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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  December 22, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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commissioner. over, the question is will you tell the world about it? because you all are part of this too. so yes there are bad people who >> in reference to the liu family we are working to bring say inappropriate, hateful family members from china, once things, they have no place in those family members arrive the these protests. they are not what i'm talking family will be in a position to about. i'm talking about the vast work on arrangements for the majority of new yorkers and americans who believe in funeral services for their loved one. peaceful democratic process. in terms of the issues that we i don't care where they are in the political spectrum. have been dealing with and facing, i've had the opportunity the vast majority of people who to talk with the leadership of don't say nasty things to all five of our police unions in line with what the mayor has police. threatening things to police. the few who want conflict referenced asking that attempt that. and unfortunately so many times demonstrations and other forms of protests be put on hold until you guys enable that. i don't see reports on the many aafter the christmas holidays decent good people or the every day cop who's do the best thing and after the funerals. that in discussion with the and hold the line -- >> -- president of our five various unions they are standing down in respect for the fallen members [ overlapping speakers ] i'm te until after the funerals and people throwing fake blood -- >> that's how you want to
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portray the world but we know a then we can continue the different reality. dialogue about issues and there are some people who do differences that exist. that. it is wrong. they shouldn't do that. so i want to thank them for that it's immoral. it's wrong. action. it's nasty. i think it is appropriate that it's negative but they my friend the focus has to be on our are not the majority. murdered officers and their family to ensure that we honor stop portraying them as a them in a way that the nypd has majority! traditionally always done for its fallen heroes. almost 49 hours ago, two >> [ inaudible question ]. officers were murdered. as i referenced at beginning of my comments the detectives at >> yes absolutely. the nypd have done an we have done that already and will continue to. extraordinary skillful job hold on one second. i'm sorry. putting together the story of >> [ inaudible question ]. what led up to this murder, this >> absolutely. seemingly senseless murder, and >> what would be your desire -- >> the same we've unfortunately, we will share with you the details of the investigation and i've been to funerals for police ask for your assistance. officers, fire officers, so chief will be come up, sanitation officers, we'll do the same thing and show respect please. for them and their family.
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yes. >> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. >> [ inaudible question ]. at this point i would like to thank not only brooklyn detectives but members of the special investigation unit and -- detective bureau and the intelligence bureau that has been helping us quite a bit with outside agencies as well. we were in touch with fbi, atf >> i'll let him obviously define his own words. on the -- on the first question, and other police departments to tap down on where his whereab t i will keep reaching out to everyone who serves this city. whereabouts are and what he's been doing the last couple weeks. as i said yesterday he tried to they don't have to all agree with me. commit suicide about a year ago, we got that from family members, 35,000 people in uniform at nypd, i think they are like we're delving in on that. every other part of our society, on social media he put 119 a group of people with a lot of different view points and images on instagram, a lot of them are self-dispair but also different back grounds, many, anti-government. many journalists said, do you november 25th goes on a think police officers think -- and i always stop them and say there are 35,000 individuals, anti-government tie raid called for btf which is burn the flag they all have their own views like every other individual in our society.
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and he goes on about america and so the way i would frame it is its inadequacies quite a bit. some people feel one way, others he talks about tray von martin feel another way, to me i need to support them regardless what they feel. and i have. commissioner will tell but $400 and we've recovered his million in additional investment we have put into the safety of cellphone one of the images he our officers, beyond that which was in the budget in june, it is has is a video of union park since then, to protect our officers. where he is a spectator watching actions speak louder than words so i will continue to support a protest. them. they have a right to their as people are walking by he is opinion 100%. recording it on his cellphone. i will continue to support them. we found that? baltimore where he left it. >> in as much as my comments as we are also working hard to come you're referencing, let me explain those, do some officers up with a profile or image of this individual and it is quite scary. not like this mayor, guarantee, some officer don't like me, he doesn't talk about guns a lot. amazingly some don't, i can't we spoke with his ex-girlfriend, quite understand that but some doept. don't. very courageous young woman. some of you have been around he put the gun to his own head this town for a while. can you point out one mayor that
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and she talked him out of it and has not been battling with the he later shot she never seen him police unions in the last 50 with a gun before that incident. years? name one. name one. so the experience of this mayor we're looking to identify that in terms of some cops not liking one piece of time where he was him, it is nothing new, part of in brooklyn from 1207 hours to the time of occurrence 1447 life, part of politics, it is hours. what you see over here is some what it is, this is new york images. city we voice our concerns and we have a tape of atlantic our opinions. center mall where he is walking what i suggest in conversations around and if we could play that with heads of the five police tape. unions that the rhetoric that has been so much a part of the we're asking the public's assistance if they seen him. right now we don't know where he was for two hours. issues over these last several weeks that we will engage in he's had that bag in his hand dialogue once we get our for most of the dayful. officers respectfully mourned we have him with that bag at the and buried and return to dialogue where we can hopefully crime scene. we believe the gun was in that bag at that point. resolve whatever differences are out there. but in terms of -- debate is it's a styrofoam container in that white bag, that's what we're thinking that he pulled it healthy, discourse is healthy. out when he did the shooting. it is not impact the public
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again public, if we can get some help identifying where he was. that jacket was quite safety of the city at this in r distinctive and very distinctive shoes as well. moment. in terms of aan individual who we found another instagram took the life of our officers message that morning threatening to kill the police. murdered them cold-blooded so as we have a very disturbed young man here. we continue to go forward and analyze social media and educate >> good afternoon. the public about seeing i will reiterate what chief has something, saying something, already said. we're seeking the communities then we can prevent it from happening again. but the idea that some cops don't like this man, some cops don't like their boss, that's assistance with this very life. important investigation. we have established the i have 35,000. they're great cops. whereabouts from early morning they're caring cops and we just lost two of the best. from his travels into brooklyn. >> when you came into position what we have is a gap in his you said moral was low in the movements for about two hours and 30 minutes. department and you gauged that by talking to the leaders. -- [ inaudible question ] -- do you think they still speak with the low moral or have they grown
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out of touch -- >> union leaders are free to say last seen atlantic terminal mall what they believe and feel based on their representation of their members. at around 12. i don't quarrel with that. that's part of the bargain with them. if you seen this individual from that's part of the agreement we saturday 20th between 12 257-- have with them. moral in pleasing, i've been doing this for 44 years, it goes between 12:00 and 2:30 we urge up, it goes down. look at the changes in your news you to call our hot line. he is male black, 6'1", room all the colleagues that have been laid off, the approximately 235 pounds. companies been closing, your he was wearing the clothing you fear about jobs, you aim to tell see over here that chief me anybody in this room is running around with high moral. described particularly focus on you're going through great change in your industry we are that patch with the indian arrow going through great change also. so we work on moral but sometimes it is mg you can't control when you have 35,000 head, very indistinctive, if anyone saw him in those areas individuals might have a good or call our hot line. >> just to reiterate, people are stepping forward who do know him bad day at home. and painting the same picture what my obligation is, mine and that we already know that he was very troubled and enraged with the mayor to the best of our
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police officers. that seems to be the issue, ability to train them, lead them and equip them and keep them safe so they can keep all of you safe. we work very hard alt that. anti-government and anti-police. so i would urge anyone with we work very hard at that. information to step forward. think of that $400 million in thank you. >> the investigation we have conducted so far leads us to the last several months believe he acted alone. focussing on safety issues. early on there was concern was the better technology they have, he in fact alone player, nothing in the investigation and up to better equipment they have, they can keep the citizens of the this point would lead us to city even safer. when was the last time you saw believe he was anything but a that type of commitment to this solo operator, if you will. and we did enhance our security, police department not any time since i've been aware over the last 20 or 30 years. security that had already been heightened over these last >> can you speak a little bit couple months around to, you know this morning terrorismish use at some of our station houses. commissioner bill bratton spoke as we always do with our about the tension in the city -- spoke about 1970 -- i wonder if officers to continue heightened sense of awareness. it reminds you of that period as well -- [ inaudible question ]. at this time it looks like he operated alone. since the incident we received a
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number of what i describe as ease some of this tension. copy cat types of threats and we >> i think the cardinal really have been investigating those laid it out perfectly. with incredible care. he talked about the fact that we as of this time none of them always fear we could be slipping have proven to be anything of significance. backwards. however, we are always err on he used a beautiful analogy of the side of caution and will continue as these threats come in, copy cat or other, to focus on and follow up on them. the winter solstice people of so with that, we are now able to ancient civilizations feared the light was leaving us but then answer questions for anyone at the podium. the light returned and there >> could you explain for members became hope again and over time that became part of our understanding of the world and of the publy w llic why it is s thewe celebrate important find out what he was doing during the two and half this time of year so powerfully invoke light and hope. so my answer to you is we have hours. >> just confirming in the fact that he was a solo player. to move forward. did he have conversations with there is no other choice. people that fleshed out his these divisions are very old. motivation. what was going on in his mind in some of them we talk about in
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these last two hours of his life. recent days, they go back they have done a great job following him from maryland up centuries in their origins. to the atlantic terminal and she are de they are deep and have to be over come. then he dumb ps the phone and w and i believe they will. loose it. >> we owe it to the family to part of what i've seen in the find out what happened. last year is a kind of progress that is our main concern. i find very heartening even with i had to explain to his mother, these very painful and difficult moments along the way. and father and the family, very difficult to do. i still see so many leaders in we owe it to them to find out this department and so many exactly what happened. average every day nypd officers we also need other witnesses to see if he told anybody before hand. so we're seeking to build this who are trying to make things case up so we know going forward better and trying to bring exactly who talked to this man police and community together. and may have stopped him. i'm inspired by commissioner >> let me just add, first, the bill bratton because he has spent a lifetime at it. point that i think here that again the commissioner said i think there's something there had been copy cat threats, powerful in the way you asked the question because he saw what anything like that needs to be i saw and we both lived in the taken very serious. same part of the world in the the simplest thing any new 1970s a very divided reality. yorker can do is call 9-1-1. >> you were probably on the other side of the picket fence.
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>> i was too young. if you hear someone make a physical threat against a police >> he grew up in cambridge. officer, or see something on >> he meant boston versus social media that is a threat cambrid against a police officer call cambridge. but what we saw was a very 9-1-1 immediately. divided society. we would much rather get too much information than too and i was, you know, in my ea y little. go ahead. earliest year and in my teens >> [ inaudible question ]. watching this pain. it was unbelievable. i remember feeling at the time, this was the same back drop as the watergate years and one >> mark, i think the point here thing after another. and i felt simultaneously inspired by seeing our nation is we're in a very difficult moment. our focus has to be on these families. overcome during the watergate moment. we're in a season again that suggests we have to find a way heroes rising up, people forward, it's supposed to be a standing up for democracy, time of peace and reconciliat n people over coming things that reconciliation. i have throughout my public life seemed insur mountable, the nation finding its way, across from where i lived there was an expressed tremendous respect for the nypd, it is very well ongoing strive. i didn't know it but right in documented. the middle 6 the strife, there i will continue to. i also think in a democracy
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was a young man, i believe you people express their desire for were a sergeant and commissioner a more fair society and that is right but they must do it peacefully. there can be no violence, certainly not against those who came up to you, this protect us and represent our commissioner had in my opinion society. some of his formative the police are our protectors experiences in the midst of a and they must be respected as such. but i think the most important strife in anything we've seen, much more painful and pervasive. reflection i can give you right now is in this tragedy, maybe we he took from that an inspiration find some way of moving forward. to try to heal it. i would not have blamed bill it would be an appropriate way bratton to say this is insur to honor these fallen officers mountable. it did seem insurmountable. and sththeir families that are it seemed as if there was pain. to somehow knit our city nowhere to go but backwards but together. he persevered and i think it is i have always believed we could. very telling that a man who saw never a doubt in my mind we are such pain and division, instead working towards a day there's of choosing to retire or go into greater harmony between police another business said i'm going and community. it must be achieved. to go farther and deeper, we can change this and make community and police come together.
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commissioner bill bratton has devoted his entire life to this and we can keep people safe and mission. and i learn from him every day make them safer. that's what i have always adm e about how much perseverance it admired about him, he never takes to get there. but we have to get everyone to looses site of the goal and move away from hatred. helps all of us move towards it if there is differences we have and i've seen the tremendous to address them peacefully. impact his leadership is doing we have to give people faith that they can be heard in giving people a sense of moving forward and we will peacefully across the spectrum. achieve it. so we have no choice to move and we have to move forward. it's not going to be the kind of forward and i believe we will city it's meant to be if there's move forward. >> let me close, once again you a division between police and community. were referencing which remarks >> [ inaudible question ]. this morning, the mayor was talking about the profound period of change from the 1960s coming out of the 60s it was my formative years coming into the boston police department and i >> i can stop you right there. saw in my profession that i'm so proud of, the beginnings of nobody has owned up to those much-needed change in the 70s. messages. you find that delegate who will my college education was stand up and say he sent that message. provided out of the demand that
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men and women of this department police must be more professional have been before and after this and better educated. awful tragedy doing what we i saw the technology improved expect of them. they're new york city police upon and empty sciences. officers sworn to protect and serve and they're out doing just so out of that incred ibible crs that. there has been no indication whatsoever of any stepping back that surmounts the turmoil of from that responsibility. in this day and age of social media anybody can put up any the moment many great changes came and out of the turmoil of posting and claim to be from any organization. the moment i'm seeing hundreds and so, in terms of that issue, of millions of dollars that will this department has and will make great changes and allow continue to serve the residents them to deliver much-improved services. of new york in a way that has allowed this city to become the so i talked about this being a changed moment. safest live city in the country the 70s were a changed moment but one that always as in every that my profession if benefited city in america where our so phenomenally from. if you go back to new york city officers are at risk of those whether deranged or other who in the 1970s we were killing 90 would seek to attack them and we had the unfortunate attack police each year. certainly over the weekend but that type of social media we have transferred to some of
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the lowest use of force of any police department in the united mongering has had no impact by states. so out of crisis comes the delivery services by our opportunity and challenges. cops. they are the best in the country and i intend to embrace the and then are continuing to serve. thank you for the question. opportunities and challenges as >> [ inaudible question ]. we address these crisis. i think i can successfully predict that we will come out of this better and stronger going forward. >> thank you. -- >> well i think we have to >> i'm in for alex wagner. we've been watching a press transcend that, i really do. we have a deeply troubled career criminal. conference with new york mayor bill de blasio and police commissioner bill bratton in the previous suicidal individual who wake of the killing of two did this heinous crime who police officers in brooklyn. they called for every new yorker to put aside applicatipolitics assassinated these two police officers, it's a horrible thing and the one immediate lesson we protests until the slain learn from that is any time we officerin have any evidence, we as officers are put to rest. citizens need to step forward
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and act. we need to protect our police as they are still looking for they protect us. that's what we can learn from additional witnesses to build a full profile of the subject. this troubled individuals let me bring in community horrible actions. but you sisthave to separate th organizer, reporter for the various things going on and in a washington post and former democracy it's our obligation to pennsylvania governor who was do so. also mayor of philadelphia for eight years. we have people who are trying to i want to first ask your work for a more fair society. reaction to the mayor's remarks today and if he went far enough anyone who does that non-violently, i respect that. towards a healing and greeievin i respect our men and women in you know forl. message for a divided city. uniform. i will start with you first. >> sure. those are not contradictory well, i thought bill de blasio's thoughts, does it suggest police comments about media being and community could never come together, no we can't allow a devicive and polarizing the wall to come between them. discussion by blaming the act of we have to keep working for a few on thousands of peaceful harmony and understanding between police and community. protesters was very on time. i think we can mourn cops who are killed and also mourning so i believe we will tran send this and over come this. those who are killed by cops so dave go ahead. i disagree we must suspend >> first part of my -- [ protesting.
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inaudible question ]. for one it links us to the >> first of all, i think we need to honor the families by not tragic events that happened getting into a back and forth. saturday very dishonestly and it there will be a time for me to criminalizing dissent and we talk about my own personal views, i will simply say i think must understand protests is a form of collective mourning as what he said was aa mistake and much as it is about justified it was wrong but i'm not going anger right now, so with that in to elaborate because we need to focus on the families and on mind, what are we saying when we healing and i think that's what say we must stop that collective leaders do, i think leaders have mourning, again prior iitizing to rise above the sfrafray and anger and the back and forth and take us somewhere so i will do lives. >> i want to play a clip and get everything i can to move us the response since we do work in forward. andrew. the media and part of that was directed at us. let's listen to the mayor. >> i will keep saying this over and over, the question is will you tell the world about it. >> did county officials do what they were supposed to do when because you all are part of this too. they faxed a warning to the so yes there are some bad people nypd, wasn't there supposed to who say inappropriate things, be an alert to be shared they say hateful things, they have no place in these protests, instantly -- >> don't we wish the technology they are not what i'm talking
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were like it is portrayed on about. i'm talking about the vast television and in the movies. we are moving along fairly quickly fortunately. majority of new yorkers, americans, who believe in and i will ask chief to speak to peaceful democratic process, i don't care where they are in the the particulars about the political spectrum, the vast controversy that someone is trying to create between this department and baltimore. majority of our citizens are there is no controversy. it is an awful tragedy that good people who don't say nasty occurred. things, threatening things to that one of the things that i police. the few who want conflict think you are well-aware of that attempt that and unfortunately we're investing over $160 so many times you guys enable that. million in money that the mayor >> so i want to bring in wesley and district attorney for and governor. wesley you have been reporting manhattan have moved forward in from ferguson almost from the is the equipping of the officers with smart phones and 6,000 moment the protester began bewh happens now. police officers with tablets in >> i think it seems very a messaging system we can unlikely that we're going to see a ceasing of these protests. instantly send a picture to as we see right now protests have been going on in milwaukee every cop on every post even if where another officer cleared in the shooting of a man of color. that information that came in so it is unlikely the protests half hour before, officer would will be stopping.
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receive an alert on description i talked to a few dozen protest of black male, mid-20s making leaders over the weekend in new threats against plaufrz. york, cleveland, milwaukee and oeks threats against police officers. oakland. i think it is unlikely they will that issue in terms of stop. timeliness and current i would be surprired -- state-of-the-art for advancing information between agencies, we're continuing trying to find better ways to improve that. >> it is unlikely these acts of let me ask detective chief to speech will stop, the movement comes from the gathering in the street and chanting. speak to the time lines on this i would be surprised to see case. i thought we made it quite clear these demonstrations stop. yesterday about that but some of you may not have been at that >> governor randel your response to the press conference. press event yesterday. >> first of all i don't think >> we investigated this fully yesterday. the mayor is asking for the baltimore county police protests to stop, he's asking department were made aware in them to be put on hold until the around 1:30 in the afternoon of fortuner alaska of t this threat on the instagram account by the ex-girlfriend's two fallen officers. family. i would say respect that call. they immediately called the 70 that's a call every parent, son, or daughter could understand. precin the protest can pick up after
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precinct, she immediately notified her sergeant who told the officers are laid to rest. her to call intercity correspond in new york i think that is an appropriate call by the mayor. ens as is operating procedures in terms of broader question, do all things were done the way they were supposed, about 45 we in the media stir it up by minutes later we had a document focussing on a few? to move on of this individual, sometimes we do. sometimes we do. one minute after that document but -- but there certainly is a was faxed the double homicide nationwide problem here. occurred. i don't think we've over blown there was no lapse on anybody's it. i think the protests have been part. sincere. they have been great partners the protests have been the to us the baltimore county significant. police department. >> [ inaudible question ]. and philadelphia which hasn't had any direct problems we still >> are you referring to the have protests and sympathy with union square park. >> yeah. >> he's standing there like what is going on so the media anybody else watching a protest has a duty to report those. go by. it should also report that there he was not participating in it are changes in police just taking a picture of it. departments as mayor de blasio >> sound as well? >> sound as well, yes. said. i think bill bratton did a >> what could you hear? >> just the noise from the better job defending bill de protest, that's it. >> speaking on the side offer blasio them himself. the technology issue, we're but there are changes. spending a huge sum of money over the next year on technology the number of police shootings
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for this department, we've talked about a lot of it, one of the systems that we're buying is that occurred t10 or 15 years ao called shots -- an acoustic is down seguraignificantly. detection system where we are so i think there have been changes. >> what happens now. able to triangleate in areas >> i want to first respond to governor rendel. with high gun activity we are we must respect and honor the family who's lost their loved installing those devices around ones saturday and those who lost the city. it is not operational yet but in families to police violence, and an ironic twist one of the first their constitutional right to systems put in caught the four protest. i think we continue on. we have to be conscious of shot thats that were fired on polarizing language and need to saturday and mapped it exactly continue to incorporate healing where the incident occurred. space in our demonstrations. a lot of people are grieving. so again, it's technology is constantly evolving. again protests are as much about this type of technology is going healing and grieving together as to be of great assistance to us it is about some of the angrier in the future. mayor has been a champion of it uprisings we feel very naturally and very justifiable soful. when he was first introduced to
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itful part of the reason we want >> i'm sorry we are short on time but thank you all for this technology is in an instant joining us. after the break another like occurred on saturday, two developing story, north korea at officers down, not able to communicate u radio for help, we this time experiencing an would have, if this system was fully operational, been able to internet outage and the leader issues a warning to the u.s. dispatch cars to this area next on "now." because we had documented even ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress before calls were coming in that shots with fired at that location. is it is just one of the ironies uh-huh... of the events of saturday that you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. t technology in the future that will in fact help save lives is in the process of being installed. >> mayor -- [ inaudible question ] would you be comfortable with your young adults in your household be chanting what you're hearing in protests.
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>> of course not. >> what do you make of these specific young students getting in the cops faces yelling at them -- >> the question is what are you going to do? are you going to keep dividing us. i'm not talking about every single one of you but let's get real. just in that question 25,000 people marched down one of our streets a few days back. absolutely peaceful. no chance like that. peacefully calling for what they believed in as american citizens and the nypd protected them. i get calls all over the this kuptry with admiration for the nypd for the way it protected democratic rights. i heard from protesters who appreciationed the nypd. what you manage to do is pull up the few who do not from represent the majority who are
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saying unacceptable things, who shouldn't be saying those things. and some who actually physically attack police officers which is absolutely unacceptable and we will prosecute them to the fullest. everyone must participate in finding those individuals, providing informing to the police, intervening to stop them, alerting the police, i will keep saying this over and
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another breaking story recovering today, more fall out from the sony hacking sauga is far from over. this afternoon new reports that north korea's internet has gone completely dark after days of instability. it is unclear what this means. the white house says not to anticipate new announcements in north korea and denies role in the outage this comes after u.s. considers putting north korea back on its terrorist list and
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warns against strikes against the whole u.s. mainland and says it has clear evidence that washington was involved in devising the plot of the "interview" -- we now return to the top story this hour, the killing of two new york police officers over the weekend. >> i respect our men and women in uniform, i don't blame you for the question, think about what you're saying, does that suggest that therefore police and community could never come together, that there always has a wall between them, no, we can't allow that. we cannot allow that. we have to keep working for hormonny and understanding between police and community and i believe we will transend this and overcome this. >> directing me now director of
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clo color of change and harvard law school professor -- let me ask you first, the criticism about obama and holder, conner wrote to that criticism, none of them have uttered a single word that hints at murdering i police officer -- absurd. >> what's your reaction. >> i couldn't agree more. this was an emotionally disturbed ran who started his reign of terror student at
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harvard was very reluctant. not say this -- my . >> my sister was killed in service of duty when she was a police officer in california over 30 years ago. i still have the stinging sense. so we can't ignore that. i want to make sure people like commissioner bill bratton and mr. bill de blasio are understanding this. this is an issue that tears everybody apart. don't let the few people who are applauding this or agreeing with this think that the vast majority of us, wherever your class or race may be are very upset with what happened, two police officer who's were family men who had children who were in
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the line of duty were killed without any justification, we have to make sure we stand up for that. >> so dana, same question to you, given this latest test, your thoughts on how president obama has confronted the issue of race this week. >> well i think the words that the president has been saying have been the right words, i'd like to see him be much more forceful on this going back before this latest insurance departmen -- incident. this is more of an opportunity for the president to have more conversation on this. when there is a crisis or strain like this it is time for strong leadership. i thi i think de blasio did not equip himself well in that press conference. you're never in a good position when you're sitting there blaming the media. the president has been much stronger than we have seen
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before. rather than sitting back and waiting for his task force deliver this is a time to speak to people on both sides and bring us together. >> just to broaden this out and talk about race relations, there's a recent bloomberg pole taken before the shooting that found just 9% believe race relations have improved under president obama. 53% say worse 36% say they have stayed the same. what are your thoughts when you see polls like this? >> i think we're seeing things unaer unearthed. when president obama was elected there was a narrative that we were going to be in a post-racial america. -- there's so many americans, in particular white americans don't have to think about race on a regular basis, they don't think of themselves as having a race, i think polls like that, as unfortunate as they are show us
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that we're coming to terms with some of the issues that are impacting us and some folks who don't have to experience or deal with race have to start thinking about it it is only then we have to move the ball forward to deal with it. transparency, having problems on the table is when we are able to solve them. not when we pretend they don't exist. >> let's listen to what mayor de blasio said. >> we have to move away from hatred. if there are differences we have to hear them peacefully across the spectrum. and we have to move forward. it's not going to be the kind of city it is meant to be if there's a division between police and community. >> so that was a press conference that just ended a little while ago of mayor de blasio and the police chief
1:32 pm
commissioner bill bratton and it was remarkable because it was one of the first times the mayor came out to say this is a moment of grieving, a moment of unity as well as recognizing that we have so much more work to do. i want to thank our guests for joining us today in the short time we have had. thank you so much and we'll be right back. it's not about how many miles you can get out of the c-max hybrid. it's about how much life you can fit into it. ♪ the ford c-max hybrid. with an epa-estimated range of 540 miles on a tank of gas. and all the room you need to enjoy the trip. go stretch out. go further.
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cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ new developments on immigration today and they are all happening in arizona. today is the first time young immigrants known as "dreamers" can apply for drivers licenses in the state. this coming after a judge moved to stop licenses under the president's deferred action program. meanwhile lawyers are seeking to halt the deferred action program all together sitingir repputable harm lawyers are calling it a
1:36 pm
political dispute. we'll keep watching this story. that's owl f that's all for "now." "the ed show" is up next. good evening and welcome to "the ed show" live from new york i'm craig mel in for ed tonight. we start on the details of the killings on new york city police officers. mayor bill de blasio said he wants the city to move away from anger to heal divisions between the police and the community. he also called for moratorium of protests until after the funerals on the officers which will be held at the end of the week. >> i'm asking everyone across the spectrum to put aside protests and demonstrations until these funerals are passed, let's focus just on these families and what they have
1:37 pm
lost. i think that's the right way to try and build towards a more unified and decent city. >> de blasio asked people to also call 9-1-1 if they get information or hear anything about any potential threats to plaufrz. police officers. 28-year-old ismaaiyl ismaaiyl brinsley. >> he
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