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tv   Ronan Farrow Daily  MSNBC  October 23, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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tackled and apprehended him. according to the secret service, he was unarmed and no officers were hurt in the incident. but two of the canine dogs did have to be treated for minor bruising. the man has been charged with two counts of felony assault on a police officer. four counts of resisting arrest and unlawful entry and one count of making threats according to his father. he suffers from mental health problems. the court date has not yet been set. we are hearing from the free lancer who contracted ebola while working in liberia. he is feeling the effects of his battle with that disease, but he said he is not going to let the virus affect the rest of his life. >> do you know how you contracted ebola? >> that's the million dollar question. >> will you change what you do? >> i don't think i will change what i do, but next time i will be much,much more hesitant to put myself in a position that is
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likely that i can get hurt. >> he was released from the nebraska medical center yesterday. he first went into the center on october 6th and during treatment, he received both the drug and transfusions of blood from doctor kent brantley. in missouri, the legal counsel for darren wilson released a statement saying we were not responsible for any leaks to any media including those published at the new york times and the st. louis post dispatch. we are not in possession of any of the reports or the investigative report. yesterday the st. louis post dispatch reported that it obtained the official autopsy and toxicology report that indicated he was shot in the hand at close range. this weekend the "new york times" reported that government officials said that darren wilson told the authorities that mike brown punch and scratched him repeatedly in a struggle. further south at north carolina,
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a scathing report yesterday claims for the past 18 years at least 3100 students, almost half of them athletes took fake paper classes that required no class time and no professor and only a single term paper. these yielded artificially high grades allowing the athletes to continue to be eligible to play their sports. the university chancellor took action after the report came out. >> effective today, we terminated or commenced disciplinary actions against nine university employees and removing honorary status in at least one case. >> the athletes involved in the scandal were mostly from the basketball and football programs. drilling down on the top story, a defiant and emotional return to parliament in canada.
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♪ >> members were back in session at 10:00 a.m., 24 hours to the minute after police say a lone gunman opened fire inside. listen to the dramatic video. >> scary moments there. he fatally shot nathan cirillo at canada's national war memorial. the 25-year-old is being remembered as a wonderful man and animal lover. this morning canadian prime minister steven harper laid flowers at a memorial this
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morning. a memorial for the fallen soldier. there was a quick arrest. get down. >> you can see there that ottawa remains a city on edge. the man crossed the yellow tape and there was clear distress that the incident was not related to yesterday's shooting. we are learning more about the suspected ottawa shooter, 32-year-old michael -- a petty criminal and canadian born muslim convert. he was shot to death by the sergeant at arms who received a standing ovation at parliament. live in ottawa and sarah, what more are we learning about the suspected shooter here? >> good afternoon, investigators believe that this was a lone wolf-type attack carried out boy a man who was a high risk
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traveler by authorities. he was born michael joseph hall and changed his name after converting to islam. he had a history of petty crime, but at some point attracted the attention of authorities who took away his passport, concerned he would travel abroad to commit crimes. he is a native of canada and his parents released a statement that reads in part, we also wish to apologize for all the pain, fright, and chaos he caused. we have no explanation to offer. i am mat at our son. i don't understand and part of me wants to hate him at this time. a trying time for all parties involved right now. >> indeed. what a powerful statement there. what about the reaction from the canadian government. are we hearing of increased security measures? >> we are, crystal. especially at military bases and transportation hubs. some military being asked not to wear their uniform where they are off base and off duty out of concern they could be targets
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themselves. as for parliament, really the words that describe them best are strength and solidarity as the investigation continues. the is speaking out, vowing that the country will be vigilant and not run scared. he spoke on the shooter today, calling his actions terrorism. >> it is hard to appreciate and understand and fathom. how we can have people who so despise or are involved in a movement who so want violence and how they can enslave women, torture children. how they can kill, want to kill anyone who looks or thinks different than them. >> the prime minister also saying the country will not be intimidated and a shaken population working to prove him right today, returning as much as they can to business as usual. back to you.
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>> nbc's sarah. a lot of questions remain in ottawa and prime minister steven harper facing some difficult questions today, namely how could this happen? yesterday's attack was the second in as many days. a hit-and-run driver in quebec killed one solder and injured another. police fatally shot the driver who had his passport seized this year on suspicions that he was a security threat. authorities feared he was headed overseas to take part in terrorism. in fact 90 radicalized canadians were identified in a report earlier this month by the security intelligence service. canada's domestic trough threat was elevated just days ago for the first 250i78 in four years. how can this happen in the days and weeks prior? jim munson from the liberal party of canada. thank you very much for being with us.
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>> it's good to be here, but also sad to be here. >> indeed. >> i'm feeling numb like the rest of the nation. >> i hope you can tell us about the emotional ceremony and the sanding ovation for sergeant at arms. >> i heard on the anthem, i had a lump in my throat when i hear that in a tragic time like this. the coming together of all the parties in this country and to hear the prime minister talking and the liberal leader and also coming together makes us feel good as a nation to see parties united on an issue like this, but it's a surreal environment we are living in. this country has lot of its innocence. it happened yesterday. it's a great big role we are playing in with terrorism. we are part of the coalition. this action was part of the retribution of being in that coalition to be honest with you. >> to that point of canada losing their innocence, we had a
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reporter on the air yesterday during the lockdown and he wrote these two attacks constitute a failure that the canadian intelligence service claimed to be actively protecting the country against a plethora of threats. do you feel that canada had become complacent? >> i'm not sure of what that statement is. what happened in the province of quebec and the man who ran over the two service men have killed one just a few days ago. the incident yesterday. both of these incidents are separate, but they connect. they took their pass woert ports away. these men wanted to go to turkey or to northern syria and iraq. they couldn't go anywhere. they are left to do their deeds here in this country. that's the issue for security forces. these are being described as radicalized canadians like you
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have in the united states. rather like americans who are involved separately being influenced by groups like isis. that's a very difficult task for security to keep tabs on. >> indeed. you have to strike the balance in a free society between being able to surveil people and anticipate what's going to happen and preserving the freedom that we value as free societies. given what we know now, are you looking to make any changes to canada's response to stop the spread of extremist ideologies? >> we have to engage. i think we have to engage in a stronger way with the muslim community that in this country is a substantial community. in 99.99% of the muslim community are part of the canadian community. they are being stereotyped. we have to get into the mosques and do that sort of thing. i am afraid what we will be seeing is more visual security
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apparatus on parliament hill. it will look like capitol hill with security and machine guns. like westminster in london. that is unfortunate and we can't let one man with one gun change our society. we are a free and open society this this country. we value our democracy like you do in the united states of america. you can't arrest people for what they think. that is the difficulty. of course there is going to be a look at more security by our security forces and hopefully a thing like this will never happen again. >> thank you so much. we really appreciate your insights today. >> it's my pleasure. >> we are hearing now from the machine being hailed as a hero for his actions in yesterday's shooting in ottawa. sergeant at arms kevin vicker touched by the attention directed at him and thanks the speaker for their support and offers condolences to the family
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of nathan cirillo. still ahead, with the nation on edge after that ottawa shooting, another security breech at the white house. details are next and later ronan's exclusive on one interview with malala about life after winning the nobel prize. >> when i got the nobel peace prize, i was busy because phone calls were coming and i couldn't complete my homework. my teacher asked where is your homework. i said i won the prize and i was quite busy. [ applause ] >> what is that teacher's name? >> i don't want to say, because i will get severe punishment. i said i didn't do it because of this busy schedule. she said so what. i said okay, i will do it tomorrow. you, my friend are a master of diversification.
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yesterday afternoon as the canadian capital remained under lockdown, president obama spoke from the oval office to calm jittery nerves in the u.s. today we are keeping our eye on the daily white house briefing of course. we hope to hear more information from josh earnest about the man who has been the latest white house fence jumper. the security breech on the north lawn last night, it is the first incident since the director resigned over a high profile break in last month. september 19th when a man made it past security across the lawn and got inside the mansion. this time the intruder didn't stand a chance. they were on the scene within seconds. kristen is at the white house
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and what more do we know about this man? >> we know he has 23-year-old dominic from maryland and not far from the white house. he was apparently known to authorities. as you point out, last night the secret service functioned as it was supposed to. he jumped over the fence around 7:00 and they released the canine units and they went after him to apprehend him. and you can see the suspect fighting back against those dogs. he is kicking them and hitting them. they were able to apprehend him. that all stands in stark contrast to what happened a month ago when omar gonzalez got in. the names had to be taken to the veterinarian because they were bruised in the wake of that.
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the suspect is in custody facing a number of felony charges. of course even though he was apprehended after jumping the fence, the issue is that he was able to get over the fence. you recall that the secret service put up another line of fencing in the white house in an attempt to dissuade people from what happened here last night. it's clear that there still vulnerabilities and there will be a lot of questions about what more can be done to security. these are questions that the secret service and lawmakers have been mulling since julia peerson resigned after a series of breeches. it's now up to him to determine how to move forward. >> glad to see them. thank you so much. if the u.s. examines ties to
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isis, they continue to ramp up recruitment tactics aimed at westerners. the latest video features an australian man speaking in english and arabic. he is reported to be a 17-year-old run away. his message at his home country saying we will not put down weapons until we reach your land. isis posted a very disturbing video showing a woman being stoned to death. we have heard other reports of stonings, this is the first time the terror group released a video of that barbaric process. our producer reports this koops in the eastern countryside and it is not known when the video was shot. despite the horrific treatment of women by isis, the terror group seems to hold bizarre appeal for some women even here in the u.s. three teens from denver were stopped after trying to join isis. joining me now from washington,
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a former counter terrorism analyst and author of fine fix finish inside the campaigns that killed bin latten and here in new york, author of between two worlds. thank you very much for being with us. help us understand what draws a teenager living in the west in particular to want to go overseas and join isis? >> remember that here in north america, both canada and the united states, there five to eight million muslim americans and canadians. we are talking about a small percentage of people. teenagers do a lot of stuff. some get into drugs and some write poetry and some join terrorist organizations. we have only seen a handful or two dozen individuals trying to get from the united states into syria. they show that there is limited appeal.
10:21 am
the fact that you have three girls, suggests that you are motivated by identity or a sense of adventure romance. it's unclear. >> pick up on that point. for most of us looking, they just released a video of a woman being stoned to death. what woman would want to join with this organization? i feel like there is two groups. the teenagers that we talked about and wanting to go overseas for misguided sense of adventure and you have women who were there in the region. are they driven by the same motivations or is there a divide between them? >> they are driven by the same motivation in which isis is hitting on a sensitive nerve in here. for muslim identities overall. to defeat, defeat, defeat. they are on dictatorships or governments supported by the
10:22 am
west. by wars that is it happens over the last couple of decades. if you are a young person in the mideast and you are told that you are a terrorist and there wars and isis said everyone betrayed you and no one helped you get a sense of your life. we will help you. they are providing and hitting on a nerve in terms of identity and purpose and a mission. that is a dangerous situation. this is not to be taken lightly. it is appealing to women as well. the girls in here are girls. i would group them into the youth identity and this is giving them a sense of purpose and a mission. we will go and we will give a purpose for our own people and return. for the women, there more middle aged women and they are holding on. i had a chance to talk with
10:23 am
different women who are taking on the conservative agenda. they are fighting against the moral corruption of the west. they are defineing it as morality. look at the pictures. they are becoming even more conservative and holding women down. it stems from the same group of isis providing identity for people here. >>or this video, committing adultery issues. she is led by her father. we are not going to show the incident in the video. does this practice have widespread support in the mideast? is it at all acceptable? >> no. i grew up in iraq. iraq that i see today and that i hear about today and i visit today is significantly different
10:24 am
than the iraq i grew up with 20 years ago. this shift of consciousness, this shift of reality in a physical place. this was not accepted. either i grew up in the middle east where women drove and sang and did whatever. it is a shock to being for muslims and middle eastern and arabs to see what's happening in the region. >> i will go back to ottawa and wolf attackers here. how concerned should the u.s. be about the presence of isis online and being able to reach millions of would be attackers who are ready, willing, and able to follow whatever orders are given. >> i think the united states and all western nations and all civilized nations should be concerned about the ability for isis to reach millions of people over social media.
10:25 am
and here's the thing about it. often times they are not very good at what they are doing. they can take a firearm and kill people. they have the attack that gets into the media. multiple bombings and so forth. when you have a lone wolf with one firearm doing terrible damage, it's something that society can be resilient about. what they should be more concerned about is targeted operation by multiple attackers to attack the organization. >> hopefully more tools to break up the attack. thank you both so much. i appreciate both of your insights. >> thank you very much. >> up next, what is missing at the crucial political debates. we will have an unexpected answer for you in three minutes.
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>> welcome back. a striking trend emerging from the political debates in this year's critical races. an analysis found that white men have dominated the moderator seat in the biggest campaign debates. in the governor's races, 7 out of 10 debate moderators and panelists were men. the overwhelming majority were white. in top senate races, 92% of journalists asking questions were white. the numbers may be attributed to the number of women and minorities that we find working at the highest levels in the news industry. take a look at the other stories that caught our eye trending across social media. we have the daily spike and it's a political edition. we have allison grimes. recent polling had her down in the race. now maybe not so much. the democratic senate campaign
10:30 am
committee just poured over a half million into ad buys on her behalf according to politico and they said they could no longer afford to fund the ads for grimes making that a race to keep our eye on. senator gene shaheen and scott brown had the second of three debates. polling has them neck and neck a little bit more polling fund in the state of iowa, with a tiny two-point lead over braley. when we come back, we have something very special for you. we have ronan's exclusive interview with the impressive and delightful malala.
10:31 am
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10:35 am
trying to silence her calls for education. i had the pleasure of sitting down with her and her first interview since being awarded the nobel peace prize. i asked her about those conversations and why she took a stand against drone strikes in a private oval office conversation with president obama. >> my message was very simple. i said that instead of sending guns, send books. instead of sending weapons, send teachers. this was my simple message. i said the developed countries should start focusing on education and this is how we are going to develop and go forward. than the second of drone attacks. when it comes to drone attacks, it is true that two or three are being killed, but along with that, civilians are also targeted and this instead of like terrorists are killed, but terrorism is increased and
10:36 am
terrorism is spread more and more. terrorism will spread and more people will be terrorists because if a child's father is killed, that child can become a terrorist. we need to find other solutions against terrorism. we need to focus on education. what kind of education we have and the kind of society we have. do we give equal rights? why has this child become a terrorist and try to find a peaceful solution for it. >> what did president obama say to that message? >> the response was quite positive and i am hopeful that things will be done and when i was in pakistan and sometime people used to ask me what do you say to the prime minister? i said i want the to make sure every child goes to school, but i think the prime minister wouldn't be able to do it. i'm not going to request the
10:37 am
prime ministers anymore. when i grow up, i will be a prime minister and bring the change. >> what do you say to the argument that the drone strikes and the killings of the terrorists prevents the next act of terrorist violence against a school girl in pakistan? >> it is as i mentioned true that in drone strikes terrorists are killed, but does it really stop terrorism, that is the question. you can kill terrorists with drone attacks, but you cannot kill terrorism. rather than spending this money on the wars and the military things, spend it on education. that is the best way to fight against ignorance and terrorism and to fight against all these conflicts we are facing. that's what i ask. that there is a lot of money being spent on the military activities. if that money is spent on education. you will see a big change. >> what do you say for people who are searching for hope in the wrong places. several young american girls
10:38 am
arrested trying to join the isis fight. to fight on isis's behalf. a lot of young teens are vulnerable to that terrorist treatment, particularly online. what is your message to those young people? >> the important part of our life is questioning. we should ask questions. we should have this ability to say why. we are motivated quite easily and this is what was happening in pakistan because the scholar would pretend they know everything and they tell people this is the message and you have to kill. or the shia's views are different. you should kill all shias. we should encourage the youngster and the young generation and who said it to me. why should i kill someone else. why should i join a fight.
10:39 am
wars and conflicts, we are never going to help islam in any way. the killing of people. it's nothing. just killing people. >> what is your faith about? the proper use. >> the word islam means peace. it's a religion of peace and a religion of brotherhood and humanity and love and tolerance. i think this is the year we need to understand what real islam means. as far as i know, islam has always given the message of justice. i believe in islam and i'm proud to be a muslim, but there a few people who have shown this image of islam and they are misusing it for their personal benefits and they are saying what we are doing is right because we are doing it in the name of islam.
10:40 am
that is not true. we need to also give this message of what real islam says. >> up next, more of my interview with malala who reveals vivid memories of the terrorist attempt on her life.
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they actually doubled their output speed. if you just need a loan, just call a bank. at ge capital, we're builders. and what we know... can help you grow. malala is currently touring multiple countries as the youngest nobel peace prize winner in history. two weeks ago she received that honor. this week i asked her about the moment she found out it was hers. >> i was in my chemistry class and i was focusing on chemical reaction, et cetera, etc. one of my teachers came in and i was quite worried and thinking what have i done? she told me that i had won the nobel peace prize and it was a great onnor for me to hear this. it was an honor for me because not many women have won the nobel peace prize.
10:44 am
it was a great honor that a woman had won it and the youngest. it gives hope to young people who are working for education that yes, the work is appreciated and what they are doing for the cause of education matters. sometimes we think we are children and what we do may not have an impact. it shows our work has a good impact and it can bring change. that was also a great honor that the youngest person gets it. the youngest nominee ever. that was a great honor. >> take us inside being in birmingham as a british school girl. how are the friendships. do your friends roll your eyes when you talk about girls's education and do they get your message? are you popular? >> i am in a very good school and they are trying to treat me as a normal student. they don't say you are malala, it's fine. they say where is your homework.
10:45 am
i have no disability to make excuses and i don't get the opportunity to say i was very busy, i had a meeting and that's why i cannot prepare myself for the test. i don't have enough good excuses. they treat me like a normal student which is good in some ways and not good in some ways. >> can i write you a form saying you were at the summit if you have to be late for an assignment? >> they wouldn't accept it. when i got the nobel peace prize and i was busy and phone calls were coming and i couldn't complete my english homework. the teacher asked me where is your homework and i said i won the prize and i was quite busy. >> what are is that teacher's name? >> i wouldn't say, but i think i would get severe punishment. she replayed and i said i didn't do it because of this busy
10:46 am
schedule. she said so what. i said okay, i will do it tomorrow. >> can you take us back to the day that this all changed for you. the day when you were attacked. were you on a school bus route that you travel often? >> yes. i was in my school bus and with my -- like 20 girls on the school bus. i don't remember the incident. i sat on the bus and suddenly i woke up in birmingham in a hospital. i don't remember what happened in those days. >> what is the last memory you have of that day? >> talking to my friend, my best friend. we were discussing the next day's exam. at that time i had my exam. we were thinking about the next day and i didn't know the journey was so long it didn't end. i didn't return back home and i was thinking that i was two minutes away from my home and not yet.
10:47 am
i haven't gone to pakistan yet and i am hopeful i will go back and it's my dream to see my home and my school and my friends. >> i sohope so too, malala. did you notice anything a miss? was it different or another ride on the bus? >> for a few days i was feeling something can happen to me. strange feelings coming into my mind. usually the taliban would come to your house at night time. we hardly heard the news of killing people in the daytime. every night when i was asleep i would say prayers and i used to say a prayer and when you say it times, we believe that you build a boundary around yourself. if you say it times, it's around your home. when you say it more and more, it protects the city and the country and the world. i used to say it every night.
10:48 am
i believe god will protect me and our family and everyone. i did not want anyone retaliated. i wanted everyone to be safe. i was thinking that things would be okay. we were still living there and i was hopeful that things will be okay. >> 22% of girls who are in pakistan have completed primary school. 7.5% of girls in tribal areas are literate. those are startling odds, malala. what needs to change to make progress in pakistan? >> when you ask a parent why is your daughter not going to school, the answer you receive is that we are a poor family. we cannot afford and the schools do not have enough facilities and there no teachers. the school is not near to us. several other things that girls's educations are not important. girls are supposed to get
10:49 am
married. we have to fight all these issues. first of all, tell them what is the real message of religion islam. some people think islam is against girl's education which is not true. in islam, it is not only your right to get education, but it is your responsibility. you have to go and learn and get education. both men and women. that needs to be clarified. islam gives a message of learning. [ applause ] >> and up next, i a side of malala you may not have seen. she opens up about family and sibling rivalries. so guys -- it's just you and your honey.
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malala is one of the most famous teenagers in the world after terrorists tried to kill the activist. but she's also a teenage girl with all the drama and sibling rivalries that brings with it. this week, she gave me a rare
10:53 am
look inside her family's life. >> so i think i was a normal girl, wanting to become a doctor, was fighting with my brothers, which i am doing right now. i haven't stopped -- >> are your brothers in birmingham with you now? >> yes, they are, unfortunately, they are with us. >> sounds like my family. and are you close with them? >> we are together in the one house. i don't know. they like teasing me, they like annoying me. >> it's the role of brothers. we're very annoying. >> yes, and i'm the only sister. they don't try to thank god they have a sister. and they don't say, she's the only one, we should respect her, we should love her. they, and when i enter their rooms and say -- i tell him, are we doing your homework and he said just get lost. so that is their behavior and
10:54 am
their reaction, and they always play on ipads and those things. so i always tell them that you should focus on your education because when i go outside, i tell every child that education's very important for you, and you should focus on your education, but here in my home, i have two brothers who are not doing their homework. and so he -- the little one, he's -- so i had, someone sent me an ipod. and he saw it, unfortunately. then he started saying that he's only -- he was only 8 at that type, and he said, this friend has got an ipod, this friend has an ipod. everyone has it, i should have it, as well. i will need it. i'm an independent boy, i have the right to have it. and i was not giving it to him. i said focus on your studies. and then he started crying and shouting at me and said the world things, you are the bravest girl in this world. i say you are the most cruel girl in this world.
10:55 am
>> what about your relationship with your mother? she's taken a much more private role in this campaign of yours. has this at all been a difficult transition for her as i'm sure it would be for any mother with their child being so much in the crosshairs literally and still figuratively. >> my mother suffered through a big tragedy and trauma because it was really hard for her to imagine her daughter being shot. and she has cried a lot. and she has always prayed for me. and she loves me. and she's a very nice mother. and when she was little, she was 6, she started going to school. but then she realized all her friends were playing and enjoying their time. and she was the only girl in her class, the rest were boys. so she sold her books and bought some candies. she didn't get education. and now she's realized education is very important for her. and she has started going to school. it is english learning school, and she's learning every day, and she thinks that education is
10:56 am
very important for her. so she's inspiring me that education is very important and i should continue this campaign. so get education now at this age gives me more courage and, gives me strength. >> bravo to her. >> she is extraordinary. my thanks to a powerful malala for taking the time to share her story and forbes for hosting both of us. >> she's absolutely incredible. i love how she says she's just a normal girl wanting to become a doctor. amazing young woman, indeed. thank you, ronan, so much for that interview. and that wraps up things for this edition of "ronan farrow daily." up next, "the reid report" with my colleague joy reid.
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report." we begin this thursday with new developments on two fronts. the white house is dealing with another fence jumper. and security fears in the canadian capital after yesterday's deadly shooting on parliament hill. moments ago, the white house praised the quick response to last night's security scare, during which a 23-year-old maryland man scaled the north lawn fence only to be taken down by a secret service canine unit. and today in ottawa, stephen harper laid a wreath at the nation's war memorial in honor of slain soldier nathan cirillo. harper pled stricter surveillance measures while promising the country will not be intimidated. >> we will be vigilant, but we will not run scared. we will be prudent, but we will not panic. and as for the business of government. well, here we are in our seats, in our chamber in the very heart of our democracy and our work goes on.


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