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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 25, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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from now. >> don't shoot! don't shoot! >> from the white house to time square to the west coast. angry. calling for justice and change around the nation. >> the system needs to be indicted. this system is completely unfair. >> people around the nation must begin to march. >> there still problems. >> good day. we will hear from the parents of michael brown. they will be joined and you can see the room is all ready. they will be joined by al sharpton in his role of the national action network. he is host of politics nation. this is the first time you are hear from michael brown's parents. they will speak publicly since the announcement last night and a grand jury decided not to
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indict darren wilson, the police officer who shot and killed their son. protesters return to the streets of ferguson. there have been no reports of trouble today. we get a better look at what's left of the nearly dozen businesses torched last night. joining me now, miguel is live in ferguson. you were there last night and there today. tell me what's happening today. >> a few blocks away is the epicenter of where much of the violence and the protest was last night. those streets are blocked down and they have the area cordoned off. they will not allow the public or the media into that area. it was a hot zone. it was a flash point for many of the protests. we saw several businesses that have been looted and completely engulfed in flame. police in a cat and mouse game all day. down the street as protesters pulled them back down the other
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direction. we have not seen that confrontation between police and protesters. folks are gearing up for another ruckus night here. they are expecting large crowds. the epicenter of where the violence was shut down. we see businesses that are gutted and windows smashed in and others burned to the ground. police making a stand there and bracing for what they expect to be a long night again here in ferguson. >> from what you saw, it seemed to me that a number of protesters were very young. they were michael brown's peers, his age group. >> we saw several. >> let's see if miguel is there. we lot of that signal momentarily. we will try to get back to miguel. we are expecting to hear from michael brown's family at any moment with their reaction to what are the family's legal
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options. i think you rejoined me. we were talking when we were interrupted about the age, the youth of the people in the streets. >> we saw that -- i couldn't hear the first part of your question, but there were protesters and it was a younger age group. they were in the streets all night. we left the area around 3:00 in the morning. certainly there was less protesters there, but directly after the announcement came we saw hundreds rushing into the street. the crowd at times was very testy and confrontational with police. we saw several arrests made and heard dozens of gunshots. one right after the other. they took cover behind armored vehicles and behind citizen cars. we could tell the gunshots were in the air, but not the direction they were coming from. a tense time for the officers and the protesters out on the streets. >> from what you could tell, were the police officers handling this differently than they did in august?
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>> yeah, the officers -- we saw different stages. we saw officers when they were aggravated last night when the confrontations got heated. they felt like they were being tested. they became aggressive and we saw protesters that were peaceful and aggressive themselves. we saw a bit of both. we could see everyone on both sides, protesters and officers trying to use restraint. it was tense for much of the evening. >> the background is the high number of african-americans and other communities around the country. we have numbers of african-americans on that police force. they were roundly criticized and reprimanded after the august unrest. the whole question is and from your observation, they did try to handle this in a different
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way. the national fraternal order of police is there. they said our first and foremost responsibility to our communities is to keep the peace. we are peace officers. we cannot undo the events of august 9th, 2014, but we hope we can learn and grow from them. that is true on all sides. no justification for violence and burning down local businesses, many of which are african-american owned. that doesn't help employment and the economics of the troubled community. as we go forward, are there leaders stepping forward who are trying to address this disparity? >> absolutely. there were several members of the clergy who asked for the protesters to show restraint and make peaceful protests. there were people out on the streets. we came across clergy members who had yellow vests and the words clergy.
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they were talking to protesters and trying to keep the peace. there was an element of the crowd that was looking for trouble. police were concerned about them. those were the folks that were breaking windows. we saw several police cars, at least three that were fully engulfed in flame. police maybe 50 or 60 feet away that were going up and fully engulfed in flame. police were picking their moment when is they could push back and giving leeway. shop owners were standing inside as protesters were going by and they were concerned. they were worried their business could be targeted. several were looted by the time the night was over. not every business had smashed windows. a handful were not boarded up. they made it through the night. it was a touch and go situation. protesters and demonstrators that did create violence did soy in pockets of areas.
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it's not the entire city of ferguson. it was about a four-block area that was a center for trouble. >> thanks so much for all of this context. it's so helpful. thank you for being out there today. joining me now is the president of the naacp legal defense and educational fund. if we needed a smart lawyer, former law professor, it's today. help us to understand first of all the use of the grand jury here compared to other jurisdictions. i understand that a grand jury can be used, but in this case the prosecutor really conducted a trial in the grand jury for all of these weeks rather than a simple proceeding to establish probable cause. >> thanks, andrea. i am not sure he conducted a trial. a trial has the feature that is absent from grand jury. there was no cross examination. i heard people talking about the compelling narrative presented
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by officer darren wilson. narrative is only compelling until it is subjected to cross-examination and someone has an opportunity to test the assumptions and the statements that were made. that never happened with darren wilson. it's not surprising that he put this to the grand jury. involving police officer shootings. they do put it to a grand jury, but they have close relationships with the police department and the police are witnesses for them in a variety of cases. prosecutors do this. you need not empanel a grand jury. he was not a police officer although he thought he was one. he wasn't one. you don't have to do a grand jury. what was more disturbing for me was the way in which the evidence was presented. for the most part when the prosecutors empanelled, the prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich if he chooses. he presents the evidence that justifies that supports an indictment. the standard is probable cause.
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that means if there is enough there to suggest if there is even a conflict in the eyewitness testimony in this case or other testimony with the other evidence, it suggests that there is probable cause to go to trial. that's all that was at issue in this case. it's hard. i don't want to disparage the grand jury. i think they did their job. it's what the prosecutor's intentions are. if they want an indictment, they can get an indictment. certainly on the complex facts and challenged testimony present in this case. >> in this case, this was the first chance we had to see excerpts of the interview. you corrected me. thank you. the prosecutor presented the evidence and there is no one on the other side to challenge or cross examine. in this case, given the fact that there was autopsy evidence and other testimony indicating how they were positioned, can
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you address that. the fact that darren wilson felt according to his testimony he was being approached in a dangerous way. >> i think there so many questions that arise at least from what i read and as i said, i don't blame the grand jurors. you had a police officer who is 6'4", 210 pounds feeling like a 5-year-old child. there were discrepancies about the distance that michael brown was from the car when the fatal shots were made. there was no measurement done at the scene. no photographs by the medical examiner of michael brown's body, although there were photographs of darren wilson. there were questions about the injuries darren wilson suffered. there was all kinds of cross of his testimony of what he saw. i was really disturbed by what i really believe is kind of a racial narrative that was
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present in that testimony. the idea that michael brown was shot, but seemed to be stronger and bulk up after she was shot and angrier. he described him as looking like a demon and like hulk hogan. what came to my mind was in the case of the police officers who beat rodney king, they said the same thing. that he was in control of the situation. there ways in which these troeps with african-american men and their criminality and their size was not challenged in the testimony. that's why implicit bias of police officers and prosecutors and has to be explored. it goes to a point made earlier at the top of your program. it can be having diversity on the police force, but in jurisdictions where the population of the police forces african-american in cities like baltimore, you have the issues.
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these are internalized ideas that we have about who is criminal and who is not and dangerous and not. the 19-year-old was his same size was so painful. it was incredibly painful to the patients. are there is an investigation that has to reach a standard of a civil rights case. what options do they have as a civil suit. >> they can file a civil suit. reverend sharpton referred to this also. he seemed to try to make it as though the department of justice investigation and his investigation were kind of one and the same and they were moving at lock step and that's
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not true. they have an investigation into the killing, but even more important investigation and that is one looking at whether the ferguson city police department engaged in a pattern and practice of discrimination. the civil rights claims have been filed dating back years against the police department and that's another investigation. you heard michael brown's father saying he wanted his son not to vo have died in vain. it happens in a variety of ways. they can bring a civil suit, but what we want and all of us want and all of us don't want to see 19-year-olds shot and killed. on the street like this. no one should be killed because they took cigarettes and because they were allegedly selling unlisted cigarettes. no one should be shot because he is playing with a toy gun and all of these things are not things that if you are right
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thinking americans, that's the way it should happen. the question is how do we change that? we have to deal with racial bias and the training of police officers who seem woefully unprepared to deescalate encounters with young people. to deal with the mentally ill. powell was killed on the streets of st. louis 90 minutes after being encountered by police officers. they are taking the life unarmed people. we don't want that to happen. when michael brown talks about real change, that's what he is talking about. not just a civil lawsuit. >> thanks so much. >> thank you very much. >> and one of the young activists working with state and community leaders in ferguson, the youngest member of the commission put together by jay nixon to promote social change.
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he was out last night and posted this video on his facebook page. >> you can feel like you said, the heat. this is sad. >> they are burning everything to the ground. they are burping buildings on fire. >> joining me now is young activists united. first of all, the day after, what is happening today to give you hope that this can move towards a more positive out come. >> right now people are feeling that the no indictment happened. the young folks of the community, we have been peacefully protesting for 109 days. we were hoping and coming out
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here peaceful ly and not even te indictment. it's bigger than that. it's to get the community to have justice. for a community to feel like their voice matters. young african-american men and women can come out here peacefully and protest and do that. for it not to happen, it hurts. it's painful and it's sad. it is unbelievable that in 2014, communities are not getting the same that others are. they fight day in and day out for young brothers and sisters and even though we are fighting peacefully, it's hard to be peaceful when it's like it almost didn't mean nothing.
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they shamed the media and to come with a no indictment, it hurts. it hurts. >> and i was really struck by the youth of so many of the people out on the streets last night. you and others really feel that that process let you down. the prosecutor, they were captured by the process. they just let you down. >> yeah, i mean i definitely understand and i respect the role of the grand jury. the make up was kind of funny if it's representing the community, that is a problem. the make up of the grand jury didn't represent the community just like the police didn't doesn't represent the grand jury. they had a tough job, but bob mccullough stepped down because he has issues where he is not
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always on the right side. he's not taking an even approach to the situation. so we asked for him to step down in the process and asked for the governor to put him aside to have a spreshl prosecutor. they can feel like the system is working. we already don't trust it. we don't feel like the people and they're doing their job. we should have had a new prosecutor and the community already feels a lack of trust within our politicians and within our police system and the education system. it just continues on as like we were doing this peacefully and our voices and our lives don't matter. that's the hardest part to take. the young folks have been out here peacefully protesting and asking for justice.
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the community does not matter. >> what you were referring to is only three of the 12 grand jurors. only had to vote for a decision on this. let me ask you, what could happen now. given what the prosecutor did, given the way this grand jury was conducted, what should the leaders do to make you feel valued and give people a sense of hope? >> of course you know the family can take a civil lawsuit and go about it that way. i think here in the community, the leaders in the community, the politicians and the who is have the power to hold the system and the ones who can make the power to change the laws. they need to be out here talking to the young folks and ask us what do we want? why are we angry?
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the looting and the burning and the car, it's a meaning behind that. i don't condone violence at all. the majority of the folks have been peaceful, but it's why. instead of saying why is it going to happen, why does this community continue to come out day in and day out in the cold and the rain and protest why are the young folks out here? we are tired of seeing our young brothers and sisters laying down in the ground and tired of the justice system picking on us and harassing us. it's not right. the politicians need to talk to us. we don't need to be in jefferson city. they need to talk to us before they make legislation to figure out what it is we need to make this community a stronger and a better community so we can heal as one. >> thank you so much. let me just state, are you 20 years old?
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>> yes, ma'am. >> when you graduated from high school, what job options did you have in ferguson or in the surrounding communities? >> right after high school, i continued to work a low wage job which is also unacceptable that the low wage jobs in the african-american community, that we have to continue to live paycheck to paycheck on the low wage jobs. i continue to work and stay involved in the community. if i want the change, i got to be out there. i have to show the change that i want. that's what the young folks have been doing for the last 108 days. showing the change we want. we have been asking. demanding peacefully. it's sad when it's like in your face. young folks, the ones that say african-americans can't be peaceful, they give us titles. mike brown looked demon and all that. it's sad when we. >> elf and still get criticized and dehumanized.
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we are human and want to be treated like humans. we want our rights like everyone else. >> thank you. thanks for taking the time to talk to me today. and michael brown's parents as you see are expected to speak at any moment. we will bring you their comments as soon as they begin. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. can you help me up? [ snow intensifies ] [ sleighbells ring in the distance ] aleve. all day pain relief with just 2 pills. get back to being you.
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at any moment we will hear from the parents of michael brown. joining me now is columnist and analyst eugene robinson. one was things that was so striking is the way this decision was rolled out. why at night? why on a day when school was open? why not do it during the weekend or hold it until today and do it
9:26 am
in daylight? any explanation that you have heard from officials as to why they did it at night when it was so hard to control? >> i heard no explanation, andrea. i can't imagine what explanation would make any sense. what we understand is that it was much earlier in the day when the grand jury finished its work. 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon. why not release the decision in daylight hours if they were ready to release. it almost seemed -- i don't believe in experience theories. i spend a lot of time telling people conspiracy theories are dumb. it's difficult not to wonder what they were trying to
9:27 am
provoke. why in the world would you do it this way? build up this anxiety and expectation and release it at 9:00 at night. it makes no sense to me. >> this goes back to a week ago, the governor calls up the national guard. i heard federal officials from missouri saying it fucreates a self-fulfilling prophesy. >> tone deaf is the mildest possible description of the way missouri officials frankly handled this from the very beginning. the fact that governor nixon issued this emergency declaration, everybody understands that it's a technical thing. you can call on resources and bring them in in case you need them, but the way it was done
9:28 am
was almost like throwing down a gauntlet and saying we are big and bad and it has been done in a manner of a challenge and a dare rather than trying to work with a community that was full of emotion and clearly going to have something to say. why not work with the community rather than give the impression that you are working against it. we see reverend al and the parents or at least the father of michael brown senior. we are ready to go to the news
9:29 am
conference. >> i'm benjamin trump and i am with attorney darrell parks and president of the national bar association. we will initially address the press conference and the family's response to the announcement by the prosecutor yesterday. reverend al sharpton and michael brown senior will come and address after the attorneys make their comments. michael brown senior will say very little because he doesn't want to misspeak because of such emotions that will later be held against him. with that said, we'll will take a few questions after that agenda is completed.
9:30 am
we will try to help the family of michael brown junior in this most terrible hour they are facing. >> attorney gray and darrell parks and myself, we object that back in august, to this prosecutor, we even wrote a letter to governor jay nixon requesting a special prosecute to be appointed. we objected when he informed us the process he was going to use that was different than anything else. different than any normal grand jury that you would have presented. and now, after we washed him last night in his comments, we
9:31 am
strenuously objected to this prosecutor. and this process. this morning, after we like all of you went through as much of the information i think it was described as a dump we went through as much as we could and saw how unfair this process was. we object as we can on behalf of michael brown jr.'s family that this process is broken. the process should be indicted. they should be indicted because of the continuous systematic results that is yielded by this process. let's be honest about the
9:32 am
process. we have the local prosecutor who has a symbiotic relationship with the local police and the local police officers who sit in judgment whether to indict the police when they brutalize or kill a young person from our community. normally the prosecutor and they have no relationship or no regards for the young person of color and so as partner parks predicted at the beginning, we could foresee what the out come was going to be. and that's exactly what occurred last night. it is troubles when you look at what was released and you hear about the police officer who
9:33 am
shot michael brown junior in broad daylight, the unarmed teenager and you hear he testified for four hours and you had to scratch your head like we all did to say when is the prosecutor going to cross examine the killer of an unarmed person? a first year law student would have did a better job of cross examining a killer of an unarmed person than the prosecutor's office did. where this was ever challenged? when you watch the four hours that he got to give a speech to the grand jury. he said he got hit violently. he told the grand jury he only got hit two times. you all heard it.
9:34 am
hulk hogan against a 5-year-old. nobody questions officer, you are 6'4", you weigh 226 pounds. michael brown is 6'6" and is 292 pounds. you mean to tell me that he hit you with such force that you were describing that it was going to knock you unconscious? nobody held up the pictures to say but that's not consistent with the physical evidence. reverend al we object to this process because all cross america, whether it's in new york, los angeles, california, cleveland, young people of color are being killed by police officers and the local
9:35 am
prosecutors put this very unbiassed grand jury and it continues to yield the same results. now, i have been told that if you continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result that, is the definition for insanity. we say to the prosecutor, we are not insane. we know that our children deserve equal justice. just as any american and we want the prosecutors if they have a conflict of interest and for the sake of ferguson. many communities all over america, we pray that prosecutors will say we want
9:36 am
people to believe in the system. it that means a point that has no relationship with the accused officers that do you so. the legacy of michael brown jr. should be not where we just make a lot of noise, mr. brown. that wouldn't be the proper legacy to your son. the legacy to michael brown junior should be instead of striving to make a lot of noise, we strive to make a difference. that difference will be changing this system where the police who are supposed to protect and serve us continue to care about our members of our community and we have to address the issue as one that what scenario can we offer where they indict police officers for killing us?
9:37 am
isn't that the real question? as we make ready to hear from attorney gray and reverent al and mr. brown will be present before you, we beg you all again that we know it's frustrating. we know that it's painful. it's painful to any parent, especially parents of young people of color. because we worry about our children every day. i mean every day when we hear they have an encounter with the police, reverend al. our heart just stops. it shouldn't be like that. we should be able to expect the police to treat our children just like they treat any other children in any other community. so to hopefully really address
9:38 am
this issue, we want to proposal for the michael brown law, the proposal that every police officer and every american city has a video body camera. it will be transparent. we won't have to play this game of witnesses, memories and secret grand jury procedures. it will just be transparent. we can see it for ourselves. we can hold people accountable when they have inactions with citizens because the system is so unfair to the citizens. we are all american citizens. we ask that everybody not just the entire st. louis community, but all of america join us in demanding change. making a difference for the lives of our children. and for the sake of our communities and especially for
9:39 am
michael brown jr. who is crying out from the grave with so many thousands of other people of color who have been killed by police, saying you all have to change this system. attorney gray? >> i will be very brief. i want to remind everybody present as attorney crump so eloquently pointed out, we said from the very beginning that the decision of this grand jury was going to be the direct reflection of the presentation of evidence by the prosecutor's office. if they present evidence to indict, there would have been an indictment. if they don't present the evidence in a manner to secure an indictment, then there won't be an indictment. this grand jury decision we feel is a direct reflection of the sentiments of those that
9:40 am
presented the evidence. we appreciate the data. we appreciate that they read all of the testimony. we saw what was presented, but we didn't hear how it was presented. we didn't get a chance to hear the inflections in the voices. the cynicism and the car sample and the questions that i read jump off the pages at you. it's all in the presentation of evidence and i don't want anybody to be misled in any way. i would also caution all those in the media that we have an ongoing investigation. i'm not going to comment on very much of the evidence at all. i'm going to ask that you have transcripts, read them for yourself. as i read the testimony, one person, officer darren wilson indicted himself. most of what he said didn't lineup with the physical or forensic evidence.
9:41 am
you read it for yourself. you have it. it's right in front of your face. there is an old adage that if you want to hide something, you hide it in plain view. it's right there for us to see. i will encourage the ongoing investigators to continue to do what they have to do and we will hold out hope that subsequent investigation would produce a result that reflects the way that evidence was. i would only say that over 50 witnesses and only to five of them were relevant. what was the other 54? if you know going into it that a person didn't see the event, they told you that. why would you present them in front of the grand jury? what's the point? it's things like that that ra
9:42 am
raises all kinds of red flags for us in this process. we will hold out hope that some point justice will be served and we will at least have a presentation of evidence that is fair and impartial and then we will allow the chips to fall where they may. without any further adieu, i bring to you mr. al sharpton. >> three days after michael brown jr. was killed, we had a major rally in this very church. we said with his parents present that we had little to no faith in the grand jury by the local district attorney. we said that night that we wanted the federal government to come in. that sunday we had a unity rally
9:43 am
where thousands came and joined us. we repeated it and all the way through the funeral we eulogize. last night the appearance by the district attorney made it clear to everyone why we had little faith in a state prosecution. i have been out involved in civil rights all my life. we have seen cases go ways that we felt were right and ways that we felt were wrong. i have never seen a prosecutor hold a press conference to chris credit the victim. where he went out of his way to go point by point in chris crediting michael brown junior who could not defend himself.
9:44 am
how do you explain how you are not indicting a man to kill try to convict a young man for shoplifting. they tried to convict him for interfering in the police car when you don't hear his side of the story. have you ever heard a prosecutor go in a press conference to explain to the press why the that did the killing is not going to trial, but the victim is guilty of several things that no one has established. then to go further than that, he takes his time to methodically try to discredit the witnesses. witnesses that will still be needed going forward in the
9:45 am
ongoing federal investigation and civil proceedings. what is the purpose of him trying to undermine the credibility of the witnesses and the credibility of the victim. still has not explained to us how you have a man on the force who feels like he is a child up against hulk hogan. what kind of training and policing do you do? and still has not explained the original altercation began over what in the first place and why he in turn fired the fatal shots. let us not forget that only one that makes a presentation in the grabbed jury is the prosecutor. for him to talk about inconsistencies is unchallenged
9:46 am
because there is no one representing the other side to come and cross examine what he put up. what may sound inconsistent is only responding to what was asked. if there was two sides then maybe some of the gaps would be filled. when you have the add tut of a prosecutor who feels it is his duty to go out of his way to discredit a young teenager that can't speak for himself, then america saw why we said from day one, the federal government needs to protect the rights of michael brown junior and protect the rights of the citizens. it also was very strange to us that he lectured the media that
9:47 am
you had no trouble in the convenience store. you had no problem leaking all kinds of favorable stuff for the prosecution. a media huh no problem leaking things for the officer. it seems to me that he had the use of the media and then has a strange decision in a town that has been tense and a town that has been forecast to have all kinds of problems. his solution is let's announce it at night after dark. let's make sure that all the kids are home, that all of the students are back for
9:48 am
thanksgiving break and it's dark outside. we are going to announce it and get up in the dark and castigate the character of michael brown jr. it was irresponsible. i think it was unnecessarily provocative. i think it only cleared why many of us said let's go to the federal government from the first place. he implied last night that the federal government and the state investigation ran hand in hand and ended last night. that is not the case. they released a statement saying the federal government investigation continues in the killing and in the review. the statements last night led others to believe differently. let me be very clear. we were not surprised at what
9:49 am
the out come was. certainly it is painful for the mother and father. certainly there will be emotional reactions. i have never seen a case where there wasn't. you are dealing with their flesh and blood. let the record be clear. you have broken our hearts, but you have not broken our backs. we are going to continue to pursue justice. this is not a ferguson problem. there is a grand jury about a week or two deciding about the case in new york. there is a 12-year-old that was just killed by police in cleveland. this is a problem all over the country. right now 12 noon all over the country people are marching and gathering in front of federal courthouses. action network and naacp and national urban league and all of our members are coming out.
9:50 am
empowerment movement. saturday will be all over the country. we will continue to fight for a new level of accountability of policing in this country. michael brown will not be remembered for the ashes from buildings burned in ferguson. he will be remembered for new legislation and upholding the law that protects citizens in the country. let me also remind you for over 100 days, young people, older people, people of all races marched and rallied in this city. they did it peacefully and nonviolently. yes, those that got violent last night, those that acted in a
9:51 am
destructive manner, that does not represent the spirit of michael brown. those young people, those old people that stood no matter what the weather for over 103 days that kept going. those are the ones that have stood for michael brown. they are on brown's side. those that burn are on their own side. if you are on michael brown side, you stand up with pride and call to uphold the law. if you do anything to harm others, are on your own side. you are not on brown's side. don't lower those standards. we also questions how you have grand juries that are trial
9:52 am
juries. the use is to find out if there is probable cause to go to trial. you do not have a grand jury to decide on the guilt or innocence of the accused. you have a deceased body and this person did it and the accusations he contradicts and it goes to trial. the fact that last night he was not announcing there was not probable cause, he was announcing the acquittal. he tried him rather than investigated him. that is a miscarriage and a misuse of the grand jury system. let's be real clear.
9:53 am
cornell brooks the national bar association and i have called an emergency civil rights leadership meeting in washington, d.c. next week. in that meeting, reverend brown would determine an ongoing strategy that will include mass and regular marches and legislation and economic boycotts. we will not and including some of our young groups that want
9:54 am
room on the platform that have shown the ability to mobilize. this is not about all of us liking each other. this is about all of us being bonded with a common goal. we will come out and lay out a plan that will help to change the nation and bear on those ongoing cases. we just had another case in new york over the weekend and in public housing of a stair well. michael brown has lit a new energy for police accountability. i remember when rodney king happened. our hearts were broken when we went to simi valley and watched a trial jury acquit those police. there was violence after that,
9:55 am
but we kept ongoing and the federal government came in and those policemen were convicted. so before you think this is over, remember what happened in rodney king. we went from simi valley to the federal government. this will not end in the valley here. we are going keep ongoing. we have told this family we are with them until the end and we told them we are going to do it with dignity and told them we were going to do it to finish the cause. that is why we are here today, to let michael brown senior and liz know that we may have lot of one round, but the fight is not over.
9:56 am
and brothers, any time you watch a fight, sometime you can even get knocked down in a round. i have seen champions get up off the mat and still win the fight. we took a blow last night, but that's all right. we have gone to the corner and cleared our heads. we have come out for the next round. >> thank you, reverend sharpton. we took a blow that some people say was a fight. it ain't over. i am reminded again as i said with the cocouncil and attorney means, the prosecutor is supposed to prosecute and not be the defense attorney for the person that we are sitting in
9:57 am
judgment of. that's troubling. we have to deal with these real issues because this process was supposed to give clarity when they released this data dump. didn't it create more questions than anything? we were trying to address some of your questions -- we will try to address some of your questions. certainly.
9:58 am
all right, all right, whoa, whoa, whoa. thank you so much for coming out. thank you. >> as you saw there was confusion at the end from the crowd. benjamin crump and anthony gray, the two lawyers for the brown family. we did not hear from the parents. we saw michael brown senior, but not his mother who was overwhelmed with grieve and her reaction when she was leaving the protest areas in ferguson. we heard of course from the reverend al who is the president
9:59 am
of the action network. we also of course -- the news conference is returning now. i think we will go back to that news conference. they may be taking questions. benjamin crump. >> he was born out of desperation and frustration after watching the decision that the killer of her unarmed child would not get justice. i'm giving everybody a moment to set back up. just a moment to set back up. already. i can't hear you. let me say this before y'all get
10:00 am
started. there was a so-called reporter blogger who came on that said i stirred things up before john responded. before you act like there was a disturbance among the folk, they were concerned about him coming in as a blogger castigating me. we went, mike senior and i said let him say what he wants to say. i want y'all when you run the pictures, disruption at the conference, it was one of y'all bloggers that caused the disruption. we went so our people would not overreact. i wanted to give clarity. i have no brb a guy not hearing what i got to say, but why would you want to where i'm the one speaking? it doesn't make sense. who did you think was going to speak at my press conference? that's like all the


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