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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 24, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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neosporin. buy three johnson & johnson first aid products and get a free bag. good friday morning, everybody. right now on "first look," ebola in america's most densely populated city. a 33-year-old doctor back less than a week from treating ebola patients in africa. breaking details in just a moment. a seriously disturbed hatchet wielding lo ining loner police officers in broad daylight. one remains in critical condition. >> chaos and confusion over the massive air bag recall continues to frustrate car owners. plus, two updates on man's best friend. the first on the canines wounded by the white house fence jumper. then the pets awaits the return of the canadian soldier killed on wednesday. good morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us on this friday. right now, new york is on alert. a new case of ebola in america.
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a u.s. doctor just back from the outbreak zone is hospitalized. he is 33-year-old craig spencer, a doctors without borders volunteer. this morning, this is where he is, in quarantine at bellevue hospital. according to city officials, dr. spencer showed signs of not feeling well a couple days before being admitted to bellevue with a fever. spencer rode the subway, used a car service, and visited a bowling alley. new yorkers now wondering, are we at risk? >> i think we can be pretty confident in saying to the public, you really don't have any kind of substantive chance for getting ebola from dr. spencer taking a subway ride or even eating at a restaurant unless there was direct contact with bodily fluids. >> and virus free nbc cameraman ashoka mukpo tweeting this out. i hope that as information comes out about the nyc case we
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remember he was a doctor who risked his life to help others. nbc's chris polone, is outside the hospital. >> city and state leaders are trying to convince the public that they're not at risk. new york city mayor bill de blasio confirms the ebola virus has arrived in the nation's most populous city. >> testing confirmed that a patient here in new york city had tested positive for ebola. the patient is now here in bellevue hospital. we want to state at the outset, there's no reason for new yorkers to be alarmed. >> that patient is 33-year-old doctor craig spencer. around noon thursday he notified the relief group he worked for, doctors without borders, that he was suffering from fever, nausea, and fatigue. within minutes, a hazmat team whisked him to bellevue hospital. >> he had a very orderly removal from his home.
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with emergency workers who were in full protective gear. he came here and had a very smooth transfer up to the isolation ward. >> dr. spencer returned to the u.s. last friday but had not yet returned to his job as an emergency room physician at columbia presbyterian hospital. the new york health department reported spencer had a 103-degree fever and notified officials as soon as he started feeling sick. >> we are aware that he has been in close contact with his fiance and with two friends. >> spencer went to a brooklyn bowling alley the night before he got sick. spencer's fiance is now in quarantine. two other friends are being monitor monitored. health experts insist no one outside of that group is in danger of contracting the disease. >> the more facts you know, the less frightening the situation is. >> it's unclear whether spencer will be moved to one of the hospitals that has successfully treated other u.s. ebola
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patients, but new york's mayor and governor say bellevue hospital is prepared and equipped to handle spencer's treatment. president obama has been briefed on this latest case of ebola. he has also spoken with the governor of new york and the mayor of new york city. a team from the centers for disease control is on its way here to monitor this case. in new york city, chris pollone. >> chris, thank you so much. well, ebola jitters have phoney remedies popping up all over the place. the fda is keeping a close eye on the internet. it is a hot spot for possible bogus products. things like snake venom and of course there's vitamin c. the fda told three companies to stop pushing these so-called cures. one company did drop the claim but is still selling the product. as new yorkers cope with ebola, another worry. a hatchet attack tied to terror. it happened in queens in broad daylight thursday. the ax-wielding man came out of nowhere. the four-inch blade struck one cop in the arm.
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another in the head, critically wounding that officer. as the man went to strike again, he was shot dead. the attack follows terror chatter on social media. extremists are encouraging attacks on military and the police. well, details continue to emerge from the deadly shootings near ottawa's war memorial and parliament building. corporal nathan cirillo was gunned down while he stood guard. his two dogs have been seen peering out from under a fence waiting for their master who is never coming home. such a sad sight. cirillo was a dog lover who posted many photos of his pets online. meanwhile, new video moments after corporal cirillo was shot. a car speeds toward parliament, the gunman gets out and runs toward the government building. he had reportedly used crack cocaine in the past and spent time in a homeless shelter. he tried at one point to get a passport to go to libya or syria. just last week he met his mother for lunch. reportedly it was the first time they'd seen one another in five
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years. after running into parliament, he was shot by a sergeant at arms, kevin vickers. on thursday, members of parliament gave vickers a standing ovation for his actions. federal aviation officials are heading to the site of just a horrific mid-air collision. it happened right outside of washington, d.c., near a public airport. three people on board a helicopter died after it collided with a small airplane. what you see here is the plane and parachute dangling from tree branches following that collision. two people on board the plane were treated for minor injuries. the helicopter was on a training flight. the plane was coming in for a landing at the airport. all right. so it was a rare sunset across much of the northern hemisphere. did you get a chance to see it? for those of you with cloudless skies, here's what that partial solar eclipse looked like, sped up, of course, about 240 times. but we could not help but get a bit of a halloween viek looking at some of the photos from across the u.s. while it was an eerie sight for
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sure, just wait until august 2017. that's our country's next total solar eclipse. so put it on the calendar. comedian zach galifianakis is once again between two ferns, and this time he's interviewing is actor brad pitt. the two sat down for this funny or die sketch. >> anyway, tell us about this movie "furry." >> it's "fury." >> it's not furry? >> no. >> is it hard for you to maintain a suntan? >> why? >> because you live in your wife's shadow. because i, too -- i had a romantic fling with someone -- [ coughing ] had a romantic fling that was -- >> that was my last piece.
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>> it was public and it got on my nerves and she kind of outshined me. >> that was my last piece. >> i had the same thing with condy rice. >> oh, really? >> tell me what it was like the first time that you laid eyes on angelina. was it like one of those classical love stories. i don't know, like when ross first saw rachel. you know that show "friends," have you seen that? ♪ i'll be there for you when the rain starts to fall ♪ >> i like that song. >> okay, the gum exchange, it looked real, didn't it? kind of grosses me out. we're going to move to sports now. we begin with thursday night football. a marquee matchup. broncos versus the chargers. emanuel sanders connects with peyton manning for a career high three touchdowns and nine receptions. denver was up 35-21 in the
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fourth. when you see manning very frustrated trying to quiet the cheering crowd before the play. turns out his problem was not with the fans. >> i got a problem with our scoreboard operator. i got to have a little talk with him. showing players dancing, getting the crowd fired up while we have the ball. i don't think we should be doing that. >> wonder if that guy is going to keep his job. well, manning finished 25 of 35 for 286 yards in a 35-21 victory over the chargers. the lakers announced that steve nash is out for the season and may be calling it a career. it's due to complications with nerve damage in his back, reportedly from carrying bags. the 40-year-old future hall of fame guard played in just 15 games last year, suffering from a similar injury. a riot broke out in indonesia following a soccer match between two local teams. hundreds of fans clashed with riot police, unhappy with the results of the game that ended in a 1-1 draw.
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the riot quickly spread to the streets. one fan was killed and at least a dozen were injured. and more high-risk soccer in france following a match between leal and everton. police used tear gas and fired warning shots to disperse fans. trouble brewed after police tried to arrest an unruly everton fan. >> and the political world is remembering a great political insider. frank mankiewicz passed away. he died from heart failure. his face became familiar to the nation as press secretary for president kennedy's white house run. in 1972, he led george mcgovern's losing presidential bid. his father hermann won an oscar for writing "citizen kain." he was 90 years old. [ narrator ] mama sherman and the legion of super fans.
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welcome back to "first look." quick update on your weekend
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forecast. thankfully the nor'easter that brought us all the problems the last couple days will slowly be exiting. i say slowly because it's still raining in much of massachusetts, new hampshire, and portions of maine. we're going to clear it out slowly throughout the day. also rain for you early this morning if you're heading out in the miami area. you're going to get some downpours and slow commutes. as far as the forecast this weekend, if there's a beautiful spot out there, it's from denver to kansas city, st. louis, chicago, minneapolis, to dallas. it feels like early fall, late summer in some cases. we should be nearing 90 in dallas by the time we get to saturday. beautiful weather on saturday for the entire east coast. even new england should be great. leaves at their peak in the central appalachians. even by sunday, it's a really nice fall weekend, especially after what we just got done with. >> we deserve this. thank you. well, chaos and confusion over the massive air bag recall impacting 16 million cars worldwide. officials say get your car fixed right away because the problem is supplies are limited.
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nbc's tom costello has more. >> reporter: after four deaths and dozens of injuries, today many dealers say they don't have the replacement air bag parts and don't know when they will. in texas, chrysler dealer david tremmer says it could take months. >> as far as what we're getting from the manufacturers right now, there's nothing. >> reporter: for drivers, growing anxiety. russ raiders' bmw is on the recall list. a top executive at the insurance institute for highway safety, he's not taking any chances. >> i'm planning to get my car fixed next week. until then, i'm not going to put anybody in the passenger's seat. >> reporter: under fire, the national highway traffic safety administration which earlier this week urged drivers in humid climates to get their cars fixed fast since humidity is thought to play a role in the defect. they then raised the number of affected drivers in those states. two democratic senators wrote the secretary of transportation alarmed by the conflicting advice, singling out humid
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states, they say, makes no sense. >> there needs to be a national recall and car owners need to be provided with loaners or rental cars at no cost to them. >> an example of who senator ted cruz surrounds himself with and another sign we'll see elizabeth warren run for the white house, maybe. scrambled politics is next.
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time now for a getaway friday edition of scrambled politics. was it too far too soon?
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one of ted cruz's staffers has his social media foot in his mouth. he tweeted, before obamacare, there had never been a confirmed case of ebola in the u.s. he deleted it and issued an apology. earlier tweet was a bad joke. from "the daily beast," the gop has a new darling, but he lives in canada. conservatives are, quote, swooning, over prime minister steven harper. the executive editor of the weekly standard says he's the most powerful conservative leader in the america's north and south. some consider her one of the most promising democrats in north america. so could it be elizabeth warren 2016? the massachusetts senator told "people" magazine, quote, i don't think so, saying if there's any lesson i've learned in the last five years, it's don't be so sure about what lies ahead, there are amazing doors that could open. and when it comes to minimum wage, labor secretary tom perez says new jersey governor chris christie has his head, quote,
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stuck in the sand. asor the country's low federal wage floor, he said bluntly, we suck. we really do. conservative group american future fund is buying ads for north carolina libertarian senate candidate sean hall. we'll just call them unique. >> get haugh. >> legalize it. >> more weed, less war. vote haugh. >> get high, vote haugh. well, a master of impressions is taking his turn with the president. here's former "snl" cast member dayna carvey as barack obama. >> this is what we want took like that. stop crinkling the bank is a good one for him. that's what we don't need. we don't knee pineapples. we need strategic partners and coalition parters bop bee bop. >> that is your morning dish of scrambled politics.
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let's go to washington now. i'm joining by reporter for "the hill." happy friday. can you say that in your best obama impersonation? >> i am not a comedian, no. what about you? >> no, i can't do it very well. so let's move on to this. monica lewinsky has been back in the spotlight saying she was, quote, patient zero for viral scandals following her affair with president clinton. turns out a new government report may kind of support that because it shows that she was actually mistreated by authorities, right? >> this is an explosive government report that has just been released. pretty much it says that when the fbi confronted her in a shopping mall right before this scandal really took on -- escalated to the next level, they said they could have handled it better. she asked to bring her attorney into this meeting, and they did not -- she did not have her attorney present for this. her mother was present for this meeting in a shopping mall.
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this was for a couple of hours in which they granted it her immunity, but it was a very intense situation, to say the least, for a then 24-year-old former white house intern. >> yeah, it also reads she was crying, she was screaming, asking for her attorney. they asked for her to wear a wire. she refused. so does this give her more fuel in her new campaign to help stop cyber bullying? >> well, you know, that's interesting, and i reported on this earlier this week. when you talk to advocates in the cyber bullying community, which is a huge issue with more than half of adolescents in america reporting that they have been cyber bullied, i think that remains to be seen. but either way, i think that the issue of cyber bullying is a conversation that the country needs to have, and whether or not monica lewinsky is the right messenger for that is unknown. >> all right, kevin. you have a great weekend. thanks for your insight this morning. >> you too. thanks for having me. coming up, the video you
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our priority is...was... mormal snap jebby rolbanma jebby deetle flosh. [laughter] eh. now's the time to get in the loop. just look for our fall tv picks with xfinity on demand. quickly find the season's hottest shows, with a handpicked collection all in one place. only from xfinity. jim thorp's remains to stay in pennsylvania town after legal battle. a federal appeals court threw out a lower court ruling that would have allowed thorpe's sons to move his body to native american land in oklahoma. jim thorpe was a football, baseball, and track star who won the decathlon and pentathlon in the olympics. he died in 1953. ? >> and meet the secret service canines who took down the latest
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23-year-old fence jumper. he's shown on this video punching and kicking two secret service dogs wednesday night. the dogs, hurricane and jordan, ultimately took him down. the secret service highlighted them on its twitter account, saying they sustained only minor injuries. and here's some other stories we are following. a new survey sponsored by the national institute of justice shows more than 60% of teens, both girls and boys, have been either the victim or predator in an abusive relationship. the marijuana industry could be worth an estimated $35 billion by the year 2020 if all 50 states and the federal government legalizes it. that's according to a report from green wave advisers. in this upcoming election season, alaska, oregon, and the district of columbia will vote on legalizing pot. and meet a 33-year-old ape living at the primate learning center in iowa. he's learned how to build a
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fire. look at that. he lit a match and lit that fire. he's even roasting marshmallows. this ape has been surrounded by humans for years, so it's really no surprise that he's taken some of human characteristics. it just shows how similar we are to one another. >> that's like second-year boy scouts. learning how to do the fire. >> on that video, if you see the end, he takes his water bottle and puts out the fire. >> that's amazing. >> he's a responsible ape, right, not starting any forest fires. all right. well, in the new season of comedians and cars getting coffee, jerry seinfeld stops by the crackle offices. turns out the president is someone jerry knowings. >> jerry, you've heard of netflix and hulu. >> oh, sure. they're very popular. >> well, we're not. it's because we're being held down by snap and pop. now, either we limb nate them or go down with them. >> i'm very confused. >> so am i.
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is that where cramer went? is that what happened to him? >> ceo of crackle. >> all right. this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" with thomas roberts starts right now. have a great friday. today testing confirmed that a patient here in new york city had tested positive for ebola. the patient is now here in bellevue hospital. we want to state at the outset, there is no reason for new yorkers to be alarmed. >> a new york city doctor diagnosed with ebola after returning from west africa. we'll go live to bellevue hospital for the very latest. t-minus 11, just days to go until the 2014 midterms. polls show many races are too close to call. and another edition of "between two ferns." this time zach galifianakis interviews a well-known actor he
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calls bradley pitts. joe is here. this is "way too early." >> you don't even know that guy, who that guy is. he is hilarious. you see the clip? >> it's amazing. >> unbelievable. >> good morning, everybody. it's friday, october 24th. welcome to "way too early." thomas is off this morning. >> that guy never works. >> no, he's lazy. >> unbelievable. >> we begin this morning in new york city, where a doctor who recently returned from west africa has tested positive for the ebola virus. at this hour, dr. craig spencer is being treated at bellevue hospital. he is the fourth case diagnosed in the u.s. and the first outside of texas. here's what we currently know. dr. spencer is an emergency room doctor who was working in guinea for the group doctors without borders. he returned to the united states on october 17th. officials say he did not return to work but within the past couple of days, he did ride the


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