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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  October 30, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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sharp turn from baseball to basketball. now tonight lebron james back to cleveland. >> everybody was rooting against the giants, it seems. man, you got to give the giants credit. 3 of 5. that puts him on par -- >> if it's way too early -- >> don't keep us on pins and needles. >> we're all waiting. >> if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." stick around, it's "the daily rundown" with craig melvin. is that a shot? main event. kp hickox speaks out again and president obama says it's time to focus on the science. christie storming the midterm trail with dozens of stops between now and election day. a very pubis lead, pubis listen
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delivering a very personal message. good morning, well to "the daily rundown." it is thursday, october 30th, 2014. the ebola standoff between nurse kaci hickox and the state of maine. hickox emerged from the house he shares with her boyfriend to say she's not backing down, that she won't stay inside for 21 days and she'll go to court if necessary. >> it is not my intention to put anyone at risk in this community. we have been in negotiations all day with the state of maine. and tried to resolve this amicably. but they will not allow me to leave my house and have any interaction with the public. even though i am completely healthy and symptom free. i don't want to hurt anyone in the public. i don't think this is an acceptable line to be drawn.
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>> maine health officials are seeking a state order to keep her in her home. saying the request to quarantine is reasonable. >> i do not understand why this commonsense approach, to ask someone to stay in their home for 21 days during the incubation period, why that is not a reasonable request. >> president obama delivered a different and, at one point, emotional message after meeting with health care workers yesterday. >> it's critical we remain focused on the facts and on the science. we've got hundreds of americans from across the country. nurses, doctors, public health workers, soldiers, engineers, mechanic, who are putting themselves on the front lines of this fight. when they come home, they deserve to be treated properly. they deserve to be treated like the heroes they republican. reason i'm so proud of this
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country is because, there are times when we need to step up and do the right thing, we do the right thing. >> we've got this covered from all angered this morning. we've also got health law expert wendy mariner and dr. natalie azar with us. let's start in maine outside nurse hickox's home. stephanie, what's the latest there? >> an update here, craig, kaci hickox just left the house on her bike with her boyfriend. she said she was not going to stay at home. she definitely threatened that. there is no court order keeping her in her house as of yet. the state said they are going to pursue one. but it's not in place. so they can't really arrest her. soon after she left, the state trooper who was here monitoring the front door left behind her. now, last night, when she came out late at night, she said she did not want to get arrested. she really wanted to challenge
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this in court. she doesn't believe the decision to quarantine her, to mandate a quarantine is constitutional or based on science. she also said she's been trying to negotiate with maine officials, saying she wouldn't travel anywhere unless she was in her own car and she would allow health officials to visit her here in her house. maine officials said that does not go far enough. craig. >> stephanie, so she hops on her bike a short time ago with her boyfriend. did she say anything as she left? i know there are a number of reporters there camped outside the house. did she have a statement or just zoom off? >> she didn't make any statement at all, craig, but she certainly knows the importance of taking a step and getting on this bicycle. she said last night when she was talking to the media that all of these decisions, she's taking one step at a time and talking to her family and friends about them and consulting with them. someone asked her if she was going to leave the next day, she
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said, i don't know necessarily what i'm going to do in the next minute. a situation unfolding for her day by day. >> there was a trooper stationed outside the house. at one point i understand there were also some health officials outside the home as well. is that still the case? >> no health officials. the state trooper followed her and her boyfriend along with a large pack of media as they left on their bicycles. and she did say that she would be willing to have health officials come in and check her temperature in her home but that she believes that what she's doing here is not just about her but that is a larger statement for her on how mandatory quarantine is unnecessary. and that's really a debate that's been going on throughout the country. >> stephanie is outside the home where we just learned hickox has left that home on a bicycle with
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her boyfriend. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker joins us with more on the president's response to state's controversial quarantines. is the administration, kristen, is the administration sending mixed signals? and by that, yesterday we learned that troops were going to be coming back from these regions. they're going to be quarantined. president, we should also note, happens to be heading to portland, maine, today, on a campaign event. talk about the mixed signals. >> underscores the fact there's a patchwork for dealing with ebola. the secretary announced yesterday all returning troops would be subject to a mandatory quarantine. the secretary defending that by saying, look, this is something that military families and the troops themselves support. president obama drew the distinction by saying there have never been the same rules for military personnel and civilians. and of course president obama has spoken out quite a bit
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against these quarantines that have been put in place in places like new york and new jersey. we heard that again yesterday when we spoke here from the white house. he was flanked by health care officials. the president making the case that he believes such quarantines will disincent vice health care workers from going to west africa to fight ebola. the administration saying that that is key to stomping out this disea disease. and hundreds more health care workers are needed. u.n. ambassador samantha power is in west africa now, calling on the international community to step up its efforts. highlight the fact that, thanks in part to u.s. intervention, the length of time that it requires to get an ebola test result back has been significantly reduced to a number of days. now it's a number of hours. so that has been a significant step. but so much more is needed as the crisis continues to ravage lives there. one bit of positive news we're
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getting today, according to the world health organization, the number of cases in liberia has been declining. it's estimated close to 5,000 lives have been taken due to ebola in that region. >> that number expected to rise. the big question is whether the state ordered quarantines can legally be enforced. wendy mariner, professor of health, law and bio ethics. just moments ago, we learned kaci hickox is no longer holed up inside her maine home. let's start there, wendy. what do you make of that? at this point, what's the likelihood that hickox actually goes to jail before november 10th, the end of the 21-day ebola incubation period? >> well, we're about to find out, craig. this is raise, the larger
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question of the limits of state power to confine someone. states do generally have power to confine people who are posing a direct public health threat. but the constitution limits, when and why states can confine people. the united states supreme court has established a two-part test for the mentally ill. most states have used an analogy of of that two-part test when it comes to contagious disease. first, the person must have a contagious disease. ebola would qualify but not things like cold or pink eye. second, the person would have to buy her behavior, be likely to infect other people. now, without a contagious disease, we don't have that situation yet. but -- >> so in this case, in this case, if you've got someone who doesn't have the contagious
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disease, it would seem -- it would be a bit of a no brainer, no? >> yes, but it's understandable. judges are nervous about this too. they're just as frightened of contagious disease as anyone else. there certainly would be some justification for finding someone who had been exposed to a dangerous disease and thereby likely to become infected. to be confined to a home, for example. but that would of course require the state to prove that there was some direct -- there was some evidence that the person was, in fact, es spoxposed, and they would have the likelihood of affecting others if they were infected. >> would there not be a tremendous backlash in this country if hickox ishandcuffs? >> i think they'll be a backlash no matter what.
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handcuffs seem quite unwarranted at the moment. if you do that to her, you probably should do that to everyone in the hospital who are taking care of patients who have ebola in this country. that's a lot of people. if she were lately to demonstrate infection, everybody else will be upset. and judges are particularly sympathetic to evidence presented by physicians. >> new york civil liberty union attorney says they are also threatening to challenge new york state's quarantine policy. could this be a growing trend? >> well, there is a lot of variation in state laws governing this. some have broad laws. to take action whenever necessary. of course necessary is a matter of interpretation. other states have more specific
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laws that would require clear and convincing evidence of specific factors. those would be easier. they're all over the lot because we're dealing here at the moment with state laws. not federal quarantine laws. >> wendy, thank you. i learned a lot there. do appreciate your time. how scared should we be of health care workers, refuse to follow state protocols? i'm joined by dr. natalie azar with the nyu medical center in new york. first, again, we're having this conversation. just a few moments after we learned hickox has done what she said she might, left her house with her boyfriend on a bicycle. we don't know where she's going. she didn't say anything. what do you think should happen to casey hickox? >> first of all, there's a lot of different legal and political nuances to the statement i'm about to make. i think we've seen precedence
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would require two conditions. one, an individual assessment of the statement determines that they clearly pose a risk to the public and that decision is backed by scientific evidence. in those two scenarios, we are not seeing this is the case with this patient. we've said she is not currently contagious. she doesn't pose a direct threat to the public. and most scientific bodies have made the recommendation that people are not forced into a quarantine. she is one of these workers from the doctors without borders. they have sent around 700 health care workers to west africa, only three of whom have been infected. so clearly they are following very appropriate and effective protocols. the numbers of health care workers from west africa on the other hand roughly 400 have become infected, over 200 have died. the fatality rate and the risk
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of infection i think in the local health care workers is much greater than the doctors and health care workers who are training and working with doctors without borders. those are the people we're talking about who are in this country right now. >> it sounds like you're saying the quarantine itself makes little to no sense. >> it makes little to no sense. to me, personally, my person yin opinion as a physician, it see s s punitive, it's going to disincentivize people to go. i think it's a worthwhile one to have and i think we would all agree that casey going for a job is not putting anybody in danger and it's going to be interesting to see how this unfolds. >> while we were having this conversation, we turned around the tape. i think we can bring it up full here. her hopping on this bicycle with her boyfriend outside her home in maine just a short time ago. reporting at the beginning of the hour, as promised from casey hickox essentially, as promised,
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she would violate this order if she was forced to stay in the house and she did just that. we continue to follow what's happening in maine. up next, though, the chuck truck rolls into the big easy. where the senate race has gotten so tight. senator mary landrieu is battling just to avoid a runoff. kids, they say the darnedest things. hear what he told nbc exclusively about what his son said about his plans to run for president. first, a look ahead at today's planner. michelle obama is out stumping for candidates. the president will head to a rally in portland maine. you're watching "the daily rundown" here on msnbc. . the use wings, extra ranch. we need to do something different. callahan's? ehh, i mean get away, like, away away. road trip?
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with five days to go, both parties using big names to make their closing augments. last night, florida governor jeb bush stopping in colorado for republicans cory gardner and bob opray. nbc's kacie hunt asked him if it's more than likely he is running for president. >> can i ask you about what your son said on abc? is that where your head's at, running for president? >> he's got an opinion. he didn't talk to me. when you have kids, you'll probably have the same frustration. you love them to death and they have their own opinions. i'll make up my mind, just as said, at the end of the year. >> jeb bush also went after hillary clinton, criticizing her for saying at an event with elizabeth warren last week that businesses do not create jobs. >> this last week, i saw something that was breathtaking.
6:20 am
a candidate -- a former secretary of state who was campaigning in massachusetts where she said that don't let them tell you that businesses create jobs. the problem in america today is not enough jobs are being created. they are created by businesses where people's income rise where they can live a life of purpose and meaning independent of government. that should be the mission. >> speaking of hillary clinton, she was in iowa yesterday, stumping for candidate bruce braley. clinton went after braley's republican rival ernst for canceling several meetings with editorial boards. >> you test your candidates. you force them to be the best they can be. i understand that. they have to be willing to answer the tough questions which bruce has been willing to do and his opponent has not. >> hillary clinton will be in
6:21 am
washington, d.c. today before heading to maryland to stump for anthony brown. over the next few days, she'll make stops in kentucky, louisiana, and new hampshire. meanwhile, chris christie has plans to stump in at least 19 states. 19. over the next five days. the second anniversary of super storm sandy yesterday. he was heckled by a local activist and former congressman. he didn't respond quietly. a democratic tracker caught this moment on camera. >> somebody like you doesn't know a damn thing about what you're talking about except to stand up and show up when the cameras are here. i've been here when the came cameras -- >> msnbc political correspondent kacie hunt live in colorado springs, colorado. let's start with that christie moment that was caught on camera there. what do you make of all that shouting yesterday? >> well, you know, i think at
6:22 am
this point a campaign is a very long, very tough kind of slog. and if your skin is so thin that you're treating protesters that way at this stage in the game, i think there's probably some reason to be concerned about, you know, how you would handle that kind of a campaign. i mean, mitt romney -- i covered mitt romney's campaign extensively. he dealt with hecklers frequently. he was good at dispensing of them and moving on. i think you saw the opposite from christie yesterday. >> he told the guy to sit down and shut up. then he goes after hillary clinton aggressively. he clearly wants to be seen as a player in 2016. even if he hasn't made up his mind, right? >> i think that was pretty clear both from -- especially from his event last night, where he did go after, as you say, hillary clinton. he wants to be part of of this
6:23 am
national conversation. he's been doing it a little farther behind the scenes. he's been to 13 or more states campaigning largely for gubernatorial candidates. he has to be kind of careful because there are some positions that he has that are really against the conservative republican base is. even last night, there was a congressional candidate on stage decrying common core, which is something that jeb bush has been very focused on. so immigration, another issue. he can come here to colorado and play well because this electorate, if anything, looks more like a general electiorate than some of the other states where you have competitive races. there's a large hispanic population. that's where bush has sort of focused his attention. and did a roundtable with hispanic leaders yesterday. >> kacie hunt, thank you. turning now to the democrat bei fight to save senate seats in the south. chuck todd on the road with more from louisiana. >> we're at our last stop of our two week trek.
6:24 am
eight states, ten days. it's louisiana. we made louisiana our last stop because it's likely not going to be an election that ends on november 4th. if anything, it may only just be beginning on november 4th. here's what to watch for. mary landrieu, the democrat here, she has the same problems a lot of other red state democrats have. but hers are more acute. where she stands on certain issues, particularly on energy issues, which are very important to louisiana, is in complete contrast to where the rest of the democratic party is in 2014. and that's been challenge number one for her. challenge number two, here she is, the chairwoman of the energy committee. perhaps if democrats hold the senate, she'll continue to keep it. but has harry reid allowed her to sort of flex her muscles and use that platform to help louisiana. i think an argument could be made she hasn't been able to do that. here, she has a benefit from washington that she can't really show off here in louisiana. so that's been a problem, number two.
6:25 am
and then the third problem here is going to be demographics. the question is for a democrat to win statewide, they've got to have a strong african-american turnout. this is the first time mary landrieu is going to be in a midterm election year, running for re-election post katrina. and 2000, the last time she was up for re-election, it was a presidential year. barack obama was on the ballot, maximized african-american turnout. a lot of african-american moved from new orleans to places like atlanta and houston after katrina. is the vote as big here in 2014 as mary landrieu needs it to be? couple of things to watch if you're looking at the exit polls numberswise. i would say the number 31%. she needs the electorate to be 31% african-american. she needs to win at least 31% of the white vote. if both of those things are happening, she has a shot of maybe avoiding a runoff. the other number to watch is what is her overall number?
6:26 am
is it 46, 47, 48? or is it in the lower 40s? 46 or above and a lot of people here think it's a 50/50 proposition against the likely candidate who will finish second here, bill cassidy. below 45, a lot of people think he will end up being the favorite. there's a third party candidate here. whether he gets into the 20s is unclear. not likely he can pass cassidy. a lot of democrats here kind of wish he would. so it's a complicated numbers game here. i gave you a lot numbers to watch for on election night. i have a feeling we may be back in late november right here in louisiana. >> i have a feeling you're correct, good sir. chuck todd on the road in the bay bayou. up next, the head of the world's most valuable company. apple ceo tim cook makes a major announcement. the first of its kind for any person leading a fortune 500
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company. first -- >> hopped up. sandoval. a world series win. >> congratulations, giants. that brings us to the question of the day. trivia question. prior to those three most recent titles, would won control the house the last time the giants won the world series? that is -- wow, that's a hard one. first person to tweet the correct answer @dailyrundown gets an on-air shoutout. the answer and more coming u on "the daily rundown." so when we asked the guys at composites horizons to map their manufacturing process with sticky notes and string, yeah, they were a little bit skeptical. what they do actually is rocket science. high tech components for aircraft and fighter jets. we're just their bankers, right? but financing from ge capital also comes
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of the highest-profile businessman to admit publicly he's gay. bloomberg business week op-ed just released cook said, quote, i'm proud to be gay and i consider being gay among the greatest gifts god has given me. cook, who is notoriously private, went on to say he came out to help others struggling to come to terms with who they might be. he says if his actions bring comfortable to others, it's worth the tradeoff with his own privacy. ferguson police chief thomas jackson is pushing back against report he reports he may resign. saying he is unaware of any plans to force his resignation. saying, quote, nothing has changed as far as i'm concerned. right now i have a job to do and i'm going to stay here and get the job done. yesterday, attorney general eric holder condemned leaks of information from the investigation and said change was needed. >> i think it's pretty clear
6:32 am
that the need for wholesale change in that department is appropriate. exactly what the forms of that change will be, i think we'll wait until we complete our inquiry. >> state officials tell msnbc those changes could include a full takeover the of ferguson police force. meanwhile, a grand jury continues to review the evidence in the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown back in august. they could decide whether to indeed his shooter officer darren wilson as early as next month. up next, with just five days until voters hit the polls, we're looking at the top issues candidates are targeting to influence your vote. and, will vulnerable governors on the top of the ballot hurt down ballot senate candidates? we're going to break down the ways that ticket splitting can dramatically impact election results. again! again!
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want to get back to that breaking news, new pictures here of nurse kaci hickox, leaving her house, defying the request from the state that she stay in that home and quarantine through november 10th. this is just a few moments ago in maine. hickox returned from west africa last friday. she says she has been symptom free. maine is asking for a judge's order to keep hickox quarantined. hickox said she would challenge that order in court. we will update this story in just a bit if new information warrants. mean why, with five days to go, candidates are making their closing arguments. campaign ads are playing on repeat. it's almost all over but the voting. how do these two parties see the political landscape with less
6:37 am
than two weeks to go? good to see both of you, thanks for being with me. >> morning. >> shawn, mitt romney carries kansas by roughly 22 points. he won in georgia as well. another state, i imagine, you argue is still red, carried that state by about eight points. why are your senate and gubernatorial candidates having such a hard time putting races away in georgia and kansas specifically? >> well, first of all, in georgia, i feel very good about it. saxy chambliss was in a runoff six years ago so the idea this is somehow a new phenomenon is a little ridiculous. i feel good about where david perdue is right now and he's continued to climb. that's where georgia is. with respect to kansas, i have to be honest, i did not expect the democrats to pull their candidate out of the race the way they did. we were preparing for republican and democrat race. the democrats polled the democratic candidate out of the race and pulled a sneak play and
6:38 am
got behind a candidate named greg orman who was this unknown independent that, you know, frankly, yes, we did not plan on running, not against the democrats would pull a guy out, but we reminded people pat roberts is the conservative in this race. kansas remains a very conservative state. a very republican state. i think they were able to pull a quick one right away. we got in there, responded appropriately. again, on election night, kansas will continue to be a red state. >> moshgs lmo, let's turn to colorado. "denver post" has criticized udall for his abortion attacks on gardner, saying he is running a, quote, one-issue campaign. pro-choice america up with this ad, quote, if cory gardner gets his way, you better stock up on condoms. is that the kind of ad that you stand behind? >> well, look, i think in colorado and across the country,
6:39 am
what you see democratic candidates talking about when it comes to women health issues is these issues aren't just social issues, as shawn and his party would like to paint them as. these are real family economic issues. anyone that says -- >> so you do stand behind the ad -- >> -- access to birth control is not an economic issue is someone who hasn't paid for it. and the fact that they want to return to a day when health care decisions like those are left to insurance companies instead of to women and their doctors is very problematic but it's foot just birth control. it's not just the issues of women's health. it's equal pay. there are a whole host of issues that are -- >> but you don't dispute the fact that much of that campaign in colorado has been devoted to -- to that one topic? >> i think that's what's gotten a lot of attention here in washington. i know senator udall's out there talking about a lot of different issues, about how he wants to move the state forward and move
6:40 am
the economy forward and where he and his opponent differ. this is clearly an important issue to a lot of women in colorado and around the country. >> i want to talk about something else -- >> craig, if i -- >> go ahead, go ahead. >> the debate moderator the other night called him senator mark uterus. with the respect to the war on women that the democrats conjured up, that's utter failure. they attack barbara comstock in virginia for not having a job despite having a distinguished memory. they attacked the candidate in new york for not having worked a manual day's labor aside from the fact she works in her family's plywood small business. yesterday, the democrat in alaska -- >> i want to get to another state. kentucky senator rand paul criticized the brand, as you know, yesterday, had a stop in detroit. i think what he said here this is a snippet of what senator
6:41 am
rand paul said, remember domino's pizza. they admitted, hey, our pizza crust sucks. the republican party brand sucks. people don't want to be a republican. for 80 years african-americans have had nothing to do with republicans. why? because of a perception. the problem is the perception that no one in the republican party cares. i know there's been a great deal made of the outreach effort being made in the party, but when you've got a guy who's, you know, likely going to run for president in 2016 saying in kentucky, my party sucks, how do you respond to that? >> well, i'm very proud of our party and i'm very proud of what we've been doing under the chairman's leadership over the past couple years to reach out to african-americans, to asians. i think we're starting to take steps in the right direction. it's not going to happen overnight. rand paul has been one of those people with, like, paul ryan, ed gillespie in virginia, going out
6:42 am
to the communities, and i think especially cory gardner in colorado as well, going into hispanic communities. so do we have a ways to go? absolutely. are we perfect? no. i think in the last two years, this party, under the chairman, under the current chairman, has shown we're going to conservative messages, and i think it's going to pay dividends in the long run. it may not be, you know, huge in the next election but we're going to make small incremental steps forward. >> really quickly here. i want to come to you on something a lot of folks have been talking about. state party in georgia. using the issue of race to drive african-american turnout there as you know. democratic party, they've distributed some flyers, warning if folks don't vote there, hereby's a flyer, if folks don't vote, there will be another ferguson. in arkansas, voters opening mailboxes to image, of ferguson. harry reid, super pac, running this ad on black radio. accusing tom tillis of using an
6:43 am
effort. the gun law that, quote, caused the shooting death of trayvon martin. is using the issue of race like that to drive turnout, is that appropriate? >> look, i think our continued outreach in the african-american communities specifically, in the hispanic community -- >> are those specific efforts appropriate? >> look, do i think it's appropriate to constantly remind people how important it is to vote, how important it is to make your voice heard, how important it is to remain engaged? and how if you don't, you lose your voice? absolutely, i think -- >> can you not do that without trotting out the images of dead black teenagers? >> look, i think there are -- there are a lot of important issues in the community that we are out there talking about. the dnc is running ads. radio ads around the country, reminding people of the need to get behind the economic agenda that we've been pushing. there's a lot of different
6:44 am
mechanisms we're using out there. but the fundamental point is that it is absolutely critical, that if you do not vote, you lose your voice. >> we have to go. thank you both so much. i know. shawn, we'll come back. i guarantee over the next five days. coming up here, a look at how ticket splitting might dramatically impact some tight senate races next week. can a strong or weak candidate at the top of the ballot make or break a down ballot candidate? there's the white house soup of the day. chicken tortilla today. don't forget, all this week, we're hosting live twitter chats. 11:00 a.m. eastern, alex wagner will be answering your questions. you can issue #msnbcvote. [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan?
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6:48 am
could a strong candidate at the top of the ticket help a weaker one down ballot limp over the finish line? will weak candidates hurt other members of their party? in kansas, both incumbent roberts and brownback are playing defense in races that are virtually tied, roberts appears to be solidifying his support among brownback voters. a month ago, 20% of brownback voters were inclined to vote for orman. orman gets 82% of democrat paul davis' voters in our poll. will that support translate into votes? given that he does not formally have the democratic party's turnout apparatus behind him? mean why, in iowa, republicans hope that governor terry brand stat who leads in our poll by more than 20 points can lift joni ernst who's in that neck and neck race with democrat bruce bailraley. in our poll, 75% say they
6:49 am
support ernst. in colorado could a stronger than expected showing by republican senate candidate cory gardner lift bob beauprez in that governor's race? if the georgia governor's race advanced to a runoff, could it boost jason carter? or will nathan deal help david perdue win? we've got a guy would cho can d. the manager of let's start in kansas. how likely one of these incumbent republicans brownback or roberts win and the other lose? >> well, because their problems are unique to each of them and also magnify the others. so i've heard a lot of republicans talk to me and said this is the perfect storm for pat roberts which is he wasn't paying attention. he should have been spending a
6:50 am
little more. essentially, casting himself as an independent voice. a guy that's going to washington and to washington and get things done. that's not good. normally you would expect the republican governor of a state like kansas to be winning re-election by some of the numbers you showed him win by, 20 points. that would drag roberts across the line. brownback has his own troubles, basically self inflicted, cutting taxes and education funding issues. as a result they're both not helping the other much. i think it is possible one wins, the other doesn't win. i think roberts is more likely to win today than brownback, but it is kansas and they're republicans. they probably start at 48 and a half before they do.
6:51 am
>> how does georgia having a competitive governor race, how does that factor in, in case of a runoff? >> let's talk about november 4th first. what you need if you are a democrat running for a governor or for senate or any other statewide office in georgia, you need every person that identifies as democrat to vote. that's particularly true among the african-american community, this is a large community in that state. the more energized, interested, engaged the democratic basis, the better you're more engaged as a voter if you have two races. you have michelle nunn and jason carter running well. the other thing about the runoff dynamic that's hard, the governor's race is gofrd by state law. state law you've got a runoff three weeks after november 4 election, if neither of them get 50. but the senate race, that runoff would not be until january 6th.
6:52 am
three days after the congress that david perdue and michelle nunn run to be part of convenes. the dynamic there is a little different. michelle nunn's best chance to win is on november 4th. jason carter driving out as many democratic votes as possible helps that cause. >> chris sales, wish we had time to talk about jerry brown's lack of campaigning in california. thank you, good to see you. trivia time. back in 1954. back when they were still the new york giants, it was the first mid term of the eisenhower years. democrats won control of the house. congratulations to today's winner. mark chapin. congratulations, mark. be right back. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24, a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70 percent of people
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going to get back to breaking news in maine. nurse kaci hickox is just now
6:56 am
returning home after heading out on a bike ride with her boyfriend. she left the house that she shares with her boyfriend this morning. defying the request from the state that she stay at home and quarantine through november 10th. she returned from west africa last friday, says she has been symptom free. maine, meanwhile, is asking for a judge's order to keep her quarantined. she said last night she will challenge that order in court. president obama said yesterday that states should treat returning health care workers with dignity and respect. coincidentally, the president will be in maine, in portland today for a fund-raiser. we can tell you that kaci hickox and her boyfriend apparently have returned home and best we can tell she was not arrested, she was not detained. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." coming up, jose diaz-balart has the latest on the standoff in
6:57 am
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(boys screaming) totino's pizza rolls... ready so fast,'s scary! i don't want to talk to you. >> i am sure not. can i ask you about what your son said on abc. is that where your head is at running for president? >> he didn't want to talk about 2016 on the 2014 campaign trail, but he did. she will join us to talk about his answer in minutes live from colorado good morning. i am jose diaz-balart. the first focus, developing news in the ebola quarantine controversy. a little over an hour ago,


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