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tv   The Reid Report  MSNBC  November 26, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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good afternoon, everyone. i'm joy reid and right now on "the reid report" a developing situation in missouri. protesters are marching in downtown st. louis and they tell our reporters on the ground, that police threaten them with tear gas after they try to enter city hall. the tear gas was never used. this comes a day after protesters took to the streets from coast to coast and even outside the u.s. in michael brown's name. calling his shooting just one example of racial injustice in america. here in new york and in los angeles, protesters marched along major highways blocking bridges and tunnels. traffic was snarled in oakland, too, where demonstrators lit debris on fire and then clogged up a major interstate. at a rally in minneapolis, angry protesters drove through several people in a crowd. one woman suffered minor injuries and police are investigating the incident. but for the most part the majority of last night's demonstrations were peaceful, including those in ferguson.
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44 people were arrested there last night and missouri highway patrol captain ron johnson praised some protesters for helping to keep the peace. >> a lot of the protesters that came out for peaceful protests actually were assisting us tonight. but, once again, there are those that are stuck on violence that combat themselves with the peaceful protesters. >> as protesters march last night, darren wilson was speaking out for the first time telling abc news his conscious is clear. >> is there anything you could have done differently that would have prevented that killing from taking place? >> no. >> nothing? >> no. >> and you're absolutely convinced when you look through your heart and your mind that if michael brown were white, this would have gone down in exactly the same way. >> no. >> no question? >> no question. >> after also speaking out last night to msnbc's chris hayes was michael brown's friend who was
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there and witnessed the fatal shooting. >> nothing is being done about it and i feel like, you know, he could have did something. something different than kill my friend in the street. something different. >> as mike brown's father continues to call for positive change in his son's name, he, too, is speaking out calling the reverend al sharpton that his son's character has been damaged. >> he can't defend himself. he's buried. i don't know what to feel. i'm just, i'm just here. i'm empty. >> let's go right to msnbc's zach ross who is live in ferguson. we're also learning more about a fire to a church where michael brown was baptized. what can you tell us about the investigation into that fire? >> yeah, this is the flood christian church. it's just down the street from
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the ferguson police department. that's, of course, the scene of protests the last few nights. atf confirming they are investigating this as a potential arson. looks like there was a number of fires set within the church after somebody broke in through the front door. they are also saying it was quite well known that this is where michael brown sr. worsh worshipped because the pastor had made a number of. they say their resources are stretched pretty thin, but they're continuing to investigate and that's kind of where things are. >> can i ask you, zach, was this church adjacent to any other buildings that might have been on fire or caught fire as a result of the protests or was it separa separate from them physically? >> a little ways away from any building, at least that i believe that also caught fire on monday. so, i think that's pointing investigators towards the idea that they've said that potentially this was
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deliberately started as an arson. as i say, it's just down the street from the ferguson police department, technically in st. louis. >> we're looking now at some pictures. new video, zach, of the protesters who are trying to get into city hall today. do we know what group, was there a specific group that was leading that protest or was this part of the general movement of protests that we've seen over the last months? >> well, you know, there's a lot of overlap between these different protest groups. but i believe this was a group that had formed to do a kind of theatrical action in st. louis. was connected to the hands up don't shoot coalition. and they ended up attempting to storm city hall. they were threatened with tear gas. tear gas was not used. the st. louis city police have a reputation as a little bit more no nonsense than what we've seen. some of the last few days.
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so, the police may have been quicker to threaten tear gas and at least for now it looks like things have calmed down a little bit. >> all right, thank you very much. coming up, we'll talk to missouri congressman emmanuel cleaver. a member and former chairman of the congressional black caucus and we'll ask him about that organization strong condemination of the grand jury's decision not to indict officer wilson. let's get to the weather and millions of americans who are traveling home for the holiday could have a wrench thrown into their plans due to a nasty weather system. the east coast is expected to get hit hard with some areas getting as much as 12 inches of snow. while rain is expected to hit other areas. this is just some of what it looked like today on capitol hill and virginia outside of philadelphia and overnight in iowa with snow blanketing. flight travel is already being impacted with hundreds of flight cancellations and thousands of delays expected this afternoon. and that's where we'll begin our look at where things stand at the nation's airport.
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luke reagan and wendy we'll start with nbc sarah. how is it looking? >> not great, joy. low cloud ceilings and that is delaying arriving flights about three hours on average. the news isn't fantastic for departing flights. and at newark have been canceled. and we are also seeing delays increasingly popping up on those information boards. this is, obviously, not great news but not unexpected. airport managers are prepared with cots, blankets for travelers stranded here overnight. there is a bit of good news that i can give you today and that is that tsa lines are moving quickly. no delays there. very easy to get through. officials are crediting that both to programs like tsa's precheck, which allows you to keep on your coat and keep your liquids in your bag and also crediting that to airlines which
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are willing to change and willing to waive those change fees associated with people moving their tickets. a lot of people were actually able to leave the area last night which is making, as a result, those lines much shorter today. that's the situation here today at laguardia. joy, back to you. >> precheck is a very good thing. sarah dallof in new york. luke russert live in washington, d.c. luke, is anybody, is anybody going to get home to see grandma? >> well, as of right now, the delays here at dca aren't too bad, joy. it's about a half hour to 45 minutes. if you go about 20 miles away from here to dulles international, the delays are more severe and more of the snow drif driflt that was felt here at 11:30 a.m. the snow and sleet and the precipitation will fall around here throughout the evening. but, airport officials say the runways are clear. this precipitation has not gathered on them. so they should be able to move folks in and out. i just took a walk through the
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terminal, though, what sarah said looking at that big board, a lot of red. delays in the 35, 40 minutes. what will be inest therie delays in the 35, 40 minutes. what will be inest theristinest severe the precipitation will be. what we learned from airport officials, they have to be deiced. taking 20, 30 minutes up to an hour depending on how quickly the machine can get to the airplanes. probably the most hectic thing is getting into this airport. when i drove in here a few hours ago, absolutely bumper to bumper traffic. if you're trying to get to the airport, get there early the roads in and out, they are treacherous. back to you in warm new york city. >> warm, are you kidding. we have slush y stuff here, too. >> you have that cool hat. it's a tradeoff. >> thanks. >> all right, take care. luke russert in washington, d.c. let's go to o'hare airport in chicago where wendy wolf is
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following developments there p. wendy, any better in chicago? you don't have a cool hat, but i'm sure you have a great report for us. >> i'm thankful to be inside. i don't complain at all. things are great here at o'hare international airport. so far so good. it's pretty crowded as you can see behind me but peaceful and calm all morning. we've been here since 2:30 central time and busier now than it is now. the security lines are moving very smoothly. there has been a good ebb and flow all morning long. again, no real complaints from passengers here. a healthy economy and lower gas prices have given a real boost to these holiday travel lines. aaa has been reporting 46 people will travel by air or road this holiday weekend. as you well know, the weather is not cooperating where you are and, unfortunately, at some point i'm sure we're going to see some kind of a ripple effect as we look at the boards right now. we had a few flights canceled that are departing for newark and a couple of flights canceled
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also for hartford. i don't want to jinx us, not at this point. not feeling too many of the effects you guys are out there. we'll cross our fingers and hope that we continue to have good luck on this holiday weekend. back to you. >> all right, we'll cross our fingers for you. wendy, appreciate it. reid alert on the supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. the 81-year-old underwent heart surgery to place a stint in her artery after a blockage was discovered. the justice was taken to the hospital after experiencing some discomfort during routine exercise last night. she is expected to leave the hospital in the next 48 hours and we all wish her well. coming up, we'll discuss the legal solutions for ferguson and cities like it. plus, mac and cheese might be good together, but at least for today, you can only have one. after the break, we'll see which gobbler gets the presidential pardon.
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looking at new video just in from st. louis, missouri. police descending on protesters who are attempting to storm city hall. police told reporters that the crowd assaulted an officer and tried to storm the building and that's when police declared an unlawful assembly. the video shows police holding tear gas canisters and that tear gas was never used. that video, as we can see police there, other gear and protests going on right now. we will actually continue to keep you updated on that situation in st. louis. okay. now, just a few minutes from now at the whourx a thanksgiving tradition, talking about a transition. president obama is about to pardon the national thanksgiving turkey. one of these two 50-pound ohio turkeys will get the honor while the other will serve as an
11:15 am
alternate. but both will avoid the old kitchen table this year. ahead of today's pardon the lucky birdies arrived in style even staying at the historic willard hotel in washington, d.c. we pick it up now with chris jansing who is covering the thanksgiving tradition. chris, i'm telling you, you have covered head of state and the current head of state, but nothi nothing, i think, the turkeys stay in better hotels than i do. i think that's a tragedy. >> $350 a night and, apparently, they kept the cooper family, this is from cooper farms, which is why i'm so interested in this story from my home state of ohio, they kept them up all night gobbling and how would you know which room they are in. kind of a state secret. if you walked by and looked, there was a little bit of maybe hay or something on the floor for the turkeys that was coming out from the front door of that room at the willard hotel. okay, their names. >> they trashed the hotel with
11:16 am
hay. >> i dount wan't want to start vicious rumors. but, yes, extra work for the maids this morning for the hotel staff. they had things to do. mac and cheese, which would lead one to believe that they are going to be eaten, but neither will end up on a platter. there has been a contest to vote who will be the national turkey, the national thanksgiving turkey, people got to vote on twitter. it was a big deal on the white house website, we don't know who it is going to be. the president is about to announce that, but mac is 47 pounds and cheese is a grand champion weighing in at 49 pounds and much like miss america, miss universe, if the national turkey cannot fulfill its duties, the alternate will step in. now, what might that involve those duties? those duties, i'm told, i'm told the duties are basically to stay alive until december.
11:17 am
>> yet, the psychic torment of being named mac and cheese. we did just see one of the turkeys. we don't know if it was mac or sir cheese and you just mentioned that you're from ohio. this tradition is very interesting. is there something to the way the turkeys are chosen from which state. is there one farm that they always come from? is it always an ohio turkey? >> actually, not always an ohio turkey which to me is a tragedy. but whoever is the chairman of the national turkey federation, in this case, gary cooper, yes, the same name as the legendary film star. gary cooper is that person. he has a family-run farm. it has been in the family for 70, close to 80 years and at the beginning of the year he asked his son, cole, to raise some turkeys. i think he raised about 20 of them were hatched and they chose the two nicest turkeys and when i say nicest, not just in terms of looks, but temperament and you don't want the turkey freaking out as he is being
11:18 am
pardon pardoned. >> we have to assume whatever the people choose, what if they choose the nasty turkey. what is mac and cheese is rambunctious in the room, then what happens? >> i don't want to start any vicious rumors, but it has been suggested to me, off the record. i'm going to go on the record with it. i've never broken a confidence with a staffer. >> breaking news right here. >> let's say one turkey is rambunctious and the one who has been chosen has been given the name, i'm just going to say cheese, i honestly don't know who it is. then the nonrambunctious turkey is moved in. >> you can't tell one turkey from another. >> i can't. >> i know i can't. there is a pardon pardon ritual. two young turkeys arrive at the white house so people know what they're going to see. we were showing you the room. two young turkeys arrive at the white house and the president will pardon them for crimes they have not committed by setting them free. after the ceremony, the turkeys
11:19 am
act as a tourist attraction until they pass. wait, they used to be eaten? >> no, no, no, not to the actual frying pan, but there's a place in virginia called frying pan farm. which in this instance is unfortunately named. george washington's beautiful home where he lived for 40 plus years and that is kind of cool because he is the one that signed the presidential procloimation naming a day of thanksgiving in the united states. but, yes, they actually did used to go to a place called frying pan farm. and i also have sad news and i know this is kind of light hearted and a fun day but the national turkey from last year is no longer with us. so, i know, i know. but not by, natural causes. completely natural causes. >> right, exactly. no one can say he wasditious. just that he was unfortunate. we appreciate the information
11:20 am
and we will, of course, bring the turkey pardon to our viewers live. chris jansing, you are a fou fountain of knowledge, thank you. >> i have so much more to share when it actually happens. >> we look forward to it. thank you. as we go to break a look at the i-90. look at i-90 in cleveland, ohio, where temperatures remain in the 30s for the rest of the day before thanksgiving. and where travelers can expect snow overnight and into tomorrow. dominica davis has a complete holiday forecast. that's next. [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available.
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alright, so this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours, but aleve can last 12 hours... and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? aleve, proven better on pain. welcome back. millions of americans are trying to get home for thanksgiving and they are facing major delays thanks to a nasty storm on the east coast. hundreds of flights across the country have been grounded and snow and ice are causing major delays and congestion on the roads and freeways. msnbc meteorologist domenica davis is tracking the storm.
11:24 am
>> getting reports that governor christie is declaring a state of emergency for new jersey. so, the roads are getting tough there. they are expecting some power outages and the problem is we have not only snow-covered highways out to our northwest, but we're also dealing with some heavy, wet snow. so, power outages are going to be a big concern as we head through later this afternoon and tonight. let's show you the airport delays. the worst that we're seeing right now is in newark laguardia. we have over three hours in both of those. still doing okay in dulles, baltimore and boston. no delays there, but i expect we'll start to see especially for boston later this afternoon and especially this evening as that storm moves up the coast. look at this massive storm. it went all the way from florida and now pushing up the coast and that's the winter end of it. basically starting from the beltway north. nearly 19 million people are in this winter storm warning that goes up and down the i-95 corridor pretty much.
11:25 am
here's a look at the storm tracker. you can see our rain right now is pretty much along i-95. that's where we're still dealing with heavy rain. could have a little bit of sleet mixing in. it's only 37 right now in philadelphia, actually, the temperature went up since the last hour. it is 34 in new york. temperatures are still above freezing. it's basically the i-90, the i-84, i-81 area where we're getting that akumeccumaccumulat and we have the potential for power outages and also snow-covered highway. if you're traveling, basically, on i-95, that's where your going to get wet, slick roads and you don't have the accumulation that you're dealing with out to the west. here's a look at the snowfall forecast. where we'll see it the most is bangor wihere they'll get a foo of snow. the closer to the coast you'll get is what we're really looking for, basically a slushy coat. nevertheless, we're looking through dangerous conditions right through this evening.
11:26 am
11:00 tonight the storm system will pull away and might brigucr skies on tap. just today that we have to get through, again, take it slow on the roads, temperatures will be getting cooler and conditions will be deterrierating through the rest of today. joy? >> all right. meteorologist domenica davis. all right, now this news. richard sherman and doug baldwin came to the defense of mar shawn lynch after he was fined $100,000 for refusing to talk to the media. their mock press conference is lighting up the twitterverse. the holiday season is here,
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i have the worst cold with this runni better take something. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms plus your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is. >> see the civil rights law or a health care bill or immigration bill result because a car got burnt. it happened because people vote and happened because people mobilized and organized. it happened because people look at what are the best policies to solve a problem. that's how you actually move something forward. that was president obama in chicago yesterday addressing protesters in ferguson and encouraging angry to the polls.
11:31 am
on tuesday the congressional black caucus put out a statement calling the lack of indictment for darren wilson, a "slap in the face to americans nationwide who continue to hope and believe that justice will prevail." the cdc says this decision seems to underscore a written rule that you may kill black man in this country without conscious or reprecussihions. any other sthe former chair of the black caucus and thank you so much for being here. >> sure, good to be with you. >> the statement that came out of the congressional black caucus was strikingly different from the statement made by president obama. he emphasized the people should be nonviolent and take their cares to the voting booths. very blunt about what this means for black lives in america.
11:32 am
whychodichotomy? >> i think the president must be presidential at all times and this president has done that and it would have been inappropriate for the president to have said anything else because he has to look at everything wholistically in terms of what is in the best interest for the entire nation. the black caucus led very ably by an attorney and former judge looked at what happened in ferguson. looked at what happened during the whole grand jury process and concluded that what happened actually leads further to the furtherance of the distrust between african-americans and police because african-americans all around this country believe that the police represents an army patrolling an occupied
11:33 am
territory. so, she was dealing exclusively with in the minority communities. where the president has to think about the whole country. look, i have three sons, my father told me the same thing that millions of other african-american fathers have said and it's something like this. there are two creatures that don't live long. dogs that chase cars and black men who confront police officers. and, so, i think everybody is trying to make sure that their young african-american sons respond respectfully to police because the history is there that if you don't, there could be a problem. >> you know, it's a very good point and i think all black parents can share what you're saying and are familiar with that conversation. perry bacon, our colleague here at nbc news has written a piece where he talks about president
11:34 am
obama cunone drum and one of the things that he writes is that some activists have urged the creation of a national police za czar to oversee local departments and undergo racial bias training and wear cameras on their bodies when they interact with the public. would you support any of those changes pointing out you're also the former mayor of kansas city, missouri. if you were the mayor of a town like ferguson, would you want those kind of changes and do you think those kind of changes could even pass in the house? >> no. only one of them, i think, will have a chance to pass and i will be introducing this legislation on tuesday and just received a phone call from a senator who said that he wanted to join me in introducing a senate version. and it is that the federal government through the justice department would require all law enforcement agents interacting with the public to have body cameras. that's not conservative or democratic. it's not pathological in terms
11:35 am
of bipartisanship. it protects good officers and it condemns bad actors who are interacting with them. and, so, i think we have to make dollars available for competitively for police departments to come after those dollars. but i think, let's not allow this tragedy to bypass us without something helpful coming from it. and, so, i intend to go back to washington along with my colleague lacy clay and senator booker who just called. and start talking to everybody about doing something positively. and this would be someone that could go across, i think, racial and political lines and when it's all over we can say, boy, that was a turbulent time but we hopefully got something out of it to prevent it in the future.
11:36 am
>> the nation is watching and hopefully you guys can accomplish that. happy thanksgiving to you, sir. >> yes, you, as well. >> thanks. federal authorities will have a lot more information with the trove of newly released grand jury documents about the michael brown shooting. and that may mean reevaluating how police handled the initial investigation and how the st. louis prosecutor conducted the grand jury proceedings. leslie is tan attornnor, thank much for being here. >> thank you, ms. reid. >> let's first talk about your run against bill mu calla. >> you know, i ran for, and i told people for two reasons not that i necessarily ran against him, but i ran for the seat. i was an practicing attorney for 13 years and a victim personally of being robbed at gunpoint. two things i felt like i wanted
11:37 am
to improve, if, in fact, i was elected. improve victim services which i think is incredibly important because during my ordeal, although caught more than the actual crime was committed and the case was solved, i didn't have the opportunity to participate in the process and that was not the best thing for me or for any victim of a crime. additionally, we have a process that i think should be streamlined with respect to the amount of time it takes from timeline charges are actually issued until the individual is moved on to trial or plea, if that's what they choose to do. >> we should note that we reached out several times to bob mccalla to appear on this program and his office has turned msnbc down in the past and have not received a response to our request to date. when you did run, did you receive substantial support, let's say, from the african-american community which has been very critical of him in
11:38 am
the michael brown case. >> you have to kind of know the dynamics of st. louis county and st. louis overall. kind of a divide in the sense that most of the african-american community lives in the northern part of what's considered north st. louis county. i would consider that to be my base and my constituents that i was able to appeal to more easily and asked for them to support me in my race. however, the common problem that we have here and i don't know if it's just within african-american community, i can speak to that because that's what i'm familiar to, but what we have is over and over again very low voter turnout. if you look at the numbers i think from the august primary, that it was less than 12% and i get that there are despairties within the community and there are changes that need to happen, but let's be honest. if you're not involved or engaged in the process, it's very difficult to make that change happen. >> indeed. i want to ask you a question about jurisjurisprudence.
11:39 am
nationwide police get a form of special treatment because of the job they do, but the reason i ask is about what seemed to be unorthodox procedures specifically in the michael brown case. i want to read you a bit of it. when darren wilson left the scene of the shooting of unarmed teenager michael brown. he washed blood off his hands and placed his recently fired pistol into an evidence bag himself. the transcript from the grand jury proceedings show that local officers who interviewed wilson immediately after the shooting did not tape the conversations and sometimes conducted them with other police personnel present. is that standard operating procedure in st. louis county? if so, is that, does that make sense to you as an attorney? >> it does not necessarily make sense to me as an attorney and i will say that what you read to me, in fact, does seem to be a bit unusual. and probably isn't standard practice throughout st. louis county and why things happen in that order and in that nature in
11:40 am
the city of ferguson, i don't know. perhaps certainly something that i know the city of ferguson is interesting in improving some of the mistakes that have been made and i would encourage them to add that to their last, in fact. >> lastly, a lot of talk of the fleeing felon rule in st. louis county that it allows police to use deadly force because someone is fleeing and a lot broader latitude than in a lot of states. is that something that could or will or something you would like to see changed in st. louis county? >> absolutely. i heard in the earlier segment with the congressman cleaver that it goes back to not only voting, which i mentioned earlier, but legislation. that is part of the statutes that we have here in the state of missouri. clearly, that may not be the best thing for all citizens involved. we need to urge all of our elected officials statewide to take a look at that and maybe revamp portions of that, which are not necessarily pleasing, but would be acceptable to everyone that is a part of this process. >> this is a difficult decision that involves this, but the jury
11:41 am
and the grand jury in the wilson case was with the supreme court decision. leslie broadnax, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> happy thanksgiving. all right. at the top of the next hour, msnbc chris hayes will host a twitter chat about the ferguson decision. you can be part of the conversation using the #fergu n #fergusondecision.
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call 1-888-xarelto, or visit a short time ago cleveland police released video and 911 call of a controversial shooting an encounter that lasted no more than two seconds. you may remember 12-year-old ta mirx oorx r rice who died after being shot saturday at a cleveland playground by a rookie police officer who mistook rice as a fake gun for a real one. in the video you see rice walking around the park near a gazebo in which the individual who placed the 911 call was initially sitting.
11:45 am
rice himself was sitting in the gazebo when he gets up as police arrive. they say three commands were given to show your hands, but also that rice was shot within second. with me now is ohio state senator nina turner. and state senator turner, a very brief encounter that we saw in that video. we saw tamir rice just milling around, playing with this air gun or bb gun, just sort of looking like a normal kid. and the next thing you know, this young man is dead. your thoughts as an elected representative in the cleveland area? >> well, joy, certainly tragic. my heart goes out to the rice family. it is out of the natural order of things for any parent, any mother, any father to have to bury their child. and at the age of 12 years old, as you saw in that footage, he was just walking around and playing with snow. he was waving the gun and i think which turned out to be a toy gun, but i think it's also important for your viewers to know that that gun looked very much like a real gun. i had a chance to watch that
11:46 am
footage live. i had a chance to listen to the 911 qucall and the caller talke about how it may have been a juvenile or a toy gun. if you continue to listen to the 911 tape the dispatcher that took the call and compared that to the dispatcher that gave the message to the police, that dispatcher did not necessarily give that information to the police. so, the community we should wait until the investigation is complete, but i want to commend mayor frank jackson for his transparency in this and it's important that the community gets constant communication and you see the type of transparency that you see in the city of cleveland. this is gut wrenching, joy, and it's happening all over this country. there are systemic problems that we deal with as a nation when it comes to the communities. this is tragic in every single way. >> you talk about the transparency, senator, and i think you make a good point.
11:47 am
a lot of the time the communities get upset when the information and videos like this and we know the families say it is released. timothy loman badge number, we have their badge number and he's 26 years old and he was appointed march 3rd of 2013. the second officer is franklin garmack, who is 46 years old. and he was appointed february of 2008. so, you had a more rookie officer, as well as a more seasoned officer. they were working together on that shift and the second gentleman was a certified field training officer who crisis officer and the other gentleman was new to the cleveland police. this was an inexperienced officer. does the length of time of that interaction trouble you in any way that it did seem to be so brief, just a few seconds? >> it did. it may, again, i want to let the cleveland police and all the investigation take place, but, yeah, when you look at it, it is very, very quick. i'm not so sure that young tamir even knew what was going on.
11:48 am
we cannot forget that he was a 12-year-old child. at the same time, based on the information that the police were given, the fact that that toy gun looked very much like a real gun. we have to continue to wait for the investigation to bear out. but it is very, very troubling. and, you, we really need action on things like this from a national level. you know, i would love to see the president, if you may recall, the report that president linden b. johnson commissioned to look at race riots going on in the '60s and part of that report talked about the relationship between the african-american community and the police force. they went on to say that we are moving towards a separate nation. one black, one white separate and unequal. they also pointed out in that report that the tensions between law enforcement and the african-american community is very real. that was in the late '60s you can just xtapose that and we ha to deal with these issues in a
11:49 am
deep, deep way and cause the healing to continue. but i look forward to hearing what the police investigation is going to bear out. there were protesters out in cleveland last night. everything was peaceful and, again, i have to give the mayor and the chief credit for coming forward very, very quickly and dealing with the community's heart ache. this is gut wrenching. >> and very quickly, is ohio an open carry state? >> we are. >> and i understand that there is a bill, you are still in the state snot and state senate. a concealed carry bill that passed the house in 2013 and the house version of it contains a stand your ground provision. comment on that, all this going on an expansion of gun laws in your state. >> the chief of police and fop has come out against this bill, as you know, shoot first and ask questions later. we already have a castle doctrine in the state of ohio where you can defend yourself. your home and your vehicle to
11:50 am
have this type of bill further permeate through the state of ohio is very, very troubling. in about 25 states where these types of bills exist, they have seen an increase in shootings and it makes no sense. you put the lives of everyday citizens in jeopardy every time you introduce and pass bills like this. it is my hope that the senate will reject this bill and that if, in fact, this bill does pass, that governor kasich would veto this bill. >> of course, the conceal carry bill, the stand your ground bill will not deal with police and deal with civilians. ohio now has two young men, john crawford iii and now the little boy, tamir rice, killed with holding unreal weapons. anything to be done legislatively about the idea of these weapons that look very real? >> representative reece from the cincinnati area is introducing a bill called the john crawford bill, that to make sure in ohio these type of weapons have some
11:51 am
type of reflective painting or coating on the gun so that police officers will be able to distinguish. i will say, however, that there is a concern among police that sometimes play guns look like real guns, but real guns can also look like play guns. we have to deal with the gun culture. so, while that legislation is certainly a step in the right direction, we definitely need to deal with the gun culture in this country and in urban areas, in particular, that causes these types of crisis. it is a shame of epic proportions we have to deal with it in a deep, real way. again, my heart goes out. i mean, joy, my heart has been skipping beats from the brown decision to now. >> yeah. indeed. i want to let the viewers know that the gun that showed was the toy gun that tamir rice was holding. even parents' hearts skip a boy when they see that little boy, that face. have a happy holiday. thank you so much for being here. >> you, too.
11:52 am
11:53 am
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okay, let's go back to the white house. where just moments ago president obama pardoned the thanksgiving turkey. >> all right. cheese. you are hereby pardoned the thanksgiving day turkey. congratulations. >> you can see it appears cheese won out over mac in the twitter sweepstakes. team cheese was victorious and then got their bird pardoned. he wunoil live out the rest of his life in style and just talking about the tradition a little bit. two young turkeys arrive and the president pardons them for crimes they have not committed setting them free after the ceremony. they act as tourist attractions until they pass on. they used to be sent to a farm called frying pan, but that was probably considered too ironic for words so sent somewhere more
11:56 am
pastoral and that doesn't make you think about eating them. that does wrap things up for "the reid report" and see you back here next week at 2l:00 p.. eastern. be sure to visit us >> i always thought frying pan park was cool. >> were you guys team mac? no, go ahead, tell me what you have today. >> joy, i had the best time listening to you talk about the turkeys at the white house. i have been laughing for the past hour. i am in d.c. came down late last night to avoid the terrible weather. that's what we'll begin with. weather, travel, what that means for the holidays. we'll get the latest in ferguson and a calmer night last night and what can we expect moving forward and i'll rant about what we should all be thankful for this thanksgiving. joy, happy thanksgiving to you, as well. >> you know what i'm thankful for. i'm thankful for you guys. "the cycle" is up next.
11:57 am
have a great show. >> you're so sweet. it's time for the your business ontrippientrepreneur o week. a life-long resident, he loves serving the community and he ask his neighbors on main street are gearing up for small business saturday. for more, watch "your business" sunday morning at 7:30 on msnbc. (vo) nourished.
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this thanksgiving eve begins in the storm cycle. not exactly what you want to hear on the busiest travel day of the year, but here we are. good afternoon, 20 million americans are under winter storm warnings. including many people in the country's biggest travel hubs. guess who, however, made it out of town just in time to be with her family in d.c. >> that is right, hey, here in the nation's capital it has been snowing since late this morning. only a couple inches are expected, but it does not take much to cause big problems, especially on the roads, which more than 41 million americans will use to get to grandma's house this year. the airports are packed, as well, with more than 3.5 million americans flying today. the most since 2007. it is a stressful time all around. maybe the o


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