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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 11, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PST

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doctor craig spencer. the one who used uber to go bowling goes home today. let's play pyramid! we have jeff daniels showing up to show off. the tonight show with jimmy fallon. i like it! i like it a lot. this is way too early! ♪ i think that was a little nick jonas there. i'm thomas roberts, tuesday november 11th. happy veteran day to all those that served out there. especially my dad rob and my cousin jerry. we begin with the arctic outbreak. the chilly cold their is coming. this morning residents in minnesota, michigan, and wisconsin are digging out. more than 100 schools in minnesota are closed.
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more than 200 flights have been cancelled. the roads were real mess. minnesota state troopers say they handled more than 400 car crashes and over 700 spin outs. at least two people have been killed on icy roads so far. now when all is said and done more than 200 million people will feel this big chill. i want to check in first thing and say good morning to bill karins who is tracking this. how accurate is the storm forecast and prediction models? >> thankfully for the first big winter storm. the forecast was accurate. but extend of the accidents and fatalities you get to see why we put so much emphasis on the snow and the cold. people lose power. there's a lot of danger with winter storms. now we deal with the cold blast. it made the way all the way to dallas. it was shorts and t-shirts through much of texas. now it's 40s.
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windchills right now montana to dakotas negative numbers. it's like january type cold. chicago is at 55. you're next. st. louis is right after that. the cold front will sweep through. 24 hours ago it was 38 degrees warmer in denver. yesterday it was 63 in denver. you wake up to a windchill of 3 this morning. you go quick from a warm fall to bitter winter cold. the cold now almost in st. louis. a little later this morning milwaukee and chicago. you'll go to work warm and home freezing. the snow is still flying. we had about 14.5 inches is the highest total i saw in minnesota. minneapolis has a pretty good snow band on top of it. and snow will fly as we go through t throughout the morning through wisconsin. even chicago and milwaukee may get a burst of snow. the thing to watch the blue
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colors is pretty much the cold. we take it today push it into the ohio valley tomorrow, and then by the time we get to thursday it covers a good half of the country. that's highs only in the 30s from oklahoma all the way to northern new england. it's coming. it's on the way. we're almost done with the snow that will end today. >> all right. quite a first impression. >> that's the problem. is it going to last? we don't know the answer. president obama is in china today expanding the u.s.'s trade relations with beijing. while trying to pressure the government on everything from human rights to cybersecurity attacks, the u.s. and china have already agreed to drop tariffs on tech products and extend work and student visas which the president held has major breakthroughs. awkwardness remains. the front page of usa today. putin walking past president obama during a group photograph. it's the leader's first time together since the u.s. imposed sanctions over ukraine.
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the presidents met at least three times throughout the day for about 20 minutes discussing iran, syria, and ukraine. president obama is set to dine with china's president. their first meeting on china's soil. the president is expected to apply pressures over cyber hacking. there are new reports that hackers breached the postal service's network in september. the data of some 100,000 employees even the postmaster general's is believed to have been comprised. now we move to the twitter question for you this morning. we go back to one of the images and bring you a caption contest today. once again, it's putin walking past the president. all right. look at that. get creative. tweet us your best caption using our handle @way too early. jen is going to be tweeting us with the best caption. in a few hours the new york city doctor infected with ebola
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will be released from the hospital. officials at bellevue say that craig spencer is free of the virus posing no risk to the public. no one else tested positive for ebola here in the u.s. if you recall that spencer fell ill after he returned from treating ebola patients in guinea with the group doctors without borders. google said it's going to double every donation made through the website to fight ebola. it will donate $10 million to a variety of ebola-related charities. meanwhile the president calling now for stricter regulations to ensure net neutrality. what advocates call equal access to the internet. at the heart of the matter is whether local providers and companies can limit access to some sites or allow certain sites to operate faster. especially if they pay more. >> there are no gate keepers deciding which sites you goat ak sets. there are no toll roads on the
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information super highway. they should make it clear whether you use a computer, phone, or tablet, internet providers have a legal obligation not to block or limit your access to a website. cable companies can't decide which online stores you shop at or which streaming services you use. and they can't let any company pay for priority over the competitors. i'm asking them to recognize for most americans the internet has become the essential part of everyday life. the president is asking the fcc an independent agency to change how it regulates cable providers. a more aggressive approach than one anticipated. the announcement drew backlash from major providers like comcast and top politicians. house speaker john boehner claimed it would destroy innovations and entrepreneurs. and ted cruz went even further likening it to, quote, obamacare for the internet. court challenges are likely ahead. it brings us to our business
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news for the day. cable stocks took a big hit after the surprise statement in favor of net neutrality. what can we expect in long-term effect of net flneutrality. >> it is incredibly. listening to the arguments there are good arguments on both sides. everybody should be able to have cheap access to the internet as well. but here in this country, u.k. u.k. as well there are some people who pay for faster speeds. and the idea that people who put the cables in the gound can only make a certain amount of money from everybody from the cables just runs against the spoon of entrepreneurialism. some have been saying it's very expensive business. that i want to be able to maximize revenues as well. what is billions and billions and billions of dollars that need to be invested for fast cable going across the huge north american continent. the shares of some of the
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companies fell quite aggressively. comcast lost 2.2 dollars. fell 4%. cablevision system 1.7%. time warner cable lost 4.9%. they say they should be able to charge some people more for certain access packages as well in order to recoup their money from the investment. let's talk about the huge day yesterday. we became familiar with the name roughly about a month ago. >> yeah. today we're looking at commemorating in the u.k. it's veteran's day in u.s. in china it's called singles day. it comes out the 1990s. it was invented by a post communist party. basically an alternative to valentine's day. the top sales of $6 billion from the sales as well. and likes of costco, american eagle outfits also set to
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benefit from the trend for singles days which is parties, eating, celebrating being single. it's cheaper than celebrating valentine's day, i'm sure. >> they invest a lot of money in being single. that's for sure. they like their single hood, obviously. >> absolutely. i can tell you why they chose -- >> the numbers apparently is reminiscent of -- >> i think i stumped you there. you started to reminisce as your single days as posed to sending kids to college and having to pay for that. >> yeah. >> the daydreams. steve, great to see you, thank you, sir. obama enrollment begins on saturday. ahead of that the administration is lowering expectations. the department of health and human services drastically scaling back projections of how many people will be enrolled in
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exchanges. hhs estimates between 9 millions will be signed up. . about 4 million than projected last spring. the new projections are being viewed by many as an effort to temple expectations. hhs secretary silva burwell said the number the administration is aiming for is 9.1 million at the lower end of the range than her department predicted. as the nation prepares to honor its 22 million veterans today, big changes are on the way to the department of veteran's affairs. secretary robert mcdonald announced an massive overhaul over allegations that veterans waited extended periods of time for care. the focus will be on customer service. it includes a customer service bureau and a hiring of a chief officer. the overhaul will be the largest ever in the department's history. >> we call that reorganization my va. that's how we want veterans to
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view it. we want them to view us as their va. they know who to contact, they know where to go on the websites. they know what benefits are available, and they can easily connect with us to get the benefit and is the was that they have already earned and deserve. at a time when our country faces so many challenges, we need to make the most of what veterans have to offer. they need and deserve our help in making the sometimes difficult transition from military to civilian life. >> secretary mcdonald said his department will also launch an online platform where va employees can make suggestions or improvements in services. he hopes the reorganization will be completed within a year. secretary mcdonald will be on the morning joe coming up at 7:00 eastern to talk about these changes. tune in for that. that river of molten lava we've been following reached a town on hawaii's big island.
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consuming the first big home yesterday. the slow moving lava destroyed this home earlier in the day. at least 50 residents in the path have been urged to evacuate. the lava began bubbling in late june and took aim at the smaller community. since then it scorched vegetation and part of a cemetery in the path. still ahead. mark sanchez leads philly to a strong showing against the panthers. we have the monday night football highlights. and lebron james trying to redeem himself. did he give the kavs and the fans the win? >> we're going to introduce you to avery. she's a voter for joe biden in iowa. much more when way too early comes right back.
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sacking cam newton nine times. nine times? remember that. nine times. newton tossed for three interceptions including a pick six philly stays on top of the nfc east over the panthers. let's get to nba action. the clippers host the spurs. san antonio's leonard scored 26 points includinged go ahead basket with 1:44 to play. the spurs end the game on a 14-3 run beating the clippers 89-85. giving tim duncan and tony parker the victory together. they're the second trio in nba history to reach the mark. cleveland and the cavs starting to show their dominance in the second half last night. lebron james each putting up a guy high of 32 points.
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james reported a triple-double. all right. major league baseball announcing the selections for rookie of the year. in the american league it's chicago white sox first basemen jose abieu. congratulations to him. mets pitcher take the title in the national league and the right-hander received 20% of the first place vote. take you to the ice an effort by boston. seth griffin against the devils last night. gets spun around and nets the puck between the legs while skating backwards. look at that. yep! there you go. yeah, yeah, yeah. giving the bruins a 3-1 lead. they beat new jersey 4- 2. coming up at the top of the
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hour. richard engel goes into at city of kobani. a look for you at the fight against isis. wait until you see this. stuff you've never seen before. when we come back we'll huddle around the water cooler. we'll tell you what garth brooks did for a fan undergoing chemo. it's an inspiring act of kindness. much more. lewis is back after feeling a little ill. we're back with more after this. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates. many americans who have prescriptions fail to stay on them. that's why we created programs which encourage people to take their medications regularly.
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welcome back. earlier in the show we told you the department of veteran's affairs is heading for a history i think overhaul. the va is the largest integrated health care system in the u.s. treated more than 8.3 million vets every year. okay. it's time to huddle around the water cooler and say hello honey to lewis. >> that's right, thomas. make fun of my voice. jimmy fallon brings pyramid to the tonight show. jimmy and nick jonas against usher and jeff daniels. it wasn't usher showing off the dance moves. >> these are popular dance moves. 30 second on the clock. and go! forget that one. oh. this one. moon walk.
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>> yep. >> oh, jeez. yeah, get it, dude. conga. oh. >> jogging. running man. >> he's not bad at that. usher just blurt it is out. what is next? >> next, thomas. polls show a large majority of americans are unable to identify our nation's president. jimmy kimmel proved it in a recent skit called who is joe biden. it's not the case for this 3-year-old avery of vice president. her family said she's infatuated. they had a tenfold relationship until biden got wind and called her up.
2:54 am
>> who are you talking to? >> joe biden. >> joe biden. >> why? >> i just do. >> she said this is joe biden and i said who is that? and had when he said no, really, it's joe biden. and i said i'm so sorry. i'm so sorry. i said that to you. >> he's shaking hands making kids happy. ivory's family said she hasn't called biden in awhile. maybe he'll give her a ring in 2016. >> i like how the mom speaks to the veep. >> lay down the language. this is my favorite story. show stopping moment from a recent garth brooks concert. during a show in minneapolis a fan battling breast cancer held up a sign saying chemo this morning, garth tonight.
2:55 am
enjoying the dance. he paused the show, kept the sign, and gave her his guitar in retur return. >> last night was just a boost that i really needed. >> that's so nice to see. garth's mother and sister, unfortunately both died of breast cancer. it hits home for him. it's nice to see stories like this. >> it's fantastic. welcome back. we hope you feel better. >> i feel better. i have the harvey fire seen going but working through it. >> feel better. we want to get to the twitter question. and the response because we a caption contest. president obama and putin. can we show the picture. this was their visit in asia that is going on now. our producer has some of the best responses. >> we got a lot of great ones. this is as close as eye to eye they may ever get.
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oc ron said we finally meat it to the choir. don't sing off key this time, barack. where is the star trek convention at? >> that was mine. can you do the symbol? >> yeah, wait. there you go. >> you can do it! >> i can't do. it. >> it's a practice. it's from my mother drinking, smoking, and diet bills while pregnant. don't do that. next on way too early. next ahead on morning joe. moments away. new york state is jump-starting business with startup-ny. an unprecedented program that partners businesses with universities across the state. for better access to talent, cutting edge research, and state of the art facilities. and you pay no taxes for ten years. from biotech in brooklyn, to next gen energy in binghamton, to manufacturing in buffalo... startup-ny has new businesses popping up across the state.
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uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. welcome back. let's get a check on the day ahead. president obama continues his trip to asia with the meet wlg china's president and a private dinner scheduled for later today. with the president in china this veteran's day. it's vice president joe biden laying a wreath on the toem of the unknown soldier. it's one commemoration to honor all of those who served in
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uniform. once again, happy veteran's day. especially my dad in baltimore, maryland. happy veteran's day, dad. that does it for "way too "way early." "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ bob schieffer is the kind of guy who knows how to take care of business. he interviewed president obama sunday morning yesterday morning, didn't beat around the bush, didn't waste any time. went right to it. >> this is "face the nation." >> all the presidents in modern history who have been successful, lbj, fdr, ronald reagan, teddy roosevelt, bill clinton they all seem to have a zest for politics. i don't have a sense that you have the same feeling they did. it makes me -- do you like politicians? do you like politics?


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