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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 28, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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today, by 60.5 feet, right at the plate. best new thing in the world. that does it for us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow from colorado where we have a big show lined up. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. colorado where we have a big show lined up. "first look" is next. >> right now on "first look" cdc releases new guidelines on people who come in contact with ebola. as new jersey's governor defends his decision to force a nurse into quarantine. a disaster creeps towards dozens of hawaiian residents in the path of a lava flow. >> britain's prime minister has a run in with a jogger raising concerns about his security detail. walmart apologizes for an offensive section on his website. >> the tortoise that swallowed a turtle. good morning. thanks so much for joining us today. right now quarantined out of africa and now in isolation, the u.s. military team is being held in italy.
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doctors watching for any signs of ebola. and that quarantine cave in, was it political pressure? here's what governor chris christie told kelly o'donnell. >> any pressure from the white house? >> no truth to it at all and by the way if they did it wouldn't change my mind anyway. >> nbc's tracie potts is live in washington with more on this. any push for just one set of quarantine rules for everyone? >> reporter: betty, the white house is back being off that giving states some leeway and as of this morning we're watching a couple of different cases, the new york doctor who has been diagnosed, the 5-year-old in new york who has been cleared and a possible case being watched here in maryland. the biggest concern now how to treat health care workers coming home from west africa. >> whatever guidelines or policies put in place should not unduly burden health care workers operating in west africa
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in very difficult situations. they are putting themselves at risk to try to meet needs of other people. >> reporter: after speaking out publicly, hiring a lawyer and threatening a federal lawsuit nurse kaci hickox was released from a new jersey hospital. she's spending the rest of her 21 day quarantine at home in maine. she was immediately isolated despite having no fever or symptoms. >> what happened with nurse kaci hickox was disrespectful to a hero. >> reporter: new jersey's governor defends that decision. >> my first job is to protect the health and safety of the people of new jersey. to me it was not a difficult decision. >> reporter: the military has decided typical pose a 21 day quarantine on returning troops. with different states making different decisions the cdc issued new guidelines clarifying travellers by risk. people with direct exposure to ebola will be asked to monitor for fevers twice a day but not forced into quarantine.
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that's because the cdc's guidelines are just that. they are recommendations, betty, they are not mandatory. >> a lot of this is very confusing for a majority of people. okay. thank you. this morning hawaii on high alert. a slow moving disaster is creeping closer to homes. the line of red hot lava is the 2,000 degrees, just imagine that. people in its path are told to get out now. here's hallie jackson. >> reporter: in hawaii they call this the will of pele. it's now moving dangerously close thunderstorms with some refusing to leave. >> i have my trailers ready but i'm not putting anything on them until the guy across the street's house is burning. >> reporter: on the lava's leading edge, me in this explosion. >> they can be very violent.
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literally blow the ground open. >> reporter: the molten river wider than a football field moving slower than a snail's pace but unrelentsing, threatening 50 houses. people are already choosing to leave their homes. the lava less than 100 yards from the closest property. this family loaded up their final few boxes. >> we live on an island that we have an active volcano so we know this is a possibility. you just acclimate. >> reporter: in the daylight you can see smoke from the lava flow and that's why these crews are rerouting the power poles. they want to make sure that even if the lava does cross this street people here will still have a chance of getting electricity. it's a slow motion natural disaster they saw coming for weeks and miles. the dangerous flow triggered by a volcanic eruption on the big island of hawaii four months ago and since then the lava has
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grown closer and closer to the town of pahoa. here they watch and wait, hoping pele will spare them knowing they can't do nothing to stop her. hallie jackson, hawaii. we do have some new information about last week's deadly school shooting near seattle, washington. the gunman, jaylen fryberg sent a text message to all five victims asking them to sit with him at launch. then he shot them at their table in the cafeteria. detectives are going over months of text messages and phone records. fryberg committed suicide shortly after. two of his victims died. three others remained hospitalize p.m. police in britain are come under fire what some say is a breach of security. kameron was leaving a meeting when a jogger almost ran into him. the man came within inches of kameron. the jogger later told bbc news
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he no idea it was the prime minister. he was just on his daily lunch time jog. there is more proof, folks, that the star spa"the star-span is hard to sing. now lead singer is apologizing for messing up during sunday's night world series game. ♪ what so proudly we hail ♪ were so gallantly streaming if you think some players had weird looks on their faces that's because the words were wrong. aaron lewis forgot some of the words. he apologized saying i hope everyone can understand the intensity of the situation and my true intent of this performance. that's an interesting way to put it because mtv is reminding us back in 2011 lewis actually dis
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chrissina aguilera for messing up the lyrics to that same song. nasa will give it another go today after a bumpy monday. first while the international space station was waiting for a resupply rocket it had to dodge some space junk floating in orbit. an old russian satellite and passed within a fifth of a mile. easy to understand when you see how much is up there. then this. what about that rocket? it never arrived. still sitting in virginia. the launch was delayed to tonight after a boat meandered too close to the boat launch. file this under no. really? veterinarians see a little bit of everything. but this one in miami got a unique surprise. a turtle inside a tortoise. yes. check out the x-ray. turns out lola swallowed a turtle shaped necklace.
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the good news is lola will be okay. the bad news it will take a few days for lola to pass that turtle. sounds a little painful. now let's take you to sports. a big monday night football match up between nfc east rifles red kins and cowboys. tony rom jo left in the third after injuring his back. then a battle of the back up qbs. >> jackson separating. and hauling it in! quarterback drama, touchdown! pass protection -- there -- dallas touchdown! >> romo later returned but the game went into over time. redskins win it. that snaps my dallas cowboys six game winning streak. a chinese table tennis pro
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is stripped of his $45,000 prize money for this. check it out. his destructive behavior. after winning a point at the world cup tournament in germany. that's not how you celebrate, my friend. check out this epic court prediction on the 76ers court. it simulates the collapse of the court with every ring of the liberty bell. very cool. looks pretty real. just ahead one week until voters head to the polls. and steve kornacki explains why things may not be decided on election day.
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welcome back. on this tuesday we do have some rain to deal with as you head out the door this morning and all of that will work its way to the east coast tomorrow. the worst of it out there this morning went through st. louis, if you're in illinois heading up to chicago towards indianapolis. but tell you what. enjoy the warmth. really appreciate it from areas from new york city to philly southward because this weekend
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things get much, much colder. so last really warm day that we're going to have for a while. here's a look at the current radar. raining in st. louis. chicago you're also done with the rain. detroit, cleveland, indianapolis, columbus, cincinnati, this will slide your way late today. could be an area of severe weather from erie southward into pittsburgh. damaging winds with stronger storms. there's the forecast. 82 in washington, d.c. that is just gorgeous. as i mentioned that rain today is going to tomorrow be over the top of us. it will cool it off and this upcoming weekend there's still a chance of snow, maybe snowstorm in areas of new england. so we'll watch that as we get closer. >> good for those frozen costumes. thank you. there's just one week until the mid-term elections. steve kornacki explains why everything might not be decided next tuesday night. >> reporter: so we were talk
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about what a suspenseful election night this will. we don't know which party will have control of the senate. two states are the reason. i'll show you which ones. we'll go the big board. in yellow you have the battleground. ten states, ten senate races that are up in the air. volatile. in some of these states one candidate has moved fairly significantly ahead. right now we can start coloring in some states to make assumptions to illustrate that point. for instance in new hampshire, jean shaheen the democrat has been running ahead, could still get caught but we'll give her the state for right now. same thing for kay hagan in north carolina. two states seem to be democrat. republicans kentucky mitch mcconnell, mark pryor looks like in grave political danger in arkansas. mary landrieu running behind in
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louisiana in terms of a runoff. alaska another one tough to poll. expectation the republican is ahead. let's pause. we'll throwing in some more obvious ones. where does that leave you? republicans at 49. they need to get to 51. if they get 51 seats they have the majority they control the senate. look at this map. what do you see? i see two red states. georgia and i see kansas. kansas a state that has not voted for a nonrepublican for the u.s. senate since 1932. 82 years. georgia, a very republican state. neither one of these states at the start of this year where many people talked about being in play at the end of october yet here we are. nobody was talking about kansas. because the democrats got their candidate out, because republican pat roberts was more vulnerable now this independent candidate greg orman very much in position to beat pat roberts this could deny the republicans a seat. at the start of the year they assumed they had. david perdue in georgia has
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stepped in and outsourcing running against michele nunn the daughter of a very famous georgia politician. she has taken lead, slight but taken the lead in the polling average. a state that republicans figured at the start of this year was theirs. if those assumptions held if these states didn't go crazy in the last few months republicans would have georgia, republicans would have kansas, no sweat, recognizes are at 51. this thing is over before we get to colorado and iowa. instead because david perdue has spend up, because michele nunn is running a good campaign, because of all that chaos in kansas republicans are stuck at 49. we start making assumptions and you got a real battleground and real suspense on election night. just ahead the end of an era for toronto's rob ford. scrambled politics is next. gott. gott. i just talked to ups. they got expert advise, special discounts,
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the countdown is on as we mentioned we're exactly one week away from the mid-terms so time for some scrambled politics. rob ford is the former mayor of toronto although his brother doug ran for the position in his place. conservative john torri won the election. rob won a city council seat. here he is. >> four more years, you're going to see another example of the ford family never ever, ever, ever giving up. >> as for the 2016 elections in the u.s., the u.s. chairman of
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the republican national committee has some fighting words for that potential democratic front-runner, you know who. >> there would be no one you would want more to run against than hillary clinton and on top of it she's not really good at politics. >> shortly after new york mayor's bill de blasio's address on ebola comments about the man doing sign language. that's not the most interesting part about him. he's deaf himself. and facebook and buzz feed got together to find out what republicans and democrats like the most. democrats like the beatles. republicans like george strait. both like the band journey. the left likes rachel maddow, the right likes "duck dynasty." everybody likes the voice. joining us now, our political
2:21 am
analyst. >> journey and "the voice." >> you can't lose with that. speaking of losing, hillary clinton said something at a rally in boston that, well she's kind of back tracking. here's what she said. she said don't let anybody tells you corporations and businesses create jobs. now she's changing that tune and back tracking a lit. what's this all about. >> first of all it was dumb. i don't think she really meant that. companies, whether you like companies or not they do create some jobs as we've discovered and please we need more of them. but listen. it was a stupid thing she said on the campaign trail. she's trying to edge against elizabeth warren just a little bit. there's a lot of passion amongst progressive democrats. >> talking about the tax breaks specifically and that got left out? >> that's right. really i think it's kind of a way to say i'm a progressive dem too. her record is not that progressive on those issues.
2:22 am
>> with the countdown to mid-terms really edging closer by the minute, wisconsin governor scott walker is doing a little back tracking of his own. first he said governor christie if you want to come and help campaign thanks it's not needed. he may be changing his tune. >> now they are best friends. listen he's a little frustrated. democrats pumped a lot of money into wisconsin. his race is very, very close. really at this point it could go either way. he's frustrated about the support he's gotten from national republicans. they are likely to be competitors in 2016 in the presidential run so the sharp elbow maybe is going in both directions. >> we're looking at these mid-term elections and seems like the white house -- this is what we're hearing already discussing ways to actually cut deals with a republican majority in the senate. is this true? >> listen, the fact that you're planning for something, betty, doesn't mean you want something. or preparing or trying to
2:23 am
scheme. listen, clearly the white house is desperately hoping that that doesn't happen but hey if you look at the polls there's a fair chance of it and they better get planning on it because that may be the reality we're facing. >> could be the plan b that you got to possibly put into action. >> or c or d or e. >> have several of those plans ready. >> don't rule it out yet. >> thank you for your insight. still ahead why retail giant walmart is apologizing for its halloween costume section on its website. plus how this pup, check this out is melting hearts across america. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. and now telcos using hp big data solutions are feeling the love, too. by offering things like on-the-spot data upgrades -- an idea that reduced overcharge complaints by 98%. no matter how fast your business needs to adapt,
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. leading the news on, bp oil spill left rhode island size bathtub ring on sea floor. a new study estimates about 10 million gallons of oil is on the floor of the gulf of mexico around the deepwater horizon oil rig. some doctors worried about taking insurance exchange patients. they often have lower reimbur reimbursement rates. some doctors are limiting how many they are taking. trial date for james holmes has been postponed for a fifth time. his attorneys need more time to evaluate a second report on holmes' sanity. jury selection is now scheduled for late january. walmart has apologized for listing plus-size halloween
2:28 am
costumes on his website under a category labelled "fat girl costumes." really? people took to social media as you can imagine to slam the retail giant. the category has since been relabelled. and here's a picture that's melting the hearts of just about everyone and how could it not. this puppy is the latest addition to the boston police k-9 force and he's got a little more growing to do before he can fit into his bullet proof vest. now, there are bad drivers and then, of course, there's this person. >> is this what you would do. >> watch as this clumsy driver attempts to back out of a parking space only to hit the car next to him over a dozen times. >> the car they are hitting is really small. >> i can understand once to tap it slightly but over a dozen times. after the man is able to exit the spot he simply drives off. don't worry the man has been ticketed by the traffic department. just be thankful that he did not
2:29 am
park next to you. can you imagine? >> you would have stopped and left a note on the car to call you. >> yes. i didn't pass my parallel parking part of the exam either so i'm not a very good driver myself. i'm betty nguyen, this is "first look" on msnbc. i'm happy that the nurse from maine is not ill. glad she doesn't have ebola. i hope it doesn't develop in the next period until the 21 day period is over. i'm glad she can be comfortable and back in her home where she wants to be. i think upon reflection she will understand. but my job is to protect the health and safety of new jersey and the region and that's the only reason i made the decision i made and i wouldn't make the decision differently. >> that nurse kaci hickox heads home after involuntary quarantine in new jersey. hindsight become 20/20 vision. who will be right, kaci hickox
2:30 am
or christie. put me in i'm ready to play says joe biden at a minor league ballpark. is the nation's number two talking about baseball or 2016? what's that now? jimmy fallon and charles barkley play a hilarious effect. do you have the skills to master their charades game. a former nba hall of famer going against fallon. this is "way too early". look at the new open. new pictures. we like that. good stuff. that was jimmy fallon doing the teenage my tiautant turtle thin. i'm thomas roberts. it's tuesday, october 2th. welcome to tv. it's three words. what is it.


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