class. so that was sort of my angle with that. but although unc demands a certain level of academic rigor, we all consent to that when we agree to go here, but i think for minority students and low income students many of whom are also student athletes, i think that there needs to be more infrastructure in place in order for us to feel comfortable in this environment, in order for us to thrive academically. and i'm not exactly sure how that would manifest. >> for example, with the athletes, and i don't know specifically what's available at unc, but i do know that in many major universities tutorers are
8:21 am
provided for athletes and i believe that's the case at that university. >> i understand that our student athletes have tutors, but again, one of the things outlined in the report was a lot of tutors, as opposed to helping bridge learning gaps were essentially doing some of the work for the student athletes, not to say that all student athletes don't do their work, or all tutors should be implicated or be decried for this, but that is to say we need to make sure there's strict regulation for our student tutors and make sure they're actually helping to bridge sort of that differential gap. >> what about personal responsibility? i agree if there are tutors who are deciding that they want to give an athlete or student from an impoverished community as you noted some kind of leg up, that is a problem. however, personal responsibility if you come from a poor background, if you're an
8:22 am
athlete, i would think you'd say listen, i'm going to get this the right way. many people do it every single day. every day. >> again, like i said, i do not condone the funneling of student athletes into those classes. the scheme was set up to have them function within a broken system as opposed to addressing the fact it was broken, as opposed to holding them to a higher standard of accountability, but i will say that we can only look on that retrospectively. we can only move forward from that. and again, i think the emphasis needs to be on making sure the marginalized students, many of whom are also student athletes, are receiving proper instruction and are receiving the extra attention they may need. >> i think you did a great job on the article as you make the point, you're not excusing behavior, but you believe there's another line of conversation that exists there as well. we greatly appreciate you joining us. thank you so much.
8:23 am
>> thank you. this is the topic of our news nation gut check. do you think the ncaa should take away unc's national championships won during the course of the scandal. we're going to tell you how you can weigh in coming up. up next, how democrats in georgia are tying what's happening in ferguson to get out the african-american vote in that state. a georgia state senator behind this movement will join me live. and nfl commissioner roger goodell forced to testify about ray rice's indefinite suspension. it is one of the stories we are following around the news nation. an important message for americans eligible
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8:27 am
to corroborate officer wilson's version of events, quote, irresponsible and highly troubling, and that there seems to be an inappropriate effort to influence public opinion about this case. the latest leak from the st. louis post dispatch made public results of michael brown's official autopsy and toxicology report. according to the paper, the autopsy shows michael brown was shot in the hand, and may have reached for the officer's gun. nbc news sent a producer to the medical examiner's office, an official denied giving a paper copy of the report, and forrens i can pat obviously says she was misquoted. she clier fied on the last word with lawrence o'donnell. >> we only have portion information. we don't have scene information, we don't have the police investigation, we don't have all of the witness statements, and you can't interpret autopsy findings in a vacuum. you need to take them in the context of the scene investigation. >> another explosive leak was
8:28 am
published in "the washington post," according to that paper's sources, several african-american witnesses have corroborated parts of officer darren wilson's account. and last friday, "the new york times" published details of officer wilson's testimony to the grand jury. benjamin crump, the attorney for michael brown's family spoke out about the series of leaks calling them deliberate. >> you have to look at the leaks in the context of the leaks. all of the leaks seem to suggest that they're favorable to the police officer. michael brown's family has always asked from day one that the prosecutor be removed. they didn't think they were going to be able to get due process of the law. >> darren wilson's legal counsel tells nbc that the leaks are not coming from them. quote, we were not responsible for leaks to media, including those published in "the new york times" and st. louis post dispatch. the grand jury is expected to reach a decision whether or not to indict officer wilson by mid
8:29 am
november. in georgia, the democratic party is invoking ferguson in a new get out the vote campaign. a flyer distributed by the group features an image of two young black children holding signs that read don't shoot. it reads, quote, if you want to prevent another ferguson in their future. the next page reads vote, it is up to you to make change happen. in a statement, the party says, quote, our state and our democracy is stronger when more people participate and we have seen what happens in places like ferguson, missouri, when voices are silenced. we must make sure to exercise our right to vote. and georgia's senate race remains one of the most high profile, showing david perdue leading michelle nunn by less than a point. the governor race among the closest, candidates separated by two percentage points in polling now. none of the candidates have spoken out yet about the fliers so far. it is drawing criticism from
8:30 am
conservative websites like hot air which accuse georgia's democratic party of quote tossing a racial grenade. joining me now, vincent ford. thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> let me get your reaction to the conservative site calling it a racial grenade, that you tossed a racial grenade into the races. >> yeah. i'm not surprised that they would sensationalize the situation, but they need to take a deep breath because this message, the message in this flyer is as american as apple pie. the message is if you want change, if you want to improve your community, you have to be engaged in your community. in particular, you have to vote. so the message of voter participation is i think a very american message and i think those who are criticizing it are in turn trying to create a situation where their voter
8:31 am
turnout will increase. but i think this is a mailer that is within the bounds of what ought to be done. >> i know you mention that particular website sensationalized. some might say when you look at the image, for example, that you're bringing in this case that's not been resolved, certainly some serious concerns, and using the imagery, using the pain and using the faces of these children to get out the vote because these races are so tight, that you're going for the emotion. policy changes that could be discussed here. >> i think if you read the flyer, it says that situation in ferguson is unfair. two-thirds african-american community, the city council is more than 80% white. the police force is 95% white.
8:32 am
that's the reality. it is not a distortion. and the message is if you want to change situations like that, because we have some serious problems here in georgia, if you want to change, you have to get out and vote. i don't find that offensive. i think it affirms a very american message of civic engagement. >> nationwide, african-american vote turnout in 2012, african americans voted at a higher rate than whites for the first time in history. 66.2% of eligible black voters voted in 2012, opposed to 64.1 of white voters there. we also have some numbers for the georgia turnout. back to the question regarding policies. if you have a higher voter turnout amongst african americans, what policies, for example, are you discussing that would prevent a ferguson. >> well, for example, here in georgia we had earlier a police
8:33 am
raid, no knock police raid that went very bad. baby boo boo was hit by a grenade in that situation. we need to do something about the use of no knock warrants in militarization of the police, just like what's going on in ferguson, so that's policy change that if we had a new governor, if we had a new set of elected officials in office, we'd pursue those policy changes. and that's why i think this mailer is appropriate. if you want change, if you want to prevent things like what happened in habersham county in georgia, then you have to vote. that's why this mailer is very important. not just for african americans but trying to get people's
8:34 am
goodwill across the state to go out and vote on november 4th. >> state senator, thank you for your time. greatly appreciate you joining us for this discussion. >> thank you. up next, we are two weeks from mid terms, and iowa gop senate candidate joanie ernst has a new ad that's caught a lot of eyes. >> it's a mess. dirty, noisy, and it stinks. not this law, i am talking about the one in washington. >> that ad as a new poll shows a dead heat in that race. we will break it down in first read. stick around, mid term news for you. and double trouble for the first users of apple pay. one of the stories we are following around the news nation today.
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comcast business. ♪searching with devotion ♪for a snack that isn't lame ♪but this... ♪takes my breath away in one of the key races for control of the senate, new hampshire democratic senator jeanne shaheen and republican
8:38 am
scott brown square off tonight in the second debate this week. comes with the latest poll showing shaheen with a two point lead over likely voters. earlier this month, another poll showed her with a six point lead over brown, former massachusetts senator. there are also new polls out today in two other key senate races. in iowa, conservative republican senator and iraq war vet, joni ernst has a one point lead. and colorado, republican congressman has a seven point lead over senator mark udall. joining me, carrie dann. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> the last poll we saw, senator udall down seven points in that race. >> that's right. this is a race that had been tight in the last series of
8:39 am
polls. gardner seems to be pulling ahead. some were worried udall hammered away at women's issues, was a strategy he started, talking about abortion and birth control. it is something that had worked in the past in colorado, but voters seem to be rewarding gardner for talking about a wider range of issues. >> this is the biggest lead in this race here. what do we see as the last strategy from senator udall as we get close, less than two weeks. >> you're starting to see udall talk about a broad range of issues as well now. this is also a state where there's also a governor's race. that race is significantly closer. looks like the incumbent governor john hickenlooper is pulling ahead a little in that contest as well. but there's a lot of interplay between those two contests. >> we teased it, the new ad from joni ernst. let's look at it. >> it's a mess. dirty, noisy, and it stinks.
8:40 am
not this lot, i am talking about the one in washington. too many typical politicians hogging, wasting, and full up -- let's just say bad ideas. cleaning up the mess in washington is going to take a whole lot of iowa common sense. >> a cheeky ad there. she didn't mention the castration of pigs as the previous one, when everyone was comparing her to an snl skit. here she is now in this tight race. what do we see. let's start with her strategy in the last few days. >> ernst, well, this ad exemplifies a lot about her candidacy, running against washington. remember, she kind of came from relative object security, was a state senator. she wasn't expected to win that primary by as much as she did. the ad that launched her stardom was about her history as a hog farmer. she's trying to say i am an iowa
8:41 am
representative. bruise braley would just represent washington, has been in washington too long. the braley has historically had a good ground game. republicans talk about how early vote numbers are looking very good for the gop in the state. it is going to come down to turnout on the day of the election. >> wow. and last but not least before i let you go, the debate tonight between jeanne shaheen and scott brown, want to play a little of the exchange tuesday regarding scott brown's residency. let's take a look. >> you had two chances to run for the u.s. senate in massachusetts in 2013 and 2014. why not take those. >> because i live here. i mean, i live here. i live here. i was born at portsmouth naval ship yard. i have long and strong ties. i am running because i care about new hampshire, care about restoring america. >> when he lost his race, he didn't move to new hampshire and
8:42 am
say i want to get involved in this state, he thought about running for senate again in massachusetts. then thought about running for governor in massachusetts. then i went out to iowa, said he was thinking about running for president. well, i don't think new hampshire is a consolation prize. i think we need a senator -- [ applause ] we need a senator that's going to put new hampshire first. >> carrie, in that exchange you have scott brown's back against the wall, whether he is a carpet bagger or not. also in that same debate, senator shaheen being asked where she stands regarding president obama, and it seems to be what's troubling her race as well as in kentucky, some of the back lash they may be getting from not standing with the president, or appearing wishy washy on policies from the administration. >> right. there may not be a republican candidate that tried to nationalize a senate race as much as scott brown. he was of course trailing months ago. and jeanne shaheen has a strong brand in new hampshire.
8:43 am
she's generally liked in the state. but brown has been hammering at both tying shaheen to the president and talking about national issues like isis. he was the first republican to bring up the terror threat in an ad, he talked about ebola. the shaheen folks say he is pointing at shiny objects and talking about anything except the issues that matter to new hampshire in the state itself. it seems from the polls that polls are tightening. maybe voters are rewarding scott brown for talking about national issues as much as he has been. >> carrie dann, thank you so much. greatly appreciate it. we will look at more races tomorrow. coming up, who is the richest member of congress. you think you know? the new list is out. stick around. after the break we will tell you and show you by the numbers. it is one of the things we thought you should know. plus, a vet helping vets. a former army member is using his military skills to run his own company. and he is giving back to vets and their families in a big way.
8:44 am
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enagage with us. the nfl commissioner will be forced to testify under oath at ray rice's hearing. that tops our look at stories around the news nation. roger goodell is expected to be asked about what he knew before he suspended rice indefinitely for violating the conduct policy by punching his wife. the news comes as the new ad campaign against domestic violence kicks off tonight. >> no more boys will be boys. >> no more what's the big deal. >> no more, just the way he is. >> no more he just has a temper. >> no more but he's such a nice guy. >> no more but he has such a bright future. >> the public service noumts features eli manning and several other players, and will run during nfl broadcasts. and bank of america says it will
8:48 am
refund any customers charged twice using apple pay, the mobile pay system. many bank of america customers complained on twitter they were charged twice. bank of america says the issue effected about 1,000 transactions. and we continue our series born in the usa, we highlight american business stories. today, an army veteran that built a national company that franchises exclusively to vets, current troops and their families. jerry flanagan started j dog junk removal in 2011. he says he knows how hard it is to transition from military to civilian life. he set this up to give vets a fighting chance at owning their own business. j dog is a full service junk removal service company, with six locations, and the goal is to open more than 400 locations nationwide. with us in studio is jerry flanagan. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> i am terrible with clichés. one man's junk is another man's treasure? >> that's what they try to say.
8:49 am
we turn it into whatever we can. >> you turn it into whatever. take me to the day you're sitting around and trying to figure out a new business. and this comes to your mind. >> spent a lot of years in retail. the roller coaster of the economy, got tired of it. did some research and junk removal happens to be a high margin business. strong demand, did well when the economy went down. i focused on junk removal. needed to do something different. i themed up a veteran owned business and the response was in credible. when given a choice to use a veteran owned business, the american public will choose that. >> you have this idea in mind. you see the numbers. how did you transition it from yes, on paper this looks good. my heart tells me also this is the right way to build a business with vets and helping their families. how did you turn it into a reality that required you to exhaust your savings, what did
8:50 am
it require of you? >> it did. my wife and i, it took all of our savings, and we also spent the first year testing the model to make sure the margins were right and the the only company franchising exclusively to members and their famili families. that's amazing. >> one out of 4,000. it's a proud thing we are doing. the goal is to offer other services until we build the brand. the consumers love it. >> right now you are in missouri, texas, florida, tennessee and pennsylvania. if a vet is interested in becoming a franchisee, what do they need to do? >> go to our website and we is a franchise page and they start the process.
8:51 am
they talk to several people including myself. i speak to every prospect. we have a army veteran out of texas and he is my regional director. he speaks the same language as i do to the veterans. >> you are a vet. how was the transition for you going from the active duty life to civilian life. what were the challenges? >> i was a 31 kilowhich was a wired dog. when i tried to get a job in the field, it add up. i am traveling the country going to the military fairs and finding that these guys and women are coming back with -- they don't know what to do. it's just the beginning for us. we feel we will be able to put a lot of men and women into owning business. >> that gives you a lot of credibility to the vets when you are talking about the struggles and the transition. you speak from experience. congratulations on the business. we will keep an eye out for the
8:52 am
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switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. >> there is a lot going on and here are things we thought you should know. the roll call is out with the annual list with the richest members of congress for the second year in a row, darrell issa of california tops the list with the net worth of $357 million. a distant second with $117 million, michael mccall of texas and rounding out the top five, john delaney of maryland and senator rockefeller of west virginia. mark warner of virginia. the people who receive social security payments can look forward to a benefit increase of
8:56 am
1.7% in january. for the average recipient that amounts to about $20. the average monthly payment is now around $1200. those are the things we thought you should know today. that does it for this edition of "news nation." check out our website to vote on today's gut check around the academic scandal. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." are you on medicare?
8:57 am
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afternoon arrives and feeling good, but her knee pain returns. that's two more pills. the evening's event brings laughter, joy, and more pain. what's that, like six pills today? yeah. .i could take two aleve for all day relief. really? for my arthritis pain, i now choose aleve. 2 pills. all day strong. all day long. and now introducing, aleve pm for a better am. >> right now, honoring a hero. thunderous applause because they convene and salute a sergeant at arms because he grabbed a gun and stopped a terrorist.
9:00 am
in solidarity as law unfolds, the security here. hockey fans in pittsburgh stand up and sing. ♪ oh, canada ♪ our home and native land ♪ >> on the fence. another white house fence jumper. more accusations against the people who protect our president. >> the safety and security of our president i


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