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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  October 28, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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and barack obama, barack obama, barack obama. that's the battle for the senate in a nut shell. >> out of the bubble, a controversial detention. >> asking him to quarantine at home for 21 days unless they are symptomatic i don't think is draconian. we have been wrong before. >> we are trying to be careful here. this is common sense. >> amber vincent is declared ebola-free in atlanta. we will hear from her soon. isis strategy. the terror group cynically using prop and messenger in the latest video. >> today we are in the city and that is turkey right behind me. >> the soldier who lot of his in
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ottawa almost a week ago. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington with days that could turn the tables here on capitol hill. they are barn storming through the battle ground states, taking the pulse of voters. today's stop is georgia where nathan deal is facing a challenge from jimmy carter's grandson, jason carter. sam nunn's daughter is clippinging to a small lead of republican business men david purdue in a race that decides which party controls the senate. the moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd met with them this morning. >> is it hard to run this morning in 2014?
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>> we had a great time. i'm sorry to get nostalgic as we approach the last week and i have met people all over the state that are hungry and ready to embrace change. they are not as concerned as they are breaking through the disfunction and creating the culture and getting through the gridlock and people who say i'm willing to compromise and work with people on both sides of the aisle. >> chuck joins me live. michelle nunn's message, is that playing against what you outlined earlier, barack obama, barack obama, and by the way, barack obama. >> we will see. she has an easier time than other democrats ducking the barack obama issue because her last name is nunn. mid-term voters are usually older and there quite a few georgia voters and senior who is
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remember voting for sam nunn. she has the ability to distinguish herself from president obama, but she has no voting records and frankly neither has david purdue. this is different, but david purdue is trying to ride the national wave. the big issue here is the economy. georgia has the highest unemployment rate in the country. two don'ts higher than the national average. unemployment here is in double-digits still. we know the economic recovery has been uneven around the country, but it is really, really hitting a rough road here in georgia. >> does david purdue lose the impact and you have a democrat in the white house, but she played up this outsourcing issue from his business.
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>> that's why it resonated. you think about the textile industry, but the idea of outsourcing is real and automation and these smaller georgia towns, they know their jobs have disappeared. whether there is anything that could have been done about it or whether government can do anything is an open question and that's the question that david is trying to remind people of. this is just the way business works. we know that politics is a head voter heart game and a lot of them look at the issue of outsourcing and it resonates with them personally. why couldn't they keep jobs here? again, i think the question is does michelle nunn have to prove she has an idea of how to keep jobs here or not or is it making the case that hey, it's people
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like david purdue that move these jobs out and blame him, don't blame other folks? >> i want to ask you about the governor's race as well. what's the chance that jimmy carter's grandson will go to the statehouse and become governor as his grandfather was? >> in talking to folks of the two democrats, the legacy democrats, who has the better shot, a month ago all the wise guys said jason carter. now most people think michelle nunn has the better shot and jason carter hit a wall of late. nathan deal said you get moments to be gubernatorial. one of the five airports. you know how this works.
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that said, there is a third candidate in the race and the like lie hood that the governor's race ends up in a run off. even in a general election it goes to a run off. the likelihood is probably at a 30 to 40% chance. we are looking at better than a 50-50 chance. the schedule has the gubernatorial run off in december. the senate would be in january. the georgia democrats said you have to put both at the same time. it's likely if both end up run offs, they will both be in january. >> you were talking to women voters there, likely voters about the possibility that jeb bush could be running.
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not to jump the gun, but this is what the north carolina had to say. >> i'm more concerned with the issues and topics than they have a famous last name. >> i want whoever is in office to do their job. i don't care if they have the dynasty. i don't care. >> people really are more focused on results and getting the job done than on last names. >> where you have a competitive race, they are focused on the issues. they were well-versed on every education argument there was. it's a different voter mind set despite the way we sometimes portray politics, there awify that are focused on issues first and party label, last name second. i get a lot on whether or not
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i'm wearing a seatbelt. i want people to see it. i want to reassure, you know how social media gets. i have been wearing a seatbelt the whole time. >> i knew you were. safety first always. looks like a great rig. >> i have a great driver in alonzo. >> i thknow that. more in the days leading up to the campaign and on "meet the press." the second nurse to contract ebola at dallas presbyterian is being discharged. amber vinson is being discharged. the national who died from the deadly virus. she was transferred to atlanta from dallas at a more experienced facility. she is expected to speak in less than an hour. covering the story in atlanta, gabe, we expect to hear from her
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and she will be fully cured like nina pham was. she will have the antibodies that will make her resistant to any further infection. >> great news out of emery university hospital. the second nurse infected with ebola is free of the virus and expected to spoke here. she is not expected to take kidnap questions like her colleague nina pham who was released last week. amber vinson got a lot of attention because she was allowed to fly commercially from texas to ohio to plan a wedding and visit with her family and she self reported the low grade fever and she was allowed to fly back to texas. she was taken here on october 15th and has made a full recovery. this is the same room where
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dr. kent brantley spoke to the media. he has been surrounded by doctors and nurses. there was the other aid worker as well as the unidentified doctor who contracted the disease. amber vinson is expected to speak here within the hour and will be surrounded by her grandparents as well. back to you. >> we will be carrying that live. thanks for the preview. breaking news from boston. a conviction for one of the college friends. pete williams joins me now. >> one of three friends on the dorm room and took out a backpack and the computer. the next morning they threw it all in the dump and they found
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it. he is charged with lying to the fbi twice. he denied he had gone to the dorm room and they went and didn't go inside. they knocked and no one answered. the story kept evolving and they lied to the agents and that's what he was convicted of today. he was basically so baked on marijuana he couldn't remember what happened at the time. he was very confused and he was 19 years old and questioned by the fbi and intimidated and couldn't remember what happened. didn't mean to lie, but the jury didn't buy it. he has been convict and that makes all three convicted. one exceeded guilty and they will be sentenced later. >> what is the possibility and the parameters for sentencing and the case against him? >> they face a variety of possible sentences here because he was charged with lying, but the others were charged with more serious offenses of trying to obstruct justice.
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the trial was delayed. it was to have started this month, but now it has been delayed two months at the request of the defense lawyer who said they needed more time to prepare. it will start after new year's in boston. >> thank you so much, pete williams. we have new video from ottawa, canada as john kerry joins canadian foreign minster at the national war memorial. they laid a breathe to remember corporal nathan cirillo. he was gunned down last wednesday. later kerry will be meeting with the members of the parliament as well as steven paperer. the funeral began in the town of hamilton outside toronto. chris christie responding to the controversy over the shifting positions of quarantines for returning health workers today. >> our policy has not changed and will not change. >> we will have more from chris
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the nurse forced to stay in a new jersey hospital isolation tent after returning from west africa is in maine continuing to monitor her symptoms at home. casey hick ox tested negative and says the state detained her for two days. chris christie has been criticized for quarantining her today. >> the cdc has been behind on this and folks got infected because they were behind. we will not have folks infected in new jersey and other state this is this country. i think the doctor is responding
9:17 am
as are many from the cdc in a really hyperbolic way because they have been wrong before. now they are incrementally taking steps to the policy that we put into effect. this is common sense. the public believed it is common sense and we are not moving an inch. our policy has not changed and will not change. >> kelly o'donnell caught up with christie on the campaign trail. >> have you felt pressure from the white house? >> not at all. it's a false story. i had a very good conversation on friday night with valerie jarrett regarding the condition of the woman from maine in the hospital at that time. there was never any mention in that conversation about the policy we had announced a few hours earlier. in fact i got a call from her again yesterday saying did you get any contact from us that i don't know about? absolutely not. i have a very good relationship with the white house and we work
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together. i never felt -- i never got contacted by them. >> governors can set their own rules, the federal government is pushing back against draconian levels suggesting different levels of monitoring depending on relative risk. >> the health care workers and i know that come back are not really bothered by having to do things that safeguard the american public as well as alleviate concern. what they are concerned about is just arbitrary complete restriction not based on scientific data. >> no doubt people are confused and you can't blame them. more on the debate of the guidelines which were from yesterday. the ceo and president of mt. sinai. thanks and good to see you again. the cdc laid out guidelines separating the health care workers who were high risk and low risk and no risk.
9:19 am
it's about time, some say. the initial determinations were confusing. these two governors and others, cuomo and christie and he said he didn't back down and laid out guidelines on friday that everybody should be quarantined. where should we be and what is the science? >> we have to be driven by the science and lower the level of i had steeria and anxiety here. what do we know? the fact that we had ebola on our planet in africa for over 40 years, there have been 25 epidemics. we learned a lot from the epidemics. we know that when people are without symptoms, they are really not contagious. when people are in the early stages with low grade fever and without nausea, vomiting and other gastro intestinal problems, they are at very low risk to everyone around them. the necessity for quarantine for
9:20 am
people who come back from africa who even had exposure to patients with ebola because they are health care workers is really excessive. >> now, the governor said that this nurse was symptomatic. she said she wasn't. she said only after being held at newark airport for hours and hours she got flustered and one forehead thermometer had a slightly elevated temperature that was then normal by the time she got to the hospital. was she symptomatic as the governor said and subject to the quarantine or not? >> i don't know the real data. what i read is what you have read. that's a temperature taken on her skin was elevated and with an oral temperature, it was normal. they decided to use the they initially record and reacts as they did. >> going forward and we had so
9:21 am
many false alarms and it's in excess of caution, that's a good thing. the 5-year-old who had been in guinea who was taken from the bronx to bellevue and he is perfectly normal. he had a respiratory infection that kids get all the time. what should happen to the health care workers? should nay not be on the subway and going bowling or should they stay at home and be cautious if they have been in contact with patients? >> we need to stratify risk. we have to identify those at high risk. those are health care workers who had a pin prick and somehow obtained the virus through penetration of their skin during their health care activities. that may be very few if any health care workers coming back from africa. the average health care worker will have used the adequate protective device and will have no exposure that will directly
9:22 am
penetrate their skin, making them at minimal risk. those people should monitor themselves and should report their fever or lack there of twice a day to a central monitor and that should be adequate. >> do you have patients now at mt. sinai who are being tested or health care workers who are concerned. is there morale issue in the er or is this sense of alarm really among the lesson for the public and largely driven by a lot of inaccurate media reporting? >> it has been largely driven by inaccurate reporting. that is rather tragic. in an event like this, we need to decrease the mass i had steeria and mass anxiety and get people to understand the real risks so they can have rational policy. at mt. sinai, we had through our system about ten people who have come to the emergency room who have proven negative for ebola. there no ebola patients at mt.
9:23 am
sinai right now and have not been. >> we should point out again the poor 5-year-old that was so much attention for that child, she fine. he was at bellevue just being tested and he is clear of ebola. thank you very much. it's always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> we are watching a disaster in slow motion in hawaii. a dangerous lava flow inching closer to a town on the big island. the red hot river is wider than a football field and closing in on the town of hahoa. it is setting off methane explosions and shaking the grounds. school shutdowns and mandatory evacuations could be ordered soon. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports." of and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. ok, if you're up there, i coulsmart sarah.elp. seeking guidance.
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something u.s. officials dispute. a photojournalist has been held hostage since his capture in 2012. the slick video is just another example of the isis publicity machine and they have the money to keep it going. isis is raking in about $1 million a day. david cohen is joining me from the white house. how is isis making all this money? >> isil makes money in a variety of ways. in part as you noted from about $1 million a day give or take in oil sales where they are taking oil from the territory where they are operating and selling it on the black market. they raise money in part by receiving ransoms for kidnap victims that are freed. in part from a whole variety of different crime and extortion within the areas in iraq and
9:28 am
syria where they are operating and to some extent from external donations. >> some of them come from the so-called coalition partners released if not from the so-called government, from powerful figures in those regimes. we are talking about other countries. >> right. i don't mean to suggest there governments and no governments in the anti-isil coalition who are funding isil, but there individuals who are operating in some of the gulf countries that are raising funds and bundling them together and transferring them into syria and iraq for isil's use. that is a smaller part of the sale of oil and the ransoms and the extortion and crime that is going on in the territory where
9:29 am
they are operating. >> let me ask you about the oil. you said in a speech that they have been selling on the black market to iraqi kurds to brokers in turkey and making contracts with the assad regime, their enemy. >> they have inherited smuggling routes where oil and other commodities were smuggled out and into curd stan and into turkey. they have been using the routes to smuggle oil. they are also selling some of that oil to the syrian regime. i think a further indication of how depraved the government is. they are paying isil for oil, helping to fund the terrorist organization that found its footing in syria and is now
9:30 am
spread across into iraq. >> we interviewed on friday james foley's parents, one of the hostages who was beheaded and executed. they are rethinking what happened with them. they said don't go public. they are told it is illegal to pay ransom through third parties. the british don't. isn't there anything that the american government can do about the policy that seems to mean that the americans and the british are being tortured. the europeans are getting free. >> our hearts go out to the families of the other hostages that have been brutally murdered by the terrorists.
9:31 am
everything we can to free those who have taken hostage including jim foley. there was an attempt to free jim foal fre his captors. what is important is that what we generate is an international consensus against the payment of ransom. the ransoms only fuel the activity of these terrorist organizations. it allows them to operate and take additional people hostage and to brutalize additional populations. the problem is that we have countries that are still paying ransoms to terrorist organizations. what we are working on with the british and the un security bounce il. they condemned the payment of ransoms to terrorist
9:32 am
organizations is to bring together the international community to stop paying ransoms to terrorist organizations and take away the incentive in the first place for these organizations to take people hostage. >> but of course so far there is no consensus. it's only the americans and the british. >> that's actually not true. the un security council in two recent resolutions have adopted a very strong statement that is binding on all numbers of the un around the world. arm all of the countries in europe and beyond that calls on countries not to pay ransoms or make other concessions to terrorists who take hostages. so there is an international consensus on this. it needs to be translated into action. >> it's being ignored boy a lot of countries. i will ask you about chemicals. there reports that isis has taken chlorine at least.
9:33 am
what is the latest intelligence about whether they are using chemicals against their victims? >> we have seen the reports and we are obviously looking into the reports to ascertain whether there is truth to them. the extent to which isil engages in brutal behavior has been well documented. i don't have anything on whether these reports are true or not. i think we have seen over the last several months just how brutal this organization is. frankly how important it is that we come together as a community to stop them. >> david cohen, the secretary of the treasury. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> seven weeks into the massive manhunt in pennsylvania, police have a new weapon in the search for david frein.
9:34 am
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9:38 am
and the facts. the facts are she is not fighting for small businesses for new hampshire. >> joining me for the daily fix is political correspondent casey hunt and editor at bloomberg politics. become, both. what is the state of play. jean shaheen is getting a tougher fight than she might have expected and seems to be more combative. >> there is an element of the kind of who is this guy to come in here to my state from across the border in massachusetts to try to take me on. this race is much closer now than it was. you are seeing them bounce back and forth and it's one of someone who covered politics for a long time. this state moves a lot late in the season. these voters pay very close attention to what's going on. you have seen scott brown be very aggressive on isis and particularly on ebola. some other candidates who have been tagged as alarmists, tom
9:39 am
tillis is a republican who was somebody who was criticized for that and stepped off of it and say we will probably not have an outbreak here. he is hitting that harder and harder. he said i pray that doesn't happen. leaving the door open, i think that their campaign clearly views that as something he can seize late in the day to carry this across the finish line. >> hoe had a vacation home there and it's the same media market. whatever he had in massachusetts as the former senator there does carry over to new hampshire. >> he brought the truck and the barn jacket. it is very much for a continuation that made a very interesting one.
9:40 am
senator warren was up there campaigning for jean shaheen. they beat scott brown and appears in new hampshire to square off against him as well in trying to help shaheen. it is a tight race. that is sort of a surprise given that he is very much not part of new hampshire except for the vacation home. >> what are about the attempts by senator mccain and other republicans to criticize shaheen's voting record? they are telling the journal she was not a good number of the armed services committee. ri have not seen her with the proposals that worked with the national security and an issue of getting interpreters back. aside from that i have not seen her active in the committee. is that going to fly? >> those are fighting words.
9:41 am
from what we were talking about, they decided that national security is a way for scott brown to win the race. trying to hit her on that is what they are going for. shaheen is trying to level up brown, if subtly. she said in her speech, these are serious challenges and they are going to take serious people. she didn't go all the way through and say scott brown was not serious, but that was the under tone. >> that seems to be the gad fly thing. they are used against many women, hillary clinton not with standing, putting that to rest. they are not tough enough on national security issues. >> the closing argument is definitely national security. many of the ads on isis have been targeted as female candidates down south as well as jean shaheen in new hampshire. it is one of the weapons that republicans are trying to use against the female candidates.
9:42 am
a number of them in tight races. by default it's going to be that these are going to be aimed at women. there again is a subliminal piece of this that you speak of. we will be seeing you in another big state's contest. we are asking why you think it's important to vote. let us know on twitter using msnbc votes and our thanks to casey hunt. today the north korean dictator took special interest in a hello kitty tea set while touring an orphanage. we didn't see any children in the pictures. as for his mysterious disappearance, intelligence service reported to the government that it was because of ankle surgery to remove a sift. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. a little bit skeptical.
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>> necessary canada, hundreds are paying reports to corporate nathan cirillo. he was gunned down while standing post in ottawa. he was 24 years old and standing unarmed when he was shot by michael in an attack that troughized ottawa last wednesday. steven harper spoke at the funeral moments ago. secretary of state john kerry laid a wreath in the corporal's honor where he was slain. as his family and country is mourning his death, they consider how to adjust the open cult to reflect the new age of threats. he was in the parliament building when the shooting took place. he joins me from ottawa and thanks for being with us. this funeral galvanized the
9:47 am
country. is it leading people wanting to hunker down are are they defiant and resilient? are it feels like our security is inadequate. that's the head of our intelligence service. the federal government plans to update the canadian law to give more to our spy agency to allow them to go abroad. that gives them new powers that the cia enjoyed for a long time. these new powers give them the ability to work with organizations like the nsa and the canadian version of the nsa to capture bulk data and to allow them to surveil the threats. that's one aspect we are looking at that will be more in the near future. all aimed at addressing the possible deficiencies in the law
9:48 am
that are aimed at making people feel more secure and's r sure them that it won't happen again. >> that's what happened after 9/11 and a lot of people felt we went too far with the collection of data and telephone records and such. >> there is a definite current of opposition to any movement that would push uh towards what the americans have done. there is going to be a little bit of push back depending on how far the government goes and indication to allow for detention and terror suspects and so there is the first couple of steps that seem to be a little bit more agreeable to the
9:49 am
population. it will be interesting to see how far they can go to do so. there is a belief these attacks might be preventable. they both said the same thing. while they would like more powers to detain and stop possible terrorists, an attack might be unavoidable. in the reality of isis operating right now with a significant amount of strength and with a lot of propeganta efforts, it might be ibl possible to stop the attacks like this. >> thank you so much, justin. thanks for an update on a sad day in canada and those who feel strongly about this here in the states. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. amber vinson is about to speak at emery university in atlanta and she has been declared ebola-free and will speak from the hospital today. we will bring you her comments as soon as she comes to the microphone. jean cummings is back with us from bloomberg. we are talking about chris christie and wisconsin where scott walker, the governor who has been battling and had to face a recall and beat that back is now facing a tough fight against mary burke. he is saying that the republican governor's association or chris christie has not been doing enough for him. >> it's a very interesting remark. walker tends to be pretty confident and for him to put out
9:54 am
an sos means he does think he has trouble on his hands in this reelection. for him, everything is riding on it. he has to win this in order to run for president. >> which he wants to do. >> he made that clear. if he can survive this, he is going to be a very viable candidate in 2016. he has done so many things that make the republican party base happy in terms of beating the unions and is now going to beat the president. he won in the recall when liberal groups were after him. he is one tested guy if he can get through this. >> speaking of republicans wanting to run for president, chris christie said a governor will be the candidate and today he was asked in glen burney, maryland, he was asked whether he is thinking of running. >> if we run, we will talk about it. >> thank you, sir.
9:55 am
>> i'm thinking about it. i'm thinking about it. >> he said i'm thinking about it, i'm thinking about it. he is thinking about it which may be why there is competition between scott walker and chris christie. >> definitely. there is very easily tension there. that's for sure. >> i have to watch what they have done. great to have you here. that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow the show online and on twitter. >> we are rolling now with the live coverage waiting at this moment the press conference at emery university hospital where we should get the latest on the nurse who has been released there. that is an opportunity of what you should and shouldn't be carrying about in the conversation that consumed the country. we are waiting on that. do we have a live picture of that? we will bring it to you as it
9:56 am
happens any moment now. >> a conference at emory university hospital where amber vinson has been released women should hear from her in the conference. also today news and controversy about another nurse who is back home in maine. casey hick ox was released in new jersey after testing negative for ebola. she is not done fighting how she has been treated. her attorney will join me in a few minutes. we are watching this live picture and we will bring this to you when it happens. i want to drill down on the top
9:57 am
story. the ebola outbreak. only a couple of cases in america, but it is being treated as a political conversation. a number of states calling for mandatory quarantines. we will look at that question with one senator who is dealing with all these pressures as they unfold in realtime. what we know about amber vinson is she was treating thomas eric duncan in dallas and subject to criticized safety standards at the report and contracted this virus and promptly moved to emory university hospital as we learned that the hospital there in dallas had demiminishing capacity to treat the diseases. they should reveal the latest on her condition. we should hear from amber vinson herself being declared ebola-free and being released. as we mentioned, another nurse
9:58 am
is also back home in maine. he was forced into quarantine in new jersey and has been vocal and there was criticism of that move. chris christie has defended the decision to detain her. he said just that. take a listen. >> governor ultimately have the responsibilities to protect public health and safety of the people within their border when is folks come in with this problem. all we are talking about are folks who have been in contact as health care workers with folks who are actively infected with the virus. >> the cdc is now taking a different tact with health care workers like i hhick ox. dr. art kaplan is the director of of medical ethics and actually a representative of the
9:59 am
who on this very ebola debate. i will start with you, herbert. thanks for taking the time. i know it has been hectic with the attention casey is receiving. we are glad she is testing negative and doing fine. your firm spoke to her today. how is she doing? she said in the past she is fine physically, but this is emotionally trying for her. >> casey is not a public person under normal circumstances, but this has been a trying period for her. thank goodness she is back at maine at home and doing well. it has been a harrowing experience for her. >> does she plan to self quarantine at this point? >> we are taking it a step at a time. as i say, she is reviewing all her options and she is a very serious person. casey is among the best america
10:00 am
has. she works in a humanitarian program and is a well-trained health care professional and her expertise is in this area. she is going to do the right thing. >> and professor kaplan, what are the ethical stakes for the health care workers coming back who are facing involuntary quarantine? >> the stakes are high because you don't want panic and fear to result in loss of liberty. quarantine is a serious step to take. i saw governor christie talking about this and one thing he hasn't answered is if they chose to break a quarantine, would we drag them back into the house? we haven't thought through quarantine. i will go further and say casey seems to be one of the heroes. i don't think she wants to hurt or harm


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