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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 10, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PST

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confirming he's reprizing his role as jason bourn. what super hero outed him first? this is "way too early." ♪ >> hope you had a great weekend, i'm thomas roberts, welcome to "way too early." the show that knows if you're going to be a good liar you have to have a great memory. we're going to talk about that coming up. we start in china where president obama is in beijing for the first time since 2009. he is pushing a u.s. supported trade agreement at the economic cooperation summit and will meet with china's president on wednesday. president obama is also scheduled to visit australia in this week-long trip days after democrats lost control of the senate in midterm elections. the president is now taking a greater responsibility for those results and promising to end washington gridlock.
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>> also want to ask you about what happened on tuesday. >> the buck stops right here at my desk. whenever as the head of the party it doesn't do well, i have to take responsibility for it. the message that i took from this election, and we have seen this in a number of elections, is people want to see this city work. and they feel as if it's not working. and they know one person in washington and that's the president of the united states. so i've got to make this city work better for them. >> the president is also resisting calls from republicans to wait on immigration reform. president obama says he has given john boehner plenty of time to act on this and is ready to take executive action by the end of the year. >> i told hip at the time, i
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have legal authority to make improvements on the system. so john, i'm going to give you some time, but if you can't get it done before the end of the year, i'm going to have to take the steps that i can to improve the system. >> are you saying here today their time has run out? >> their time hasn't run out. i'm going to do what i can do through executive action. it's not going to be everything that needs to get done. and it will take time to put that in place. and in the interim, the minute they pass a bill that addresses the problems with immigration reform, i will sign it and it super cedes whatever actions i take and i'm encouraging them to do so. >> the former democratic governor of vermont says president obama is not the sole responsibility. the candidates lost because they failed to articulate a clear message to voters. >> the republican message was we're not obama.
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what was the democrat's message? we're not really either. you cannot win if you are afraid. it felt like it. where is the democratic party? we have to stand for something. >> the former 2004 presidential candidate says he's not going to run again, planning to support hillary clinton if she confirmed that she's returning for president. fo former president george w. bush is speaking out and he promotes the new book on his father. he was quick to weigh in on the question that many political pundits are asking, whether or not his brother jeb is going to run for president in 2016. >> it's a lot of speculation about him. i occasionally feel the speculation by saying that i hope he runs. i think he would be a very good president. >> i think it's 50/50. he and i are very close. on the other hand, he's not here
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knocking on my door agonizing about the decision. i would give it a toss-up. i know this about jeb. he's not afraid to succeed. he knows he could do the job, nor is he afraid to fail. >> 41, a portrait of my father, will be released tomorrow. from a former governor to a current one, scott walker fresh off reelection is weighing in on the 2016 debate and he isn't ruling himself out for a potential run himself. walker offered kind words for a fellow wisconsin republican, paul ryan, but was keen to promote governors as the key to vi victory in a potential campaign against a hillary clinton candidate. >> you made a pledge in october you were going to serve all four years. does that pledge still hold? >> my plan was r for four years. but certainly i care deeply about not only my state, but my
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country. if we're going to beat hillary clinton in this next election, we have to have a message that says hillary clinton is all about washington. . in many ways she was the big loser on tuesday because she embodies everything that's wrong with washington. we offer a fresh approach. 31 governors have the exec tich experience from outside of washington to provide a much better. alternative to the old, tired, top down approach in washington. overall governors make much better presidents than members of korng. >> congressman ryan might be the only exception. loretta lynch is president obama's pick to be the next attorney general. if confirmed, she would become the first african-american woman to hold this job. president obama praised her qualifications at the white house ceremony held on saturday, but he did not say whether he's going to send that confirmation
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to the lame duck senate or to the incoming republican majority. instead saying that he hopes she will be confirmed without delay. president obama says that the u.s. is entering a new phase in its campaign to defeat isis in iraq and syria and he's approved the deployment of 1,500 more than troops to iraq. that doubles the number sent there since june. president obama is insisting they will not be yutzed in a combat. role and will not rule out additional troops in the future. >> we will provide them close air u support once they are prepared to start going on the offense against i'sis. >> will more troops be needed? >> as commander-in-chief, i'm never going to say never, but the kmapders who presented the plan to me say is that we may actually see fewer troops over time because now we're seeing coalition members starting to partner with us on the training
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and assist effort. >> there are growing concerns this morning about the fate of isis's leader. the leader was wounded in an air strike in mosul. the pentagon is confirm iing it launched a series of airstrikes on friday, but there's no information that isis leaders are injured or dead. so this information brings us to our twitter question for you this morning. it involves our troops. do you support this move to send as many as 1500 more u.s. troops to iraq and how does this impact your opinion of the post-war strategy? tweet us your most creative answers to us. we'll put the best tweets on later in the show. the two remaining american prisoners being held by north korea are back home safely on u.s. soil. a plane carrying the two landed in washington state late
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saturday after north korean leader ordered their release. miller, who was tried on an espionage charge, while bea a missionary in prison since 2012 and serving a 15-year sentence tr crimes against the state u. they are freed following a rare visit by the director of national intelligence james c p clapper who brought with him a letter from president obama and negotiated their release. kenneth bea addressed the media after arriving home. >>. it's been amazing two years. i learned a lot, i grew a lot. but i'm standing strong because of you, and thank you for being there. >> certainly know that's a big relief and the families are elated to have them back home. business news now and a
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record week on wall street. first, there are new reports concerning gm and the faulty ignition switches that have been linked to 30 deaths. jeff joins us live. there could be more bad news for the auto maker coming out. explain that to us. >> absolutely, because we previously didn't know about this part's order. it was not disclosed by gm opinion the "wall street journal" says it's seen e e-mails that disclose half a million ignition switches were ordered somewhere near two months before federal regulators were alerted to safety issues. this is food for the lawyers who are currently trying to poke holes in the time line that gm has presented. difficult news for gm in morning. moving on to the stock market story, we have new highs here. we're looking forward this week to retail sales numbers at the end of the week just to stand up
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the strength of the u.s. economy. we'll get a slew of retailers also getting us numbers this week including walmart, macy's and nordstrom just to justify some of the strength we have seen in the payroll numbers and some of the other data. . so that will figure large in the way we look at the week. the early look on the futures is positive right now. so we could get a good start out of the gate this monday morning. >> explain this to us. you have a story about dunkin' donuts and starbucks trying to move into new territory. this is breakfast people moving to a later time slot for food. >> yeah, look, everybody is busy and we are finding it more and more difficult, i think, to go skmoem cook. you have a busy working schedule, you're trying to match that up with other social meetings and business meetings. it means more people are eating on the run. these companies think they might be able to cash in on that. this is interesting. only 40% of turnover for dunkin'
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donuts comes after 11:00 a.m., which they think is a big opportunity. they are already moving in this direction. i think they do some wraps with egg in them and i understand that there's a steak sand wuch. i u don't think it has a hole in the middle, but it represents part of that push into afternoon dining. >> really interesting to see them expand the brand and go in new ways. whatever it takes to stay relevant. still ahead on "way too early," why you don't want to be a chicago fan this morning. green bay decimate the bears in "sunday night football." we'll bring you that action. and frigid temperatures and first snow in parts of the country. look at that shot behind us. that's a live picture from south dakota. "way too early" comes right back, stick around.
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increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. time for sports. let's get you caught up. we start with "sunday night football" with the packers and the bears. it wasn't pretty for chicago fans. that's the big thank you to the green bay. quarterback connecting for six touchdowns in the first half tying the nfl record. 4 2-0 at halftime. third quarter, jay cutler did connect with brandon marshal. chicago, no chance here. packers win, 55-14.
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bears have now lost 5 of the last 6 games. now we move on to new orleans and the 49ers. fourth quarter, colin kaepernick looking for a receiver. michael crabtree, look, there you go. >> he threw that ball a long way. >> that's going to set them up for the game-tying field goal. 5 seconds remaining when the saints quarterback deborah bradley throws a bomb to jimmy graham, but the flags are thrown on this one. an offensive pass interference call keep this is tide. we move into overtime. brees gets sacked, fumbles the ball, san francisco's phil dawson kicks the game-winning field goal. 49ers win, 27-24. now to the jets.
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e jets coming off an 8-game losing streak. >> the jets are horrible. it's just like them. now that the season is over, they are going to win five or six games. >> that's t.j. graham. >> they are so annoying. >> 10-0, second quarter. a pass is deflected and intercepted at the 2 yard line. he's going to throw another interception in the third. pittsburgh loses 20-13. >> you want to be bad enough to get a great. quarterback. i'm sick of being mediocre. >> it's a monday. and with the steelers loss, the cleveland browns are atop the afc north for the first time since 1994. all these teams still in the playoff contention. new rankings out for the ap college football poll. mississippi state and florida state hold oing the top two
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spots, but oregon and tcu inch upward. want to get a check on the weather. bill karins is here. >> the best part of the weekend was new england didn't win. >> no, they did not. >> they did not play. >> big storm coming. not for the east coast, even the great lakes will mostly be spared. but for our friends from minneapolis and california ddak winter time. temperatures are below freezing. it's going to stick. this will be one of the bigger snowstorms you'll have all winter long in the st. paul, minnesota, area. up to a foot of snow by this time tomorrow morning many those areas. under the pink is 7 million people under a winter storm warning. that's impressive by itself. the heaviest snows are going to fall as we go throughout the afternoon hour. if you're driving home in areas
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around minneapolis and green bay and rapid city, that will be by far the worst of it. and as far as the cold air goes, that is going to awe arrive on the east coast by. the time we get to about friday. so it's been a big buildup, we have been talking about this, but it's going to take awhile to get here. >> just in time for the weekend. look what they have to deal with at the top of the workweek. coming up on "morning joe," the establishment gop won big in the midterms, but now that they have, can the majorities keep the party at bay. ready in the cooler, ben affleck and matt damon confirms the worst kept secret. we're back with more after this. why do i cook for the holidays? to share with family
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welcome back. big news out of hollywood this weekend. ben affleck has outed his pal because the rumors were swirling about him reprizing his role as jason bourne but the subject of "batman" came up and he spilled
2:53 am
the beans about matt. >> he's going to be doing a bourne movie this fall. >> he's going to weigh the same, but he's going to have -- >> pear shaped. >> you're coming back for another bourne? >> yes, next year n 2016 when the mu voe will come out. >> look at that. ben puts the news out there and matt take s it to confirm it. john oliver wrapping up his final show of the year. it was a bit of a crossover episode with some of our favorites in late night. there's a setup here but it's worth your time. >> i'd love to talk about salmon. cat food for people. tuna's understudy that never has to go on. that stupid fish that doesn't know how rivers work. salmon, famously have to fight their way upstream to spawn. but thanks to dams, that's becoming difficult.
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don't worry, because as we found out recently america is on it. >> i'm ben tracy in washington state where we're going to introduce dwrou a sweet piece of technology known as the salmon canon. >> i love it so much we made our own canon this week. this thing is pretty powerful. who wants to give this puppy a go? let's see where this salmon ends up. >> the situation in the middle east only got more complicated. >> okay, okay, so we know it works. let's try firing two fish somewhere else. >> thank you, spatulas. >> that's awesome. it's going to be returning next year for his sophomore season. congrats to him. one direction was a big winner at the europe music awards in scotland.
2:55 am
the group won best pop and biggest fans taking home three and possibly four awards. other winners include ariana gran day and 5 seconds of summer. and we have nicki minaj who hosted the show. ozzie ozborn was presented with the global icon award. good show. let's move on and get your response s responses to our twitter question. we asked you if you support the president's decision to authorize sending 1500 more troops to iraq and also how does this influence your opinion about our post-iraq war strategy. our producer as some of the best responses. >> good morning, so 110%. ist cyst a formidable foe. and bob says, thousands of dead
2:56 am
iraqis at the hands of isis, ask us why we've waited until it's almost too late. >> we continue to watch and see how this is going to escalate. the president is saying the option to send more is not off the table. coming up next on "way too early," the stories woo you'll be talking about on the days ahead. "morning joe" is moments away. they're still after me. get to the terminal across town. are all the green lights you? no. it's called grid iq. the 4:51 is leaving at 4:51. ♪ they cut the power. it'll fix itself. power's back on. quick thinking traffic lights and self correcting power grids make the world predictable. thrillingly predictable. [but the more you learn abouty insurancyour coverage,bout it. the more gaps you might find. like how you thought you were covered for this. [boy] check it out,mom!
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welcome back. let's get a check of the day ahead. president obama has begun his nine-day trip to asia. he will speak at a forum to expand economic cooperation with asian-pacific countries. . and the stay at home order for the nurse kaci hickox who treated ebola patients in west africa, that ends today. you remember she set off this political fire storm after being quarantined upon her return. then when she went back to maine, she said she wasn't going to stay inside for the 21-day period. it's over for her today. that's going to do. "morning joe" starts right now.
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good morning, it is monday, november 10th, welcome to "morning joe." with us onset we have mike barnacle, barnacle, bright and early. very chipper. >> very chipper. >> msnbc contributor and associate professor at columbia school darian warren and jeremy peters. >> what are the jets doing winning? beating the steelers who i heard are supposed to be good. >> steelers were on a roll. look out. j-e-t-s. >> michael vick, did he have a good game? >> okay game. >> he didn't fumbgle the ball 12 times. first we'll do the good and then we'll do the bad and ugly.


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