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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  October 29, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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is it unlike his brother, he says in complete coherent sentences. >> that's the ed show. "politics nation" starts rate now. >> good evening. thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, less than one week to go. we've got just six days left until election day. and democrats have tad everything they can to make their voices heard. with headlines like this, republicans want voters to think they have it locked up. here's the truth. they don't. races all across the country still unbelievably close. a new analysis from princeton university shows eight different senate races all within three points. and so are 12 governor races. we haven't seen this many
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statewide races in years. that's why president obama is pushing voters to get everyone they know out to the polls. here necessary wisconsin, campaigning for mary burke in a bid to unseat governor scott walker. >> grab your friends, grab your co-workers, grab you know, the lazy cousin who is sitting at home. never votes during the mid-term elections. he is watching reruns of old packer games. just grab him up. take all of them to cast their ballot and cast their ballot for mary burton. >> with things so tight, there's no excuse not to vote. and african-americans could play a huge role in this election. with democrats counting on black
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voters to turn out and official in georgia, louisiana and arkansas reporting big increases in black voter registration. so the president had one more message last night. >> i am telling you, wisconsin, america's best days are still ahead. i believe it. mary burke believes it. now you have to believe it. go out there and vote and go vote for mary burke. god bless america. >> get out there, we have just six days left. joining me now, msnbc host steve kornacki. >> what you're saying is extra. how many wide open races there really are. >> tell me. how close are some of these senate races? >> sure. what we've done is we've tried to narrow the battlefield. what you have here, red states blarks states, states with the senate races.
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pretty clear you can tell which party will win. what's the other party? yellow. and there are ten of them. ten senate races rate now that we look at and we say, some of them, neighbor democrats are ahead. a lot of them is tough to tell who is ahead. it is very unusual to get this late in the cycle. the thing to dmeep mind, you have ten up for grabs. if you look at the totals for each party, remember there are two different numbers at play here. they have to get to 51. that means six of the ten up for grabs. of course these two independents currently caucus with them. >> what's the closest race where democrats are trying to hold to a seat? >> i would say take a look at
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iowa. this is democratic senator retiring. it is an open seat, a democratic z this is a state that voted for barack obama price. what you're seeing, the number you're seeing, this is the average of all the polls that have been taken in iowa. he is trailing by about two points in the average. but joni ernst with the largest paper, this is the one where democrats say, look, in a state like iowa, athletic they're very well organize. it is an obama state. they had they can catch her at the wire. rate now she is ahead in the average of all polls. >> what's the closest race that republicans are trying to defend? >> they didn't think they would have to worry about at all. we'll look at the state of georgia. >> i was there last night. >> it's amazing. you think of georgia as a red state, they voted for mccain and
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romney. it is a state where the demographics are changing. it is becoming more and more diverse. david perdue has a business back ground. he talked about his outsourcing past. michelle nunn, the daughter of sam nunn, has zoomed into contention. she has caught him in some polls. you see the average here, .4%. the wild card hear in georgia to keep in mind. if neither gets to 50% because there's an independent. >> we've seen if democrats can boost black turnout, how much of an impact would that have? >> there are some states where it would be very significant. i'm going to show you one in particular. it is the state of north carolina. kay hagan is defending her seat against tom tillis. she slightly leads in the polls.
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if we look closer, i can show, you see, this is charlotte, mecklenburg county in north carolina. this is when president obama was on the ballot in 2008 and he won north carolina, remember, the first time in a long time that democrats did that. he got huge turnout in mecklenburg county. he also got a big turnout and nearly won the state. in taken with though, in 2010 when there was a senate election, turnout dropped significantly there. talking about 50%. so democrats are focusing intensely on getting african-american voters in particular. >> steve, you've been great on election coverage. you know we're looking forward to watching you oh the next six days. and watch "up" weekends at 8:00 a.m. >> now let'sably the joe madison. what are you hearing from people
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on the radio? are they gearing up for this election? >> i'm hearing exactly. that not only are we hearing it but we're actually seeing it. we're seeing it with early voter turn youxt almost every state with early turnout, there are increases in numbers. that's a good indication. we have this reputation of showing up late. but the reality is, aware showing up early here. and most people believe that's due to one thing and the republicans made a big mistake. that is, their whole voter suppression move. the president was on may show like a lot of black talk radio, he made it very clear to people. when you try to keep us from something, that's when we really stand up and go after it. >> and he made it clear on may radio show. we were talking about policies. we don't have to agree on
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everything. and everybody doesn't have to be campaigning with him on. basic fundamental things, we all in this country really want to see the same thing. bill, one of the closest races this cycle that i've been watching is the wisconsin governor's race. i want to play part of a new ad governor scott walker put out, starring wisconsin's lieutenant governor. >> i find it so insulting that mary burke would say, we're trying to make it harder for women to get equal pay. under scott walker workplace discrimination will always be illegal for any reason. will. >> she is insulted by the accusation that he is not for equal pay. but he repealed the equal pay law. if walker can't win over voters, he is just trying to confuse them? >> well, absolutely. first of all, i have to say when president obama was there for
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mary burke yesterday, he said mary burke will be the next governor of wisconsin if folks turn out to vote. he hammered that home. voter turnout in everyone of these races we're talking about is key. and he is the best one to stir up people to get out the vote. which is why i have to say, i think some of our democratic senate cats are making a huge miss anynot having president obama come in for a rally during this last week of the campaign. back to scott walker. he vetoed that bill for equal pay in madison, wisconsin. he promised he would cite 250,000 jobs in his term. he's created basically zero jobs. he's shut down women's clinics in wisconsin and of course he took away the right for collective bargaining from all republican employees in wisconsin. and scott walker is afraid. he is afraid he won't be able to run for president because he'll lose for re-election. and i think he will.
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he is telling all these lies in a desperate attempt at the last minute to save his job. >> there's serious concerns about a republican senate. majority leader harry reid put out a fundraising e-mail today. writing in it, frankly, a republican house and senate could go beyond shutting down the government. they could waste months of our lives on impeachment. impeachment. is that really possible? and will that motivate voter? >> well, you know, reverend, your show was one of the first that allowed no tell people, i believe it was over a year and a half ago, that impeachment was on the table. and i know a lot of democrats that it's hyperbole. it turned out to be a fact. yes, that's exactly what they're going to do. they couldn't stop him the first
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term. they couldn't stop him with obamacare. the bottom line is, we can't stop you. do you know what we can do is embarrass you. we can embarrass you and create your legacy. we impeach you. so that means the next two years instead of fighting for equal pay for women, minimum wage, maintaining the affordable care act, the president and the white house will be pre okay paid with trying to defend themselves in an impeachment trial. that should be enough to get people out to vote. >> and it's a real issue. how did you weigh in on the possibility of impeachment if the republicans have the house and the senate? >> there's no doubt that's their agenda. he is absolutely right.
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imagine what they'll do with the key stone pipeline. it would be a disaster. you can tell that impeachment is their agenda. you look across the country. democrats are running. here's what i want to do if i'm elected senator or governor. republicans are running on one thing. we hate barack obama. my friend opponent. it is all just anti-obama. >> one of the other things is these gubernatorial races. clearly the senate is important but you're talking about six states to deal with medicaid expansion. affecting 2.2 million people. so you have a lot of reasons to come out and vote in the senate races and the gubernatorial races. certainly not only the president's agenda but your own health care and expansion in some states being blocked now.
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and all the states that would be affected if the wrong person got in the governor's chair. >> and don't tray to put just a black face on it. medicaid helps basically three groups. one, children first. two, the disabled, and three, elderly. whether you're black, white, brown, asian, whatever. those there three main groups that medicaid helps. the problem is you can even get a democratic governor in there. but they gerrymandered the state so that even a republican governor who wants to include medicaid has to now fight his own party to take care of children -- >> which is why we have to emphasize in these last few days. it's elderly, disabled. >> and of course children. i keep telling people, this is not about obama. it is about your mama. bits the elderly in expanding
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medicaid. thank you both for your time tonight. coming up, something you thought you would never hear. from sarah palin. again. >> so hey, the more they're pouring on, the more i'm going to fwug crap out of them by being out there with the voice, with the message, hope any running for office in the future too. >> i never thought i would hear her say that again. running for office? what could that may not for her? and for the gop? also, looking for answers in the death of joan rivers. will a new wrongful death lawsuit help solve the mystery? also, the cat calling video that's gone viral, sparking new gofrgs how women are treated. >> look at that!
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president obama repeated his message that america needs to support those treating the ebola outbreak in africa again today. he said the world owed them a debt of gratitude. our social media community responded. kay said president obama nailed it. anyone going to save lives and our future lives this planet deserves nothing less than our deepest respect. johnny posted, he laid it out.
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infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work with six days to go before the election, sarah palin is stealing the gop headlines about a future election. could she run for public office again? listen to what she is saying. >> bless their hearts, those
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haters out there. they don't understand that it invigorates me and makes me want to get out there and defend the innocent. it makes me want to work so hard for justice in this country. the more they're pouring on, the more i'm going to bug the crap out of them by being out there with a voice, with the message, hopefully running for office in the future too. >> what office might that be? while some might dismiss palin, here's why it has to be taken seriously. whatever you think about her, she has shown real political influence ever since 2009. she headlines big republican conferences with massive fanfare. and back in 2011, when she launch ad bus tour, the entire gop field watched to see whether she would officially run for president. the media followed her every move and statement. >> we saw where paul revere hung
3:21 pm
out as a teenager which was something new to learn. and he who warned the british that they weren't going to be taking away our arms by ringing those bells and making sure as he is riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells, that we were going to be secure and we were going to be free. >> and then palin didn't campaign for president but she did campaign for a little known candidate in texas running for senate. ted cruz. he is now a lot better known. this past april palin gave a boost to a gop senate hope envelop iowa. back then, joni ernst was in a tight primary. today she is the gop nominee. last month with gop senator pat roberts fighting for re-election, palin gave in, came to campaign for him and gave him a jolt.
3:22 pm
that's why sarah palin has to be taken seriously when she says things like this. >> being out there with a voice, with the message, hopefully running for office in the future, too. >> so what happens if she runs? what effect will she have on the gop? joining me now is msnbc's abby huntsman. thank you for joining me. >> thank you. >> sarah palin wants to run for office. >> you said it right. whatever you say about her, she legitimized the tea party. she is the reason why they are so powerful today. she crowned herself queen of the tea party movement. it she deserves. that one thing that's great about this nation, you know this firsthand. almost anyone can run for president. so i would not be surprised at all if she ends up doing. that here's the other problem with the republican party as it is today. this is why rational people don't want to go through this process. they see folks like sarah palin and ted cruz out on the debate stage withstanding ovations and
3:23 pm
people all excited about it and you have people more serious minded, thoughtful compassionate about immigration and education. may dad was like that in 2012 and there's silence. he doesn't have that hooray. and jeb bush is getting that. >> is at this time charisma or is it the policies? i've run for president and got a lot of claps but a lot of it was because people agreed with me and didn't agree with the other candidates. a lot of it is our oratorical skips. i think she has the star power. the worst mistake that john mccain made was picking her for the vice presidential candidate. people saw her as someone had a stood her ground and they loved that about her. yet it is so extreme, if she were to ever run actually for president, it would be such a
3:24 pm
turnoff to the rest of the republican party. i don't see her as someone the establishment would ever get behind. do you see her running for national office? >> i think she probably is. i think she was seen as a star and she loved that. now that she is sort of out, there people need her to help get out the vote. her star power has faded from even just a year ago. so now her way of coming back is saying i'm going to run. i don't care what you say about me. if anything it reinvigorates me to fate. i would not be surprised if 2016 looks a lot like 2012 did. if anything, it might even be more extreme. >> in that interview, sarah palin also took aim at republican leaders for lacking, quote, guts. >> the leadership rate now, those who have the titles of leaders in the gop, they need more guts. they need to be empowered.
3:25 pm
instead of being so hes tanlt. going along to get along thinking, the mead will say something may not about me if i exercise, to say something mean about me. >> is sarah palin a thorn in the side of the gop and some of the leader who want to move to center? >> she is. when john mccain picked her, the party was picked forever. and they're still trying to get back to the party that once was under reagan. back to even the lincoln days. no one even talks about that party anymore because it doesn't exist. i would say courage is a republican willing to evolve on the issues. if anything, she is not that. so run for president sarah palin, but that's not the future of the party. >> thank you for your time tonight and we'll see you later in this show. coming up on the two-area anniversary of hurricane sandy, the governor says to sit down
3:26 pm
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could joan rivers' death have been pre vend? her daughter looks toward take legal action. and governor chris christie loses his temper. again. could this hurt a potential run nor president? stay with us.
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joan rivers die? what went wrong? the answer to those questions may come out in a courtroom. as we're learning today that rivers' daughter looks ready to take legal action. according to the e-network, melissa rivers who works for e is planning to file multimillion-dollar wrongful death lawsuit against the clinic where rivers was undergoing a procedure. a representative saying, in order to determine the facts and circumstances surrounding the death of joan rivers, we confirm that our firm has been engaged by melissa rivers and her family. on august 28, she went to a new york clinic for a throat procedure. while it was underway she stopped breathing and sbeept cardiac arrest. she was rushed to the hospital and died a week later. earlier this month the new york
3:34 pm
city medical examiner ruled the comic died due to a lack of oxygen to her brain during the medical procedure. according to the new york daily news and other media reports, one source said the doctor, rivers' regular ear, nose and throat doctor, performed an unplanned biopsy on rivers that cut off her air supply. nbc has not verified this report. the source said that rivers' doctor was not authorized to practice at the clinic. the clinic denies a biopsy was performed and the doctor denies performing any unauthorized procedure. but did someone or something xaus to happen? if so, how do attorneys prove wrongful death? joining me now, lisa bloom. attorney and legal analyst, thank you for being here. >> nice to see you.
3:35 pm
>> so e reports a wrongful death lawsuit is coming. how hard is this to prove beyond a reasonable doubt? >> what the attorneys for melissa rivers would have to show, the doctors committed negligence. that's falling below the standard of care for doctors in that area performing that type of procedure. right now, we don't know the answer to that question. i think it is plirgt appropriate, i think she is doing right thing to commence investigations to get discovery. get doctors, get the nurses, get all the personnel under oath. ask them what happened. line up the medical documents and let's see what happened. although joan rivers was 81 years old, she was vibrant, she was working several tv shows at the same time. this was not her time to go. something seeps to have gone wrong in that doctor's office. >> so her lawyers would have to establish what? >> they would have to establish
3:36 pm
that the medical personnel fell below the standard of care. the only way they can do that is by getting the evidence from the doctors themselves and from that medical office. i handle these cases. people criticize trail lawyers all the time but when a family is faced with an incident like this where there is so many good questions like the propofol that was admitted, the medication was, it administered properly, should this procedure have been done since it was an 81-year-old woman in a hospital? why was not it done in a hospital? >> that is what we're hearing. a source, a biopsy like that should only be done in a hospital setting. if she had been in a hospital setting when it happened she might have been okay. how do they go about proving whether the biopsy actually happened? and whether it could have caused
3:37 pm
rivers' death? >> well, if this were may case, i would get everybody under oath, sworn depositions. i would go detail by detail, moment by moment. tell me exactly what happened in that examination room. i would like up her consent form she signed. did she consend to each and every procedure in there. and then what's the standard of care in for propofol, is it appropriate tad that in a medical office versus a hospital? what ann anesthesiologist, who was there, what was happening, what went on? people might lie. that's extra. when you get everybody under oerkth one by one in separate room and you get that statement, you can match up the truthful that's what melissa rivers is trying to do. >> by doing this, it exposes a lot of what did and didn't happen possibly, about it also opens up to almost a circus at moss father with the media on all, an atmosphere of the life
3:38 pm
of joan rivers. and we saw this happen with michael jackson. >> that's true. and he also dies from propofol. from the lack of okay general to his brain. and he was rushed to the hospital, and he died from a lack of okxygen. she was having a minor procedure, that should not have resulted in her death i'm not coming to conclusions that the medical people did anything wrong but there are a lot of questions. and look, joan rivers opened up her life over the one. i've follow her all my life. she was pretty open about what was going on. and i really take may hat off to melissa for wanting to get to the bottom and wanting to get justice for what happened to her mother. >> none of us have the answers but a lot of us know there's power in just raising the right questions. >> right. exactly. >> lisa bloom, thank you always for your time.
3:39 pm
>> thank you. still ahead, governor christie tell a protester to sit down and shut up. could his temper hurt or help a run for the white house? also, the cat calling video that's gone viral. what it says about women and the fight for equality. and respect. i lost my sight in afghanistan, but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. non-24 is a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70% of people who are totally blind. talk to your doctor about your symptoms and learn more by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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we're back with conversation nation. back with me tonight, msnbc's abby huntsman. joining us, our democratic strategist jimmy williams and tara. thank you all for being here tonight. >> first you will, new jersey governor chris christie telling a protester to, quote, sit down and shut up. it happened at an event marking two years since hurricane sandy. >> i would be more than happy to have a debate any time you like. somebody like you doesn't know a dam thing about what you're talking about except to stand up and show up when the dam razz are here. i've been here with the cams are aren't here and done the work. i was here when the cameras weren't here and did the work. so i'm glad you had your day to show off. we're the ones here to do the work. so turn around, get your 15 minutes of fame and then maybe
3:44 pm
take your jacket off, roll off your sleeves and do something for the people of the state. it's been 23 months since then, all you've been doing is flapping your mouth and not do anything. you want to have the conversation later? i'm happy to have it, buddy. but until that time, sit down and shut up. [ cheers and applause ] >> here we go again. does that help or hurt him politically? >> it it helps him in new jersey. i would suggest if you're running for president in south carolina or utah or southern virginia, that don't fly. >> you don't think the mormons would love chris christie? >> not so much. >> why does it work in jersey and not those places? >> i don't think the country is homogeneous. i think different parts of the country are different and if you're in the south, they won't put up with that stuff may. mother would look at that and say, really? we don't talk like that down here. >> i was going to say, where he's really going to get in trouble with this kind of stalk
3:45 pm
with women. specifically. i've been a huge phaneuf chris christie for a few years. >> i was. i really like the way he was able to work with democrats and he stood his ground and he seemed like a really strong, authentic politician that was sort of rare in politics today. since bridge gate. >> now whenever i hear him speak, i get a stomach ache. in a imagine president obama's tone. the minute you step out of there, it a real turn off anywhere else in the country. >> to abby's point, he has done this to women before. so that is really problematic, to teachers, how he treated the nurse with the ebola situation. he's gotten in women's faces and yelled at them in a threatening manner. i think this is going to hurt him. especially with women voters and
3:46 pm
especially outside of new jersey. >> this is his brand. what about those that feel that what did you to get your recognition and notoriety, your brand, you should stay loyal to. this was his brand. this is what we expected. >> the brand may work in manhattan and new jersey and the bronx. but that brand is not going to work in the -- that brand won't work in san diego. that brand is not going to work in the panhandle of florida. if you're going to be a good politician, look at bill clinton. co-walk into any state and people were levitating. there guy grew up in a trailer in arkansas. he doesn't have that. he is never going to have that. the bully on the playground is the bully. >> they want you to be strong when you're president of the united states. they also want you to be kind. they want you to be
3:47 pm
compassionate. >> let me ask this. does this mean you can mentioned bridgegate. does this may not he's past that? that he's running? he's gotten comfortable. >> that changed a lot of people' opinion about the governor. and over the past few months, it seemed like people started talking about him on the national stage. he's lost a lot of weight. it looks like he's wanting to get back into it. why do you look at me when you said that? i won that primary. >> i think every time he speaks like that. >> is governor christie running? is water wet? of course he's running. everything he is doing the pogs himself for 2016. it where he will have a problem with his temperature speaker when he's on the stage with a bunch of others. when he loses his cool with them, i don't think it will work well. people will come after him on that stage and he's used to being the boss.
3:48 pm
the main guy. >> and a bully in charge. >> he could be up there with the governor. >> it doesn't matter. >> think about that big press conference at the did after bridge gate. that's a very different tone. >> it doesn't matter. those sound bites live forever. >> let me move to this dance punishment that has gone viral. louisville father kevin jones found out his 10-year-old daughter was lying about her age, and dating boys much older than her. for punishment, he put her in an air brushed shirt reading, i am 10 years old across the front of the shirt. and fifth grader across the back. she was also forced to wear a cartoon backpack and lots of
3:49 pm
barrettes in her hair making her appear younger. he posted them on facebook. some people said it is appropriate punishment. and some said he is publicly shaming his daughter. does the punish many fit the crime? >> i think it is public shaming. i have two sisters around that age. look, every child is different. so you have to handle them each differently. this is almost like putting a scarlet letter on her and making her feel terrible about it. i had a very open, honest relationship with both my parents. i was able to talk to them about things, i hate to disappoint themt. i want them to know if i have made a mistake. and they have opened the door for me for that. if they were to have done that to me, if i had wanted to data 15-year-old, i probably would have renaktd bad way and said i don't want to tell them anything. i want to sneak out. >> i only have a dog and he never dated anyone that has been age inappropriate. if he, did i would do exactly the same thing.
3:50 pm
she's 10 years old! she has 80 years left of her life. and now at 10 she is dating? dating at 10? i don't even know what that means? how do you date at 10? >> what she did was actually dangerous. she was on social media on secret accounts. she is 10 years old, she doesn't know the implications of that. you have a lot of predators out there, a lot of people willing to take advantage. i think it is good. he didn't go overboard. it was a creative way and she is in fact ten years old and she should be dress in the my opinion like a 10-year-old. >> i have to get to one more video getting a lot of attention. a hidden camera catching cat caller on the streets of new york city. one woman walked across the city around for ten hours and faced over 100 instances of street harassment. >> how are you doing today?
3:51 pm
>> smile! >> hey, what's up, girl? how are you doing? >> hey, beautiful! >> how are you this morning? >> have a nice evening. >> what do you think? >> i think if any woman in new york has been influence and knows exactly what that's like. and statement again, sometimes it is dangerous. not just people saying hello. someone followed her for five minutes and that's threatening. >> i love your tea this. >> i'm a man. it would not occur to me to do something like that. but let me ask this. i'm not condoning it. i think it is disrespectful to women. but if a woman did that to me work we be having the same conversation? if a gay man did that to me as a
3:52 pm
gay man, would i find that offensive? those are questions we have to ponder. men are trained from young boys up to do that kind of stuff to women. it is demeaning and it is bad. she approves a point here. >> it goes against a theory that women ask, look at her outfit. she is wearing a regular t-shirt, jeans, not a lot of make-up on. welcome to being in new york city as a woman. any time i'm walking on the street, tara would say the same thing. honey, smile. what are you so sad about, baby? there's nothing you can do about it though. keep walking. >> got to go. but and you tara come and ask me, what color is my socks. thank you for your time tonight. we'll be right back. to carry on traditions to come together, even when we're apart in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and more, swanson® makes holiday dishes delicious! wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, shopping online is as easy as it gets.
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mid-term elections have already started. that includes the votes in ohio where people are exercising their rights, despite voter restrictions from gop officials and right wing judges. just last month, conservatives on the supreme court ended ohio's same day voter registration and upheld state cuts to early voting periods. including cuts to sunday and week night voting. joining me now is ohio state senator nina turner who is running to replace republican john houston a secretary of state in ohio. thank you for being here. >> good evening, rev. >> tell me what's happening? ohio. >> right now we are trying to get as many people as possible to participate in the early voting days that we still have. as you articulated, those days have been cut down. we want to encourage people and
3:58 pm
remind them their voice does matter. a member of the house of labor, i was at a phone bank today, they have phone banks across this state trying to get member to member participation to remind people that this is no such thing as an offyear election. >> the person you're writing against, john houston, is not just somebody there but he is advocating the voter moves. in fact, has been sued by both the obama campaign and civil rights groups around some of his voting decisions. >> absolutely. and on behalf of the naacp, african-american churches and the league of women voter, they agree what the current secretary of state has done in tex cutting hours, both weekday hours and evening days and the general assembly taking away golden week, violated the 14th amendment to the constitution and section two of the voting rights act. that did not stop them them
3:59 pm
continued to appeal all way to the united states sprorlt. was granted a stay 16 hours before early voting was supposed to start. that creates voter confusion. he's been doing it since he's been in office and we say it is the 21st century vote years pregs. >> do you see your race as symbolic, as well as running to be secretary of state? >> oh, absolutely. i think the voters of the state of ohio, continuing voters of the state of ohio, regardless of their political aif i will yag, deserve a secretary of state that will expand and protect that access to the ballot box because it is the greatest equalizer that we have. one woman, one man, one vote. that's why. and it doesn't matter to me how people lean. i just want them to vote. >> state senator nina turner thank you, for getting in tonight and sharing this with us this evening.
4:00 pm
>> thanks for watching. "hardball" starts right now. >> blood in the water. let's play "hardball." >> sproeb struggling to defend his ebola response. and all the sweet 16ers are in the water. christie, jeb and romney are attacking him with gusto with their eye on the poll and the noses sniffing the scent of human blood. here's the president whacking back. >> when i hear people talking about american leadership, and then, promoting policy that's would avoid leadership and have us running in the opposite


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