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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  October 30, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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totino's pizza rolls... ready so fast,'s scary! i don't want to talk to you. >> i am sure not. can i ask you about what your son said on abc. is that where your head is at running for president? >> he didn't want to talk about 2016 on the 2014 campaign trail, but he did. she will join us to talk about his answer in minutes live from colorado good morning. i am jose diaz-balart. the first focus, developing news in the ebola quarantine controversy. a little over an hour ago,
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defying kaci hickox left her home in maine to go for a bike ride. you see them leaving the home. that despite a threat from maine health officials who are seeking an order to have her detained if she violates her quarantine. last night, the nurse that treated ebola patients in west africa says she is not backing down in the fight for her freedom to leave her home. >> it is not my intention to put anyone at risk in this community. but we have to make decisions on science and i am completely healthy. you know, you could hug me, you could shake my hand. there is no way i would give you ebola. >> let me bring in dr. nancy, medical adviser for the state of new jersey. good to see you. >> good morning, jose. >> good morning. this controversy, this quarantine controversy began in the garden state. cdc put out revised guidelines to clarify things. several other states unveiled
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their own protocols. california, the latest. should the federal government put out some rules for all states? >> i think it would help the american public greatly if we had a unified front. unfortunately that is not the way quarantines work in our country. they are done state by state by department of health of each state. let's talk about quarantines. they have been in place since the middle ages. when they first started to quarantine people in the middle ages, this is not a new concept. this is how we prevent transmittable diseases, and this is what we are doing by a state by state basis. >> after the fact that she is very clearly feeling she is in no danger of getting ebola, and
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if she is not having symptoms, why should she be stuck at home? >> i think that she is amazing. she went to west africa to treat dying patients. she feels her civil rights are being violated and she's no danger to the american public. the american public has 87 to 92% of americans favor quarantine because of the threat. people are genuinely concerned about the disease. she was in new jersey. in a tent. she was very uncomfortable, very unhappy. you want to be home where you are comfortable with your kitchen and bed. it would be another ten days and the quarantine would be over. i believe this is excessive at
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this point. >> i want to go on the phone now with david hatch, reporter for the portland press herald, closely following the latest developments. good morning. this battle with maine officials -- >> it certainly does, they're interested in enforcing the quarantine. and not having it enforced, it does tend to pit the individual against the state. >> and you know, apparently the state said if she did leave her home, she would be arrested. we are seeing her riding her bicycle, being followed by jogging reporters. has the state said anything? >> well, all we know is that they had determined they don't have the authority to arrest her at this point. they could go seek a court order that would give them emergency powers to do that.
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but they would have to prove to a judge by clear and convincing evidence that she poses immediate threat to the public, and apparently that's a high bar to reach. >> david, tell me about the local reaction to this. >> it is mixed. and some people think the government can be heavy handed, they respect what she's doing. on the other hand, there's a lot of fear, whether or not it is based on science or what have you, it is certainly something that's -- the politicians involved have to be aware of. we had an example of probably an extreme of that, a woman came back from dallas, a school teacher came back from dallas and her school board sent her home for 21 days because she had been in a city where there had been ebola. so trying to find the right balance can be a challenge, both for scientists and policy makers. >> you know, i am wondering,
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david, with her attitude, and it has been clear she does not feel she should be quarantined, that she paid her dues, that she doesn't have ebola, and she should be free to live her life as she wishes, after sacrificing herself to go over and help folks with ebola. if she goes out on her bike and nothing happens when the state said they don't want her to, maybe the next step is to go to a local restaurant or to go on public transportation somewhere. i mean, what are state officials, you said they need a court order. would they need a court order immediately to keep her from doing anything? >> i believe they would. my reading of the law is that you can't just take somebody into custody because you think they pose a threat. you have to get a judge to agree with that concern. so if that's their concern, that she poses an acute threat, then they have to go through these steps. they apparently haven't done that yet. so she's free to move about. now, it seems to me she also
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represents the kind of person, you know, somebody that volunteered to go to africa and work with some of the sickest people in the world isn't likely to be challenged by government and state trooper telling her she should stay in the house. >> i am just wondering, it seems a difficult thing to go through. quite frankly, she has sacrificed so much to help others. now she is very confident that she is completely healthy. why should she not be allowed to do what she likes, including riding a bicycle. not like riding a bicycle, you're going to be confronted by hundreds of people. >> jose, let's remember now, this is taking so much attention of all of the reporters, of the media, of the law. so wouldn't it just be easier for her to comply with the next ten days and let us all focus on treating ebola in west africa, which is what we really all need
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to focus on? currently there's one united states citizen with ebola, dr. spencer in new york city. there are no new cases. so why can't we not just focus where we need to focus, which is in west africa with sending our supplies and not worry about what's going on in maine. that's my objection to all of this. >> and dr. spencer, let's be honest, thought he followed the protocols and that he did not have ebola and yet later he was indeed found to have ebola. doesn't mean that the nurse is going to necessarily have it, but it does take some days to be manifested, right? >> that's correct. and it really is 21 days, of which she's well halfway into her quarantine. she's safe, she's happy, and she's in her own home. we are not putting her in a facility she's uncomfortable in. so as much as i have great respect for her and all that she did, i have to say, it is taking far too much attention away from
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what we should all be paying attention to, which is the resources, the time, the money, the effort to west africa. >> doctor, thank you for being with me this morning. thank david for being with me as well. i want to bring in stephanie goes, outside the nurse's home. tell us about the moment when she walked out of her home and got on her bike? >> reporter: good morning. kaci said she would possibly leave the house today, and that's exactly what she did. she got up with her boyfriend, they got on their mountain bikes, took off down the road, followed by quite an entourage of police and media, as you can imagine. we caught up with her on her way back and asked her why she did. she said because she can. she's free to leave her house. there's no legal reason she can't leave, even though the state of maine is trying to compel her to stay inside,
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seeking a court order to mandate quarantine inside the house until november 10th. she's defiant. she says she thinks it is unconstitutional and a policy that results out of fear, not out of science. and she says the fight itself is much bigger than herself and her ability to move around this tiny town on the border of canada. but rather a statement on the larger issue of whether mandating quarantines of health workers from west africa really makes sense. >> and stephanie, talk to me about that tiny town, so close to the canadian border. my question, i was speaking with the reporter from the area on is if she's taking a step of going out on the bicycle, clearly she has no intention of staying home. that means that sooner or later she could decide to go into that tiny town and enjoy some of the restaurants or stores there. >> reporter: certainly. she could potentially make that
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decision, absolutely. you know, i think this town is generally a very quiet place. i mean, we are on for the most part the northernmost tip of maine on the edge of canada. they're not used to this kind of attention. but for the moment, you don't see an overwhelming amount of fear. her neighbors at least say they support her, asked if they can do anything to help out. >> stephanie, good to see you. looking at the video of you running by the bicycle is incredible, the contrast between you and me, i couldn't do that. you did it spectacularly. thank you for being with me this morning. >> good to stay in shape, right? >> that's right. it is important to. let's talk about politics. next tuesday, the elections and really things are so close in so many places around the country, let's talk about governor jeb bush. he was able to answer a question that kasie hunt played for him earlier. saw it at the top of the show. kasie asked the governor to comment on reports from his son
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that he is more than likely to run in 2016. >> he has an opinion. he didn't talk to me. when you have kids, you'll probably have the same frustration. you love them to death, they have their own opinions. but i'll make up my mind as i said end of the year. >> you said that to vanderbilt, you were going to consider it with your family over the holidays? >> yeah, same as i've always said. there's nothing new here. >> i am joined by political correspondent kasie hunt in colorado springs. good to see you this morning. >> reporter: nice to see you, jose. >> kids say the darndest things, you asked the governor about that. it is clear he wasn't expecting his son to say that, or that's the public persona? >> reporter: that's what he says. he says, as you heard him say there, they're going to make the decision after the holidays, but that he is thinking about it. i will say, he gave a brief speech at a rally in colorado on behalf of the republican ticket for senate, for governor here.
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he made a quick speech, but he did go after former secretary of state hillary clinton for comments she made about businesses not creating jobs. so that certainly seemed like an injection of himself into the 2016 conversation, even if as you saw, he wanted to tell me there was nothing to see here. >> you also asked about the importance of the latino vote in colorado, where it could make a difference, when we see things so close. here is what he said. >> it is an emerging voting group not just here but across the country, and the colorado party and our candidates made a big effort. i think they're going to see significant improvements over the last two election cycles. so i feel pretty good about it. >> and tell us about the latino outreach in both political parties. >> reporter: absolutely. i mean, it is very critical here in colorado, in democrats and republicans recognizing that. for democrats, a question of making sure they get hispanic,
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latino voters to the polls, a question of whether there's disillusionment with the president and him pushing immigration reform through congress, failure to take executive actions he talked about. for republicans, it is about trying to broaden the appeal of their party to those kinds of voters. colorado, more than any other state, mirrors the demographic makeup of a presidential electorate. in many ways, how the republican candidates do this time around is going to be pretty telling for the presidential election. and jeb bush was here particularly appealing to hispanic voters, did a tv ad and hispanic business leaders round table. >> good to see you. coming up, more on what some call the margin of error mid terms. it is because they're so close. my colleague, steve kornacki, makes his jdb debut in time for election day. we will help crunch the numbers. good to see you.
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should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools. go before election day, seven senate races are within three points or less. and a handful of gubernatorial cases, 11 of those contests within four percentage points. joining me now, steve kornacki host of "up". great to see you. >> great to be here, jose. >> start with the senate. we might not know which party
7:19 am
has the majority until after election night. there could be runoffs in some of the too close to call races. >> that's right. let's take a look. start with the state of kansas. one of my favorite senate elections. we go to the big board, show you how close it is in kansas. this is a weird race. no democrat in the race. independent, orman, and pat roberts, that's the average of the polls, the average puts orman ahead by a point. from the roberts perspective, good news for republicans, if we looked at this a month ago, he would have been down nearly ten points. he closed that gap, he has brought in big name national republicans. warned kansas voters, you vote for greg orman, you might be voting for a democratic senate, he succeeded in bringing it back to a tie or close to at that tie. the bad news, that growth and surge seemed to have leveled off and stabilized. orman is still slightly ahead. the big paper for the suburbs of kansas city, in the eastern part
7:20 am
of the state where most of the voters are, kansas city star and not only endorsed orman, they called roberts a desperate political hack. orman is still in a good position, but obviously a close race here. >> and let's talk about another senate race, a close one, getting national attention, kentucky. >> go back to the map here, call that up. here we have the top republican in the senate, mitch mcconnell, challenged by allison grimes. you see the polling average is favorable for mcconnell. ahead by more than four points. republicans have been feeling pretty good about this. some of the warning sign for grimes, needs a big vote out of louisville, lexington, the only two strong democratic areas in the state. she was doing better in the north central region of kentucky. doing better there over the summer. her numbers tapered off there a bit. you hear about coal in kentucky. look in the eastern part of the
7:21 am
state. coal country, she's hoping she won't win it, hoping to contain damage there. more recently, mcconnell leads in that state have been too high for grimes. she has catch up to do in the next week. >> let's go to new jersey. chris christie is not up for re-election, but he will be campaigning for scott walker tomorrow. >> this is interesting. there's an individual poll came out from marquette university, known as the gold standard poll for wisconsin, put walker ahead by seven points. republicans feeling good about that. there's the possibility with polls that there's an outlier, you look at the other polls, you average them, you have a two point lead for scott walker. you look at the actions of the scott walker campaign and scott walker himself suggest it is not a seven point race. walker went public with grievances against chris
7:22 am
christie, republican governor's association saying hey, you guys aren't giving me the money i need. i am in danger of losing the race, i need money. pony up. you are ahead seven points and think you are ahead seven points, you're not doing that. it is a race to keep an eye on. the other interesting thing, president obama was in the state this week for mary burke. unusual to see the president in a competitive race. a lot of democrats not eager to have him. she needs a big turnout among his base in milwaukee. if there's back lash, i am willing to risk that. i want that vote out of milwaukee. >> we appreciate your perspective and information. happy to see you. watch up with steve kornacki every saturday and sunday, 8:00 a.m. eastern time, here on msnbc. dig in deeper now with democratic polster margie oh marrow, and chris wilson. thank you. margie, i want to start with you.
7:23 am
steve was laying out some numbers. kansas senate race as close as it can be with independent greg orman, challenging pat roberts, who has momentum. >> when you see a republican like roberts focusing as steve noted such a processing message, making sure we don't flip the senate, that's such -- it really reinforces the negatives that roberts has, that he has gone washington, he is part of the problem of washington, he is not part of kansas any more, doesn't get it, doesn't get voters. i talked to so many swing voters and focus groups in battleground senate states, not kansas but elsewhere. they're not thinking about their vote that way. they're not thinking about the vote in terms of process or what it means for me. what is this candidate going to do for me, do they get my life. even roberts' own positive message reinforces the fact he doesn't get voters' lives. >> chris, what are the races you
7:24 am
are seeing as being too close to call? >> i think these two races, kansas and kentucky are exercise in contrast. kentucky, mitch mcconnell ran a multi year campaign. as soon as rand paul won, he reached out to rand paul people, spent time campaigning in kentucky. goes back every weekend. he is very connected to the state. conversely, i agree with what steve was saying. roberts is running really as independent, hasn't gone back as much. he focused on the wrong message and was challenged in a primary that brought out the challenges that exist. i think what the kansas race, both republicans win, kentucky, mcconnell hasn't been, steve said he is outside the margin of error. hasn't been close since first part of october. he probably wins that. kansas is closer, it is all about democrats holding their
7:25 am
nose and voting independent in that race. if so, roberts probably wins. one thing steve talked about the national republicans are part of that. he is closing with an ad, most popular man in kansas, football coach bill snyder, probably does a better job tying him back to the state than anything he has done so far. >> he has scant ties to the state. thank you both for being with me this morning. appreciate your time. >> thank you. moments ago, the white house confirming some specific details on what the president may or may not do on immigration reform. trick or treat. we will have details straight ahead. how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40, $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all.
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7:29 am
scoop, reporting on recommendations headed to the president's desk within weeks. the question, of course, what are the recommendations, and with immigration activists on edge, will they satisfy an impatient voting block? joining me now, the reporter that broke the story, buzz feed editor of latino coverage. good to see you. >> good to see you, jose. >> let's talk basics for a moment. you are reporting some minimum length of time in the u.s. and some family ties in the united states to be qualified under some form of legalization. give us details. >> activists are concerned, some things they're hearing, how long would you be in the country to be protected from deportation. so one of the things is if it is five years or ten years. and if it is ten years you have to prove, you have to show documents you have been in the country, that's more difficult, advocates say. one part is how long you have been in the country. the other part of it is if you read the tea leaves, looks like one of the things being considered is parents of u.s.
7:30 am
citizens would be protected. however, advocates say dreamers, undocumented youth brought to the country as children say that in many ways they're the face of immigration, the immigration overhaul. they say their parents should be protected. that's a big thing going on now. they say these are sent this week and next week. now is the time they're pliable, flexible. when they go to obama, there's a chance that they're lessened, advocates say. >> and as you know, we have been reporting on this program, certainly on telemundo, talking about how broad the president will make his executive order. do we have any idea what he is considering as far as numbers? >> as far as numbers, you know, one of the concerns, one of the advocates told me low seven figures of people in the low millions. another source told me 3 million is what they're hearing. this is a far cry from the bipartisan senate bill which would have protected 8 million
7:31 am
undocumented immigrants. luis gutierrez is talking 3 to 5 million. these are the numbers they talk about when they say will obama go big. >> the white house pushed back at your report a bit, you cited four separate sources. even despite the push back, someone wants details out there before the mid terms, don't you think? >> they push back saying it is too early to say what's in there. but didn't push back on the fact that homeland security and department of justice are working on the recommendations now, and it is obvious that people want the details, they want to effect the debate now. one of the concerns for the advocates they say is before obama's political advisers cautioned him to be conservative on immigration. you saw it with the immigration delay last month. their concern is if these recommendations are not big and bold that get to the president's desk, his advisers may caution him don't go as big. you have the mid terms, the senate could be hanging in the balance. these are some of the concerns
7:32 am
at play now. >> any idea when the president will decide one way or another what to do? >> the white house has repeatedly said before the end of the year. and i think advocates are going to jump on the white house and the administration the day after the election. i think also that some democrats are trying to figure out, are keeping an eye on what's going onto see if it does solidify that they start to hear that things are going to go, that obama will not go big, and then they may come out and say something. so it is very interesting now. >> thank you very much and that confirms what the white house told nbc news this morning. appreciate your time. for more reaction, i am joined by the president and founder of the website, latino rebels. good to see you. >> hey, jose, how are you? >> thanks. what's your reaction, julio, to what the president might do or not do? >> it is a message we have been
7:33 am
hearing from the community saying another delay, another mixed message and the white house continues to play to avoid losing not only in the mid terms. the latino community is a little frustrated, this is just another example of broken promises that the white house and president continue to make. >> julio, there may be frustration by some in the latino community because of inaction by the president. it is nothing compared to how republicans in the house punted and punted big on immigration reform. as a matter of fact, before they went on break, only thing they did agree on was to cut back on deferred action and not fund any future deferred actions. >> absolutely. this is what we call a catch twenty two, with a lot of u.s. latino voters going to mid terms, saying republicans aren't our friends, and some democrats aren't our friends, and the president is not really being clear and getting bad advice, because they are misreading tea
7:34 am
leaves to sort of continue what my friend said. and that is leading to a really serious institution about the electorate, whether u.s. latinos are going to vote next week. i think they will be. they'll be voting more with their conscience and not necessarily whether we vote for democrats or republicans. i think people who believe in immigration reform are going to vote their conscience, there's going to be situations where the latino vote won't go for democrats in certain battleground states like north carolina and other states. >> we have been seeing some of those battleground states talk about immigration, sometimes democrats push back on support for immigration reform while the republicans consistently continue to have their dogma. no immigration reform at all. >> exactly. here it is again, not to be stereotypical, u.s. latino voters are the piniata. the pandering, mixed messages
7:35 am
from the white house and democratic national committee, message of the chairman of republican national committee saying it is unamerican to be talking about amnesty. no wonder when you look at recent polling in "the washington post" and in pew, no reason you see a dip in support by latinos for both parties, and it is no wonder that latinos are getting more educated. in the end sends a powerful message next week in mid terms if latinos go out and vote their conscience, see where they can effect the races, and send a message to both parties that we are here and we matter. >> so important. julio, so enjoyed latino rebels. enjoyed being with you. coming up, chuck todd joins us from the road in louisiana, we dive deeper into the mid term sprint. first, she took off on a bike ride this morning.
7:36 am
kaci hickox is home. this footage just into the newsroom has an answer what she may be doing. >> this morning, we said we want to go for a bike ride. >> is this something you do often? >> we do, yeah. thank you guys. i have to go speak with the health department now. it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb. want to give them more vitamins, omega 3s, and less saturated fat? it's eb. eggland's best eggs. eb's. the only eggs that make better taste and better nutrition... easy. eggland's best eggs. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. it's eb.
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secure the border, secure the border, secure the border. no amnesty, no pathway to citizenship. >> as long as senator landrieu and harry reid control the senate, we will not secure the border. >> i would put my record up against securing the border against both of theirs any day. >> apparently they want to secure the border. sparks flying in louisiana last night over border politics in the senate race between mary landrieu and bill cassidy, independent is looking more like it will not end next tuesday, according to the latest poll. on the road in louisiana where we find moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd, riding shotgun on the last stop of his meet the voters tour. thanks for being with me.
7:44 am
good to see you. >> you got it, buddy, good to be here. >> looking at a runoff possibly in louisiana. what's happening there? >> we are, and i think first of all, louisiana, this is their different system, they call it a jungle primary. everybody is on the ballot. there is no primary. election day for everybody else is primary day in louisiana. and if nobody gets 50%, the top two regardless of party face off in a runoff. republicans in particular have been planning for runoff all along. landrieu's campaign has tried to find a path to 50% plus one on election day. they're trying desperately to see if they can figure out a way to win this without a runoff. it is hard to imagine that they're going to be able to pull it off, i think for a couple reasons. number one, the republican nature of louisiana in general, i think on major election day, 50% of the electorate and more vote republican. even as bill cassidy, leading republican candidate as far as
7:45 am
washington is concerned, even though he is not exciting conservatives, there's a more conservative candidate on the ballot, so he is getting conservatives out. i think turnout wise, republicans have the perfect storm to hold landrieu under 50. the magic number to watch though, jose, is 46%. if landrieu is 46 or north of that, then i think she has an even money chance to win the runoff. if on election day tuesday she can't get to 45 or 46, that means it is an uphill battle. >> interesting. and the whole secure the border, secure the border, secure the border talk last night, talk about latino vote in louisiana. clearly the issue of immigration has been playing a role, specifically after last night. >> well, it is. all of the more rural, red, southern states, immigration has been used as a wedge against the democrats, and you've seen sort of hesse tans by the democratic
7:46 am
candidates where they are on the issue. on one hand, they want to be for the immigration bill, and frankly, in louisiana, business is more pro-immigration reform than the more rural parts of the state. but there's not a large hispanic population here that's seen as a voting population in louisiana. so you're just not seeing efforts there. i have noticed that it is different obviously in places like florida or colorado, but this senate map as you know, jose, very much not hispanic heavy senate map. >> yeah. chuck todd, always a pleasure to see you. happy trails. i know i am an old guy. still find it fascinating you can do a live shot from a moving rv. i know new technology and stuff, but very cool to me. look at that. be careful, my friend. good to see you. stay tuned for more from chuck on sunday. if it is sunday, it is "meet the press." so many razor thin senate and gubernatorial races this year, the role of minority voters could prove pivotal.
7:47 am
that translates into increasing power for two important voting blocks. asian americans and latinos. joining me now, executive director of the asian pacific islander american vote, christine chen, and msnbc contributor and president and ceo maria kumar. thank you. christine, start with you. fascinating poll from apia vote shows as many as 77% of registered asian american voters plan to vote in the mid terms. 37% of asian americans identify as democrat. 17% as republican. 46% do not align with any specific party. why is that, you think? >> you know, we have seen there hasn't been enough engagement from the republicans or democratic parties. in the last eight years, we have seen increase of participation from the communities where this year and with national voter registration day, we had over 317 organizations participate. doubling of the increase from
7:48 am
two years ago. but at the same time 74% of the republicans and 66% of the democrats are not reaching out to our base of new voters. so with that, our nonprofits in 17 different locations are really focusing on engaging new voters and immigrant voters, taking them to the polls in houston. we have bpsos, where they're taking a base of naturalized citizens to early voting this week. >> that's great. a new poll shows by pew that 57% of registered latino voters support democrats, down from 2010. how do you explain this? >> i think what you're finding is you have a lot of latinos that are pretty upset with the democrats and the republicans and are trying to figure out how are they going to weigh into the election. what's fascinating is that when you start looking at areas in
7:49 am
kansas or even georgia, colorado is a given, but you all of a sudden have the latino vote that can make the difference, because of the margin of polling within less three percentage points. that's when you see the latino vote flexes its muscle. it may not be big constituency in the states, they have the voters to make the change when it comes to democrats or republicans in this case. >> latino voters and asian voters. thank you both for being with me this morning. appreciate your time. >> thank you, jose. >> thank you. coming up, a giant moment for san francisco. >> popped up! sandoval, in foul territory. >> incredible win. what do some giants fans do? start a fire in the streets? on five things when fans attack is next. before we go to break, this is a scene you see in florida. look where nbc's kerry sanders
7:50 am
is, where he is hanging out, at the fort lauderdale, how are you, buddy, at the international boat show, on board a 176 foot long yacht, worth $29.7 million. kerry, how much does it cost to fill the tank there? >> it will blow your mind. this is something we can relate to. $43,000 just to fill it up. >> man. that's where kerry sanders is hanging today. wanted to show you that. salute, kerry. lucky man! this is charlie. his long day of doing it himself starts with back pain... and a choice. take 4 advil in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. honey, you did it! baby laughs! mmmmmmm. look out. now there's even more of the amazing cinnamon taste you love on cinnamon toast crunch.
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7:54 am
the bay late last night. reports of fires, smashed bottles, multiple arrests, two people hospital with gunshot wounds. i don't get it. why riot, especially when you won the game? how about just celebrate. but to be fair, scene in san francisco was hardly the worst. here are the five things when fans attack. number one, stick with national past time, a young college student victoria snowgrove killed in 2004 when they fired a pepper spray projectile after the red sox beat the yankees. and vancouver canada, in 2011, the canucks lost to the bruins in stanley cup finals. estimated 5 million in property damage. number three, keeping it international, turning to soccer, this was a scene in argentina after a loss to germany in the world cup this summer. let's be clear, this is a recent high profile example, being a football fan, soccer can often times be deadly. number four, american football,
7:55 am
at the college level. the year was 2002 when ohio state beat michigan wolverines. fans celebrated by setting more than 100 fires. and number five. a throw back. this one is pretty hard to entirely blame the fans. promotion june 4th, 1974, at the municipal stadium in cleveland, unlimited ten cent beer night. fans got so crazy, they rioted in the ninth inning, causing the game to forfeit. i guess we know what happens when passion for a sports team and 10 cent beer night collide. that wraps up this hour. thank you for the privilege of your time. see you back here tomorrow for a halloween broadcast. next on news nation with tamron hall, she talks live with a woman in a video that's gone viral, showing her getting more than 100 cat calls in a few hours of filming on the streets of new york city. take care. huh, fifteen minutes
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oh, what a relief it is. here we go! good morning, everyone. i am tamron hall. this is news nation. developing now as she promised, nurse kaci hickox defied the state of main and has broken quarantine just two hours ago, the nurse left her home, taking off for a bike ride with her boyfriend. they were followed by state police officers who cannot detain her without a court record. now state officials have been trying to get that order to forcibly keep her from leaving her home until the 21 day incubation period for ebola is up. the nurse briefly spoke to reporters just outside her home late last night to announce she would not back down. >> well, we have to make decisions on science and i am completely healthy.
8:00 am
i have been told that if friends come to my house, they can't hug me, they have to stay three feet away from me, and i am not symptomatic. there's no way i can give someone ebola. and you're telling me that i can't hug my friend after i have been fighting a really tough battle for four weeks in west africa. >> president obama is in maine today on a campaign stop, but yesterday criticized states that has ebola workers, he said the workers are heroes protecting this country. >> when i hear people talking about american leadership and then are promoting policies that would avoid leadership and have us running in the opposite direction and hiding under the covers, it makes me a little frustrated. >> now, the defense department, however, is in favor of the ar


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