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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 9, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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so tick tock, it's racquetball o'clock. and the republicans have to figure out how to shut up their own conservative base agai america's royal guests got a front row seat to the national protests surrounding the eric garner controversy, featuring his call for help, i can't breathe. eric hagel makes a surprise visit to baghdad. plus, american embassies around the world shore up security based on the extreme nature of enhanced interrogation tech f k techniques. >> six states are getting ready for impact of a nor'easter. what's in store? >> an umbrella massacre.
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it's one of those storms where it rains hard, but it's windy too. so we're going to have the heavy rain. we've already got a big problem. it's just cold enough that we now have icing taking place northwest new jersey, ariireas r scranton. especially the bridges and the overpasses. be careful driving early this morning. after it rains for a while, it will get warm enough that it will be just liquid. at its peak strength wind are already gusting to 35 down around cape may, moderate coastal flooding is expects between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m.ed to. if we're going to get some damage at the beaches there, it will be at the high tide cycle
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early this morning. the snow, the worst of it definitely northern new england, new york state, pennsylvania, scranton, syracuse, six to 12 inches of heavy wet airports h have a problem. >> we do have some breaking news overseas to tell you about. chuck hagel makes a surprise visual it to baghdad. hagel met with u.s. troops and thanked them for their work. he will also sit down with iraq leaders. this is expected to be hagel's last over saes trip as pentagon chief. u.s. embassies around the world are on alert beefing you have ske security based on a new report
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of the cia. one side says the release could mean danger, even deaths for americans abroad. the other could spell the end of violent torture as a means of interrogation. >> the tours were still in a smoldering ruin again this began. >> what's the latest with this. >> reporter: the latest is that we're hearing this report or series of reports, sort of a document up here in washington is coming out sometime early to mid average today. in the state department the pentagon have already told their people overseas after the report comes out, watch your back. u.s. embassies and 2000 marines
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in the gulf and mediterranean are on alert this morning as the cia releases a report on water boarding, sleep deprivation and more against mohammed, osama bin laden's right hand man. it compares memos to what the agency told the public and congress. >> there's a big gap between two. >> reporter: no one from the cia was interviewed. they called this release reckless and irresponsible. >> the attacks on 9/11 were evidence of the peril that a small group could cause from the far side of the globe. >> reporter: he did call diane feinstein to ask for a delay.
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>> not now. i will tomorrow. >> the report claims three cia officials lied to congress and 20 of those interrogations produced nothing. but the cia may not end up taking all of the heat on this because they say congress was briefed about those interrogation that were being used at every step. >> the investigation is underway after a small private jet fell out of the sky and crashed into a maryland home. six people died, all three passengers in the plane plus a mother and her two young sons in a bathroom. the mother was found in a bathroom lying on top of her boys in an apparent attempt to shield them. a witness described the moment of impact. >> the wing went into the front of their house and blew their window out and then i guess it hit this house and caught on
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fire. >> goodness. we well, the plane was on its way to a nearby airport. for the second time in as many weeks new grand jury evidence in the michael brown case. listen to this radio traffic moments after the shooting. >> get us several more units over here. there's going to be a problem. >> any available units who can respond to copper creek, at vise. >> we're going to need crowd control here. >> also released, the autopsy report prepared by the justice department's medical examiner. it found that brown died from multiple gunshot wounds. the wound to the right hand indicates the presence of soot. the toxicology screen is positive for marijuana.
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brown's death is described as a homicide. meanwhile, support for both brown and eric garner continued to grow. in berkeley, california look at this, the largest crowd yet. they blocked a major highway and staged die-ins. outside of the nba came at new york's barkley center on the basketball court lebron james was among several players wearing i can't breathe t-shirts. the brits are back this morning. the royals will start to wrap up their visit. it's been memorable as british royalty met with american music royalty. they visit the 9/11 memorial, tour a youth organization and attend a dinner at the met
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metropolitan museum of art. >> reporter: it really has. they've packed a lot in. as you mentioned they start today on a solemn note here in manhattan as they visit the 9/11 memorial and museum. they went to brooklyn to take in their first ever nba game. the duke and dutchess after a packed day monday will and kate enjoy add date night of sorts taking in an nba game. not only was the league's king there lebron james but during a break in the action the royal couple met jay z and beyonce.
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lebron and other player supported the protesters while wearing t-shirts with garner's last words on them, i can't breathe. the game capped a busy day which saw will visit the president in washington. some of the younger kids thought kate was a character from a disney movie. they'll get to show off their skills and share their stories later today. also on the docketed to troirls a -- the royals wrap up their final day in new york later tonight with a fund-raising dinner for the place they first met, their university, st. andrews.
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>> it's good to be the royals. thank you. monday night thriller, packers falcons build a 24-point lead. julio jones had a career best 259 yard receiving before leaving the game with a hip injury. the packers managed to hold on for a 42-37 victory. oregon quarterback marcus mariota, alabama receiver cooper are the final lists. the winner is selected saturday night. bengals head coach called manziel a quote midget. >> don't defend the player, particularly a message et. louis later apologized to
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manziel said quote it was just a poor remark, i didn't mean anything by it. for the record he is just under 6 feet tall. during a postgame interview wall broke down talking about young maya and her family. >> this game is for her. all my jersey, my shorts i'm going to give it to her family. it's a tough day. but me i really cried to. >> it was tough. i'm talking to you before the game. you're never like this. she really touched your heart, didn't she? and on a positive note kevin durant did a good deed by giving a kid a pair of shoes after a game. he had his shoes stole right off
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his feet while walking to school. this is a passionate toddler. it gets worse. watch him fall to the ground. there he goes. adults feel the same way inside. you know you have. you just don't let it out. beating on the chest and everything. i love it. i'm sure that you don't flow fits like that, right? >> that's right. oil prices continue their free fall today after dropping to five-year lows on monday. the drop in crude is weighing on wall street. the dow had its biggest drop in six weeks. the wall street journal says the online retailer is using bike messengers to deliver items from its space near the empire state building. sony pictures are blaming the
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attack on the studio's upcoming film if interview. it shows seth r-- >> just ahead a rocket sthauchbt to see to believe. plus, president obama as stephen colbert? yep. this one is priceless. next.
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. welcome back, everybody. the white house says president obama does not at all regret ordering the mission to try and rescue hos taej luke somers. he died during a raid to free him. comedy centrals the colbert report comes to an end next week. and president obama stopped by for his third appearance. he came out saying you've taken plenty of shots at my job, i'm going to take a shot at yours.
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>> nation, as you know, i stephen colbert have never cared for our president. the guy is so arrogant. i'll bet he talks about himself in the third person. well, first off, now that republicans control both the house and the senate, they could pass a bill repealing obamacare. but the president still has libido. and if i know that guy, he's willing to use it. instead of a rocket organizers had this bright idea to launch a porta potty into the air. it wasempty at the time, thank you.
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imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. ia cause to support the pover 65 million people who may need the trusted protection of depend underwear. show them they're not alone. and show off a pair of depend. get a free sample at . 20 minutes past the hour, here's your first look at this morning's scrambled politics. in an effort to focus on educati education, president obama and joe biden -- and the president poked some fun at himself while sitting with one of the students. >> you have to slow down because i'm an old man. so what's going on here? >> well, there's been a lot of
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talk about different nba players like lebron james wearing the i can't breathe shirt. eric adams told rachel maddow he is optimistic about the quality of policing improving. >> this is unbelievable what we're see right now particularly for those of us who always attempted to mutual this issue forward. when you have men on the basketball court doing this, you're going to have judges on the supreme court finally lacking at we can do better. we're better as a country than what we are seeing now and i'm optimistic. >> be sure to catch rachel's show right here on msnbc weeknights at 9:00 eastern. jonathan gruber a professor at mit made headlines yesterday after saying the stupid di of the american voter helped
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obamacare pass. so before this morning members of tea party patriots will be palg passing out these t-shirts. they feature a picture of gruber under the words i'm with stupid. the blog red state has start add campaign to mail john boehner balls, blue racketballs specifically. no word whether his office has received anything. and that is your morning dish. new orleans i'm joined by political analyst ellis. >> no jokesed to. >> i'm not touching that. i do want to talk about this. are we seeing a resurgence of president obama? the economy is on a roll. with the expected release of a cia investigation, he's really clearing the deck of doubts
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surrounding the interrogation. >> the president has been exhibiting a little personal confidence lately. a lot of folks, even his spoe t supporters i think sometimes have been frustrated he's been slow to act on these things. the report about some of the torture unfortunately the cia engaged in after nine ler9/11. i'm with president. release it. >> you support the release of this report but many are saying that it could cause a lot of danger for people overseas. >> it's something that we do need to be aware of. i think it's prudent to urge our people over seas to take extra caution in the days to come. first of all, everybody in the world knows we did it.
2:24 am
isn't it better for us to hand up like honest grown ups and say this is what happened, this is why we did it and here are the lessons that we learned that ensure we never do it again. that's got to put america in a better place. >> creating transparency here. i want to shift gears to the sanctions that the president has placed on russia. there is even more evidenced to that russia's economy is shrinking. >> it's got to make putin mad. he has these visions of the return of the society you know i don't know. a shrinking economy is not the way the bear is going to roar again. the sanctions are flow, they're frustrating sometimes but they do seem to be having an impact. >> for a while everyone was saying these sanctions aren't going to work. but apparentlies the doing something. >> yeah and what you hope is that it's pressuring the leadership tgovernment and the
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ol gar keys there and not just squeezing the hard working russian people who really do have a tough time these days. >> stay warm and dry down there in new orleans. >> i will. we always have a good time down here. the passing of a true american hero is next.
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. welcome back, everybody. some sad news this morning. ernest brace was working as a pilot for the vietnam war when he was captured. he endured eight years in a prison camp. that's where he met john mccain.
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they communicated by tapping on the walls in morse code. brace was 83 years old. way too early starts right now. have a great day, everybody. there are some around the world who are already angry at the united states because torture was used in the past. this report doesn't change that. this report is about making sure that people understand what happened and then highway it happened so so it doesn't happen again. american embassies on alert. washington and its enemies -- the value of a public release. more protests over the death of eric garner as one of the most famous athletes joins the conversation without opening his mouth.
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and prince william and kate middleton meet queen bee and jay z. yeah, this really happened, the merging of two power couples. this is way too early. hey, everybody, good morning. it's tuesday, december 9th. welcome to way too early. after seeing that handshake that we did not see because we only saw their heads. and i almost forgot jay z's name. i looked a at jen to try to help me. mental -- we want to start this morning with what's taking place in washington. s the an explosive report due outed to on the cia's use of torture. and u.s. embassies abroad are


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