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tv   Ronan Farrow Daily  MSNBC  December 29, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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and they will resume once the sun comes up weather-permitting. rain expected in the area and concern that the rain might hamper the search effort. they are searching around the islands halfway between singapore and indonesia. it's right in the flight path of the skplean right where they last had contact with the plane. the pilot it is called the control tower and asked for a change inality tud. they wanted to fly at 38,000 feet to avoid bat weather in the area. the flight has not been heard from since. two full days and no official sign of the fate of that airplane. there was unconfirmed reports of debris spotted in the area but that was quite a ways off from the last known location of the plane. if we learned anything it's to take all these initial spottings with a grain of salt. malaysian and indonesian families are waiting with baited breath hoping to find a miracle that the plane might have landed
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in thick vegetation on one of the islands or if it landed in the water there might be survivors. indonesian officials are urging caution and saying from their coordinates, they believe that the plane crashed in the java sea and it is now under water. right now a lot of questions. what exactly happened and why were the other planes in the area that were flying this this same area when the plane went off radar, why did they make it to the final destination when is this plane has gone missing? >> thanks katie. in singapore. questions aring over what might have happened in the cockpit of flight 8501. joining me now is correspondent and british officer who knows the cockpits very well. you logged 3,000 hours. talk to us about what this pilot may have been experiencing in the cockpit. >> the first thing is i don't think it's an individual situation, cockpits involve
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crews. the management is a key point of any crew's training. they will have done a plethora of training when they go into flying. it will be a combination of what occurred between the pilot, the copilot and the engineer in terms of the decision making process. we know that the a 3-20 has whether radar and very senior within the airline industry are still flying. the weather radar gives the crew a good 20 minutes of a heads up. about 160 miles at 400 knots. they will be able to identify long before they get close to the guidelines. it's about 20 nautical miles that they have to stay away from. in terms of the conversation, there will be a good lead up 250i78. this thing shouldn't have happened quickly. >> air asia had an exemplary safety record. anything as simple as lightning could disrupt the cockpit and electronics on board. do you think pilots are
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overdependent on the flight systems? >> that's a really good question. we know from the french jet that crashed off the coast of brazil there was certainly very good indications in the analysis post that crash that there is this interdependency on the technology that these airbuses and new aircraft are developing and what happened there was that the aircraft got some icing on the tubes that feed the dynamic skprsh the air speed indicator gave erroneous readings in the cockpit who kept on following the technology and didn't override it manually. there was a case for that and that can be overcome through a lot of training. let's not forget that the crews go under hours and hours of simulator training that allows them to get into the cockpit. if they fail the rides they are not allowed near the cockpit.
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the safety precautions are there, but may need more analysis. >> on to another tragedy off the coast of greece. a dramatic rescue aboard a blazing ferry has been completed. the chaotic scene unfolded with more than 400 people rescued during the risky operation. people were found dead according to the associated press, including a greek man who became trapped in a life boat chute. they hailed the rescue operation saying they prevented a slaughter at sea. carry simmons has been tracking from london. we are hearing for the passengers now. what has been some of the accounts of what they have been telling us. >> they have been talking about how terrifying it was to be on board this ferry with a fire on what we think began on the car deck and spread. then to be up there as you can see in the pictures, trying to be rescued, not able to get down
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because the lower decks were so hot, it melted their shoes. others tried to get close to rescue them and did manage to rescue a small number around 400 passengers on board and had to give up because of the rough seas. 46 mile per hour winds. then in those same conditions, they had to bring in choppers and airlift people. in some cases one by one from the ferry. some of them suffering is hypothermia as you can see, taken to hospitals. we now know that there eight bodies that have been found. that may be a greater number as the hours go by. it clearly was a very difficult situation. we are talking about people who were despite the hot temperatures below the ferry, they were in very cold temperatures up top for quite sometime. some of them children by the way. some now taken to the hospital and being treated.
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the numbers are sketchy, but the description of its a pretty astonishing rescue operation. you see the pictures of how difficult it was. it really was impressive why the whole thing started. >> incredible dramatic pictures there. carry simmons has been following us from london all day. much more on the search for the missing asian plane. we will hear from the former investigator about what the process is like for those conducting the pain staking search. stay with us. blap
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back with the developing news for the search for the missing flight 8501. ind nosia's government formally asked the u.s. to help in the
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search. hope is fading nearly 48 hours after the flight seemingly vanished with 162 passengers and crew on board. the search and rescue chief saying it's likely at the bottom of the sea. greg five is here and we know the plane disappeared minutes after it sought permission to climb above the clouds. >> it's too early other than the fact that the crew was trying to evaluate the weather and take a level of corrective action by deviating off the planned route of flight and apparently attempting to climb, thinking they may be able to get out of moderate or severe turbulence and maybe able to get over the top of something that posed a threat. >> the press is reporting that crews found what has been described as both two oily patches and floating objects in separate locations.
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does that provide any information? >> as we found from mh 370, they will take samples of the oil and look at the parts and see if they come from an aircraft and see if it's jet a or fuel grade fuel that would be normally in a jet engine. >> we heard from one of the officials involved saying that he believes the flight may be at the bottom of the sea. it's going to be surprising. is that an educated assumption or could he perhaps have information that the plane is in fact there? >> having spent a lot of time over there i worked an accident that was a 737 that crashed near sumatra. you have to understand when they talk they speak with -- they are bottom line people. it is evident that they believe and they assumed that the airplane crashed in the water, that leads to the statement that it is at the bottom of the sea.
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whether that's in fact true we won't know until we have wreckage and we found the main debris field that if it is it's on the sea floor. >> we know that the indonesian government asked for help but does that part of the world have the airline infrastructure to help with the search and rescue and do they have the same regulations that the faa has in the united states? how would you rate the airline infrastructure? >> the faa rates that infrastructure. a lot of foreign authorities over there try to model all of the rules and regulations after the faa because we become the prototypical model. the french have good authority and the uk and australia as well. they seem to be a standard. when we look at the aviation in that part of the world, you have to look at it from the standpoint that we are trying to play in the same sand box with the level of safety.
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in order for us to book a ticket on that particular airline through one of the partners a legacy carrier here there has to be an equivalent level of safety. nothing to indicate anything went on with asia air or air asia and the fact is that with what they will find in the investigation, that will fare it out, the infrastructure to see if it had causal relationships. >> let me ask you about another relationship over virgin atlantic airlines coming here to the united states. what do we know about the reasons behind that? are we just really now on edge because of what we are seeing everyone taking extra precautions? >> in this 24-hour news media cycle, there is a number of publications on the internet that every time there is an event that is posted, everybody gets wound up. this was a routine issue. the crew had a problem with the
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right main landing queer gear and they return and had issues and did a low fly by and didn't look like the landing gear may have been down and locked. they burned off fuel as a precaution and landed as light as they could with minimal fuel. everything turned out okay. we have a heightened sense of awareness with anything to do with aircraft. >> the indonesian government requested help from the united states. what kind of assets can we expect the u.s. to commit to this process? >> if they asked the military especially the navy we will get what was used for mh 370 for the airborne asset surface ships if it goes beyond to the military as far as search and recovery aspects and they asked the faa to assist. it will be based on the technical expertise for accident investigation. >> thank you very much. a story we will be following for the next several hours or days. just ahead it is looking good
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♪ we are back with a story you told us was under reported. children working in tobacco farms here in the united states. we brought it to you back in july. today the "new york times" editorial board is calling for a ban on child labor in american tobacco feels writing the government has another chance. now that the companies and tobacco growers themselves acknowledged that age restrictions are necessary. a human rights watch reported that children as young as 7-year-old were found working on tobacco farms in some states. it has been almost a week since former president george h.w. bush was admitted into a hospital after experiencing shortness of breath. a statement said that the 41st
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president was being held for observation as a precaution. jacob as conwas at houston methodist hospital where president bush spent his christmas. we get the latest on his condition. jacob? >> reporter: a family spokesperson said he is doing as good as he has been during this hospital stay. they are talking about dates for the discharge. he came here on tuesday after he had trouble breathing. every day since we got an update that said prognosis was positive and condition was improving and now the condition as as good as it ever has been. his condition was a lot worse. he had bronchitis and a persistent cough that would not go away. it's important to note about how george h.w. bush is doing and when he will be released. two years we learned he was home after he got home and only learned how bad his condition was after it was all over.
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he may very well be going home today and we would learn it later. he may go home tomorrow. we know that doctors are thinking he is well enough that they are talking about dates for his discharge and i'm sure after he is home, we will learn more about what really was going on. all we know for now is he had trouble breathing on tuesday. he is going on the seventh day at the hospital and about ready to go home. >> jacob rascon there in houston, texas. news keeps coming out about north korea with the governments agreeing to share activities and after this weekend's harsh words for president obama, we reached out to a man who knows that country well. the ambassador to the united nation, bill richardson. you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon.
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. >> we are back for the search in flight 8501. it has been nearly 48 hours since it vanished with 162 performs and crew on board. an official said it is likely at the bottom of the sea. with towering thunderstorms and possible icing conditions reported at the time of the jet's disappearance, what role could the weather have played? we will ask carl parker who joins me now. describe to us what the weather conditions were that might have contributed to this apparent disappearance. >> there was a significant thunderstorm just ahead of the flight and the towering thunderstorms were likely a contributor to what happened with this particular flight. let's talk about what exactly a thunderstorm can do. when you have a very tall thunderstorm they reach well up into the atmosphere. we know this flight was traveling at 32,000 feet and thunderstorms can easily be up
10:25 am
to 50,000 feet and higher. it may have been this this case. you have strong up and down motion as much as 100 miles per hour. also hail can be a significant threat and get into the turbans of the engines and cause them to fail. another is a presence of super cooled water droplets. if you know dust in the atmosphere you can have the droplets that do not form even though they are below freezing. when they come in contact with something solid, they do freeze. we know that was an issue with an airbus flight that crashed in 2009 over the atlantic ocean. a plane and this was a similar aircraft. we know that they put a lot of safety precautions in place since that happened. there a number of things that could have been a problem in this particular case. we don't know what they are yet. back to you.
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>> carl parker animating and visualizeing the conditions that might have affected that flight. >> we turn to the fallout for sony pictures. this week in some inflammatory words, racial slurs and a warning that the u.s. should bear in mind that the failed affairs will face inescapable deadly blows. they blamed them for the cyber attack on the movie theater. they charge pyongyang denies. they are behind the recent outages there. the u.s. is denying that. in the obama administration, they are saying they do not want to respond further. today the u.s. japan and south korea signed a deal to share intelligence on the nuclear program. the former ambassador to the united states has made multiple visits and i wanted to start by
10:27 am
asking you, north korea known for outlandish threats in the past. do you see anything different against the united states? >> very deep rhetoric and the racist comment is not new. the consequences are not new. that means that kim jung unis following his father's rhetoric and there a lot of unanswered questions. it is good that the u.s. and south korea are beefing up intelligence and it would be nice if we knew what was going on. that would be helpful. >>m bass dor, what do you think north korea hopes to achieve with the tone they are using in
10:28 am
this incident? >> what they do is try to scare and i wouldn't be surprised if the next step is an inflammatory missile. it's very strange because almost a month ago, the north koreans were turning over three americans in what i thought was a gesture of will and dialogue and now they proceed with the hacking of sony. they take the insults personally with the interview movie. it's important to have freedom of the press and assembly and sony handled this well despite that early set back. again, with north korea, they don't think like us. they are not a quid pro quo country of we do this, you do that. in their self isolation the
10:29 am
cult of personality, everything involves around the leader and a cult of personality that affects every action they take. >> ambassador, let me ask you how much you think that north koreans, ordinary north koreans know about this overall situation, the rhetoric and the interview and the fallout and all of this stuff. it is an isolated kingdom cutoff from the outside world, but how much do you think they are aware of all of this? they probably know very little and only what the government feeds them. every three hours every evening, the government has news programs that basically describe everything in the eyes of the north korean government. favorable to them. i'm sure we are the evil empire hacking the north korean intercept system. the internet system.
10:30 am
they are so isolated that they have very little effect. they are already deprived of basic liberties and food. they don't know anything outside their kingdom what the government gives them in their newscasts and in their propaganda every day. >> do you think kim jung unis empowered by this or diminished by it? >> internationally everybody shakes their head when they think of north korea. this is typical behavior. what they are doing is typical of the regime. what does seem a bit strange and has never occurred before is this hacking of a major corporation. that is strange. now, china, i think needs to provide some kind of answers.
10:31 am
i don't think they are accomplices, but the internet system with north korea goes through china. we have often asked china for help in dealing with north korea in curbing the nuclear weapons. china i don't think is willing to help us. not wanting to help us. that's unfortunate. they could be helpful to stabilize the situation in the korean peninsula. >> former new mexico governor good to have your insights on this. thank you very much. >> sticking with the fallout from the interview if there is a bright spot in the sony hack, the first good news for sony pictures in weeks is the successful if unconventional roll out of their movie, the interview. the comedy brought in 2 hadn't $8 million in theaters alone and 331 independent movie houses and the best online showing for any movie ever for sony. so far it has been downloaded two million times and brought in
10:32 am
$15 million in online sales and rentals alone. as this unfolded, gaming experts were knocked out of service over the holidays by a group calling itself the lizard squad. they claimed to take down the network earlier in december as well. for more on all of this, the senior writer and tech expert joining us very much. my apologies. sam, will this roll out change the movie business, the fact that it was released online? could it change the dynamic and the relationship between theaters and production companies? >> this is not what sony wanted. that's most important. this withstand from being an unmitigated disaster to mid-gated. i think the shift towards on demand is inevitable that sony wants to postpone. certainly the theater partners do. this is a look at the future. that a major movie with major hollywood a-listers will be available on you tube and your
10:33 am
xbox as soon as it is in theaters as well. movie attendance is down 15% compared to the year before. how are movie studios going to adapt to the new trends? >> the writing is on the wall. younger and younger audiences would rather look at a laptop or tablet screen than maybe go out to the movies. it's what they are used to. this is probably inevitable as it was for the music industry for the film industry. that said, this is not how sony wanted this to happen. this is -- their hand was sort of forced here. it's tough to call this a successful opening weekend for the weekend or sony. the money is peanuts compared to what a movie of this caliber with the cast should have brought in. >> especially for how much the
10:34 am
movie cost them. sales and gaming sales suggest positivity could be the future. what lessons have we learned from this whole interview and the launch of the interview? >> the lessons that sony needs to and every major american corporation needs to take the cyber security as much as i hate that term. it's internal security. it's computer security seriously. this all happened because sony was easy to breech. they had to make an uncomfortable and harmful business decision rather than in a wide distribution because they were hacked. this was not a sony strategy. this was improvisation and a costly one. >> we know there is a growing course of expert who is said north korea was not necessarily behind this hack. who else could it be? >> it could be anyone. i think that is so important to
10:35 am
keep in mind as this becomes an issue as far as international relations. so far the fbi has not presented a concrete case for north korean culpability here. it could be anyone who craves attention who is the motive for most hackers. if they are not making money off of an online attack, they want attention and fame. that is not something that aligns with any government. it could be any three or four or one person in the world. it could be an inside job. it should be answered before we pin it to north korea. >> we will be following that story. senior writer and tech expert, thank you very much for that. up next, after a weekend where some from the nypd turn their backs ann emotional funeral, the same mayor speaks to the graduating police officers. we have the ins and outs after the break.
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>> those words coming a day after rudy giuliani criticized him for stoking the flame of the finest. >>. >> i believe mayor deblasio should apologize to the police department. i said it day one. he would get it over with if he
10:40 am
did. he created an impression and i don't know that he wanted to he probably didn't, but he created an impression that he was on the side of the protesters. >> it was after two new york city police officers strongly suggested that the mayor was responsible for the deaths. joining us is a man who knows new york city and the police force very well. columnist harry segal. thank you very much for joining us. i would like to play a bit of sound when he was called to the podium to address the graduating officers a few hours ago. >> it's my pleasure to introduce the mayor, the honorable bill deblasio. >> thank you. congratulations, officers. it is an honor to call you officers. >> you heard cheers and boos and applause. what is your reaction to that? do you see this as a growing divide?
10:41 am
do you see this dissipating any time soon? >> this is what happened with the mayors and officers. this is not the first mayor to be booed. part of this comes with the source. giuliani is right. he signalled sympathies with the protesters and racism in the history of american policing and it is complicated now that he is the mayor and that's his police force. they haven't loved the messages. there is a huge racial split. he is talking to black new yorkers. 40-point difference in favorability. when he said uncontroversial things to them like i have to watch out for my son and caulk to them about how to interact if he sees the police, this is a slap in the face boy a lot of cops. he is working on getting the tone right and the good news is the city is safe and we will end with a record low number of murders. all the major crimes are down low from low numbers. a lot of this will be politics.
10:42 am
union contract talk and background noise. when we are done. >> the "new york times" described the commissioner as the peace maker swimming the divide between the mayor and troops. do you think that's accurate to describe brt on's role? >> that was an excellent piece. the police don't trust deblasio right now. the tone and stress as they felt as an attack on them. bratton is not in the same position. he is liked and trusted and hoping he can hide behind the commissioner. for his progressive agenda, he needs for the city to feel safe. the crime numbers are fantastic and things feel chaotic and off. he is hoping to repair that for him. he said even the most uncontroversial things are insults. rightly or wrongly. >> we are expected to see the
10:43 am
funeral for officer liu this beak. will they be turning their backs on the mayor? >> i hope not. i can't judge what they do. it's an intense difficult job. i don't think you are going to see that happening in large numbers, but that didn't happen last weekend either. one group and a few and others following their lead. the tone will be respectful and appropriate for a wake on saturday and a funeral sunday. >> there is an element of surprise on this. in a situation where the mayor is the commander if you will, of the police force, there is this growing descent among the force he is meant to control. we wouldn't expect that from the military and the president. is this acceptable form of protest? >> it's not appealing, but it's acceptable. cops of civil servants and not the military. you have to think about the ways that teachers and garbage workers. bus drivers have a big slow down. one of theirs got arrested for running them over and killing
10:44 am
them. good and bad and in between there but for the grace of god goes i. so far they said nasty things and they shouldn't stopped responding to calls. things have been moving in the right direction and think you have to separate the theater which is noise from the signal. >> are you at all concerned that it may get to the level where it's not just theatrics? >> there is always a chance of that. cops feel under political pressure are more likely to back off and let things happen. worry less about where the numbers are going and to push back. up until now, we had a lot of drama around this. and concern that all the numbers and signs are comfortable and he managed to relieve pressure with a shift and stop and frisk.
10:45 am
with the transition while continuing to drive crime numbers down. serious crimes and not little ones. robberies. >> we are now getting word about the plans for the wake for officer liu. the wake will be saturday morning with the funeral to be sunday at 11:00 a.m. we will be seeing the political reaction it gets as well as the out pouring of support from the community here. thank you very much from the "new york daily news." thanks for your insight on that. up next the brutality of isis. word now that the terror group, sass nated dozens of their own fighters. we have analysis of the group after the break. y'know what my business philosophy is, reynolds? >>no. not exactly. to attain success, one must project success. that's why we use fedex one rate®. >>their flat rate shipping. exactly. it makes us look top-notch but we know it's affordable. (garage door opening) (sighs) honey, haven't i asked you to please use the....
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a quick update on the search for air asia 8501. a spokesman confirmed the request for u.s. involvement. take a listen. >> today we received a request
10:49 am
for assistance locating the airplane and we are reviewing that request to find out how best we can meet indonesia's request for assistance. >> we will continue to monitor developments in the search for the air asia plane in the coming hours and days. we return to the ongoing fight against isis and more evidence of the brutal tactics. they just reported that isis executed nearly 2,000 people in syria aa loan since june. among those murdered 120 of their own fighters, most of them foreigner who is reportedly wanted to return to their homes. nbc's terrorism analyst evan coleman is here and he's a senior partner. we look back over the past six months, isis has been disrupted and this still is very much lodged in a lot of territory that it took. despite the ramped up air strikes in the coalition, what do coalition forces need to do
10:50 am
to dislodge isis? >> you probably know this as well as i do. two big things we need to establish. we need to to find a local partner we can work with on the ground. the iraqi government the iraqi military, they haven't stepped up to the plate. the syrian revolutionaries, while the free syrian army it's a question of if the free syrian army exists or not. we haven't seen them do much in the last few months. now we're talking about creating an entire new force from scratch. can we do this? where do he these people come from? how do we arm these people? these questions have left to be resolved and they're not easy ones. the big problem really is turkey. the country that has the longest border with syria, that is the place where most of the foreign fighters are coming in and out, the place where tons of money is arriving in isis coffers and we don't have the full commitment of the turkish government. the turkish government seems to be playing, unless you overthrow
10:51 am
al assad, we're not committing to fight isis. >> we've seen disturbing images to this jordanian pilot whose plane went down flying over syria. some on social media have been suggesting what to do the jordanian pilot, how to kill him. how does his capture change the dynamic of this overall mix for the u.s. and its allies? what's the latest on the pilot and efforts to try to free him? >> look. it's not going to stop the air strikes. it's certainly not going to stob the arab partners, including jordan from being involved in this campaign. they recognize they have an inherent stake in this. apparently the pilot himself realized the importance of his mission. from a senior important family in jordan. but, obviously, look i mean in the future when it comes to planning air missions you know that u.s. military planners are considering the possibility that this could happen. even if it wasn't shot down. even if it was a mechanical malfunction. that happens to our aircraft, too. and, you know it's one thing in
10:52 am
a jordanian national falls into isis falls. how would that impact not just future planning but political support for this mission? because there's never been a ground swell of support among american people for this. >> it's a game-changer, i would think. >> i would say so. >> our partners at vocative went to the front lines of the fight against isis and they have on the complicated, unstable partnerships that are, in fact emerging as a result of this war. we'll take a look and then get comment.
10:53 am
>> one of the reasons we want and are looking forward to getting this train and equip program up and running so we can train a moderate opposition to better defend their citizens their towns or villages to go against isil and to work towards a settlement inside syria. >> the fighting has just begun.
10:54 am
>> it's about interesting, what we are certainly seeing this. this fight against isis has pointed out there have to be
10:55 am
compromises made sometimes even with natural enanyenemies of the united states. is this just a necessity of this particular war and how everybody is prioritizing their interests in making us allies and forming -- >> sure. you just saw a senior member of the iranian revolutionary guard corps was killed fighting on our side. aren't they our adversaryiesadversaries? this is the problem getting involved in syria. everyone should understand this. whether in the form of air strikes or providing weapons, there are no white knights in syria. there are no people there that believe everything that we do or subscribe to every belief we do. most of the people fighting in syria, are opposed to many of our foreign pole tenets. if we get involved with these folks and give them weapons, there's no guarantee they're going to follow the orders we give them or instructions. they're going to follow their own instructions. there's nothing we can do about that. >> no end in sight and the order suffering and killing of people continues. thank you for being with us. that wraps up things for
10:56 am
this edition of "ronan farrow daily daily." now it's time for "the reid report." >> ayman, thank you, you've been doing an excellent job. many many hours. coming next on "the reid report," we'll bring you the latest developments on the missing airasia plane. including analysis on why this search and rescue is so unique. we'll also take a look at how the still simmering rift between new york's police force and the mayor is impacting this divide city. just days before a brand new year begins i'll bring you some of my predictions and prognostications for 2015. ♪ ah, push it. ♪ ♪ ♪ push it. ♪ ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ ♪ oooh baby baby. ♪ if you're salt-n-pepa, you tell people to push it. ♪ push it real good. ♪ it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. ♪ if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico.
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good afternoon, everyone. this is "the reid report." i'm joy reid. we start this hour with the latest on missing ashirasia flight 8501. crews wait till dawn to search
11:00 am
for the flight and 162 people on board. searchers fear the plane may be under water although they have located no physical signs of the aircraft. the flight disappeared sunday morning local time 40 minutes after departing indonesia en route to singapore. while it was traveling in the same general air as still missing malaysian air flight 370, air analysts say stark differences in the airlines aircraft weather, ground to air communications make this a substantially different search. katy tur is in singapore with the latest. >> reporter: once daylight hits but there is concern whether there be rain tomorrow and they are worried that might hamper the search effort. there was an unconfirmed spotting of debris earlier today, but it was pretty far from the last known location of the


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