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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  October 30, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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an hour long bike ride despite the threat of a court order to keep her quarantined. >> there is no legal action against me. i am free to go on a bike ride in my own town. >> when you find out, you tell me. >> jersey style, chris christie mixing it up over sandy funding. many ask, is it presidential? >> i'm to have that conversation later, buddy, but until that time, sit down and shut up. >> a politician universally loved. the great mayor of boston has died after a long battle with cancer. >> first we are following
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breaking news. a plane has crashed in a regional airport crashing into a flight safety cessna learning center building on the grounds, setting the building on fire. part of the building has collapsed. one person is reportedly in poor condition. it was a beach craft that launched on take off. it is seven miles west of downtown. crews are headed to the scene. jim is a former pilot and aviation expert. first to you as a former pilot. me what we know about the beach craft and from what we can see from the scene, what we are hearing, they lot of an engine on take off. what likely took place here? jim? can you hear us? >> i can hear you. >> if you can help with what we
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know about this airplane, the flight safety record and what we can surmise from the scene so far. >> this is a great airplane. it has a wonderful record. it has been flown for many, many years very successfully and has a lot of power. it has a great ability to fly under difficult conditions. one, i don't know how we know that he had an engine failure. if that's because of the conversation, that's fine. we can narrow that down. the one thing that keeps you alive during the sequence on normal take off is air speed. if you have enough air speed, there a number of things that
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you have the ability to do to continue to fly the airplane safely. if you are just below a certain air speed that you can see, the ability to fly the airplane is almost impossible. the airplane wants to swat ends and go into a scene that you cannot control. >> you reported so many times you and tom costello and from what you know well is on take off and landing. the two most dangerous times during any flight. do we know about the beach cr t craft, the people on board? >> to clarify, we know from the pilot reporting to the tower that he did lose power and he was attempting to return to wichita county airport when the plane crashed. this plane can seat i believe up to 15, depending on how it's
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configured. there were early reports, but unconfirmed that this is maybe one of beach craft's planes themselves. this is in the wichita area. it's home it a number of aviation companies that make generally the aircraft and boeing has a giant facility there as well. >> do we know of injuries in the building and the person who lot of his or her life was in the believe or on the plane? >> we don't know, but it's a normal work day. one would think that building would be fairly full. there have been ten unaccounted for, but that is unconfirmed. >> thank you both very much. we will keep everybody updated throughout the hour. thanks to jay tillman and jay blackman working the phones as well. sad news out of boston.
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boston's legendary mayor, the longest serving and legendary mayor tom menino was diagnosed with cancer after leaving office and served five consecutive terms. he said he would be stopping the treatment and cancelling his book tour to spend time with family. they said just after 9:00 this morning, the honorable tom menino passed into eternal rest surrounded by his wife, angela and loving family and friends. the longest serving mayor of the city of boston led through a transformation of resurgence and growth. leaving the job and city and people he loved. we ask that you respect the family's privacy. arrangement for services will be announced soon. joining me now is barney frank from massachusetts.
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barney, you knew him so well, he was larger than life and now we lot of him. the legacy of tom menino. >> s iyes, andrea. he was larger than life by being real. he didn't overwhelm you with grand gestures. there was an essential decency to the man. i met him in the late 60s. i was the young assistant and the second longest serving mayor. tom had gone to serve for the council. i want to say a couple of things about this man who was so beloved. he spent his whole in politics and government. it is fashionable to den grade that. he started working in his 20s and left office when he was 70. during that time, he was a great
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exponent of those who served people's needs. we have people who want to say government is not that important and government gets in the way and government is the problem. tom believed deeply in government and he was one of the best practitioners. he understood that we need a private sector that will create well. we have needs as a people. he prided himself on being the urban mechanic. only the government can do in a crowded urban society. i am very pleased that he is honored as much as he was not just after he died, but the people who gave him the recognition. his ded station. this is the man who achieved his greatness by being a great practitioner of government.
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>> the art of politics and service. barney and one final note. never more so than in the most of boston's greatest need. on an international stage he stood up and even when he couldn't stand, he was ill. he pulled that city and the nation together. >> he did. he did it by making sure by calming irrational fears. i can't resist comparing that about ebola. politicians who are trying to capitalize. tom did what had to be done and reassured people and rebutted those who exaggerated the danger and it's an example and the best
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for the people. they were not like him. someone like tom who understood that. the tribute to him and duvall patrick, the governor issued a statement saying boston lot of a political giant and diane and i have lot of a friend. we thank god for the service and the life of tom menino. thank s thank you, barney frank. a developing story we are watching today. nurse kaci hickox defied her quarantine. she and her boyfriend left their home for a bike ride this morning. stephanie goss caught up with kaci as she returned home. >> did they stop you? is it worth this? >> it is definitely worth it. >> did you talk about taking this step last night.
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>> i didn't. this morning we said we want to go for a bike ride and here we are. >> is it something you do often some. >> we do, yes. >> stephanie joins me now from maine. the only one of us who is in good enough shape with i bike riding subject. >> this is so controversial. she is perfectly healthy and doesn't see why she should be under any quarantine. >> she goes a step further and said it would be unconstitutional to compel her to sit in her house. it is a direct reflection of the fear. there a lot of people quoting a poll that said 80% of americans believe these mandatory quarantines are essential for health workers who come back
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from western africa. she believes what she is doing is a statement to try to bring that number a little bit lower and quell the fears. she is getting a lot of criticism from people online about it. she said that is tough to deal with, but she is sticking to her guns and went out on this bike ride which has you heard her say they woke out and went for a bike ride. it is also a statement. it wasn't the strongest statement she would have made. they got on a bike and rode around and did not go to a public place or put herself in a closed space with other people in the community. it was not an aggressive statement of that nature. andrea? >> stephanie, the whole situation is so extraordinary with the confusion and the mixed messages and what we are being told by the federal government and scientists and doctors as to what the science is. this is going to continue. thanks for being up there for all of us in maine.
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the ebola outbreak continues to worsen. according to the world health organization there have been nearly 5,000 deaths, 13,700 cases reported in west africa. a british ship providing aid off the coast of sierra leone. vanessa kerry from seed global health committed to building strong health system. thank you so much for being with us today. what are your concerns about the panic and a lot of the misreporting and comments made and how it might impact volunteers and health workers willingness to go to west africa. >> thank you for having me on today. it's interesting. i have been struck by the amount of fear and panic around ebola. i can understand that people are extremely worried about the
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disease. it is very concerning when you see what's happening in west africa where the outbreak really is. it's worth noting there have been 13,000 cases and only 27 cases outside of these three principal countries and mali and nigeria. there is a small outbreak and a single case in senegal. the united states we had only nine cases. only four have been diagnosed on u.s. soil. really one of the cases has died. that gentlemen presented to the health care system late in his disease course when he is extremely infectious when you are later in the course. it's for the period when you are infectious and when you had a period of the critical illness setting in. it's hard to recover from critical illness. we see this all the time.
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it's really important for people to remember that we have to be grounded in science. the science really shows that the virus is not detectible unless you are symptomatic. even then at the very first sign of symptoms which for most people is a fever, the virus may not be detectible in the blood. we have reliable testing days into a patient being symptomatic. that means you are not able to shed that virus openly. if you are not symptomatic, you are not contagious. the health care workers are courageous giving their lives and going to where this outbreak needs to be stopped in west africa and the west way to protect americans and others is to be tackling the disease where it is actually happening. it is really in that region of the world. >> is there justification for any health care worker who had contact stays home under
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voluntary or mandatory quarantine. it is what we are doing with the military. it seems as though there mixed signals. we are keeping the troops on the base in italy. >> again, i have to bring it back to science. i understand that there is a lot of fear around the disease & to quell public opinion and to make sure people feel safe. these are responsible health care professionals who are not going to particularly -- if they become symptomatic which is the point where they become infectio infectious. they will seek health care to get the treatment they need which is why we are seeing the survival rates here in the
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united states. if they are conscious of public fear and they can be thoughtful about maybe not going to a huge rock concert because of the fear that will invoke, but they are not infectious and to just sit at home and be fully in isolation does not make sense when they have given to six weeks of their life to be able to be able to stop what is happening. they deserve a hero's welcome and they deserve the ability to be able to engage in their life again and cover from the trauma and the devastation they have been seeing for the past four to six weeks. >> dr. vanessa kerry, thank you so much for a very important really check today. >> more now on the breaking news out of wichita, kansas where a jet plane has crashed into a regional airport. two people were killed inside
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that building. >> i can say we know that at least four people have been transported to a local hospital with injuries and we don't know if they are trauma or burn injuries. we have been told by the emergency medical service that there at least two dead. we are trying not to confirm their identities and gather more information. >> the chief said they are trying to account for all the occupants. he described it as a horrific firefight. you are watching msnbc. what they do actually is rocket science. but at ge capital we also bring expertise from across ge, like lean process engineers we asked who does what, when, where, and why that step first? ideas for improvement started pouring out. with a little help from us, they actually doubled their output speed. if you just need a loan, just call a bank. at ge capital, we're builders. and what we know... can help you grow.
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. >> one ray of democrats is in north carolina with a four-point lead over tom tillis and a big edge among women voters. bad news for democrats starts in colorado. mark udall down seven points to cory gardner. the big shocker, a poll showing a blowout in the democratic race. five days to go and not with standing all the clinton campaigning there. chuck todd has been rolling through the battle ground states for two weeks. stopping in louisiana to see if mary landrieu can survive with two opponents and a likely run off in december. >> i'm in louisiana and made it a last stop for a reason. this is probably part one of what will be overtime in the battle for who controls the senate. you do get a sense you are not
9:22 am
here for long. mary landrieu's challenges are perhaps steeper than we realize. i think challenge number one, this is a republican state. landrieu is swimming against a tide on that front. number two, as you know, everywhere i have gone whether it's kansas to here, there is a sense of anybody that has been in office for sometime, there is a slice that said it's time for them to go. strike two against her on that front. then of course strike three, the national brand runs countser to what she is trying to do. she wants to be a centrist in the senate. harry reid and the strategy of the democrats and the republicans to create these partisan votes. they made it where it's impossible to show off her credentials. throw in the number one issue that they care about industry-wise and that's the
9:23 am
energy issue. here she is the get out of jail free card. when you think about where the national democrats are on energy issues versus the industry in louisiana. they are in conflict. mary landrieu would go over national interests. tough to show that off in this climate. she really has a lot of things that are pushing against her chances here. that said, she is a survivor. we have seen it before. i think the numbers that i feel like i have learned to watch out for. 46%. if she is at 46% or higher, she has a chance in the run off. lower than that, you have to wonder if the numbers are even there for her or any democrat when you have that climate. they can win in state-wide races for governor, you are asking people to vote national climate and red versus blue.
9:24 am
this is a very red state. she is counting on a huge turn out among the base and needs a big african-american turn out. they are trying to get a 50%. not many people think they are going to get that close. how competitive the overtime is going to be. 46% or 47%. >> seatbelt and all. it will be a long election night and in georgia. joining me now is ed rendell and former pennsylvania governor and michael steel, analyst and former republican national chairman want to talk about the top governor's races. i want to ask you about your former fellow mayor. you knew him well. tell me about tom. we talked to barney frank and his lifelong service.
9:25 am
he was politician in the best sense of the word. >> i heard barney talk and he is absolutely right. tom proved that government could work. he made it work in the neighborhoods. he made it work in a classroom. he made it work in the board room in boston. he really is responsible for the transformation of boston and his leadership and the modern vibrant city it is today. when you look at the great mayor who is served, the impact and schaefer and bloomberg of new york. and tom menino in boston. >> i would add ed rental in philly. that's personal opinion. >> no slouch, that's for sure. >> he did that too. to the former lieutenant governor, michael steel. let's talk about florida where you have a governor and a former governor who switched parties in a tight race. you have charlie crist pulling
9:26 am
ahead. there is a third party candidate, rick scott. do you have a call for florida in? >> it will be a close one. it surprising how he has been able to hold his frontline a little bit against what has happened in the state overall. it did not help, but my prediction is the government pulls it out. low 30s and the positive impact with head starts in areas in education and job creation that matter to people. i think he holds that line for the governors. >> any comment on florida? >> i think it's too close to
9:27 am
call. i think he is slightly ahead in the polls like in all of the races is who turns out to vote. charlie crist has an advantage from the time he was republican governor in florida. he is popular with republican voters in the eastern part of the state. a lot were republican and jewish. charley is very popular with them. that will be the margin of victory. >> you have a candidate there and the governor who was embattled early on. having to fight off the recall and prove he could. the neck and neck fight with mary burke all resting on whether he pull this is out. >> that's true and think for
9:28 am
scott walker, he recognizes he is in a fight. everything else doesn't matter if he loses. looking at 2016 and the current governor. there is a lot of emphasis that he is going to show that he can go toe to toe and this is one of the races where the republicans pull it out in the 11th hour. i think he has a lot of good will still with the voters. that will be manifest in his turn out to be successful. >> the third state we want to look at is governors in maine. you now have a possible king maker, the independent senator withdrawing support and saying
9:29 am
he will shift to the democratic candidate. perhaps that hurts le page. i don't know how to read it. >> that race is over now andrea. he was running about even with the governor, but taking 18 to 19% of the vote. it's not just angus king, but a lot of supporters endorsed mike. i think he will get 4% or 5% of the vote and win not a landslide, but fairly handly. >> yes or no, do you see a republican wave coming or is this all just too volatile? >> not a wave election, but they could win back the senate. >> not a wave. it's a nice storm surge. >> for you republicans. thank you very much. talk to you next week. coming up, kristi's clashes.
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>> 23 months since then you have been flabbing your mouth. you want to have the conversation later i'm happy to have it. until that time, sit down and shut up! >> classic chris christie taking on a protester complaining about the slow release of federal fund are fist hurricane sandy repairs. that protest is a former councilman who spoke with chris hayes last night. >> i'm a former elected official in the city of as bury park and i know politics. i had a feeling the governor was going to respond in the way he did. it's unfortunate. he shows so little respect to the citizens of new jersey and the office of the governorship. >> managing editor of post first to you, chris. well, chris christie certainly grabbed headlines and it's great
9:35 am
television. is it presidential? >> it's great television, i'm not sure it's presidential. we have theda daildal daily ins of chris christie yells at the random person. yes, it plays to what he thinks is his greatest political strength that he is a straight shooter and willing to face people down, but too much of a good thing is not always wonderful. we are interesting into the too much of a good thing territory right now for christie. >> according to the trenton bureau. inquirer, there is a real issue here. it's two years after sandy, the anniversary was yesterday. state officials in new jersey said there were 8900 home ownerships approved for the federal program. the money has been turned over from the feds to the state. as of september 30th, the state disbursed 285 million. 2100 people remain on the
9:36 am
waiting list. the applications of people eligible. there is a lot of fact checking that shows that this former councilmember has an issue. a lot of homeowners have the issue. >> this holds a danger for chris christie. i agree that he can take this straight talking persona too far when they are raising a legitimate issue. especially when his calling card is that he was a successful governor of a blue state. he needs this hurricane cant r sandy two years on is something he needs to show follow-through and has another danger for him too in that trying to get the republican nomination, hurricane sandy holds another trap in that to the extent it remains an issue, republicans remember it with venom that he virtually embraced barack obama on the eve of the 2012 election.
9:37 am
republicans, a lot of republicans who vote in the primaries and caucuses are not forgiving him for that. >> that's an image of barack obama and chris christie walking across the beach together. the devastated area. that is vivid in voter party leaders. in the republican primary. >> the politics on sandy are interesting. watching that clip which i watched probably 15 times this morning and into this afternoon of christie, it seems like it's more than his normal here. the sandy stuff he took quite personally and used himself as doing the right thing politics be damned. he views himself as effective and it's quite personal. in the same way people criticize him as offering president obama an endorsement at the end of the
9:38 am
campaign. i think it's personal and again one lesson of presidential politics is you can't ever take anything too personally. you start getting emotionally in the moment tied to things. it can be dangerous. that clip just feels sort of over the top. going back and forth and sit down and shut up. you are the guy with the microphone. you are going to win that fight. you are the guy with the microphone. it seems like too much because it's coming from a personal place. >> you are the guy with the microphone and the state troopers. >> you are the governor. >> he does seem to be picking fights recently. my own take on the ebola thing, it was an attempt to separate himself from the white house position. >> exactly. ebola was the e teshl antidote not to misuse a metaphor to the
9:39 am
venoms republicans have that he embraced clinton two -- obama when president obama was up for reelection and two years later he is in this high profile fight with barack obama. it holds a lot of advantage for him on that basis. >> jackie and chris, thank you very much. coming up, another war of words between the white house and israel's prime minister. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24, a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70 percent of people who are totally blind. talk to your doctor about your symptoms and learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit don't let non-24 get in the way of your pursuit of happiness. fifteen percent or more fifon car insurance.d save you everybody knows that.
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they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. [ male announcer ] how did edward jones become one of the biggest financial services companies in the country? hey. yours? not anymore. come on in. [ male announcer ] by meeting you more than halfway. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. u.s. israeli relations have not been cozy as president obama has been in office. things got worse over the war in gaza. israel's recent moves in jerusalem, things have hit a new low. the senior obama official speaking about israel's prime minister referring to netanyahu by his nickname. he said the thing about bibiis
9:43 am
he is a chick en you know what. they denied this relationship is in a full-blown crisis. aaron david miller is the vice president at the wilson center and served as an adviceor to democratic and republican secretaries of state and the author of why america can't have and doesn't want a great president. at the atlantic inside festival about this flap. >> i think we need to work quietly and effectively and condemn anybody that uses article and does not reflect the president or me. it is disgraceful and we keep getting quoted and things. they make life much more
9:44 am
difficult. we are proud of what we have done to help israel through a difficult time. >> they were quick to point out the defensive system s that they presented came from the united states. things are really at a pretty difficult pass. this is not so good. >> it is not good. amen to everything john kerry just said. the reality is and i made this point to you before, the u.s.-israeli relationship driven by common values, even though there interests that are not held on everything, driven by common interests and a region that is melting down. it's doo big to fail. i watched quite a few american presidents and deal with one another. this is by far the most dysfunctional relationship. >> really? >> even clinton and netanyahu
9:45 am
and his first incarnation are not able to use the clinton line although i quoted in my last book about his meeting with net in the. this is without purpose and there purposeful fights. this is frankly more soap opera than serious policy. i continuing reflects to a certain degree a lack of discipline in the administrations of both benjamin netanyahu and barack obama. there is no reason that anybody should have given jeff goldberg that kind of interview with that kind of language. what purpose it could ultimately serve other than to annoy, to disturb, and to demonstrate yet again that it's very tough for these two guys to find common ground personally or frankly on issues like the peace process
9:46 am
settlement and maybe even iran. >> you know, these are anonymous quotes. no one is denying that. on the record, the last time netanyahu was in the oval office october 1st, as soon as he left when the settlement was starting, as soon as he left from the podium at the state department and the white house briefing room, they slammed him. i sat down with him. let me play you a clip from that. >> when you walk out of the white house and the press secretary and the spokes woman both slam israel, talk about poison. how does it make you feel? >> it doesn't make me feel good. >> that's basically what you are facing. >> let's be clear. i said it was the most dysfunctional relationship between the approximate the and the prime minister. no doubt that's the case.
9:47 am
i think he looks at benjamin netanyahu and he is not prepared to accord the next and when he looks at obama, he doesn't get the reality. he doesn't get my politics and the fact that i am heading into a dangerous neighborhood. they serve without a common project to work on. that's the other problem. they didn't get along either, but they found a way because what you see now is a lot of attention without the strategy. >> thank you very much. always a pleasure. stay with us right here. we will have a lot more about the plane crash in wichita, kansas when we come back.
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9:50 am
an update on the breaking news out of kansas. the jet plane that crashed in a
9:51 am
conference, the fire chief just confirmed two people were killed in the building. at least five other it is were taken to the nearest hospital and one is in critical condition. more unaccounted for. they are searching the building right now. we'll be right back. introducing the citi® double cash card. it lets you earn cash back when you buy and again as you pay. that's cash back twice. it's cash back with a side of cash back. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay . with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. i have a cold. i took nyquil but i'm still stuffed up. nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. really? alka-seltzer plus night rushes relief to eight symptoms of a full blown cold including your stuffy nose. (breath of relief) oh, what a relief it is. thanks. anytime.
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this moment, we had to share it with you. y worried deck lynn might be afraid when he sees you? >> he is now well versed in the cdc protocols if his dad has done his job while i was away. i don't think he will be. but it looms large in his lovely
9:55 am
brain. we have it where each is part of his response. >> when you get back, you won't go into isolation or quarantine. >> i will observe the protocols, but we conducted low risk and we will be vigilant. partake your temperature twice a day. there is no reason not to follow the protocols. >> that's samantha powers showing her leadership she heads back from the important trip. >> as least part of what we are fighting with ebola in this country is the fear and the fear and the lack of information. the more public figures who speak out and put themselves in positions where they are going
9:56 am
to the affected region following whatever is necessary. fear and panic is the really anxiety. the danger in this country from the disease. >> if a 5-year-old can get it, the rest of us can as well. thank you, chris. that does it for us for the next edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow us on facebook and twitter. what's coming up next. >> we have all the latest including an update from the plane crash in pitch ta. a really interesting voice on tim cook and the voice he knows on a personal level. diversity among tech executive. stay tuneds, everybody. see you in a few. [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan?
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unfoaling in kansas this moment, a plan crashed into the building at the wichita airport. it took off when it lot of an imagine. the pilots of the aircraft tried to turn back and then crashed. at this moment, emergency crews are on the scene tackling what they call a horrific firefight. two people are confirmed dead. five have been taken to the hospital and another five are unaccounted for. there could be more. >> one of the people indicated they were in excess of 100 people in the building. >> firefighters remain inside and a certain that jet fuel could be there too alongside them. we have kelsey ryan


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