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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  December 19, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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president today. so far, administration officials have not publicly said who they believe is responsible. but a senior u.s. official told nbc news the u.s. has concluded north korea is to blame. here is white house press secretary josh earnest. >> i can tell you that regardless of who is found to be responsible for this that the president considers it to be a serious national security matter and it's been treated as such both in the course of the investigation but also by leading members of the national security team here at the white house. >> stunning information about how much sony could lose after shelving "the interview." joining me holly jackson, in los angeles, for "business insider," michael kelly. let's start with the hollywood side. what's this going to cost sony? >> so some industry analysts jose estimate this could cost sony upwards of $100 million when it comes to "the interview"
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which was pulled after much theater chains refused to show it given those threats. you talk about the reaction in hollywood. overnight, we heard from george clooney telling deadline a couple of things. about a petition he and his agent circulated to try to get some of the major studios stand together against this. sony furious that nobody would sign it. saying, quote, this is a silly comedy but the truth is what it says is a whole lot. the responsibility to stand up against this. we talked about president obama's press conference later on today where he may discuss, is likely to discuss how the u.s. could respond to this. clooney says this is all new territory. nobody knows how to respond. clooney of course just the latest of hollywood talent a-listers to talk about this and speak out about this. >> so far, no official public statement by the u.s. government on who's to blame. what does that tell you? >> well, it tells me that they're taking their time.
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senior administration officials did tell "the new york times" that they believe north korea's centrally involved and intelligence officials told "the new york times" earlier in the week that this is by far the most keydestructive hack on u.s. soil. it's clear as the administration decides what to do next and craft a policy for this new age of cyber warfare that they're just taking their time and being a little coy. >> halle, how shell-shocked is sony? first the e-mails, personal information of their employees and now this project pulled from distribution. >> it's huge. it's hard to overestimate just what this means for the studio. once the major theater chains started pulling the interview, the writing was on the wall at that point. not going to be shown in theaters. probably not on dvd, netnetflix,
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that type of thing. the ability to recruit top filmmakers that could be lost for sony. one of the folks from the hollywood reporter is telling us she thinks people are going to be leery signing on with sony given the fact that their employee's personal information was lost is out there, and what is sony doing to protect that. one person we've not heard from since "the interview" was pulled seth rogen. he co-directed and co-starred in this. he's back in los angeles now. the paparazzi caught up with him. we will see if that changes today. >> it's amazing. they're really black listing this movie. it's going to be impossible to see it. this is no citizen kane apparently. your latest on this is titled now that the u.s. government hacked soundy well what do you suggest? >> anything they do has risks. if they do nothing, it
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emboldened state actors like this. if they go with some senators, that risks messing up relationships a little bit. if you go for cyber retaliation, that risk escalating. so there's a lot of risks involved with anything they do. but it's clear that they have to do something along a coherent policy. >> thank you so very much. in the next hour of "the rundown," what response should the u.s. be. and it's likely the president will talk about it. the state department said policy statements will go into effect in weeks, just months. one of the most outspoken, florida republican senator marco rubio. i spoke with him last night to get his take on what he thinks should have happened. >> what i felt the president should have done here is
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incremental changes based on steps taken on the cubans. if the cubans were going to allow, for example, labor unions or political parties, maybe then we should have made a step towards them. free elections or the process to allow freedom of the press, then additional steps. i thought they should have been steps taken side by side towards that sort of democratic opening in cuba. what the president has done here is given the castros everything they've asked for. in exchange, given nothing when it comes to democracy and freedom. >> let's go to havana right now. i want to get a sense of what people there are really thinking. something that's not easy to do. do you think this could be a better feud are for them? >> they really do. something that's very unpopular here. we've been to the richest
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restaurant owner, to the poorest of the poor. this is good for the economy here normalize relations. they believe it will be a big economic boost in cuba. normalize relations, ideas, many people who have family in the united states they believe could believe to better and normalized relations. you don't get any disagreement wherever you go. the wealthy, the poor. some have imaginations of american businesses coming here of real tourism here. who wouldn't want to be right now an american business man looking for an opportunity like marriott, like jetblue, like coca-cola, for an opportunity to come here and really put something into the economy here. and those on this side cuba they welcome that. another issue of course is the internet. it is available. so limited here.
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they have some twitter. they want to feel like they're connected to the receive of the world. that's the big issue here. one other thing i want to bring up is when raul castro spoke, his headline was not the normalized relations, but he said first, the announcement was those are the cuban five in florida are now free. he gave a nod of course to fitdel fidel. that was his headline. that's another reason they look excited here look to them as almost gods. they just give them unlimited time on the air waves to speak. we've been listening to state tv as they speak about as they really look like a hero a god. it's really good. state controlled media wants you to see and hear if you're living in cuba. we'll get a fascinating
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perspective on all of this. from a dissident who spent nearly 20 years in a cuban prison. now, another matter of foreign policy. the war with isis. the pentagon says it has dealt not one, not two, but three major blows to the organization. we'll go to nbc's jim miklaszewski at the pentagon. you have to imagine the president will get a decision about the strategy today. >> absolutely in this u.s.-led air war, it's going on five months now. progress has been difficult to gauge. in this case they took out their key leaders in that isis organization. the deputy to the top leader of al qaeda, abu bukr al baghdadi. the top military man in iraq and
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isil. that's the highest at isis at the current stage. but nobody here is saying this is a game changer. first of all, there are plenty of other isis members who are going to step in and take their place. maybe not as experienced in the short run but they'll get on to it pretty quickly. real game changer here will be when the iraqi military is in position to actually retake much of the territory that isis seized in a rapid sweep through iraq and nobody here is under any illusion that that's going to happen any time soon. again, we just heard yesterday from the top u.s. commander there in iraq working with the iraqis that this is a battle an effort that's going to take a minimum of three years, jose. >> wow. jim, also the fact that american forces will have to work closely with those iraqi troops if they're going to fight successfully. >> you know what is still missing in a lot of people's
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minds i think is just how complicated this situation is. think about this. the u.s. is flying air missions while iran fighter bombers are also flying air missions. now, they're not fighting in the same area. but who would have thought six months ago that we'd be flying bombing mission, against the same enemy in the same country of iraq with iranian aircraft. >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon. thank you so very much for your time. we're just getting started. we'll dig deeper into the major shifts in relations between cuba and the u.s. as we hear from one of the negotiators behind the deal. we're waiting to hear from the president just hours from now. cuba terror threats. all the issues we're expected to hear about this morning. chuck todd will join me to run through all these questions. here's a quick throwback. fidel castro on "meet the press" just three months after toppling
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yep. see why speed matters, at you get used to stale odors in your mudroom. you think it smells fine, but your guests smell this... febreze air effects works instantly to eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to. smells like a field of awesome in here. from overseas threats from syria and russia and iraq to political challenges like the immigration fight and the republican takeover of congress. president obama has had a big year. he'll put it into perspective and set the stage for 2016 in his end of the year press conference. expected at about 1:30 eastern
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time today. chuck todd the moderator of "meet the press" is with us. president obama heading into 2015. >> this is a white house that feels as if they've never been in a better position. the president almost wants to take a victory lap with this press conference. when you look at the things he's done since the election shellacking, immigration in cuba in particular, but also getting his spending bill without having immigration gum that up. there was a lot of thought that politically his announcement would make it impossible to work with congress and get a spending bill threw. i think he feels as relevant as ever. it's beyond just saying i'm not a lame duck. it's saying i still can dictate the agenda. and i think he's made clear, at
6:16 am
least these last six weeks, he can. the question is how does he do it going forward. what does he hint at today at how he plans on working with the republican congress, which he has no choice to do in 2015. >> for example, the nature of how he has timed his decisions and what the decisions have been. i mean who would have told us in november after the shellacking, to use your word that today, the agenda as you said would be set by well immigration and the domestic and foreign policy cuba which has been something that has been part of the national discourse since 1959. >> no absolutely. and i think that, you know today it's going to be -- i am curious, i want to focus on cuba for a minute. i was just in -- spend a lot of time with some old miami friends wednesday and thursday being in miami. you know at a minimum, does he at least change his tone in how
6:17 am
he announced it. i talked to many of my longtime friends in miami who are fine with the change in policy but didn't like the way he presented it. i'll be curious today if he has more beingacknowledgement of the exile community and more skepticism of the castro brothers than he did a couple days ago. >> tell me about that. what is it about the wording or the semantic that some found difficult? >> i think it was more this idea of selling -- look making the case, the policy wasn't working, saying it was inconsistent with what we were doing with china, with vietnam, with myanmar. intellectually, that made a lot of sense to folks. it was the more personal aspect of things. of being able to say, you know what saying that, you know, maybe you don't trust -- don't make it seem as if you don't trust the castro brothers to make some changes. that this policy change is being
6:18 am
done with skepticism. so it was more in the presentation of the policy change. but also look the fact is a lot of people in south florida either have family or know somebody who has family who were personally hurt by the castro regime. either physically or financially or in another way. and not addressing that enough i think is what made it a lot easier to see what looks to be almost certainly allow lily allow opposition in miami, even louder one than some people expected. >> i asked what it would take to set things in motion that would cause relations to be restored between the united states and cuba. in january of 2013 freedom of the press, and liberty of political prisoners. you also delivered the commencement address at the university of miami. >> i did.
6:19 am
>> said something interesting, the university of miami looks like america in the 21st century. explain that. >> well, i mean when you look at -- look south florida, we talk about this demographic change that's taking place in america. well, i grew -- the south florida i grew up -- this happened in south florida in the '80s and '90s. i went to a high school that was a third hispanic a third african-american, a third caucasian in 1987 okay. so that's what i mean. you look at the university of miami, it attracts a very global -- miami being the capital of latin america. i think it attract, a global student body as well. when you look out there, it's, you know, i look at the immigration fight for instance. it was painful in the '80s. the same pain you're seeing politically in the midwest, we went through, jose in south
6:20 am
florida in the '80s. that's what i look at okay this is what america's going to look like 20 years from now swreering in the -- >> you remember chuck, those bumper sticker, will the last american to leave miami please bring the flag? >> the anger about two languages being spoken any time you went to a store. look, i remember all of those. again, all of the debates and the hyperbole we see nationally on immigration today we saw in south florida in the '80s. >> chuck todd always a pleasure to speak with you, sir. we're going to be looking forward to "meet the press" as we do either sunday. our coverage of the president's year-end press conference begins at 1:30, by the way, right here on msnbc. don't forget you can see "meet the press" this sunday on nbc. and then in the afternoon, switch over to telemundo and catch this program, it's kind of " "meet the press" in espanol.
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♪ ♪ you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here. a manhunt for militants, heart break down under, and a new battle brewing over pot. at least 59 militants were killed in separate attacks in northwestern tribal regions near the of an began border. it comes days after taliban fighters killed 148 people most children, at a school in pakistan. the assault was the deadliest single attack in the group's
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history. in australia, strangers are leaving flowers outside a home where eight children were found dead today. police say me were called to the scene after receiving a report of a woman with serious injuries. when egg vaers showed up they found the body of children ranging in age from 18 months to 15 years. the woman is receiving treatment for her injuries. a big pot battle brewing out west. nebraska and oklahoma filed a lawsuit asking the u.s. supreme court to declare colorado's legalization of marijuana unconstitutional. suit argues the drug is being brought across borders into neighboring states undermining those state's marijuana bans and burdening their criminal justice systems. it's too early to tell whether the supreme court will even accent the case. and from finale to santa claus rallies on wall street. just ahead of the opening bell stocks are coming off their best day in three years. cnbc's mandy drewry. >> it's been nothing short of incredible, right. we've had the best two-day rally
6:26 am
for the s&p in three years. it's gained 4 1/2 percent in that time. the best day of 2014. the dow jumped over 4%. so everybody's asking what now. it wouldn't be strange to see a bit of a breather. but if you're expecting another massive rally today, don't hold your breath. we are watching oil naturally very closely. the really interesting thing here is yesterday we watched the stock market decouple from oil. oil fell into the close as stocks continued to accelerate. congratulations because gas prices have now fallen for the 84th day in a row. you'll pay a whole lot less than you were this time last year. >> thank you so much. we'll keep an eye on the opening bell just minutes away. we're just getting started on "the rundown." coming up some bad timing for holiday travelerings. messy weather hitting the northeast. take a look at a rain soaked
6:27 am
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a look at the new york stock exchange. the opening bell is sounding off after a monster rally yesterday which sent the dow up 420 points. you can see reps from portfolios with purpose there to ring the bell. the charitable organization holds a stock picking contest with proceeds going to various charities. we'll keep an eye to see if the santa claus rally continues. maybe we'll inch closer to 18,000. i want to go back ton the imagine the major shift in diplomatic relations. june 2013 the president's deputy national security adviser ben roads and his adviser on latin america traveled to canada for what would be the first of eight meetings with cuban counterparts. in march of 2014 pope francis enters. ur raising the idea of the
6:30 am
shift. followed by letters to the president and raul castro. then in october, one final critical meeting between american and cuban counterparts at the vatican. all culminating with president obama's tuesday phone call with raul castro. yesterday, i sat down with someone in the room for that call. one of the president's key negotiateors in all of this his adviser in latin american. he talked about what happens next in cuba. >> the bottom line here is that we have policies that we have control over that we believe we can change that are going to help cubans gain greater control over their lives. that's what we control. we can't dictate what it is the cuban government determines to move in a position in a direction that we believe they should take. >> of course you can see much more of my interview this sunday on telemundo at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. i want to bring in another voice in all of this. the first cuban-american to serve in the united states senate. former republican senator mel
6:31 am
martinez. senator, thanks for being with me. >> good to be with you. >> what do you see as the consequence of this shift in diplomatic relations between the two countries? >> look i think it's a dramatic change. i mean i will echo what everyone that knows cuba and knows cuba policy has been saying which is we gave away the store and got really nothing in return. the question is implementation. we need to look beyond the immediate what's done is done. the united states government, this administration has a tremendous responsibility to implement this in such a way that it doesn't foster oppression that it doesn't foster the kind of failed system cuba has had but encourages change. >> how do you do that? >> well i think you need to insist that the cuban people be able to work for their employer and not for the government. your reporter from havana was talking about how great it would be to invest in cuba.
6:32 am
i think it's imperative. companies are not going to want to invest in cuba if their employees are working for the cuban government and they're paying the cuban government a certain wage and the employee is receiving a very small portion of that. i've talked to business men and others who have told me over the years they feel bad doing business in an environment like that. there's no law in cuba. we need to insist on changes that will help in the long run to set up circumstances in cuba for an opportunity for the cuban people to live in freedom and prosperity and enjoy the rest of the things the receive of peoples in latin america can enjoy, fruit of their labors. >> senator, thank you. >> iokay buddy, good to be with you. >> i want to bring in our next guest. good to see you. so give me your read and some of the folks that read your very popular blog site. what do you think of this
6:33 am
change? >> once everyone got over the shock, because no one saw it. one of the things that people have been talking about is people tend to forget that cuban history, you know, there was cuban history before 1959 so you have to look at this in the context of latin america. the fact that this has been a history of the right versus the left. so it's definitely a third rail issue. a lot of people were relieved almost sort of looking forward to having real honest conversations about this issue. given the context of u.s./latino politics and the context of a lot of, you know younger cuban-americans that might think differently about what the older generation is saying. >> so what is that conversation? what do you think the conversation should be? >> what we're hearing is the role of the united states. where is the united states going to play into this? are we talking about a united states, you know, for all the people to bring out a movie reference? "the godfather part 2" where you
6:34 am
have him cutting up the island of cuba. are we going back to that? are we going to have real real change in the sense of families reconnecting again, sort of, you know that idea of, you know coming from the ground up of acknowledging the fact that the cuban government is actually out there and actually exist and we're the only country in the world that actually has not been part of this, you know the fact that cuba's recognized. >> one of the things i often think about. are we all being a little ethnocentric about our views? it's always about the americans and what the americans do. you know there's a broad -- i'm so glad you brought this up. there's a big world out there. there are a lot of countries out there. it's not just about what americans think and do. it's all i think the responsibility of each country to make a difference in their own future. >> exactly. and let's not discount jose the whole issue of the stories
6:35 am
of the exile community. chuck todd brought it up. i've been at those dinner tables in miami, san juan new jersey and it's very important. that voice needs to be heard. i think within the context of what the exile community is saying and also the fact that what senator martinez said is i think people want the best for cuba. there's a love of cuba. it's so embedded in our psyche both as latinos, as americans. there's this global sense that, you know, water bigger than this now. it's time to really think about policy in a way, you know, that really hasn't worked for 55 years. >> julio thank you, my friend for being on. of course latino rebels go to check it out. it's an important voice you need to hear. >> thank you very much. >> let's hear many voices. that's really part and parcel of our mantra on this show. i want to go to a voice inside cuba. in 1990 when he was 25 years
6:36 am
old, he was jailed literally, because he spoke out for democracy in his country. he was released 17 years later and continues to be a strong voice of opposition in the island. he is here in south florida with me today. he only speaks spanish so i will translate this conversation. [ speaking foreign language ] thank you for being with me. first of all, your reaction ton this news of the normalization of relations. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: my reaction is emotions. it was never a surprise. there were things we were waiting. [ both speaking at once ] -- a message send to the dissidents that they're alone, that we're alone. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: -- an indefensive
6:37 am
situation because today right now in cuba they're charging an important leader of the resistance. the oppression is increasing against political prisoners. for denouncing an infiltration of spies that were coming in the united states. >> these people are now being given 30 years in prison as we speak. [ speaking foreign language ] the united states administration says this is only to help the cuban people. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: what happens if sometimes there's confusion. if they confuse people with the regime but the people of cuba and cuba is not the regime. it's not fidel castro. this will help. it will help the people who want to make money off the cuban people. it will help people who are in the united states who want to
6:38 am
exploit the pain of the cuban people. but to the exiled that are here the patriots the people who want to live in freedom, it will help them not at all. it is a message of leaving them alone. of unloyalty. it is a cruel treasonious thing that leaves us without any defenses. there is one benefit. the tyranny of castro that well feel like a green light to increase its oppression. [ speaking foreign language ] thank you very much for being with us. a voice of someone who served 17 years in prison for asking for democracy. up next, we will head back to the white house and the alarming details buried in the new secret service report highlighting problems in the agency protecting our president. those details, plus what homeland security head has to say about it next. >> is the president -- is the president's family are they safe? >> i believe they're safe yes,
6:39 am
absolutely. i know the president himself has the highest confidence in the level of protection that he and the first family receive from the secret service.
6:40 am
thanks. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ [ narrator ] mama sherman and the legion of super fans. wow! [ narrator ] on a mission to get richard to his campbell's chunky soup. it's new chunky beer-n-cheese with beef and bacon soup. i love it. and mama loves you. ♪ ♪ as the velocity of change in the world increases new players in new markets face a choice:
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live look at 1600 pennsylvania avenue where president obama will hold his end of the year press conference in just a couple of hours. he may face questions about the new secret service report highlighting problems entrenched in the agency. the panel found an organization starved for leadership. that rewards innovation and excellent and demands accountability. we heard a common desire. more resources would help. but what we really need is leadership. nbc news senior white house correspondent chris jansing inging has more. >> reporter: the panel of four independent investigators bluntly lays out the high stakes for this secret service. a single miscue or even a split second delay could have
6:43 am
disastrous consequences for the nation and the world. >> it's 100% accurate. it's absolutely critical these changes are made now. this is a zero sum environment. there are no do overs in the secret service. >> reporter: the recommendations are dramatic. a fence at least four feet taller to delay intruders. a bigger force. 85 new agents. 200 new uniformed officers. more training time. shockingly, in 2013 uniformed officers were trained only about 25 minutes each. and oversee the changes. a shake-up at the top. including a director from outside the service, removed from traditions and personal relationships. that may not sit well inside the agency as the acting director told brian. >> we don't have time to train someone in this role. you've got to have someone who has some history and knows where we need to go in the future. >> reporter: director julia pierson was fired after omar gonzalez made an unprecedented breach into the white house and clancy has started to make
6:44 am
changes, including reinforcing the fence. but jay johnson says it's just the start. >> this is not something in my judgment based on the recommendations i've seen that can change overnight. >> that was nbc's chris jansing. coming up from russia with love. vladimir putin delivers an epic speech and offered a rare glimpse into his heart. look at him. there he is with a suit on. no tigers or leopards around. plus, a live look at houston texas this morning. another messy weather system moving through right when you might be hitting the road. the forecast coming up on "the rundown."
6:45 am
6:46 am
europe is flexing its muscles in the ongoing showdown with vladimir putin who's trying to keep the russian economy from spiraling into a free fall. from brussels where european leaders are continuing their get-tough policy. good morning.
6:47 am
>> good morning, jose. what's interesting to note a couple of things that came out of this meeting. this huge end of year eu summit. eu leaders all gathered together. one thing, they could hardly keep smirks from their keep their smirk from the face. they see the sanctions are working. the sanctions were worth it. they decided to ban investment in crimea. that takes place tomorrow on saturday. and, of course, you have to remember we're talking about the e.u. here. we have 28 separate countries, 28 separate competing agendas. finding consensus on anything is different for the guys at the best of times. the message is clear from brussels is there going to stand firm. they'll keep the pressure on with putin. of course, so you to remember that european economies have been tied to russia even more so than ever before over the last fife years. especially german exports and imports to russia over $100 billion last year. you have to remember at least 10% of e.u. exports went to
6:48 am
russia in 2013. all of that is gone at least for the foreseeable future. if you listen to mr. putin's comments at least the next two years. despite the fact they are tightening belts they are seeing the sanctions are worth it. thank you. i want to bring in russian expert. pleasure to see you. >> hi. >> let me get your reaction to what we heard from the european union today. they're getting tough. they see the sanctions may be working and they think more should be done. >> sanctions are working. they've been working it's just our expectations were wrong or the west expectations, i would say, are wrong. the expectations were putin will go on his knees very quickly. he wouldn't but it certainly, i mean, the markets show that the markets show. you cannot control them and that's what putin is seeing right now. in my opinion, i think pushing for more sanctions right now is a mistake because putin can be
6:49 am
negotiated with. it's a really good time to use diplomacy as a leverage over him, and i think more conversations rather than less is probably going to be the right approach. >> and nina, i want to talk to you, you say the west or some of the west thought that any kind of sanctions would get putin to be on his knees. when you look for example, russian voters and i'm looking at this ap poll in the latest ap poll putin has an approval ratings of 81%. the ruble may be going down into the tank but he certainly is not. how do you explain that? >> well, it depends who you ask and how you ask them. certain polls say he's 80%. certain polls say he's in 60%. >> still not bad. 60 percent is a pretty high number. >> for a democracy it is absolutely. i think any western leader would kill for the leaders.
6:50 am
we should remember that russia is a very centrally oriented country. it looks at the saver. for solutions to various problems, it looks for the crime lynn to defend itself. russia, let's say is a czar-oriented country. any approval rating over 50% would be something that russians would always have. there would not much below 50%. that's one thing. but another thing is that people now ask questions. but also they got more afraid. they really look at their government to save them but at the same time what they see around them is not something that should be very happy about or very unhappy about. i think in those in the disparity of polls you can see a lot of conflict. some people hope and some people think it's not going to work for them. >> talk to me about the ruble going in the tank as one indication of very difficult
6:51 am
economic realities for russia and the president said yesterday in his press conference it could be two years before they see any kind of better situation. do people, i mean, i guess what you're saying is they're used to this and they don't think that two years is a long period to wait, you know? >> well, i mean, he's shooting in the dark. he doesn't know. a month ago he was saying sanctions are not working and we are great and fine. which, of course was clear that was absolutely not the case. people are used to hardship. he had a social contract a deal with the people. he's going to make their lives better but they would have to surrender to the government in, you know giving up certain freedoms. so now this contract has been broken. he can blame the west all he wants, but people do see what is going on around them. when the ruble is at 59 per dollar, that is a problem. i have to say i looked through
6:52 am
russian news today and they were saying, well putin is such a great economist. does he stabilize the ruble because it used in the 70 just a few years -- just a few days back. so good for putin. >> yeah. and nina on a final thing, but in the history of russia and the soviet union, it was rare to see the leaders talk about or share their stories. and a journalist asked russian putin about his love life. >>well nina there's an unusual thing. >> it's not unusual for putin.
6:53 am
it's certainly unusual for soviet leader but he's not a soviet leader. he's autocrat. did you ever see soviet leaders riding horses bare chested in siberia? >> he didn't. he looks good like that. >> he looked back then. now he doesn't look as good. it's been 15 years. so yes, it's his signature trade. he gives something personal but at the same time he remains a strong leader of the people. he's of the people but for the people at the same time. that's his gift. >> nina crew he receive, a pleasure to see you. coming up as we take the turn on "the rundown"." president obama is expected to address the hack attack on sony pictures. it's get away a day for the president. but the road on 1600 pennsylvania is getting started. we'll look at who may be making
6:54 am
a run for the white house 2016. the calm before the holiday storm. at lot of people traveling today. we're live in la guardia airport with today's details on the weather and travel and so much more. stion for you: when electricity is generated with natural gas instead of today's most used source, how much are co2 emissions reduced? up to 30%? 45%? 60%? the answer is... up to 60% less. and that's a big reason why the u.s. is a world leader in reducing co2 emissions. take the energy quiz -- round 2. energy lives here. ♪ many americans who have prescriptions fail to stay on them. that's why we created programs which encourage people to take their medications regularly. so join us as we raise a glass to everyone who remembered today. bottoms up, america.
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and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? aleve, proven better on pain. and developing now on "the rundown" president obama is expected to address that massive hack attack on sony in a few hours during a white house news conference. a senior u.s. official told nbc news that the u.s. has concluded that north korea is responsible but so far administration officials have not publicly blamed that country. right now the administration is considering how to respond. >> it is also been the subject of a number of daily meetings that have been convened here at the white house that have been led by the president's homeland security adviser and occasionally by his cyber coordinator. including senior members of our intelligence community and
6:58 am
homeland security officials of military diplomatic, and law enforcement officials as well. >> the white house said it did not pressure sony to cancel the release of the film "the interview." u.s. officials believe the cyber attack was routed through computer servers in taiwan. in an effort to mask it all within it's after it was launched in north korea it went through taiwan. joining me now is senior writer. why do you think the government is not public blaming north korea for the hack attack if they have information it was? >> i think they're waiting if to scare make sure for certain it was north korea. and we heard for the last two weeks we heard it will be north korea. we think sony and the government have remained silent who it is. we think they're 100% certain. >> talk to me about the cost doctor. it goes beyond cancelling the film the north korea doesn't really like. >> absolutely.
6:59 am
it's costly decision for sony because, you know, we reported yesterday it could cost up to $75 million because the movie costs $44 million and spent about $30 million on advertising. but also it's completely damaging because five movies were leaked relationships have been damaged, sony's president amy pascal has been in the news. the ending of the new james bond movie has been leaked. we don't know how much it will cost sony but it will cost a lot. it's going take a long time for them to recover. >> and to think it's not a leak. it's stolen stuff that they're putting online and for the world to see. it's still stolen property. talk to me about what you think the long-term effect it could have on sony and the motion picture industry. >> i think the big news out of the story last night george clooney gave an interview and he said that sony asked other studios to join them and to come together and fight this hack and the other studios were scared to
7:00 am
sign the letter of solidarity. and i think what we are seeing in hollywood is at lot of fractured relationships and sense of loss as we enter the holiday season. it's tough year for hollywood. for this to cap off the year and the movie going experience it's a scary time. >> it is. thank you. let me bring in republican congressman marcia blackburn of tennessee. good morning. >> good morning. >> you said congress needs to crack down on cyber attacks. what do you think congress can do? >> there are several steps that we can take. first of all, dealing with what we know to be a part of what is happening in north korea. they have bureau 121, this is information we've gotten through south korea after they suffered the attacks in 2013. bureau 121 has about 1800 hackers and they're scattered around the globe. that's why you may have seen the push forward to the site in
7:01 am
taiwan where north korea gets their internet access. what we can do is put in place some guidelines so the private sector has the ability to share with government when they spot the algorithms they think are problematic and give it to u.s. intel agencies. we also need to make certain that there are penalties on the book. there are enforcement provisions on the book and there is a way to adjudicate these cases. you know jose,ed in the physical world for theft, for exposure you have penalties that are there. these need to be applied for readily, and equitably to the virtual space. >> you have taken aim at sewnony
7:02 am
for the cancellation. >> i would go ahead and put the film out there. it just difference of opinion that i have with them. it's interesting i've heard from many of my friends on the west coast or new york. they're saying it's a blow to creative expression which we treasure hered in the united states. yesterday i was over on music row in nashville and people were concerned about sony caving in and cancelling the release of that film. of course there are more people who know about the film "the interview" than ever would have then it gone to release and on to one of the sites for streaming. >> congressman marcia blackburn, thank you. >> thank you. and we're looking forward to hearing from president obama just about three and a half hours from now. the press will get to grill the commander in chief one more time before he heads to hawaii for the holidays. there's nbc's kelly o'donnell at the white house with me this morning. good morning! give us a preview.
7:03 am
>> good to be with you. all of us in the workplaces have the rachael. the last thing you do. it means on your feet for probably an hour taking questions to cap a year that has certainly been eventful. we expect the president, as he does by tradition, make opening remarks that will frame how he views the year gone by and perhaps previewing some of the relationships he might want to have congress. a new congress in just a matter of weeks. expect the president to be questioned on everything both domestic and international, and we have not heard the president on the sony hack issue. it will be an interesting opportunity to see the president weigh in on this about what the u.s. can do. how corporations and the united states need to protect themselves, and is there a way that the administration can respond given all the discussion we've had about not necessarily knowing who the actors involved are in terms of bringing about that breach at sony. when you look at immigration, the year that was.
7:04 am
looking at what happened in cuba in just recent days. the president will take in some ways a lap -- some are see it as victory, others will see it as marking time in his administration that has been monumentous monument. but the president did claim he made progress on the major achievements in terms of goals he set. still plenty of work to do but for people who thought the president might have been weakened by the midterm elections, he's also showing that the office of the president is always consequential and he's using that power. some say in ways that goes too far. he's using that power to advance his agenda. >> at the white house kelly o'donnell. thank you very much. good to see you. and msnbc's coverage of the president's press conference begins at 1:30 eastern. that's 10:30 pacific. stay tuned. you won't want to miss it. coming uptake a look at the brand new video just in of alan gross. courtesy of the u.s. government. you can see alan walking off the
7:05 am
plane. back in the u.s. after five years in a cuban prison. this of course the event that united the shift in u.s.-cuba relations. we'll go back to havana cuba for that and more. and more of my interview with marco rubio. here is part of our exchange in english. >> senator, the fact is that for 54 years, the american embargo against the castro regime hasn't worked. the two brothers that were in power in 1961 in january of 1961 when the u.s. broke relations with cuba are still in power today. the embargo, they say, doesn't work. the president and his supporters think it's time to try something new. >> i would say two things. for 50 some odd years the castro regime hasn't worked even with soviet subsidies. they've been a disaster for their country. no freedom and the people trying to flee. half the population of cuba
7:06 am
would leave tomorrow if they had the chance. that should be changed as well. my second point, is the embargo in the 21st century is different purpose than the 20th century. it had to do with the cold war. in the 21st century, the embargo is about first and foremost con deeming human rights abuses and dictator shims but about leverage. able to go to the cuban government and say we know you want economic relations and diplomatic recognition from the united states. in order for that to happen you have to take concrete steps toward democracy. that's not what the president did. it's one sided. that's what happens when you send a speech writer to negotiate a deal with an experienced dictator. >> thank you for being with me. [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking. feet...tiptoeing. better things than the pain stiffness, and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz (tofacitinib) is a small pill not an injection
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7:09 am
u.s. businesses are closely following the obama plan e soing the huge opportunity to expand their market. travel zoo sent out the e-mail urgeing americans to visit cuba through the people-to-people tours allowed through the embargo embargo. we're live in havana. we've seen a number of companies putsing out statements welcoming new developments. what kind of opportunities are we talking about? >> i think we're talking about billions and billions of dollars worth of opportunities. first of all, when it comes to the tourism industry we know the cruise industry has wanted to get in here for a long time. airlines for sure. remember what has happened here though. there isn't a wholesale allowance of americans being able to get on planes to go to cuba. they need to apply for a license through the treasury. they have to do that either through firm that specializes in doing this.
7:10 am
so it's still pretty difficult even though with the changes announced two days ago to make it easier and speedier to do that. it's probably going to be less costly as well because there's going to be some of the bureaucratic issues being removed. it's more likely going to be airlines that already do charter flights. a lot of americans don't realize there's a lot of planes that leave miami every day and fly directly into havana for the people traveling under the certain licenses. it f it became easier there might be other parts of the country. cruise ships they haven't changed anything when it comes to passenger ferry service. it's not clear they would be able to get in here right away. >> and, michelle talk to me about the infrastructure that exists there as far as employees, for example. if you are an american company and you want to invest in cuba, how does that work? how do you get the employees -- how do you set up shop there? >> so first of all, being able to put money into an investment
7:11 am
here for an american company is extremely difficult. right now and even under the new rules right now you you can sell products into the country and one change that has happened under the new rules is before you had to be paid in advance now you don't have to be paid in advance. you can be paid under transfer of title. so weit get to the port. if you don't get paid you center to fight through the cuban legal system in order to get paid. that's going to be difficult. putting foreign direct investment here for a u.s. company is difficult. >> thank you for being with me this morning from havana. and joining me here in our south florida studio is florida congressman elect whose district inside key west 90 miles from cuba. thank you for being me with. let me pick up where michelle left off. what are your thoughts about the economic opportunities for american businesses to in the
7:12 am
future invest in an island nation just 90 miles away from the united states? >> well, look, first of all, what happened a couple of days ago, the president announce is not good for the united states. it's not good for the cuban people. >> why? >> it's not good for business. >> why? >> cuba is a country there's no rule of law. there are no guarantees. there are no property rights. so who in the right mind would want to invest there to begin with? >> congressman, every single country except the united states has been investing to cuba. every single country except the united states has full and complete relations with that country. and they're still doing it. >> because until two days ago, jose, the united states had a policy of standing in solidarity with the cuban peoples. that all changed. many people specially in my generation. our generation jose of course we care about the cuban people. of course we care about the future of cuba, but we're americans.
7:13 am
we're born in this country. it hurts us for the first time in 56 years our country threw its president is on the wrong side of history on this issue. >> my question was specifically on american investments. you're saying it's a bad thing. i haven't figured out why >> i want the united states businesses and companies to invest in cuba when cuba is free. there are guarantees in kpu baa. when the cubans that american companies are going to hire aren't castro's slaves. when they are actually free people that can make their own choices and work at the businesses -- and we need to have labor unions in cuba. >> and you don't think the relations with the u.s. would prompt the changes? >> these enhanced relationships with the united states that the obama administration announced is going to help one people. maybe two people. fidel and raul castro. and the most important part it hurts u.s. national security interests in the short term and the long-term. >> let me ask you something. we hear a lot of talk about the
7:14 am
generational divide that twists in cuba. the older folks are staunch in the support of the embargo but younger people are not. they're changing their perspective. it's time to see that the new generation sees things differently. you represent the youngest voting district in the state of florida. you're not a old guy yourself. >> i'm 364. >> tell me about the again rational divide that exists between cuban-americans. >> what upset most people in my generation is to see our country, the united states in a position of weakness. to see our country give up three convicted spies. one of whom was found guilty of committing murder against three american citizens freed to. to see our country give everything -- >> the swap that was the pretext or the reason for all of these changes in policy. so i think all the generations of cuban-americans are united of course, there are differences between us. i didn't feel the pain of having my home taken away.
7:15 am
i didn't see my grandfather while he was in political prison for 12 years. yet, as americans, it hurts to see the united states role in the world diminished and it hurts to see our president, for the first time in 56 years from ken i do bushnedy to bush. it's the first president on the wrong side of history. >> what do you see for the role for example, of congress in coming up in january on this issue? >> congress has to lead. just like we have to lead on every other issue or where the president acted unilaterally and not consulted with the united states congress. by the way, jose there are eight cuban-american members of congress. not one of them was included in any of these discussions. >> that includes bob menendez, everyone who was excludeed. that's wrong. we're going to show the president that he has to count on us. and that congress does have a major role. you heard about defunding
7:16 am
efforts. i think you're going to see -- >> mostly on immigration we're talking about, by the way. >> and cuba. lindsayey graham and mauro rubio announced they have a plan to defund of what the president announced. there's a clear message from the united states congress that is u.s. law. there are conditions for engaging cuba and the president disregarded all of them. >> thank you very much for being with me. it's a pleasure to see you, sir. up next we zoom through some of the other top stories making news including a pot battle heating up out west. and why some states are fighting colorado's marijuana legalization saying it turned into a problem for them. first, a live look from the top of the rock on an overcast december day in new york city. take a look. at any time is fabulous? it's live. the price of gasoline is down. there's no relation to what i said. i like to reinforce gas is coming down. it's under $2 a gallon. hey! i guess we're going to need a new santa
7:17 am
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7:20 am
a manhunt for militants and limb began on trial, and a new battle brewing over pot. let's zoom through the top stories. at least 59 militants were killed in separate attacks in a northwestern triable region near the afghan border of pakistan. comes ss days after taliban fighters killed people at the school. officials in los angeles now saying that massive fire in an apartment complex under construction this month was arson. no one was hurt in the fire that caused up to $10 million in damage. a. a pot battle out west. declaring colorado's legalization of marijuana unconstitutional. the suit argues it's being brought across the border undermining the marijuana bans. it's too early to tell whether the supreme court will accept the case. 18-time olympics champion
7:21 am
michael phelps will be arriving in court. character charged with dui. he registered .14% after he was stopped for speeding violation in late september. he could face up to one year in jail if convicted. after nine years on comedy central, stephen colbert signed off from his popular cable talk show "the colbert report." dozen of celebrities joined for a sign off for the comedian signed off. >> this, in fact is your last time tuning into the "colbert report." until -- no. no. folks, until ten years from now when they reboot it directed by j.j. abrams. >> colbert will take over for the cbs the late show host david leathert letterman. not before we bless him in today's five things.
7:22 am
coming up the weather forecast isn't looking very pleasant. what you need to know for your holiday travel. and later i'm talking 2016 after jeb bush ignited more speculation this week. what are the chances for another president bush? that's next. another great thing about all this walking i've been doing is that it's given me time to reflect on some of life's biggest questions. like, if you could save hundreds on car insurance by making one simple call, why wouldn't you make that call? see, the only thing i can think of is that you can't get any... bars. ah, that's better. it's a beautiful view. i wonder if i can see mt. rushmore from here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. [ narrator ] mama sherman and the legion of super fans. wow! [ narrator ] on a mission to get richard to his campbell's chunky soup. it's new chunky beer-n-cheese with beef and bacon soup. i love it. and mama loves you. ♪ ♪
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just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing zero down, zero deposit and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. turning to the weather. bad news for the holiday get away. both this weekend and next week. some storms could cause major delays. joining me now reagan medgie at the la guardia airport. how is it looking now? >> right now, jose it's looking pretty good. people are driving smoothly up into skies. it looks pretty good. at la guardia we're not dealing with too much bag log right now. it's not reportedly too bad. i'll walk you inside to show the boards. it's the best description i can give. arrival and departures.
7:25 am
arrivals mostly on time. a couple are delayed it could cause a later on today. the departures a lot on time. jfk and newark a different story. right now reporting about an half hour delay. we talked about that messy weather. if you're going to be travel for the holidays you might want to think about doing it sooner than later. specifically today, tomorrow or sunday. because once monday hits we're going look at storms from boston all the way to ohio and down south beyond atlanta. that's when you're probably going to get some rough weather. that's when you could possibly see delays. now what we're looking at here at the airport you can see a lot of people packing in lining up. if you're going to be taking to the skies as your mode of transportation, you're going have to go to through tsa. and a couple of things you should know. it tsa has a 311 program. you want to have items, you know, 3.4 ounces and less if you're carrying it on in one zip lock bag like a quart. it's one per person. that makes it quicker when you're going through tsa with
7:26 am
the check point. if you have, you know, baby formula or medication that is over 3 ounces you want to declare that immediately because that's, you know, likely will be checked by tsa. because, of course security is pretty tight at la guardia international airport. everybody is getting ready to go home for christmas break, to go and see their relatives. if you're packing gifts, one last thing. don't wrap them. because if tsa sees a wrapped gift and think they might be suspicious they will unwrap it and likely, unfortunately, the gifts are not intended for the tsa agent. it might be nice to bring something for them. they're working like all of us. >> thank you very much for that report. appreciate it. now to the race for 2016 and everyone is talking about it even david letterman. all right. so what letterman joked about i can't because i'm not funny. it's about jeb bush. all that has been talked about
7:27 am
since he announced that he was actively exploring a potential run for the presidency. meaning he's thinking about thinking about running for president. that set off speculation on both sides of the aisle. on the right reaction for potential rivals like ted cruz who said a moderate candidate like bush will lose to hillary clinton. on the left new soul searching whether a candidate like elizabeth warren should be challenging hillary clinton. let's frame the debate. two of my favorites msnbc contributor jimmy williams and gop strategies noel. i miss you. >> merry christmas! >> like wise. let's start on the right, jim ji. talk about the ripple effective about the bush announcement all the way through the gop. >> ted cruz it delusional. i think he has prooun that over and over again. if you don't believe me ask senate colleagues after last week. and so the idea that jeb bush is
7:28 am
a moderate could lose is what the conservatives were saying about george bush. he won twice. i don't necessarily buy into the idea there's bush fatigue or american people don't like dynasties. i think they don't mind that at all. i think they like competent people. jeb bush ran florida for eight years and did a decent job. can he run the country? that was, by the way, seven or eight years ago. he's going have to track far to the right to win the primary. a go up against ted cruz or rand paul. that's going to be hard. i'm not sure how gets out of the primary. it he does, he's formidable. that's a fact. >> let's talk about that. jeb bush in the past said he's a strong promotor of common core. he thinks that immigration reform should include legalization of the 11 or 12 million people. not clear exactly if he wants a pathway to citizenship or not. but those are two issues that
7:29 am
maybe for the more conservative aspect of the gop don't play well. >> you're right. there's been a lot of discussion about how jeb bush is going to handle those two issues common core and comprehensive immigration reform. i think that he is going to be a formidable candidate. i think that once, you know a lot of candidates kind of wash out. i think you're going to see that not only can jeb bush do well. he was a good governor for florida. he's a lot of -- he has a lot of establishment that will back him because of a legacy and the last name. he's a good candidate. he really is a good candidate. >> can he get through -- can he get through iowa new hampshire, georgia, north carolina south carolina? >> that's going take a wicked turn. if he can get through iowa. can he get through new hampshire? i don't know. he can take florida. >> by the time he gets to
7:30 am
florida and, you know, jimmy, can he get through. can he get through iowa new hampshire, north carolina, south carolina, georgia before he gets to florida? >> the only way to get through iowa is to bow down to steve king. you can't be more extreme than that fool. he's a fool no doubt about it. iowa is its own special thing. new hampshire probably easier for him. south carolina? that's a tough state. i mean don't forget gingrich won south carolina last year. bush family is liked in south carolina where i'm from. and so you to get through the three states first. once do you that for the most part you have momentum if you won all three. i just don't see how jeb bush actually gets through iowa. and it's a caucus by the way, not a primary. >> right. let's swing to the democratic party. you have hillary clinton if she decides to run, clearly the frontrunner. but there are some on the left that are saying maybe shouldn't be a given thing.
7:31 am
that maybe someone like elizabeth warren or others should even present a challenge. do you think that's a possibility? >> yes it is a possibility. and number hillary has some, you know, chinks in the armor, so to speak. you know -- dings in the armor. you have benghazi that is probably going to come up again. you have, you know recently they released -- >> that's going to come up by the gop not by the democrats. come on! >> okay. and you have an article that came out in politico about she and bill spent $1.5 million on traveling when they were surrogates for the midterm elections. the other thing is elizabeth warren -- and elizabeth warren is someone that can sneak up and actually present a threat to her. number one, you know, it takes away from her being the only woman candidate in the race. number two, she's going get support, i would think, from people like tom steyer who is a
7:32 am
big epa pac. she stood up for the epa when the stimulus bill was coming out and she said how, you know, she was upset they were taking money away from the epa. she's far left but she stands true to the far left as a true candidate. >> so, jimmy, we're talking about names matter. the clinton name and the brand is very very strong and inside democratic party and throughout the country, really. do you see her as being threatened at all by someone like the senator who said she's not running for president? >> she's not running for president. she said she's not running for president. he said last week she's going to finish out the senate term. barack obama never said that. and the idea that elizabeth warren is running is not true. she did say she wasn't going to president in the future. i won't mind seeing her run in the future. at the end of the day, it's remarkably simple. it's hillary clinton's race to lose. bernie sanders is probably going to get in.
7:33 am
martin o'malley may get in. the democrats expect her to perform. i expect her to perform. by the way, on the issue of benghazi, she's talked about that and she's been cleared of any wrong doing. i welcome that debate. >> i love you both. thank you for being with me. breaking news to tell you about. we're expecting to hear from the fbi shortly on the sony hacking scandal. following all the developments on the story. we'll bring you the statement as soon as we get it. coming up president obama gets off to hawaii this afternoon for his christmas get away before be he says alhoa. he's taking questions from the press. just ahead a break down of the topics the president is expected to hit in his final news conference of 2014. ♪[ soft holiday music ]♪ can you help me up?
7:34 am
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7:36 am
and we're following breaking news for you. the fbi is expected to deliver a statement on the sony hacking
7:37 am
scandal short willly. we'll bring it as soon as we get it. it may put the issue at the top of the list for president obama's end of year press conference which is coming up at 1:30 eastern, 10:30 pacific. there's no shortage of topics for him to discuss. we figured we would bring in some of our favorite reporters to go through them. ayman sakuma has been following immigration. ben ji looks ahead to 2015 and alex looks at 2016. amanda, it seems like the next big focus for immigration is getting policy changes in place, right? >> good morning, jose. exactly. president obama's executive actions are supposed to kick off the application process as early as february next year. there are a number of issues and factors already standing in the way. there are some 24 states who have signed on to sue president obama over the measures. legal experts say their argument is relatively thin. it could stand to put on a very
7:38 am
lengthy legal process. now another lower court judge this week wrote a very scathing memo this week saying it went as far as unconstitutional. the judicial briefing doesn't have any type of bearing on the implementation of the president's actions, with it stands to give kind of a wind beneath the sails of conservative arguments against president obama's actions. he'll likely speak to these issues later on today. he's reiterated many times that his executive actions are within his authority but he's calling on congress to also find a legislative solution that is more permanent through comprehensive immigration reform. >> we'll see if they tackle that in 2015. benjamin, what do you think the president should say today to ease tensions with the republican congress coming in? >> it's not entirely clear what he can do. the midterm election was six weeks ago, hard to believe, given how much is happening in the white house. one thing it has in common the
7:39 am
china agreement, immigration. all of these have completely avoided congress. so at some point, congress can try to throw up a roadblock on all of these issues. they can try to repeal regulations, try to block, for example, the funding of an embassy in havana. and president obama will have to deal with it some degree or another or find another way to route around which could enrage the gop further. right now the dynamic is pretty clear. the white house is going move forward regardless of what republicans in congress think. until that attitude changes, it's hard to imagine how there's going to be much bipartisan. >> do you anticipate president obama weighing in at all on 2016 race? >> i suspect he'll get asked. he'll be asked if there's anybody out there who can do what he did in 2008 and beat hillary clinton in a democratic primary. the campaign to try to draft senator elizabeth warren of
7:40 am
course major progressive star in the senate has been ramping up. they kicked of in iowa this week. last night keith el sis-- ellisno endorsement from obama today. probably praise for all the potential democrats looking at the race including his own vice president joe biden. i think he'll avoid weighing in specifically too much. >> and i want to ask you about you were saying about the need for congress to fund some of the things that the president has, you know, unlatically announced and, for example, on the embarrassembassy issue in cuba whether the house could, you know, not fund it. there's already a intersection in cuba. it's a big building that is really essentially the americans have been in for years since carter reestablished that intersection. it seems like the president pretty much dotted all the i's before he took the decisions as
7:41 am
far as the possible repercussions congress could do to cut into that? >> yes and no. the white house has been pretty clear they think they're okay on funding already when it comes to an embassy. there already is an institution in there that can serve the role. but the senate does have to confirm an ambassador. that could be a problem. marco rubio is talking about fighting that tooth and nail. and in addition to fully lift the embargo as far as lifting the trade and travel blockade, that would take an act of congress. that mane means he would have to deal with republicans that have not sounded too enthused about the idea. he can accomplish a lot on his own but there are still limits. >> and amanda on the immigration issue. the session that is wrapping up in the house one thing they did get together on the house to pass a bill that go nowhere saying they should defund and deport dreamers. so do you think there's any possibility that immigration
7:42 am
reform could come out of the house and the senate after the president's statement on immigration or even before? you know, is this a highlight of their session in the next year? >> you know, last -- right before president obama announced his executive action there were republican leaders who were saying they wanted president obama to hold off until the next legislative session mainly because that's when republicans will be taking over the upper chamber. now there's nothing right now that shows there is a chance of immigration reform coming through congress but as far as we know so far, they will be fighting tooth and nail against these executive actions that will be -- as i said starting off as early as february and another round will come as early as may. so there are a number of factors they can do. they've already held the department of homeland security funding. they've only funded it for a short amount of time. secretary jay johnson was speaking to this yesterday and pointing out it's not just immigration that is under the
7:43 am
department's per view. they also deal with the tsa. they also deal with the sony hacking and they need this funding for more than just immigration. >> and alex, let's talk about hillary clinton. you know we heard jeb bush announce he was thinking about thinking of running for president and that changed the whole dynamic of the gop. hillary clinton has yet to announce. she's clearly been declared she's thinking about it. but yet how does her schedule look in the coming year to maybe be a tea leave reading behalf she may be expected to announce or when? >> yeah. in 2007 during her first presidential run she announced january 20th. initially a lot of people were expecting she would announce around at the same time this time around. that's not the case. she's scheduled paid speeches as late of march. from what i'm hearing it's something like an april announcement getting her past the first campaign finance report deadline.
7:44 am
that's fine for her. there's outside groups and super pacs working 0en her behalf. it creates an opening on the republican and democratic side. jeb bush dipping a toe in the water so he can build an apparatus, and on the democratic side those groups trying to draft elizabeth warren saying the extra days will be precious as they try to convince elizabeth warren to change her mind and get in the race. bernie sanders' campaign is saying the same thing. >> thank you so much for being with me. breesht your time. >> thank you. and stay with msnbc for president obama's end of the year press conference from the press conference he goes on ward to hawaii. it's expected at 1:30 eastern time. that's 10:30 pacific time. of course you'll be able to watch it. you must watch it here on msnbc. stephen colbert wrapped up nine years on the series finale of the colbert report.
7:45 am
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and keeping you up to date on breaking news. the fbi will release a statement on the sony hacking scandal shortly. we will bring it to you as soon as we get it. first, here is stephen. ♪ ♪ ♪ we'll meet again i don't know when i don't know when but i know we'll meet again some sony day ♪
7:48 am
♪ ♪ fading to black. we will meet again stephen colbert. getting a lot of help as he wrapped up his final colbert report after over 1400 reports. let's send stephen off in our own way. the politicians for them the reporter was no joke. president obama even making a trip to the show earlier this month to send him on his way. number two he crashing the party at the 2006 white house correspondent association dinner making things a bit awkward for george w. bush with joikkes like this. >> i believe the government that governs best is the government that governs least. >> serious stephen. testifying before congress on the right of immigrant farmworkers. all while staying in character, of course. number four how about cobertd trivia. did you know he's got his own ben and jerry's ice cream
7:49 am
flavor? he introduced it in 2007. >> now you can join me internally as well as externally. every delicious bite is full of crispy fudge-covered waffle cone -- the only time i waffle ribbons of caramel, and -- >> number five finally we will meet again. he wasn't lie last night. he takes up the reigns for david letterman sometime next year. out character. a big question will he go by stephen colbert? that remains to be seen. that wrapping up the"the rundown"on msnbc msnbc. i won't see you until next year 2015. have a great weekend! "newsnation" with tamron hall is up next. see you soon.
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good morning. this is "newsnation." we begin with breaking news. we're expecting an fbi statement very soon where sources tell nbc news they will attribute the massive cyber attack against sony sicktures to north korea. something officials have only been willing to say privately. the white house is calling it a serious national security matter. i'm joined by people magazine writer and wire magazine technology writer. thank you for joining us. our own pete williams may be joining us very soon as we're waiting new details regarding the fbi investigation. initially this was the gossipy story about e-mails that were leaked from sony. we've learned that the white house had been contacted by officials at sony white house officials consulted. at least there were a few people
7:54 am
that saw it as something bigger than gossipy e-mails from the beginning. >> yeah. there were warning signs this could have been a nation state attack. the issue is this doesn't have the markings of a typical nation state attack. usually they're conducted quietly. it changes everything we know about the nature of a state attack. >> we've had national security advisers discussing the fact that perhaps the new front on terror would be cyber attacks. we know the ongoing issues with china, on property protection patents, et. cetera et. cetera. there were people who have attempted and are people i should say, attempted to sound the alarm on the greater concern of these terror type cyber attacks.
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