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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  October 31, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> the da in pike county pennsylvania just moments ago on the arrest of accused cop killer eric frein. good morning i'm jose diaz-balart. developing news right now in a pennsylvania courthouse. the alleged cop killer, frein, made his first court appearance on murder charges. last night his 48-day run from the law came to an end. police say the survivali isist surrenders without major incident in an abandoned airfield. nbc's sarah dallof is at the police barracks. what happened in court? >> that is what everybody is asking after 48 days on the run. after pipe bounds found in the woods. eerie sightings. eric frein taken into custody peacefully. he was actually meekly taken into custody.
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no fight and no violence during that. here is what happened. they were doing a grid to grid search. what they've. doing for the last 48 days. very calculated. very organized search when we're told the law enforcement happened to surprise him outside of this flight hangar. they say he had some weapons inside but they said he was outside at the time. he didn't attempt to return inside. he followed their command, dropping his knees. a few minutes ago he was arraigned in court on charges including first-degree murder. right now prosecutors say they plan to seek the death penalty. they say that today is really the beginning of justice for the family of that slain trooper, for the family of the wounded trooper, and the wounded trooper, of course, as well as the community as whole who have been living in a state of fear and unease for the last 48 days while the hunt has been ongoing. >> i can imagine the community feels such a sigh of relief.
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in other words, you know, even schools that have been closed now halloween is going to be a lot more pleasant for that community. >> it has. and the keyword you've got it there. it is relief. for 48 days people have been trying to go about their normals but it hasn't been possible. it's always hanging orr their heads. i remember the first week of the search we talked to one guy who said he knew to be going about the routine i. he couldn't shake the feeling that he needs to look over his shoulder. we had schools closed. parents having to explain to their kids. we had the hunting area shut down. people not able to go into the woods, part of the reason they live here. you had the fear that search urs could be harmed at any time. in the press conference you heard investigators say that they felt frein was targeting law enforcement. they the target on their backs
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the entire time. we're seeing a huge outpouring of gratitude. somebody hung out a giant bed sheet and it says "way to go ptp." >> thank you so much for being with me, sara. i appreciate your time. and now to a major development in that ebola quarantine standoff in maine with doctors without borders nurse caskaci hickox. let's go back to maine near the border with canada. that's where stefanie is with the details. >> good morning. the district court here in maine granted the state's request for a court order. this is not a court order that compels kaci hickox to remain inside of her house all the time without leaving or she'll be arrested. it is rather something that is in line with the cdc guidelines for someone who is at, quote, some risk. and among those guidelines are
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included daily active monitoring. meaning someone comes here, health official from the cdc to check up on her. we've seen that. someone coming in around 3:00 or so and checking in on her. it also says she cannot go into large crowded public places. she's not allowed to travel freely. she can't travel on public transportation and she can't leave the fort kent area without consulting with state officials. but it also says that she can leave her house as long as she's in not crowded public places. and not within 3 feet of people in the public. that means the bike ride she took yesterday or run or even getting in her car and going for a drive are within the guidelines. so far there's no response from casey or her legal team. they said they would challenge any court order in court. so far we don't know if that's what their intention is. jose? >> thank you so much for being with me. one note to pass along on
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another nurse. nurse nina pham. tomorrow the nurse who recently beat ebola will be reunited with her dog bentley. tomorrow will officially end his 21-day quarantine. how great is that? we'll hear from president obama next hour in rhode island where he's making his final 2014 pitch and he's zeroing in on women and the economy. give us a little preview at a campaign stop in maine last night. >> we're going strengthen the middle class for the 21st century then we need leaders from the 21st century who believe that women care just as much as what they get paid as men care. we want women paid fairley! >> nbc kelly o'donnell is live at the white house. good morning. well, you know, maybe the
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improving economy is the october surprise democrats have been looking for? we have some better than expected news on that front yesterday. and today the president will be tapping into that as he makes his final push for women voters >>well, this is the last day of october. it there's a surprise to be had, perhaps that is it. >> it's today. >> and, you know, there's mixed news. progress on the economy, also consumer spending is off a bit. so i think people are still trying to get a sense of how confident do they feel about the economy. but certainly the president and many democrats are talking about those pocketbook issues hoping to have democratic voters energized enough to turn out on tuesday. that's so critical. we've watched during the campaign season how the president has really not been a part of the conversation except as a target in many races when it comes to senate and congressional house races. but he has been making the rounds especially for candidates for governors to try to help democrats there. there's often some bleed over when he's in a state the message
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that he just gave about women and the economy and their issues certainly would carry with voters who are open to that when it comes to a broader list of races response the president has been effective as a campaign fund fund-raiser. he's had an aggressive schedule in that way. we've seen how his image, his presence, his agenda is in some places not effective for democrats. typically in the south. he's in the northeast today. that certainly is a place where that message can ring a little louder. he's going do what many american dads will do today. he and the first lady will be giving out trick or treat candy at the white house for some special kids invited to the south lawn. so he's going to have a bit of that holiday message. will there be a boo in the forecast for democrats? many pollsters say it's going to be a rough tuesday. the president is trying to do what he can to shore up the base and get out the vote for tuesday. jose? >> nbc kelly o'donnell. thank you so much.
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our halloween lingo is starting this hour. and you know, we're going to stick with it throughout the hour. the president will make the remarks in rhode island at the top of the hour. you can watch them on coming up we're going to have more on the midterms as we mark this halloween. we'll ask the question could there be an october surprise that swings the midterms one way or another? the head of the dcc representative steve israel joins me. also, joining me rachel maddow. i want to ask her about the governor's race in florida, her reporting in colorado, and why immigration activists keep disrupting hillary clinton. >> you know, immigration is an important issue and in this state the dream act was passed! [ cheers and applause ]
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trick or treat just four days until the midterm elections and candidates are looking for all the vote in this case can get with seven senate races within a three-point margin of error and a busy campaign weekend. might there be an october surprise that could have an affect on one or more of races? let me bring in the washington post and the national journal lauren fox. thank you so much for being with me on this halloween friday. >> good to be here. >> thank you. >> thanks. i want to start with you, one big story line is the absence of president obama in many races. we're talking about that recently nbc's chuck todd asked mary landrieu where the president had a hard time in louisiana. thereon her response. >> to be honest with you. the south is not the friendliest place for african-americans. it's been a difficult time for
7:13 am
the president to present himself in a positive light as a leader. it's not a good place for women to present ourselves. it's been a conservative place. we've had to work a little bit harder. the people trust me, i believe. really they, they do, trust me to do the right thing for the state. >> do you think race will play a major role in louisiana? >> yeah, it will. and mary landrieu is right when she talks about race. race has been a sub text, a name text in many ways when you look at politics in the south. i mean, it's the reason why you had in 2005 kent apologize to the ncaa p over the southern strategy. she's not incorrect in what she says, but again, it's probably not the smartest thing to say. when she really needs to put together a multiracial coalition not only of african-american voters but particularly white voters. that's really where she is struggling so far in the poll
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she's giving something like 25% she has to get closer to a 35, 37, 38%. >> politically i'm not sure it says close to the race. lauren, your latest article you focus on democrats and women voters including on the senate race in kentucky. and you say there's a troubling trend for democrats there. what do you mean? >> well, one of the things that i look at was in some of these races not all of them. there are races where democrats are leading among women. but it's some of the races including in the state of kentucky when allison lundergan grimes is running so close to mcconnell. so i think, you know, this race was always going to be close. it was always going to come down to a nail biter. even if groims doesn't win on
7:15 am
election day. it's kept us guessing in the state of kentucky. >> why do you think lundergan grimes hasn't been more effective? >> i think kentucky is a conservative state. it has continued to trend more and more republican since 2008 since president barack obama took office. i think a lot has to do with the national mood of the country and, you know, she does very well in, you know, the city centers in kentucky but she tends not to do as well when we talk about rural voters. i think it's more about a national trend than her not necessarily being able to resonate her message with women. >> yeah. and put on your soothe sayer hat. any october surprise? >> i think one of the things that might be surprising is colorado. here is a state where everyone gets a mail in ballot. if you look so far it's been really tight with gardener with something of an edge there.
7:16 am
but i, you know, i think we should look closely at the race. if you look at what happened in 2010 michael bennett had been trailing in the polls leading up to election day and eked out a victory in the last weekend and won the senate seat. it's a race to keep an eye on. >> yeah. and i'm going to be talking with rachel maddow about that in minutes. it's indeed something we have to keep a close eye on. lauren, what do you think? any trick or treat surprises in any races? i have my eye on kansas. it's been a surprising race so far. we never expected pat roberts would come out of a primary and have a challenger in the general election like you have seen with greg orrman. certainly i'll be watching on tuesday to see whether or not an independent might win in the state of kansas. >> that going to be a fascinating race indeed. thank you so much. i appreciate your time. i want to continue the conversation now. joining me now is steve israel
7:17 am
of new york. he's with me this morning. >> great to be with you jose. >> some republicans may think they got their october surprise with the ebola or isis. are those issues in the news now driving voters, you think, one way or another? >> well, there's no question the issues are in the news, but here is what is going on. democrats beat republicans on virtually every issue of middle class security. the fact that a woman should be the paid the same as a man for equal work, allowing middle class families to refinance their college debt. the difficulty we've had admitted admittedly. it's difficult to breakthrough on the issues where democrats win when the global issues are dominating the news cycle. so we've adjusted by going trench warfare. trench by trench precinct by precinct, house by house, talking to voters that the facts that democrats have their backs while republicans in the house of representatives stacked the deck against them to protect the
7:18 am
special interest. >> i've been interested in seeing how some democrats have really kind of been keeping a distance some turning their back on president obama this time around. if you look at some issues, look, the price of gasoline is coming down in a lot of places it's under $3 a gallon now. it's been years since we've seen that. the economy seems to be doing well. we showed the stock market doing up 140 points almost this morning. and yet there is still a -- i don't know some wanting to keep a distance from president obama >>well, a couple of things. number one, in any president's second midterm election, the president's party loses seats. historic age is 29 seats even reagan at the height of his popularity his second midterm he lost seats. it's kind of natural. history says that the president's party has tough terrain. more importantly it's this. here is what i tell our candidates.
7:19 am
it you're running in a really blue district, chances are your voters want to make sure you've been with the president every step of the way. if you're running in a really red district, chances are the voters in the district want to make sure you have never taken a step with the president. jose, the districts where we're competing they're purple. they're in the middle. most people in the districts agree with the president on some things like pay equity for women, may disagree with him on other things. i say to my candidates, just be those people. state your agreements with the president when you agree, state your treatmeagreements with the president when you disagree. but reflect the priorities and sensibility of the congressional district you are representing or want to represent. >> your thoughts on the senate, how do you think it's going to turn out after the november 4th or maybe december because there may be some runoffs. how do you see it ending up in the senate? >> i think you put your -- i think you nailed it, jose. i think, you know, the senate is not my lane. i'm in charge of the house races.
7:20 am
i will say this, house and senate we're going to see a lot of surprises on election day. i believe that the day after story will be that neither party expected to see the results that we saw. very, very close races. i think we're going to be looking at a lot of recounts and in the senate maybe some runoffs. the final chapter of the 2012 midterm elections may not be written until december or january. >> okay. i'm trying to figure out. you think the senate is going to be democratic or republican hand? >> i don't -- you know -- >> what do you any come on. it's just us. >> i don't -- honestly. no spin. i just don't really focus on senate polls. my job is to elect house democrats. and that's what i'm focussed on. i hope the senate remains with the democrats >>well, thank you, steve for being with me. i like when you're in the lane. i try get in the diamond lane and things sometimes go there and don't.
7:21 am
thank you for being a good sport. we'll zoom some of today's other sttop stories. a frightening picture yesterday in kansas. this morning we have new details about the deadly plane crash in wichita. later he's featured in a powerful new documentary about his decision to take up arms in libya. matthew van dyke will join me to talk about the documentary you will not want to miss. once there was a girl who snooze-buttoned her morning run away... one cap of downy created such irresistibly soft sheets, she wanted to stay in bed forever. downy. surround yourself with three times the softening. ♪ ♪ ♪
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7:25 am
investigators in kansas are looking for answers after some new information about the small plane crash into a flight safety building in wichita's mid continent airport. it started with this moment. >> and after some brief silence thi this. >> the pilot, mark goldstein, was killed along with three others on the ground. five more were hurt. the building too dangerous for search teams to go into to recover the bodies. and now to the latest case of the relentless violence plaguing mexico. and this one involves three american siblings found dead. investigators are questioning a border tactical security unit about killing. the bodies of erica, alex, and jose rivera were found dead.
7:26 am
they were taken in the border city by men dressed in police gear who called themselves hercules. a name of a security unit. the city really the country is a very violent place today. to hawaii now national guard troops are heading to provide security in the wake of the slow moving lava disaster. more than 80 troops will help with a roadblock and other safety issues. the slow moving disaster we've been reporting on is moving even slower. it's still a very real threat to the village there. okay. so it's halloween and it seems mother nature has some tricks up her sleeve. i understand it includes snow for some people including as we just showed possibly chicago. something i can't even fathom. snow. i know, it's cold, wet, white. it's a problem for traffic and kids going out today.
7:27 am
let's get to someone that knows this. meteorologist bill karins. >> in alaska they have 20 different names for snow. we can get into that another time. it was good you show the chicago shot. for the time they first time this morning ever on halloween had an official trace a measurement of snow at the airport. they've already had a little bit of snow. they could get some more this evening. now the temperatures are plunging. let me show you other snow pictures out there. so far we had a lot of snow mostly in northern wisconsin, northern michigan coming off lake superior. here is big bay motel. there's rooms available in northern michigan right now covered with snow. i like the fake tulip in the picture. that's the story northern portions of wisconsin and michigan. that's the white on the map. a little bit went through milwaukee and areas of chicago. they could have a little more in an hour or two. cold rain across michigan. the bottom line it's very unusual arctic blast. it's not a misprint. even though the sun is up it
7:28 am
feels like 8 degrees. it hasn't been close to that this winter yet. now the windchill dipped to 22 in kansas city. it's going to dip to the southeast and florida throughout the weekend. it's not pretty morning commute seattle, olympia, portland a lot of rain. we need it in california but for sacramento and san jose could have ghost and goblins with umbrellas. here is the halloween forecast. i know, the cold air is on the way it's going to be down in the southeast. it will slowly go away over the weekend. i know, it's supposed to be a frigid 54 in miami this weekend. >> 54? >> i know! everyone will run for the hats and gloves. >> oh, no! scarves, hats. they're going get the space heaters. >> i know how it is down there! what about tonight for south florida? i'm now 54 -- >> that's going to be saturday night. sunday is going to be windy and a high of 70. you may have to get a pair of
7:29 am
pants. i know, that may be a little crazy. >> you're asking for too much, bill. >> have a good halloween! >> thank you. all the best. coming up more on the midterms and my colleague rachel maddow joins me next. first, a sports note. miami heat currently 1-0. the cleveland cavaliers 0-. and the super star who took his talents to south beach and took them back away? 17 points in a season opening loss. >> play as bad as i did tonight. >> you can always come back to miami, lebron. [ male announcer ] even more impressive than the research this man has at his disposal is how he puts it to work for his clients. morning. morning. thanks for meeting so early. come on in. [ male announcer ] it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. [ male announcer ] it's how edward jones are the largest targets in the world,
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it's a pedestrian area filled with buses and cops going really fast on motorcycles. >> it's a nonpot smoker i find
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out something what called an alien dog is. >> [ bell rings ] hi michael! looking good! trying to keep up with you! i told my producer karen that i take metamucil because it helps me feel fuller between meals. it's just one small change that can help lead to good things. now she's breaking up with the vending machine. nope. i call that the meta effect. [ female announcer ] 4-in-1 multi-health metamucil now clinically proven to help you feel less hungry between meals. and promotes heart health. experience the meta effect with our new multi-health wellness line and see how one small change can lead to good things. [ chanting ] >> you know, if they just waited
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a little while, i was getting to the dream act. [ laughter ] >> that was hillary clinton disrupted again by immigration activists. this time yesterday in maryland where she was interrupted at least three separate times at a rally for the state's gubernatorial candidate anthony brown. all days before president obama expected to take action. i spoke to the white house yesterday and they tell me the president is awaiting the final recommendations by attorney general holder on what specifically he recommends could be done on executive or theers vis-a-vis immigration reform. that final result has not arrived to the white house. the white house says that could be coming any minute. the president won't decide until he gets that. something three republican senators took issue with in a letter to the president yesterday. in colorado, meanwhile, as you can see the state's republican party is asking can we trust mark udall on immigration
7:34 am
reform. in a new mailer four days until election day. with me today is rachel maddow. thank you for being with me this morning. happy halloween. good to see you. >> you too. thank you for having me. >> before we get to colorado. why do you think immigration activists keep targeting democrats like hillary clinton? is this a smart politic? >> you know,ive been thinking about for a long time. i think it is smart politics. i think it's better to be feared than loved. and when you take direct action like this it makes people mad at you in the short run. it annoys everybody in the room. it annoys the candidate you keep heckling like that. the activists are trying to change the political calculation for democrats. democrats substantiatively do want immigration reform. they want to do something on this. politically they're pretty happy to be able to point at respects and say, we would do it if it weren't for the republicans blocking us. the activists are changing the political incentives for democrats. they're giving democrats a
7:35 am
political short term imcentive to much as much done so the heckling will stop. ting makes them unpopular in the short run but i think it's smart. >> let's talk about the president's side of this. he promised he was going to do the executive orders on immigration reform before the end of the summer and then decided to change until after the elections. politically smart? >> no. i mean, there's definitely a lot of expert opinion in the democratic party that believes that this was the right thing to do. i think it's idiotic. there's a political upside and political downside for the democrats in term of the president acts on immigration reform because congress won't do anything. the upside you would make your promise be a good one to latino voters. you would be making good on the things you've been saying all the the time. the idea of the downside is the thing that the democrats keep mismanaging. democrats like mark pryor and mary landrieu will get attacked
7:36 am
as supporting amnesty or whatever nonsense they'll get attacked for no matter what the president does. if the president acts or doesn't act, the attacks on them are going to happen anyway. there's nothing democrats can do to insulate themselves against the attacks. all they're doing is depriving themselves of the upside. by exciting their base, convincing latinos they ought to turn out and vote for democrats and sharpening the difference between parties. they're so worried about the attacks. there's nothing they're doing that make the attacks stop. >> in a place like colorado it's going to be key to see what the latinos do on the fourth of november. let's talk about that. you there were with a live studio audience. i need one of those. but the latino vote is over 15% of the electorate. it's something marc udall focussed on with you. take a listen. >> we've been building for the last ten years this infrastructure. you're going to see the results on election day, rachel. it's a combination of the latino community being in.
7:37 am
it's the younger voters. it's the sense that colorado has an example to sell. >> you talk a lot about colorado polling on your show. what is your sense of what is actually happening there? >> the polling thing is really, really interesting. because colorado is distinguished like almost no other state except maybe alaska in having terrible polling. the polling just obviously year after year mistakes what the ultimate result is going to be. in 2010 they said that michael bennett was going to lose to the republican. michael bennett won. in 2012 they said president obama was going to win by maybe a point. he won by over five. colorado is just wrong. what democrats in the state think is wrong with the polling it undersamples latino voters. it's a problem not getting better over time. there was a denver post poll that show gardener way up. it was only landline phones with only conducted in english. they only talked to a couple
7:38 am
dozen latino correspondents. they think they don't ask the right latinos in colorado the right question. that's why democrats outperform the polling there. i think it's partly wishful thinking on the part of the democrats this year. i'm assuming the pollsters are getting better. that's part of what they're hanging their hat nons the state. >> and finally, i've told you before my house is your house here in florida. because we're here, my friend. tell me about scott with or without the fan? >> every election cycle florida voters do something inexplicable. and florida politicians do something inexplicable. this race -- i mean, my question to you, jose is how rick scott is governor in the first place. regardless of his policy positions. he is the worst campaigner and the worst debater and the worst public speaker i have ever seen
7:39 am
at the top of the ticket in any state. in any top of the ticket race. how is he governor in the first place? >>, you know. honestly as far as political figures are concerned, it is an oddity here in florida. but, you know, there have been odd governors in the past. politically speaking, and, you know, i can't figure anything out in florida. i'm just happy i live here and i want you to come and visit me and then we'll talk about this because i want you down here, rachel. >> i accept your offer. thank you. >> thank you so much! >> and be sure to watch rachel tonight and every night. 9 p.m. eastern and all night on election days as the polls roll in. brilliant. joining me now for more on the florida madness is miami herald political ryer. rachel's question. politically speaking we in the sunshine state do have odd
7:40 am
political characters that represent us. >> we're a state of weird o-os. it's like halloween 363 days a year. >> if you look at the united states it's tilted and the interests sentiment falls here. including us. what do you see in the race? it seems to be close issues. ? >> what i see is an incredibly close race. i quoted a democratic pollster who performed a poll showing rick scott is up by 2 or three-point. it's in today's miami herald. he said the polling right now relative to this stage of the race is about this close if not closer to the polling in the disputed presidential elections. we had 537 votes. it went on for 37 days. i said is it going to be a long tuesday night? he said it could be a long month. >> it could take forever to get
7:41 am
it counted? >> we could be a margin of error. >> what about the absentee votes and the early voting that has been going on. >> glad you asked. so far we've had 2.6 million. >> that's a lot. >> probably will be about 6 million voters. out of the 2.6 million casts the republicans continue to lead the democrats in casting preelection day ballots. they're up by about 135,000. they've falling anyone a day by about 5,000 from 140 that's roughly 5.2% points. >> so we could be talk abouting who is the next governor more than just november? >> right. this has all the ingredients of an incredibly tight race. >> thank you for killing the buzz on knowing things on the fifth of november on us. >> yeah. we have no clue. >> what are you dressing up as? >> that's a good question. maybe i'll dress up like someone who has money not a -- >> thank you so much.
7:42 am
let's head back to colorado where new jersey governor christie spent part of his day yesterday. a day after his sit down and shut up moment in new jersey. something casey hunt asked him about exclusively. >> would you encourage you to kids to behave like that? >> what i would not encourage my kids to go to a public event and scream at a public official. >> could you continue to conduct yourself that way if you run for president? >> i don't know if i'm running for president. that's speculation on speculation. >> casey hunt joins me live from colorado springs. one exclusive after another. yesterday it was jeb today it's christie. you didn't sit down and shut up. did he have any regrets on what he said in the confrontation? >> i asked him that directly and he said he had absolutely no regrets. which is right there in vain with how in the vain of how chris christie conducted himself
7:43 am
all along. i asked him if he would continue to behave that way if he were president. he said this is who i am. i think this is what voters in new jersey like. i think it's the question if it wear wear across the country should he decide to run for president. >> thank you so much. have a great weekend. i know, you're going to working throughout it all. >> thank you, jose. you don't want to miss a spooktacular five things as tricks and treats collide in the nation's capitol. hopefully the first lady will bend a little bit on her healthy eating thing. you know, because she loves that healthy eating stuff. and today is candy did for many. he took arms in libya. he's been a frequent guest on our program. matthew vann dike joins me next. >> it was a nice welcome back.
7:44 am
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i want to make a correction. we have a lot of graphics and tapes and banners in the show. we misidentified the location. it's close to the u.s. border and the gulf coast. that's where the city is. i want to apologize and my thanks to all of you eagle eye viewers who watched the graphic and noticed it. frankly, i didn't notice it. it passed me. that wouldn't happen. it shouldn't happen. i apologize. to a documentary film released today. it's called point and shoot a chronicles the tail of an american who joined lib ran rebels to fight against gadhafi in 2011. take a look. >> this time i was a participant. and the feeling was completely different. i was dressed like everyone
7:48 am
else. was i was assuming the risk like other important. for the first time in my life, i felt like i was doing something really important. >> we were preparing the war at the same time watching it on television. >> joining me now is matthew van dyke whose footage is seen throughout the film. she's been with us frequently on the film. i appreciate you being back. how are you? >> thank you for having me. congratulations on your upcoming new show. >> thank you matthew, thank you very much! the first question, a lot of people may be asking why you decided to join army rebels and fight against gadhafi. >> i spent a few years traveling through north africa and the middle east by motorcycle. i had done that after getting my masters and i spent some time in libya and made good friends. when the rev louis lugs started
7:49 am
four years later, my friends told me what was happening. >> this lead to your capture. you were held for a 1/2 months. i want do you see a clip of that. >> i woke up in prison to the sound of a man being tortured before me. i had a bland fold and they came and targeted me. they started playing video off my camera. it was a clip of maand it remind me why we fight. and the interpreter said you will never see america again. >> two months ago when you came on the show you told me the reason you did it because you didn't want to sit on the couch and watch the world go by. what is your reaction to critics who question your motives? >> people can question whatever they wanted. if they see the film they understand dpaktly why i did it. most people would agree with me,
7:50 am
i think. if you have friends in need you should help them. if you believe in something you should go do it not just a give a thumbs up. >> the fighters you were with eventually made it to gadhafi's hometo hometown. here is part that have. i want to show that. that's you firing a gun on the pickup truck. when you look at what is happening now with syria and iraq your friend james foley beheld b beheaded. does that change your perspective? ? i'm more cautious. i'm more cautious after my own experience in libya after having been a prisoner of war. as i lose friends, it makes everybody more cautious. >> i appreciate you coming back. the film opens tonight.
7:51 am
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trick or treat in english in my neighborhood they say trick or treat. that's what millions of kids including at the white house where the president and first lady will welcome military families. i imagine a lot of kids, even my own, probably, have gotten a jump start on the candy consumption thing. it's not the first time halloween spirit has spooked washington. a city that knows october surprise. here are the five things get out to vote. flashback. the camelot era. halloween 1963 president kennedy with john john and caroline in the oval office.
7:55 am
halloween 1989 when president george h.w. bush and barbara emerged from the giant punk kin. number three al gore never did make it to the white house b dressing as the uni did dog and beauty in the beast. number four, chuck hagel then senator hagel took the opportunity on halloween 2007 to dress up like fellow senator joe biden. still a popular costume option looking for a last minute idea. number five the current first lady out, well, just looking great feline! 1999. michelle obama cat woman of sorts. i'm still trying to figure out what i'm going to go as tonight. one costume i can probably rule out is ron burgundy. but please stay class my united states of america. "newsnation" with tamron hall is up next. i'll see you on monday.
7:56 am
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good morning, everyone! i'm alex whit in for tamron hall. eric frein is now behind bars. frein appeared in court this morning and faced several charges included murder, homicide of a law enforcement officer, and attempted murder. she's accused of ambushing state police officers in pennsylvania killing one an seriously injuring another. frein was taken into custody last night when u.s. marshalls conducted a sweep of an abandoned airfield just about 30 miles or so from the bararacks where the shooting happened. they carpeted him away in corporal dickson's handcuffs and squad car.
8:00 am
>> the families and the pennsylvania state police have suffered an unimaginable loss of unspeakable proportions. they'll never be the same. but today we find some comfort as a community that we're take these next steps toward justice. >> nbc sara dallof is joining me from blooming grove, pennsylvania. good morning. what more did the police say about how frein was capture dppd they get a tip? >> believe it or not. they didn't. this was luck. they had been doing the grid searches of the dense forest ever since the manhunt began. the grid searches from section to section and that is what they were doing yesterday when they stumbled across eric frein. they surprised him. he was outside of this hangar. they say he followed their demands and surrenderered very meekly. they found some weapons inside the hangar. but he didn't attempt t


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