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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  October 28, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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hospital in atlanta. we'll announce that the dallas nurse is ebola free and will be released today after nearly two weeks after intensive life saving treatment. also, developing this morning doctors say a patient brought into the university of maryland medical center in baltimore last night does not have ebola. and a 5-year-old boy rushed to bellevue hospital in new york has tested negative. this morning doctors without borders nurse casekaci hickox i back home in maine after a three-day quarantine that ign e ignited a nationwide debate on how to respond to people returning from the west africa ebola zone. more than half a dozen states have issued their own guidelines including mandatory quarantines. even the army has decided to place soldiers into isolation after they return from their humanitarian mission in liberia. with so many states doing their own thing, the cdc issued new guidelines and created four new risk categories for people
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returning home from ebola outbreak countries. but on the "today" show, new jersey governor chris christie clearly was not impressed. >> the cdc has been -- this newest guidance, from my perspective, is incredibly confuse. we're not moving an inch. our policy hasn't changed and our policy will not change. >> nbc gabe gutierrez is live outside of emery university hospital. safe are -- sarczasara dallof o bellevue hospital. >> amber vinson, the second nurse infected with ebola after treating thomas eric duncan in dallas she's expected to speak at the afternoon press conference but take no questions. much like her colleague, the first nurse infected, nina pham was released from the national
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institute of health. she got a hug from president obama. it was amber vinson that got a lot of attention. she flew commercial my from dallas to ohio to visit some family members and plan her wedding. it was before she returned home that she called the cdc and self-reported that low grade fever but allowed to return back to texas. then she came here once she was diagnosed with ebola to emery university hospital on october 15th. and emery, as you know, has proven they can do this. they have treated successfully several patients with ebola now. there were the aid workers, dr. kent brantly and nancy writebol as well as the unidentified w.h.o. doctor who contracted ebola while works in sierra leone. all have been successfully treated and released. today we expect amber vinson, the fourth patient with ebola to be released from emery university hospital. a lot of people looking forward to hearing from her publicly for the first time.
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>> gabe gutierrez, thank you so much. sara dallof is outside bellevue hospital where dr. craig spencer is the only person in the u.s. being treated for ebola. good morning, how is he doing this morning? >> good morning, jose. dr. spencer is entering his fifth full day of treatment here. at last update he was in stable but serious conditions. we are expecting more details on him a little later afternoon. also inside the 5-year-old little boy who tested negative for ebola yesterday. health officials said they're going to keep him a couple more days, do a few more tests out of an abundance of caution. nurse kaci hickox who has become the face of the quarantine debate with returning health care workers is at an undisclosed location in maine. she's going wait out the remain of her 21-day quarantine in maine. hour, her lawyer thinks she's going to be out sooner than
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that. he's hoping in the next day or so. he's talking to state authorities. he's pointing to the cdc guidelines which suggest monitoring but not quarantining returning health care workers who show no signs or symptoms of ebola map we have here is health officials, politicians, and health care workers trying to navigate these very complicated situations for the first time here in the u.s. back to you. >> and i'm wondering since craig spencer got that blood transfusion from miss writebol, has his condition been updated? >> they have not updated it other than to say he tolerated the transfusion very well and the day after that he had a very good night. they said he slept well, had a good night right after receiving the transfusion. we've seen blood transfusions, jose, given in several cases. we know dr. sacra received one. dr. kent brantly went on to give some of the transfusions himself received one in africa while he was in africa from a young boy he helped cure.
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there's science that said the anti-bodies in the blood transfusion can help people fight off the ebola virus. it's something we're seeing here that doctors are studying, working to see exactly what kind of a help it gives. as they study the science and experimental medications, really a, a lot they're learning here. >> sara dallof, thank you so much for the live report in manhattan. let's bring in assistant professor at lsu health sciences center and tulane medical center. kaci hickox officials say she has to be quarantined at home for 21 days. her lawyer is going to try to get it reduced. is that necessary? >> well, let me tell you this, i think it's time for everyone to look through a pragmatic lens when it comes to the new cdc guidelines and the nurses and doctors that have been exposed. people don't like to talk about this. we know that public health has always been, what?
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a combination of public outcry, science, and politics. and if no matter how much people don't want to talk about that. we have to be real. because, you know, in sainz i'm -- science i'm a scientist. i tend to look at the best case scenario for a exposure. public health tends to look at the worst case scenario. there's a risk benefit analysis that has to be done. if you go to the new cdc guidelines they made waters even murki murkier. they look at the high risk patient coming back. the person who took care of an active ebola case and recommend the quarantining but self-quarantining for 21 days. so am i supposed to think that self-quarantining means that i will be on the honor system and won't go outside even though someone is checking on me? or should it be i have someone monitoring me and someone is watching me and i can't go outside. we have to understand it's all about the public safety. it's about public safety and
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even though we can't unfire this gun, so we have to take that into consideration. >> all right. so let's talk about this cdc guidelines. the fact of the matter is when you have a guideline come out, you figure that it's going to be clear and to the point and you're saying it muddles things up even more. how should we be dealing with this to make it clear? more clear? >> well, let's be clear about what the cdc does. cd k issues guidelines but they don't issue rules that can be enforce. they're not enforcing agency. so they issue guidelines and people choose whether they want to deal with the guidelines and accept them. nobody has to deal with them as evidenced by new york, new jersey, and several other states. i mean, let's look at it very, very clear. if dr. spencer got on the train and he had a 100.3 fever. and two laters he got off the train with a higher fever and threw up on someone sitting next to him.
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that snais wants to back that 100% say there's no way for that person to have gotten ebola from dr. spencer and vomiting on him. would he want to sit next to him? no. that's what we have to think about. we have to think about realistical realistically. nobody wants to be exposed. the new guide -- we're talking about the people that come back from ebola-ridden west africa. what do they need to do? because that's the only people who are really talking about. >> that's right. dr. cory, what a pleasure having you. it's good to see you. >> thank you so much. i want to turn a little bit toward the count down to the 2014 midterms now exactly one week ago. and whatever happens could have some big implication particularly in the u.s. senate. moderator of nbc's meet the press chuck todd has been traveling the country on the "meet the voters tour" and checks in from the latest stop in georgia. good morning, chuck. >> the battle for the senate
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boils down is it a national environment or a democratic successfully turned some of the campaigns into quote, unquote choice elections. if you go across the senate map, the republican closing argument is the same. whether it's scott brown in his closing argument talking about jane shaheen voting 99% of the time with president obama. talking about cay hagan and how much she voted with president obama. or look at tom cotton and his closing ad is about barack obama. you can't go into a senate race and see a republican campaign not closing with the barack obama argument. on the democratic side, it's a much more complicated closing argument and the question is do they successfully turn them into choice elections and push back on the national referendum? for instance, i was in north carolina. why does kay hagan look like she's in a stronger position when in comparison -- she could lose. but in comparison to the other
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red state democratic incumbent. e's trying to run against tom tillis and his record in raleigh and raleigh republicans and the issue of education. let's take what i'm doing here in georgia. covering this nunn purdue race. there's not an incumbent on the ballot. the republican candidate here, david purdue, is trying to tie michelle nunn to national democrats. talking about her as obama's hand pick senate candidate. she's trying to make a referendum on david purdue's business record. you go to colorado and you have cory gardener and mark udall. closing with obama. udall trying to make it about other issues. other issues specific with cory gardener. for instance, he spent a lot of time on the personhood amendment and things that are important to women when it comes to ive rights. there's sort of the national breeze that blows in the republican direction and they win all of these senate races in
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some sort of two or three point fashion and it jump starts them or democrats successfully turn it into choice election in places and enough places like a north carolina. like a colorado, like a georgia, and then, of course, get an upset say in a kansas that goes their way with the independent and essentially still have a lose the national environment to the republicans but hold off on enough senate seats to hold the senate. that's basically the battle for the senate in a nutshell. >> chuck todd, thank you so much. you know, with these races so close, it's important to reaffirm that every single vote counts. and an important digital note, the moment we get off the air here at 11:00 a.m. eastern, 8:00 a.m. pacific i'll head from the studio to the keys. the keyboard that is. for the live chat on latinos, the midterms, and everything else on your mind. twitter handle is @jdb msnbc.
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one week away from the midterms. what race are you most interested in? i want to bring in msnbc political correspondent casey hunts and david. thank you for being with me this morning. >> thank you, jose. >> that was really our question and we got one request. let's talk about florida and the govern governor's race. the one with the fan. why don't we start there, david? >> what better place to start? >> yeah. >> casey, go ahead. >> sorry. >> no. the fan situation down in florida, i mean, i think what you're seeing there, i mean, this comeback from charlie crist is remarkable. he's on stage with bill clinton we once called on to resign. and rick scott struggling at across as somebody who is young likable, who cares a about the voters.
7:17 am
he didn't seem to come across as somebody that handled the fan situation very well. you know, i think that it's also interesting in light of scott's business experience, his experience with health care and the way that issue has played out in florida. >> and david, how do you see the race in florida in the fact that scott would be considering putting in his own money in what is already one of the most expensive races of all time here in the sunshine state? how do you see it? >>, i mean. putting in his own money is what saved him the first time when a lot of people thought he wasn't going to be able to win. he is sort of doubling down on this. but, look, you talk to democrats and the question is are they that enthusiastic about charlie crist? i think that's his issue. he used to, a republican. i talked to one florida democrat in recent weeks who basically said, you know, can we trust him? is he going deliver on the progressive issues that we want? so that's why you see this thing as a stalemate. it's a coin flip here into the
7:18 am
last week. >> yeah, and kasey you got back from new hampshire where you talked to both candidates. one of the questions you asked was about president obama and his influence in the race. here is what they told you. >> you know you and scott brown keep wanting to make this race about the president but this race is about new hampshire. i know, why scott brown doesn't want to talk about new hampshire because he hasn't been here. he hasn't worked for the people of this state. >> the president made it very clear he understands that people are going to be running away from him. they're going to be hiding and not being associated with him. but he also said once she and others get re-elected they'll be behind him. >> you know kasey the problem is you. how much is the president's policies with factors? >> president obama is not popular in new hampshire. he's down around 39% in recent poll which is is lower than president obama's national approval rating. and new hampshire is a state where voters pay very close
7:19 am
attention to their elections especially in the final weeks. you've seen it play out as the president had to grapple with crisis after crisis, whether it was isis, whether it was ebola. those are things that scout brown has successfully seized on to keep the race in the final days. you also have to remember senator shaheen outperforms barack obama. she's still above 50% in the approval rating. which is a strong position for one of the senate democrats to be. you're seeing across the map other democrats that are strug thing that are far below 50. marc pryor in arkansas. >> huge race in kentucky. mcconnell reached a new ad with a familiar element. let's listen to that. >> and blood hound. >> that's not going to work. maybe it's enough to say mitch fights for kentucky. >> maybe this isn't such a bad idea. i'm mitch mcconnell and i
7:20 am
approve this message. >> mcconnell won his 1984 domain features blood hounds. ahead by about four points. is the senate minority leader going to cruise to re-election? >> no. i don't think he's going to cruise. i think he has an advantage here. but it's a slight advantage. look, there's conflicting evidence in kentucky in the last couple of weeks. the senate senate campaign arm initially pulling out some money but then about a week later putting money back in. you also have mcconnell diving into his own personal war chest and writing himself a $1.8 million check. so it seems like even some of the parties are a little confused about where the race stands. but if you look at the national environment and look at the public polling, they see mcconnell ahead but i don't think he's going to run away with this at all. i think it's many of the races across the map probably a 2 to
7:21 am
three-point race. elizabeth warren is going back for allison lundergan grimes. and they can still pull away some of the undecided. she's going need probably the undecided, the people that are still in the third pot to break for her 3-1 to defeat mcconnell and that's going to be the question of whether she can do that over the next seven days here. >> yeah. i mean, look three or four points is still within the margin of error. we don't know how it's going to turn out one way or another. david and kasey. thank you. coming up a report from the big island as the lava of kill way ya keeps close to a line of homes. later isis may want you to watch the latest propaganda video. this footage is how our next guest prefers to his remember his friend. we'll have more of this footage plus a discussion about the isis
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call now. more arrests in mexico. missing at mile high, and a final farewell. let's zoom through some of to y today's stop stories. we begin in washington state where chilling details are coming out about the shooting at marysville high school. 15-year-old jaylen fryberg texted his five friends inviting them to meet for lunch. he opened fire killing two and injuring three. but the way and the why remains a mystery. police are poring over phone and text messages and whether there was a suicide note. some students said he was having problems with a girl while others may have said he may have had a fight with other students. those he gunned down were relatives and friends. to a mystery at mile high stadium in denver. paul kiterman vanished during halftime at the broncos charger
7:26 am
game on thursday. colorado rancher was there for the first time ever with his stepson and some friend. they say he didn't carry a cell phone or credit cards. had about $50 in cash. denver police are we havereview stadium footage. even though it's a mystery there's no evidence of a crime. mexican authorities are analyzing new remains in a new area to see if they belong to any of the 43 students that went missing while in police kus day month ago. a government official said they were tipped off to the new location based on statements from four more people arrested yesterday. and according to the attorney general, the four members of the gang were involved in the kidnapping of the students. even though tropical storm hannah was weakened into a depression still causing major problems for people in nicaragua and honduras. the storm is expected to dump up to a foot of rain.
7:27 am
bringing with it the threat of flash floods and landslides. thousands of residents were living in shelters. next hour funeral services will be held for nathan sir really a lo-- cirillo. he was killed when a gunman opened fire before taking on parliament. john kerry is heading to canada to express his condolences to the country. also laying a wreath at the war memorial. coming up. it's the dreamers versus the democrats. martinez on stage with kay hagan in north carolina uninvited. i'll invite her on to the show to explain the point she's driving in. later in jitter my moments at jogger and prime minister collide on the streets of england. it's hardly the first time someone got too close to comfort to a politician.
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start building your confident retirement today. and this morning we have breaking news out of boston. a jury has convicted -- i'm going to read to you the latest details on this as we have live images of the courtroom in boston. it's convicted a friend of boston marathon bombing friend of. charged of lying to the fbi about being present in the dorm room when two other friends removed a backpack several days after the 2013 attack. so apparently -- this is from different reports i'm getting as we speak. jurors of a unanimous verdict guilty on count one and guilty on count two. we will have, of course, much more on this developing story.
7:32 am
but this just coming into the msnbc news room as we speak. developing this morning in the war against isis. the u.s. and coalition forces have conducted 13 air strikes over the past two days in syria and iraq. four of them near kobani in syria. the round of air strikes come at the same time as the latest propaganda video by isis released monday afternoon. it features british hostage john cantly acting a a war correspondent on behalf of the british state. he appeared in five previous video in a series the terror calls "lend me your ears." isis now controls the eastern and southern sector of kobani. that report is at odds with what the white house and pentagon have been describing. isis wants the world to see john offering a sympathetic report about his terrorist captives. but i want to show you some other footage of john cantly.
7:33 am
here is john riding across a war zone in a humvee with james foley. walking through the rubble of a destroyed city. that's him on the left with a helmet and the camera. all this footage was shot by my next guest, matthew van dyke, twice has been taken captive covering hot zones across the middle east. joining me is the fellow brookings constitution center for middle east policy. thank you for being with me. i want to start with you, matthew. let's talk about the footage of yours about the john you know. what drove him, do you think, to want to cover this dangerous part of the world? the more i see the videos you have, the more i realize how dangerous the situation was and and continues to be. >> right. john, you know, like anybody he believes in his work and believes it needs to be done. people need see what is really happening in the conflicts.
7:34 am
i was with him in libya and syria. he was always very brave, very determined. he was good at what he did. >> all of you, the foley, i mean, the videos you have are extraordinary. and to see you guys going through really bombed out, destroyed cities or areas in open areas where you are getting hit by shrapnel where mortars are coming in. how do you, you know, when you see now him being used in the other type of video. the horrible propaganda video, what goes there u your mind? >> i'm happy he's alive at this point. he's being coerced to do these videos. it's his one chance of staying alive. each time i see it, i don't take the video to seriously but at least he's alive and has a chance. >> in the new video cantly reports that isis is making gains and taking kobani. josh earnest said that president obama air strikes strategy had
7:35 am
an important effect but it's a long-term fight. where does the fight on the ground stand now? >> the kurdish fighters have regained some momentum over the past week to two weeks as the u.s. launched more air strikes. it's also conducted air drops of light arms and ammunition so that does have an effect and morale seems to be up among the kurdish fighters. at the same time, we shouldn't overstate the gains they've made. this is still very much a contested city. isis hasn't been pushed out. and they're going to continue to commit men and resources to the fight. i mean, kobani didn't necessarily start out as a very strategic battle but it's become a very strategic battle because both sides are so invested in the symbolism of a win. they need to say to their supporters that they have made it to the very end. i think we're going to see a battle to the very end here and it could last a significant
7:36 am
period of time. this is not ending soon. >> and do you -- i mean, does kobani have any civilians left in it? >> in the areas that are controlled by the kurds, there is -- there are still assign signs of every day life. obviously it's not totally normal and both side are on a war footing here. and we've also seen obviously refugees moving to the turkish border. we've seen a lot of internal displacement. so kobani is a war zone, and it's very much divided now. >> and matthew, i want to take you back to some of the videos you have which are extraordinary. you spent a lot of time with james foley, he's the american who was executed by isis. is there any reason to believe that cantly's fate will be different? he's alive and being used in the other form of propaganda video. there's a chance his fate will be different?
7:37 am
>> well, there's two things that i know that give him a chance. one is the videos. and the other, and i spoke recently with one of the hostages held with him by isis. he was released a few months ago. he told me the guards respected john cantly. i'm not exactly sure why he didn't give a reason why. but they had respect for john above other prisoners. that combined with the fact they use him probably gives me some hope he has a chance here. >> matthew, take me back to the two time use were held in a solitary confinement, in a very tiny cell with a little sliver of light coming in on a daily basis. how do you pass the days not knowing if this is the last day. this is the last hour, this is the last minute you'll be alive. >> it's incredibly stressful. you especially if you hear people in other parts of the prison being tortured like i did. you don't know when your moment is coming. you pace back and forth in your
7:38 am
cell. you look over your life and regrets and things you never got to do. it's absolutely horrible. it's psychological torture sitting there not knowing your fate. >> yeah. finally, matthew, i know the trailer for your new documentary "point and shoot" is out we're playing some of the footage now. it's an extraordinary powerful personal story. we have so much to talk about that. and we definitely want to have you back on to talk about the film in the future. i appreciate your time, matthew. thank you for being with me. it's a tragic situation and matthew's film is just extraordinary. the video i've been able to see is just moving on so many different levels. i thank you both for being with me. >> thank you. let's go to hawaii. it's a slow moving disaster waiting to happen there. but today lava flow from kilauea
7:39 am
volcano could reach the first ho home. it could happen tonight. officials will allow residents to watch their homes burn in front of them. >> can you deal with so much different types of stress, you know, with this lava situation. yeah. and first of all, it's coming to take your home that you worked so hard for. we don't know what we're going to do. >> we live an island where we know this is always a possibility. we just acclimate. >> halle jackson has the latest on the lava flow from hawaii. >> good morning, jose. the local elementary school here will close tomorrow indefinitely. it's in the path of the flow and so are a number of homes. officials will let people who live in the threatened houses watch their homes burn, from a safe distance, as they like. it's part of being call theed a
7:40 am
grooefring process. the river of lava is closing in on town. moving slowly in fits and starts. it's still melted hundreds of yards over the past 24 hours. for weeks the flow has been making the way toward the town after a volcanic eruption in june. the lava recently crossed a local road and a cemetery. some call it a reality check. a sign it's real. you see people backing up and leaving even though there are no mandatory evacuations in place. it's tough to predict when the lava can cross the main highway because the lava speeding up a little faster and slower depending on terrain. people say they are ready for what is next. >> halle jackson, thank you so much for being with me from hawaii. coming up dean farley probably had no idea his lunchtime jog monday would be an international incident. he sets us up for today's five
7:41 am
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immigration reform and the midterms. republican senator rand paul said if the gop takes the senate in a week, some immigration reform will happen. >> whether he put legislation on the desk of the president and we will see, frankly, what he will do. i think some, frankly, will be part way toward what a lot of people in the country want. >> meanwhile a senator fighting to remain in the majority north carolina democrat kay hagan came face to face with immigration reform politics on sunday. you see her being interrupt eedy a group of local dreamers. >> what we -- we definitely support immigration reform.
7:45 am
>> joining me now is one of those dreamers who confronted hagan on sunday from the north carolina dream team. national executive director of the league of united latin american citizens brent will key is in washington. what was your goal on sunday with interrupting hagan? >> you know, we just want to send a message to the senator that there are consequences when you're anti-immigrant. >> what do you mean anti-immigrant. what are the consequences. and how is she anti-immigrant? >> well, it starts in 2006. her record as a state senator. she voted for the bill that took away driver's licenses from undocumented immigrants here in north carolina. 2010 she votes against the dream act. in 2014, recently, she voted against daca and in -- between
7:46 am
2010 and 2014, when local people, you know, people from north carolina knocked on her door and asked her for help for intervepgs and stopping their deportation she refused. these were people with no criminal records, you know, who were just arrested for driving without a license because they can't get one. she refused to help. >> what about hagan's response you're confronting the wrong candidate? does she have a point? >> i disagree. we think that she is the perfect person that we need to hold accountable because she has said over and over again that she supports immigration reform as she did in this video. and that does nothing for us. we don't need you to tell us nice words. we need you to take action. if you're going tell us you're going support immigration
7:47 am
reform, then work toward immigration reform. don't just talk about being for immigration reform. and the senator has been talk, talk, talk for the past since 2008. she hasn't done anything. she is against the community. >> yeah, and brent you heard senator paul's take on immigration reform. what results next week whoever wins the senate do you think that there is a chance that any legislation could come out of the house of representatives whether the senate is in republican or democratic hands in the future? >> i think there's a chance, jose. the issue isn't so much who wins the majority of the house and the senate but will latinos turn out in massive numbers and vote in the upcoming election? i think they will. i think if they do that they'll make a statement that, yes, the latino vote is important to not just to democrats but republicans as well. both parties have a self-interest to go ahead and make sure that immigration
7:48 am
reform gets pasted in the next years. it's about the turn out. if the turn out is strong -- we expect it to be. if it is strong it sends a message to both party and puts us in place to have a chance to pass comp hnsive immigration reform in the next session. >> a different aspect of the immigration debate, the unaccompanied minor crisis was the subject of last night's senate debate in louisiana. republican bill cassidy did not participate but the two candidates who did took different positions. listen to this. >> what this president should be doing and what i would be calling for is the children back to their home countries as soon as possible and reunite them. >> we're talking about children. i'm not saying a free ride but i think we have to be careful. send some back. if but their life is threatened, i think we have to be very careful. >> the 30th of september is still home at least to 1400 minors. congress didn't come up with a solution at the height of the crisis. what happens with a new congress
7:49 am
in january, brent? >> well, i absolutely hope that the new congress will look at the humanitarian crisis on the border with the children and do the right thing. as americans have done for a long time. we've treated refugees differently than we treat immigrants. this is clearly an refugee crisis. these children are fleeing terrible conditions in their countries. it's a temporary problem that we have to be open our hearts and have a solution that is humanitarian and deals with the crisis. and, you know, i think both houses of congress should do this. it's distraught to hear people should be sent back to the gangs and violence where we know so many will face persecution and perhaps death. it's unconscionable for any candidate to say that. frankly, i think we should respond with the humanitarian assistance and we just did that in miami, for example, jose. we just gave out over 1,000 families received food from a donation with tyson foods in miami this weekend. that's the way to respond to the crisis. open our hearts.
7:50 am
support these families, help these children not to persecute them and send them back to the terrible condition. i think it's unconscionable. >> thank you so much for being with me this morning. i appreciate your time. thank you. coming up too close for comfort? president george w. bush knows a thing or two about today's five things. your goals, our experience. your shoppers, our technology. your data, our insights. introducing synchrony financial, bringing new meaning to the word partnership. banking. loyalty. analytics. synchrony financial. engage with us.
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david cameron versus a jogger. a 28-year-old brit accidentally bumping into the prime minister yesterday. he said he did it by mistake. he didn't know it was the british prime minister. the man was quickly arrested and quickly released. police said he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time to say the least. it made is cringe as did the
7:54 am
moments in five things too close for comfort. number one, let's start with the throw back. october 14th, 1912 teddy roosevelt campaigning for president in milwaukee when a salon owner shot him in the chest surviving thanks to a glasses test and a 50-page speech. a speech he still gave. bullet holes and all. bringing it back to this century. an armed scurry contractor joined president obama for an elevator ride in atlanta last month. not only was he armed but had three kwibss for assault and battery in his past. number three, george w. bush's final visit to iraq in 2008 when an iraqi tried to put his foot in the president's mouth literally. >> number four nelson's mandela.
7:55 am
the hman hired to speak for the deaf. the fake sign interpreter within arm's length of the president ended up having mental issues. accused more than ten years ago, by the way, of murder. >> number let him eat cake or pie. that was the message to bill gates. a prank steer threw a pie in his face during his trip in 1998. an honorable mention. take a look at angle merkel face when george w. bush took a break to add a personal touch to the g 8 summit in 2006. changing internal relations forever. and clearly being, oh, too close for comfort. that wraps up this hour on msnbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. don't forget, i'm heading back to my desk to answer your questions about latino vote, the midterm elections, anything you would like to talk about.
7:56 am
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