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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  November 29, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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dance moves. and if you have a video you'd like to send to us, you can logon to our website, i'm contessa brewer. that's all for this edition of "caught on camera. everything can change in an instant. >> outside i could see the trees kind of coming up towards the wing. >> forcing people into extraordinary situations. >> i put my arms out and said catch her, don't miss. >> when survival hangs in the balance. >> it was more action than i'd see in a james bond movie. >> shocking -- >> translator: his hands were bleeding, but he wouldn't stop digging. >> unexpected -- >> i felt like at one point i was questioning were there any dolphins left in the ocean to respond to. >> and death defying moments.
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>> very, very dangerous. you touch that, you would be a fatality instaneously. >> which reveal how unpredictable life would be. >> didn't know she was there. when she popped her head up, i was getting a little concerned. from a stranded yacht, a desperate call for help. >> he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> but when the rescuers themselves get in trouble, even more lives hang in the balance. >> this is life or death for them. he doesn't get it right, terrible outcomes for everybody. >> i took a swing at the skid and i missed and fell off. >> the adrenaline was pumping. more action than i think a james bond movie. >> may, 1980.
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brisbane, australia. greg rogers is chief pilot for channel 7 news brisbane. he's waiting for his next assignment when a call comes in about a yacht in distress. >> we got word there was a boat in trouble off the island. >> greg and the camera man took off in the chopper 7 news chopper to perform what they assume would be a routine water rescue in morton bay. they don't have exact coordinates for the boat's location. they spot a different vessel, the water police, who are responding to the may day call. greg hopes the water police know where the troubled boat is, but he can't confirm this by radio. >> they were on a different frequency. we didn't have that frequency with us. so that added to the problems. we couldn't see anything up ahead where they were heading, so we turned around and went back a little ways.
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and actually then we found the yacht and it was a precarious position. >> after two days navigating stormy seas, skipper malcolm dickson is trapped in morton bay's shallow waters. his girlfriend and her small child huddle below deck as malcolm battles the waves. >> it was just disappearing in behind these swells that were just enormous. >> from his vantage point in the area, greg sees the yacht is in real trouble. the front sail is in shreds and the engine has failed, leaving the skipper unable to maneuver. then things get worse. a monster wave smashes into the boat, destroying the mast and throwing malcolm overboard into churning white water. >> it just enveloped the whole craft. we thought then that was the end. >> as the men in the news chopper watch helplessly, malcolm, who is tied to a lifeline, manages to cramable
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back on board. the situation looks dire. but then the coast guard appears. >> we thought thank god, they've arrived. now we'll be able to get this guy out of this predicament. but it became very obvious very quickly that they had their own problems. >> once we were out there, the waves were bigger than the boats. >> collin ward is one of the two-man coast guard rescue crew. they also have a hard time pinpointing the yacht's location. >> in those days there was no radar, there was no gps. we located the vessel mainly by the helicopter flying above it. it was complete white water everywhere. so we never physically saw the boat until the last moment. >> as they try to ride over the crest of the waves, one of their engines fails. >> the fact we lost power made us dead in the water. it was basically hang on and hope she'd ride out the third wave. unfortunately the wave closed in. >> got halfway around and the
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swells hit them and then it was just chaos for them. >> greg can't believe what he's seeing. the pounding waves swallow of coast guard vessel flipping it and tossing it into the ocean. >> the boat had an air pocket under it, luckily. we managed to get out from under the boat and swim to the bow. i had to get back to that boat. >> the men make it out of the water but are now stranded on the overturned hull. >> once we got into that sort of trouble, we didn't know how we were going to get out of it. we were fighting for our own life then. >> as the capsized boat bobs wildly, the men hang on for their lives. just then a chopper from the west pack helicopter rescue service arrives. eddie bennett is the crew chief for the organization in 2012. >> on the day, the conditions were far from ideal. we had six to seven meter waves breaking on shallow sand banks.
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must have been absolutely horrendous for them. >> eddie's mentor tom ward is piloting the west pack chopper. another news station has hired tom to fly a cameraman out to get some shots of the rescue. when he takes off, tom isn't planning to get involved and doesn't have a winch or trained rescue personnel on board. but when he gets to the scene, tom has a tough choice to make. >> they would have had to make some decisions about whether they were going to try and save these people or not. they were in a terrible position there. breaking water, huge seas still very, very dangerous, dangerous conditions for the crew of the boat. >> with no time to waste, tom lowers his chopper. >> we thought this is crazy. we didn't expect it. this boat is moving up and down at least 15 feet. and this chopper is coming in to basically try to pick us up. >> it's an extremely risky move. >> to do that with the boat moving up and down, left and right, forward and back, waves breaking on it, the helicopter coming down and being blown by
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the wind and then at that right time, lining up so the skid of the helicopter is in the right position so the person on the boat can grab on and climb into the helicopter, that's a challenge to do. particularly since he doesn't have a crew on board. >> we all had our hearts in our mouths. we expected the chopper to lose control and crash into the water as well. >> as the pilot approaches, collin grabs the skid, but he slips and falls into the sea. tom tries again. with mere feet separating the helicopter from the boat's hull, collin steps up to safety. tom brings the chopper around to pick up the other man, but he can't quite see the height of the waves below them. >> when he come in low enough, i managed to clamor on board after the second attempt. >> a small wave lifted up the hull as he chopper moved in. >> the helicopter hits the boat. >> i thought we're going to see
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another crash here in a second. >> the crew makes a desperate lunge and is hanging from the chopper has the extra weight throws the chopper off balance. >> i don't think anybody that flies would want to do that. >> as they hover just above the rough waters, the man manages to climb into the cabin. >> you have to understand the fact that our boat was not just skewing around, it was raising and dropping 15 to 20 feet. so when he come in to do the maneuver, he had to follow that boat up and down and sideways. it was a piece of flying that i don't think has ever been matched to this day. it was just phenomenal. >> the coast guard crew is flown to safety. they're bruised, but unharmed. the water police locate the yacht which has drifted into calmer waters and tow it to shore. the skipper and passengers are shaken, but all fine. the following day members of the coast guard return to the site
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to recover their damaged $25,000 boat. interviewed by a reporter on the beach, a young collin ward is still stunned by the experience. >> i've seen pretty bad conditions, but six to seven meters and breaking ten feet on top, white water everywhere. there's no chance of turning it. couldn't do a thing with it. >> they find the hull floating about four miles offshore. the channel 7 news chopper records the coast guard's attempts to right the damaged vessel. after several failed tries, they give up and tow the hull to shore. >> it was just a nightmare. i don't care to think what could have happened. but the potential for disaster was very, very great. possibly not everybody would have survived. >> simply put, those guys did a great job on the day. there are a lot of people who could have died on that day. but for the skill and expertise of one of our pilots here.
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coming up, a child falls from the third story of a building. >> and she grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt like a parachute and she just went forward. >> and later, four friends in a small airplane crash to the ground. >> we finally realized this is happening. we're going to crash. >> when "caught on camera: twist of fate" continues. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? aleve, proven better on pain.
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headphones, sleeping mask... oh, and this is the xfinity tv app. he can watch his dvr'd shows from where ever he wants. hey. have fun, make some friends. alright. did i mention his neck pillow? (sniffs pillow) watch your personal dvr library where ever you go. with the x1 entertainment operating system. a 7-year-old girl teeters on the edge of an air conditioning unit three stories above the ground. >> the children had fear written all over their faces. >> i opened my eyes and i put my arms out and said catch her. don't miss. >> july 16, 2012.
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brooklyn, new york. it's a humid 89 degrees at the coney island houses where debra reed is resident association president. about 2:00 p.m., she hears local kids calling for help. >> miss deborah, miss deborah, please come outside. there's a girl standing on the air conditioner. we thought they were joking and playing a trick on us. >> reed is shocked to discover it's true. >> we were horrified to see this little girl standing on the air conditioner. >> a crowd is gathering transfixed by a little girl who had slipped through the side panels of an ac unit and is standing on top of it. a neighbor records the scene on his phone while someone dials 911 and reed rushes inside. >> i banged on the family's door to make them aware that the little girl was on the air conditioner. >> the girl's mother doesn't open the door.
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just then, steven st. bernard is arriving home from his 12 hour shift as a new york city bus driver. >> there was a loft people standing around, trying to figure out what to do. first thing that came to my mind is how did she get up there? let me get over there. i hope she don't fall. >> the child seems oblivious to the terrified people below and to her own perilous situation. >> seen her just smiling, dancing, tweeter back and forward. she was happy. she didn't realize the danger she was in. >> st. bernard stands underneath the heavy air conditioning unit which could fall on him at any moment. >> i positioned myself thinking i was in the right spot to the left at first. then the little girl went to the right side. >> with rescue vehicles still moments away, all hope lies with st. bernard. >> i just was looking and was standing there shocked, sweating.
4:16 pm
praying that if she falls this way, i can catch her. >> tensions build with each passing second. then in an instant, the child is hurdling through the air. >> she came towards the edge and she looked down at me and she grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt like a parachute and she just went forward. >> the girl tumbles three stories down. st. bernard lunges. >> the weight took us both to the ground. i was sweating. tears was about to come down, but i held my composure. and she just looked at me and she smiled. >> the little girl is unharmed. neighbors find out that she's a special needs child who didn't realize the danger she was in. st. bernard is thrilled she's fine, but the good samaritan's actions come at a cost. >> my arm was swollen.
4:17 pm
it was stiff. i couldn't move it. >> he undergoes surgery for an arm injury and months of painful recovery. he has to take indefinite leave from his job. >> i have to use two hands to drive the bus. with this injury, transit is not going to allow me to drive the bus. >> but the risk has its rewards. st. bernard becomes a hero overnight. >> i was honored at two baseball games. the first one was the cyclones where they gave my daughter a 1,000 scholarship for school. i threw out the pitch. and then couple of weeks later i got a call from yankee stadium. >> perhaps the most meaningful thank you comes from the child's family. >> when i got to the door, the mother pulled me into the house and she thanked me. she gave me a big hug. and i hugged the baby. and then she came out and she
4:18 pm
gave me a hug in front of everybody, and she said thank you and she ran back in the house. she was real, real shy. >> st. bernard doesn't call himself a hero. he says it's all part of being a good neighbor. >> neighbors, the friends, the not so friendly. now they see me and they say hi and they shake my hand and they smile. so i guess a good deed makes a whole lot of difference. coming up, terror in a small airplane. >> you could tell we weren't climbing anymore. we're actually getting gradually closer to the trees. >> wing started clipping through the trees. >> when "caught on camera: twist of fate" continues. id gels don't unstuff your nose. really? alka-seltzer plus night rushes relief to eight symptoms of a full blown cold including your stuffy nose. (breath of relief) oh, what a relief it is. thanks.
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alright, so this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours, but aleve can last 12 hours... and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? aleve, proven better on pain. what begins as a fun day trip for a group of friends -- >> i've always wanted to go fly in a small plane. >> -- takes a horrifying turn.
4:22 pm
>> my mind was kind of going, we're going to need gas to take off and be in the air in a minute. it wasn't happening. >> as for the small plane they're flying in crashes to the ground. june 30th, 2012. boise, idaho. nathan williams, tol gropp, and alec arhets are long-time enthusiasts. >> we hang out all the time. >> the trio is up for a new adventure and tol's dad's airport provides just the opportunity. >> we decided to go up to an area that we could go hiking, see some beautiful areas. >> it's nathan and alec's first time in a small plane. they're in good hands. les is an experienced pilot who flew helicopters in vietnam. >> we brought our cameras
4:23 pm
because we were really excited about it. it was going to be awesome. we're just right over the top of the mountains. >> beautiful scenery. great view out of the plane. >> after lunch at a remote site, the group prepares to take off for their next destination. les performs safety checks while the guys record the scene on small handheld cameras. >> so my dad did some calculations, added up our weight, checking the air temperature, making sure things should be okay. >> everything seems fine as they taxi down the small runway. but the plane struggles to lift off and briefly touches back down. >> that's the first point i thought there might be a little bit of trouble. >> seconds later, they float up from the ground. >> okay, good. we're up. we're filming and i'm happy. >> the plane is gaining altitude, but they're still cruising close to the ground. >> it took awhile for us to get up into the air. >> they're heading straight for a tree line.
4:24 pm
moments later, les clears the trees. everyone relaxes, but only briefly. >> we're above the trees flying, from that point on you could tell we weren't climbing anymore. we're actually getting gradually closer to the trees. >> outside i could see the trees kind of coming up towards the wing. i finally realize this is happening. we're going to crash. >> it sounded like rapid gunfire. >> they're out of control. >> wind and dirt was flying. at that point i hit my head really hard. >> the plane plunges. the men are upsidedown. >> everybody okay? >> the only door available was the pilot's door. so les unclipped and he got out first. and then nathan got out.
4:25 pm
then tol got out. i got out last. >> the plane is destroyed and leaking fuel. a potentially hazardous situation if it catches fire in the dry forest. the men move away from the plane. but alec braves the wreckage to look for a first aid kit and water. he discovers the cameras and they're still recording. >> i actually stumbled across the two cameras. they were down in the dirt kind of near the plane. i took the cameras back and handed one to nathan. >> nathan hit his head and appears to be in shock. >> i'm stunned in the video. there are things that i remember and there are things that i don't remember. even though i was acting fairly normal, it was obvious i wasn't quite right for a while. >> but it's les they're most concerned about. >> i saw my dad was bleeding pretty badly. >> we knew he had a broken jaw. i could tell he had a broken face because of the way his cheek was collapsed. he communicated to us about rip
4:26 pm
pain. i thought maybe he had a broken rib. >> fortunately for les, nathan is a dentist and alec is a physician's assistant. >> where are you hurt? on the right side of your face, okay. >> there really wasn't a whole lot we could do for him other than try to make him comfortable. >> they've survived the crash, but have no way to call for help. there's no cell phone service. the nearest town is 45 minutes away. and no one expects them back for several hours. then a stroke of luck. they've crashed near a camp site. >> within five minutes there was a couple that showed up and had heard or seen this happen. >> and so they went to go get help while we waited there. >> even more good news. >> a crew of firefighters just happened to be traveling down the road. >> the firefighters have a satellite phone.
4:27 pm
they call 911 for a rescue chopper. which lifts les and nathan to the hospital. >> once the helicopter left, that's the first time i really kind of got emotional about, just the fact that we'd survived a plane crash. just looked around at all these amazing people that had come to help us. >> tol and alec in the back seats walk away barely scratched. the pilot les has a broken jaw, broken bones in his face, an injured arm, and some cracked ribs. he has to have his jaw wired shut, but makes a quick recovery. looking back the men suspect the crash was due to the weight in the plane and heat which causes the air density to thin and makes it harder for the plane to climb. catching a crash like this on camera is extremely rare. >> there's not many videos filmed inside a cockpit during a plane crash, as it turns out. >> after seeing the footage, the
4:28 pm
friends realize how close they were to a major tragedy. >> it's amazing looking in there thinking that four of us could have even fit in there the way it was kind of compact and squished down. >> i think we're four guys lucky to be alive. coming up, a man is buried alive under an avalanche of mud. >> translator: i didn't think it was possible for someone to be taken out from that amount of mud and debris alive. >> when "caught on camera: twist of fate" continues. try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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saves you money. yay, game night, so much fun. the police officer who shot and killed michael brown has resigned. in a letter, darren wilson says, quote, i'm told my continued employment may put the residents and police officers at risk,
4:32 pm
which is a circumstance i can't allow. wilson says he hopes his resignation will allow the community to heal. now back to "caught on camera." massive landslides thunder down. trapping a man 16 feet underground. >> translator: he started to yell, don't give up on me. i'm alive. i'm alive. >> january 2011. teresopolis, brazil. tropical downpours pound the mountainous region outside rio de janeiro. it's a month's worth of rain in less than 24 hours. the deluge causes the country's worst flooding in decades. sending torrents of mud down hills in the middle of the
4:33 pm
night and burying people inside their homes. >> translator: i get chills just thinking about it. it was awful. >> luciano rimbrau ventures into the effected neighborhoods at daybreak to record the devastation. >> translator: i'd see these people leaving, desperate. >> the level of destruction is shocking. >> translator: there were no buses, no cars, nothing. it was like a war zone. the people on the roads covered in mud, carrying gas cylinders, carrying refrigerators on their backs. >> many neighborhoods are cut off from rescue crews by weather and rough terrain. survivors search for friends and relatives using any tools they can find to dig through the mud. >> translator: it was really hard, because there were lots of people buried. people crying. mothers who had lost their children.
4:34 pm
>> in a community called espanol, luciano comes across a tense scene. someone has heard faint sounds coming from beneath the ground. luciano continues recording as people tear away at the mud and rocks. it's dangerous work. the barriers on the road above could collapse at any time, sending more landslides down on top of everyone. >> translator: the more they dug, the greater the danger at the site. it was very tense. >> as the hours tick by, hopes fade of finding anyone alive under so much mud. >> translator: i didn't think it was possible for someone to be taken out from that amount of mud and debris alive. >> then the shocking discovery of a man's head. his face is pressed against a
4:35 pm
cement wall and his body is packed deep into the earth below. it's been some 12 hours since the mudslide hit. chances are slim the man has survived this long. but as the man's torso emerges, they realize he's still breathing. the rescuers work with renewed urgency, aware that every second could cost the man his life. >> translator: i remember lieutenant nasimento digging with his bare hands. his hands were bleeding, but he wouldn't stop digging. >> they have to move carefully or risk having the earth cave in again on top of them and the man they're trying to save. it's an agonizing process. and a shock when the man's face appears. >> translator: i saw his head emerging and i realized it was marcelo. >> louis -- recognizes his
4:36 pm
childhood friend, marcelo franseca. everyone cheers as rescuers lift marcelo out of the muddy hole that could have been his grave. but he's not out of danger. marcelo's body has been compressed for nearly 15 hours under 16 feet of mud and debris with only a small air pocket allowing him to keep breathing. >> translator: i tried to move my legs, but they wouldn't budge. same with my arms. they wouldn't move. >> he needs urgent medical attention. but the torture of being trapped alone underground is finally over. >> translator: the first thing i did was to thank the lord. there were no other words. >> marcelo nearly dies on the way to the hospital. he has kidney failure, infections, and has to have a crushed leg muscle removed.
4:37 pm
but he survives. >> translator: today i've become more limited, but thank god i'm alive. i can speak. i can go places. but there are others who can't do any of that. so i must thank god a lot for all of this. >> the floods and mudslides kill more than 900 people in the region. for luciano, the images captured that day are haunting. >> translator: i still avoid looking at the footage i shot. i don't like to see the pictures. i don't like to see the videos. i don't even like to remember this story. i prefer to keep it all in the past. coming up, it's a race against time to save dolphins stranded along the coast. >> trying to rescue animals can
4:38 pm
turn into a human emergency if we're not careful. you literally start sinking into the mud. >> when "caught on camera: twist of fate" continues. er reliefche. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? aleve, proven better on pain. hundreds of dolphins stranded along the coast. >> we have a potential live one out there. >> overwhelming rescuers racing to save their lives. >> we just couldn't keep gear cleaned fast enough and batteries charged and people rested. >> we'll try to do what we can, but we know we might not be able to get to all the animals. >> january 2012. cape cod, massachusetts. a potential environmental
4:42 pm
tragedy is unfolding. scores of dolphins are washing up on shore. to the dismay of local residents and scientists. researchers brian sharpe and c.t. harry work with the international fund for animal welfare and coordinate marine mammal rescues. the team brings cameras out to document the rapid spike in strandings. >> it escalated extremely quickly. >> what number is this at? >> this is ten. >> we couldn't keep pens writing fast enough in order to collect all the information about where animals were. >> i would just say go ahead and get on the road. >> i felt like at one point i was questioning were there any dolphins left in the ocean to respond to? >> cape cod's hook shaped
4:43 pm
geography makes it a hot spot for marine animals to get stranded. >> they come in close to shore and the tide slips out underneath them and they're left stranded not knowing what happened. >> every year dolphins get trapped in the area's shallow bays and inlets. but the number of strandings this particular winter is already double what the scientists usually see. researchers speculate about changes in water temperatures, weather, and food sources. but they have no absolute answers. what they do know is they have to move fast. dolphins can survive out of water for several hours, but many die from stress, injuries, and seagull attacks before rescuers can reach them. >> because the water's coming in fast. now you can see it. we're losing the sand bars fast. it's going to get dangerous to be out there. >> it's a grueling task for responders. they're battling mud, freezing
4:44 pm
temperatures, remote locations, and heavy loads. >> on three. one, two, three. >> trying to trudge through that with a 400-pound animal can get very taxing. you literally start sinking into the mud. trying to rescue animals can turn into a human emergency if we're not careful. >> most of the dolphins need medical help. >> does anybody have an eta on the other dolphin? >> the team runs diagnostic tests and tags them. panicking animals don't make the process easy. >> the animals are stressed, so they could be thrashing around. >> responders try to minimize distress by moving the dolphins closer together. >> these animals are basically
4:45 pm
experiencing car crashes and so we have to take that social nature into consideration. >> the strandings are relentless. >> it would just not stop. day would go by and we wouldn't hear reports. we thought okay, this is the end of the beginning of the end. then the day after we'd get a report of ten more live animals. >> despite heroic efforts, rescuers can't save every stranded animal. losses are tough even for experienced volunteers like tracy plout. >> it can been incredibly difficult when we respond day after day and day and put in hours and hours to attempt to help these animals and we lose them. >> why are they dying? yeah. >> no one goes home until all the live dolphins are back in the ocean. but finding a good release location can be tough. >> we're releasing them in a place we don't usually release. so just because it's too
4:46 pm
dangerous on the outside of the cape where we usually go. it's too rough. we can't put people in the water. >> watch your footing. don't need to rush. >> ocean releases can be treacherous for both humans and dolphins. any number of things can go wrong. >> we're dealing with volunteers that are getting ready to basically walk in ocean that sometimes is stormy. sometimes there's a lot of wave action. >> the deal is we're going to put an animal on here. we're going to run this down to the beach. we need someone to follow up with the mat the animal is on. it's a long walk. >> not only can the dolphins get entangled in the stretcher, but the human responder can get entangled in the stretcher as well. so it's really important to follow direction and protocol and know exactly what you're doing. >> the release method is that we pick him up together. okay? we all walk out slowly. basically what we want to do is get out there and sit and wait
4:47 pm
for just about five minutes. let the animals reacclimate. we want to see tail pumping before we initiate the release. once we feel that's comfortable and that's achieved, we're going to do a front drop method. >> ready? one, two, three, drop. slide it out. you pull from the back. there we go. >> and with that, they're off. >> it really feels wonderful to be able to do what we can to help and we hope for the best. >> nice job, everybody. >> everyone knows tomorrow a new group of dolphins may strand. and the difficult process will begin again. for tired responders, there's no question that they'll be there to help. >> when you develop the skills to help someone or something in need, you just can't say no.
4:48 pm
coming up, a harrowing fall onto train tracks. >> i just stepped down, like straight right down. >> and a good samaritan gets a little too close to a mother bear. >> i didn't know she was there. when she popped her head up, i was getting a little concerned. >> when "caught on camera: twist of fate" continues. runny nose. i better take something. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms plus your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is. ♪ vicks nyquil severe. helps relieve your ugliest, nastiest, roughest, toughest cold symptoms. vicks nyquil severe. with maximum symptom fighting ingredients. ♪ you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you.
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security cameras record a terrifying scene. a woman plunging on to subway tracks with her young son. >> that's where we fell. >> the next train is seconds away while they lie stunned on the tracks. >> i was just worried, like, his head. that was my concern. >> then a bystander takes
4:52 pm
action. risking his own life and the deadly third rail. >> you touch that, you would be a fatality instantaneously. >> august 22nd, 2012. cambridge, massachusetts. it's just before 6:00, and the evening commute is in full swing. a security camera at kendall station shows the platform filling up with passengers waiting for the next train on the redline. at this time of day, they don't have to wait long says the transit authority's randy clark. >> literally every four minutes there'll be a train coming through there. >> meera thakrar is enjoying a day of sightseeing with her 4-year-old son krish and her mother. >> we pretty much had five and a half hours in the city. >> at the turnstile in kendall station, meera is carrying krish. her mom is lagging behind when
4:53 pm
meera see as train in the station. >> i was all excited. oh, my god, the red train is right there. why don't we just go on this one? >> she doesn't realize the train is on the opposite tracks. mira tells her mom to hurry. then walks ahead to hold the door. >> i was in my own world. and just walked there. >> in an instant, she was off the platform. >> i just stepped down, like, straight down there. >> krish hit this ground hard. >> i saw my son hitting head. >> they miss the potentially fatal third rail, but are trapped in a perilous spot. the next train is arriving at any moment. they desperately need help. >> there was no support to climb there and come out of the tracks. you really needed somebody to pull you up from there. >> then from out of the crowd, a man leaps on to the tracks. he grabs krish while other passengers pull meera to safety. >> my son was taken out right away by that guy who jumped for
4:54 pm
us which was absolutely incredible. i have no words for it. >> with no time to spare, all three are back on the platform. but it's the beginning of a long night. >> immediately we were taken to mass general hospital. >> meera escapes with only a swollen knee, but doctors monitor krish for sirens of head injury. >> he kept crying for five, six hours. that's how they found out he's not in danger. he doesn't have any internal head injury or anything like that. >> in the heat of the moment, meera doesn't get a chance to thank their rescuer. news reports identify him only by his first name -- chris. >> i would again and again tell him thank you so much. >> meera says she would have kept the incident quiet, but the story quickly circulates around the globe. >> i didn't want to tell anybody for at least a couple months. but i couldn't keep it for a couple days. >> a terrifying video from boston when a woman carrying her
4:55 pm
4-year-old child walked straight off the platform. >> my family members back home, they saw my news on the local news channels, the indian news channels. >> though she doesn't plan to take a train any time soon, meera is encouraged that passengers on boston's mass transit system are willing to help others. >> people are not just killing people. people are also saving people. i would take a very positive note out of it. >> transit officials hope the video has another message as well. >> you don't want to put yourself in danger just rushing for a train. wait four minutes. worst case, don't run, don't slip and fall. don't fall in a pit, whatever it is. we will get you where you're going. just kind of relax, slow down, and we'll get you there. >> meera agrees that slowing down might help her avoid future disasters. >> i started implementing also not to rush in life. you don't see this every
4:56 pm
day. a woman tries to rescue a group of bear cubs trapped in a dumpster outside her home. >> we listened to them all night long. we didn't get any sleep. >> but finds her own hyde on the line when she comes face to face with the large mother bear. >> i didn't know she was there. when she popped her head up, i was getting a little concerned. >> july 2012. ruidoso, new mexico. shirley shank and her family are enjoying a quiet summer evening on the deck of their home high in the sierra blanca mountains. >> we enjoy sitting on the deck and just sitting and watching the sun go down, and then waiting for wildlife to come up in the yard. >> the human residents are used to sharing space with the area's wild natives. >> we have every kind of wildlife that's in this area here. bears, turkeys, elk, deer,
4:57 pm
raccoons, just about anything. >> black bears are frequent visitors. attracted by food in the dumpsters along the road. >> the dumpster has handles on the outside and so they're perfect little ladder for them to get up the side. >> which can make taking out the trash a risky endeavor. >> if you startle them or back them in a corner or if you mess with their young, then you can have a problem. >> one mother bear is well known in the neighborhood. >> her name is fertile myrtle. she has been named by the neighborhood, because she has repeatedly had triplets, and we call them the three stooges. the babies. because they're always in trouble. >> sure enough, that night larry, moe, and curly get into the dumpster and can't get out. >> there's nothing on the inside for them to crawl back out. >> in the light of day shirley and her family have a plan of attack.
4:58 pm
grabbing a ladder, she climbs into the back of a pickup truck. her husband is at the wheel, and their daughter records from the house. as they approach, myrtle retreats behind nearby trees. shirley is in a dangerous spot, just feet away from a protective mother bear. just as shirley drops the ladder into the dumpster, she sees myrtle coming in. >> all of a sudden she appeared on the right side of the dumpster. >> there was only one thing left to do. >> drive fast. my husband calls himself a getaway driver. because he needs to drive very fast. >> they beat a retreat as myrtle moves in. >> she was bigger than i thought she would be up close. i did want things to move a bit quicker. though i was still up close when the first baby came up to the top and i could have cried. they are just adorable. they're beautiful.
4:59 pm
i would have done that 100 more times. >> one by one the cubs appear at the rim of the dumpster. and drop to the ground. the cubs rejoin their mom and they all trot away for the moment. >> and they keep doing this every year repeatedly. we get into the same situation. so i think their hunger definitely overwhelms their possibility of getting stuck. >> when a friend posts the home video online, it quickly goes viral. >> i videoed it just for the sake of sharing it with family and friends. i had no idea i would get so much appreciation and response for that. >> shirley says it was worth the risk and she has some insight as to why the reaction to the video is so strong. >> i think there are more people really starting to appreciate the fact that the animals were here first. we're supposed to share this earth together.
5:00 pm
you never know when a moment could be your last. >> they very dangerously waved their weapons around and showed signs that they would use them. >> at any time -- >> you better get someone here. this dude is crazy. ow! >> -- a calm day can turn chilling. >> his head went under three times then people start falling through. just couldn't believe it was still happening. >> out of control. >> i saw terror on my baby's face, and i saw him fly back. >> terrifying. >> i'm going end up dead!


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