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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  December 29, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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ng asia airplane is likely at the bottom of the sea. what went wrong? the latest on the rescue effort. the show goes on. sony releases the interview with a strong show of support online. while north korea ridicules president obama with a racial slur. the other interview, a year in review with president obama and joins us live with the highlights. >> and i said at the beginning of this year that 2014 would be a breakthrough year. and it was a bumpy path. >> nypd blue the police and the mayor's troubled relationship. thousands of offices from around the country remember the assassinated officers this weekend. >> all of this city is grieving. and grieving for so many reasons. but the most personal is that we
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have lost such a good man and a family is in such pain. good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington where we track developing news from the other side of the world. rescue teams are waiting for daylight to resume a massive land and sea operation to recover an airliner and 162 people missing for nearly two days now. katie has been tracking the story through the night in singapore. >> hi there, andrea. it is night time and there a lot of questions surrounding what happened to this flight. they went off radar about 38 hours ago after alling the control tower and asking for a change altitude.
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they wanted to avoid bad weather. there were many other planes and none of them having problems with the weather and all landing safely. there is a lot of questions why this plane had so much trouble. they are 7ing in the area around the islands, halfway between singapore and indonesia in that flight path. they are hoping to be able to do quite a bit of searching tomorrow, but rain is expected. it is monsoon season here and they are worried it might hamper the effort to a degree tomorrow. indonesian families are waiting, hoping for a miracle that that plane might have landed in some thick vegetation or on the water with survivors. they are going to hold out hope until they have definitive word. indonesian officials are urging caution and preparing people for the worst. from their coordinates and estimation, they believe this plane is in the java sea at the bottom of the ocean.
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andrea? >> thanks to katie working around the clock. debra worked as the chair of the ntsb and joins me now. thanks very much on this sad duty. what do we know about air asia. this is a low cost relation-based airliner and no connection to malaysian-based airliner. tell me about the safety record and weather was the big issue. >> sure. you know this airline is actually in one of the fastest growing parts of the world when it comes to aviation traffic. they have a good safety record but when it comes to industries like this that just because you have a good safety record doesn't mean you are immune to events like this. safety is something you have to focus on every day and things happen. we will all be watching the causes of the crash. >> what are the former colleagues at the ntsb and other
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u.s. officials doing in terms of being prepared to help in the search. >> everyone when it comes to aviation, it's an international endeavor. there is no such thing as a domestic event anymore. we have the world citizens and aircraft made in different countries and the parts that are from everywhere. everyone is on stand by. international protocols dictate who leads the investigation and who gets to participate in the investigation. because there is not a significant u.s. interest for example, this is an airbus aircraft not manufactured in the u.s. and an airline not originating in the u.s. the u.s. will be serving in an as needed and will be available, but have to be called on to take advantage.
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. >>. and whether or not he could circomvent it without climbing unless he was denied the permission to climb. >> pilots have to face dynamic situations every day. weather is one situation and it's not unusual to deviate around weather. around turbulence. and we would expect to ask for clearance and air traffic control has to work as to whether or not that is feasible and there a number of storms and lightning strikes and other things in this area. those are going to be things that investigators are going to look at closely, gathering the satellite and the radar and the weather information. also talking to other crews flying in the vicinity at the same time. >> we have been told there six
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other flights at the same time. what information can we glean from them. they managed to get through the storm. is there an issue as to whether or not the plane should have been flying or have taken off given the weather forecast? >> as they unravel all of this information about not only what information the pilots had and their dispatchers had and air traffic controllers had, people will begin to piece together what kind of picture they had. it is not new whether it can develop quickly and be more serious than expected. it really is about how people are able to deal with that when it happens. some of these storms are big. potentially going up and over them may not be the best option. understanding what that crew knew and when they knew it will be important. >> thank you so very much. joining me now is aviation
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expert and senior investigator at the ntsb. picking up on that talk about the weather and how fierce that could be. we have all been on really bumpy rides and it's nervous making but we think we can get through it. what are the conditions where a plane could break up mid-air because of thunderstorms some. >> today's aircraft are very robust better than they were 15 or 30 years ago. when we talk about trying to avoid thunderstorm, we don't want to put airplanes in harm's way and people in harm's way. when you look at the thunderstorm activity where the crew was having to deef nate around it in some cases people think they may have been trying to go over the top of at least part of it and they were not going to outclimb a 50,000 foot thunderstorm. you have to worry about the dynamics of that thunderstorm the up and downdrafts that can exceed several hundred thousand miles an hour. you have icing conditions and all of those play a factor in
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the pilot's ability not only to maintain control of the aircraft, but regain control if they lose control. in this particular incident this was a line of thunderstorms that built up fast and built to very high altitude and there was no way to go through it. they would have to deef nate to the north, south, east or west even to retreat if they couldn't find a way through it. holding them at 32,000 feet because of traffic may be an issue. that may have flown them into an area they didn't top the fly into. >> one of the things that is so shocking so many months after what happened to the malaysian airlines flight how can we have lost contact with the plane and advanced radar? what systems did they have or not have? >> we learned a lot of lessons and shortcomings in the aviation and aeronautical systems around
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the world. one of the things about tracking aircraft and using gps. in this incident we had good coverage. they had radar on the aircraft until the airplane went into probably a very pence tart of that thunderstorm. there limitations with the radar. you can get the signal because of the density of the precipitation and the attitude of the aircraft and in fact if the airplane exceeds parameters of the radar where it is climbing too fast or descending too fast, it exceeds the parameters and the radar loses contact and they go into coast mode. all of these things investigators have to look at to see why we didn't have good coverage and they could determine what the flight path was. >> this was an experienced pilot, 20,000 plus hours. would he have been on automatic pilot and working manually?
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what would he have been doing? >> the airplane would have been on auto pilot in cruise altitude and using the automation to reprogram the flight management system for the deviation. when they encountered moderate turbulence, that triggered them to want to climb out or deviate around what they believed was going to be as hazard to them. if the airplane became so out of control, that is the motion became more than the auto pilot can handle they can trip off and disengage and the pilot would have to control the airplane or if the pilot believed he could take control and do a better job of maintaining control. he may have then disengaged the auto pilot. if we get the recorder we will know what took place. >> greg thanks again very much for all you are doing for us to burden understand this terrible tragedy. more than 400 people were
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tracked overnight on a burning ferry off the italian coast. they have been rescued. eight were killed when a fire broke out on board the greek ferry. passengers endured freezing conditions. they had high winds and stormy seas to rescue the survivors. the captain was the last to leave the ship. the interview everyone is talking about. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.
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. we are getting our first look at the box office and internet sales for the film the interview, over the long holiday weekend. it set an all time record online after it was streamed more than two million times. this as sony playstation was knocked off line over christmas after an apparently unrelated hack. north korea blamed the u.s. for the hack into sony pictures slamming president obama with a racist slur for pressing them to
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release the film. >> it's the most controversial scene in the year's most controversial movie. while live tweeting the fictional death of jim jung un how can anyone get upset about this scene? seth rogen said seems craze tow me. it brings more attention to a movie that had plenty downloaded two million times since it was released on websites. the interview raked in $15 million online and $2.8 million in theaters even though it only played in 331 independent cinemas. >> had it opened as intended it would have been a bigger result. when you combine the streaming numbers with they this at cal, you have a good result. >> a bright spot after weeks in the cross hairs of a cyber attack the u.s. government blames on north korea. they claim they didn't do it.
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a growing course of super security experts said north korea may be telling the truth. >> we don't think it is north korea. fingers are pointing to an inside job. >> they cited similarities to previous attacks by pyongyang. it's an unrelated hack that has a different branch recovering today after hackers crashed the playstation gaming network. this man claims to be involved though nbc news could not verify that and explains why he did it. >> to raise awareness. >> he told sky news it's up to the company tasies to keep gamers online. >> that was nbc's halle jackson. this is korea chair at georgetown university and the author of the impossible state, north cocoakorea past and future.
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we went in 2007. tell me you have seen the movie. >> yeah. >> i confess i didn't. i took a total break for a couple of days. i'm looking forward to that. what did you think? >> well it was funny for sure. it was quite funny. franco was over the top. i could see why it would strike a nerve for the north koreans. it targets the leadership and the lies that make up the personality myth of the kim family leadership. >> they are not known for a great sense of humor. >> not at all. >> the kim family had a fascination with western films. that's part of the myth surrounding the father. >> that's why this hits a nerve even more than anything else. they like hollywood and basketball and all of that is made fun of in this movie.
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>> so were the filmmakers we don't want to suggest people should be sensored but can we relate to how we would feel talking about assassinating the american president by name rather than by a suitpseudohim in. >> sure, but for 60 years in north korea there is anti-u.s. prop gabda and lessons taught to children that are entirely anti-u.s. and anti-western in their propaganda. this film was not meant ann official message, but they do with regard to the u.s. >> what are about their ridiculing the president with this racial slur and striking back against the u.s. >> they are pretty angry about the movie and the un human rights resolution and that nobody is talking to them in
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terms of diplomacy and they make personal comments against president bush. they made them against the south korean president against other world figures and against hillary clinton. >> she was secretary of state. should we be surprised that they would be able to launch this kind of cyber attack fairly sophisticated against sony or do we have to be suspicious and questioning of the u.s. government's claim that it was from north korea? >> i think it was from them. i was surprised by it. wa we see in the past does not amount to the same level of sophistication. it's very basic attacks what we see against south korea. i was surprised by their capability and we have to take it seriously as we do the nuclear and the missile threat. >> why should we think that china will be helpful to us given the fact that china has been an operator in terms of cyber attacks against american
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targets. >> it's interesting because in terms of the bilateral relationship with china, we are getting nowhere. we are adversaries. this is a case where you have an actor that can hack into a chinese or a u.s. company. there may be a small area of overlap where the two can cooperate. >> thank you so much. victor cha. something tells me we will be talking a lot. we have breaking news to tell you about. peter alexander confirms that the u.s. has been asked to help in the search for the missing air asia flight 8501. as to how the u.s. will help has not been determined. the seventh fleet is in the region. it is beginning to look a lot like winter. they are bracing for the first cold blast typical for this time of year. it's a rude awakening. the only significant snowfall
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♪ >> is there anything you personally intend to do differently in hopes of getting better results than you have on occasions in the past? >> i can always do better in every aspect of my job and relations are not exempt from that. i think the circumstances will have changed though. i'm obviously frustrated with the results of the mid-term election. i think we had a great record for members of congress to run on. i don't think we myself and the democratic party made as good of a case as we should have.
9:25 am
as a consequence, we had low voter turn out. the results were bad. now you have republicans in a position where it's not enough to grind the wheels to a salt and blame me. >> that was president obama in an interview just released. sending a message to both parties ahead of the new congress returning next week. joining me now, the host of morning edition along with the political reporter and managing editor for politics jean cummings. happy new year merry christmas to both of you as well. very interesting interview. you found a very reflective president the day before he left town. here's another quick excerpt from that whether you asked him whether he feels liberated. >> sorry there some way in which
9:26 am
that election just passed liberated you? >> i don't think it liberated me. all these issues are things we have worked on for sometime. at the end of 2014 i can look back and say we are as well-positioned today as we have been in quite sometime economically, that american leadership is more needed around the world than ever before and that is liberating in the sense that a lot of the work that we have done is now beginning to bear fruit. it gives me an opportunity then to start focusing on some of the other hard challenges that i didn't always have the time or the capacity to get to earlier in my presidency. >> this was not a president, steve, who is going to be taking another lame duck year or two.
9:27 am
he seems to be very activist. >> that is his point andrea. he wants to present himself as a president who is ready to finish strong and remembers that reagan finishes strong and clinton finishes strong and he wants to finish strong despite of the devastating defeat in his party blamed on him in the mid-term elections. we saw president obama move forward on immigration and we saw him move forward on cuba. aside from the individual actions which as he said are things he wants to do he got past the things he feels he had to do. he wants to create a sense of a presidency that is not over yet. >> that's what he wants to do but given the fact that he has republican majorities in both houses what will he be able to do? >> i think he has several goals that come through in the interview and steve, congratulations. this is a good interview. there areas where he wants to team up.
9:28 am
he is looking for clearly the infrastructure bill that is stalled in congress forever in large measure because of democrats. that you can read between the lines. >> and trade because of democrats. those are areas where he wants accomplishments. the other thing that is interesting is about implementation. he needs to put the affordable act in a place where his successor can't dismantle it and get the new immigration program installed, in play in operation. it's harder for his successor to try to get rid of it. he is sending out very ambitious goals. >> on foreign policy in addition what he launched on cuba is trying to finish up what he launched on iran. you asked him about that. >> we are speaking at a moment after you announced you have established diplomatic relations with cuba.
9:29 am
is there any scenario under which you can envision in your final two years opening a u.s. embassy in tehran. >> never say never. i think these have to go in steps. cuba is a circumstance in which for 50 years we had done the same thing over and over and there had been no change. the question was should we try something different with a relatively tiny country that doesn't pose any significant threat to us or allies. >> the implication is that iran does pose a threat to allies as far as israel is concerned, but we are working not in coordination with iran but in iraq we are working parallel with iran against isis. it's a very interesting conundrum as they go into the last months of this negotiation. >> that is absolutely true, andrea.
9:30 am
iranian officials in my conversations with them have said we are not working with the americans. we are working through the iraqis in iraq. the iraqis are the ones who coordinated iran and the united states. at least that's what they say publicly. i was intrigued as to how far the president wants to go with iran. that's why i asked about the embassy. he said never say never which is something you say when you mean kind of never. it's hard to see whether the united states is going to be able to get that far. that would be a more dramatic step than in cuba that put the embassy back in iran. they raised that possibility if they can get a nuclear deal first and when you talk with white house officials, they have no specifics on where the talks really are that have been extended twice. they express a degree of optimism. >> in fact that's my take. they really think they can pull this together. the decline in oil prices helps them because iran is hurting
9:31 am
more economically because they were allowed under the continuing program to sell oil. >> absolutely. the sanctions as we now know had a major impact there as well. i did find it interesting that cutting a nuclear deal was the first step. the president set out in his interview several steps. when he said these things have to come step by step that was just step one. i thought he set a high bar feeling as you all do that the never is close to never. >> those images of the embassy in tehran being taken what gene just as and we look forward to hearing a lot much more of in coming days. thanks for sharing. >> always an honor to be here.
9:32 am
>> president george h.w. bush remains in the hospital, but a spokesman said they are hoping for news about a possible discharge soon. the family said the ailing ex-president and mrs. bush watched the houston texans football game together. he is the oldest living former president. he was taken to the hospital after experiencing shortness of breath as a precaution. two years ago he spent a month in the hospital, but officials say that was a more serious illness, part of his parkinson's syndrome. we will bring you more as we have it. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. everybody knows that. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me! get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts! whooo! gimme some! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> we have new developments in the search for the asia jetliner. the husband has been formally asked to help in the search. the exact capacity of the help has not been determined. the multinational rescue could resume tomorrow but weather
9:36 am
conditions may hibder the search. they spotted two oily patches earlier, but have been unable to connect them to the missing airbus. bob haeger spent decades covering for msnbc news and good to see you again, bob. on very sad circumstances though. tell me what is your experience about this search and how long it may last even though the java sea is much shallower than of course the indian ocean was where we were searching for the ma yazian airliner. >> all that is true but any time that you have an accident over water where the wreckage winds up in the water and at the bottom of the sea there, that makes it very, very afl. if the oil slick is from the crash, but it may not be. you hope you have find wreckage on the surface or another oil slick that leads you to the
9:37 am
general area and then you have to calculate back to the wreckage you find on the surface. that's not going to tell you what caused the accident. you have to trace it back and figure out where the plane initially went in. then you have to hope to find the recorders. that will be the key to this. the so-called black boxes that are orange. the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder. that takes time. >> what advanced radar might have been in that area? >> that is idea to be told. besides the ordinary civilian radar, you have military radar and radar on ships that are nearby. things that only come to light in the course of the investigation. right now what we know is a primary radar, the civilian radar is from the coast ask did have the plane up until the time they lost contact. maybe there will be that and investigators probably don't
9:38 am
know themselves yet. it will come to surface in the next several days. if that's true that could help even more to locate the wreckage. sometimes you see the hits where pieces of the wreckage came down and suddenly fell. whatever happened here happened very fast for there to be no emergency call. something catastrophic. >> is it presumed that it is weather? you never make judgments early on, but there was bad weather and he was trying to do a work around and he was an experienced pilot. that would be the leading suspicion at least for what happened that could have taken it down? >>. >> that's something you have to look at because that's the one thing that we know was different from the ordinary going in. on the other hand pilots fly through this kind of weather all the time particularly out there in monsoon country and president of year. other planes went through that
9:39 am
weather without being upset. weather is yes, a leading candidate or something to look at, but without evidence really it's all just conjecture and there a lot of reasons why the plane should have been able to handle whatever weather it was. >> bob haeger -- now while sunday marked the formal end of the combat mission in afghanistan, that did not mean the withdrawal of all american forces. the 13-year mission ended with assurance by the u.s. that forces will continue to support and train afghan troops going forward. the commander of international forces in afghanistan said we are not walks away. about 5500 troops will remain in noncombat roles.
9:40 am
122 americans have been killed in hmong's longest war.
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you confront all the problems that plague our society. problems that you didn't create. you confront poverty, you confront mental illness. illegal guns. >> the crowd reacting to new york city mayor bill deblas speaking at the graduation ceremony at madison square garden. also in the crowd reporting that someone in yelled you did talking about police confronting problems you did not create. this comes after dozens turned their back on them showing him during his remarks and his eulogy for one of the police officers shot and killed on duty last week. bill bratton addressed the friction in his remarks. >> if we can learn to see each other, when we see each other, we will heal.
9:44 am
we will heal as i department. we will heal as a city. we will heal as a country. >> joining me now is nbc news political analyst and director of the institute of politics and chicago, david axelrod and analyst and former republican national chairman michael steel. welcome both. david, first to you. this is a real crisis for the nypd. commissioner bratton spoke about it and on "meet the press" at the graduation ceremony he compared it to the tension during the 70s when he was a young officer coming back from vietnam and going through training and becoming a young police officer in boston. do you see this similar crisis to those years of real strive in the cities? >> it speaks to how long standing the issues have been. the killing of these police officers was a heinous despicable act.
9:45 am
police officers do hard heroic work and the neighborhoods and the communities that most need is often inner city crime and inner city neighborhoods. to suggest that it has been the protests or the mayor's words and not a videotape of an unarmed man being choked to death by police officers as the chief provocation for these protests and the act that we saw is really unfair. we need to confront the issues that police need and the community need to confront the issues as i pointed out. they have been long standing and to politicize them is unfortunate, i think. >> according to the latest polling, there is a political divide here according to the "washington post." abc poll. the attitude towards police and justice and whether police can
9:46 am
be trust and whether law enforcement has a heavy hand for african-americans and other minorities is really desperate. >> it is desperate. >> you had a deal with them. >> absolutely. it really boils down to your experience with the police. some folks have an idealized view of their experience with the police where they never had those types of confrontations where they have been stopped just because. while others have to live through that becomes a real perpetual experience for them and members of their family and community. you have this tension and what dave touched on is the key part. what gets lost is what the police yen winly every day do to protect the broader community. we had a 24-year-old officer who was killed in answering the domestic dispute. he got caught in the crossfires there. you see these individuals on the
9:47 am
line every day. yet we don't address the root issues that linger in the communities as a result of those tensions that have manifest themselves and festered over the years. really drilling down and dealing with systemic issues is something different. that's what the mayor and others are going to have to deal with going forward and elsewhere. >> how fraught is this question for barack obama and for eric holder who were trying to do what they can or the bad policing that exists especially against minority communities and at the same time have something like this horendous assassination take place and a real reaction against any criticism at all however justified from police. >> right. we have to not treat it as a zero sum game. it is politically fraught, but the important thing if you are a leader either of the country or in the community is not to treat it as a game.
9:48 am
we can't side with the police and accept the kinds of things that we have seen in the community nor can we ignore the work that police do or essential nature of the work that they do in our community. the president, deblasio and every mayor have to walk that line and encourage the deep dive and conversation that michael steel just suggested we need. >> michael, you as an african-american male, the father of a son have had these experiences yourself. >> absolutely. i have been stopped, driving the streets of d.c. >> you are a terrible driver. >> i think that was more the reason. >> we both know that. >> it is a real problem and that is not an antiquated one. it did not just exist in a time long ago. it is real and current and speaks to the attitudes that we still have that we don't like to talk about in polite spaces.
9:49 am
what generates the attitudes, the perceptions that blacks have of whites and plaques have of whites. at the end of the day we come back to that. when there is another shooting of a young black male and a killing of a cop. when we have these tensions that exist within the community. it all is with respect to how we see each other and how we respond to the concern. more importantly how we are going to move forward. we are stuck and we don't know thou move forward. i'm not looking to political leadership. i love when i hear barack obama talking about it. the mayor was eloquent with respect to garner. this is going to have to come within the police community and the black community and communities at large to take control of the conversation. >> bill bratton has been remarkable. michael steel and david axelrod, thanks so much.
9:50 am
and a special treat. do not miss "hardball" at 7:00 eastern on msnbc. michael steel will be guest hosting for chris matthews. how about that. what will weather may play with the disappearance of air flight 8501. this is msnbc.
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>> we think of thunderstorms that are not as severe in that part of the world. >> that's true. i had weather over the state of texas and the united states that gets pretty close to that. close enough so that you have the same rules to work with. it's not totally out of the realm of possibility. >> jim thanks so much. we hope to talk to you over the next couple of days. we appreciate your expertise. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." we will talk to roberta jacobson about what it may hold for the u.s. and cuba. she will be a key negotiator for the secretary of state. follow us online and facebook and twitter. ronan farrow daily. ogresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself
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>> 1 clack on the east coast and
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10:00 on the west. a new development for air asia 8501. a news official said indonesia's government formally asked the u.s. to help in the search but hope is fading nearly 48 hours after the air asia jet liner vanished with the passengers and crew on board. the search and rescue chief said flight 8501 is likely at the bottom of the sea. this man said he is hoping for a miracle. he is one of dozens of families that are desperately waiting for answers. we have the latest from the ground in singapore. >> it is night time in singapore. the search has been called off for darkness and they will resume once the sun comes up weather-permitting. rain expected in the area and concern that the rain might hamper the search effort. they are searching around the islands halfway between singapore and indonesia. it's right in the flight path of
10:00 am
the skplean right where they last had contact with the plane. the pilot it is called the control tower and asked for a change inality tud. they wanted to fly at 38,000 feet to avoid bat weather in the area. the flight has not been heard from since. two full days and no official sign of the fate of that airplane. there was unconfirmed reports of debris spotted in the area but that was quite a ways off from the last known location of the plane. if we learned anything it's to take all these initial spottings with a grain of salt. malaysian and indonesian families are waiting with baited breath hoping to find a miracle


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