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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 4, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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we'll be here with special coverage tomorrow night for as long as it takes, but it will probably take a long time and we'll see you there starting at 6:00 eastern time. it is election day in america. on first look 90 million pal lots will be cast. control of the senate will shift forcing president obama to work with them forcing him to build his legacy. you're looking at a live picture of the u.s. capitol where the balance of power is in the hands of the voters. it's midterm madness. the races are tight and the stakes high and the amount of money being spent on politics is record levels. this election map is all we have to say. ten key toss up races could toss democrats right out of power.
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tracie potts is in washington where both parties are bracing. what's the outlook so far? >> good morning. the big issue on this election day is who gets control of the senate. the speeches have been done. the issues have been debated. the candidates have shaken every hand they can find. at this point it's a number's game. >> the senator from arkansas. >> 36 senate seats will be decided today. 8 are too close to call tnchts vast majority of them are taking place in states the president didn't win in the election. >> republicans need six seats to win control of the senate but how soon could we know? georgia and louisiana could end up in run offs. plus one in four were early. thousands of mail in ballots may not arrive until after election day. >> we're probably going to be waiting a little while before we understand or learn who will be the majority in the senate. >> 36 states elect governors today. half of those are toss ups and all 435 house seats are up for
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grabs. the justice department is sending poll watchers to more than 2 dozen districts. >> we'll be very mindful of any anonlies that are reported. >> latino voters could be key. >> both parties are not reaching out meaningfully to this community. they're leaving those votes on the table. >> polls show a republican advantage. >> everything is pointing the republicans direction but there's the possibility democrats could pull up an upset or two. >> and the most important number right now how many people will turn out to vote? it's estimated by the end of the day, 90 million voters will have cast their ballots, betty. >> tracy thank you. be sure to get out there and vote because it's one of the hottest and now most expensive seats in the senate ever. $100 million was spent on the north carolina race. democrat kay hagan is up against
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republican tom tillis. the money came from outside interest groups that shelled out $72 million. joining me is ellis. thank you for joining us on election day. >> good morning. i have a phrase for you. >> which is. >> turn out or burn out. >> i like that. >> both of these party versus to get their people to the polls. all those early polls don't matter nearly as much as who actually voes. that's what it's all about today. >> do you think it's going to be a pretty good turn out? early voting the numbers were quite positive. >> they were. now listen midterms are never as big as a presidential election. that's what really gets people reved but there's a lot of competitive seats out there so the numbers will be strong i think. >> there's a lot at stake today and that's why it's so important that people get out there and vote. i want to put up a poll number. is this a six year itch? 46% of voters prefer a gop congress. now that's not a huge
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endorsement although it's a pretty good number, it's not a whoping number. >> you're right. everyone's numbers are down. both parties are unpopular. all the candidates are unloved but remember one equation it was six years agatha all of these senators now running for re-election when they were first ele elected. right now is the big obama wave. those are states, many of them the democrats won with obama on the ballot that are much tougher this time. that's the reason this thing is so competitive. >> i want you to take a listen to what the vice president had to say, joe biden, he might have eluded to a possible gop win. take a listen. >> i think we have to be more direct and clear about exactly what it is we're looking to do. and look, we're ready to compromise. >> they are ready to compromise. is that pretty much saying the gop is going to take the senate. >> that's not a word -- i don't
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even know what that word means anymore in washington. we haven't had to do that -- >> it does seem like a foreign language, right? >> i did get the sense that he was talking about the gritted teeth there. yes that's the reality. it's not the reality they wanted but they'll be able to make the best of it. >> i want to bring hilary clinton into the whole mix here because could she possibly be a secret weapon for president obama in the sense that if she runs she'll take attention off the white house so that the president could possibly tackle some of the big issues with a little less scrutiny. >> it's not a bad theory. a lot of the attention is going to be turning to that 2016 presidential race so maybe while we're all napping the politicians in washington will get something done. do you think that's possible? >> there's a lot at stake because if the president doesn't try to get something done, he's looking at legacy f the gop takes control of the senate and the house and they don't get anything done people will be
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upset come 2016 correct? >> that's right. don't forget the map in 2016 while this time it leads very republican in 2016 the dems have the advantages. if you have a big night tonight do not gloat too loudly because there's a lot of back and forth in american politics. >> if we're going to talk compromise which is what the vice president was eluding too what areas do you see compromise in? >> the biggest i would say is immigration, right? that's something that everyone knows we need to solve. there's a general agreement about how we're going to do it. some combination of border security and a path to citizenship and yet we haven't been able to get anything done. that's a really good one. childhood education might be another one. trying to figure out what the future of health care is in this country. boy, if you could achieve those three in the next two years maybe you would have a legacy. >> if washington can play nice and we can find some agreements that's a huge measure of progress, right? >> we will begin with the coalitions right here.
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>> thank you so much. >> great to see you. happy election day. >> you too. msnbc special election night coverage begins right here at 6:00 p.m. eastern with rachel maddow and chris matthews. police in delaware are searching for a gunman at a student at delaware state university was shot monday evening. it happened near a resident hall off campus. he is recovering from nonlife threatening injuries. the school was on lock down for several hours before authorities determined the shootings were an isolated act of violence. a frightening scene was caught on camera, sunday night a philadelphia nurse fighting back as she is kidnapped off the sidewalk and now her family is making a desperate plea for her return. >> please, just whoever, just please bring her back home. that's all we want. just release her. we don't care. just let her go somewhere. >> surveillance video shows the suspect approaching her on that
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sidewalk. the suspect dragging her toward a parked car as she appears to fight back. a witness told police she was screaming for help and even kicked out a passenger side window as the car sped off. misfound her glasses and cell phone on the street. they also found a knife and a glove nearby. the witness says the car is a dark grey ford. the fbi is working with the local police to help find the 22-year-old nurse. >> that creeping lava on hawaii's big island is stalled for the moment but check out these images. the leading edges of lava flowing into a pond. the water instantly begins to boil sending up steam and that lava is over 2,000 degrees fahrenheit. late monday president obama signed a disaster declaration allowing for federal emergency assistance. >> now to sports and my friend francis rivera with the latest
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in that. good morning. >> good morning. let's start with colts, giants on monday night football. the only touchdown of the first half. andrew luck connects for a 32 yard score. luck would tack on three more tds and throw for over 300 yards for the 7th straight game. >> the big highlight came at halftime. michael strahan was honored for his induction into the profootball hall of fame. >> dozens of former players were there to pay tribute and a fired up strahan pumps up the crowd. >> wave those towels for every player that's ever put on this uniform for every man that ever reuted for this team because we are the new york giants. >> that's some team spirit. >> isn't it? classic strahan there. the hard court now, the mavericks with an early lead against the celtics. the celtics with a big rally in
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the second half fall short. the mavs win 118-113 and the grizzlies tonight the streak against the pelicans. they scored in double figures in the win. the grizzlies now 4-0 for the first time ever and the rockets remain unbeaten holding out the winless 76ers 104-93. the cubs introduce their new manager former ray skipper joe madden. he agreed to a five year, $25 million contract and, you know, he thought of this. his own offer to the media. >> where's the bartender? bartender here? bar keep anywhere? i got the drinks right now. that's a shot and a beer. that's the hazelton way. shot a and beer. >> we'll take you up on that. >> he has $25 million to spend. >> cheers to that. every single one of those millions betty. >> thank you. in business southwest airlines is being sued by the department
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of justice. the government says the airline hired a contractor to do extensive work on 44 aircraft while failing to follow procedures. they will file the suit. it's the largest penalty ever sought against an airline. >> korean auto makers hyundai and kia agreed to pay the u.s. government $350 million for overstating fuel ratings. this is on top of what they agreed to pay last year so that's over $700 million in penalties. >> just ahead a favorite radio voice silenced forever. plus is adrian peterson about to put his helmet back on? a deal is in the works. >> and bad weather does effect voter turn out and we have bad weather today. i'll show you coming up. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches?
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welcome back everyone. we mentioned the rain in the forecast for election day. it's not snow and ice. we had famous instances of that
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in the past. thankfully we don't have to deal with that but we have a lot of heavy rain in oklahoma, southern missouri and starting to stream down toward the dallas ft. worth area and we could see possible isolated flooding so we don't look like we'll have problems with people getting to the polls. the roads should be passable. in maine there's 80,000 people without power and trying to make sure they can get to the polls and vote. eventually this rain later today and through this evening so if you're planning on voting after work in areas of arkansas, northern louisiana and down toward the dallas area the worst weather we'll have in the country. also some rain will be possesesd oregon and washington state but not horrible. good news for all of the eastern seaboard clear skies. no problems at all. just showers around chicago and detroit but the worst weather big city wise little rock to dallas this afternoon. >> some storms. already thank you. we do have breaking news overnight the body of a 6-year-old boy has been found off the coast of oregon.
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coast guard crews began searching for the crews late monday after a woman told police she threw her son from a bridge. the woman is in custody. >> brand new video in, indian shite muslims marching through to celebrate ashura. he was a hugely popular voice on public radio dishing out free car advice with his brother. tom magliozzi the cohost of car talk died from complications from alzheimer's disease. listeners tuned in for more than just tips for their car troubles. >> look at this. this is my brother's car. >> this is mine. >> if you took this into a shop to get fixed. look at this stuff. banana peels, you have chinese food. >> come on. i haven't had lunch yet. >> he was 77. a plea deal is reportedly in the making for minnesota viking star adrian peterson.
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it would reduce his felony charge of injury to a child to a misdemeanor but whatever peterson agrees to it won't insure he goes back on the gridiron with the vikings. >> a freak accident at a construction site killed a man in new jersey. what are the odds of this? it happened when a tape measure fell 50 stories from a construction worker's belt hitting the 58-year-old man on the head. he just stepped out of his truck to deliver supplies for construction work. >> it was a star if you hadded fair well for oscar de la renta. he died of cancer last month at the age of 82. and remember the movie? check this out and you can multifmult multiply the spiders in that movie by millions because you're looking at 107 million spiders that spun this web at a waste
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flew hilary clinton in. paying for big name speakers is par for the course. retiring senator tom harkin's group paid the same company $50,000 to bring bill, hilary and their aids to iowa in september. he is now apologizing to republican candidate joni ernst today. he said iowans shouldn't vote for her just because she sounds nice and is really attractive comparing her to taylor swift. she was offended but accepted the apology. excited to see taylor swift in des moines on october 8th next year on her 1989 tour. also on her twitter account a photo of her standing next to a sign that simply yet awkwardly says let's make washington squeal. that eludes to her proud hog
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ca castrating story. most polls have her party taking the senate but one unusual method provides hope for democrats. wikapedia. it's not a scientific method but time analyzed the number of searches each received over the past months. joni ernst beats her opponent if you're wondering. one democratic congresswoman will be poll watching in a national guard uniform. hawaii representative has been called into active duty. she is part of an emergency respon response to that volcano eruption on the big island. >> they're taking on how people follow the election. 28% of registered voters use their devices to track political updates this year. that's more than double during
2:23 am
the last midterms. and this will counter any excuse you might have not to vote today. a 102-year-old woman in l.a. will cast herbal lot f ballot f first time today. she immigrated in the 80s and became a u.s. citizen last year. she said i may be old but i am one more voice. good for her. >> that is your morning dish of scrambled politics so you have no excuse not to vote today. >> just ahead, an ohio boy thought he was getting milk duds in his trick or treat bag. what he really got may shock you. >> plus jim carrey and jeff daniels arrive at the dumb and dumber 2 premiere only as harry and lloyd would. for all sorts of businesses. banking. loyalty. analytics. synchrony financial. engage with us. wow!
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leading the news in the washington post as ebola declines in liberia health officials reassess response plans. the rate has declined so sharply in recent weeks even some of the busiest treatment facilities are now only half full but some experts worry it's just a temporary lull in the outbreak. >> and from nbc affiliate wlwt5 in cincinnati. mom says son given milk dud boxes containing ammo at preschool trick or treat. there were four boxes each with three .22 bullets inside. they came in a small bag that said eat, check and be scary. >> that's why we check candy for kids. >> i know. i don't know what the point with that. sesame street is celebrating
2:28 am
it's anniversary next week. we're airing an extra show in the afternoon in addition to the classic hour show every morning. so look out for special guest stars. >> spotify now knows how it feels to be dumped by taylor swift. >> she removed all her songs from the music streaming site on monday. now they're hoping to negotiate with swift and her label. >> because she has the number one and number two song right now. >> that might be a part of it. ♪ >> i'm not going to lie i am in love with the minions. universal pictures has released the trailer for the summer comedy minions starring the cute disspikable me characters.
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and at the l.a. premiere of dumb and dumber 2 jim carrey and jeff daniels arrived in style. of course they did. thanks for watching today. we do appreciate everybody. way too early with thomas roberts starts right now. it's what they call the midterm elections and you can cut the indifference with a knife. >> midterm election day or as people under 65 call it, hey, why are old those old people lined up at the elementary school. >> the candidates have all said all that could be said and walked back all that they can regret having said. >> it's very important, don't forget to head down to your local polling place and cancel out your dad's vote. very important. >> election day is here. we have the latest battleground analysis as americans get ready to head to the poll and ps, have
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you googled where to go vote yet? plus new details on the investigation of what caused the crash of a virgin galactic spaceship and then taylor swift in another break up. the 20 something says good-bye to spotify. guess they better shake it off. this is way too early. that will wake you up in the morning. good morning, i'm thomas robinson. it's tuesday november 4th where there's no shaking us off today. welcome to this special election day edition of way too early. let's get right to it. the white house is bullish on the midterms predicting that the party will hold the senate even if others say otherwise. we have three major models giving republicans high odds of taking the senate. the washington post election lab 96%. mitt romney spent the final days


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