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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 31, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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i sincerely regret what i now believe is an error. i love your mushroom canisters. and your kitchen. i love all of it. sorry. happy halloween. indeed, a very happy one for pennsylvania residents where suspected cop killer eric frein alluded police for seven weeks before being captured. the battle between a nurse who helped ebola patients in the state of maine heats up. a homecoming king in cleveland. >> number 23, lebron james! >> good morning. so nice being with you. i'm frances rivera. he was on the run for seven weeks. this morning, cop killer eric frein is sitting in a state police jail. he was found in an aban donned
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aircraft hag hangar last night. he was placed in handcuff s of the state troopers is accused of killing. now prosecutors are making plans. >> it is my intention to file notice to seek the death penalty for eric frein in this case. >> nbc's jay gray brings us the details. >> reporter: after 48 days on the run, one of the fbi's most wanted criminals, alleged cop killer eric frein, was captured by u.s. marshals near an abandoned airport in the pocono mountains. >> they saw an individual that they thought was eric frein and they ordered him to surrender to, to get down on his knees and raise his hands, which is what he did. corporal dickson's handcuffs were put on him and he was placed in corporal dickson's car. >> reporter: they searched for
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the suspect they described as a survivalist and skilled marksman who allegely killed dickson and seriously injured trooper alex douglass in what they called an ambush. now he's behind bars in the same place he allegedly carried out the attack. >> he's been stripped of his guns, his bombs and now his freedom. and as he sits in a cell inside the same state police barracks where it began seven weeks ago. >> reporter: frein faces a long list of charges including murder and attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. >> it is my intention to file notice to seek the death penalty for eric frein. >> reporter: but a trial will come much later. right now -- >> the public can sleep soundly knowing that this dangerous fbi top ten fugitive has been apprehended. >> reporter: after almost two months in hiding. jay gray, nbc news, holly, pennsylvania. four people are dead and five others injured after a small plane crashed into a flight training building in kansas. police are saying this was not
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an intentional act. identities of the victims have not been released. nbc's ron mott has the details. >> reporter: thick clouds of black smoke billowed high into the sky, fueled by a raging fire, a harrowing scene for those at wichita's midcontinent airport. moments after a twin engine turboprop slammed into a facility filled with dozens of people. >> heavy smoke was on the horizon as you approached the airport for miles. >> reporter: emergency cruise rushed to the scene. the aircraft's nose gear visible among the flames. >> what's on fire? >> we just lost an aircraft. >> reporter: witnesses say the keen air 200, a popular small airplane built by beechcraft, headquartered here, encountered trouble shortly after takeoff, an engine appeared to quit, leaving the pilot struggling to regain control. the plane veered from the runway
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and into the flight safety international building where pilots were practicing maneuvers on simulators. >> we're grateful at this point that a large number of people appeared to have gotten out of the building, but certainly sadnd by the loss of life and anybody who may have been hurt. >> these families and these people in your thoughts and prayers. it is certainly a tragic moment for our community. >> that was nbc's ron mott reporting. i'm not a fancy talker, but i get things done. that's what boston's longest serving mayor tom menino said in his first campaign ad. that's how people are remembering him this morning. for 20 years, he transform the city's sky line at its streets. he had a personal connection with the city that for many of us his enduring legacy will be following the bombings. he stood at the memorial service to declare we are boston strong. >> we are one boston. no adversity.
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no challenge. nothing can tear down the resilience and the heart of the city and its people. >> former boston mayor tom menino was 71. in maine, the fate of the nurse at the center of the ebola quarantine debate could boil down to a blood test. talks between kaci hickox and the state broke down yesterday. it happened just hours after she defied her quarantine order by going on a morning bike ride with her boyfriend. and now governor paula page reportedly has agreed to drop the quarantine order if she submits to a blood test. speaking to reporters, governor la page said he's not backing down anytime soon. >> on the one hand i'm trying to protect the entire state, but at the same token, i don't want her to get hurt either. i don't want her within three feet of anybody. i'm going to use the little provisions to the fullest extent
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that the law allows me. >> state lawyers are now waiting to hear back from a judge about the blood test they requested yesterday. hickox has already had two negative blood tests. the hawaiian national guard is on its way to help out to a major road threatened by the massive lava flow. it has already pretty much stalled. the grass where the lava is currently moving is all that is burning. it is a frightening situation given the lava is less than 100 feet from the nearest home. some kids will get to trick-or-treat at most famous house in washington. the white house will be decorated. president obama and first lady michelle obama will personally hand out the halloween candy. keeping it healthy, a serving of dried fruit. a huge night in sports. the clippers and thunder, russell westbrook exited the game in the second quarter with a small fracture in his right
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hand. it appeared to happen when he was going up for the rebound and right there he hits another player's elbow. l.a. just clips okc to win 93-90. steve ballmer gets his first home win. ohio, number 23, lebron james! >> and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how they do it. the return of the king. lebron james, big welcome home in cleveland. but lebron is very un-lebron as he struggled in the first half, four points and four turnovers. lebron finished with 17 points and a whopping eight turnovers. carmelo anthony's 25 points led the knicks to a 95-90 victory. the college showdown between 25th ranked louisville and second ranked florida state. louisville off to a strong start leading florida state 21-7 at the half. and then fsu escapes an upset,
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quarterback jameis winston finishes with 401 yards. three touchdowns and a 42-31 victory. thursday night football, saints and panthers, saints, first win on the road since last november. mark ingraham with a solid 100 yards rushing and two tds in a 28-10 victory. the saints now lead the division. and really this doesn't get old. watch it again, this version. another college student wins 10 grand for sinking a half-court shot at marist college. pretty good, right? that is why you stay in school. time to get down to business on a halloween friday with cnbc's kate rogers. good morning. great news for starbucks. >> that's right. starbucks is brewing up a new way to get your morning joe. the coffee giant plans to launch a delivery service in select markets during the second half of the year. the delivery service will be available to starbucks loyalty program members as part of the new mobile order and pay app.
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and walmart will kick off the holiday shopping season this saturday, offering more than 20,000 rollbacks on items from groceries to toys to electronics. and then on monday, walmart bringing back its popular 24-hour holiday cybersavings event, with deals typically reserved for black friday and cyber monday. and according to a new survey, trick-or-treaters would rather you drop some cash into their candy pail rather than candy. more than half of parents surveyed said their children between the ages of 4 and 10 would prefer cash over candy. back to you. >> what? that's what the tooth fairy is for, right? >> i'm not giving out cash this year. sorry to break it to them. >> maybe they eat enough candy, they can lose the teeth to get the money from the tooth farry. thank you so much. the special prosecutor in the ferguson grand jury breaks his silence over leaks. and does hillary clinton handle heckling better than chris christie. the freezer door is open. horrible timing for halloween and the weekend events in the
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welcome back to "first look." the winters are long in fargo. we know that. look at this, this morning. 7 is the windchill. that cold stuff, that's like bundle up, like everything. we want to watch the temperatures plunging all through the middle of the country into the great lakes. we already have snow showers coming off lake superior here, all the way through northern wisconsin and now trying to dive down towards milwaukee. later on tonight, very cold in areas even in the deep south. here is your halloween forecast, the great news, almost everyone on the east coast, you look nice today, no problems whatsoever. your troublesome weather comes over the weekend. chicago will be very windy, very cold today. winds could be as high as 40 miles per hour. windchills in the 20s for kids out trick-or-treating. late tonight, look how cold it is going to get, as far south, a freeze for little rock, memphis, oklahoma city, all freeze warnings through this area. that's the end of the growing season in the middle of the country. by the time we get to saturday,
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cold and raw in new england and mid-atlantic. by sunday, almost everyone improves with the exception of up there in maine. the new york city marathon is on sunday. windchills in the low 20s at the start of the race. one of the coldest ever. >> bill, thank you very much. some stories making news this morning, special prosecutor bob mccullough is breaking his silence after a series of leaks in the michael brown case. he said neither his office nor the grand jury is responsible for the leaks. there was an investigation into whether a member leaked information to a woman who posted it on twitter. his office found her twitter account was hacked. al sharpton is headed to ferguson. corporformer navy s.e.a.l. under criminal investigation. he wrote the book "no easy day" about the raid and now authorities are questioning whether he disclosed classified
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information in the best-seller. the source tells nbc that he blames his first attorney for telling him he didn't need to submit a manuscript to the pentagon. in northwestern england, fireworks lit up the sky, but not on purpose. that happened during an explosion at a factory that mikes fireworks. now one person is missing while four people are recovering from injuries. and check this out from gawker. this poor guy could not have picked a better shirt to get arrested in. we'll show it to you right here. michael daly was arrested in florida on tuesday on marijuana possession. most fittingly, look what it reads under there. a monopoly shirt in his mug shot that says go directly to jail. we're guessing, no, he did not pass go nor collect $200. a halloween edition of scrambled politics is next complete with michael jordan's scary view of president obama's golf game. we'll bring it to you next. er ] we love our smartphones. and now telcos using hp big data solutions are feeling the love, too.
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that's cash back twice. it's cash back with a side of cash back. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay . with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. get ready for a frightful halloween edition of scramble politic. we start with the huffington post. ginsburg was right. texas extreme voter i.d. law is stopping people from voting. just like supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg wrote in her descent, some people in texas have been turned away from voting for not having one of seven types of qualifying i.d. hillary clinton was heckled. they are pushing hillary on the
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issue. >> and over the years of service, you know that anthony brown has earned a bronze star in iraq and, you know, the dream act was passed in this state. >> very unchris christie in how she handled that one. mary landrieu had some candid moments for meet the press' chuck todd. she told him -- >> very, very honest with you in the south it is not always the friendliest place for african-americans. it has been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a positive light as a leader. >> she also said the south is more of a conservative place, which is why women also faced challenges presenting themselves. louisiana governor bobby jindal called her words remarkably divisive. president obama is no match for basketball legend michael
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jordan when it comes to playing golf. here is how jordan answered host ahmad rashad when he talked about his golf dream foursome. >> i never played with president obama, but i would. >> that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. all right, four days before election day, anything can happen, anything can be said. i'm joined by kevin sirilli from the hill. mary landrieu, what she said about the president's unpopularity in the south, south is not always the friendliest place for african-americans. with the race so close there in louisiana and the gop control of the senate here at stake, can she afford to say something like this, even if it is already clear she was keeping that distance from the president? >> happy friday. happy halloween. what a gaffe coming from the incumbent candidate down in louisiana. this is something i think, you know, can she afford this gaffe?
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we'll find out in a couple of days, but democrats have tried all cycle to distance themselves from the president. but as we just heard, governor bobby jindal saying that she's quote/unquote living in a different century, this was a divisive comment to say the least. i think it will continue reverberating today. and probably if she had a chance to do over she might not have made the same remark. >> you can imagine the crisis control in the backpedaling happening in the next couple of days as we'll hear about, i'm sure. when it comes to election day, two states here -- granite state poll shows jeanne shaheen leading over scott brown in north carolina. kay hagan ahead of tom hillis. both campaigns playing the bill and hillary card in both states. will that be enough in. >> i think it will be enough for
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them. i think republicans will take control back of the senate. but they're playing the clinton card, they're not playing the obama card, which i think is pretty interesting. and perhaps indicative of where the party is moving in the next couple of months as we head into 2016. but i do think senator okay hagan has run a smart campaign. i think she'll be able to hang on. what is next for scott brown if he loses this? >> maybe another new england state, like massachusetts, check, new hampshire, check. >> you said it, not me. >> somebody out there, not just me. happy halloween, thanks. just ahead, rosie o'donnell channels her inner rapper. miley cyrus leaves very little to the imagination at the amfar gala. there you go. we'll bring you details next. jewelers to sporting good stores, we provide financing solutions for all sorts of businesses. banking. loyalty. analytics. synchrony financial.
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welcome back. some other stories we're following, investigators are trying to determine what caused an unmanned rocket to explode, just after takeoff tuesday night in virginia. is teams started the process of recovering the rocket debris. it could take six months or more to determine the cause of the explosion. a new lawsuit filed by the relatives of one of the passengers aboard malaysia flight 370. this is first time a relative has taken legal action. lawyers say the family wants to find out what really happened on board the plane when it disappeared. a hotel in buenos aires has become the first in the world to offer a barbie themed room. a lot of pink. it is booked until early 2015. >> that is a weird -- >> must be a thing. must love their barbie over
2:27 am
there. >> little creepy. very creepy, the whole thing. >> this is the coolest thing. kudos to the parents, because the parents of this 6-year-old with cerebral palsy are getting creative, making sure their son doesn't miss out on halloween. instead of looking at his wheelchair as a constraint, they incorporated into his costumes year after years, transforming anytime pirate ships, fire trucks and this year he's in a tank. some say jake's costumes could win contests, the parents say it is not about that, it is about making sure he can simply enjoy his halloween like every other kid. look how awesome it is. they look exactly like tanks and -- >> you can do so many different things. >> good point. >> the family should make it like jake's costumes and make it a whole business. think of all the kids in the hospital and stuff. >> time for entertainment news now. hb o is looking ahead as they lock down the primary cast of came of thrones for a fifth, sixth and potential seventh season.
2:28 am
in the new deal, the main cast will become the, quote, highest paid on cable tv. after news broke that he will be taking over the late show earlier this year, stephen colbert announced december 18th will be his last night on the colbert report. and miley, look what she did this time, not twerking, but this outfit. looks like duct tape in strategic places. well, she stunned the crowds there wearing that at the amfar gala, black tom ford dress. so legitimate designer. the star spent $300,000 on a painting admitting she was, quote, a little drunk after getting into a bidding war against rihanna. you should see what she was wearing. she went on to donate another $200,000 towards aids research. ♪ half a mill sons live like vanderbilt ♪ ♪ an soon as they can reach the wheel ♪ ♪ go on everybody living happy ♪
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>> other anchors got ready, rosie treated the audience of "the view" with a little freestyling. "way too early" with thomas rock ert roberts starts now. >> we said we would not stop until frein was brought to justice and held to answer for his alleged heinous crimes. tonight we have a sense of closure, especially for the families of trooper dickson and dougla douglass, and also the community itself. an alleged cop killer has been taken into custody, and placed in happened cuffs. this individual is no longer a threat to this community. and is now behind bars. he has been stripped of his guns, his bombs and now his freedom. >> captured, a 48 day manhunt comes to an end as suspected cop killer eric frein is found and arrested. the midterm elections may be
2:30 am
just four days away, but ted cruz is worried about 2016. why he thinks moderate republicans will lose to hillary clinton. and record treat. this super friendly scarecrow terrifies everybody he comes in contact with. boo, this is "way too early." ♪ he did the monster mash we made it. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is friday, october 31st. welcome to this halloween edition of "way too early." yeah. we have the spirits here in the studio. i have a costume. i won't show it to you until monday, but i do have one. yeah. all right. boo, i know. so we want to begin with some very serious news this morning and it takes us to pennsylvania where after 48 day manhunt suspected cop killer and survivalist eric frein surrendered to authorities near an abandonedan


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